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Galatians 2—Justified and Crucified

Norman McNulty


Part 2 of 5 in series on Galatians given on May 24, 2011.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 24, 2011
    8:00 AM
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horizon we are in daily number of share out of five NR weekends worship talks and yesterday we started and we look at Galatians chapter one as we see Paul is writing a vessel to ensure safety and visited where he taught a clear gospel and now I'm another gospel a different gospel .com in the church and so not only is he explaining what the true gospel is these also tend sending against the false God which shows us that there is a time and a place took out error to speak out against the at the same time that we promote what truth is Paul uses very strong language we see that he said and versus eight nine eighty nine especially the changes you another gospel I have taught you let him be accursed so it's very clear and why is false because if you are top false gospel it will lead you away from salvation to be lost eternally set is really not unreasonable for Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to make such a statement because if you if you have the way of salvation and then someone comes and lead you away from salvation certainly you can see why Paul would use such language now what we were saying at the end of chapter one and it continues on in chapter two Paul is telling his personal testimony NEC he's making reference to how she had the Damascus Road experience for Christ came to him personally and called him to follow him now if you look at the timetable if you recall it was shortly after the stoning of Stephen Paul was on his way to Damascus when and the start of the Stephen was stoned and thirty four eighty you see that after Paul had is experienced he didn't return to Jerusalem for three years and then chapters to we see that it was another fourteen years after that anything that here we have beginning chapter cheers were following this we are now about fifty one eighty and it just so happens that this was about the time that the Jerusalem Council adviser Chapter thirteen how many of you remember what the Jerusalem Council the Jerusalem Council was a council called forth by the then new Christian church it was about seventeen years old or twenty years old after Jesus ascended and they were dealing with the issue of the Jewish Christians you were planned in order to be saved had to be circumcised and by this morning Paul has been out in the field preaching the gospel through the Gentiles and NEC that in verses twenty three chapter one they see that you put your persecutors of dozen times past now preaches the faith which he wants to strengthen during the full-time follows out of these now I also forgot preaching the gospel with power to the Gentiles and there's a little bit of a problem for the Jewish Christians because they see that Gentiles who have never been circumcised are being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and Heather sang well do I thought we had to be circumcised in these days and how could the Gentiles be filled with the power the Holy Spirit and they never certain size and Paul is telling his story here as you continue chapter she was just pick it up here in her twenties is than fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas and second-highest with me says emergency and I went out by revelation and comedic communicated under them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles but privately to them which were of reputation must by any means I should run our run in vain to hear you sing on out there preaching this gospel tears and Gentiles one hundred three thousand versus three and that neither side as he was with me being agreed was compelled to be certain I am that because of false brethren unawares brought in the Cayman privately to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus that he might bring us in the bondage analysis yet Paul Barnabas and I Titus is a Gentile he and fellow feel compelled to become circumcised because he has liberty in Christ to the notice what Paul says of those cute hot that you had to be circumcised what is involved default is false brethren and has me call comes by so they're coming and diseases they seem unaware almost as if this is not and the church they profess yes we are followers of Jesus the micelle modulator follows easy to and Paul is out there preaching when Jesus died that system was done away with a ceremonial system you have liberty in crisis we still follow the moral law but the ceremonial law is no longer longer binding the Jews who were used to that tradition still want to hang onto that tradition of the means of salvation so this is what Paul is dealing with in the night 's refineries as to whom we gave placed by subjection now not born Howard that the truth of them home I continue with you through sand of the Galatians was we didn't even listen to those false brethren who teach circumcision more in our because we want the truth of the gospel to continue and yet she's dealing with a group of believers that I'm not thinking well maybe we do need to be close continue on he continues on for a few persons and an artist starting and Mercedes uses for he that wrought effectually impeded in the apostle ship of the circumcision or in other words Peter preached in the Jays the same was mighty and needs for the Gentiles that just as Peter was some of the Holy Spirit Pentecost they were preaching to Paul have the same power preaching of the Gentiles and he wasn't preconcert no verse nine this is a description of the Jerusalem Council here we read and when James Cephas which is Peter and John seem to be pillars receiving grace that was given underneath they gave him him on the right hand of fellowship that we should go into the season and that they are the circumcision only name without we should remember that for the same which I also was forward and do not do so you know that this is speaking of the Jerusalem Council in acts chapter fifteen you have the apostle James speaking shoot the brethren and inversus twenty five twenty nine see the much resting the Brenneman specifically in verse twenty five the address wireless and all that here also than the register we were given the right hand of fellowship at chapter fifteen the Jerusalem Council specifically addresses Barnabas and Paul on December twentieth and twenty eight is as risking getting the latest and just to lay upon you no greater burden than these things that you stand for meats offered to idols and from blood and from things Randall from fornication for much if you keep yourself you should be well so hear you clearly see the Christian believers under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said don't worry about circumcision just don't evening offered to idols and take care of before and will be okay so this is what Paul taught him anything remember all of those remember how the Jerusalem Council not the amount of the Holy Spirit so that we were under the bondage of circumcision and then he continues on notice what happens after that is well known here was Cunningham CI I was stunned in the face because he was really bland now the interesting the apostle Peter Goodman felt the Holy Spirit made a mistake here and what he did erstwhile former for that certain came from games you can eat with the Gentiles Peter 's life Fellowship in with the Gentiles those who are not of the circumcision thing we are brothers in Christ let's fellowship together we are all one in Christ Jesus and choose to believe in circumcision came along says that when they work on he went through and separated himself fearing them which were of the circumcision and the energy is assembled likewise with SMS Barnabas also was carried away with her dissimulation sometimes Paul and Barnabas they're the ones ministering to the Gentiles and even Barnabas he was a genuflect why better go along with the crowd here to see how to steer the power and influence serum was sealed off the heat was even afraid of the Christian Jesus and you need to be circumcised if you like uncircumcised of euros all hang out with you now there's some separation between Jews and Gentiles Paul is lightweight and we just decided at the Jerusalem Council that were all one in Christ Jesus where circumcision are not in service fourteen he says that when I saw that they walked not uprightly the truth of the gospel I said and appear before them all about energy Limited seven hundred Gentiles and not as do the Jews why compel us all the Gentiles as women do that geez and Paul specifically addresses this issue of circumcision in verses two and three of chapter five uses the whole I call Sandy that if you be circumcised Christ shall profit you nothing for I testify every man that is circumcised that he is a debtor to get a whole lot on the notice verse six of chapter five one Jesus Christ neither circumcision available anything no work on circumcision does faith which works by love is anything like they're trying to substitute faith which works by love with outward act that has no effect on your heart and that's not the gospel the guy who is our hearts are certain biases the and we develop faith that works through the love of Christ that the real God and Peter Barnabas and the other views not afraid they were afraid of their colleagues in the didn't want to have some time to initiate and so they wind driven Salzman in effect they were in managing the power the golf on the recruiting questions in the minds of the Gentiles who have been converted to thought wife of salvation through Jesus Christ not circumcision and so Paul makes that very clear it is now heat in the last few verses of this chapter is forward nineteen finisher offered in a hall then it gets into a very clear description of what the gospel is so here he says again in verse fourteen why why do you make the Gentiles will like the Jays person seen with your Jews by nature not sinners of the Gentiles the nose for six uses knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law that I cannot justify buying a worse ally including circumcision are we justified this by the state of Jesus Christ now this is a key point here justified by the faith of Jesus Christ this is the third Angels message in Revelation fourteen were described aggregate people who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus see the faith of Jesus so we are justified by the faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ and not by the works a lot for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified since very clear you are not justified by works and I also include certain someone outward action without a heart change has no role in salvation and even you know our good works after we'd been converted down to where justified by grace through faith and specifically by the faith of Jesus Christ and Paul continues this verse seventeen that if while we seek to be justified by Christ we ourselves also were found centers is therefore Christ the minister of sin God forbid now some people would say all up on justified by faith I can have faith and I can keep so and yet makes you wonder Paula sang to those who were teaching circumcision in you can be certain size but you'll still descending but you'll have salvation and is another way of saying just accept Christ's righteousness but you can keep sending and you'll still be saved announced her sentences if we seek to be justified we are is therefore Christ the master of sand will call saying his price going to say that you are justified of years now way he is not the minister is Christ does not minister righteousness than those who still knowingly continues he is not the minister he justifies those who shine in living he explains that more clearly now remembers rethinking for a fight building in the things which I destroyed I make myself the transgressor for I through the longevity of a lot of I might live in the Christman here is the same as I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I Nick Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flash I have lived by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me no notice here is how we can connect being crucified with Christ with being justified by his losses I am crucified with Christ and I asked the drama chapter six verses of the old man is crucified with rice that the body of sin might be destroyed now when you are crucified this assistance as spiritual sense are not talking about literally dying the way Christ literally died on the cross but in order for Christ and I am across she had to surrender his love of the father against son he said father to be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done so he surrendered his will to the father so were speaking of spiritual cancer because we still levies is nevertheless I was still alive that is not neither was any more of my old man the old man was interested the high Christ within me so now as we live our life here on this Earth rise lives out his life dress how many of you would like to have Christ living out his wife three and that would be that is an amazing experience when you go from being a type of person when every time you rot the old man of sin speaks out through you and you surrender your life to Jesus you find yourself patiently responding us while someone is is trying to get that's an amazing experience that is a miracle by the grace of God that happens when we are crucified with Christ and Christ lives in us and is when Christ was analysis of the life which I now live in the flash I live by the faith of the son of God is the son of God Jesus Christ so he pauses when I am crucified I live by the faith of Jesus Christ at December sixteen I am justified by the faith of Jesus so on order your experience justification by faith we must be crucified with Christ you must be surrendered to him completely what an outline is very clear selected messages line one page three sixty six just as God requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place and you know that's different than the popular Christian gospel of the world is just believe that Jesus died for you you don't have to surrender your heart still keep living a life of sin Christ will cover you with his righteousness while you are sending and you have justification by faith of pulses is Christ the Master 's and now he's not he will only give you justification if you surrender and are crucified to him sweetly and all clause of verse twenty one pulses I do not frustrate the grace of God another were I don't see when and how I missed that I don't cause the grace of God to be frustrated by causing them to be needed over and over and over and over again time after time knowingly continuing the sentence under grace now it is true that it recently haven't hundreds and we can receive forgiveness but I threw the power of God when we are crucified with Christ we can have power of victory in our lives we do not frustrate the grace of God for if righteousness come by the loving prices database of Los Angeles as righteousness came by trying to keep the tension mounts on your own power or saying that you can just be circumcised and not give you salvation that means that Christ died in me that is not the way of salvation the way of salvation that Christ died for us and ruthless crucifixion we surrender her life and we also can become crucified with Christ so that we can live the life here on this earth that he wasn't here on this Earth and so Paul makes a very clear that this false gospel that come into the church of Galatia by these Judaizing Christians is a false God spoke that would lead to the walk of salvation circumcision is not the way of salvation trying to keep along your own strength relying on outward after the flesh without a surrender the heart does not bring salvation what brings salvation is to be crucified with Christ to surrender to him one hundred percent fully and completely and when we have an experience we will have the life of Christ living out through we want our power to share with the world and continuing tomorrow were going to see even more clearly Paul gets into the issue of what justification by faith is more completely and he gets into the wall which was an issue of the day in the history of the seven dancers were in his pocket tomorrow soon this time I will say a closing prayer and will however close inside with our father in heaven we thank you for how you have made the gospel clear to us in the book of Galatians may we be crucified with Christ so that the life we live in the flash may be by the same of Jesus Christ may we be that people described in Revelation fourteen is the commandments of God as though it is now the rest of the state may we haven't experienced three things I pray this in the name of Jesus


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