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  • June 18, 2011
    2:30 PM
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good morning everyone like I could warn my pajamas actually appear now for the next several days because everything 's going to be PowerPoint and it's different than I normally do not normally do PowerPoint presentations I I I elected to speak but I've been finding us in all my studies I I started studying the Bible marking everyplace and highlighting everyplace it talks about the power of God mighty power of God to create the world to transform us to changes to mold is his desire to remove us from where we are to a higher level and in all of that I ended up got impressed me to to search not only the Scriptures but then go to Ellen White and look at what the prophet says there's a painting hanging in my office I found it therefore or years painting of Jesus overlooking Jerusalem your member what what happened as he overlooked through some old Jerusalem Jerusalem how often what I gather just a mother hen gathers her chicks and you would not you are not within it recently had me all you know I never put in the first part of the quote the first part of the quote is old Jerusalem Jerusalem that kills the prophets and stones those the descendents of the how often I would've cabbages another in government projects and you would not be gathering mechanism is the profits if you want to be gathered under God 's protection if you want to be gathered under the under the mighty breasted El Cid I then you need the proper and so I've included a lot of that I've mixed the Scriptures and property and in PowerPoint presentations the rest the week in a way I think that will will give you a new look at a lot of not only what's going on on earth and heaven where we are in time but what God wants to do in and through each one of us so without without further ado here let's get started Revelation twelve seven and eight says and there was what war you got that up is up there no not up there with Ron Fellows of the working on it great let's have a prayer that they were going to gets it okay Lord you know how much we need this right now is pray father that you make it all work out you're the greatest electrician electronics experts that we pray that you don't make it happen or give them wisdom upstairs altogether thank you Jesus me now so I do they are right all right and there was what war in heaven Michael and his angels did what plot against the Dragon and the Dragon did what Fox and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found anymore and haven't no I I've had theologians share with me and a good friend shares with me all it was it was only a mental war a war of words but I don't know you know I read this and it sounds pretty strong doesn't it there were there were some real regional contention going on here and the great dragon was what cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceives the whole world and was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him now casting out if any of your fly fisherman in your casting you know your you get the whole thing back there and that webcasting this is some pretty good action he was cast out not just not just told to go away he was cast out for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places in powerful places and strong places in celestial places now the devil to try to deceive the very elect the false theories closed with what garments of light garments of like it's going to look like the real thing will be presented to God 's people thus Satan will try to deceive if possible the very elect most seducing influences will be exerted wines will be what this is so important what what's good happen reminds hypnotize minds will be hypnotized hypnotized we are going to have to split pay such close attention to God if we divert her eyes off of God we can be hypnotized just as Eve was standing there in the garden with the serpent she was she was mesmerized until mesmerized now it's high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness let us put on the armor of light you ask any good Jew about the day and they will tell you what the day is it is the day of atonement Yom Kippur happens once a year in the economy of the Jewish economy the sanctuary service we are in the day began in eighteen forty four Jesus one of the most holy place it is time to prepare we are in the judgment our first history the night is far spent the day is at he and I will put enmity or member Jesus there when Adam and he blew it in the garden God did not want to leave us where we were in our problems fighting the devil on our own he said I will put enmity when you and the woman from Dorsey University committee what is the amnesty while it's God living in us it's the Holy Spirit is it's just like putting magnets together that you know or office they show in retail without God in us we cannot hold we cannot hope to repel any of the onslaught of the devil four thousand years the battle continued from the time of the garden Jesus came and what did Jesus do he healed many that were second various diseases and cast out many devils Jesus was still in the process of casting out devils Kathy not even a cast out Satan out of heaven when in the humanity and cast out demons more devils any preach in their synagogues throughout all Galilee and cast out devils while my praise God he has the power not read my Bible from cover to cover God never loses God has the power Jesus came here on planet Earth to demonstrate that he has the power to cast out the devil I was down in Madagascar met this lady as a little girl she walked in the home and in the family with demons yeah you heard me correctly just like we're looking at one another today they held fellowship with demons in the household they talk with demons they walk with demons that all these things the demons and said one day she got old enough the demon said we want you to become a witch force will give you great powers what she said that sounded good and the demons told to go down to the river where she went down to the river and under the water for a day and a half I said what did you say she said I went under water for a day and a half where the demons had the underwater let me tell you that you think that you as a human being I is a human being can do battle with the devil on our own you are absolutely mistake absolutely mistaken you will whose demons have incredible power they gave her power over lightning she could control lightning she could be shot with a gun it would not hurt her one day the Army scheme to take over her belly she created potions to to keep the whole army away and in the kept entire army away from her village then one day and one day all she said the demons were mad at me I was sick the Devils could heal me and there was a knock at my door I came to the door to young ladies nicely dressed in white outfits said we represent the King of the universe we come to pray for you he can heal you she felt well the demons haven't done anything for me lately go ahead they prayed for and she was healed immediately and then I said you should listen Adventist war radio it'll be a blessing to you she began listening to the radio program she accepted Jesus and while I was there sizzle please can you help me I like to do what she said please we need to build a church I said Holcombe well she says there's a hundred people that I've been bringing to the Lord on a regular basis God is more powerful but you cannot defeat or deal with the devil on your own we and he called his twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over how many demons all demons and to cure disease and he sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God now this power and authority to Thomas where we get our word dynamite is the Greek that's translated power ecosphere is translated authority gone is the real review Google University has the authority and he's got the strength and power to back it up and he gave vent to his disciples are marching orders here's our marching orders to set you may we position our mission to wage war against the devil and destroy his kingdom to be a physician for souls and outsole and a preach the gospel it will eternally set men and women free that's our marching orders that's the reason that God gives us the power that's the reason he gave the disciples the power and the authority to cast out demons the fact that men have been possessed with demons is clearly stated in the New Testament make no but no mistake about it it still happens the persons thus afflicted were not merely suffering with diseases from natural causes demon are real the devil is real the battle is real the war is real he would like us to think oh it's not a big deal he would especially hear North American and hides behind the scenes he comes in every every other little nuance of every other little way but asked those who've been to India who seen demon possession who seen these things absolutely real I was down in the Dominican Republic a series of meetings lady came up to me one night and she says please she says can you come over to my house sure translator and I went over the house that day boy it's a little rickety house you can see through the other walls dirt floor we sit down and will counsel we thank them almost to the ground in the dust and filtered up to the new accounts as we sat down and said how can we help you but she said every night when I go to bed when I close the door to bedroom I get embedded signals I'm in bed she said the door opens into little man a tiny man runs up jumps on the bed and tries to Johnson what you think that it is his oh so I think it's I think it's the demons I said I agree that let's pray about it she's I've never prayed well let's get down on on the floor from the ground I said I will pray and then say the words after okay got down on the on the floor there and they close their eyes I kept my eyes open we began praying I prayed the translator and then her I said Lord Jesus thank you so much for your luck went round circle then I said Lord Jesus I pray that she would fill me with your Holy Spirit you would watch your blood over me I knew at this moment if there was anything going on that that very phrase of the blood of Jesus Christ washing over disk drives the demons crazy it got around to her Lord Jesus walks me with your blood lamp she slammed down on the ground should begin grabbing her throat and choking and I grabbed a hold of her demanded in the name of Jesus Christ of the demons come out of her in a moment she stopped and sat up she her face runs in Europe look at this during the slow but whether thrones okay yeah I am not quite right you came to the meetings at night UK the market came to meetings the next night you okay message would you come over again came over same thing that they are identical we repeated that scenario almost to the wickedness sketched it out any better retinal cast the demons out again back to the meetings finally toward after after one something like this happens a second time you begin asking is there anything in your home that you're hanging on to the was from the old life of you know demons or this and that some of these countries find they still have pictures of God sort or various thing that got something is inference of the demons into the home and the family live a life I read Roger Morneau 's books years ago it and in my own life about while I used to keep a hookah for those of you don't have a clue about who gives young Turkish waterpipe it was about this long and and I just kept as a momentum of the old days you know of smoking dope and everything and didn't do it anymore course but just Canada was one of those things I took that I threw it on the trash I went searching through my house and I went through everything I threw anything at least it's based alike as I traveled and that the admission work I collected your masks you know that this ugly looking masked in the weird mast and everything man I threw all those out of the house because I began seeing as I traveled and I did these things how the demons would would seek insurance through through this kind of things you there's that someone may have up a poster of the God Shiva was the destroyer God they may have this or that why began asking this lady and she went down the list and she kept thinking about his well she says my husband takes everybody to the witch doctor here for healing and so takes me to write you know that it comes out well were really not married we've been together for these years were not married at a lot of different things begin coming by the way folks I hope that search out your own lines look in your own homes is there anything in your life that you're hanging on for me to get past for many cuts Hastert of it I'm not saying you know you don't you'll find demons around every corner but there's no use inviting anyway we worked to try and unite this this lady and and her husband together and things she wanted to be baptized and it turns out the husband still rough on the wedding day we had planned and everything else lots of different things so I was down to my final night she could be baptized bound my final evening though and I had a call and shortly after the pastor was in baptizing some folks he had a final as he has a call she came forward to standing there he began spraying and the moment he begins praying she is virtually lifted up just like this I mean her whole body just lift up and slam down on the tile floor and she begins bouncing up and down and the elders the elders know what's going on they reach the goal of her neck pull a curtain across the whole stage in a dismissed every body providing the holder used to this kind of thing and we all go up when we grab body parts to keep her from slamming up and down hurting yourself and begin demanding that the demons come out of it she's looking the other direction the men in the demons come out of her all of a sudden I do know why I said this except against God led me to say that I said demons I demand that you turn in the name of Jesus Christ and look at me and immediately her head went over to me and was like looking in the black pits of hell and adjust such shivers up my spine that in the name of Jesus Christ come out of her and Moshe sat up she wiped her face off your cases yeah I believe the next day two weeks later I got a get a letter from the pastor and the pastor said praise God victory today the devil tried to drown her in the baptismal tank but Jesus was Victoria's Jesus brothers and sisters when you want God in your life is always victorious always victorious the devil can never win but the devil is powerful and the devil wants to kill us but the demons were cast out God delivered this lady who desired deliverance that's the real key is what is your will what is your will notwithstanding in this rejoice not that the spirits are subject and to you but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven after we may have power over demons not the God has given us an opportunity to do that but our names are written in heavenly books then he said many do not fear Daniel from the first day your words were heard and I have come for your words but the ruler of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty one days Daniel was praying God came to answer that prayer but because of the devil he got hung up you wonder sometimes what it seems like your prayers are not answered when things are happening there is a real controversy going and Daniel here we get a view wind of this controversy for twenty one days the devil posed what God wanted to do reinforcements come in and now you can show up and talk within and they worshiped the dragon which gave power and of the beast and they worshiped the beast saying who is likened to the beef was able to make war with them was able to make war with them we are moving to a moment of time in history where everything for the whole planet is going to be made absolutely plain black and white between good and evil that it aligns with our slightly grade the brothers and sisters when you follow God when you study his word there is no gray you can tell the difference between good and evil in absolutely everything and we need at this time in our history to be coming to that point to understand and see clearly to have spiritual discernment of what good is what evil is when God says this is the way walked the unit he does great wonders so that he makes fire come down from heaven I used to think that that was the literal fire and it may be but it's also a fault and cost as we comes the time when revival in Reformation the devil will be doing the same thing the devil will have a false revival the devil is having a false revival today he does not want God 's people to see the truth he deceived them that dwell in the year by means of those what hello miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the bees miracles real miracles controlling lightning being shot with a gun doesn't hurt you keep in entire army at bay real miracle and same surrounded by evil angels claiming to be God will work miracles of all kinds to deceive the seafood yeah the very elect to see those he is not gunning for anybody else those he already has he's gunning for you spending for you the devil is as a roaring lion and if today if God would not restrain him he'd love to come in here and actually ripped you to shreds you believe the devil would just love the Terry hope we realize how strong this controversy really is how helped strong how real this war really is while appearing to the children of men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies he will bring disease and disaster until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation were seen it happen there you cannot turn on the news what I do I watch a fair amount of Fox news and there is a Fox news alert on top of a Fox news alert on top of a Fox news alert and it's amazing some days it's like what is going on well I'll tell you what's going on this very this very thing the devil is active and he wants to tell care every body and take everybody down to eternal ruin even now he's at work in accidents of calamities by CMI land under great conflagrations in fierce tornadoes and terrific hailstorms and tempest floods cyclones I always earthquakes in every place in the house informs Satan is exercising is now sounds like today's headlines does not use a grid in the time absolutely absolutely he sweeps away the ripening harvest and famine distress follow the imparts to the air of deadly teeth and Olson 's parish by the past these visitations are to become more and more frequent and disaster we are in the last moments present sisters versus Rubin Annette Rubin he did get an Adventist the young Adventist in Kenya he told me said you know he said I I wanted nothing else to do with Adventism I have enough I went on became a truck driver as a truck driver he said I used to drive loads from the west side of King after the east side of Kenya all the way out to the ocean it and in doing so I had to go through Siebel national Park if you Google at its TSA video and you put in line in their hopeful of the man eating lions of Siebel they said for that very reason I never used it through their night never one date a company called and said we bought we got a huge load we we need to get it out there will pay you a lot of money if you take it my talk with his partner they said that we need the money so they took off driving in their driving through the park Allison truck quits lost the drive shaft against calls at the company compass said it will be morning before we can get there because we just hear you're too far away so they roll up the windows on the radio and on the radio there is a preacher preacher said today is the day of salvation that they have to hear his wife calling hard and not your heart ribbon reaches over turns off the radio they want nothing to do with Christianity in the next second out Rubin site over here there's a big old male lion looking in his window now a male line is four hundred and fifty maybe five hundred pounds and a fills the whole win window while this made him a little nervous the lion acts out goes on walks down the road a little bit about twenty yards out and pretty soon a female in some cups paper mill around little bit and then the line comes back and he comes up and he puts his paws up on the front of the truck and looks into both Rubin and as part committee backs up all of a sudden he takes off he runs up he flies through the air smashes through the windshield windshield there are like ours it is busted a million pieces grabbed through the partner and begins eating them right in front Ruben on the ground now this is a come to Jesus moment for Ruben Ruben Soto God I'll do anything you want save me Lord please help me and we can put this on the on the television but Rubin said the line started eating from feet up and so the guys screaming looking at it the whole time Roman law Ruben Soto lost every bodily function it scared me so badly that I couldn't move I didn't know what to do I just kept praying God save me and finally the lion and now the line came up and put his paws up on the inside of the look to root he backed up Rubin said he's praying and praying God help me about that moment a car drove up over here the lights on it's dark remember lights are on but they don't drive fast group of Doctor to scared to drive by because there's still some things left their this labor alliance backs up again disliking them before surround all of a sudden he takes off he runs he slams as possible and inside the what's up on top of the vehicle where he stays there asleep next morning the company chase chase all the lines away a little tiny lady gets out of the truck for automotive vehicle over here walks over to Rubin Rubin 's about six foot four she pokes her finger to his chest and says are you a Christian he said while all of yes I guess I was in this she doesn't know it you need to go home and study and pray and she turned and daughter Carla I said Rubin said who did you think I was Valley so I thought maybe it was my age I said yes I think so too thanks to God is more powerful but the devil egg no mistake would like to tear every single one of you in little tiny shreds in little tiny pieces and he'll do that in different ways to make your with your family he may do it with your friends he may go with television with whatever comes in your life that takes you away from a relationship God says you shall tread on the line of matter the gumline the jackal you shall trample underfoot by God 's power by seeking a friendship and relationship with him the devil and handle part of you can you say men God always wins say that with me God always wins I love it in Africa the little the little children sing a song God is the winner me know God is a winner Mendon is a winner may be is the winner me he wins he wins and you could win to if you have God in your life if you invite them in your life Jesus what would you folks out here you know you said you don't understand you air because you don't know the Scriptures nor the power of God the devil has tried to keep God 's power away from the Seventh-day Adventist church is trying to keep the knowing of the real power of God from its all week and going to build on this talking about this this power that God has in the desire of God to live in us to transform us to changes through his power but we don't know the Scriptures is your Bible look like this or your Bible brand-new is on the shelf and collecting dust yummy to raise your hands but this we are told is life eternal that you might know him the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou had set knowing God is very personal it's very real and the only way you can know him by spending time husbands wives if my wife call right now to get on the cell phone I said the below yes yes who is this old you need to now sure if I how long would I be married ladies it wouldn't last long I'll tell you and that's why many marriages don't because they don't spend that personal time together we cannot have a marriage with Jesus Christ unless we spend personal time now Exodus Exodus fifteen eleven Exodus fifteen was Exodus fourteen has some very interesting things to your member this is where this is where the whole army of Egypt is pursuing Israelites they get up so that the edge of the sea there there are winding their complaining the nurse shouting in God below nor did it die out here in the likening begin to doing as badly as it really and not just be quiet be quiet stand and watch the power of God and then go forward that's Exodus fifteen and that I don't think it's any any mistake that revelation fifteen talks about another group who stand on the sea of glass who gained the victory through the power of God because they understand that they need God so desperately and God will fight and three battle for the God will defeat the devil at every turn for the God ever loses and those are the ones who stand on the sea of glass very soon soon and very soon Jesus is coming and those who understand this both of loud God to transform the group who except that power and that authority to do away with the devil in their lives are the ones are going to stand in a great day Christ followers are to look upon Satan as a what a conquered foe behold he said I give you power over all the power of the enemy over all the power there is no need in our lives act like we have before because God gives us all power it's not us it's not about us it's about God when you don't think that God has all power you say more about God than you do your own personal experience when when when you've got all these sins all these troubles only thing going on your life your you're making more of a statement about God and what you believe about the power that he has or doesn't have that you are about and what he called unto him his twelve disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out to heal all manner of us in all manner of disease in the seventy returned because Donna given him all that power to and what joy they said well bored even the devils even let apples are subject to the pupils through your knee how not to me through God 's down India one time baptism going on a river whenever candidates and in a friend of mine whose man he sees now the division ministerial director over there a big guy he's over there he's talking is a little lady in the water was about eighty pounds soaking wet he is trying up for up and I'm wondering is going to what is going on first time it ever been in in the and all of a sudden she pulls her just like all contorted and everything and all of a sudden the Lord this is team and two guys pulling around getting over to the bank to grab a hold of her the water 's edge and demand the demons in a moment she wipes the water off her hair and somebody brings her blanket she walks up and she's okay I'll begin talking with the pastor afterwards and an civil means he says you mean in your schools over there they don't train you on how to cast out demons to know that .net curriculum where I what it's a it's a normal thing in these places the devil in different countries operates in different ways these countries he operates totally on the open friends with friends to two couples they were having kind of fights together in a back-and-forth that they were on each other little energy things they decided to go pray for this late in the head demon problems they got your home is set every body on the home except the lady and her friend and the pastor who was with the remaining matter fact matter of fact it was a Michigander one of them in the good friend of mine and effect I let me they got in there in the begin talking increasingly servlets are prayer to begin praying and and asking God to deal with the situation all of a sudden this lady who might my good friend was a very strong guy reaches over grabs his arm and begins tightening her grip on his arm Kelly thought it was good to break his arm and he tried was trying to pull her hand off and he couldn't yank her handoff one hand and with both of his fancy he couldn't he couldn't extract himself and all of a sudden the couples opened the rise they looked at each other in the realize they were dealing with more than they can handle one zero NA realize that their old lives were not right with God and he realized they needed to do something right away in a begin harnessing God forgive us for all of our sins God wants us and cleanse us in your blood God help us to begin training artist please God help us and cast the demons out of here and all of a sudden the demons went from her into the other woman she began frothing around the cast the demons out of her when they showed up that night at home they were stone cold site we knew something happened they didn't say anything for quite a while but let me tell you when your life is not right with God you can not the devil when you have things hanging on in your life you just cannot the devil but when you invite God God you believe that there is one God you do well even the demons believe and tremble the double doubles trembling Russell the shudder that have one's hair stand on end that causes the demons that much consternation because they know they appreciate the power of God if we brothers and sisters would appreciate the power of God more Whidbey seeking that power in our lives to changes every moment of every day could well in this Romans eight thirty one says what shall we then say to these things have gone before us what bougainvillea guesses is there anybody they can be against us when God is living in unique ways that no absolutely not St. Paul worked his miracles to deceive people set up his power is supreme the church may appear is about to fall but it does not fall it remains while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out the Chase separated from the precious week this is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless it must take place the devil wants to separate you the devil wants to tear at you the devil wants to sift you remember Jesus said the devil wants you but I prayed for God 's desires that you come to him God desires that you seek him every moment of every day because the devil wants you were not the standstill of the Christian life there's advancement for us to make where to lay hold of him who has what all our remembering that every hour every moment what we need his help every hour every moment every moment the devil is working every moment if we do not have gotten it is the privilege of everyone to grow in grace daily reaching higher attainments in the Christian life here's another lie the deadline to be talking with you a lot more this week about that the devil would like the Seventh-day Adventist church to believe that you will never change in this life that you can't do any I overcome this is so easily beset us it is a lie it's an absolute line were going to talk about them more this week and disclose the lies of the devil and what God has in store for you and for me I would but I would prosper God says it's an incredible prospect believe finally my brothers be strong in the Lord and in the power of years might put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stay in against the wiles what an incredible prompt are only safeguard against the wiles of Satan is the diligently study the Scriptures to have an intelligent understanding the reason for her faith and to faithfully perform what every known duty you see a relationship with God a real relationship with God is never say no to anything the guy got really quiet indulgence of one known sin will cause weakness in darkness and subjective stuff here's temptation we could spend longtime talkie that overcomes shall inherit all things what is God looking for guys looking for guys looking for you to be an over and all who stand on shrinking Lake in the forefront of the battle must feel the special warfare Satan against them as they realize his attacks label what do what fleets of the stronghold brothers and sisters we need the fleets of the stronghold that's where our only safety resides why because God is supreme he is our stronghold in the time of trouble and perplexity if we put on our entire put our entire trust in him we shall find that he isn't all sufficient amen to that a man he is an all sufficient guide no matter what troubles are going on in your life he is an all sufficient guide and will guide you to the pathway to the in exercise of the will and entire change may be made in the life flow by yielding up the will to Christ we align ourselves with the buying power when we have to do anybody yield up the will right yield our own wills also as I die how often every day had to yield up every single day yesterday 's experience is no good for today and Jesus came and spake to them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and earth and I'm with you always even in the underworld I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me how many things can we do all things through Christ who strengthens me it's God who strengthens you it's his power is not ours it is and we need to understand we need that power desperately every moment listen to this list of the most incredible program Christ object lesson is the will of man cooperates with the will of God it becomes a myth that why I'm a country boy I like to say Omni potent you know it's it's been these pulp just think about this will a man the will of God becomes omnipotent is there any excuse and we fall and stumble address no but if we sit with an applicant with the father Jesus Christ the righteous but we don't need to because if we invite God in every moment in your lives if we choose to lay our will assign it becomes omnipotent whatever is to be done in his command may be accomplished in his strength all his beatings are enabled were in a delve into that a lot more this week Lord desires us to be victorious over the powers of darkness he is willing to say to the uttermost all who come to him how many all who come to him there alike in the Syrian army man his is a servant to think I look at look at all the Army surrounding his word were dead men it's another note Brady got open his eyes opened his eyes need to be with us are more than they do be with them all the whole surrounding place was filled with chariots of fire gods chariots of fire but is never caught off guard God has never lost the battle got always wins and he will win in your life if you invited in and there's angels to be there to help you could the veil be lifted we would see that angels of God are all around us to preserve us from unseen danger praise God for that life thousands of times as their care been especially manifested for us in our warfare with the agency 's estate I look back in my life and already I've worked my Angels way way over time I'm really sorry for that no but but on a regular basis guide since as a means to protect his member Ellen White the devil tried to choke her to death the devil wants to choke you to Debbie wants to rip you to shreds only by the power of God can we be sustained in this life all power Jesus said is given unto me all God is my strength and power and he maketh my way perfect is a member that I also say to you that you are Peter nevertheless he talked to Peter and Peter on this Rocco build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail sometimes we think that we reverse reverse that thing but in reality what it's saying is is the double states again a breakdown when we go against the devil by the power of God to take this gospel message around the world when we assault the gates of Satan there not been a be a blue withstands assaults it's God 's power and God will break down every data on hold he says here's our peers our mission I send you out a shape in the midst of wolves while the sound to inviting us but when you realize that is a sheet I have got all the power and the authority of heaven makes a real difference therefore go and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son and Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you and behold I am with you all the days until the end of the world I am with you all we need is a comforting counsel hallelujah for our God on the boat rains can say praise God for that brothers and sisters he's never lost the battle he is not going to lose the war and as long as you commit and surrender your life Jim moment by moment every day you will not lose you you will be victorious you will be one who stands on the sea of glass limits could be an exciting day is not standing there on the sea of glass looking back look arising well praise God heaven is cheap enough heaven is cheap enough that's why if I had known that I was from this magazine a long time ago if I had known this I would've turned off all the television if I know Mister man I would've gotten rid of my computer when compared with the glories of heaven what is what we have done how many how many want to surrender their lives to God and say God on the stand that seeded glass you pay me a minute let's have heavenly father Lord we thank you that you are the God of power that you are the God who loves us so much you desire to put your arms around us to give us the power to live in us to changes to defeat the devil thank you go with each and everyone here today may this be a special day a new and exciting day when we have a better vision than we ever have before


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