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Why is the Nature of Christ Important?

Dennis Priebe



  • April 15, 2006
    4:30 PM
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dear you heard me talk about the nature of Christ's that is an extremely volatile subject in today's Seventh-day Adventist were if I were to ignore that subject many more doors would be open to me in terms of speaking opportunities and writing opportunities to speak on that subject within a defensiveness places one in the category of device and its an unnecessary controversy so this afternoon I'm going to share with you not what I believe about the nature of Christ but why I spent an hour and a half of your time last year on this subject why I think it is a subject that we cannot pass off too lightly why I think it's important subordinate address the why question this year not one question in nineteen eighty nine the biblical research Institute of the General conference wrote this the world church has never viewed the subjects as essential to salvation or to the mission of the remnant church there can be no strong unity within the world Church of God 's remnant people so long as segments to hold these views vocalize and agitate them both in North America and in overseas divisions these topics need to be laid aside and not urged upon our people as necessary issues that was the advice of the highest biblical study commission of the Seventh-day Adventist church as to why we should not deal with the subjects and so this afternoon just like brother your business to new hundred and fifty years ago I'm going to share with you my reasons for respectfully declining the advice of my senior brethren on this subject as saying that the subjects are not of value for the world church and are not necessary and should not be agitated I'm going to share with you why I think they must be back in the beginning the challenge of Satan was very strong against God he said your laws are unfair the way you're treating the Angels is unfair and then when you created human beings you treated them unfairly your government is not valid the way you handle people is rigid and arbitrary and your law is unsuitable for created beings that was the original challenge that was the original defiance why did Jesus Christ come into the world would you take your Bible for just a moment and look at John eight verse twenty six John eight verse twenty six I have many things to say and to judge of you but he that sent me is true and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of him now to suggest that the primary reason Jesus came down to this Earth is to tell the truth about the character of God he that sent me is true I believe that was the mission of Jesus Christ if he would've died on the cross of Calvary without substantiating that wouldn't do any good for us he that sent me is true him as a martyr if he would die because of his standing up for right and for truth and he would not have shown that God in heaven was true he would've failed in his mission it was not his death alone it was his best substantiating the truth of God 's law and his character that's what made his mission successful he that sent me is true was the mission that Christ had to fulfill if he was to succeed in what he had sent what he was sent to do a person wrote a letter into the Adventist review that was very perceptive he came to the world I'm sorry this was quoting signs of the Times January twenty eighteen ninety loading from Alan Watt signs of the times January twenty eighteen ninety he came to the world that the erroneous ideas say had been the means of creating in the minds of men in regard to the character of God might be removed was that he came to the world that saves lives might be reviewed UK Jesus came to teach men of the father when the object of his mission was attained what was the object of his mission the revelation of God to the world the son of God announced that his work was accomplished and that the character of the father was made manifest let's be very clear on Jesus mission was to clarify the character of the fall to tell the truth about God 's ways of saving mankind God 's ways of rulership notice that carefully when the object of his mission was okay the revelation of God to the world then he announced that his work was a call the only reason that it had to go through the cross was to show fully that the character of God and the character of Satan stood in stark contrast holy of the cross was clearly saying that Satan was a murderer from the beginning and that God 's ways were completely opposite from Satan 's way that's why the cross is important the object of his mission was to reveal the character of his father that is a very very crucial statement on this point now there are two charges Satan is made against the law God he has said he said this in heaven angels don't need the law of God it isn't suitable further they can do just fine without any law so God 's law is not right it isn't fair it's too restrictive that's charged a as I call charging the fallen human beings after Adam 's sin cannot obey the law of God not everyone pretty well agrees on charge Angels unfallen man can't obey the law of God there's not much controversy on that point but his charge the that's the problem area what did God really say we need to review a little bit of evidence on this point because not many people understand charge me listen carefully for signs of the times volume three page two sixty four not that CSS one Satan declared that it was impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam Dickey a law of God was a son and daughter of Adam Kane and Abel and the rest of us all right are those people would fall under unfallen natures see how easy that one is safe and is declared that it was impossible for the sons and daughters of Adam to keep the law of God and thus charged bond on the lack of wisdom and love if a if you cannot keep the law of God then there was fault with the lawgiver 's charge me if human beings after the fall of Adam cannot keep the law God then the lawgiver is a fall right but try another one review and Herald 's volume five of the bound volumes page one twenty eight came to this world to be tempted in all points as we are to prove to the universe that in this world of sin human beings can live lives that God will approve why did Christ come to this world to prove to the universe that in this world of sin that's people with fallen natures human beings can live lives that God will prove Satan declared that human beings could not live without so Satan says fallen human beings after the fall of Adam cannot live without sending God says they can will law is good Satan says the laws that Satan says human beings in this world of sin cannot keep the law of God my life today page three twenty three in relationship to all fallen sons and daughters of that revealing to the heavenly universe to Satan and to all the fallen sons and daughters of Adam that through his grace humanity can keep the law of God who is he revealing it to Satan all heavenly universe and all the fallen sons and daughters of Adam that through his grace one humanity fallen humanity can keep the law of God so there are three statements and there are quite a few more to try this one after the fall of man Satan declared that human beings were proved to be incapable of keeping the law of God after the fall of man incapable of keeping the law of God selected messages volume one two fifty two and two fifty three as you see would demonstrate for eternal ages the question which settled the controversy how was the controversy settled this issue how was the great controversy settled in taking upon himself man's nature in its fallen condition Christ did not in the least participate in its sin already settling you took man's nature in its fallen condition but didn't participate in it said selected messages volume one two fifty five and two fifty six so we have a few statements here are quite clear after the fall the sons and daughters of Adam cannot keep the law of God after they have sin Satan says they cannot obey God obedience is impossible of course that's the whole Christian world is Wednesday Christians can't keep the law the laws that defendant is holy it can't be kept by finite human sending human beings it can only be kept when we have a perfect nature since it is infinitely perfect and so at this point we have charged me level against the character of God fallen humanity cannot keep the law of God how is God going to answer that charge how is going to God going to prove that Satan is lying on this only only by standing at the head of humanity as the second Adam can Jesus Christ prove that Satan was a liar but now you see there's a difference the first atom had a perfect nature which had no bias at all toward evil the second Adam what must he come like to prove Satan the liar if he came like Adam in the Garden of Eden he would have this program Satan 's argument on charge a Angels on the all human beings away the law of God we would approach charge I would've been done but what about charge be fallen human beings cannot obey the law of God in Jesus would've come in Adams perfect nature who then would have proved safe and wrong on charge the public you the would any of us had been the proof that Satan was a liar or would we all have substantiated Satan 's claim remember the claim is fallen human beings cannot wait along the many of us to disobey the law God all of us uproot Satan right and great controversy between even Enoch all have sinned and come short of the glory of God all had been forgiven by the blood of Christ is the only way of entrance into the kingdom of heaven not one human being has gone from birth to death and assert without sending therefore if Jesus truly came in the nature of Adam before the fall then who to this day has proved that Satan is lying when he said fallen men and women cannot obey the law of God my friends that charge would stand substantiated to this day we would be no closer to the end of the great controversy than we were before the death of Christ there would be no way to prove that Satan was a liar in the great controversy and we would not be in any way and expecting that Jesus could come anytime in the near future because Satan would not of been proved wrong you see there are two charges in this consent in this in this attack against God 's law the unfallen charge and the fall in charge those in Christianity you say Christ took Adams nature say that Christ disapproved first char those who say that Christ did add a private benefit Christ did our nature disprove the second charge which includes the first charge as well because certainly a fallen man can obey the law of God unfallen man could easily obey the law of God and can obey the logon throughout all eternity so you see we're dealing with two different charges here if Christ had sidestepped our fallen human nature we would be no closer toward a resolution of the great controversy then before the death of Christ then we would not have a sinless substitute to stand in our place because only could Christ stand as our substitute if you successfully proved Satan was a liar remember the text we read both in the Bible Mister of prophecy became to prove that God was true became to prove that God 's way were that have to be done before his death at any meeting and if he had sidestepped our nature or if he had only taken part of our nature which is the common teaching today each of our physical weaknesses but not our tendencies in our inclination then he would've shown that anyone with only physical limitations would have obeyed the law God but whose like that today there is no one of us who is only physical limitations but not sinful tendencies contemporary etc. going along with those physical limitations so any understanding of the nature of Christ that stops short of Christ taking our pool or humanity in its fallenness leaves Satan in charge of the great controversy to this day with no one proving him wrong and thus we do not have an answer the Satan 's charges and the great controversy is not close to being done in the most simple way that I can say that's why I believe that Jesus had to take our fallen nature is because I want to substitute we often hear about Jesus being a substitute or example he has to be bulk those who believe that Jesus took man's fallen nature are often accused of teaching that we emphasize his example role and ignore his substitutionary role I say it's precisely the opposite that we must understand he can only be our substitute if we destroy Satan 's arguments and our substitute must destroy charge be as well as charge a here is a letter written by someone from Australia to the Adventist review along with two thirds of the original number of angels despite Satan 's fiercest efforts to attempt to deceive them despite their having only a partial knowledge of the nature and results of sin not a single being in the many other inhabited worlds has yielded the seven lost his right to return a lot is not amazing despite all Saints charges not one being and and all of God 's created world has yielded the Satan if the song of the most high God had taken on human flesh just to prove that sinless beings with sinless nature 's can perfectly keep God 's law we would've had a infinite humiliation to prove the already and obviously proven nothing about that for a minute if all the universe and not be of the Satan did Christ need to prove that over again but on fallen beings that have to heal that they could obey the law of God they omitted for thousands of years and we would've had an infinite humiliation to prove what already been proved millions of times over there could have been no greater more costly more tragic exercise in futility Satan this claim is that Bob is a tyrant so that I fallen Angels and fallen human beings are your redeemable what Jesus had to prove was that sin is the real tyrants that his law is holy just and good that sinners can repent sinners can be forgiven sinners can be justified sinners can live again in harmony with the principles of his law and occupy a position of dignity and self-respect in their relationships with God and their fellows Jesus life death and resurrection proved all that for time and eternity this is a letter for the Adventist review that someone wrote in with no more authority is anyone of you sitting out here this afternoon no doctoral name know about letters behind their name just reasoning through the evidence of state in these issues so what I'm saying at this point is that we have to decide what Jesus really came to Perl what Jesus mission was really all about what is bottom-line losses and I think his bottom line was proving every argument of Satan to be wrong everything say good troll against the character of God and the law of God had to be disproved by Jesus Christ charge a and charge the only then could he be our sinless substitute right now you are hearing that only could Jesus be our sinless substitute if he did not have our nature because you see it is said that having a sinless nature makes one a center automatically and in need of a Savior and of Jesus would've taken our fallen nature he would've been a sinner in need of a Savior therefore it is said that Jesus could only be our sinless substitute if he exempted themselves from our fallen nature now that makes perfect sense if you believe in original sin if you believe we are going to hell from the moment worker or more it makes perfect sense but to see that the trend as best I can judge is made up after the Bible was finished by theologians who had preconceptions about the fact that you can overcome all sin particularly a man named Saint Augustine he could not overcome certain propensities in his life and therefore develop a theology say some sin is inevitable in life we were born that way but if we reject that offer you're a assumption that were born going to hell if we believe that sin is always a matter of decision and choice of the will then we can get back to Jesus bottom line what did he come to do became to prove Satan a liar he came to prove that God 's law could be kept by unfallen and fallen human being and the only way he could do that was by taking our nature and showing a fallen humanity could be so transformed by the Holy Spirit that God 's law was good and perfect and holy and just lovable and right and that everyone who submitted to God 's power and authority even with the worst of equipment could say all how I love by law it is my delight and that's why I believe that Jesus is my sinless substitute because he came all the way down and show that Satan was a liar from the beginning now there's another aspect in addition to the fact that we need a sinless substitute Revelation chapter fourteen verse five would you turn there with me describing this last generation that will live on this earth the ones him three Angels messages in their mouth was found no guile that means deception and hypocrisy of any kind for they are without fault before the throne of God without fault before the throne of God the last generation close of probation seal of God placed upon this hundred forty four thousand living a life when the doors of forgiveness or clothes when now there is no mediator in the courts above to forgive a slip of the tongue a wrong attitude a sin against God how will that be possible someone has well said twenty seven years ago those who teach that Christ took a superior human nature draw the logical conclusion that it is impossible for the rest of mankind to perfectly obey the law of Jehovah in this line why not Jesus took a superior nature he wasn't shared by these impulses these feelings these attitudes these hormones that we have had a different nature so the rest of us who have to live with this garbage day in and day out coming through our minds from who knows where from our fallen nature 's we can obey Jesus could obey because he was exempt from the happy at a superior nature the logical conclusion that it's impossible for the rest of mankind perfectly obey the law of Jehovah in this life so again in Jesus Christ proved charge a wrong he proved that when we get on fallen natures we can perfectly obey the law of God charge a unfallen beings cannot obey the law of God Sophie took that nature on fallen nature the probe successfully that when Jesus Christ comes down to this area turns this mortal and immortality in this corruption into incorruption at that moment we will be able to obey the law of God because we will have the kind of nature that Jesus had and that Adam had and therefore we can obey the law of God from that moment forward Hebrew but new Jesus Christ prove the charge be wrong fallen human beings can perfectly obey the law God if he proved that then he proved that before the second coming of Christ there can be a close of probation there can be a sealed hundred forty four thousand and when Jesus Christ that's how this mediatorial role in the heavenly sanctuary of forgiving sins he keeps on pouring down his overcoming grace but no more forgiving grace is applied then God 's people can truly obey perfectly the law of God so again if Jesus took out his nature he proved that we can keep the law gone after glorification if he took my nature he proved that I can keep a log on before glorification that simple so it's approved not only of the lies of Satan it's evidence for the last generation and the final atonement can God in the final atonement so pour out his overcoming grace on the generation that they will be able to do what no generation has ever done up to this time in the history of the world live without sending in the sight of God in thought and deed word or action I totally impossible claim Satan says Satan says fallen human beings can do it and God says I proved it they can do it and improve it over again that's the real issue has God proved that him us we're dealing with the issue here you see of a paper promise was written in this book is a paper prompts this book is a marvelous book but his words on paper it says a hundred forty four thousand will be without call it says there will be a hot closing probation it says the seal of God will be placed on the four head it says Jesus will step out of his mediatorial ministry this paper words on paper you can believe the words on paper if you like and I'm glad that there are people can delete words on paper but my weak faith needs a little more than week words on paper I deflation I do see that it really can be because someone has been there before me and if I truly have any hope of being part of this hundred forty four thousand and is impossible dream of living without sin at the end of time I am going to desperately need to say there was a man I need to focus my attention on him constantly and say that what the paper on the words on paper said he lived in his life he proved that it could be done I think that's our hope of being this last generation and so for two reasons number one the first reason to be our sinless substitute Jesus had to take our nature or he could not have been the one who died for mankind number two to prove that God 's final atonement process of preparing a whole generation to live in obedience to God 's law without slipping even one time I believe there needed to be one show away the first Adam second the first data show the impossibility the second Adam show the possibility was not confused person at another not about natures is not what it's about at all it's about to beings who did two different thing the first Adam took us from perfection to distract as disruptions of production the second Adam undoes everything the first Adam does they are not parallel they are opposites and the first seven starts out with a perfect nature and degrades it to a lousy perverted nature the second Adam starts out with that perverted nature and then brings it up to holiness and beauty and purity these are two different experiences to representatives of the human race and Jesus comes to do it to prove Satan a liar and to show that God 's final work in the sanctuary in the most holy place of perfecting his people will be a reality it has been proven it is locked in no one need valid in all it has been done in history and will be repeated in the future those are my two reasons for believing that I must respectfully decline the advice of my senior brother that the subject should not be agitated that it is not anything which is necessary for our understanding of the plan of salvation I believe that without this understanding there will be no final generation that will vindicate God 's name that's why I take the risk of talking about something that is quite unpopular now the rest of our little time together I want to share just some little tidbits that you might find interesting and may be helpful in your own thinking it was a book that was written a few years ago called made like his brethren the offense taken at the biblical account of the Christ was made like unto his brethren continues to be a stumbling block present solemn reality suggests that the ancient rejection of the chief cornerstone finds a parallel today in the church as many denied that the word was made flesh you fully aware of that word flesh Bible Bible meaning of the word flesh means fallen humanity in the mind as well as the body everything connected with fallenness of man that includes follow nature it says the Word was made flesh the question for the church to face today is one related to see understand can she perceive how she has been shorn and stands naked can we with Samson learn from our own history by consorting with the Philistines wait to have the seven locks of truth shaved off our heads and soul loss starvation compromise after compromise is been made now we are being told we can shake ourselves and find strength apart from the truth that has sustained and made as a people throughout our history we are told that such things as understanding the nature of Christ in righteousness by faith and an end time setting are not essential to salvation nor for the mission of the church we are falsely assured that the world church has never been these subjects is central and they should be laid aside for these are matters that Satan would use to take advantage of Rob have we lost our power is sensitive by allowing that beautiful true that God has placed around this movement to be taken away from us and assuming somehow will be able to rise shake ourselves and come to our full strength and understanding in nineteen ninety four the book was written called the nature of Christ help for a church divided over perfection written by one of the editors of the Adventist review he said my thesis throughout is that the theology of these three men AG Jones EJ Waggoner and ML address has provided the spawning ground for the position on righteousness by faith and perfection held by certain Adventist today well Dallas the roots of the present agitation go all the way back to Jones and Waggoner that's an interesting statement is a very clear statement that historic righteousness by faith like I try to share with you last week in our time together comes from the eighteen eighty eight message and has been coming down the line ever since that's what he said the spawning ground for this position held by certain Adventist today the roads will all the way back to Jones and Waggoner because you see this was exactly the position they talk and yes I would say without a shadow of a doubt in terms of clear statements of our belief there were the clear statements beginning in eighteen eighty eight we have been before here it was crystal clear as to what we believed on these subjects and by the way when we talk about opposition to the eighteen eighty eight message it didn't end in eighteen ninety or nineteen hundred there is as much opposition to the eighteen eighty eight message today as there was one hundred years ago for exactly the opposite reasons back then they were afraid that the eighteen eighty eight message was that attend everyone toward liberalism and deny the landmarks of the Adventist church were rebelling not going to grace only and have everybody do as they please that was the fear of our brother we were to lose our foundations today the fear of the brethren is that we're going to go back into total perfectionism once again and we are going to become fanatics and extremists by going back to total obedience which can't really happen until Jesus comes again complete opposition today for the opposite reasons to what happened a hundred years ago here is what one commentator said about this book the nature of Christ in nineteen ninety four yes apparently arbitrarily selected to persons Jones and Waggoner from along a large group of Adventist thought leaders including Ellen why and assigned to them the responsibility for creating doctrinal attitudes that were actually shared by them all to see they just articulated they didn't create these ideas they just articulated was an Al Andreasen a person who accepted strange and new doctrines from Jones and Waggoner and urge them upon the church or was he only wanted Mono holds the witnesses the generally accepted as true as you know ML and raisins come in for a lot of attack in recent years did he innovate or did he articulate as well whatever this is always been the cell that was an interesting kind of thing but now we take it one step farther in see if I have the date here yes nineteen ninety four again same time this book was written a book review was printed by good news unlimited anybody recognize that good news unlimited GNU out of Auburn California Desmond Ford after he left Pacific Union College Desmond Ford's book review of this book in nineteen ninety four at last after a century and a half the Seventh-day Adventist churches published a book devoted entirely to the vital subject of the sinless nature of Christ our Lord and Savior the denominations publishing houses that hesitated to proclaim that truth in any publication of scholarly responses that many have long to me I recommend Roy Adams book wholeheartedly it reminds me of perfect in Christ my helmet on which was published in nineteen eighty seven by the same publishers possible which I also heartily recommend the same genre as however as mentioned at the beginning of this review Roy Adams the nature of Christ as far as I know is a first in Adventist publications it is the first official SPA book to affirm the sinless nature of Christ our Lord and Savior isn't that interesting women told us we've always believe in here we have a clear admission that Adams is breaking new ground with this book the first book officially published not in the mainstream but a brand-new idea coming to Adventism according to Desmond for and of course he recommended the book wholeheartedly as the best expression of the nature of Christ in righteousness by faith in the Adventist church so what we are finding here is that instead of this being a mainstream believe all the way down through the centuries those who have been studying these subjects have not found that they have found a different mainstream belief and now they are very glad for a new hillbilly that is changing the mainstream belief that we have had in Athens is now this I found very interesting I did not know this myself while I knew Desmond for the Pacific Union College he did not agree with Doctor Adams on everything Doctor Adams again this is Ford's review Doctor Adams takes the popular Adventist view found in Ellen White's writings that the destiny of the human race hung in the balance when Christ came to earth there was no absolute certainty that Christ would overcome and conquer and successfully complete the atonement in other words Christ could have sent you saying that the objects to that teaching Arroyo 's the salvation of the human race did not hang in the balance when Christ came success was absolutely certain what you see here Christ did not assent Christ could not have sin any objects mightily to the book stating that Christ could understand and that the destiny of the human race fun in the balance when Christ lived on this Earth if Christ would ascend once we would all of them lost there would've been no hope for the human race that has been the Adventist teaching all down through our time and he says by any says Roy Adams is just continuing that old outmoded teaching I didn't know that about my friend Desmond for I did know that he taught that Christ could not sin but it is only logical because those before him back in the nineteen fifties all in an coming across to us from the evangelical world building the same time in fact when our leaders met with evangelical leaders in the mid- fifties and we explained our position on the nature of Christ and we told them that we believe Christ had a sinless nature like Adam they then went back to their drawing boards and they wrote articles and their magazines say Seventh-day Adventists agree with us that Christ could not have said we never agreed that we never even hinted at that what we said was priced at a sinless nature they interpreted that to mean Christ could not ascend because you see the Bible says that God cannot be tempted with evil and it Jesus has a perfect nature and he is God then he cannot be tempted he cannot sin is a temptation needs the risk of sending and so Christ cannot stand that is the belief of many in the evangelical world today you believe Christ did not sin they believe Christ could not sin is there a little difference between those teachings in one sense the human race is in the balance and every follow Christ's life is a struggle between good and evil in every moment he has to say I die they laid not my will but thine be done in the other view it as a pre- scripted play in which the lines are all written in heaven Jesus memorizes the lines he comes out and was earthy repeats allies as an actor on the stage he goes back to have an atmosphere plausible of the universe and the play is not there is a difference between an act and realign actors and on into play do not take any risks they know their lines they complete their job in real life you and I don't know what tomorrow will you I don't know over to be saved or lost for sure we might walk away from Christ tomorrow that's all right none of us know the future and Christ future Christ lived in the same uncertainty that you and I must live in every day of our lives so easy went to vastly different concepts of the incarnation here of the Christ who could not sin versus the Christ who did not sin because of the power of Jesus Christ someone has written about reformed Protestantism this is the Calvinistic view of Protestantism that has come down through Presbyterianism and other riffle other areas the Southern Baptist tradition etc. the possibility of Jesus sending and falling is an atrocious idea for then God himself must of been able to send which is which it is blasting a different is their position the idea of Jesus sending them falling is an atrocious idea so what we've got here is very simple either he could not stand or he could set one or the other of those is true many in the Christian world really former UN I believe the latter but now we're saying yes he could send buddy did not come into the world like we come into the world like the sons and daughters come into the world that he was exempted from our situation CC were taking a middle-of-the-road position there from the one to say he couldn't sin we are saying he couldn't sin but he was exempted from our likelihood of sending it was likely for out of the sin it was likely for me to send from the moment of my birth and so Christ was exempted from the likelihood of sinning is what were saying you begin to see how we're playing into the hands of Satan on these issues of saying that well he really didn't prove that you and you and me and we can stop send the proved something about that deep-rooted something about the Angels improved something about us after the second coming but he didn't prove anything to you about us now those are a few of the interesting ideas that come on the scene in relation to this issue of the nature of Christ and again why I submit to you that this is not all wall issue but this is not a closet issue that is not something just for academic scholars to debate in papers but this is an issue which has to do with my salvation and the vindication of God and the ending of the great controversy that's why I keep talking about the subject even when I'm advised not to came across something very interesting anybody have that heard Hank radio broadcaster of something following the line of Walter Martin listen carefully to what he said has nothing to do with the nature of Christ in none of these passages Bible passages is Sunday worship command Christians are no more required to make Sunday their day of rest than they are to make Saturday their day of however of course they are perfectly free to do so either way in fact to criticize Sunday observance and then to separate from the rest of the church over something like this is both legalistic and divisive now who is he talking everyone of you in this church today you criticizing Sunday observance separating from the rest of the church over something like this is both legalistic and divisive remember let's not focus on the letter of the law and forget the substance of it on Sunday and the Sabbath that's the CRI perspective I'm hand-counted was just told us you Adventists are you picking up details you are bringing up issues which are dividing the Christian church you are unnecessarily divisive and controversial and you are bringing legalism into the issues you add Dennis you need to get a little more loving a little more compassionate a little more tolerant about the same as the relationship to talking about this afternoon what is controversial what is divisive what is not necessary for the happiness in the security of the Seventh-day Adventist church were being told exactly the same thing about the issues that is always tied together the nature of Christ and Christian perfection those two issues all of those always those two issues are tied together and that is what divides unnecessarily makes people legalistic makes the brings controversy in the church the only way we can have true harmony of those are held under a bushel just like our friend had tattered dresses we should do about Sabbath observance and all the pain Rob a lot missing if we draw the line at any point in saying truth is unnecessary we drawn the line too far when truth becomes unnecessarily divisive we have destroyed true choice is always divisive it's been that way since the days of Jesus Christ it is always divided Jesus said he came to bring a sword but we don't want the sword anymore we want everyone to be happy everyone to be comfortable and I wish that could be true but in a world where Satan is attacking God at every step it it's not an happen on Mister it will never happen that will all be comfortable together because somewhere sometime truth is becoming like a sword in Dubai husband and wife father and son brother and sister and it will do so because of trade not because were becoming divisive and argumentative and uncontrollable so we have to make up our minds where do we draw the line where do we say this is irrelevant and this is important this is a compromise of all and this cannot be compromised everyone is and have to make that decision knowing that this afternoon is shared with you why on one subject I deal with a controversial subject without apology with regret I deeply regret that it's controversial but without apology because my friends this is a mainstream teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist church from its very beginning and only recently has it become a problem I'm happy to be there I like mainstream I like being in the center of the flow of a movement ordained by God and I will take my position very comfort Jones Waggoner Ellen why Jan Andrews Stephen Haskell and pioneers in Seventh-day Adventist church without apology were to close right now but have a closing prayer and in the time will be yours first of all of me say this I thank you very much for seeing your lovely faces once again this year I had a great time last year and I had a great time this year so I thank you for your invitation for coming to spend an afternoon of last evening together and may God richly bless you as you continue on in this area to let the light of truth just showing a little brighter don't ever become discouraged when I have seen in the past few years here is a miracle of God 's making and we don't want to die away we don't want to become ashamed of it we want to hold about shine a brighter and let it penetrate to every corner that we can so let's heal together I think that would be appropriate father as we argued years of the close of yet another Sabbath day we are reminded that many more Sabbath days of passed on this earth and was your plan that we were alive today are alive only because of your mercy in allowing this movement to go a little farther than you originally wanted to go so that your purposes can be fully revealed and so right now Lord Mavis generation the generation that we are all a part of May this be the one to say finally yes Lord we will be what you are have been asking your church to be for a hundred fifty years we will not pass the buck once again to our children and our grandchildren to do what we were uncomfortable with we will allow it to happen during our why are we will believe your impossible promises we will accept that what Jesus Christ did on this earth two thousand years ago can be repeated in the lives of anyone who wants to believe Lord we pray for that today I pray for you we need to believe the impossible we need to know that what got what you promise you will fulfill and so Lord would put it in your hands as Jesus said in his last words on the cross father we commit our spirits into your hands today I ask it in Jesus amen


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