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The Character of God - Part 1

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker




  • June 16, 2011
    4:45 PM
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your father in heaven father we pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us Lord please give me the strength to strength in my voice this is my fifth talk today and I'm a little bit worn out let's pray the judges give me energy and help me to share what I know about the subject and in the simple and clear way please bless us now we pray in Jesus name I also don't have any slides from my computer to go along with this topic so it's just me and my Bible all right Revelation chapter fourteen let's look at verse one verse one says I looked in low a Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him a hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written where written in their forecasts right now this is a prophecy about the hundred forty four thousand it's a prophecy about God 's final people that are prepared before the second coming they go through the seven last plagues they have the seal of God and therefore heads and the have the father 's name written in their four hits now I I think he could probably answer this question for me when the Bible talks about the fathers name what is that talking about what is his name does it mean just you know proper pronunciation right name is character and I'll show you a verse on this and in a little while that proves this that when the Bible talks about the name of God it is specifically talking about his character and when this verse as the hundred and forty four thousand have his father 's name the father of Jesus his name written in therefore heads basically it means that the character of God has been written in their minds can't character has become part of their characters that's what the fort had a representative doesn't mean your skin and means your mind and nature heart and that means that what God is like is now woven into what you are like and God 's ultimate goal is to accomplish this if organ and be prepared for heavenward revelation fourteen one for those who just came in according to be prepared for heaven God 's ultimate goal is to have us reflect his character to reveal his character through us now first we got to see his character we have to discern what his characters like and then it can then be written in our four hits if you are the devil and if you knew that God is trying to develop a final generation of people that are going to reflect the character of God and have the character got written inside the minds and the ones that final generation of people is developed where at the end of the world if you are the devil than what would you be trying to to accomplish what would you be trying to stop the development of the character of God and his people and God 's character can't develop inside of people unless they discern his character and see what his character is like this that make sense and how can we become like something that we don't understand so God in his program is to reveal his character to his people and to have that character written inside of our souls and then to be to have a character revealed through us I think it's a little bit like something my son sent me some time ago here's my I'm a little boy came into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth have my pajamas a little boy ran in any Saudi brushing his teeth and he looked at me and he gave me the the greatest compliment that I think a father can ever receive from his son eliminated daddy I want to be just like you that's what he said just that really cash my heart my thought well praise God my little boy wants to be like me and then right as I thought about that my mind thought about about God and I thought Lord help me to be like you because of my son wants to be like me Lord I need to be like you so that what he becomes life is good and that's really what our heavenly father wants he wants us to look to him as a father I want to be like you I want to be like my father in heaven I want to be like Jesus and the issue of the great controversy that at the heart of the issue is the character of God God made us in the Bible it says in Genesis one he made us in his image he made us to see and review and reflect his character and Satan has been attacking that that purpose ever since the beginning and he wants to prevent the hundred and forty four thousand from having the restored character of God in therefore heads in their hearts here's a statement from the great controversy page five sixty nine one sentence as it has burned into me this one line it says it is Satan 's constant efforts things what constant efforts now doesn't just say it's something he's trying to do but it says it's something he trying he's trying to do all the time his constant effort is listened to this to miss represent the character of God the nature of sin and the real issues at stake in the great controversy and its power that's what Satan is constantly trying to do misrepresent God 's character misrepresented the nature of sin and misrepresent the real issues because he does not want us to understand those real issues now one of the ways are probably the main way that Satan seeks to misrepresent the character is God the character of God is by leaving us into extremes leading us into imbalances concerning who the Lord it really is it reminds me of a little article I read some time ago I don't know if any of you ever been on a cruise but this was an article about exclusive ship that sank in a sink often people go on cruises Sanda now they hope it's good to be a good vacation but this particular cruise ships sank this came out of the Fresno bee in two thousand seven a few years ago and it happened in Athens Greece or least off the coast of Greece it says here Chris Captains Captain blames currents accrue ship captain indicated I don't know in guided on negligence charges after his vessel foundered on a volcanic reef and sank in the Aegean Sea blame the strong currents for the accident and I was impressed by that fifteen hundred people approximately were on board there were just two people that were missing they found everybody else are guided by the else off the ship and I don't know what happened to those that two French tourists who showed up as signified about that I thought the reason why that ship sank was because of strong currents current that moved that ship toward the reef and as I think about the subject I'm convinced that there are strong currents that are moving in this world and some of them are moving in our church and those currents are moving to to lead us to extremes or two and an unbalanced view of the character of God that's what the devil is trying to accomplish and we need to beware of those currents are probably the classic biblical description of the character of God and the balanced view is in the book of Exodus chapter thirty four let's go to Exodus thirty four and let me clarify some things here that in this chapter thirty four what happens is God describes his character in the ten Commandments god it wrote down with his own finger the principles of his character when Jesus was here two thousand years ago Jesus on earth who live the life of that character so that we could see it in action inhumanity did you get that Exodus thirty four is a description the ten Commandments God wrote it and then when Jesus came he lived and all of those revelations are in harmony the character of the God described the character that he wrote with his own finger on stone and the character that Jesus lived when he was here the revelation of his character of love all of these revelations great with each other their harmonious now in Exodus thirty four what happens is that Moses is up on Mount Sinai God instructed him that he was going to reveal his character to him he was good to show him his glory so inverse for Exodus thirty four Moses cut out two tables of stone like the first ones which he had broken and then he rose up early in the morning he hiked up Mount Sinai as the Lord had commanded him and he took in his hands the two tables of stone and in verse five it's the Bible says that the Lord and then descended in a cloud and he stood with him there and what did he proclaim it says the Lord he proclaimed the name of the Lord see that we just read Eckhart revelation fourteen one the talks about the hundred and forty four thousand having the father 's name written and therefore and this is a great verse to prove that name represents character because here we have God coming down on Mount Sinai to proclaim his name and then what he does is he proclaims his character and goes on in verse six hundred says the Lord passed by before Moses Moses was actually hiding in the cleft of the rock God put him in this book left in chapter thirty three verse twenty two it says that I will put you in a cleft of the rock and I will pass I will cover you with my hand while I pass by in a newly revealed my glory to you which is his character exodus thirty four percent says the Lord passed by before him and he proclaimed severities proclaiming his name which is what verse five says he would proclaim the name of the Lord and verse six says the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed so we know that his name is what he is about to proclaim and what he proclaims is his character verse six says the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression sent and that will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children to the third and the fourth generation and Moses made haste and he bowed his head toward the earth and what did you do he worshiped now as Moses was worshiping God the me ask you do you think he was worshiping the true God or was he worshiping a false God the true God then when he worshiped did he have a correct revelation of the character of God before he worshiped yes he did there's no doubt about Moses was there with God himself and God himself was revealing his character to Moses and as you look at verse six and seven in the Bible speaks to your heart basically we can see that God 's character is a bland of various attributes say that it's not just one thing his character is a bland he has different different qualities for a little bit like like I like a good meal if a lady in a makes a good meal many times you add various seasonings you add different angry romance you put them all together and if you combine them right you've got a good meal that right and that's what Exodus is doing it showing us all of the different attributes of God combined together properly in a good spiritual meal you might say and if you look at the different characteristics in verse six it says the first thing he says is that he is merciful he is very merciful and I'm glad for that are you suddenly once that we often complain that we don't get what we want but we should all be thankful that we have not yet received what we deserve and the reason why we haven't is because God is merciful very merciful and he's also gracious he's a gracious God he's long-suffering which means he's patient long-suffering means he doesn't get upset quickly he's very patient he endures a lot it also says that he is abundant in goodness is not just good it is abundant in goodness and intrude he's a God of truth and then it goes on number seven and says that she keeps mercy for thousands and he forgets iniquity transgression and sin so there's a lot of forgiveness in the character of God water mercy in the character of God but then it goes on at the end of verse seven says yet he will also by no means which means definitely not he will not clear the guilty but he will visit and it talks about time his punishment because of iniquity upon the fathers upon the children and the children's children's children to the third and fourth generation now it's obvious when you read these verses and accept them at face value that God 's character is a blend of what we make we might call mercy and then what's on the other side justice right mercy and justice and even though the word love is not used in this verse the New Testament certainly does and it says that God is love God is love so my as I put these verses together I need it impresses me that God 's character is a blend of mercy and justice but that that those attributes are rooted in love is love is the very heart of his character love is at the heart of heart of hearts of God and it motivates everything he does and his mercy is a manifestation of love and his justice is a manifestation of luck and we need to have a correct understanding of God 's character and those attributes all blended together are based in truth as the Bible says at the end of verse six now it's easy to see or hope you can see by looking at these attributes that if the devil is going to try to misrepresent the character of God if he's trying constantly to do that then he would try to get us to go to extremes concerning his character in one way or another there are some people that believe that the Lord is so just that there's not really much mercy in his heart I think that's definitely a current within the world would you say and often within the church lot of justice no mercy and then there is the opposite side of the fence wood is another current strong current where some people feel that God is so merciful that there's very little justice in his character that's another extreme when it comes to justice itself there are extreme us in the evangelical world their view of justice is that God is one of burn people in hell for ever and ever and ever and ever had very clear to us that that is an extreme view of justice would music God is good to torture people throughout all eternity that's not real justice now that another extreme on the opposite side of the fence concerning justice and this current is within Adventism not just done in our church but it's in other churches as well and that view of justice says basically that God really doesn't punish Sentinel some see his justice in a perverse way that he burns people forever and others go to the other side and say he doesn't have any justice at all and all of these views of these all of these are misrepresentations of the character of God now let's zero in under seven and let's look at the word visits onto all your Bibles have that word visits there even visiting right he will by no means clear the guilty that he he visits visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children to the third and fourth generation now there is a controversy in our church the character of God controversy about that word about that concept visiting there are three different views that we can choose from on what this means this is clearly talking about the justice of God three views what do it is that God 's justice for his visiting of sin is entirely passive which means that he basically that justice means that God simply allows natural consequences to run their course never heard that the okay and that would be basically like saying a smoker if you smoke long enough you're going to get lung cancer if you read all of the wrong food you're going to flaunt your are you going to get diabetes or you're going to get heart disease because that's just the consequence of about lifestyle that is not healthy and there are those that feel that the justice of God or God 's visitation of sin simply means that he allows the natural consequence of sin to run their course and I call that the passive view of God 's justice now the opposite view about and this is option two was option one option two is what I call the active view of God 's justice and an active you basically says that God himself directly punishes sin he doesn't just allow consequences to run their course you know he actually himself does something about it so that's that that's the active view that's option number two as we consider the meaning of visiting option number three there is a third option can you guess what it is that's it that's right option three is a combination that yes there are times when God 's justice simply allows natural consequences to run their course this is true but they are also times when God chooses in his infinite wisdom and in his sovereignty to directly punish sin option three is that he doesn't bowl sometimes and that both of them are consistent with uses with his overall justice and if they truly are jobs and that they are motivated by his love which motivates everything that he does now my conviction I'll tell you openly my conviction is that option three is correct option three is correct there are plenty of examples in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen White were God certainly does allow natural consequences to run their course no doubt about it and I also believe and I'm in a show you one today forward done that they are also many examples that you just I just can't rationalize away I just can't there just they're just right there there are examples where God himself does actively step in and he does punish sin himself and the issue is if that's true that he does do that sometimes himself the issue is is he just in the doing of it or is he not just in doing it and I believe that he is just in everything that he doubts now let's let's go back to pages in your Bibles to Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus thirty two is really the context of Exodus thirty four remember it says that God told Moses to go up on the mountain and to bring two tables of stone like the first one remember that the first ones he broke and there's a reason why he broke them and after Moses broke them then God called him back up on the mountain to get the tables a second time and that's when he gave a description of his character so the whole context of the second tables the written and the description of his character goes back to chapter thirty two which is an event in Israel's history which has to do with the golden calf and this chapter is extremely revealing about some of these issues of the character of God when you look at it closely let's just stop briefly review this chapter exodus thirty two verse one says when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount and what happened was God called Moses first he spoke the ten Commandments when the Israelites were at the foot of Mount Sinai and then he called Moses to come out and that's when he wrote them down the first time and when Moses went up on top of the mountain the first time he was gone for quite a while he was up there for a long time and says he delayed to come down and so because he was up there for so long the people gathered themselves together to Aaron and God had put Aaron in charge of the arm Moses had put air in charge of the camp and he said you watch the people you're the leader when I'm gone I'm going up there to get the ten Commandments and you're in charge so the people then gathered around Aaron because Moses had been gone for long time and they said to him make us gods which shall go before us for as for this Moses Samantha brought us up out of the land of Egypt we do not know what is become of him now this is interesting it said they set up make us God 's and this is not a secure pressure in a pure pressures bearing their peer pressuring Erin Aaron make us to God and as I look at this verse it just speaks to my heart that is I think about God is a think about worshiping him I want to make sure that I don't make myself God has called us to make a God he's called us to worship him as he is that there's two ways that we can go about trying to worship God or come up with the correct view of the character of God one way is to let God revealed his character to us in the Bible and to receive that revelation and to believe that the other way is for us to try to create in our minds a version of what we would like God to be which really is making our own got and that's not a good good method when you're great God is not calling us to make a God is calling us to worship him and let him show us who he is are you with a big difference and they decided to make a God that they wanted him to be like as he did know what happened Moses and Aaron in verse two air in response what should Aaron have done when the people came and said Aaron Moses 's been gone for a long time we want you to make us a God what should Aaron have done what was at the good he could arrest them to give him time I well I think that's one option but I think that yeah I mean I don't think you know it if Eve came to Adam and said here honey take a bite of this fruit and Adam knew that God had said don't eat that fruit Adam really didn't need to tell Eve let me just give me time to pray about it and then I'll come back and give you my answer he shouldn't you know it Adam should have just told Eve he should've put his arm around her and said honey I love you and I'm not in a divorce you over this but I can't do that I cannot eat that fruit and I think that Aaron mine my opinion is that Aaron I really didn't even need to pray about it he should have just told them firmly that yet absolutely not I'm not going to do this because you don't make a God there is already gone out there we've seen his glory on Mount Sinai heard the thunder we've seen the lightning we felt the earthquake Moses is still out there he's going to come down and like Carey said absolutely not I know I don't think they were eating the man at this time not yet they were not in their in their journeys yet in the wilderness yet they had crossed the Red Sea that's right and God was taking care of them and anyway Aaron needed to be a leader at that point he should have firmly said to them though I'm not even do this just like God 's character is a blend of mercy and justice not wanting Aaron to have that land inside of his own character there's a time to be merciful and a time to be just and Aaron she I'm just sad I can do this the answer is no not in the dealing but he didn't do that he was he was weak and he was yielding he was compromising the waffle that's right and so he told these people he said all right break off your golden earrings which are in the ears of your wives your sons or daughters and bring them to me so the people broke off the golden earrings which were in their ears they brought them to Erin and it says he received them at their hand and he fashioned their gold with the graving tool and a remember this inverse problem to come back to this later it says he made it into a molten calf see that so Aaron is the one that made this cat no doubt about was he used to doing that I don't know why I don't know I do not abet his conscience bothered him all the way but he was too weak to take a stand and so he did it Mavis Golden calf and then he said to the people he said these are your God so Israel which have brought you out of the land of Egypt it says when Aaron saw it he built an altar before and Aaron made a proclamation and he said tomorrow is a feast for the Lord to Galway now is that the real God they were worshiping obviously not know that they had created their own God their own opinions and this was false worship of false Lord feast of the Lord was a false floor they rose up on the morrow early in the morning they offered burnt offerings peace offerings and the people sat down to eat and drink and it says they rose up to play they rose up to play well up on Mount Sinai in verses seven and eight the Lord begins to have a dialogue Moses said he knows exactly what's going on in the camp and they began to have quite a conversation that we don't have time to read all of this because I have this lot I want to cover but finally got instructed him to go down and in verse fifteen it says Moses turned and he went down from the mountain and he's carrying the two tables of stone and as he's on the way down the mountain he then meets Joshua who had been waiting for him he left Joshua Babel went up together we left him somewhere and now he needs them on the way down and in verse seventeen it's as when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted they got closer to the camp and I'll said he heard all the shouting going on and he said to Moses this is the noise of war in the camp are our enemies are invading us there's a battle going on that Moses knew that was not the situation verse eighteen says he said it is not the voice of Dennis Shaffer mastery neither is it the voice of been the cry for being overcome but it is the noise of the net saying do I hear anything the pass as soon as he came near to the camp Moses looked and he saw the calf saw the dancing and it says Moses anger waxed hot and he took those two tables out of his hand and he brought them beneath the mountain now I would assume that there was some really good acoustics out there in the desert and when they were having this big party dancing around the calf getting naked or whatever they were doing all of a sudden they heard the crash and then they turned and they looked and they realized Moses had returned the one that they thought was never to come back here he is and he's now he's now standing there and if they look at his face in a what do you think they saw his face of the Bible says that his anger waxed hot he was very intense now if you think about Aaron who was very liable and gentle and he said okay let's do it let's build the calf anything about Moses whose anger waxes hot and who breaks the ten Commandments right there the one at the foot of the mountain which one end of those two men at that moment is revealing more accurately the character of God was an errand or was it Moses it was Moses the threat yes that's true his face was illuminated because of being with Jesus and I don't think that his anger was was hatred for the people that it was a very intense anger that was motivated by an intense love and he was just very very he was outraged that these people would do this and make a god out of out of gold your insect okay that's right that's right Moses wanted to be blotted out himself so here's his anger was definitely real but it was not isolated from his left there was over there was a lot of underneath the anger and he was willing he wanted to be blotted out himself now let's keep going it says in verse twenty that he took the calf which they had me and then he burned in fire and he grounded to powder and he put it in water and then he made the children of Israel drink it to try to show them this is not God you can't drink God and then in verse twenty one says Moses said to Aaron he said what did this people do to you so that you have brought such a great sin upon you done a terrible thing Aaron in allowing this to happen and in building beside this calf and Aaron said to him but not the anger of my lord wax hot you know the people there said on mischief they said to me make us gods which are go before us for as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt we do not know what has become of him and I said to them whoever has any gold let them break it off so they gave it to me and then I cast into the fire and there came out this cat that's right as we are just resting we inverse off for that Aaron is the one that made now this tells me a little more about Aaron 's character not only was he we and any yielding and compromising with the shipment and that now she she rationalizes away what he did and he even lives even like jet black like we all do any justice impresses me that what Aaron should have done is he should've just the knowledge that he had done wrong and said I did it I'm sorry I never should've done and if we if we discover from reading our Bibles that we made a mistake about the character of God how should we relate to that mistake should we lie should we justify ourselves should we know creates an image of God that isn't the real God or should we acknowledge that we made a mistake and confess our sin and ask God to forgive us that's what we should do and that's what Aaron should have done but he didn't okay maybe maybe he was maybe he was trying to say I was a supernatural thing that happened but we know that he was he was denying the truth he was denying the truth and verse twenty five says when Moses saw that people were naked for Aaron had made them naked to the shame among their enemies Moses stood in the gate of the camp and this is really important Moses then stood at the gate of the camp and he said who is on the Lord 's side let him come to me and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him now when you read this in patriarchs and prophets the chapter called the Golden calf it got it adds a little more information to this and it says that when Moses said who is on the north side let him come to me the Levites came over to his rights and it also says that those who were repentant they came over to his left now the Levites had nothing to do with the golden calf worship they did not bow down they maintain their loyalty to God and they came on Mimosa 's right they were totally innocent then those that repented and were willing to know confess and acknowledge their sin they went over unto Moses left and Aaron was in that group he finally recognized you know I've done wrong and he was on the left side of that left one group in the middle the loyal moron the rights to repentance were on the left and who does that leave left in the unrepentant that's right those who chose to hold on to their sin and they were probably begins to gators of pressuring Aaron in the first place to worship the golden calf now this is a very interesting situation got the loyal on the right you got the repentant on the left and you've got a group in the middle that we use to change they came out of Egypt they were at Mount Sinai they saw the glory of God an amount they heard the thunder they saw the lightning they felt they are quick they heard the voice of God speaking the ten Commandments but in the light of that incredible revelation and the opening of the Red Sea and all the things happen all the place they saw in Egypt they saw the whole thing and after all of that they they refused to be on God 's side in this group of people actually have become very very dangerous they were dangerous to the rest of the camp if I if you just let them go one there can in fact the whole camp and God 's ultimate goal in bringing these people out of Egypt was to then bring this people into the promised land and through this people he was going to come down himself and in the form of a little baby and an adventure living and dying and rising he wanted to open his arms and save as many people as he could all over the world and I plan was to be fulfilled through this people and now you got this middle group who refuses to repent whose have all this light and yet spared their threat there like a cancer cell in a body and they're threatening to destroy the by so the question is how is a loving God going to relate to this middle group now he has a number of options one option is just to let them run their course no leave it in the desert will just take the rest of the people on the right people on the left and will just go one and leave you here to fend for yourselves just let you know the natural consequences run their course that was one option right but he had another option and the other option was to to intervene and act directly injustice through the Levites against this middle group and that is what he chose to do he chose to do option be in so look at the verse verse twenty seven Moses said to the to the Levites thus says the Lord God I was Moses Wright wasn't really the Lord that was leaving him yes it was when you repair trucks and profits it was definitely God who was leading Moses thus says the Lord God of Israel put every man his sword by his side to the Levites go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp and slay every man his brother and every man his companion and every man his neighbor and it says the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses and there fell of the people that pay about three thousand men three thousand people died and they did not dive natural consequence no doubt about it wasn't like smoking Rentz court may not like God specifically instructed Moses to instruct the Levites to go and to do an act of injustice now when you read about this in team projects and profits listen to this this is her Ellen White's description of what we just read page three twenty four those who perform this terrible work of judgment were acting by divine fourteen executing the sentence of the King of heaven men are to be warehouse in their human blindness they judge and condemn their fellow men but when God commands them to execute his sentence upon iniquity he is to be open those who prefer or this painful act was not a fun act wasn't pleasant it was painful for them but they didn't investment and thus manifested their outpourings of rebellion and idolatry in the consecrated themselves more fully to the service of the true God this is the service of the true God there worshiping and honoring and serving the Levites and it says that the Lord honored their faithfulness by bestowing special distinction upon the tribe of Levi God took the Levites and he then left them and he put them in charge of his Temple because they were faithful in carrying out his justice against this middle group of people now if you have if you have some kind of the disease have ever heard of flesh eating disease I know a man that that was at Loma Linda recently and David fought for his life because he had infection and he got this flesh eating disease and it was working its way into different parts of his body and almost doubles lost but that the doctors there an online prayer going up for this guy I was reading about on the on the e-mails that I was getting about this man that finally that they be needed and he survived but if you thought if you got a flesh eating disease is coming up your leg or gangrene or some like that and they can't stop it and if physician decides to put the knife in the cut off your leg above the knee is that is that a cruel thing for him to do or is that a merciful thing it's a merciful thing right now somebody who doesn't know what's going on might be looking off in the distance and they see a man a physician with a knife cutting off someone's leg and him I think my in a what a cruel thing you're doing look at this man he's he's he's using almost committing her cutting off someone's leg and then my name I think that's not a reflection of God 's character at all but when you're right there on the scene and you know what's happening you realize that the physician doing what he has to do amputated leg is doing it because it's got to be done it's a merciful thing to do to take out that led right and that's what's going on here it's very clear from this statement and here's another statement that you keep reading this is page three twenty five and three twenty six Ellen White says it was necessary that this sin should be punished as a testimony to the surrounding nations of God 's displeasure against idolatry love no less than justice demanded that this therefore the sin and judgment should be inflicted it was the mercy of God that thousands should suffer to prevent the necessity of visiting judgments upon millions to that he was protecting millions by sacrificing thousands and this was mercy she says in order to save the many he must punish you it was necessary for the good of Israel and and also as a lesson to all succeeding generations that this crime should be properly punished it was in love to the world in love to Israel and even to the transgressors that this crime was punished with its swift and terrible severity now in this case this was a manifestation of the justice of God let me ask you with his passive justice or active just after there's no there's no doubt about it and she is very careful to explain that underneath that active justice was a heart it was motivated by love and it did something I had to be done it was unnecessary at some people quote statements of Ellen White where they say God will never use force to command obedience under that statement it is contrary to the character of God and aliens that statement José God God is always passive yet he's never active shall never never judge or use force in any way and my response to that is when you have when you read the whole statement carefully it says that it's talking about how he will never use force to force will be to compel obedience he will never do that but he will use force sometimes to put down a rebellion and there's a difference between he did not use force to get that middle group to obey him he would never do that but he did use force to put down the rebellion in an emergency because it was necessary and it had to be done and it was his love that motivated him to do it are you with me that's exactly what she says not limited to some finesse before we go to a couple more verses in Hebrews were in the think pretty much finish this up Hebrews one in the time of Noah when Noah was preaching at you know what one of the main arguments of the philosophers of no was day one of their main arguments to convince them to convince the masses that they didn't need to get in your hotel you what it was this is Paychex and Prophets page ninety five it says as soon became more general it appeared less and less sinful person became general it appeared less and less sinful and they finally declared these are the philosophers that the divine law was not longer in force and that it was contrary to the character of God to punish transgression this is Pedro 's province page ninety five this was their argument they said God 's not like that it's contrary to his character to directly send a flood he won't do it and that was the delusion that kept them outside of the arc to me that's not quite enlightening Hebrews chapter one verse eight nine this verse is amazing and let me ask you question why you're turning to disperse and you I want you to answer it out loud just answering your heart this Jesus Christ have any hatred in his heart out don't say it out loud think about this Jesus Christ have any hatred in his heart if you answered no you're wrong you're wrong if you answered no you're wrong and I'll prove that from the Bible Hebrews chapter one verse eight is talking about the sun to the son the father said your throne of God is forever and ever a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom verse nine father talking about the sun and he says you have you have loved developers is to this Jesus have love in his heart definitely and it says here that he has loved righteousness and what that next word hated he has hated now what is that he hates me hates up in my Bible says iniquity of your bottles of lawlessness is right he hates lawlessness when you read the book desire of ages which I read was change my life many years ago at all about Jesus will follow back is his mercy the whole book is about the life of Christ and the revelation of his character and it says in that book that Jesus never seen anything except for one thing except for one thing it says he handed me and heard the expression you he hates the sin but he loves the sinner had heard that it's true Jesus loves the sinner but hate and this verse Hebrews one verse nine says that he hates iniquity he hates and they'll let me ask another question how much does he hates it I don't know if we can answer that question the question why does he hates it it that's right that's right that's right he loves you so much that he hates the sin that would separate you from him for ever that makes it I love my my family my little boy my little girl my wife I love my my both my wife and I both love our children so much we do anything for our kids and I can tell you that if I knew that there was something out there whatever it is that was so destructive that it would destroy my boy and it would separate my boy from me or my daughter from me forever I tell you they would be in hatred in my heart for that thing they really would you really would not let me ask close this with a quotation actually I'm sorry there's one of the verse I want us to look at Revelation chapter six and this is all part of the character of God this is all part of having his name written in our forecasts and I'm not saying that we should be going around killing people or executing justice and certainly not saying that but we do need to have proper view of the character of God and especially when you're raising kids you don't know what your teenager she don't have children or you're in your twenties but if you have children you have to have your mercy and justice if you can arrange your kids properly you just have to get one when my son does something where that's wrong hee hee suffers for it to get on any one time he came to me and he knew what he did he laid down right in front of Manny was ready for spanking is ready for me to whack and Anahuac and very often and I don't lack in anger and when I get back him I let them know that I love them and I know I let them know why I'm doing this because I care for him and I don't want him to do things that are wrong love justice and mercy have to go together in our characters they have to implement raise children correctly before you have a sanctified Christian life that is developing to be like Jesus we have to have mercy and justice you have to be willing to be just toward sins that you may have in your own life and be willing by the grace of God the amount you can't be merciful to that sin is growing in your heart and expect to stay in a relationship with God sin has to go now look at chapter six verse seventeen Texas for sixteen in verses fourteen to seventeen describe the great day of the Lord when the heaven departed send the people cry for the mountains and rocks to fall on them verse sixteen says they sent to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits upon the throne and from the around of the land for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand now there are those in our church that interpret wrath to mean all the time that God simply withdraws his mercy that's their interpretation of breath wrap simply means God just pulls back and passively allows sin to run its course I've been exposed to that idea for many years and to be honest with you I don't buy I don't buy that this is a very interesting phrase wrath of the Lamb it's only used one time in the Bible which is in this verse and never find another verse from Genesis to Revelation that mentions around the land and it seems like a contradiction doesn't when you think of a landmark what you think of you think of gentle mercy kind gracious living and Iraq so how do you fit around with land here you've got a wrathful lamb as of this verse is talking about a wrathful lamb and that is obviously true it's Jesus right so this verse that people are exposed to the wrath of Jesus Christ when he comes so what does this mean how do we understand this I'm convinced that the best way to understand it is to let God teach us what it means instead of trying to make our own God and decide what we think it means and we had a statement in the writings of Ellen White where she specifically and clearly and exactly tells us what it means would you like me to really that statement this is from desire majors page eight hundred and twenty five and this is what it says listen to this closely it says the mind that love has been stirred to its unfathomable gaps for the sake of man and angels marvel to behold in the recipients of so great love in near surface gratitude went winning Angels think of of the level of God and the love of Jesus and the sacrifice that he made in Gethsemane and on the cross beams separated from his father crying out my God my God why have you per second meet going to all this anguish taking the sense of the whole world upon himself when the Angels think of that and then they look at human beings who just think all that's nice they are just there shocked the Angels are shocked they marvel at man's shallow appreciation of the love of God and it says had been the stands in the midst to the neglect shown to the souls of men when people say all that's nice but they have no interest in reaching out to those that are lost in trying to help them they just have no interest at all yellow the aggression or go to church praise Lord you know but as far as I ever helping anybody trying to try and influence someone to come to Jesus I'll leave that to the preacher listened to this when we know how Christ regards how does Jesus think about this is how would a father and the mother feel didn't they know that their child was lost in the cold and in the snow and that he had been passed by and left the parish by those who might have saved how I feel if I knew if I went skiing with my son in our text got to be six or seven or eight or nine Statler housekeeper goes on the bunny slope and he got back he got one around few corners and he just was lost from view and I didn't know where he was and some people were on their way up up the ramp you know they're getting ready go up on that the left and assigned their he and he broken his leg and he was in the snow any key he was cold and he couldn't get up and he couldn't reach down and he was crying and he was there any look at this group of people on the way up the left and he said help me help me I broke my leg I'm cold and the snow and I just looked at them they say what you know the powders are really nice right now and and we just don't have time to act to help you know of the ultimate and they just went up on the lift and he slowly you know that colder and colder and colder cold and by the time I find how do you think I can listen when only six however father or mother feel that they know their child was lost in the cold and the snow had been passed by elected by those who might have saved would they not be terribly great and wildly indignant when they not denounce those murderers with the rat as hot as their cheers and has intense as their lot the sufferings of every man are the sufferings of God 's child and those who reach out no helping hand to their perishing fellow human beings provoke his righteous anger this means a rack of lamb she tells us right there on page one twenty five exactly what it is it is a very intense passionate response to evil to hold nice to hardness of heart that is motivated right intense love that is a revelation of the true character we need to understand God as he if we want to be part of a hundred forty four thousand and had the name of God written in our forehands we need to understand God as he reveals himself in the Bible and that God has revealed himself ultimately through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is a is a revelation of God 's love but he's also a revelation of God 's justice and Jesus hates sin with a passion because it is so destructive it has brought horror into his universe and one of these days Jesus Christ himself and get and he's getting anything to be absolutely and perfectly just and doing absolutely perfectly just and acting directly to get rid and I'm totally convinced that that's what the Bible teaches that's what White's writings teach that is a reflection of the character of God and when the devil 's going and when sin is gone and evil is gone and all that's left in this universe is love those that are saved in all of the angels and all of the universe again about down and worship and say shots and true are your waves became a kingdom I want to be there and they don't have from the God help us to understand the character of God as it is revealed in the Bible and to avoid these currents these undercurrents at night and that's that let's not knock us against the reef and lead us to go down with the ship its variance in the spring dear heavenly father father we pray that you will reveal to us your character as described in the Bible help us to understand Aaron did not reveal your character but Moses and Moses Justice was a manifestation of his love which eventually led him to want to be blotted out the book of life rather than see your people your total people your whole group of people the loss help us to understand this more fully as we continue on with this character of God three-part seminar published in your character name of Jesus which will exist anywhere in a a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seminar audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe more so than in www. audio tours .org


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