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  • June 11, 2011
    10:00 AM
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why is the Sabbath is the model says in Genesis chapter two verse one through three and thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and gone and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on something from all the work which he created me and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because it he had rested from all his work which God created and made not only begin this morning 's topic on my same congratulations to the drivers of two thousand eleven offers just as God finished his work and rested on the Sabbath day yield to have finished your work and then and are now resting on his blessed Sabbath day my wife and I know the feeling which you are alumni of Loma Linda University she is a graduate of the dental hygiene program class of two thousand seven and I myself am a graduate from the nursing program class of two thousand eight on the the odd thing is is that just as most of you are finishing on getting ready to start by the grace of God God has allowed me to be quite aggressive he is allowing me to be accepted into the into Loma Linda 's nurse anesthesia program to pursue a career in putting people to sleep and now I pray that that will not be the case you this morning and I are never filling out my interview on application even in my interview I saw said this I think that's what caught their attention I said I do the Bible says that before God took out one of Adam 's ribs before you play the role of the surgeon when he the first is that asleep and/or seen play the role of an anesthetist or as an anesthesiologist so doing the Lords work as a new meaning for me and a little excited I've become more hesitant to start school so graduates enjoy the fact that you are done and enjoy the season of celebration and accomplishment on this high in holy sonnet also want to tell you foresight that the reason why this is a high and holy Sabbath for me is because fourteen weeks ago today my beautiful wife gave birth to our beautiful son Isaac in regardless of the fact that I have left asleep and not dirty diapers I could say that these past three months have been the best arena into my life on praise God for the joy children give us a net with that being said I wanted out one in which every father here happy early Father's Day again congratulations to the graduates and one welcome you with a warm happy Sabbath this morning 's topics entitled health and daily living let us pray the father in heaven for me thank you for being so faithful and merciful to us this week the father you have allowed us to meet once more together in this place not only to worship and adore the Lord to ask for comfort and hope and forgiveness of our sins give on in heaven we have gathered here this morning and ending is somewhat close in the class of our faces the father you know after they are hearts are it's a father is without acknowledgment that we come before you asking that you would cleanse us from all sin and he would pour out your Holy Spirit upon this place I will be in line for that the ground that we now sit and stand on his holy and that we would take shoes from off our feet father in heaven angels bow their heads and cover their faces in your presence may reduce so maybe do the same this morning father we thank you for your many blessings and I ask more than you please be with me that you a good price in my heart for out of the abundance of the heart speaks father heaven we guess that she would hear and answer this prayer for weeks we do so in the name of your dear son Jesus Christ amen now my way home from work yesterday I saw some things that caught my attention on what you are the medical center counsel on my way home I drive through campus and I noticed that there were no more students crossing the streets working night shifts on my way home and God only knows how many times your Guardian Angels has intervene on your behalf at my expense and there's a stock climbed on Anderson and campus for a reason and God only knows hungry times I've seen medical students or dental students or what have you come by with by it at stop sign signed I said that wasn't there anymore as I drove through campus I realized that the parking lots were no wonderful that the library was seemingly empty unimagined new flowers and fundraising center and I saw students packing up moving out of their dorms and I realize that these events were just signifying the fact that we have come to the end of the school year and grades Jewish and honest and for many of us are educational career has finally come to an end amen whether it was eighteen months or eighteen years our journey has come to an end and because it has there must be a special time not only of acknowledgment and recognition but more importantly a time for retrospective reflection because it is only in looking back that we receive a team appreciation assist in the competence and of humility that is needed and which is why we have graduation speeches which is why we have a retirement party which is why we have loyal services dedicated times when we can look back at the past to help us get through not only to the future to deliver the future is not guaranteed amen but we remember the past primarily to help us get through today and the problem is as young people as students as young professionals we spend the day worrying about what tomorrow worrying about the future where will I match or where what John or foil hiring or or how my heavenly to ever pay off these loans or culinary or when moved to the country and yet we wonder why we struggle so much in our daily walks tell friends this is me and I have to believe that Providence has placed me here this morning because there is someone here who is struggling with the same thing I want to begin our study with one of the greatest and earliest graduation speeches in Scripture turning your Bibles to Deuteronomy chapter one Deuteronomy the fifth and last books of Moses scholars call it the last of the Pentateuch the second legislation in relation to the book of Exodus Deuteronomy chapter one Stein Congress one Arena verse three Deuteronomy chapter one verses one through three the Bible says these be the wars which Moses spake to all Israel on this side Jordan is the what was at work wilderness in the plane over against the Red Sea between parent and told Bill and Lehman and has Iraq and visit and visit have rushed through there are eleven days journey from Horeb by the way announced year unto Kadesh Barney Overstreet and it came to pass in the one-year born in your question how many years did the Israelites wander in the wilderness forty dollars Mercer says it is as anticandida passed in the fortieth year in the eleven month on the first day of the month that Moses spake unto the children of Israel according unto all that the Lord had given him income and so here they are in the fortieth year in their journey in the wilderness and lawlessness involves was about to happen he realizes Rusty tells us that the end of their journey has come and so he begins to prepare one of the greatest speeches in Scripture how did you know that out of the thirty four chapters in the book of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter one verse thirty three is one whole speech the other as a matter of fact everything in the book of Deuteronomy happens in one day when you read the chapter or when you reboot the other book you'll come across this phrase often this day this day this day is repeated over and over and over now I want you to know something very significant that arise Moses 's speech even more tyranny nearby was a Deuteronomy chapter thirty one Deuteronomy chapter thirty one verses one and two Deuteronomy chapter thirty one in his last speech in his last admonition to the people of Israel notice of Deuteronomy thirty one versus wanted to scissors and Moses went and speak these words of all Israel burst to any set of event I am a hundred and twenty years old what this day and is the significance one argues the real significance is it Japanese of Deuteronomy two thirty two Deuteronomy chapter thirty two reverses forty eight to fifty noticed this significance Deuteronomy chapter thirty two versus forty to fifty I will send no more speak unto Moses that self-centered same day same dignity unto this mountain Abraham until now needle which is the land along that is over against Jericho and behold the land of Canaan which I give unto the children of Israel were possession verse fifty and one in the now if you cast it does and die in enough laws this is best day on the eleventh month in an important year of the eleventh month on the first day of the month advantage your journey in the wilderness ends is the day I turned a hundred twenty years old is the day that I die can you on the feeling was unmixed feeling of the most it's like it's a graduation retirement birthday and funeral all at one time can you imagine can you imagine the feeling of thoughts and feelings of an aunt and any most of them Moses has when he's speaking to a people the very people who were responsible for the very students that prevented him from entering the promised incredible now because this is graduation week and I believe that the cheap text in the context of restraints more is found in Deuteronomy chapter eight hundred meter Deuteronomy chapter eight reading from verse two Deuteronomy chapter eight reading for verse two the Bible says and thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord by God Lindsay these forty years in the wilderness why the humbling to prove you to know what was in your heart whether you would achieve his companions or no in his dying words I can just imagine was pleading with a rebellious people of Israel to halt on the Christ by remembering how he let us these forty years in the wilderness was remember how safe you felt when you were in Egypt and the plagues were absolutely devastating major just when none of them can upon you just remember how worried a homeless youth felt when your backs were against the Red Sea and barrels chariots were coming on stream that you and yet God opened the Red Sea the units can do is remember how thankful you felt when when Nana fell from heaven when you are absolutely starving for God provided you water we were dying of thirst remember how grateful you work for that cloud shade I catch you cool the without those hot designees in the fire by night and let your way and kept you warm the cold winter nights was his remember the time when we were walking to the wilderness and all those snakes kept biting us in none of us were affected and those with verse three says same chapter verse three says and he home movies and suffer the hunger and frenzy with nano which no new is not neither did neither did thy fathers know that he might me know that man does not live by bread alone only but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live Moses says it wasn't a place it was the parting of the Red Sea it wasn't a man a fire from heaven or that or the water it wasn't the cloud by day or the fire by night or the raising phrases serving that kept you alive note it was the word of God amen they kept you alive also only manifestations of that that that God did exactly what he what said he went to his old admonition falls upon us today what a good graduating or not Moses bids us today remember how the Lord thy God has led me these eighteen months these two years these four years these eight years whatever the case may be here at Loma Linda University or whatever confidence has placed you why to humbly to prove you to show you what was in your heart Moses tells us remember the time when you failed anatomy physiology pathophysiology pharmacology step one step two boards was a humbling I'm sorry but it had to happen because I needed to prove to you that I was not in your heart your GPA was their class rank was you standing in society was your potential salary was but when he repented and when you empty your heart of self so that my so then and only then did you realize that when you see my first and my righteousness then all these things at work were added unto you they spare posse tells us that we have nothing to fear for the future lets you forget how God has what lettuce and a fresh graduate of global university is not an average accomplished for those you have graduated you are now ambassadors of an institution that was ordained by God to spread the everlasting gospel in the context of the three Angels messages in the context of medical evangelism and let's not forget Loma Linda 's past amen let's remember that Loma Linda was originally called the college of medical evangelists because we are told that medically vandalism is the entering wedge or the right hand of the gospel now to Anita Matthew this is a diversion philistines attorney-in-fact shall perform lessee how Christ implemented medical evangelism into his ministry Matthew chapter four on my purpose in life when I found this verse I just solidified and more on message performers twenty three I didn't know what to do in life and I I I've I wasn't sure if I wanted to teach or go into the ministry will go into the medical field but management report twenty three is what kind the gives me hope comfort assurance that the profession and I mean is what God would have the next sugar force waitresses and Jesus went about all Galilee T Jean and synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people so Jesus taught and he preached and he healed and I had a able desire to do all three and I believe that the nursing profession allows him to do so praise God for nurses and going on mercenary forces and his fame went throughout all Syria and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments and those which were possessed with devils spiritual and the horses were lunatic mental and those that had the palsy physical and he healed them verse twenty five and they are falling in grades one multitudes of people from Galilee and from the capitalists and from Jerusalem and from Judea and from beyond Jordan going on and seeing the outline multitudes he went up into a mountain and when he was sent his disciples came up to him and he opened his mouth and taught them saying Blessed points for theirs which the notice what Christ did in order to prepare himself for the preaching of the greatest sermon ever preached what was it medically mentions and I pray that every consecrated graduate of this institution would be a steward of the calling that God has so graciously given me nine not fully aware that there are people here this morning who number one are not or have not studied at Loma Linda and number two don't have a medical background for the potential question is how does this help me in daily living fire to be honest it doesn't organize this I study this morning with something that does not in the top hollowness of God the Lord has allowed me to work with the amazing facts and ASIC for Jesus are both here and abroad and in doing so the Lord has allowed me to or the Lord has revealed to me that there is no way among Seventh-day Adventists people both young and old amen but the overall attitude that I experiencing is is an especially among the youth and young adults is they don't know what to do in life they want to pursue an education but they believe that Jesus is coming real soon again real soon and so they don't want to waste their time access a waste but they don't want to spend their time of going to school or their money to be in school but yet the years passed by and if they stay in school they would be done by now again Jesus hasn't constantly don't know what to do you relate to this maybe you don't let him was escorted us to the Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two has given me another source of comfort and hope and assurance that even though I may not be a full-time missionary with Adventist frontier missions I know that my calling is to be where I am because that is where God put me otherwise I would not be a man somewhere else with us for a few this morning during these instructed to restoring immersive and and him alone misuse principles that been taught me how to study the Bible Peter Gregory and certainly would this writing technique is to ask questions of the verse alone answers may not solidify that this morning for cynicism the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and and became a living soul jumped out of verse fifteen the Bible says and the Lord God the man and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and he keeps on asking the question of verse alone answers what is Adams calling Garner yes that's a safe way to put the dressing kindergarten and now the question is why run we have to answer the question from numbers alone why is it Adams calling to address and keep the garden and he was still in other words the application then after our observed observation is where has God put you and believe it or not present that is the calling God has for you not worrying about tomorrow not worrying about the future where are you today because today someone is in the hospital today someone has a breathing tube down her throat on multiple jurisdictions our heart pumping with a panel member at their bedside praying that they would where are you those over sixteen says the Bible says the Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden dummies freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for in the day that L is thereof thou shalt surely die I noticed something very significant verse eighteen ten forty two whatever stage just a separate to the Lord God said it is not good that the Nancy B one along I will make a help meet for him the question where is Adam working at this point in time the Garden of Eden when is saying introduced into humanity chapter three was apparently on chapter two in other words add up is still in a state of perfect harmony and when you are in perfect harmony doing anything now so at this point in time and is happy to his content he is the way that many of us are looking for today satisfied but notice is the first time that God says it is not good and noticed both for Adam is even cognizant of his knees who was first gone so what is the application for us today there is a need that we are oblivious to know but who knows first now you would imagine after saying that it is not good that the man should be alone I will make an help meet for him you would imagine logically for verse twenty one to come right after verse eighteen amen also mercifully once as it says and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and even one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof is that the progression and data center to know what does that mean does God westwards there must be significance in verses nine twenty five has every word in Scripture therefore reasoning that Ellis read this and see what how we can apply that what is the importance of verses nineteen and twenty seconds is out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the area brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them and whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name the rough question what was I was calling again the learner right now what does naming the visa to feel enough foul the air have to do with gardening nothing nothing is a blog that is not my calling you put me into the garden is nothing to video so that he wasn't thinking no it wasn't but do we think that Iran needs you to go to Ukraine increased a series on in the winter and I said oh Lord my wife is six months pregnant I can go said I didn't ask you but had said I need you to be in Ukraine for a month to preach a series more than a nurse I have a mortgage to pay I have most of the hate I have potential baby that that supports this is not my calling Lord is our answer was immersed twenty censuses and Adam gave names to all cattle until it found the act and to every beast of the field in other words I was able with whatever God asked him to do even if it was outside of his and noticed a result but for Adam there was not found what help me for him question what would have happened if Adam was not faithful with what God has taken to he wouldn't have realized is in other words the reason why we are not satisfied the reason why we are not content the reason why we are oblivious to the news that we have your faithful in what God has placed us that Adam was faithful payment says in verse twenty one and the Lord caused a decent fall on and he said that he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof persuade you and the rib which the Lord God had taken from man made he a woman and brought her to the man and a rest is history and there is an important lesson that Genesis chapter two teaches us when the question arises what is God 's will in my life and today we have our seminars now at UIC 's office you carpets Army Bible camp and and we have a dedicated seminar to knowing God 's will in your life a man and an end the majority of the people there if you observe our young people in the gym you don't get neurotic genius could begin his prayer prophecy the rest is all here and just shut and now enclosing a one a share free quotes that have again given me comfort and hope and assurance in the calling that I stand before you today as found this little book called ministry of healing hunting for a book and a chapter that we are reading these quotes from is called help into the first the court I want to read to you is not an issue here because four seventy eight paragraph three lungs with success or closing hymn she says many are unable to make definite plans for the life future their life is what unsubtle they cannot discern the outcome of affairs and is often filled with what how many of you did these three sentences describe the dance was a success let us remember that the light of God 's children in this world is a what Pilgrim life we haven't not wisdom to plan our own lives she says it is not for us to what shape our future and SQL Scripture she says by faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for inheritance when he was a saint of the and he went out what not knowing whether he went you know what help me go to Ukraine even though my wife a six-month pregnant I had bills to pay was the chapter entitled the call of Abraham if you're struggling with your calling in life highly suggest you read a chapter when the call comes the Abraham assist Abraham did not question whether the soil is fertile or the climate got called in to go into was helpful whether they would be grazing lands for his cattle he went now is privileged and blessed to be able to do my practicum in Botswana Africa the economy Seventh-day Adventist Hospital is over there for a month and at the end of the month of the will Safari and down on Safari it was this and this is an analog without the animallike individually as to vest and lowering of his African call and inflated after all very good besides it's just basically and always silent like a tiny dog cocker spaniel and so we see what don't life and our ranger tells us all minutes you can possibly get the something special McGaffigan even though it's so tiny it can make you jump a length of thirty feet in other words if you if you play basketball income from the baseline to well past the people in line at a congenital height of ten feet from the floor over the rear is currently an interesting thing is they can be kept in any enclosure in any snow with a three foot tall law is so liberal no MP3 is in a sense why is there something very interesting he said the African and Paula will not jump unless he can see where it's the willful question this morning is duly how the faith of Abraham for the fate of the African think it's evangelism page fifty seven it says there are those who will not be useful at this time and paraphrasing because they will not move forward unless they can clearly see when their feet will fall second coil I share with you Michigan at page four seventy nine paragraph two says too many how many too many in planning for a brilliant future naked on her feelings she says let God plan for you as a little child trust to the guidance of him who will keep the feet of the saints and I was a picture of my my nephew same as Jason was three years old now but he wasn't related this picture window because of the story of a little boy who was three years old and he was in it his house caught fire as house caught fire and I had no option but to run upstairs and down by the time the flames had engulfed the house on fuse able to get onto the roof and his father ran outside his father was a son John I'll catch you because I could see him there was too much smoke too much ash it would like this everywhere in his father 's feeding and because the only way he would survive is if he would jump as I was pleading with his son John I had to but a sudden response note had I can't seem but the dances but I can see you and that's all in she says as a little child trust to the guidance of him who will keep the feet of the saints last quarter washer with you listen several inches of mission giving his torso one how does this price into his life on earth made how many plays for himself no class and what is the Bible say he is our example from many within is visible because if you know me I am on master planner I know I know what I wanted to do in high school I wanted to be under evil to my graduation or light my fiscal year book says I want to be a humble and wise trainer for the Lakers and I wanted I wanted to be orthopedic surgeons on clinical nursing as a medical background and go to medical school and annualized the to be asserted in any and all these things and finally over the Lakers were one of the panel plan out the finale go praise God I would not change anything I've experienced these past six years for the world Jesus Christ in his life on earth may know plans for himself he accepted God 's plans for him those which he says next and day by day how often semester by semester year-by-year page at the paycheck she says day by day the father unfolded his plans social media dependent on God that our lives maybe this simple sample she says outworking of his will as weekly are ways to him he will direct our steps a the Bible says or I guess what we've studied this morning as we remember how God has led us we should have nothing to fear for the future payment God asks us to remember how he is less the past that we would be faithful today a man wherever God places us and as we commit ourselves to him nor ever they may be may we be found faith by a father in heaven we thank you so much for your faithfulness to cross thank you for your work and gives a sweet consolation all are in heaven we want up with the graduates are graduating all have graduated already father I pray Lord that this message has inspired them to recall the past events as they celebrate their accomplishments father may all glory and honor be praise and praise be doing to your name we thank you for such an occasion that gives us the ability to recall the events of the past from and we don't do so enough follower so mindful of the uncertainties of the future will repay this morning that you would direct our minds to the surety of how you have led us in the past father you have inspired Moses to deliver such a great speech in Venice Beach you tell us Deuteronomy chapter two percent and that we have not left anything these past four years father in heaven this financial crisis is upon us for reason global calamities upon us for reason and irregardless of the fact that we are in a crunch Lord your word remains true so father with the people here under the sun in my voice be the light that this dark world needs that they would not be seen fretting for the future but rather they would be faithful today father be with us in our workplace be with us in school most importantly father please be with us in the home I preferred her father here help us to realize that the revival that this church was so much begins with a minute home as a father I pray that you would keep us faithful whenever do you have us have we thank you Lord for the comfort received from the Scripture from the spirit of prophecy and him and his him they these things be kept in our today as we abide with you to send thank you Lord for hearing us of this prayer we do so in the name of Jesus we pray


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