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Is Your Inheritance for Sale?

Adrian Zahid



  • April 22, 2006
    10:00 AM
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dear Lord help us to realize that you are our father and that you gave your son to die in the cross and he paid a price that was precious to you and that we are your children and that our inheritance should never be pursued in Jesus in I'm a student of history ever since I was a little way I read the stories of men like Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson Jesus Christ events like the fall of Jerusalem the Civil War and the Rwandan genocide and other brutal events that occurred in in history and I have found through my study of the Bible that there is one constant in each event of history and a constant is God himself God is there unseen but he is a watcher he watches men and women in the listings of history and he is looking for men and women through old he can show himself strong and I believe that there is an opportunity of eternity not an opportunity of a lifetime opportunity of returning eternity that is within our grasp this morning today every day and the opportunity is to be part of this group that is called the final generation the group that actually vindicates God through their lives through their actions and sees Jesus come is it your desire to be part of a group this morning open your Bibles with me to first things chapter twenty one first Kings chapter twenty one I like us to look at this story and see some of the elements some of the elements of character that are required in this room on the final generation first things chapter twenty one and it came to pass after these things that enable and adjust her life had a vineyard which was in just real hard by the palace of Ahab king of Samaria we have two men were introduced into story and the story actually took place there some people will say that the stories of the Bible are allegories without as much of this story actually took place we have made that he has a vineyard and he lives in just three and so his neighbor the just we had Ahab is the king of Samaria made on this chapter he says it says that he's the king of Israel Samaria was his capital he is the king and he has a palace Alice is right next to neighbors vineyard so what does that make them if you live some nexus somebody will motivate your neighbor okay it had came over to name it and he said I have an offer for you and inverse to we read give me thy vineyard that I may have it for a garden of herbs because it is near unto my house and I will give the board of better vineyard than it or if it seem good to be I will give the worth of it in money and came with a deal that seemed so logical and so fair a win-win situation for both parties he said to me your vineyard because I wanted for a garden of herbs and I will give you a vineyard better than it or if you want I'll give you the worth of it in money Satan comes to God 's children and he comes the deals are so logical and software on paper but if we examine those deals by the light of God 's word the truck to be scams and made that he examined the deal that it I was offering him and he turned it down we read in verse three the Lord permitted me and I said that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto the humor feels it had based on a principle found in God 's word is a good principle this morning Mister Leviticus chapter twenty five verse twenty three Leviticus chapter twenty five verse twenty three bio says the land shall not be sold forever for the land is efficient for me mine before he are strangers and sojourners with me the key point in this verse is that the land is mine is the Lord speaking the land is his and they were sojourners with him in Atlanta even though they were in the land of promise the land was his what happened was when the children of Israel walked into Canaan they were given land each tribe was given a plot of land and a plot of land was subdivided into smaller lots and given out to families and each family was supposed to have it land and then from that time on the real estate laws are simple this chapter contains the real estate laws of Israel it is very simple back land had to stay within the family if a person before and you have to sell it that person who's who bought it had to return the land to the man's family after of the year of Jubilee with it when it was the next year or when it wasn't forty nine years behind the return of land back to him so the land would stay in the family each family from generation to generation and the Lord specifically settled here in the land shall not be sold wherever or in my margins is in perpetuity the land when used when you go deals for the land you cannot sell it and transfer your ownership to some the land is not yours to own it is the Lord 's you are just when you transfer ownership like that when you make a deal it is your paint for the crops the Lord specifically said that the land cannot be sold and came to name and with an offer and that offer was I will give you a vineyard that is better than it or I will give the worth of a money she was not promising that land would be returned back to name it and so based on God 's word neighbor turned him down question for you do you want property via live in an apartment is that place where you live yours or is it the Lords do you drive a car does it honor testify to the fact that most of the areas all of the errands made in the car are for you or is it some of them at least some of them for the Lord the New Testament takes is visible to a higher level this order first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen restaurant in chapter six verse nineteen shots of the question what no you not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which he had often thought NPR not your own for you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are not Paul's reasoning is simple he says that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost because you were bought with a price and price with Clawson Jesus 's life on the cross and because of that your body your mind everything you are everything you will be is God 's not only property not only your car and everything you own and materially but also your body your person as the Romans chapter eight verse fourteen and up another line of reasoning in Paul's writings Romans chapter eight verse fourteen Romans chapter eight verse fourteen be read or as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God for he had not received the spirit of bondage again to fear but you have received the Spirit of adoption whereby we cry about father despaired itself with itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and if children then heirs heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ if so be that we suffer with him than me may also be glorified together Paul's reasoning is simple and clear if you are born of the Spirit you are boring and remedies that you can be born you you have to be born again he had to be borne by the spirit and water and if you are born again then despair testifies that you are a child of God and if you are a child of God then God is your father and if God is your father then you are an heir of God and if you are an heir of God and joint heirs with Christ and if you suffer with Christ you will be able to be glorified with him as well name it turned out he had based on a principle in God 's work it had turned and left I know the Asian people I have lived in Asia for seventeen years and I'm an Asian myself Asian people are interesting they know what's going on in your family whether or not there there if a man marries a wife and he doesn't have a child they know exactly what following this with you I am sure I am sure that when they nominated reviews they had and may have walked away his friends came over and said Nay but you are a fool for not giving your land over to that men do you know what time and use Dino look-alike is married to run after his chariot and telling Eugene Juma but I'm sure if they said that name of wood has said to them I am basing my principles on the word of God my inheritance is not for sale in came to his house the Bible says in verse for verse in chapter twenty one verse four he came to his house heavy and displeased wives have a way of knowing when something is wrong with her husband if a husband doesn't want to cuddle and their something wrong but my husband doesn't want to each vendor something really wrong I'm alright yes I'm right the Bible says in verse four and he laid them down upon his bed and turned away his faces as they had and would eat no bread verse five but Jezebel his wife came to him and said unto him why is I spirit so sad that don't you just know Brad and he said unto her because I spake unto name of the Jazz their life and he told her the whole story every time a child of God decides to say that God is my father and I am going to study his word to find out the will for my life somebody in this person this child of God decides to follow God in every principle that his finest work somebody always gets offended turned to Daniel chapter six Daniel chapter six verse five Daniel Denver six verse five then said these men we shall not find any occasion against Ms. Daniel except we find it against him concerning the law of his God if you look at verse three we find that Daniel had an excellent spirit in him he realized that he was a child of God they realize that everything he had materially was because of God he realized that his body was God and so he decided to be faithful in everything he did for God and because he was grateful he was promoted and the King thought to promote him in making the vice president of his realm and because of that the other men around him wanted to share him down they were upset at Daniel 's life and so they made an investigation into his traffic records in an investigation into his financial records but they could find no error no-fault in Daniel because he was faithful and so they said the only way that we can get to Daniel is my messing up his relationship with his God because we know if we mess up his relationship with God and he falls and he decides not to have any relationship with God he will become like us and who become fraudulent but if he does not mess up his relationship with God and his faithful and you will die and we will get our way either way will get away every time a child of God decides to follow God 's principles somebody gets offended and was interesting also is that these people that get offended they have absolutely no power to do anything to that child of God they have to go and beg of somebody else to get somebody else's power to do something to that child of God Jezebel was introduced in the story who is just about she is the one you may have a happy lifting of Samaria on the palace and she is the queen of Israel but she has no authority of herself but she says in verse seven I will give the vineyard of neighbor the Jesuit I will do the venue of name the Jesuit mercy she has no authority so she wrote letters in and name and seal them with his sealed and sent the letters unto the elders and the nobles that were in his city dwelling with name spirit of prophecy says that Jezebel was so incensed that somebody had the nerve somebody had the nerve to reject her husband for something he wanted that she wanted to eliminate wherever that was it didn't matter where they were following guards were not she wanted to limiting and so she said I will get to the vineyard of name of the judge she sent those letters I checked with the Hebrew for elders and nobles I found out that the midterm out of the title means men were aged men who are religion men were known for their plant the religious leaders of the top of the city I also looked at the work for nobles civic leaders the princes of the city manual are the city fathers such as a letter to legislators and she sent letters to the city leaders and the letter said this proclaimed a fast and set name on high among the people and have to waitlist fellows bring charges charge number one that he blaspheme God charge number two that he spoke against the King there is another man in the New Testament who rode a donkey into a city and the religious leaders of his day brought to charges charge number one that he made himself thought and charge number two to me spoken as the king who was Caesar of the time and he said do not pay taxes to Caesar in both stories in both cases the charges are false do you think maybe connected the dots of all the cities in Israel they chose his city to proclaim effects of all the people in the city they chose him to raise them on high among the people here they made us friends came over to him and said now is the time to write a letter and tell Ahab that your properties for free if they did so I am sure that Navin said I am standing on God 's word God is my father I am a soldier with him through this land through this time of night onto this earth my inheritance is not for sale nowhere in the spirit of prophecy do we find or in the Bible do we find that the name of wrote that letter or Assam the two as they had to take the property or pleaded for his life they had the fastest they set name on high among the people the two worthless fellows came and sat down beside him and they brought the charges the sentence was that name bestowed stoning takes a while it takes a long time some of the bullet where you date you fired up from the gun and if you're close enough you don't even hear the gunshot you stoning takes a while they carried them outside the same event as a returning about the city digital Doctor God in heaven he didn't say more I am following your word I am basing my life on the principles of God 's word I have a wife and children why is this happening to me what you think he said Lord I know exactly why they doing this to me I know exactly what you give me the strength to bear the test my inheritance is not for sale name it went there outside the city and he was known started by men who did business with still I'm in love with him and went to school with him stolen by people who knew him by the disbursement often when you decide to follow God 's principles the people who purchase amongst our people in your friend people at your workplace people who know you personally will grown up with you all your life they say to you why can't you be like you used to what are you causing so much trouble these are the people who hurt you the most when the storms when people pick up stones and gallstones flash stones of gossip slander do you pick up those stones and hurling back as hard as you can reduce am a child of God God is my father minor 's is not pursuit your sitting on a couch at that woman's house and a woman leans over to you and she says the baby this conversation is more action to get up and he walked her bedroom it's a list of this party started or do you say one of the only action units easily walking out of this house my Americans is not pursuing when they tied the stake of ridicule and laugh at you and call you old-fashioned do you report back at them angrily argues that will last up to your level I will stay quiet because Jesus did inheritance is not pursuant when that when you are when you're sitting at your office desk and you turn on your computer and is a memo over there is an e-mail over there from a colleague who both your boss and it has more depth and strength of the then did not left behind series do you say to them via e-mail inducing you tell them the truth and you tell your boss exactly what happened or do you see my reputation is of God he will take care of it I will be faithful where my heart is not for sale I will not stoop to those that type of politics blog do not save interposed to save me with empty because he knew that they would withstand a single stones he knew that they would stand on his word no matter what happened to the wood tick name and identity and the city fathers sent a letter to have one line neighbor is dead the vineyard is yours Jezebel related the news to a and Ahab got into his chariot and went over to possess living I can picture him walking over there with Jayne who is chief petty officer general I like to have some irrational behavior some basil over there some carrots right here any trends around the role of HR Salvatore says you know Jezebel wants me to broccoli less have a little small broccoli base over here and he wants some more and then this man steps outside of the bushes and he says the farming or one the man steps out is Elijah 's very presence convicts a half of his sin and Elijah says has found murdered and taken possession in the place because of bonus sold myself to work evil before the Lord Saul yourself to do evil before the Lord in the place where dogs nickname is what shall dogs lick your blood the Lord also spoke concerning Jezebel that dogs will eat Jezebel by the wall of judgment it didn't matter to Elijah whether he was talking to a peasant woman he was talking to the King 's message was from God and he was when he delivered with the same strength St. Clair he would not change his message the greatest one in this world is the want of men and women will lobby bar sold like me manager global in their inmost souls be true and honest like jewels men who will call send either write me wife's frightening like you like men was conscious as children duty as a needle to the pool like John Burton afternoon when this quality men will stand for truth and stand for the right though the heavens fall again God is looking for men and women today cool show whom he can show himself strong through whom he can vindicate his name that his righteousness is is pure that his government is just the opportunity to for us today is an opportunity of eternity if it passes us it will go to some of you and I would hate to have to ask God why was it mine not my generation the chance to be part of the final generation lies with you and me we all have to do it together it takes each one of us realizing that we are children of God that God is our father realizing that Jesus paid the price for us on the cross and we are joint heirs with him if we suffer with him and that when Satan comes to us with those deals it seems the logical pencil and paper we examine them in the light of God 's word and refine them uppity scams and refine other million of those deals is Satan we say to him Satan how is waiting for you but that heaven is waiting for me I will not compromise my message I will not dilute my message I am called to witness through my works through my speech through my thoughts through my motives that God is fair that God is just I will not compromise mine Harris is not


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