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Thinking Vs. Opining and Reacting

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 16, 2011
    4:45 PM
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writing itself for prayer will begin our father in heaven I asked that she would be here is our teacher she would teach us how to think well we can come to the truth and I ask for this in the name of Jesus and when I was a high school senior that I began to test these Bible statements made by Solomon Armey said he said that there is safety and a multitude of counselors is not quite a direct quote but it's the way stuck in my head let's go ahead and look at direct quotes turn in your Bibles to Proverbs Proverbs chapter allotment and looking at verse fourteen scared me Proverbs eleven in verse fourteen it says where no counsel is the people fall but in the multitude of counselors there is safety now turn forward about eight pages to chapter twenty four chapter twenty four number six for by wise counsel you see there were says make more and in multitude of counselors there is safety this was the idea that I was taught so I thought that if I want to know where I should go to college I would just ask a variety of people and in a multitude counselors there would be safety what I found was that the multitude of counselors there was a multitude of counselors and I want to help you understand what I learned in the process of working through that the Bible never said that and a multitude of opinions there is safety there is a difference between an opinion Nader and a counselor and opinion Nader or the word exists or not outside of my speech is someone who will tell you what his or her opinion is a counselor is someone who has access to data either life experience and/or inspired information that can share with you because you did not have access to the same data in their life experience or inspired information and when I come to you as a counselor I'm not really asking you what college I should go to I'm asking you why you think I should go to the schools you think I should go to that is what I want from you is your dioxide not your conclusion this is such an important idea in its fundamental to what were talking about here in the judgment I am going to answer before King Jesus for my own decisions that will never do in the judgment for me to say that I did what you thought I should get on the status again balls when I read Bible commentaries but I'm getting counsel when asking advice when looking for is the data I don't want to know your conclusion maybe I do just as a curiosity it's interesting to me to know what your yes but that's just a curious thing where you got your conclusion was you had data you thought it through and you can do a conclusion what I want to do is get your data and add it to my data the inspiration you're aware of that inspiration unaware of and I need to think it through my South because I'm going to answer for my own self in the judgment the first point in today's lecture is that makes an opinion is different than giving counsel and that if you want safety find a multitude of people who have life experiences and knowledge of inspiration and between than you get enough data in the data will not plan is many directions as their opinions will then you'll have something going there's an article at Bible doc .org a website called how to know God 's will for your life I think that's very interesting topic for you you'd love to read the article that's Bible DOC .org turn in your Bibles to acts twenty one X twenty one thirty six when you read it makes you feel like you're in the end of one of the Gospels but it's just not there asked twenty one verse thirty six for the multitude of the people followed after frying away with him it's Paul they're saying away with I hope when you look at the verse you can just see the very obvious thing that there's not a safety and a multitude of opinions what was the multitude of opinion and you can find that same thing repeated a number of places in Scripture in fact the wise man said simply do not follow a multitude to do evil that being said let's move to point to thinking versus reacting if white wine it was thinking versus opining that is learning how to evaluate data instead of just concluding or taking some analysis conclusion the second part is thinking versus reacting and I'll illustrate what reacting as by a number of reactions many people try to arrive at the truest art to correct lifestyle by balance that is their spiritual life is one of avoiding extremes and so they want to be in the middle-of-the-road what they don't understand is that this is reacting and it makes it pretty easy for the devil to manipulate them if he wants them to move a little bit to the rights he just brings into their realm of weird right wing fanatic that makes them feel a little left of center and if he wants to move under the last he just brings in such a wild liberal person that they feel like they're a little bit right and this business of trying to stay in the middle is a reactionary way of thinking it really isn't databased as not to do the work database mind you not nothing to do but we want to be thinking Amy doesn't have to listen to me Eric I am just not on that level you him him this I mean of course that you are the parent and I'm not so I let me say the stock again reactionary thinking includes this business of trying to be balanced and trying to be balanced what you're really doing is reacting to whatever atmosphere in Southern California reactionary balance will put you quite a bit further laugh than that very same type of thinking will put you if you're in Connecticut quite a bit but neither one is based on simply what God says and that's what you want your real likely based on is what God says which is much easier to read than people another type of reaction you might call it truth by attraction flight arriving at the truth by knowing someone who is such a spiritual man may think of some of the heroes of the faith right now maybe Stephen for he spoken here at Western news conference before net rhymes born before crimes I know some people that just think that he is the super coolest preacher and for all I know their rights because I've never heard him speak except for here some people really like Mark Finley and others really like the bachelor and and on the content virally likes it's not relevant to this kind of talk but this idea at arriving at truth by a traction is not a safe place here at the Bible says curse is the man the trust is then men and maketh flesh his arm when I say it's not safe to follow a man this way I'm not saying anything negative about the man I'm not it's not safe for you to follow me that way and I'm not saying anything negative about me submitted about me run under that button the Bible says curses amend the trust of the narrow neck of flushes are speaking about a very general and generic thing that the problem is that at some point in my life I begin to cherish a sin your retarded the very beginning of the first lecture here about the connection between error and that like falsehood and sin are false understanding and send a finding in the cherished essay on it might not show while on my outside it all Jesus said about the Pharisees that outwardly you appear righteous on demand I think for my rebounds my sense of rad that the Pharisees were probably fairly charismatic born nice polite people generally knows only when you compliment the wrong time on the wrong issue that their harshness would show up been around Jesus tend to bring out the worst in them but I so I use a name of a fake preachers I have to like illustrate this by predicting the fall of someone else suppose that there is a super godly man you know Joe blow Joe blow is your favorite preacher but if your opinion of stains is what it is because when Joe blow says that you believe what Joe blow says you have just cursed Joe blow what I mean is the devil 's seizure devotion and he knows now there's no need to have demons both on you in Joe's case he can just take your demons and just put them straight on job I don't have any insights now the double work so you can take this to search the website I have read it playing you know what frightens the devil watches for this kind of relationship he watches to see who people rely on and then he bends all his powers to try to overthrow them and that the net effect of this is that people who been very useful in God 's cause often have a higher incidence of overthrow it and in the average person IQ judgment of history and one of the strangest things is that when you go to the year eighteen eighty eight and you look there at the people that run God side of the issue and were opposing got to the issue on God 's side were Doctor Kellogg eighteen J H E Jones for other Wagner and a few others and on same side word George Butler AJ Daniels you're right is seen that and a few others fast-forward only thirteen years and all six of those positions are reversed that's something and I can just see back there are people who had their favorite creatures that would reject the eighteen eighty eight message because your Reisman was their favorite preacher but then they recruit only said about Jones and he become the fair creature in the nano project and only told because Aji Jones did it never would work but if someone would learn how to think instead of being reactionary and are thinking they could have followed they could abound both sides the ricin issue that both periods is raining for not to have a reactionary religion then there is what you might call the truth by repulsion I'm speaking here about false ways that people think they'll really are we thinking well but has to know when Satan brings up a weird strange person into your life and then has them tell you the truth it's a common trick the devil I've seen him do it best you can do it and families I'm thinking right now about a man I know who he is all just call it rates his own that Doctor year after year after year Intel she was seventeen years old he was teaching conservative spiritual values to her and two other people you know the devil 's plan for deceiving that girl in her mind can be very hard to disassociate the truth that her dad said from the wickedness her dad was I don't think you have quite her tragedy but you could follow the very same be victim of the same kind of this logic that is just because someone is wicked or weird doesn't mean that everything they say is false the Pope himself often says true things I've seen someone who was anti- Trinitarian using is one of their arguments the fact that the Catholic Church says that their kitchen about the Godhead is the foundation of everything they teach that's reactionary it doesn't mean anything if the Catholic Church says they base everything they teach up on the fact that Jesus was divine it doesn't mean anything I can't conclude truth and the basis of how good or weird or wicked someone is the teachers it does make simple since you which is all the reason why I have to study for ourselves there are some that try to arrive at the right position in life and they would never worded this way on the call it truth by revenge they wouldn't NATO's think about it this way but what happens is someone tries to force them to do right and every act to the force by doing wrong think it through that trick the devil it's a revenge that is entirely misdirected why will you be mean the Lord Jesus just because someone that will didn't pay any attention to what he had to say was mean to you if the Bible has authorized anyone to be to use compulsion then why would you take revenge on the Bible when someone dots it would be is if I hit you an outer revenge you hit your mother it just doesn't make any sense at all but it's very common of the devil to try to lead youth to go the wrong way by pushing them the right way with a lot of force and are not really trying to lecture anyone about how to encourage youth to go the right way but maybe together something from this lecture on this point that's not really my topic Lansing as if you are the one is being pushed your to have to do some work to think well because you don't want to be a reactor you want to be a thinker and your gut your gut inclination to react to that force or compulsion makes it less likely that you'll arrive on the truth than if you did otherwise a much more common thing for adults you might call it truth by expert opinion that is I believe it's because the foremost authority on the topic says so mentally a famous example of this that happened here in California it was a man always name is just escaped me when you know he's got already he really he helped write a large part of the commentary series the Sundance Bible commentary including the part on Daniel yes thank you now he is the one and when he was writing the part on Daniel this is his own testimonies written out she had a hard time finding the internal justification the passage for the way we interpret Daniel eight fourteen and so he wrote to that presidents and the head of the theology department she says in each one of our colleges they asked them if they could be found in an exegetical basis our understanding of Daniel eight fourteen and if we can believe what he says they wrote back and said they can't and that for him was the beginning of a journey that led him to write a paper called some like this the investigative judgment asset or liability but you handled the ghastly 's conclusion was it was liability what was one fault and that our brothers thinking it was reactionary it was assuming that those with expert opinion are closer to the truth than others when the Bible said in Daniel twelve ten none of the wicked will understand it doesn't matter how long it would commence studies is not going to understand of course that doesn't mean he's not report anything or they will understand the languages won't be fluent in them but something is endemic and act on the trues are most relevant according to the general twelve ten you can check expert to a real hollow plainness expert opinion then run a look at the Bible says about in the minute but a hollow point right off is that anyone who knows much about expert opinion knows the experts disagree with each other it makes me feel kind of funny when I find someone with a funny idea and as part of their baggage of proving that they say and so on so with a PhD from so-and-so or social place also believes this way as if someone intelligent believes it must be so when anyone who knows anything about this business knows that PhD 's are just people with associates the kept studying for a long time and they disagree with each other just like we disagree with each other and I did so you can find it is just a very silly thing this this reactionary way of concluding by expert opinion another way people get there you might call it truth by sentiment Malachi talks about this idea when he talks about people who say where's the God of judgment today they sent this way that God is two kinds to and then I was listing so one man who was speaking in Florida I've written a paper about in the names of Eden like that on he called me about it one we withdraw the paper never did withdraw because he didn't withdraw his public teaching on and on but anyway what he was teaching this man in shorts was truth by sentiment he was maybe say something like this democracy 's name is not quoting him I won't get it right so it's better that you not you that way I'm not a misquote right so to say some unknown person would reason like this would you suppose that your son disobeys are you been a torture him for a day would you torture him for a week if your son the surveys you out for a month would you put into the torture for a month if you really disobeyed you badly what this man was saying is the idea that God is not torture people in the lake of fire is obviously not true because God is a God of love but let me tell you the problem with this idea idles his beautiful music all all morning it was just a nice addendum to what we were doing here this is true is by sentiment it's not based on what God says but it's based on what I think God is like the problem with that is I might not be accurate in what I think God is like so my sentiment could perchance lead me astray yeah he retrieved by sentiment never really got people well then there is truth by skepticism we talked about that a couple lectures ago about Peter Abelard I skepticism up I tried to give it proper credits I think it's it's useful in the scientific realm when you're trying to figure out what cancer therapies work by a healthy dose of skepticism will save you perhaps a lot of wasted money energy and time you remember Nelson I had a cancer patient living with me for a while and you'd be amazed at how many ideas came her direction I tried to shield her from and have them come to me first if she had taken every piece of advice that was given her she would not have needed cancer to kill her I was afraid that I set out the most is tentative killed her but I mean a healthy dose of skepticism is worthwhile in this planet where the Bible says let God be true and every man a liar the Bible has not given us any reason to expect that there isn't a lot of falsehoods floating around their when you read objections against Ellen White and the Internet I recommend having a healthy dose of skepticism skepticism when it demands proof is not safe for you which I can illustrate this for you suppose you live in eighteen fifty and someone tells you that smoking is bad for your health do you know if in eighteen fifty there is some evidence that that's true there's evidence that people do smoke call more than people that don't and if you did some studies you find the people that smoke that they're not living as long as people that don't and there are people that suspect that smoking is bad for you but are also professionals expert opinion spectrum think smoking is probably good for coughs and tends to reduce them infect people some doctors are prescribing nicotine I mean they're not nicotine but smoking if you demanded proof in eighteen fifty you would not be able to find it that prevent the cigarettes from killing you the lack of proof does not change the facts and to me this illustrates a lot of things today for example on the issue of music I think that I am not capable of proving to you that much of this soft contemporary music is bad for you but I think I can show you the evidence that leads me to avoid it and I think that in your own heart that you don't demand proof when you think that the danger is high for example when you're in the airport here in Sacramento if the alarm goes off in a voice as there is a bomb threat please proceed quickly to an exit even though you know that only one in a very small number of bomb threats are legitimate you can stand there and say forget it there's probably no bomb where's the proof right even ago why are you walk out even though you know there probably isn't a bomb is because there might be one writes and because your life is very valuable and because of the value of your life you're not willing to take sensible risk unless there is a very good reason I'm trying to illustrate for you why when there is an internal life you ought to be willing to take stands and to move forward based on the weight of evidence even when you can't find proof because if there is good evidence of the Bible 's true in the Bible indicates that there is a life-and-death involved demand proof is really just been very well what's the right word for madness stands in the airport doesn't go outside yet whatever word you want to choose for that kind of thinking she might consider himself to just be a healthy skeptic but his skepticism is not helping them as much as he thinks it is to arrive at the truth it's really showing how little he values his own life this really is a preaching right now because we haven't looked at the Bible hardly at all but were almost done with the list and look at the Bible truth buyer ratio hires and preach on this last week I corrected him as soon as I could get them privately a site he traced that the majority is always wrong this was his way of proving that his position on a certain thing was right because it was the minority position you see that this is reactionary thinking listen that would put you with Lucifer to get it long ago right what percent of the Angels went the wrong way there was one third granted in this world the majority of the whole world are going to go the wrong way that's true but as soon as you limit your field it might not be true for example it might be the majority of the world but is it the majority of the church will maybe does the majority of the church and its mortgage matured the church is the majority of your local congregation well maybe or maybe not but if that it has as of the majority of you and your five Bible study friends well maybe or maybe not but if it as the majority of you and your best friend is you insane by this majority ratio is not the way to get at truth germinate after I think you understand this idea and I know the doubles use that many times that a person will Condit 's preaching some truth plus some weird fanatical ideas and the fact that the majority oppose it the devil urges as evidence that it must be a hot severity of the hollow benefit us look at the Bible turn in your Bibles to Luke eighteen eleven Luke eighteen eleven we want to see someone who tried to arrive at right living by balance Luke eighteen eleven the Pharisee stood and prayed us with himself God I think be that I am not as other men are extortioners unjust adulterers or even as this publican do you see that the Pharisee has a reactionary religion he is trying to define the right physician by contrasting it with the wrong position the course is not his main problem is my problem to do if I understood righteousness but I'm kind illustrates something else and this be my illustration of someone who tries to arrive at right by distancing himself from what he knows is wrong but Jesus said about Pharisees except your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees you shall no case enter into the kingdom of heaven some of these ideas don't need an illustration you can just see them to try to illustrate the Paul Turner bottles to Matthew chapter twenty three Matthew twenty three and verse twenty eight even so you outwardly appear righteous unto men but with in your full of hypocrisy and iniquity Jesus is the one who can say the second thing I should say it's and you shouldn't say it because someone has a moral fall doesn't prove that inwardly that they're full of hypocrisy and iniquity you know it that Mister Drayton now is having a hard time because the fall of two significant men moral faults but I think that there's some evidence that at least one of them isn't a hypocrite that you don't know anything about the other so might be the case in both a moral fall is evidence of a great weakness and it's a terrible thing and really it does show that we can't put any more weight or responsibility on that person this is hard for some to the Bible it's true if you get into real fanaticism for example and then you get out to vent we should never put she was a teacher of the people even though you're out you've shown that your judgment is not reliable in this case shown that your moral position is not reliable it doesn't mean that you won't be a fanatic again are that you're going to fall again that means the church has to act statistically and it should not take such a risk as to rest the well-being of those under its charge under you and if you are sensible and humble you will accept that responsibility and recognize that you are no longer fit for these kind of positions that's a tough one to swallow the verse are not yet we did not strike you appear outwardly righteous and the men this is white shirts by attraction is not sensible it's because it's really true on both sides not only duplicate men sometimes look right but sometimes righteous man look so wrong I'm thinking right now of James White and Martin Luther who went sometimes they were opposing error seemed and him and Melissa 's humor Moses made them drink the gold care yeah these men sometimes an opposing error seems to go a bit far and only describes how people thought Moses had a very mean spirit and they liked Erin much better thought he had more social grace that God excused Moses is actions because of his zeal for his glory and that's why this truth by attraction thing and truth by repulsion neither one works we might be repulsed from those our right to attract those Iran really do have to go to truth by what God says it's the only thing that's reliable and anything we talked about so far truth by what God says is it on the truth by repulsion I had two passages here one was asked to fifteen where they thought that the apostle from the other was Luke fifteen where they accuse Jesus of being a drunkard you know what they really do not like about Jesus in Luke fifteen is that he ate with sinners and different down the truth by repulsion that is the reactionary way of arriving at truth was if a man does they see can be right but if there gone to what the Bible says they would have been thinking no more sensible way would've not been further along that almost deserves a know the right word almost I should say more than that because can we evaluate people on the basis of their fruits it's kind of a funny thing if I see you an open sin I can conclude that you are not a reliable teacher and if I see you openly opposing the truth for this time I conclude that there's something that's not working well inside of you but neither of those conclusions helps me know what is true they only help me know who is not reliable and how do I arrive at what is true that's right here Micah six verse three Micah six Zephaniah Hagy is not maybe before that was a agile interest of a diet Jonah Micah the real when I was in elementary school they had to memorize the books of the Bible and I got a Bible as a reward for that is when the most useful things anyone ever did for me as a young first found out I just recommend that you make young people do that Mike I chapter six in verse three all my people what have I done unto the end wherein have I wearied the testify against me I'm speaking here about truth by revenge God doesn't say why have my people done wrong to you what have the pastors done wrong to you what have what has life done wrong to you when we take revenge on God by resisting him based on what others have donned whether the forceful teachers or parents or people trying to share with us are reactionary way of thinking blinds us to the data that alone could help us know what's true it's often true that very obnoxious people find it a outlet hats by trying to compel others to accept the troops this is what people don't like Jehovah's Witnesses because they been trained how to be moderately of noxious and advised that method that they use many people conclude that the show 's witnesses are wrong but they are thinking well and when later in life you earnestly plead with them to accept the truth they may conclude that you're wrong to on the same basis but what is the Lord Jesus say he says what have I done to you where have I wearied you the truth as he has done all things well and there's no good reason for us not to follow him Malachi chapter two and verse seventeen Malachi two and verse seventeen you have wearied the Lord with your words yet you say wherein have we wearied him when you say everyone to do with evil is good in the sight of the Lord and he delighted in them or when you say where is the God of judgment this is truth by sentimentality it is the idea I've heard this hundreds of times I'm sure you've heard it where someone has died and someone says he was a good man though there is no evidence that he was conscientious or some acid question that is on the line of how can God condemn someone who is as good as that person I suppose if we could go back in time to the beginning of the rebellion of Lucifer that she would find him at the beginning of his rebellion to be a very nice guy it takes a while for center corrupts that character takes a while for it to turn their selflessness into selfishness and the truth is that at the beginning or even was a time when Satan bowed down with the other worshipers in his heart thrilled with love for God Redman talking about that happens to Lucifer but he wasn't a good person she wasn't there was corruption that you could not see this because you couldn't see yet that it was so dangerous to truth by sentiment by figuring that God will not destroy or will not jog is just it's missing the data that shows why God has to destroy even that evil that never showed up so that those were faithful can live in everlasting sunless existence first Samuel sixteen such an interesting story second Samuel second Samuel sixteen this is the story of the rebellion of Absalom and that story you could preach on it for a long time in fact takes up a big part of the Bible of humor that but it's chapters long enough and adjust the rebellion would mean from that achieved by experience all the way to the resolution with the depth summary of David's children but here sex Samuel sixteen and were looking at verse twenty three and the Council of a SSL which he counseled in those days was as if a man had inquired at the oracle of God so was all the Council to hit the fell both with David Allen with Absalom what an interesting man what an interesting verse ahead of the fell was a wise counselor this is if he was connected to hit the front of the right direction in this issue he went the wrong direction like to see some interesting look at chapter seventeen chapter seventeen in verse fourteen and absolutely all the men of Israel said the Council of who shied our kite is better than the counsel of McAfee fell of this is interesting because the truth as they hit that those Council was better in a worldly sense that is there was more worldly wisdom minute and who Shive is just trying to deceive them really he wasn't even trying to give them good counsel but if you wish I succeeded in deceiving them he did not listen to what he says for the Lord had appointed to diff feeds the good counsel of a Heather fell good there doesn't mean whole week as it was very wicked with NFL suggested the good counsel of the hit the fell to the intent that the Lord might bring evil upon Absalom the Bible talks about how God I think I've never verse for this initiative is looking for drama conclusion I must to put it right can't see it but this is what it says in Isaiah that God is intending to to African the right words I hate paraphrasing the Bible saw just majorly summarize it it's in God 's intention to make the wisdom of the world look foolish souls like what you see in first Corinthians one sits a very similar idea processor that the world by wisdom knew not God and this was God send God 's intention is to humble us when we depended on the experts by making the experts backed foolishly and was so interested in the story is that Absalom had good expert advice and didn't believe it because God did not intend the blast apps along with good expert understanding I guess I can learn from this passage how little weight to put on expert advice that first of all some experts are DVS wasn't who shine experts also some experts are DVS and others are wicked and I might be in line for delusion because of the slowness to the God sends them strong delusion that they might have a liar and I believe a lie because I had pleasure in unrighteousness what's it say I think when picking up is what sets it is written that is that once it's misquoting from exactly that same idea that said God 's intention is to make those who are very wise and not being very wise looking at all John twenty twenty five this is a good example of where you end up if you want to get at truth by proof that sounds like truth for youth but it should be associated with it John twenty verse twenty five the other disciples therefore said to him we have seen the Lord but he said unto them except ice shall see his hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my hand into his side I will not believe when you know the story ends up okay for Thomas I'm happy for that because God is very kind to people who don't think well I seen people who demand proof sometimes God has given them more than I thought he would assume people who are very sentimental and the weather things in the gut is given the more sentimental reasons and I would imagine he would sometimes people who've relied on expert Scott is brought up an excellent expert information I mean God is kind of people but our chance of arriving at truth is much better if we learn the right way to do it in the case of Thomas Jesus said go ahead and trust in your hand and feel the palm of my hand and he said Blessed are you this is me not blessed are you blessed are those that believe who don't see that as Jesus saying that this idea of demanding proof isn't a blessed idea it's not safe and the devil may convince you that even what is overwhelming evidence is not even evidence at all I think right now the creation evolution debate I think I've seen enough evidence to say that it doesn't require faith for me to believe in creation the evidence is compelling but I can easily imagine a student who has been exposed limit and exposed to not understanding a lot of things going like that there is no proof at all and a lot of evidence on the other side in this you understand one more passage that will review and close look at second Chronicles twenty nine and verse thirty six two very encouraging passage and I think about the future of the Adventist church second Chronicles chapter twenty nine in verse thirty six and Hezekiah rejoiced and all the people that God had prepared the people for the same was done suddenly to see the beauty in the passage this was a revival under Hezekiah but if it really began under Hezekiah by Hezekiah it would have been taken a long time to perfect that the church and to change the nation but why was it that that revival was able to go forth suddenly what to say in the passage hadn't got been working already God had prepared the people when I look at the Reformation I see evidence for example how's this for fascinating Tyndale and Martin Luther and your eggs Langley were born within three weeks of each other to or them on the same day and the other one to half weeks later and ended up teaching the same truth based on the same Greek New Testament before they had had interaction with each other what does it tell you that God doesn't require as much time to fix a problem as you might think that if he wants to start a major revival yesterday and he starts it right here and we Morris campus it's not like it has to start here and spread over the world you might find out to the start the same time in five thousand other places God can prepare the people in the thing can be done suddenly do you see the evidence in the end of the chapter that happen the time of Hezekiah they can happen in our time and to me it's good evidence that you should have the reactionary thinking that the majority is always wrong because there can come a time when Gus prepared the people in the right venue in the right place the majority could even do the right thing and that's what happens right here in this story so it's much easier to summarize us a lecture than it is to say it this summer the whole thing is the word of God is the only sure source of truth it's the only thing is the only reliable thing if I want to learn how to think wow what on a have to do is gather as much data as I can from inspired sources and if it has to do with how to layout I might include a wife experience from you you might tell me something about how to cook and I won't find anything about it in the Bible that a legitimate source of truth life experience it is but I want to be sure that my thinking is not reactionary because as soon as my thinking is reactionary instead of databased it becomes easy for the devil to manipulate me by bringing in a mean person that tells me the truth or a corrupt man that tells me alive it looks righteous by now that I need to go through the holistic the devil has so many tricks I'm glad we don't have to memorize all the tricks to be stable rights are we have to learn is that there's only one reliable source that we learn what the right source is will begin to see airwaves of the fog of sent mental conclusions and that attraction conclusions repulsion conclusions whether people are demanding proof and they have plenty of evidence whether they're going to suffer shallow as a ratio we can just easily reveal to them that your source authority isn't what you think your opinion isn't based on anything solid and it needs to be if it's going to be reliable in the snow for closing our father in heaven I thank you for giving us the holy Bible I'm sorry that we have been so easy easily deceived and duped and misled and I asked you would teach us how to take our our reliance off of expert command and holy men and favorite man in the put it on something that really has reliability your word comparison now for the coming blessings of this weekend I ask for your spirit of Jesus this media was brought by hot electronics a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more if you would like to know more about this if you like the more certain and www. dawn on universe .org


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