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Galatians 3—The Law in Galatians

Norman McNulty


Part 3 of 5 in series on book of Galatians given on May 25, 2011.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 25, 2011
    8:00 AM
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I is less of a word of prayer father in heaven we thank you for this new day and we pray that he will be with us again this week studying the book of Galatians I pray this in Jesus name in rise of the various days three of our five parks series this week on the birth of the nation and are starting chapter three today suggest to review what we've seen so far in chapter one call for on apostle of Jesus Christ reclaim the gospel to the world especially to the Gentiles he told the Galatians I marvel that you have churned from the gospel live by to another gospel Jesus if anyone teaches you another gospel from what you heard let him be accursed that may seem like strong language that as you recall the gospel is the message of salvation so Germain saw a false gospel that can lead you from or will leave you from the way of salvation to the way return on the floor goes through and tells his personal testament because of false gospel that was coming in was being brought in by Jewish Christians who are trying to bring in Jewish tradition to the real gospel Paul tells us test audiences hey if anybody knows the Jewish traditions IV I was the most exceedingly zealous Pharisee and then he talks about what happened at the Jerusalem Council on how the Jerusalem Council made it clear that circumcision was not necessary and then after that I see this drives what the real gospel is not is that in order to have salvation we must be crucified so she's contrast here is what they are saying the last salvation isn't human power back to the last just be circumcised in your salvation is in our last using compared to the real gospel which in reality is you must be crucified with Christ and circumcise our largest and how word saw smiling baptism are saying I said Jesus without any heartening the real gospel is the surrender completely to so after he says that notice how chapter begins and this is fairly strong language from the impossible Galatians chapter three verse he races over foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should not obey the shrewd before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth crucified among you now this is there's a lot in this passage first of all the Galatians are being the way it should they are under a Satanic 's dollars will buy a false God and what Paul is saying enough is helpful what can you be when I came in time to the gospel I say Jesus Christ so that you can see on the cross as your Savior dying for your sand and you saw him crucified and I live you are just as Christ was born crucified for you you must be crucified with how could you under which they can spell that takes you away from such a clarity you are being foolish foolish Malaysian and I was not as we enter the teaching of the gospel we have to realize that Satan is not the true gospel brings salvation and just as you dry and false teachers to bring the Galatians who would receive the fusion of the gospel from arguably the greatest gospel teacher after Christ in Scripture of course prices the greatest siege but after Christ the apostle Paul spell gospel so clearly and yet people who heard the apostle Paul they got the by false teachers so people who heard the apostle Paul could be the rich they are heard and heard a true and false teachers came I think that we are in red as well working on it just like the people on the way that's why under the Holy Spirit this message is included in Scripture for us so Paul makes it very clear he said Jesus Christ set forth crucified among them and now he goes to a more demonstrative explanation of the gospel I wish we had more time to spend on chapter three this is a powerful chapter inscription starting emergencies and design when I learned he received you the Spirit by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith are you so foolish having begun in the Spirit are you now made perfect by the flesh there in other words you understood that in order to receive salvation you must be powered by the Holy Spirit to surrender your life lately to Jesus Christ let a spirit filled life and now you think after you begun living a life filled by the Holy Spirit that you can make your life more perfect by performing out relax in the flesh apart from the Holy Spirit circumcision is making more for Holy Spirit by teaching the first four have you suffered so many things and may have been the name he therefore that Minister of the human spirit and work miracles among you dear if he had given to you by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith so those you are and who are under the power the Holy Spirit through the power of God can work miracles are they working those miracles as they are working miracles in the power of the circumcision of the most of the power the Holy Spirit and not notice Lisa's persistence and this is one that clear teachings of Scripture notice even as Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness know ye therefore the name which RSA the same are the children of Abraham now get this the Jews said we are the children of Abraham Abraham was the first person to be called by God to risk to undergo circumcision to show that he was righteous and because we are the children of Abraham we must have circumcision but also what Abraham received righteousness because he believed God not because he was circumcised that was a sign of his belief as this is when Ramos chapter four he's perhaps a semi- church Revelation remembers what he said notice what Paul says in verses ten eleven rooms for speaking of Abraham and how he received righteous diseases however and when he was on circumcision on non- circumcision on and he received the sign of circumcision a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had yet being uncircumcised you see what all thing here when God told Abraham you are righteous Abraham was still uncircumcised this is circumcision was simply a sign that time but now that crisis not under that is stationed at going as Abraham received righteousness before the Mister sow righteousness is by me it's not my circumcision for both teaching birthday in the Scripture for seeing that God would justify the heathen through faith preached before the gospel of Abraham saying in these shall all nations be blessed some helpful thing what the gospel was not just for the Jews when God spoke to Abraham the father of faith he said again you Abraham all nations will be a not just the Jews is to have so we can be thankful for that think any of us here and here is my correct I so we can be thankful that we can be spiritual views and not because were not literal is we can't receive this was the blessing is through faith versus verse nine so then they which be if they are was with faithful Abraham and this is where things get interesting starting in verse ten also steer for as many areas of the works of the law are under the curse for it is written cursed is everyone that continue with not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them now here is where Paul introduces the law in the book of Galatians and the client made references became one of the speed especially in the eighteen eighty eight General session over a hundred and twenty years again but here's what Paul was righteousness is life in a small item worth a lot through your strength because years before in Iran only thing very clear how many is all you send one time and you don't have a saying here how many networks will gamely race that once sent me a enough of all same here first is everyone that continue if not in all things which are written in the book of a lot of the so here's the point once you send one pictures of the law is upon me and ceased selling the way the church of Galatia what righteousness is my faith why are you trying to go back to the words the law of the worth a lot for your own strength testing if you are under the law you are cursed by that is what you question are the cutest and father replied as a matter of fact yes there is the moral law the ten Commandments there's also the ceremonial law was the login and which in in addition to the ten commands like circumcision things of that nature Morgan SC Tom is that the Adam law is talked about in verse nine season will get about more things than soon persuade so when is when you send once you are under the curse of the law in them receipts and this is where we see the good news of the gospel coming reversal on but that now man is justified by the law in the sight of God it is evident for the just shall live by faith so that just do not live by the workflow while they live by faith and he explains what that means is you get continue on the trouble was not of faith but the manager of them shall live in them the members thirteen euros sixty then this is the beautiful news of the gospel was researching price halfbreed deemed us from the curse of the law while the first law because once you send one you are under the curse of the law the law is simply there to yourself you send one you are under the curse of the law but Christ has read deemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for for it is written cursed is everyone hanged on a tree quoting Deuteronomy chapter twenty one verse twenty three which talks about the curse for anyone who is not three as as punishment percent and Christ became our classroom or lecture is worth because we've all send and roadmap also were under the curse of the law so all of us should have paid the price for that occurs Christ has redeemed us from and this is where you can see that the law that Paul is talking about cannot just be the ceremonial here to tell me because this is what some of our nearly eleven thousand Pioneer brother said that the long-awaited could only be in the ceremonial on my final mention why they hear we see Christ is reading this from the curse of the law and your time and it's only breaking the ceremonial wallet and ecology to come under the curse of God and that Christ died because they broke the ceremonial obviously how this obviously includes the amount not just the ceremonial law of Christ redeemed us from the curse a lot being made a curse for us for it is written as everyone hang on the tree now obviously in the interest of nineteen focus on the key points as we wrap as we wrap if you like then in verses fourteen through eighteen Hall describes the covenant that God made with a and if you think about this and when you think about the phone we know about the old heaven and the new here the interesting thing is actually by EJ Wagner 's Minneapolis the new covenant was actually given before the elephant God made the new covenant with Abraham that Sinai another time when it was made because the children of Israel set in stone like Abraham saying okay I believe in your power to change my life the children of Israel set all that is a mouthful what you said we will view it and that was the one that became the old covenant and they proved that humanity in their own strength cannot keep the law God so that God has to come back around Satan 's new covenant that I'm a man with a house of Israel which I made with Abraham is I will write my log your heart and mind as opposed to uterine sleep a lot I rode on table then so that's international versus forty three Z now in verse eighteen money itself take it up here for the inheritance be of the law it is now more promise that God gave it to Abraham by promise and helpful ask the question wherefore then serve up alarm with the purpose of the law is as it was added because of transgressions till the seed this is Jesus till the seed should come to him the promise was made all the thing will when Abraham was alive in God that Abraham your righteous ten Commandments had not minutes spelled out neither the ceremonial law that nine the ten Commandments were given we spelled out as an Pacific laws were ten Commandments and also nine the ceremonial law was added and Elimite makes it clear that this law was that it was both the ten Commandments ceremonial law is whether a huge fight in the labor down to minus announces the moral law the other brothers announces the term Iowa and in reality was actually the sedan the minor were slightly wrong as well but they were the ones who came to the Griffin resigning this is the ten Commandments and the point is this job explicitly spell out the ten Commandments and the ceremonial law because at this point she had not yet some of the earth to be a living demonstration of what it is why so he gave us his law so that we would have an understanding before he came us specific principles so that we wouldn't know how to live according to God as well and it was added because of arson until Jesus would come now one may point out a couple of points verse twenty one is the law then against the promises of God offered no further than a login which could have given life verily righteousness should have been mother while number twenty of the Scripture has considered all understand that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given shoot them that believe in them verse twenty three but before faith came we were kept under the law shut up another faith which should afterwards be revealed here's what he sank before Jesus came we had to look at a wall to have an understanding of how Christ character is because we know that the logon is a transcript of this character Roman sense of the law is holy just and and God is holy just as so the laws revealing who Jesus is enough for Jesus came we were content under this law so that we would have an understanding of who he is a notice for twenty forces wherefore the law was ours will master to bring us to Christ that we might be hi my name on one God gave us the long as a schoolmaster or as each teacher to teach us about God so that we would know and accept them and live by faith so that we could be just the financiers the interesting point verse twenty five but after that faith has come we are no longer under a schoolmaster now here's what occurs worldwide the law is our schoolmaster that once were under faith we don't have to live by the law anymore Jesus nailed the ten Commandments of the cross and we don't have to keep a log on anyone you that is why the brethren back in eighteen eighty eight trying to make along the way she's the ceremonial law because they add that Weinstein didn't have a good argument for the other like were not under the schoolmaster me more than that must mean the Valois was done away with and what was just might have ceremonial law and number five and we have explained in what amounts are still preserved that God views EJ Wagner made a huge and then I'll might as well to help Schenectady understand actually the ten Commandments were stolen and when this is after fitness and we are no longer under race will master trying to say is she saying you know now that were under phase we don't have to worry about the ten Commandments anymore we just live my faith is mounted on a way with and you can just break the ten Commandments you can have other jobs you can take God 's name in vain you can break the Sabbath that indulge reasons really bear false witness even sold out of all thing I mean think about this because this is what people say to try to say when he is in a single matter as long as people line that is Paul saying go out and tell people about the failure under fake it until you can steal implemented on I what Paul is saying is when Jesus came we didn't need the law is just anymore as a schoolmaster she is the is our school and the waves wife with a living demonstration of the law so you don't need to go to the ten Commandments think how went like Jesus okay I don't have idols I don't make graven images I don't hang out and commit adultery on a call on their that you look at the life of Jesus and all that is a powerful demonstration of righteous that is when ever twenty six for you are all the children of God by faith in Jesus Christ and out of her twenty seventh for as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have on price the notice is when they has now that Christ has you were relying on the schoolmaster of the law are relying on Christ and you are right on you live Christ like you are crucified with Christ the life you now live in the flesh you live by the faith of Jesus Christ and that is why Paul says in Romans chapter in the running around the world and water chapter analysis verses three and four Romans chapter eight from web a lot and not the end that it was weak through the flash God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful and for sin condemned sin in the flesh why don't the righteous of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit so Jesus was the law and when we follow him we live his life so that both the when you cannot present a crash you have put on Christ many wraps up versus twenty eight twenty nine this is what I mean the energy because you are Judaizing Christians and the circumcised is like here's what any the really there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ Jesus and if you decry value Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promise you were an error of Christ the promise made to Abraham you receive and I promise you receive if you put on Christ if you received the new covenant that God made Abraham said the bottom line will close here is that we are no longer under the law as a schoolmaster but that doesn't mean that we don't start break the people try to use this first essay after I think it's time we are no longer under a schoolmaster and what is happening is they use a specific passage right away with the seventh day Sabbath but if you say that then you can say well if the sound doesn't matter the needed is adultery murder stealing and sure as I was a rather it is the law of God is a law of liberty and monologue bondage is like if you went in the second half of Exodus designed by God to always know what protects us from brains darling there are lives and when you cannot price when you live his life you see Babylon through one Christ through faith and so that is where we will end our study today in Galatians three is a powerful chapter you see very clearly that Christ's name he was the embodiment of the law see Christ through faith she is now in school we could through faith we don't have to rely on those and laws to try to understand who God is yes that helps us see it specifically in the life of Christ lives your officer and that is when his power as we see price set forth crucified we say I will be crucified Christ so at this point while also closing prayer both of which is available for plundering our father in heaven we thank you for being with us today for showing us from the book of Galatians what it means to set on Jesus Christ and we thank you for how you've made the gospel clear to us in Scripture many you help us to live by the law of liberty may we follow Jesus Christ each and every day mainly because of time and may we see him set the fourth set before us crucified among us so that we will follow them I think this is my prayer in Jesus name


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