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Galatians 1—Another Gospel

Norman McNulty


Part 1 in 5 part series on book of Galatians given on May 23, 2011.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 23, 2011
    8:00 AM
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before we start once you have awarded her father in heaven we thank you for this new week this new morning and I pray that you would bless us as we have our worship time bless us as we study from this wonderful book of Galatians I pray this in Jesus name RI said the book of Galatians is obviously written by the apostle Paul Q the believers in Galatia this was a church video Darlene visited and as we will quickly see some problems have come into this church therefore he felt the need to write a letter to you that specifically and Galatians chapter four verse nineteen he says my little children of whom I travail in birth again and so Christ be formed in you so here you see that the apostle Paul was actually pouring out intercessory prayer on behalf of this answer he's letting them know because of some of the problems that come into your church I am interceding for you I am praying for you as if I were in labor and so you have the true experience of the Gospel and so when that setting and mining of this month has been led to an emphasis on intercessory prayer we see the plot was offering intercessory prayer on behalf of this church and now remind us see the action that he checked in addition to just praying for this church he also took action and wrote them a letter spell out where exactly you saw them off-track so now are going to look at this lineage of the book of Galatians is just to give you a bag of her friends were starting off this week while five five parts in the first four days will need one chapter per day and why they will need the last two chapters are six chapters now when you look at the book of Galatians next of the book of Rome this is probably one of the mouse gospel centered up this in the nation of course the four Gospels you have the Gospels so loved by Jesus in the book of Romans Paul makes it clear exposition of the book of in the book of Romans of the gospel we studied that while some and then the book of Galatians he also does the in the book of Galatians as opposed to the underground authorities of explaining the gospel in the book of Galatians in addition to explaining the gospel he is countering a false God which is why he is interceding for this church to get into chapter one see what Paul has to say to starting her swami read Paul also not a man neither by man but by Jesus Christ and God the father who raised him from the dead applause he addresses this church is that you have I am a possible on the authority of Jesus Christ and God so what I'm about to say is based on the authority of God and pieces of this is not just a word of man online and share this is the word of God says it was true for the church in violation of this was the word of God is also the word of God for us and them versus you and all the brethren which are within the churches of Malaysia Greece BTU and sees from God the father and from our Lord Jesus Christ and every time we start off in a pleasant weekend when the times just read that nothing about evolution really thank the Lord that there is greatest force and he from God the father and Jesus Christ always remember that when you start off a reading of Scripture analysis specifically of Jesus in verse four Jesus himself for our sense that he might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God our father and the glory forever and ever in the notice what Paul has done in the first five verses he's basically in a brief national spell out the gospel of Jesus Christ he gave himself for our son he is our Savior and if we accept that sacrifice we will be delivered by hand from this present evil world not enough to call saying I am a colossal this is the authority from God and religion this message is from Jesus he is your Savior so you ought to listen to I can see during this purpose is the look to deliver you from this present evil world to him be glory forever and ever and now versus that's what I marvel that you are sensing and removed from hand that calls you in the grace of Christ I shoot another golf so this church had been given that we are teaching of the gospel by Paul when he had visited this church and now other teachers of time and and their churning to a different gospel and false as I marvel that you churn so quickly to another job and he just reminded them of the true gospel I says in verse seven which is not another now some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ and of his release is below we worn Angel from having preached any of other gospel unto you than that which we have preached and the way and be a curse it realized that there is a true gospel and there are false gospel and under the inspiration of God Paul says if someone is teaching you a gospel that is not a true gospel under the inspiration of God pulses what have you heard because you realize if you're going false God immediately determines that and so this is a life or death matter policy dealing in it with a life-and-death situation with these people and then continuing on versus nine as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received let him be accursed in the notice first four do I now persuade men are God or do I seek to please men for if I yet pleased men I should not be the servant of Christ is the policy when I teach the gospel multipurpose and teaching the gospel is not to please man the gospel is not designed to be a people pleasing Gospel that will set your carnal desires the purpose of the gospel is to please God in teaching what is truth so that you can accept that truth and receive salvation and the problem so many times in the Christian world today you will hear people that will come right out and say just except Jesus as your Savior down worry about anything else and he will save you and your son and God will message at the end of the day is upheaval please that is not a Bible -based God because of how you're going to see if Paul develops the teaching of the gospel in the book of Galatians remember that famous verse I am crucified with Christ is not a people pleasing Gospel crucified with Christ there's a lot of other things that we see as we develop your that the question then is what is this other jobs that the Galatians had been seized by and we will see this again as we go through the integrated chapter five for example see some of the things that he's been sending with chapter five verse twenty says stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with me out of bondage behold I Paul say the that if you be circumcised Christ shall profit you nothing right testifying in every man at a certain site but he is a debtor to do the whole law and this is what was happening the church in relation or came home he teaches a clear gospel Jesus came to this world he gave himself up so that you can receive forgiveness of son and accept them as your Savior and have power over sin and be delivered from this present evil world Jesus Christ is fulfilled the ceremonial law he is the embodiment of the law exception follow then certain shoes to profess to follow Jesus came and said in our wealth that he was in the unit have all now we have a better version of what you need is yes except Jesus as your Savior but you also need to be circumcised to receive salvation and you are circumcised you will have salvation is and if you study this out carefully about the room as well what these shoes when viewing an and applies our kindness as well as the back and they were basically saying all you have to do you is performed outward action taken outward profession and that will give you salvation you do the simple act of circumcision you will have salvation and in modern times people say just accept Jesus except that you have the outward covering and you have salvation and in both hands the thing that is left out that is really the heart of the matter is Galatians two twenty are you crucified with Christ has your heart been circumcised have you surrendered your life completely Jesus and the gospel that Paul was teaching the real gospel is that the real gospel was being crucified being fully surrendered giving your life to Jesus one hundred percent but the Judaizers you were coming into the Christian faith was while I was okay but in reality just uses power back in the flesh and that actually salvation and reality so much easier to just do an outward action that gives you a proof without a heart change you see today you can do something similar you can make the outward act of baptism which is a good thing the Hotmail March and the real gospel that Paul was trying to teach the church of the wages if you are not crucified with Christ you are not in a saving walk with Jesus and I marvel after I explained is so clearly to you but you're cheering to a gospel that will lead you away from salvation and so this is Paul's introductory chapter now all them and after he saw the marble that you have turned from this awful for example in verse eleven focuses but I certify you brethren that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man for I neither received it of man neither was I taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ and it if you study some more all the puzzles you see that he did have visions which tells that Jesus himself explained the teaching of the gospel to all and he explained it to you in the butt around Galatians and some of the other vessel and we can be thankful for that now Paul after he tells the Galatians like if anyone else is teaching another gospel one of me occurs tomorrow believed her from the gospel that I thought you that explains fixation of the saline I know something about those Jews who are trying to tell you that you should be certain and starting of verse thirteen pieces for your current of my conversations bypassed and the Jews religion beyond measure I persecuted the Church of God and wasted it alcohol was a Pharisee of the Pharisee and if anyone understood the Jewish law that was preached by then they said would bring salvation Paul knew that the so-called loss and so if anyone could recognize the false gospel Judaizing Christians were timing and to the church with Paul could recognize because she used the beasts eight in the Jewish religion and now by the revelation of Christ she had an understanding of the full complete gospel that did away with the ceremonial law that U.S. Customs and how Christ fulfill all those things and how that an acceptance of Christ and the living of his life was the real Gospel and so he sang like if anybody knows what the Jewish religion is all about ID and so now he's a plan of the two regulations and as he continues on uses improvidently used religion above many mighty holes in my own nation being worked exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my father so Paul was at the top end of the spectrum on the throne is better when it pleased God he separated me from my mother 's on-call advisories to reveal his son and me that I might preach him among the heathen immediately I conferred not with us what I noticed this hall was able to preach the gospel with power because Jesus Christ the son was revealed in halfway brought wonder sometimes why the gospel not have power is because we might preach the theory of the truth that Christ is being revealed in our lives and the way we demonstrate our life the others halted say son was revealed to me so that I could preach the and then when you see that again my wonderful verse I am crucified with Christ does nevertheless I I yeah now I want but Christ lives in me so that again is the gospel when Christ lives in us then we have the power to share the gospel with the world around us and then enclosing you see in the last eight verses verses seventeen to twenty four Paul simply talk about how after his conversion experience he'll went into your radiant and he went back to Damascus he finally came back to Jerusalem we of course know that Paul had his conversion experience on the road to Damascus where he went from being a zealous gene to being a converted Christian and and so this is the introductory chapter tomorrow we are going to get into Galatians chapter shoot Morgan is seen how Paul consented for the fate of the Jerusalem Council he explains what justification by faith really is continue on chapter three talks about being the just shall live by faith so on so the book of Galatians as we are going to go through our study this week is about the select clearly describes the gospel but in the setting of conditioning against a false gospel specifically a false gospel that huge Christians were bringing the cause of this problem that had come into the church hall as he says in Galatians four was offering intercessory prayer on behalf of these believers and noticed this and this is the gospel and now you understand this perhaps more clearly my little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed and Eve so she's having an accessory for his friend Lord please help and you experience the Gospel not a false possible where they think that they can just be circumcised and be safe but the true gospel of Christ is actually warmed in there why and so as we think about the world around us May we have a spirit of Christmas River for those that we see you may not have an so that Christ will be formed in them and so that we will be a living demonstration of the gospel of Christ to the world around us so the book of Galatians is powerful but in a might also mention that this book in the history the Seventh-day Adventist churches churches that are institution here is affiliated with had a very interesting debate over the book of Galatians over a hundred years ago Morgan talked about last as we go through our study as well this is an important but officers understand the plan of salvation my look forward to studying some of these things more fully as the week goes often why don't we have a closing prayer and we will have our clothes upon analysis for a father in heaven thank you for this message and Malaysians thank you that you clearly reveal to us what the true gospel is published to be protected from false gospel that are out there and maybe have the experience of Christ being armed with Anas as he was all so that we can preach the gospel with power to the world around them we thank you for your love you you gave yourself for us that you deliver us from this present evil world namely fully accept your sacrifice this is my prayer in the name of Jesus in


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