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Answers to Objections Regarding 1844

Roy Gane
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Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary



  • June 12, 2011
    9:15 AM
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fresh on father talk about the most battle all seven beliefs the idea that you are engage in special judgment ministry of the time just before your second coming in the heavenly sanctuary with your headquarters and the holy of always since the date eighteen forty four please help us to understand in a way that we can explain to others may we understand the importance of this knowing that we live in a special fund just before the end in Jesus name on the start with the quotation recorded from Philip Yancey is wonderful book the Jesus I never knew you seen the book Philip Yancey the Jesus I never knew some of you have seen and he he is an evangelical and he writes this so many times in the course of writing this book I have felt like one of those disciples intently at a blank blue sky I look for some sign of Jesus some visual clue he's talking about the ascension of Christ are I look for some sign of Jesus some visually like the disciples lies one date for a pure glimpse of the one who Sunday why I ask again Judy have to leave I've included in fact that the ascension represents my greatest struggle of faith not whether it happened but why it challenges me more than the problem of pain more than the difficulty of harmonizing science and the Bible more than belief in the resurrection another miracles is a pretty amazing saying because he's written one of the main box on the problem of pain where is God when it hurts science and the Bible is a huge issue if you have right now miracles resurrection but his greatest struggle is with the ascension of Christ imagine the reason is because once Jesus been doing for two thousand years since he left us as he on sabbatical with you on vacation it reminds me of a song you used to sing back in the sixties I want single song mercifully but if you're on why did you leave me here all alone okay I went through the rest of the song but if you get the point when Jesus left us here are all the fun well I would submit to you brothers and sisters that the Bible and the book of Hebrews and other books in the book of Revelation in the book of Daniel putting it together tells us what Jesus is doing during this time he has not been idle he's been working for the salvation of human beings and we know where he is right now and what phase of ministry he's involved with because feminists have uniquely put together the prophetic time prophecies with the sanctuary understanding the Bible the other groups have not done that they other Christians many of them realize that yes Jesus has been ministering in heavenly temple in the papers of them never put that with Daniel and Revelation of it but never figured out the time prophecies the way William Miller and his associates to raising what happened back there in eighteen forty four was pretty much the death of the store system approach to looking at the time prophecies of Daniel for the reformers resources a lot of other people were his sources they know all the details that they were getting pretty close and William Miller and his associates refine things and refinement the problem was as you know they made just one pager mistake and that was the nature of the event in eighteen forty four they said that Jesus was going to come because that's the cleansing refrigerant Daniel eight fourteen and an assist on the Bible and never was but I got allow them to go through this great disappointed by the way October twenty two was not the great disappointment October twenty three was the great disappointment of October twenty ten was the great appointment okay I was ordained October twenty three right off right after 9/11 so hopefully my ministry has not been the greatest appointment in any case the idea that we have now is we know now that we understand the nature of the event which is in harmony with Hebrews and Revelation and also Daniel we realize the nature of the event and the timing was right now when the event didn't seem to happen and nobody could say anything happen they said the whole system of interpretation is wrong and most churches today except creditors upfront arisen puts everything back in the past the little one was into his epiphanies and a list of his back then so therefore we don't have to worry about that if you go to work a library to get a scholarly commentary that is not by madness it's invariably printers but it's all in the past and that now we don't have to worry about the little one because he is born he's got one folks that was of the view that is very ancient but it was revived and pushed during the counterreformation the reformers knew who the little one was they knew who the antichrist was the same thing is a little more I've been to Germany juvenile bird to the museums of Luther there and I've seen their publications on account of family you grew that power but in the thing counter Reformation push they adopted two different views one is printer is in the idea that it's in the past now course and the other is that it's all taken within the antichrist is yet below one because way off in the future and that has been adopted by evangelical futurist this sensationalist the left behind people are all futurists if he gets on the future with the rapture and the time that the trouble time and cylinder basically this is all futures dispensational by your fine a serious scholarly commentary on Daniel with that approach is not a scholarly approach it won't stand up to even minimal standards of scholarship so you can't even find it theology on dinosaur example that recently I went to the replicator guy with with always comforting things claim to figure it out and claimed was billable will just take with you you take things so you and you and you put together your own mishmash from things that are involved in the death to follow the biblical principles of the West to be understood them some of the others have been the source 's case notes neither in the past were in the in the future but rather we simply take the prophecies of Daniel the way they are namely Daniel is prophesying for his day with a suite of history going through everything right to the time of the and that is the source as the others have historical approaches to when they overlap to some extent well we just take a right on through naturally that's a biblical approach if you just simply read the text without preconceived notions you to be reading it in the historicists were there others you wanted all abstract widow what this means it has to do with Oracle this have to do with this one out the conceptual notional worldview and it becomes very very abstract that I deal with Dennis another approach that I would pull his terrace is okay that I think is that I will in any case I might like to do is what I start I want to make you aware of this going on but what where to do here is enormous with an essay on some of the evidence of thereof therefore I'm historicists therefore a must read the text in this way that we just got to get into the text of what the text got us how we can read it it happens to be historicism okay which is an door and went away on a much investment the approach of the counterreformation the reformists as I said identify who that one was existing in that time as the little one was oppressing the people and was wanting itself by counterfeit worship and all of the rest they needed I was but the counterreformation by going with futurism that way and prison that way you notice that the same power I adopted both predators and futurism simultaneously which is a very very interesting thing because they are mutually exclusive you can have one hundred if one's wife and youngest one and vice versa they adopted both of them simultaneously because they didn't care which way it went you can take whichever one you want it's just the time when away the contract so that's the reason for that but what we can do is just start with him Daniel and the first question we need to answer though is this is the role question the pre- Advent judgment really began in nineteen forty four is it really true or as many of our detractors say we have the wrong we have given wrong it would concentrate on the things out what to start with this we need to know when the pre- judgment begins about a week for Mike the echo can we lower just a tiny bit so we don't have quite symmetrical field hearing the echo maybe it's just in my brain that helps one supply with a little bouncy okay yes if we back off just a little bit like a raise my voice is the problem we back off just a little bit more on the Mike thanks okay I think that's getting better now that's good thanks perfect but on do any of you receive mail that says important to the dated material open immediately I get so much junk mail a lot alike I want to credit card offers but figuring that UCI I keep my house with a wood stove in Michigan to the winter I'm figuring by the year twenty thirty the current trend of increased all be able to give my house for the whole way with junk mail what I know I didn't do you have time for what's important to have time for what's important though I do identify what's important is too much important data material or links from every support by phone if I did with all the important things I would have had with David's only sixty hours long twenty four not like I can't deal with what's important I recommend we do with what's most important now if this were dealing with here today two forty four is not extremely important then it's going to be relegated to insignificance and ignored the greatest danger to eighteen forty four doesn't come from certain individuals with some of our friends in life and we debated by e-mail and things like that okay the greatest things you doesn't come from them it comes from neglect that's what happened with the Israelites you look at the book of Judges they failed to pass it on to the next generation as a result the next generation went through the precipice over the cliff that caused one story at the end of judges and judges nineteen is not after hundreds of years it's during the lifetime of the same Phineas it was the one who remember he thrust through course begins only when they were going into the tent it was a contemporary younger contemporary of Moses it was in the first generation after Joshua got that horrible story so if we don't pass on to the next generation this is going be lost next generation and were to be in deep trouble so the first thing we need to know is why do we need to know this not eighteen forty four a lot of people treat as a self standing Doctor Julie nineteen forty four only a short walk I also believe in nineteen forty four and eighteen eighty eight so what appears on well into the once important figures Revelation fourteen so we said yesterday is important because it says that the hour of his judgment has come the three Angels messages part of the first Angels message are at the end of time under a special warning message the last warning message for the world for Jesus comes so when it says the hour of his judgment has come that means the time the event has arrived during which this message needs to be proclaimed that's pretty important right okay so when is that how we know when we can say it has come not it will come but sometime when I went to when we know you have here you can know when that is in order to follow and proclaim the three Angels messages and we could expect that one would tell us that because the end time judgment is an equivalent of the day of atonement on the day of atonement was it was a judgment event as we said before and it points forward to this end time judgment and gone told the Israelites very explicitly very specifically in Leviticus chapter twenty three verse thirty two exactly when the day of atonement began it begins on the ninth day of the month at evening at sunset and goes until sunset the following day why do they need to know exactly why when that was saved verse says so that because on this day you are to practice self-denial and to keep Sabbath they were supposed to participate in the event show their loyalty to God they had a role to play at this very time and they wouldn't be doing the right thing on that date unless that you went it was white that you have to know when an appointment is if you get one of these RSVP he charts the results of time in the event that the problem okay so Daniel tells us when the preeminent judgment begins we have the end time judgment scene in Daniel seven nine fourteen and it says there using the word judgment this is the ancient of days took his seat and job around to lots of angels in the fire flew from his throne and the judgment was set there it is the judgment was that the books were opened first ten and it goes on and talks about in verse thirteen you have the one like the Son of Man human being one like a human being comes to the ancient of days received pink this is the pre- Advent judgment but he's coming to the ancient of days in health and coming to earth notice that are so the end time judgment in Daniel seven nine fourteen that the event we want to identify that's the same judgment as in Revelation fourteen verse seven the hour of his judgment has come to the question is when does that event while Daniel eight tells us that because of Daniel eight the functional equivalent of the judgments is the cleansing of the sanctuary or literally in Hebrew the justifying the sanctuary by using in Daniel seven you have a problem caused by this little one power holders and then the judgment comes and source the problem Danieli problems caused by the little horn power and then is the judgment you have the justifying of the sanctuary that stuck a legal term and that means justifying means legal cleansing I is not true legal cleansing to be cleaner reminds me of well I went to the University of California Berkeley for my PhD and Colonel Berkeley potluck I guess it's an expression in the epic of Berkeley pot luck ha ha ha ha well as they did a lot of partying in Berkeley and there is a lot of drugs and Berkeley Berkeley potluck and one brings the run marijuana they sit around the basement and open but suppose one kid is sitting in the corner he's reading Time magazine the police come in the bust everybody and John again as handcuffs are going on everybody to get in the courses I claim was that mean that street language don't gather from this that I just put in such a party ha ha I call a the same as the language is by the woman up to Calais in second Samuel Fortier was not the king and his throne will be calling literally in Hebrew it means what are you doing the century is justified that means free from blame legally clean and the day of atonement service illustrated that Lindsay in ritual terms of purifying sanctuary so that Daniel eight fourteen the cleansing of the sanctuary is talking about the same event as the judgment in Daniel seven and Daniel eight fourteen gives us the time then that time in Daniel eight will apply to the judgment to get it right if a equals B you learn something about me that's got to tell you about a also right okay there's logic to all this so then what we need to know is the century begins to be justified up to two thousand three hundred literally evenings mornings that is days out the evening and the morning was they want right sort evening of some morning makes one day gone uses an unusual expression of time Air Force and Boeing as elsewhere in the book unusual terminology we have two thousand three hundred days there are some scholars particularly interests you want to put everything in the past they want to get the twenty three hundred dollars closely canceled once a time that antioxidant companies persecuted the Jews so they say it's two thousand three hundred morning and evening sacrifices set so that means you have to split the number one thousand one hundred and fifty days during which two thousand three hundred sacrifices occurred morning and evening several problems with the number one the sacrifices were morning and evening but this is even more so therefore that doesn't apply all are there wasn't anything to morning event at the center whenever the lamps mostly evening until morning you can't split up furthermore when Moses said that he went up to the mountain for forty days and forty nights it didn't mean that you split it into twenty thousand are it was a way of expression to say the whole thing so these are twenty three hundred folders when I do here in the next two slides is the simplest explanation of how to get eighteen forty four that I've ever seen if you've ever seen a more civil one please bring it to my attention you see the problem with with evidence on the teachings of the people is they don't understand it a lot of pastors don't understand and dumb therefore when you don't understand something it's too complicated then it gets neglected right particularly innovative davenport will do a lot of other computer things in setting up a VCR installing Windows or computer organized and things like that will legally ninja winter very complicated stuff but when it comes to the Bible all that's too heavy we give up right away well it's it's really not that difficult this is going to be extremely simple and worth trying to do here is rather than doing what a lot of evangelism does that is taking through Daniel to Daniel seven eight nine and by the time you get there you just think will win not to be killed to stop also yes to that one of the fundamental beliefs are to be baptized by you just have mercy layoff has sorts to come get it but here is just from within Daniel eight itself and then pointing to Daniel I would have to go into that would step number one two thousand three hundred days are much longer her role -based Daniel one toward O'Neill Daniel goes a step one in Daniel eight two thousand three hundred days that they come for the period of the vision because if you look at the previous verse verse thirteen it says until when is the vision of the Hebrew word for vision is the same as the word back in the first verses of chapter division starts with the rent I don't have to guess what the rent represents because verse twenty explicitly tells the media Persia which is a media and then it goes into the goat which strikes the RAM and verse twenty one explicitly tells you no opportunity for guestworker getting around it it's great chef and the first team is represented by the great one on that goat okay so nobody can dispute that it's explicit with that information alone the two thousand three hundred cannot be literal days it costs many of the king 's during the time of media Persia and also during Greece lasted a lot longer than six and one third literal years which is what two thousand three hundred literal days would be to get it otherwise got two thousand three hundred eight but it covers is huge of many centuries on so it cannot possibly be literal days which would only be six and one third literally years it's not possible it's absurd we have to look for another meeting for the two thousand three hundred okay is that clear to everybody when building so you have to get each point to Daniel nine explains Daniel eight okay so at the end of Daniel eight you haven't gotten to the explanation of the vision in terms of the length of time because you don't have the beginning point without beginning point you can't know the end it's just until two thousand three hundred this is floating around here somewhere we need to know what exhibits are we need to know what it begins and Daniel is very perplexed he's really stressed out in the generally and that in the next chapter he's praying and confessing at the Angel Gabriel comes incessant that he's being sent the angel Gabriel has been sent to get an understanding of the vision about where provision is the same word that's used back in January not for the whole thing but for the part of the vision that has to do with the time two thousand three hundred there is no vision in chapter nine so when Gabriel says I'm been explained that he got a be the vision of Daniel and are so Daniel mine is an explanation an additional explanation because there was already a partial explanation right again I but then nobody is going to come to explain more particularly but the time step three seventy weeks in Daniel nine twenty four twenty seven these seventy weeks begin in four fifty seven and six okay so that takes us past the prayer of Daniel now we get into the explanation why the angel Gabriel Chapman verse twenty four chapter nine says that seventy weeks are determined or cut off for more on your people are seventy weeks and when is that our seventy weeks of years will get into more detail later but the time period starts in verse twenty five of Daniel nine you can look up if you want another dream about some concentrating on speaking you are looking with you in the eye it's like the battle of Bunker Hill that should tell you see the whites of their eyes are so Daniel nine twenty five says from the going forth of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem there will be seven weeks and sixty two weeks of seven sixty nine total weeks and we can get to it which represent the wind and that begins when is it true that as Daniel nine twenty five says the going forth of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem that's the crucial question if we know that we can figure out the end of the seventy weeks on so the answer is by looking in the book of Ezra you look elsewhere in the Bible in the book of Ezra there are three decrees concerning God 's people to restore them from the Babylonian captivity the first one was by Cyrus who defeated the Babylonians that decree allowed the Jewish people to return home and provided for them to rebuild the Temple the second victory was that of a subsequent ruler Darius and Darius also provided for the Temple because it had been completed under the reign of Cyrus neither one of those two was first to decrease said anything at all about the city of Jerusalem some people tell the concerns of Daniel in his prayer were not only people in the temple both of the city of Jerusalem and in Daniel nine twenty five the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem in the first decree for thinking to restore Jerusalem is a Ezra chapter seven this is the Persian king or emperor he was part of Xerxes at assess their that in the seventh year of his rate his decree went forth and as her that without to put that into effect in Palestine because the Jewish people already there and the decree provided for Ezra to set up a civil government system including judges to judge according to the losses got and this is the first mention of Jerusalem this is very significant because they were given once again civil control of the city this was restoration of Jerusalem to them as a result of that they were able to start rebuilding the walls gray which they did they started but then they were broken down by the enemies until later four forty four BC view my complete of the walls the crucial thing is that in Ezra seven the year in which the decree went forth to restore Jerusalem in this way to the Jewish people is dated to the seventh year of the reign of Xerxes the first now we know exactly when that year was because ever since the reign of Napa last of the father as earlier since that time historians have been able to correlate the basis of the rings of Mesopotamian kings Babylonians Persians with our calendar to the day because of being able to correlate those original dates with solar eclipses okay it was an eclipse and that everything lines up exactly because astronomers can tell exactly what they want so we know to the day for example when Nebuchadnezzar his first official year of rain began I was in six of five things April twenty ah right so we know when the seventh year of the reign of Arctic Xerxes what are you looking any history book of Mesopotamia such as history of the ancient near East by Amalie is a and L I correct KU HR team that's relaxing Emily Kurt KU HR three two two set a very recent definitive work or the Cambridge ancient history you look in one of these things are not happens work it would just history and you find that this team Artaxerxes the first to seventh your brain overlap hours because they didn't begin their years when we get they went from spring the spring that part of an overlap are years from four fifty eight BC to four fifty seven and the decree went into effect in four fifty seven that are starting point that's very important so we really need to remember is to create Artaxerxes the first four fifty seven BC is reset seventh year I did a little more detail now the seventy weeks are weeks of years because the seventy weeks go from the time according Xerxes until the coming of the Messiah and you can see what needs to happen within those those seventy weeks you've got the restoration of Jerusalem you've got very some of the company and it could all take place just in four hundred and ninety literal days which is just a bit over one year on much going on in fact the scholars recognize this if you look in the lexicon it's one of the state-of-the-art lexicon by Taylor and Baumgartner scored in the Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon of the Old Testament and you look up the word for which it shows up in Daniel nine twenty four and they give as one of the meanings of week week of years for these of a site these passages and then the other with outside scholars recognize that the week here in Daniel mine is weak in years it doesn't make sense for it to be a week of literal place is just a meaning of the Hebrew word which is a is a seven unit of seven which can be either days work in the years years years because of the context are now going on the four hundred ninety years of the first segment of the twenty three hundred days now what we're doing now is with with found some answers in Daniel nine and now what we're doing is we're going back and see what we can learn about the twenty three hundred notice that in Daniel nine twenty four it says that the four hundred ninety years are cut off cut off and then term is generally translated in most mistranslations by determined or something like that the basic meaning of the word however we get from rabbinic writings because the word doesn't show up anywhere else in the Hebrew Bible what is an in rabbinic writings we find that the word basically means to count off a segment from a longer segment the basic meaning of work extended meetings have to do with determining or decreeing the way we do we talk about cutting a deal you the funnest part of those extended meetings so the basic meaning is cut off the four hundred ninety years are the first part this makes sense for two other reasons number one is because Daniel was concerned about the first part of prolonged period of twenty three hundred eight one thirty when he prayed what happened to my people the Temple and the city of Jerusalem where they can be fully restored from the Babylonian captivity that was his concern Gabriel came to answer that concern and the next thing that supports that is the fact that in Daniel nine twenty seven it refers to abominations are decreed after the period of the seventy weeks so what that does is it tells you that after the seventy weeks as always and Gaetano abominations which teams you back to the language that's used in Daniel eight of the climactic bad stuff going on during the time of the little form so you can see that this really has to be the four hundred ninety years as the first segment of the twenty three hundred which is very important because that means that now we have a beginning point for the twenty three hundred see how that works are the two thousand three hundred eight days arches the three hundred years beginning at four fifty seven if the seventy weeks are cut off from the first segment of the longer then the beginning point is the same and we know that if the seventy weeks are seventy weeks of years under part of the twenty three hundred and twenty three hundred muscles of years right the capping a smaller unit because well put it this way the Scott dogmatically appointment what happens if a Chihuahua tries to give birth to a great day jackets only bigger out of something smaller like soaps as a result with God have years for the twenty three hundred network or ready to step seven this is we just start with four fifty seven and we can count and what we get is eighteen forty three in a wife eighteen forty three the Millerite discovered the same problem that's why they had the earlier disappointment because they had to stop to take into account the fact that there was no zero year there was no zero year you didn't have one BC year zero one eighty one BC one eighty out your calculator if you get eighteen forty four and you subtract the user talk later your calculator has zero in their thing what a way to do would be take two thousand three hundred subtract four fifty seven your chocolate is going to give you eighteen forty three but you have to add one because since there was no zero year it was one year longer than would otherwise that's why begins in eighteen forty four you have to do the same thing when you're calculating this is your fourth seven four hundred ninety years crossing the zero zero takes you eighty twenty seven not twenty six okay so there you have seven steps eighteen forty four or you really going to do is just read the biblical text carefully and compare all the answers are right there Daniel even not okay is a licensed Melbourne wanted you to purify we said objections eighteen forty four but I wanted to first it would already answer a lot of objections of course if you show how things drove her right out of the text then it's solid it makes sense but now it shows specific debated points along the way not all of them but some of them some of the keywords which are gotten from a friend of mine whose probably the world 's expert in attacking this evidence Doctor Goodfriend are objection the day your principle is invalid if a day doesn't represent a year that we don't have twenty three hundred days before we don't have a two forty four right here let's see if the twenty three hundred or literal twenty four hour days there are only six three years of the vision goes from me to present to the time of the unwillingness of that and we were pretty really answer this one why would dad but we didn't say this why would Daniel be so upset at the beginning and end if there were only six three literal years that he was from have to what you notice what he's doing at the beginning of Daniel not that gives us the date the date is at it in the range of Darius the Mead right celebrates one says and what following no one is one of Daniel nine says in the first year of Darius the Mead the only reigned one year and found many die is a test drive for me and this is where the very beginning of the reign of media Persia the next empire in the succession of kingdoms you had the Babylonians the head of gold they have need of Persia the Silver just announced silver and that's the next king so according onto the next kingdom why is that a problem where Daniel because in Jeremiah it was predicted in Jeremiah twenty five that there would be seventy years seventy literal years that would be given to the Babylonian king in which to oppress God 's people and then they would go free so here Daniel has already gone to the next power is people are not free and in the preceding chapter he's received a very disturbing vision obviously having to do with his people in which this two thousand three hundred whenever that is NEC 's a lot of stuff going on in Daniel had believed that it was six three literal years would you be upset alternately if I thought he was seventy six three years until we have peace in the Middle East is that good news or bad news after credible news now so it doesn't make sense to Daniel believed that the two thousand three hundred with much longer than literal days that's why he was upset and bring more of what's coming up to my people in other words have you called off the whole plan of restoration because of the wickedness of my people so he's confessing to find himself with them by the way sang been terrible hypocrites funds from his wicked pagan people close notices will have done wickedly way of sin right identifying women with his people and that I think is something we could emulate to at least bring a covenant prayer God said back in Leviticus twenty six the covenant blessings and curses which read like a prophecy because everything that happened and it says there are robbers for yourself in the biggest twenty six it says that if the people were taken into exile because of all of their sins there will turn back to God and repent and pray God will hear them and he will restore and give them back their land but so Daniel is praying for you Leviticus and he's praying a cognitive prairie refers to become better for us all the bad things that happen the curses of the reason for the Danielle is very upset because now he has more information in the previous chapter chapter eight the twenty three hundred paintings thinking God is called the whole thing off aren't so is godly it's going to be longer than twenty three hundred literal days days can represent years in the Bible and symbolism in some passages although it's most important that we look within the context of Daniel itself rather than doing as some historicists have done inside a hot projects that your principle applied to hear principal though you realize that this is possible and so you look in the context to see on a case-by-case basis if the context indicates that this should be the case of your here and anyone have to be because the short period of capability will turn they plural of the Hebrew word on by itself can mean a year in some passages such as the wind with a figure is days of expression you have unusual terms for symbolic times in the book of Daniel Robin just say three and a half years in Daniel seven which is a time times and half a time with a very unusual way to talk about about time even getting given their expressions that they use this is done you don't need like to get it done in Aramaic okay so the terminology is unusual which fuses into the fact that a hot this is not just dealing with ordinary time the symbolic the seventy weeks are also seventy sabbatical year cycles notice that in Daniel nine it says that there are going to be seven weeks of years and then sixty nine weeks of years what was seven weeks of years when you find it fun up back in Leviticus twenty five that is a Jubilee I seven sabbaths of years after which you have the Jubilee release here it's not just a Jubilee of release for the Israelite farmer in the fiftieth year it's a release for all the people after seventy times seven in fact if you divide that up to seventy weeks that gives you ten Jubilee of forty nine years each ending with some kind of freedom is from sin and so on so here's for the whole nation this is an extended Jubilee and they are in Leviticus twenty five we find that sabbaths of years could would refer to a week of this forces the idea that in fact this is this needs to be weeks years here in Daniel nine we also have historical confirmation that it's true that it had to be weeks of years because you just plug in here when you plug in four fifty seven and see if it works when you come to well become to twenty seven eighteen what happens then Luke three verse one tells us explicitly that in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar Jesus was baptized he was anointed by the Holy Spirit that anointing makes him mushy off the anointed one which is the term the Daniel says in Daniel not after so many seven weeks and sixty two weeks that is after sixty nine weeks of years at the beginning of the last week of years the Messiah is anointed that is begins his ministry Jesus was anointed as the holies by the Holy Spirit exactly at that point when is that three verse one fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar just go to Wikipedia lookup is common knowledge we know exactly when your brain when his predecessor Augustus died and you have to realize that Jewish reckoning took the first part of the year of his reign before the new year is your one are just like when you get a parking ticket and you you go a little bit over into the next hour so you pay for the whole hour right that's inclusive reckoning that's so they get more money but the Jews did inclusive reckoning so if you count your won the first month or two between the death of Augustus and the big and the new year and then you count that way you get to twenty seven and the news when that happens so three one is correlating with classical history not some minor person but the great Emperor of Rome to tell us that Jesus exactly kept his appointment came when Daniel said he would come five hundred years earlier that's pretty impressive that effect is the most specific prophecy of Christ coming in the whole Old Testament tells us exactly the year when the Messiah with trumpets remarkable it's evidence of the inspiration of Scripture and a fulfillment of prophecy and the identification of Jesus Christ as the Messiah to the extent that it's very threatening to some people are of course the Jewish people are threatened by that because it identifies Jesus as Messiah and other people are threatened by for for different reasons if you can get that far then you can also identify when the little one comes in of course other groups feel threatened by that others are ecumenical so they don't want to offend anybody that would be politically correct so the only ones left saying this for us on what we're pretty much get the Jehovah's Witnesses are historicists in a sort of a way that they think are often their dates and Sony didn't follow Scriptures exactly but would try to be very careful of the early entrants were very careful in that regard I would take some questions of the indigenous clarification Jesus became the Messiah at his baptism the word for Messiah is simply from the Hebrew word macchiato machine you up on the under about used in Daniel until Messiah the Prince Daniel nine twenty five I believe that verse twenty six also uses the word Messiah got my Bible but I want whatever now on but there is that exact word and that word in Hebrew means anointed one you have other anointed ones in the Hebrew Bible actually or the high priest or even got particular the high priest could be anointed one here we have not just a Messiah we have seen the sign and the one who is the Messiah is both King and Priest that's significant by the way because in the ancient near East team plus three equals the Pharaoh was daunting he was a priest king he would mediate with regards to get the emperors were as a bit of a debate over but they function as going things and they were priests performing rituals in receiving insulin for their people and they were kings that's why God didn't allow ancient Israelite kings to function as priests in your report design when you try to offer incense he was with circle leprosy okay let's go on the water ninety years on the first segment of the two thousand three hundred days the seventy weeks are cut off and as we said if the seventy weeks or years the two thousand three hundred must be to deliver the ordinance that objection is another objection is very interesting and done that is that in Isaiah forty four verse twenty eight have a look at your translation see what it says in Isaiah forty four verse twenty eight most English translations give the impression that it is Cyrus who sang that Jerusalem must be rebuilt if that is true then we have to go from the decree of Cyrus which was about Cyrus conquered Jerusalem already conquered Babylon in the year one euro we talked about their five thirty nine BC so this is between five thirty nine five thirty six along their that the decree of Cyrus would be if we start from that beginning point we don't end up in nineteen forty four see the problem okay however the answer is the correct translation is in the in art as the new revised standard version and in this in this version and who so if you look in the Hebrew syntax this is correct it's referring to God not Cyrus and who says of Jerusalem it shall be rebuilt this is a decree of God Ezra six fourteen it's a decree of God that is carried out through the Persian kings that culminating in Arctic Xerxes that restores on Jerusalem are right so that's a pretty easy one to answer the decree of Artaxerxes and Ezra seven included concern for the city of Jerusalem itself another objection the decree of Artaxerxes the first did not call for rebuilding the answer is to restore the city this is the Hebrew word this usually translated to rebuild to restore a city means in Hebrew to restore its political ownership this is a particular form if you want to know the specifics it's the yield form of the road shoes which is translated to restore but what wasn't mean to restore the city I did a search in my accordance Bible software program for the uses of the field of shoes where a city is the direct object of the birth I found these passages like this where it's very clear in this context is the restoration to political ownership so it doesn't mean that we have to start our counting the two thousand three hundred from four forty four BC when Nehemiah three both walls because the point is restoration of ownership to the civil control of the Jews in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the first when he was given the power to carry out the law and how magistrates are and on the basis of that think they are safe to start rebuilding but gave him the power okay so I very said that let's go to the next objection as a seventies think of another Artaxerxes however Nehemiah thirteen verse six refers to the thirty second year of this Arctic search is and that rules out Artaxerxes three and four because they didn't rule out one so were left with Artaxerxes wanted to but historical context all of Artaxerxes one fits the circumstances the best as pointed out by the same lady I told you about Emily Kurt the history of ancient Mesopotamia art as she identifies some of the events going on in the Persian Empire with the reason why the Persians would want height control with the Jews in Palestine in order to counter a threat from Egypt another objection and shortness in fact this is the last objection of energy office before capacities fulfill the little horn symbol in Childress was ruling number eight out of twenty soliciting the Seleucids were from one branch of the breakup of Alexander's empire Alexander of course you went from Macedonia and Greece and he went across any knocked out the Persian Empire with some major punches of battles like Mrs. Arbela and gratis he took captive the Persian King Darius the third to go to the version of party kept his armies going until they reached in this River Valley really amazing after that point he wanted to make one this capital in the Eastern Alexandrians N Weston died we don't know if what he died from weather was bellowing support malaria or drunkenness or what exactly died from he died at the age of thirty three vertebrae young and dumb so then his empire split up there was general support among each other nor for major branches of his empire there was absolute Pergamum on entering it in Macedonia Seleucid Syria and Ptolemaic Egypt not this Seleucid Syrian branch was the biggest underwent from Syria all the way east the whole eastern part that included Palestine for some of the time Egypt and Palestine for he is not himself okay so and Chiapas was one ruler of that group kingdom of the Seleucids it was only one out of twenty rulers he was ultimately unsuccessful and what we find in Daniel is that the little horn is remarkably successful it expands toward the south and east and the glorious land which is Palestine expands it's important exceedingly the language used is even heightened above what we find in the description of Alexander the great so this is guy is going to cloister that Alexander the great adjuncts was definitely not that all yes he wanted all of them did they all wanted to be like Alexander the great but what he did was he went down he wanted to expand his impart towards Egypt so he marched his army down there and he was making good progress he was defeating the Egyptians he was down there on the shore close to Alexandria by the beach there and he was met by one lone run his name was Julius Linnaeus in this run was some bringing a message from the Senate of Rome but in the paper is so I comes up to Antioch with Doctor Gilchrist was there backed up by thousands of his army including elephants that's what the tanks in those days I elephant here Johnny but behind this one really comes to the antioxidant system and blues says go right ahead Childress said I'll think about it you want to be embarrassed in front of moisture dry in the room and took a stick or his staff I guess what I did your circle around at your office in the sand he said think about it she and Jonas went home now are you talking about them like a little for you what a joke do you know why he went home on the basis of what that one runs because and jumpers before his father was empty office before it was called the great contract to expand his empire up toward the north of the turkey and he was wet at two major battles the second was Battle of Magnesia and would like to have an additional element is a high note of amnesia it was always so badly that he had a huge crippling tribute to run I had to give up his son is hostage to run his sons from his growing up years and run just as I was catch up before he grew up seemed like a front group for for quite a few of his growing up years have shown the front of the great died try to ransack one of the temples to get money to pay the tribute to so when a Roman comes and says Roland says go home he knows what that means and he is still being subject that not never going out under the Roman power so what does the phrase goes and you probably did try to raise money for him paying tribute to run he tries to ransack the Temple in Jerusalem and that ends badly because he tries to make it Hellenistic city and stop them from passive from their festivals circumcising their baby boys and he has finally a pink set up at the altar and pagan standard setup does a lot of that stuff the Jewish revolt and the wipeout they whipped his neck Maccabean community the Maccabees with his Syriac Assyrian army and sent him packing back he loses control of Palestine this is not someone who is increasing in the realm is relevant is slower when he dies than when he would inherit it no way could this be a little disguise a certified card-carrying loser now did he persecute the Jews and do something similar what does this is unimaginable no case in point under that describes you this is a historical trivia question that describes you a European power I want you to tell me who this individual was that he was very aggressive military leader and his armies were externally successful in taking a large part of Europe on then funny went to Russia but his troops were defeated and to large extent by the Russian winter he had to retreat and ultimately was defeated who was I just describing the all and come hearing two different answers Kepler and Napoleon is true of both that was Hitler the same as the public because there were also differences major difference but know some things in common that doesn't make one into the other doesn't on the when my family when it was growing up Lisa play twenty questions anyway played twenty questions with something for kids in Nebraska where it was snowing and dump with my brother was the will of God and he came up with one we couldn't answer we were quite surprised how did he do that and then we gave up what is John Calvin said Abraham Lincoln what had appeared the same as Abraham you will but just because it looks like there are some similarities doesn't mean that this is a case of what we call anachronism anachronism is when you miss play something into a different place in history I give you another whimsical example just to drive the point of June white content and Cleopatra broke up with Egyptian marks right and when they broke up well he says Oakley O Clio and she says the cut cut but they live a thousand years apart over thousand events anachronism and to call the little horn and Yonkers it cannot be because the power that takes over is not just one Greek hour but it's a power that supersedes all of the proceeding empire which is run takes over from old Greek power and has to be run you find that at the end of Daniel H at the latter end of their rule that is the rule of the greetings this other car would arrive in short if it arose and was overlapping and taking over and one by one they fell before the onslaught of one run that expense for the self first attacking Carthage defeating Carthage in the Punic wars then toward the east and toward the glorious when Pompey took over Palestine and sixty three A.D. everything fits in all roads lead to run on okay have you do was run the sixty three kingdoms though it are one one one objection this is a real brief one no historical sources dated the death of Christ to thirty one eighty six again in the contract if you take four fifty seven eighteen forty four four fifty seven two thirty four A.D. with using the chart as an beginning of twenty seven the baptism going to the stoning of Stephen which was crucial because that's when he saw Jesus standing out standing up for judgment at the end of the special time given to the people and then all that God still has a special place in his heart for them in the middle of that time the Messiah would be cut off in the midst of that last week off that time cut off by the way refers to this this is Daniel eight twenty six the term cutoff is the same one used in the books of Moses as a judicial penalty for someone who did something really that the divine terminal penalty is cut off meaning that that person would lose an afterlife such as a line of the sentence the Messiah has that happened in while that's not just the accident beyond a death where if you lose your line of descendents you want a living history because only nobody to remember your name and Jesus didn't just die the first of the equivalent of the second but he comes forth from it and according to Isaiah fifty three percent he will see his posterity amazing day he comes forth from that death from which there is no return because he did it for others Vincent himself and that date if it's between twenty seven and thirty four twenty right about thirty one eighty we don't have any correlation like the three verse one to tell us that's really the date of the crucifixion it's surprising the most important event in human history unlocked in the calendars that doesn't matter because it doesn't matter because the answer is we don't need this because we have confirmation that Christ began his ministry in twenty seven books in the four hundred ninety years to the twenty three hundred it just got in and we don't need before the thirty one we don't have to verify each one independently it's not a problem we know that Tyler was the procurator jury it historical events show that it was very close right in their we can prove astronomically as some people try to do but it doesn't matter because we can nail down twenty seven eighty on the basis of Luke's reversal and that's it I just put a note here for information on books and a DVD on the century see this all mentioned very briefly what some of the things are that I've written it might be relevant the thing that's most relevant to this presentation today is my book is afraid of judgment public by Pacific press it was about to go out of print but I contacted them explain who really do need to have the still and this goes through it explains in just a few pages it has eighteen forty four in ten steps I give that you can simply summons but it explains the objections were more detail it also talks about the meaning of the entire judgment answers to the objections that discharge judgment message of ravenous white salve our gospel assurance Astrodome no okay so that he is going to remain in print Pacific crest and here is you are using my book Coulter called witches about the sanctuary from Exodus through revelation tracing through and it also deals a little bit with this topic it would be doing today not as much as the other book but it deals with the meaning of the sacrifices we make understanding salvation righteousness by faith requirements through the century and this is a DVD that covers presentations covering the first part of the four fifty minute presentations including diagrams and pictures of the sanctuary and so on this is in the shadow of the Shekinah it was a companion book to the recent quarterly on numbers and what it does is concentrate on what we can learn our journey would buy from the journey of the ancient Israelites with God particularly in the book of numbers during their wilderness journey the different dynamics and happen what we can learn because history is repeating itself we have issues of loyalty and leadership worship welcome things we can learn a great deal from from that okay I also deal with some questions off the fact that God didn't engage in social engineering of his life the patriarchal culture was not something God commanded he was using that that was the ground that he killed her cultures purpose we don't have to have a patriarchal culture today that's not part of what he mandates gives his principles within the context of culture than we apply to this book is the biggest one here on our friends the mothers of their more hard-core scholarly things which would be merciful to spare you but this one is Leviticus and Numbers the NIV application commentary series this one is available in just about any Christian bookstore or Amazon whatever but if the link there gives links to the different publishers I couldn't bring these to celebrate Christmas by Zondervan and Pacific press review help is sought but this one has digital verse by verse commentary on because the numbers and also then applies to modern day it gets very very close to the Adventist position my father couldn't believe what they let me get away with like the idea that the sales noticeable scapegoat doesn't represent Christ as most Christians believe that Satan I just didn't bat an eyelash about I got very close but of course couldn't get into the time frame elements like we talked about here today on another major thing that is those that would be a whole other series for me to speak but I can do that is how do you apply biblical laws more in life you know what applies one of mixtures of garments various things about the summits on the detail laws about sexuality about civil laws and always regretted things so you will look really strange to us how we know what applies to how to apply them and I explained that in the shelter I think that would be helpful and practical and I have a one sentence rule of thumb there that I developed and then illustrate and that is you apply today you apply a law to the extent that its principle applies to the extent of its principal plus Sega look for the original principal unless the New Testament removes the reason for its application so for example if you take him if you take levirate marriage on Deuteronomy twenty five five to ten on two brothers towing on an undivided estate and one brother dies leaving a wife childless his brother has to marry the widow Teresa children right but it doesn't say only if he's not already married and done so if folks if we wanted to let some people say read until I decide that passage okay we need NASA reform when you apply this literally notes written candid concern for the dead concern for winners of the principles those of the principles we need apply but in different ways within our setting okay works the reason why we have concluded that if the New Testament removes his application circumcision was not just simply a ceremonial law under the cycling week we could still practice that as a ceremonial ritual and Jewish people do without an existing Temple but the New Testament removes that as a dividing between God 's people okay that well let's have a prayer showing father who was so grateful for the way you let us in the past which shows us that we can truly trust in you I know that you can lead us through thank you that you are creator we believe that Europe and as a result you can be our Redeemer and I know that my Redeemer lives doesn't matter what happens to me we can have courage yes taking care of ourselves as the doctor 's been telling us this week about about health but yet we don't have to be afraid of what could happen because wearing your hands within a Medicare is through when it were living after eighteen forty four at the very end of time during this judgment it we cry out with David saying judgment of God see if there's any wicked way in Indian mutiny in the way everlasting would have to be afraid because the one who judges is the one who saves the business the Holy Spirit and his so merciful why would you want to pay an infinite price for us and throw it away would make sense so we thank you we can trust you thank you for this time of fellowship we have for you work is your life and you simply want to draw Jesus a media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free audio must warn you would like to know more about how the universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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