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  • June 22, 2011
    2:30 PM
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good morning to you it sounds good to see that that the Saints can get up early and grab a hold of that man a half to get before the sun comes up that maybe the somebody come up around here today but if it's good I wanted you to see that the first flight this morning they can put that up you for me talk about some of my story have shared some of my story with you and the book we wrote about the story second chance it's the only book that the three ABM and review and Herald the copublished intent of an interesting story Brenda Walsh wrote the forward for me and you get an opportunity I'll be signing that doing a book signing tomorrow four p.m. to six p.m. and then on the after Sabbath Saturday night be there against the begin opportunity maybe stop by also wrote a book he shall lift you up he shall lift you up this is the are smaller but but it's on the victorious life out how to have that opportunity to live the victorious life in Christ and then a couple smaller books overcoming the three D's depression discouragement and despair and judgment and hell takes a little bit different look at the judgment Helena in a way that the grabs people 's attention good little witnessing books of the an opportunity maybe stop by I just couldn't resist showing you what amount the field once while this is what I usually look like out there don't have my my outfit on baton you notice the guy and the left is a semiautomatic or fully automatic weapon the pain on how he sets I guess in a radio everybody out there has a radio and so it's really interesting the HMS Richards Senior back in the nineteen fifties said we need to be broadcasting out to these countries is that everybody has a gun the radio well he was right he was right so the these fellas just off-camera was their role whole herd of camels one hundred camels then this one now this Maasai warrior he been walking by a plow home one day there was blasting out the message of Jesus Christ three WR and he heard the program you never heard about this Jesus he came back every single day who is this Jesus and he kept bringing more warriors to stand outside of this house and listen the program every day and finally fell in love with Christ and almost the whole village was converted to Jesus saw the Fed had to share one of those stories with you all today's message abiding abiding in Jesus Christ abiding in a forever relationship it's all about Jesus Christ I get excited about this message in the next couple days if anybody is missed any other time I hope you can be here for these messages tell everybody if they never come to any of these at least that they can make the Sabbath morning message now that is meanings get tomorrow but if you haven't come here at all please tell them grab everybody you can mimic the Sabbath morning message is so important it's a message the devil does not want anybody in the Adventist church to hear it's the message that will I believe bring revival and reformation of God 's people to each one of us hopefully think about that grab everybody you can for those that need abide what is up by the widest estate and well to Terry to be present in the Greek language George Knight says forty one times it's used in the Gospels and twenty six times in the epistles it's its use in various ways as translated in the different words but it is quite a word to dwell to stay with it to Terri to be present out our DNA in the very beginning was God says and God said let us make man in our image after our like this our image in our likeness can you imagine God creating us in his own me in the likeness of God God designed that man should express his thoughts and reveal his glory just think about that for a moment God designed us that we might reveal and express his thoughts and reveal his glory what a lofty little lofty position to be placed in man was the crowning act of the creation of God made in the image of God and designed to be a counterpart of God man is very dear to God because he was forming his own image while designed to be a counterpart of God what's that is the definition of counterpart one that closely resembles another one that has the same functions and characteristics as another one of two parts that fit that fit and complete each other I love that they cannot get one of two parts that fit and complete each other and where the counterpart of God human beings were a new and distinct order they were to live in close communion with heaven receiving power from the source of what all power from the source of all power I distinct a distinct order what it what is the definition of distinct recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type physically separate so clearly apparent as to be unmistakable but all the creation of the universe God made us very very distinct and different unmistakably different like you I can face-to-face heart-to-heart communion with his maker was as high privilege will please the phase-in normally face-to-face but what heart-to-heart heart-to-heart communion with his maker just think about that heart-to-heart communion with the creator God a abiding I love this set talk to Herb Douglas to her about the inviting situation in the Garden of Eden now want to think about this and as Herb recently wrote about God at risk Internet blocking sent me a quote for this abiding is merely an English word describing this intimate attitude called on copy or God 's love to God can't can't be anything other than who and what is in relation to the other he surely wasn't biting with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening abiding with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening staying within drawing near to them spending time men have the power to quench the Spirit of God the power of choosing is left with them they are allowed freedom of action we are allowed brother sister total freedom of action God created us that way so we would not be atomic time stick to just worship God as robots like God wanted us to choose to fall deeply in love with they may be obedient through the name and grace of our Redeemer or they may be disobedient and realize the consequences their consequences both way if we are obedient and we give our love to God God will fill us and will have such incredible joy or we turn away and were separated from the source of all power lights enjoy now adamant even the garden unfortunately they chose separation second Corinthians says as the serpent begun I yelled Eve in his craftiness she got up to the tree she she saw the tree instead of realizing that moment I have separated from God I was not learned from Adam I was not supposed to and run back immediately wanted to check out the tree a little further wow and there's there's there's a serpent in the tree and on top of it he speaks in a human voice and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food she took the fruit thereof and did eat the moment she decided to stay longer was the moment she was lost the moment we decide to Terry with sin is the moment we are lost and that said there are two great powers the power of truth and righteousness in the working of Satan to make of none effect the law of God the human agent magnetized by the power of Satan works in the lines of the enemy that is magnetized by the power Satan evil was magnetize you she was drawn she had that moment in time when she realized what she is done where she was and she still could've turned runaway but she chose to stay in sin and they heard the voice of Jehovah walking in the garden of exam in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife did what they hid themselves from the presence of Jehovah God in the middle of the trees of regard while the creator the one who need them in such a special manner had fashioned them with his own hand they ran away and that's what sin does sin creates a huge gulf between God and his creation he ran away in themselves were scared to death we don't want we don't have a part with you anymore God but praise God we are not left Opal to engage in this conflict she Christ is the captain of what our salvation Jesus is the Captain of our salvation we are not left alone we have another power that can help us so surely as there never was a time when God was not so surely there never was a moment when it was not the delight of the eternal mind to manifest his grace to humanity can you say amen so surely as God eternal there was never a moment when it was not the delighted the eternal mind to manifest his grace to human the devil would like you to think I've done so many things I've been so horrible I've I've eaten the fruit I tried the forbidden fruit I ran away and hid myself I've lost my righteousness whatever it is the devil would like you say your soul lost you are so bad God will never love you God will never take you back is a lot it is an absolute lie because there was never a moment when it was not the delighting the eternal mind to manifest his grace to him he Genesis three fifteen God says and I will put enmity between thee and the woman this is God 's grace and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head an actual bruises heal God will come and live in us we invite God into God will come and give us that repelling force to chase away the devil brothers that you seem I was a kid anywhere else either too much anymore but as a kid used to always magnitude on you you put these magnets are polar opposites you know it's good one magnet there to blow the other way it's good up and blown away in on you tried to try and push them together to try and get those things together and it will do it you know they just won't do it Amity living in our lives the devil cannot be around it shows sin which shall will God is living in a that's what we each one of us me that's what each one of us should desire and hunger for on a daily basis God give me your enmity against him that God desires to dwell in us but Jesus said without me and John fifteen without me you can do nothing how much can we do nothing nothing God has a plan and he walked with God and Noah walked with God wow can you just imagine you know just imagining eating goes up on the mountain each day after working a long hard day at work it's up on the mountain spends that time talking and communing with his Lord sharing all about the day and they talk back and forth pretty soon you that you know he checks his watch and God 's time to go home today and then pretty soon day by day by day week by week month after month checks his watch now Lord it's getting late and new Florence as you know and you're closer to my house today than your house once shouldest come on home with me you know those the gods looking for with each one of us knows to go home with him one day soon to have such a special relationship that we separated ourselves from the world of sin and the like below yes we live there when we are tempted here but this is not our home were looking for glorious home whose builder and maker is God and they shall know that I am the Lord their God that brought them out of the land of Egypt that I may dwell among them God continued from the garden of Eden he said lucky came looking for enemy look I still want will you still want one you will place the entity now I want to come be with you I haven't forsaken you and now children of Israel look to build me a sanctuary so I can what well so I can dwell among you so I can live with you I love you above all the universe I don't know how many created beings there are in the universe but God wants to dwell with us amazing amazing Grace God 's greatest desire let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among how incredible is the salvation of the human race is ever been how how what how how long ever been the object of the councils that have the covenant mercy was made before the foundation of the world it has existed from eternity praise God hallelujah avocado even grab such an incredible thing the salvation of the human race has ever been the object of the Council of heaven it has existed from all eternity praise God for that Christ was their instructor in the tabernacle the Temple of his glory dwelt in a holistic kind above the mercy seat in their behalf he constantly manifested the riches of his love and patience how often constantly constantly manifested the riches of his love and patience I feel so in adequate today to present this message to you because it is such an incredible message it is such a heavenly message we need to draft so desperately rentable love of God to us behold a virgin shall be which I shall bring forth a son and they shall call his name Immanuel which being interpreted is what God with us it just just doesn't see God in every way in every form wants to come and live with us the garden all away through the plan of salvation all way through the Bible God 's one and greatest desire is to dwell with us to live with us to be with us so so much and the Word became flesh and tabernacle moments and we beheld his glory to glory the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth Jesus here God in the flesh to walk with us to share with us to talk with us that teaches how wonderful and loving he is amazing grace amazing Grace I travel around the world and as I traveled Nathan we filmed we film places where there's this piece of Buddha very and we go to another place and we film and there's this piece of Buddha here Barry this sacred piece of Buddha here and it all these different gods everything there there are all there all still here but this guy he hung on Calvary 's cross he died he was resurrected he was resurrected because he's the real God the true God and he desires you notice in his time with us two guys standing there at the cross to lonely disciples they watch all their hopes dissipate that there hopes die with Jesus on Calvary 's cross in their walking back to Emmaus minutes seven half miles downhill and that's the way their experience was was downhill all downhill in the stranger alongside this is what he what you said about what you said about and begins walking with the walking with them and talking with and begin sharing all of the Scriptures concerning himself you see it was it was God he can blinded their eyes they get to the house it's evening now and were told that he was going to walk on by he was going to continue his journey and Clio plus and the other disciples and monopolies why don't you come up behind with us abide with us and they press the invitation he was going to walk on Barnes & Noble please abide with us all and in that moment I believe that we sit down to dinner Jesus lifts up the bread lifts up the bread and blesses and begins passing out of it I think they see the nail prints in his handset fits the Lord he disappears in that moment and they get so excited it was our God and they began running back uphill and say and say did not our hearts burn within us brothers and sisters brothers and sisters when you have Jesus draw alongside you your heart will burn within you when you when you spend time in the word of God talking with God because this is the voice of God to speak to you your heart will burn within you when God draws near you and desires to dwell in you did not our hearts are with us are you missing something in your life is your life cold and lifeless are you sending all the time are you having all these troubles you can't focus on anything else draw near to God he will draw near to you and your heart will bar within you it's an organic relationship Jesus John fifteen you know you those chapters and John and they're so incredibly beautiful you should read those chapters in a very special way in a perv we will never basis Jesus and I am the vine and you are the branches he who abides in me and I in him bears what much fruit much fruit his vision our mission draw near to him connect in the divine and will bear much fruit for apart from me you can do nothing absolutely simple it's it's pure science connect in the mind receive the nutrients the roots of all away up with the sunshine is is is unary fashion than they are and gives us the nutrients we need in our lives and we can grow fruit he who abides in me I but unless the members of God 's church did they have a living connection with the source of all spiritual growth they will not be ready for the time of reaping plain fact living connection to be a living connection how many of you you farmers and or if you've got any trees or anything you know you cut off a branch and World War I breaks off in a windstorm how long do the leaves continue to grow and floor not long and ever tried to grafted back in and out they work you know you get if you get it right away you might really grafted back into how may times could you do that pull it out put it on and pull it off and put on all and often put on is it going to be very healthy why do we not cling to Jesus and draw from him my face the strength and perfection of his character as the vine branch draws the sap from the living line we are to look to Jesus and his temptations close about us climb up step-by-step in the work of overcoming while with as you are choosing Jesus every moment of every day abiding in Christ we become what one with him imagine becoming one with the God of the universe then we are safe entirely safe against all assaults of the devil the assaults of the devil will we be safe from if we connect with Jesus all you see it's an absolute lie of the devil I told this many days that we cannot change in this lifetime we must change in this lifetime and we can do it through the power of God because God is the real overcome and he desires to dwell in us and I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever how how God 's desire from the beginning through eternity is to abide with us to abide with us it is so amazing to think in all the universe that this is going to be the center of God 's government for all eternity God 's desire to tabernacle with us this is amazing but Christ lives in us we shall work the works of God any statement about it it's an incredible transforming power we shall work the works of God because God in us to do anything he wants know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwell within you brothers and sisters that's his greatest desire for you to allow God to come in shine that light in burn out the sin create a glorious Temple and then China thank you brother and then China how wonderful is that all we have to do is to keep the vessel clean and right side up and prepared for the reception of a heavenly rain and keep rain let the latter rain come into my vessel but the latter rain coming to my desk you see it's all about transformation Romans twelve to be therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind the word transformed there is that a more full basically I like to see from a warm to a butterfly it units where we get our word metamorphosis in the English language how they would like to stay warm when we Syrians all the boys a bit guy thought one wife just poked her husband leaned over to put your hand down and away sweetheart you keep a husband and line their we don't want to be worms we don't want to be ones we want to be butterflies don't wait to Florida to float up to the sky it took smell the flowers to get in all the glorious areas of life not not muck around in the dirt the Myron and crawl around on your belly for the rest your life know God has glorious plans for you worry but it takes the mind of Christ let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus will be in the form of God thought it not robbery but made himself of no reputation took upon him the form of the server CS is an interesting structure there and Philippians chapter to collect high ASCII structure Jesus in his life went down down down down down all the way to the death of the cross-linked with a slight backup remote but then God the father God the father lifted up up up for every step Jesus took down the father lifted IMA I don't know about you but unfortunately my life so many times one built the other way you know I want to go up up up what will happen then God will take us down down down down down humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord is the Council humble ourselves David David learned that in a big way David learned that big way is God the son he emptied himself he became a man became a servant obedient to death the death of the cross the most vital death of all today manual people wear crosses we were always crosses and everything maybe if it was a modern society we be wearing electric chair but God lifting highly exalted Jesus a name above every name every knee should bow things in heaven and earth things under the earth and all in all the universe confess the name of Jesus Christ all because he took off his own kingly robes and went down down down the only way the only way that I can do that is if I've invited God into my life because the devil is always whispered no no go the other way go the other way that way is destruction when he gives you the mind of Christ your will becomes his will and your character is transformed to be like Christ character when we got it that's got to make a happy that that's got to get you excited to think about that when he gives you the mind of Christ your will becomes his will in your character is transformed to be like Christ character want to character Christ there is turn you will over to God moment by moment day by day if we will die to sell we will enlarge your idea of what Christ can be to us and what we can beat to him if we will unite with one another in bonds of Christian Fellowship God will work through us with my he power amazing amazing God can and will do a great work for every human being who will open the heart to the word of God and let it enter the full Temple and expel every idle spend time in God 's word get to know the creator God of the universe he will come and dwell in your life and expel every idle out of your life still have a few idols hanging around spend more time in the word talk with your Lord invite e-mail and I've shared this with you couple times on probably get a shared a couple more times because it's such an incredible quote as the will of man cooperates with the will of God what happens it becomes omnipotent it becomes omnipotent and I hope I run through this enough you can remember this you can repeat it over and over and allowed to become partier life when the will of man cooperates with the will of God what happens it becomes omnipotent let's say it together as the will of man cooperates with the will of God it becomes omnipotent left at become a party or vocabulary let it drive your life your will cooperating with God 's will becomes omnipotent God can do anything in your life if you allow him became a new is old unfortunately but his own received him not that they didn't want to receive it they didn't they didn't want Jesus Christ they wanted to do things in their own way they wanted to go up up up they wanted the first positions they wanted the best places at the dinner table want to look good amongst all the crowd became his own in his own received him not he wanted to dwell within me wanted to be part of the thing to do brothers sisters I hope you don't find yourself in that position today whatever's going on in your life you see it is your choice is to what happens whether you receive him into your life from but as many as received him to them he did what he gave power to become the sons of God hallelujah power to become the sons and daughters of God to him that overcome us Revelation three twenty one by the way this is the promise to the way the seasons promise to the later decisions to him that overcoat will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne unbelievable the very once in the whole universe that spit in his face that turned our backs upon him and nailed into across we will be co- regents with him for eternity if we allow him to come in abide in our lives allow him to changes in Transformers we will be rulers and I don't know exactly how that's going to work but in my own my own fanciful way I thought about here Jim you've been faithful over over these things I'll give you this corner of the universe you know that this is your corner to rule over and what is rulership look like white every day it's going to be so exciting that you shall tell everybody how wonderful Jesus says how I is this wretched this wretched worm who was crawling on the ground how my God made me a butterfly house howling even here by his incredible grace because he wanted to live in me and change me and every day I'm can assure that North role eternity the point until the nail prints I got those nail prints he got them because of me and he loved me so much he gave me another opportunity gimme a second J gave me a second chance and never again will send rear its ugly head of the universe because of our testimonies to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throw we must realize that our Lord was willing to give up everything so we could abide with him forever he shared that sin was so offensive to God that their separation was to be eternal but gave it up he gave it all up for you for me it is so hard to fathom that the team of the universe those whose glory surpasses anything we could ever imagine the study of salvation will be our study throughout all eternity how could even happen how could he be here in the Garden of Gethsemane and say I can't live without I can't live without you he chose death is he wanted to abide with us forever abide with me Jesus said and I and you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself it remains in the mind so neither can you unless you abide in me the spirit is constantly showing the soul glimpses of things of God a divine presence seems to hover near in them if the mind respond him or the heart is open Jesus abides with the human and I heard a great voice out of heaven saying behold the tabernacle of God is with men again this is an connection connection really with Laodicea and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God can you say hallelujah this morning while they just invigorated skin is all excited men up it if we look like we been baptized in pickle juice were in the wrong church this is life eternal that we might know him that we might know him you know that no is so distinct it's just like Adam knew his wife and they conceived a child it's very intimate very personal very real this is life eternal that we might know in knowing Christ of the grace that he is show forth abundantly we become changed in humility we shall correct every false and defective character because Christ is abiding in the heart it's not about us it's not about us being legalistic we've got to do this we've got to do this I got the changes you've got to quit drinking coffee you've got to quit doing this you better quit doing that now it becomes a whole new focus whole new focus of my God is so wonderful I love him so much I wanted to come in and get rid of all the stuff in my life as I love them I love ain't my baby my passion I maybe my all I may be my everything we shall be fitted up for the heavenly family about in the life which Christ offers us is more perfect more full and more complete then was the life him forfeited by transgression on long waivable unbelievable that God wants to take us out of all that in lift is higher and higher than ever before amazing Grace runs his amazing grace and when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and set him him sexiest May case come down for today I must abide at your house God is standing there looking at you hey come on come on down wherever you where you're hanging around that come on down today I want to apply to your house I want to break bread with you I want to fellowship with you the Holy Spirit seeks to abide in how many souls all each soul if it is welcomed as an honored guest those who receive it will be made complete in Christ Jesus said here I am I stand at the door and knock right now if you're sitting there as you're listening to my voice wherever you are if you hear my voice Jesus said and opened the door there's the key we've got to open the door you notice on that on that painting there is no doorknob on the outside the door knob is inside my heart your member part of my testimony my suddenly plugged in that DVD and I begin let's let preachers that I piled up so much garbage in front of my door even when God called I couldn't get to the door to answer but that's not totally true because we can always get to the door to answer because God will give us the strength the moment that paralytic laying there are a couple of Bethesda he couldn't do anything on his own and Jesus said take up your bed and walk and immediately the electricity from God shot through that body and every muscle in fiber that being responded and he jumped up and praising God alleluia him all shouting in praising the God brothers and sister God will give you the strength of you want to respond to give you the power to respond the demoniac there he couldn't even speak the words he was so demon possessed he couldn't say the words at all but Jesus ran his heart demons get out of him and in the next moment that dim oh yeah could been cutting himself with knives and piercing himself and breaking every piece of bombings they ever tried to attach to them is sitting at the feet of Jesus clone and in his right mind he's called with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and he's got the mind of Christ now that's what God wants to do with you and will do a few simply desired response of the Lord please come into my life today every warning reproof entreaty in the work of daughter through his messengers is a knock at the door of the heart guides knocking in your heart right now is the voice of Jesus asking for interests with every knock unheeded however the disposition to open becomes weaker impressions of the Holy Spirit disregarded today will not be as strong tomorrow today if you hear his voice harden not your hearts when God gives you repentance response respond because we do pilot more garbage and more garbage and more garbage and pretty soon the voice can get less and less and less to hear the voice today respond now therefore is the Holy Spirit says today if you hear my voice do not harden your hearts into us Jesus says I am the good shepherd I am the living bread I am the way the truth the life I am the assurance of every promise I am B not a free we live with this is the surety of our deliverance from sin hallelujah hallelujah for ye are the temple of the living God is not assessed I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their God and they shall be my people this check out this partnership before the world was formed you were his eternal purpose he was abiding with Adam and Eve in the garden when they chose separation got implemented the plan to reestablish his abiding presence in the garden Jesus can see past the darkness of death but he couldn't live without us in eternity we will be color regions within we will occupy a higher position than before the fall of the same power that lifted Jesus will lift us his eternal desires to become one with us abiding with us for ever brothers and sisters do you choose today to abide with Jesus it is a choice it is a choice that it's not about doing things it's about a choice setting your priorities setting the writer say God I choose you today what you do that when you choose them right now in a way this is you know you can you can leave this camp meeting at all yeah there may be a little glow you know you get a little excited but then the devil starts throwing things at you the day and year you can go right back into the old things that you don't have to you do not need to because God living in you will give you strength and power to continue in a new direction remember we talked about you cannot stay where you are and go with God God wants it a new life he's going to give you an exciting vibrant new direction in life this morning will you choose God if so let me see your a man and let's have a prayer heavenly father I pray to the Lord that the Lord first of all I've just got to tell you it's so exciting to realize how much you love us in MN were not going to realize that until we get to eternity and then it's good to take a while I think to really sink in Lord please let us today is seen every upraised hand you know the heart of every single person in Lord we desperately need you we desperately need you to abide in us we don't understand at all are characters in our life certainly don't want anything from you while but you you took off all your kingly robes he chose to die for each one of us here all father leaves helpless please live in us abide in us for all eternity thank you give us your power give us your strength give us your Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen


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