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The Sins of the World and The Lamb of God Part 2

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 16, 2011
    11:00 AM
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our father in heaven I asked that you would be here is our teacher as we talk about a dirty topic I ask that you would find a way to keep us clean she would purify our minds I ask for your spirit in the name of Jesus in this vein New York lecture for me and what that means so when I get a lecture say five or six times the verses and upbeat in my mind and I don't really need notes I just sort of happened for a personality that only touched on that one it's a new lecture for me I'm quite addicted to them that make sense to have work for you well in this case there my computer and I'm afraid it's going to get salt website to do for sensibility is start out by telling you what in my thinking prayer and study I concluded the sense of these various entities are that is of Latin and North America and of the of Asia and then to go after Bible study because if the computer goes dad I can wing the Bible study has been recorded right now all it's in room three oh five and again if you want to get a permanently super my wife is there what's what I called the sins of north America once you turn your Bibles to Ezekiel sixteen Ezekiel sixteen in verse forty nine it seemed sensible to starts with the sins close to home I have been in liberal churches that preached against conservative sins and in conservative churches that preach against liberal sense and I consider both the I know wireless and aimless preachings on a process to run saying kind of Ezekiel sixteen verse forty nine behold this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy when I read that verse it just looks like what's right around me did you notice what you'd expect it to say what it says saw them would be homosexuality and fornication but what does it list list versus the sins of Sodom pride and fullness of bread arms listening to the news yesterday was in the airport Adam and prescribing of the parts of the United States that have the least longevity that is they live longer than the rest of the states you know it's the states all the way around the one I live in plus the one I live in Arkansas 's right in the middle the states all the way around Arkansas are where you live the shortest amount here in North America will live it's because we eat too much food and we smoke that's why we don't live so long is it a sin to eat too much food it was the sin of Sodom fullness of bread and my wife again to comment on this three or four years ago that is we would fly to give a series of lectures maybe in Europe somewhere in that overtake your California somewhere and maybe in Michigan somewhere and every time we come home she would see something Eugene why do people in the Arkansas airport looks so different than the people in other airports what she means is that the obese but sufficient means is that if there is a difference that one of the sins in North America is that we eat too much food but this verse didn't say but it which was said you have to much food in abundance of Brad and pride how to will have a biopsy and pride but let's just talk about what this but the sens are and then idleness of you ever thought about idleness is a sin idleness is a violation of the fourth commandment in principle that is the fourth commandment doesn't only say remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy it also says six days shalt thou labor him do all thy work we were made to have useful employment ended idleness benefits autumn number could ask the question why was saw the idol the answer is in the verse saw them could be idled because Sodom didn't have to work to have food that is that in the it's really something here in America that our food is so cheap that most Americans could work for only three or four days and in the three or four days to earn enough money to buy their food for the entire month really for their family for entire month you know in most the world is like that the most the world it's you you work a good chunk of your time to get your food so here are some of the sins pride abundance of Brad idleness but then there was another one neither did she strengthen the hands of the poor and needy thank you Rachel I've lived in Alaska and I live in Arkansas this is what the United States does for poor people we give them abundance of Brad and idleness notes we do for poor people to get them up I have a sister-in-law who gets food stamps she needs them she's a single mother of four children she gets food stamps but she would have to have a family of gluttons to have any hope of using up the amount of food stamp she gets that she can't need the most fancy organic vegetables and fruits and still have plenty what the government is giving her and they pay her rent and my faulting them that she needed help single mother for children she needs help but what is the government giving the poor people it's the same thing the rich people have abundance of bread and idleness but what the poor people really need to know they need to be strengthened they need to have someone's a little late to help them and get them going and this is one of the sense of North America it's that sin of trade Damon the poor with indifference or carelessness or even careless gifts that is helping them away that really doesn't help them doesn't help them our apartment about the sins of Asia one of them would be a ancestor worship ancestor worship has knots are disappeared it has morphed and I'll be very playing my dress this kind of Spain in my experience the desire to please one's elders to the extent of violating principle is idolatry it is in fact ancestor worship that is when you obey someone contrary to principal this is a kind of homage that is due alone to God it doesn't belong anywhere else and to give that kind of homage to a man is to put him on the throne remember to treat him as deity and that is one of the sins of Asia are it has taken China right now China has spoiled an entire generation that is that you have a generation of people who entire society outside of the farmlands you have single child homes that is from the one child policy I was in China and listen to people talk on it by listens a lady talk about how she didn't want to get married and didn't want to have a child because it would interfere with her career this devotion to well and to prosperity is it is the bits or covetousness and that's one of the sins of Asian but when I talk about this innovation and you sense that the sons of a sharp sense of American medicines in North America he says the sense of people the sense of people reminds name the series really about the seven churches because when the Bible talks about the sins of FSS at the address says let him that hasn't year here what God 's Spirit says to the seven churches and it's that way all the way through right sure there are weaknesses of that process but pay attention we have those two and our weaknesses are demystified by rep so I talked to us about the sins of these various areas yet let that the Spirit would say let him that hasn't year here what God is saying today churches what are the sins of Latin America they include for example provocative dress that is not caring for the needs of the brother in the way that the ladies are tiring themselves dressing themselves they include a familiarity that breeds immorality warmth is something the Bible affirms the Bible even talks about a holy kiss but when I seen persons from the middle east it looks to me that the holy kisses man to man and lady to lady and is hardly what we would call a kiss and it has nothing to do with this kind of Shami relation that would allow a girl that just come and be in physical contact with Mila her brother when I'm not her brother I've seen statistics I just don't know how the statistics are made so I can't wait calm and factual but they match my experience in talking to young people and that is that if a young lady grows up in central or south America the chance of her being molested or raped during her teen and preteen and even childhood years is maybe fifty percent or better that's horrible Wilson be punished sin will be punished in the sins of society will be punished as thoroughly as the sins that are rare in society that is the one blur and will be punished just as the ones that are rare what I got out the main thing was however Bible study turn your Bibles to first Timothy chapter six first Timothy chapter six and were looking at verse verses six to twelve first Timothy chapter six verses ten to twelve for the love of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows but thou O man of God flee these things and follow after righteousness when looking at an reverse nine two and they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and hurtful lost which drown men in destruction and perdition thinking right now about how tragic Leah aired when I have helped zealous spiritual young men and women immigrate to the United States from other countries I don't do it anymore because the love of money is the root of all evil and they that will be a rich enter into a snare North America is half as one of its chief stands just nest in the love of money is talking to a man just yesterday he told me how when he was an engineering school that they went to talk to an engineer as part of their senior year project that talk to real workers in real world to learn more about the job force and engineer plainly said that for some people want to have meaning in their life but the reason he was an engineer was for the money is the love of money evil is not only evil but it is a root SC that springs up into evil thinking right now the young man from Zimbabwe who went to school in Arkadelphia that's near where it's one church plant in Arkansas he went to school there in the first few weeks he was in school he was bringing visitors to church a zealous young man but by a year later despite constant efforts in the church to involve him and help him and talk to him he was living with another lady and was living a worldly life and his Facebook page had as its picture not his face but a picture of American dollar and the only illustrates the study this is a dangerous country it's a dangerous place and what makes it dangerous among many other things it's the Stein that here society has glamorized a desire for wealth you can see if there hurt full lost one to the hurtful lusts do in verse nine they drowned man and destruction when Jesus was speaking to North Americans in his parable of the four types of soil you speaking honestly talked about the warrants wrote the thorns do they choke out that plants what he said is to be careful in your own life that you aren't overcharged with the cares of this life certification and drunkenness might be what how the world is gets overcharged but for you it's more likely going to be dizziness too much stuff too much stuff and this overcharging this just going for too much it's really materialism morphed in our experience instead of seeking after all lots of money at seeking after a lot of success were a lot of recognition or a lot of something else anyway it's the same thing the sin of North America 's that were drowning ourselves in perdition with too much what's the word I'm looking for too much a man has a lot of drive for position you say he has a lot of ambition it is the right word the book education doesn't condemn ambition it doesn't in fact it speaks about ambition as a positive thing ambition for noble purpose for a holy call button and vision for money is what we just read to be condemned in first Timothy desire to be rich and ambition to go for the Stein turn your Bibles to Matthew chapter ten Matthew ten in verse thirty seven were about to look at more about this idea of the sin of ancestor worship or of really worshiping our elders here that love the father or mother more than me is not worthy of me and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me do you see in this verse that you can make an idol out of your parents and your children idolatry is a sin even if it is entirely in the family circle the idolatry what is it look like to have your parents as an idol thinking right now the young man I knew he canvassed with me in the late nineties we decided that God was calling him to the ministry his parents gave him such fix such stress the way that they were viewing that was that the child to get a high paying job so that he can take good care of his parents and his old-age they wanted him to become a physician or a law your or a dentist or something like this he needed to be in this realm an appeal was in the people to become ministers those people who can't minute I have enough intellect to really do well those professional jobs if they can't make it there then maybe they could take a lower position and they pushed him and pushed him and you know he succumb after studying a couple years for the ministry he ended up going for profession that's idolatry and is not appropriate it's not appropriate that we would hold our parents in such a position that when their desire is contrary to God 's revealed will that we would go with their desire parents make their children idols way and that they were you've seen it for example in in the stores when the child screams and the mother gives the child what it wants that mother has made an idol out of its child and idolatry is condemned lowest father or mother or are more than me is not worthy of me look after Psalm Hunt some ten verse four suntan verse four no word yet if through the pride of his countenance size Psalm ten verse four the wicked to the pride of his countenance will not seek after God God is not in all his thoughts pride is one of the sins that is in the wealthy parts of the world all around that would include North America and certain parts of Asia and what is the symptom of pride in this verse that and not seeking not seeking after God what am I most common internal pleased to have it has to do with pride that is when ever I sense that God has worked through me or spoken through me or accomplish something by me it's scary to me is not that I'm ungrateful but it scary because I live in a society that is full of pride and tried destroys spiritual life and I believe with God to spare me from its thankfully at least at this point in my life I have a distinct understanding of the fact that I'm very weak and that my life is disastrous without divine assistant and it would be immediately of us may not thought ever be there but if you have thought that you're not proud know that drive is the kind of sin that can hide well and if you find yourself neglecting devotion neglecting to seek after God neglecting to go after him with your whole heart you can see in the symptom evidence of the invisible set in what is invisible send it is behind neglecting the seek time first Samuel chapters seventeen I don't even know what this verse says because the know I wrote about it I don't understand my own note my notes says tried is reflexive in terms of identification and when I read the verse on the hope that I'll understand what I meant personnel seventeen verse twenty eight I do understand it now good and Eli and his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the man and a lion 's anger was kindled against David and he said why came a spout down Heather and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness I know your cry out your pride in the naughtiness of thine heart for you are come down that you might see the battle you know who is proud proud in this passage it was proud but who was doing who was accusing him of pride he was accusing Damon and that's I was trying to point out in this verse that pride is one of those stands the spots of self and others and can't see itself personally proud people see the pride and people don't even have it what was it and David that looked like dried reliant that's what a mistake was that it was the boldness of David to do well that looked like tried to the arrogance I have so many verses sure about trying but I think we'll just close with one of them it's Daniel for twenty seven and thirty seven Daniel for I am enclosing the lectures were close in talking about pride Daniel for verse twenty seven wherefore O King let my counsel be acceptable unto you and break off your sins by righteousness and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor if it may be a lengthening of your tranquility just things from under that you North Americans about Nebuchadnezzar because the other you have about the same problems as you namely fullness of bread will thrive in abundance of idleness and not helping the poor and needy and it does firstly seven give you any hints about how North Americans might break off their sins how might they do it you know it's by showing practical mercy to the poor that is helping it if one of your senses that you're not really helping that a solution would be helping yet would not be a U-turn away from the set of neglect yes yes a I hope you are a you will you and I and you and is in your search Danielle was wise and maybe sister who had the same idea break off your sins by righteousness in your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor and look at the beautiful verse verse thirty seven when the most incredible verses in all the Bible not by Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honor the kingdom of heaven all those works are true and his ways judgments and those that walk and try he is able to a base is but a promise to claim for ourselves a promise of the God of heaven knows how to solve the pride problems of North Americans in short Jesus is the Lamb of God but takes away the sin of North America is he able to humble those that walk in pride yes look at Jude sixteen one of the sins of India and many other parts of the world in a less formalized way this class distinction one of our sister to share sounds like an old English form of class distinction the elite women that thinking Illinois and associate with the slobbery folk verse sixteen of June says these armor murderers complainers walking after their own loss in their mouth speaks great swelling words listen carefully having that man's persons in admiration because of advantage it is a sin mentioned here to admire mad because of that advantageous positions that they have as individuals or class was in the Philippines you can see that sometimes okay I mean and I Matt 's quite a number and I was there two weeks ago of men who were spiritual zealous knowledgeable young preachers and yet if they would speak they would not get the attention of one of my American co- travelers would get even though he was not as armed or prepared are knowledgeable or as ready to communicate the truth that is because of his advantage in an advantageous position he was held in admiration and brothers and sisters it isn't right it isn't right that if a man comes in the church that you know is wealthy that you will treat him as if he is on a different level than the man that is poor in fact it's a sad pattern her North America on the status of delicate legs are several physicians here in the audience were out of there several hundred of exaggerated but when I went when I am traveling inside Sabbath schools where I've never been and I meet a Sabbath school teacher and I find out there's a doctor in the church the chance of that doctor been the Sabbath school teachers extremely high this is an churches only have one doctor in California have some churches if I have a dozen doctors might not have any application but in most of middle America the church might have one doctor and that Doctor probably finances a good chunk of the church budget and he is now they had Elder or a Sabbath school teacher and that just isn't right I don't mean that a doctor should be ahead elder or seven schoolteacher if he spiritually qualified and he's as good a man for that position is anybody else but this idea of holding people and admiration because of their position when I began canvassing and I couldn't help but I think it was it was a anyway you understand when I would knock the door the person and the door was wearing a tie I get choked up I couldn't talk right there is just something about someone who was dressed with its high ministry like I was talking to someone at authority or position of responsibility and I was intimidated I don't know if to be intimidated is a sin but to hold such a man in admiration to tree with class distinction is wrong this is what Jesus Dennett do not really that really disappointed some of the leaders in the plane no they seen what will be told about was it low assistance in God Virgil and one of those persons only speaks education had because they had spoken to God face-to-face or know him they saw no splendor that intimidated them in their earthly pots entice you published turn in your Bibles to just moments first Corinthians chapter six first Corinthians chapter six moving again for minutes of the sins of entering Latin America whites don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you do not belong yourself or you are bought with a price verify therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's my first trip to Asia is my first remember chewing on a dead cow I was at a minister 's convention and I just assumed that the food that was being served there would have been vegetarian fare and what are some of this unfamiliar error vegetarian meat in my mouth and I chewed and I shoot and it would not show up in my suit and I to I finally asked someone what it was and when they told me it's such a shame for us as Adventist that where our churches growing very fast in entering Latin America and even in the Philippines that the health message is so thoroughly ignored but even some of the most zealous and that anxious workers in the church that is that our God is our belly and this type of idolatry to serve the belly as if I belonged to myself as if I am not liable or responsible to any higher power for the choices I make about my diet it's a sin are not saying that eating meat is a sin there is a place I can even imagine for myself today that if you put me in the right situation further right length of time all that was available there was white rice and meat I think after a week or two I would probably eat meat as I think it would be better for me than just eating white rice air think of the girl at the eating meat is not a sin but ignoring God 's councils and nor in his ownership of the body is an arrogance it is a sin that is especially prevalent in turn Latin America and some parts of Asia and it is a true even in males places were vegetarianism is rare that it's difficult to get an abundance of fruits and vegetables many people clamp them themselves and grow a little garden is just around their house near where they are and have fruit trees growing in the neighborhood to North Americans escape this business I think I should be frankly talk about the sins in North America in the same time as entered South America and America I've at least for our parents and grandparents many of them gave up meat eating but they never gave up the thought that they own themselves and can decide for themselves what they're going to feed themselves so that in fact at top blocks the way that they've indulge themselves in sugars and cheeses was such that there is not one of bit of advantage over the time before when they used to eat a rice and beans and fish I mean that a high sugar high cheese diets is just as bad for you as a fish diet or account balance is or any health oriented perseverance would say amen to that in their true and maybe North America will bear some of the blame for the disregard of the health message elsewhere since when we travel we could have meant advocating a vegetarian diet who are so portly and self-indulgent as to counteract the very things they were saying by the way that they were living in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three speaking again about the sins of entering South America it is a confusion for the confounding of faith with feeling the confounding of faith with feeling the same are practically all say with an illustration I was given a Bible study in Arkadelphia to a man in his life Heidi was there my wife and I we were studying about music but that yes issue music cannot pick him up because we invited the man to come to church you know he learned about the Sabbath even a lot of other kinds and it seemed like it was a good time for him to start attending church it are intended once but he hadn't come back insults like a good thing to invite him again but we invited him I wasn't prepared for his objection he didn't like the music he was used to the music that was exciting and get him around and he just didn't feel blessed in our little church plant our little church plant which had its well we were very small so it wasn't like the kind of rousing church service you would have the pure night and a school church it was a little church with a kind of what I saw the service and maybe her piano was a low-quality panel and the music just wasn't doing it for him and he didn't want to come in so when he said that I began to try to study with him this idea of faith and feeling relations read I am a regular version you can keep your finger there I began to study with him I told him is that that feeling of energy you get anything that tingling up and down your spine that you get in those church services you don't only get that from exciting Christian worship you also get it from certain types of drug use and you also get activated in the Hindu and Buddhist exciting ceremonies and in fact it is something you can get an hell lot of different venues which proves that it's not evidence of what is or isn't true and when I said that his wife objected she said no it's not the excitement of the music we just sing hymns and in our church to it's not beat your rockier anything and I began to feel like books I blew it when the husband hyped up and said some like honey I don't like your church either I he had joined the church back in Colorado that had that kind of music and he had been dissatisfied with the Baptist church because it didn't have that kind of music he was searching and because he is searching he can your series that weakened our church he wasn't satisfied either listen this is the common San of entering Latin America but this man is North American at the confounding of faith the feeling is thinking that when you have a Google rate experienced this now you're close to God and when they give don't have those feeling now you're far Revelation chapter three and looking at verse seventeen because you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and you do not know that you are miserable and wretched and poor and blind and naked it's not worth poor that I'm speaking of and that word rich what is the gold of where the CF James two shows what it is Tesla 's minister says what it is it's faith that works by love but what is faith there's not trying to lecture on it but some of you are my lectures on this before we've read many lessons on faith by Johnson Wagner we've heard from some other source somehow you've dealt with this issue Dave is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God that's what faith is feeling sometimes follows faith not always will and we do not prepare our churches properly enough when they get excited they feel like they've had our real spiritual experience I don't know how to prove any more than I absolutely come and drop it right the myself whole think so I won't go into any more sends all spend the last few minutes reviewing the solution what if we said are the sins of North America Latin America and Asia they have included pride try that management might not look like arrogance they could be a deep seated by the doesn't even show up but it might manifest itself by neglecting to seek after God you're right on problems we read that a private neglects to see we've looked at abundance of food as the sin of Sodom and the son of the wealthy all around the world we've looked at the idea of class distinction as a sign of having no proper concept of the holiness and the elevation of God as a sign of a type of human idolatry that we might have as our idols men are well they are men that are educated or amended our fathers or amend our children those could be gender inclusive man and all of those are idolatry of one sort or another we can't afford to put man in the place where God should we talked about drafts of the Olympic we looked at a single verse about dress in the entire study but I maybe as an illusion it was kind of sad and live my brothers keeper and it is a faulty selfishness that would put fashion above kindness that would make it that would knowingly allow that men struggle to have moral thoughts with still dress in a way that would accentuate the shape of the person or with cheese the mail I this kind of provocative dress so common in Spanish-speaking churches I might say North American Latin churches because when I've been what I've seen the pictures from South American churches I haven't always seen the same kind of provocative dress that I see in Latin churches here I don't know if this might be one to fax the comes of people move into this country and begin to lose their bearings but the worst mustache and is idolatry just like the worship of parents or the worship of children or the worship of educated man or the worship of wealthy men and then leave talks about some died neglects to help the poor and the needy I would add a minute to that of what I should've said earlier this is perhaps the least half most useful vein for personal evangelism in your local congregation that is giving it for real help to the poor people not the kind of help the government jobs idleness and an abundance of food but the kind of help government doesn't give personal sources of information and lifestyle instruction and guidance in helping to meet an emergency my wife and I had an experience open our eyes to this eight years ago we were given a Bible study to amount a young man into his mother the young men it just got out of prison his mother had been taken studies from was two years and then you die prison began taking studies and to make a very sad tragic story short one Sabbath he spent all day with me going study to study the study doesn't seem to be about particularly distressed mind that I want to spend more time at since I took them with me to the studies that next morning he committed suicide successfully and I learned later part of what had happened they are here got he had been in prison for molesting children and part of his sentence was that after he got out he would be on probation for a long period of time if he ever did anything in a probation if he was caught in the presence of children unsupervised me back in jail and his sister thinking that he was a dangerous predator had brought his own nephews and nieces down to see him until let's take a picture and put them around and backed up and take a picture of him and then turned into the police as efforts of the staff and he not wanting probably me and his church family to know about his life he took his own life you know his mother is the one who found him and she called a hiding on a even before she called the ambulance and put them once was much closer than we were so we got there they been there for twenty minutes already but when we got there the family was trying to arrive from all over the family was brothers as a poor family they could not afford a funeral for him they didn't have even a thousand dollars for the minimum cheek casket burial and Heidi and I don't have any children and we did have eight hundred dollars that we could spare and so we gave them eight hundred dollars to help with the funeral there has never been on an eight hundred dollars that I've given anywhere that has been as productive for over Angela Stagg help never the way that they reacted to that Jeff I mean I'm still in contact now four years later was that family one of them within a week of that time gave up his pagan life to become a Christian and today is a minister not yet but the something on this church but he started with amazing facts is interested in learning slowly what was the sin of Sodom neglecting to help the poor and needy not knowing that the way you break off your sins of pride and over eating and all these problems we have this by serving others is by selflessness and is God able to abase those that walk in pride he is in as a confessor since April and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness our father in heaven I asked that she would save us from the sins that are around us and more particularly to save us from the sins that are in us you'd find a way to reveal to us the corruption that endangers our future and our usefulness she would clean us thoroughly and let us be the way that your bride ought to be white to spotless without fault I has really finished the work started by asking the name of Jesus and this media with audio nursing room a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading and audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than the visit www. dawn on universe .org


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