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The Character of God - Part 2

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker




  • June 17, 2011
    9:45 AM
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your father in heaven father thank you for the chance God again to be here at this conference and to open the Bible and to share these these truths Lord you know probably better than anybody that I'm not worthy in myself to teach your word that Jesus is my righteousness Jesus is worthy and you called me to share these truths all around the world and we pray that you will help us help me help everybody here may the Holy Spirit guide us and instruct us and teach us and may this be your meeting not mine in the name of Jesus we pray amen all right yesterday we talked about the issues that the character of God and the balance that some of the currents that are even within our own church that are looking at the character of God in an extreme way in a way that I believe inside is is unbalanced and actually a perversion of the truth that is described in the Bible that yesterday we look at Exodus thirty four and talk about the description of God 's character that it is a bland of mercy and justice and that really add at the heart of who God is his love the Bible says in first John chapter four that God is love and I stated yesterday that my deepest conviction is that that all of the manifestations of God 's mercy are a manifestation of love there rooted in love with the same thing with justice the manifestations of God 's justice are rooted in his life everything he does is rooted in love and when we deal with these issues of the care God 's mercy is justice how these come together in the plan of salvation there is no place in the Bible that they that these issues become more acute more important for us to understand correctly then in the three Angels messages Revelation chapter fourteen we read yesterday that in verse one talks about how the hundred and forty four thousand are going to have the name of God written and therefore hence which tells us that they are going to have God 's character that is going to be accurately written and reflected in their lives now in the third Angels message Revelation fourteen this is the most solid message in the Bible you got on the screen a picture of the three angels I think we all know this well that the three Angels really represent God 's final message to the work Revelation six and seven as the first Angel revelation for terror chapter fourteen verse six and seven is number one first aid is number two and in verses nine to twelve is number three we know that these messages represent the last message to the world because in chapter fourteen verses fourteen to sixteen we have a picture of the second coming and so the three angels get their messages right before the second coming I've also done a lot of study on this end this is just a separate thought but in revel in Matthew twenty four verse thirty seven Jesus said as it was in no was day that's could be the same it's good to be the same when it comes as Kennedy parallels and when no one built the ark in his day does anybody remember how many stories that are cat you can't delete write three stories three floors it was a three-story arc and Noah called people to come into the three-story arc so they could be protected when the flood came and uses that as it was in those days could be the same again and Revelation fourteen has basically a three-story message I like the three-story arc and God is calling people to come into this message and to understand it in this message really reflects the mercy and justice of God rooted in his in his love now in chapter fourteen verse nine we have the warning of the third angel the last of the three and verse nine says the third angel followed them saying with what kind of the boys with allowed voice write a clear voice aloud doesn't mean that that people are to be shouting it means that the messages could be clear and powerful and penetrating the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worships the beast and his image and receives his his mark no notice where does the Margot it says in his four head or in his hand and then it describes what's can happen to those people we arty read in chapter fourteen verse one hundred forty four thousand have God 's character in there for and therefore his name in fourteen nine it warns about not getting the character of God in your four head and represent it warns about having the mark of the beast in the fourth when you study the four head in Revelation it's used many times and it's for a clear beforehand represents the mind and that one of these days everybody is getting at something and therefore heads here's a picture of somebody tried this is trying to illustrate getting the market beforehand and then there's the other person happy person and that represents that person getting the name of God and therefore hence if you look at chapter twenty two Revelation twenty two verse four it talks about the saved of all ages God 's people of all ages who are with Jesus in heaven and in the new earth and verse four says they will see his face and he has his name which again is his character shall be and therefore hit so what this is telling us is that eventually everybody's can have something in there for God 's people are going to get the name of God and therefore heads and Satan 's people are going to get the Mark of the beast and therefore so everybody's getting it's something in there for hence and beforehand represents the mind it represents the heart to represent your character and it really impresses me that the battle that we are in is a battle that's going on right between your ears in the back of your eyes in your head this is really live the center of the battle its inside of us is not right anywhere does the battle take place in you right here inside your head everything that you do is rooted in what's going on inside your mind the Bible says as a man think of in his heart so is he so we have to guard our minds we have to protect our minds and we need to understand the truth of God in our minds and have the character of God in our four hits instead of the mark of the beast these are these are the issues that are described in Revelation right let's go back to chapter fourteen let's take a closer look at the third angel the third angel in verse nine followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his four head or in his hand then firsthand that says the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God this is a very solemn verse verse ten is the get the mark in the mind that there were wrath of God in verse ten says that this wrath is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name you can read Genesis to Revelation and you will never find a more solemn passage than what we just read is very very solemn words and their very graphic words they're very powerful words descriptive words and we need to try to make sense of these words what does this mean the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God I've done a lot of research in this and as I talked about this yesterday and there are differing views in our church about the rapid they are there is that there is a movement within the Seventh-day Adventist church and many the people that are involved in this movement are very very sincere and they are just another as convinced as convinced can be that when the Bible talks about the wrath of God what it really means is that God is simply withdraws his hand and allows natural consequences to run their course that's the way they interpret the wrath of God and they base this on on a number of verses one of which is in Romans chapter one hundred Europe familiar with these issues but in Romans one it talks about the wrath of God being revealed from heaven in verse eighteen and that talks about how because of the sinfulness of humanity on God gave us sinners up to certain things to their wicked ways and inventions I think three or four times in Romans one that God given gift I'm not the best to give them over to this he gave them over to Vista gave them up to their sexual sin etc. etc. and people look at Romans one and they look at verse eighteen the talks about the wrath of God being revealed from heaven and the new look at the other verses about God giving them up and they come to the conclusion that that's what God 's wrath needs it doesn't mean that God really has any particular wrath at all it means that he just sadly turns his back and allows natural consequences to take their course not just for the record I don't believe that is a correct interpretation of Romans one I think there without knowing it there really twisting the Bible when it talks about God giving them up to sexual immorality probably the best example of that is in Genesis nineteen when it describes God giving up the sodomites to sexual immorality and he definitely did that wouldn't you agree that when Sodom and Gomorrah in our doing what they were doing that God gave them over to such a sexual sin but that was not equivalent to his arrest at his wrath was not allowing them to do what they did his wrath occurred in the fire came down from heaven and fell and destroyed the cities and so people are looking at Romans one carefully enough when they really want to come to this conclusion and to go back to this verse in verse ten a look at some some of the details here and they were to go to the life of Christ and I think it will become more clear what this wrath of God actually is again verse ten says those that get the Mark will drink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup with these these words carefully where's my little pointer need to get another battery for this because I think it's almost going out but it's still there right noticed that Scott the route poured out without mixture into the cup now this word mixture is very interesting blogger Bibles have the word mixture there poured out without mixture as I mentioned the character of God is a blend of the character of God is a mixture it's a mixture of mercy and justice right now when the Bible says that the wrath of God is to be poured out without mixture what does that mean without mixture of what that's right without mixture of mercy guy ever since man's sin God has been showering this world with mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy has been all around us all of our lives if it wasn't for God 's mercy we would be dead by Ellen White talks about in the great controversy about believes the mercy that are being beaten back by stubborn hearts waves of mercy so God 's character 's full of mercy but eventually the time finally comes at the very end of the world when probation closes the time finally comes when mercy comes to enact in the writings of Ellen White she talks about the Angel of mercy folding its wings and departing never to return again she uses expressions and great conifers and a great controversy like when the third Angels message closes she says Mercy will no longer plead for the guilty inhabitants of the earth she she talks about mercy C thing and justice seeking in justice finally coming and what this is basically saying is that God 's wrath which represents his justice poured out without any admixture of mercy finally up on those that get the Mark of the beast that's what it's saying so it's a warning on the time that mercy comes to an end and just as finally sinks in that's what this is telling us it's a warning about mercy ending injustice coming and this is described also as a as a brew you might say or a drink that is poured into notice without mixture into the what it says into the top into the cup of this is very interesting I've done a lot of study on this workshop and I found out that there are really three cups primary cups that are described in the Bible one cup is this cup the cup of the wrath of God another cop is the cup that the woman Babylon holds in Revelation seventeen which is the cup of the wine of Babylon which represents all of her false doctrines and her false teachings that she gives to the world others another cup which is in Matthew chapter twenty six and that is a copy Jesus offered his disciples the night before he died if you remember he passed out a cup to the disciples and said I take this cup and drink from it all of you and inside that cop was the pure juice of the grave with an alcohol we know that it was it was she was great she's and that juice represented his shed blood for our sins and so out we would you call that the cup of salvation so we have a cup of wrath we have the cup of Babylon 's deceptions and then we have become of salvation and basically what's happening is when you look at these cups you're seeing God 's mercy in the cup of salvation you're seeing his justice in the cup of wrath Evan you're saying the false doctrines of Babylon in the in the cup of her wine and things trying to confuse us and makes us up so we don't understand God 's mercy and his justice and if we get all mixed up with the wine of Babylon and we don't understand God 's mercy for his justice there's a good chance network and eventually get the Mark of the beast and then drink the cup of wrath because we've rejected the cup of mercy in all of these cups are woven into this verse now when it talks or least all these issues when it says that the wrath of God is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation that means that God 's your un- diluted justice is finding it come to this world now that has never happened in all of human history all of the judgments of God in history have been tempered or mixed with some degree of mercy God 's mercy has been in their and none of the judgments of God ever fallen upon this world including the flight including Sodom Gomorrah including at the Golden calf high none of these judgments have ever been the full manifestation of God 's justice against sin because that only happens at the end of the millennium when the full justice of God falls because of people since it's never happened at any time in human history except for one time only one time can anybody think of that one time when that's right the death of Jesus it would actually started in the garden it started in Gethsemane because remembered in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus Christ also Russell Weber cup humor that he prayed to his father he said take this cup from me and what can't you think that was what was Jesus wrestling with in the Garden of Gethsemane it has to be a mean he wasn't a couple of mercy we can exclude that it wasn't the cup of the wine of Babylon a false doctrines it wasn't it would be only other cup last and I can prove this clearly is the cup of the wine of the wrath of God that is poured out without any mixture is described in the third Angels message now it's also significantly go back to verse ten Revelation fourteen ten the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels and in the presence of who in the presence of the Lamb and who is the land that's right it's Christ and so what this is saying is that at the very end people who get the Mark of the beast are going to drink sure justice of God and it's going to happen right in the presence of the Lamb now how do you think Jesus is going to feel when he looks at people who are finally drinking up Final Cut to think that he's getting excited the case can be a no happy that they're finally getting what's coming for them I don't think so as not to be hard that's not the heart of Christ Houston of the very sad and on what words to use but it's can be an agonizing experience for Jesus to look at these people going through this right in his presence now as I thought about this verse I've come the conclusion that as Jesus is looking at people who are lost he's probably innovative thinking that they that this punishment that they are reaping or receiving was not necessary it didn't need to happen and that's part of the grieving that he's got to go through as he looks at this you think they they didn't need to go through this and the reason why this didn't need to happen to the people that are lost is because in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus Christ drank the cup that's the reason why it's not it's not something that was necessary for them and the fact that the word land is mentioned in the right in the middle that the end of verse ten and right before verse eleven and verses ten and eleven is the most solid verse about the wrath of God anywhere in the Bible 's ten eleven put graphic is graphic description together and right in the middle of verse ten eleven is a statement about the land and not just impresses me that GSS is right in the middle of this message is right in the heart of it the Lamb of God is in the heart of the third Angels message and I believe that the purpose of the third Angels message is to reveal to us the Lamb of God it's to bring us to Jesus that's what it's all about it's not just the message of wrath but it's a message of Christ it got wrapped in verse ten and you got way on the inverse ten right there there justice and mercy are in the same verse now let's go back to Matthew chapter twenty six and let's try to get a little more insight into what's going on here at the chapter twenty six these verses are working a look at right now describe what happened right before Jesus entered into the Garden of Gethsemane in verse thirty after he passed out the juice and passed out the bread and verse thirty it's as when they had sung a hymn they went out into the mount of olives and as they were they left the upper room and they went down probably some stairs and went out some door and wondered their way through the streets of Jerusalem they went out in Eastern gate across the little creek and then they went up the hill heading toward the mount of olives heading for the Garden of Gethsemane and Iran the mount of olives and as they approached the garden verse thirty one says then said Jesus unto them all ye shall be offended because of me this night for it is written I will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad this is an amazing person verse thirty one a regio little bit from desire of ages about what's happening here it says as they approach the garden this is page six eighty five as Jesus and his disciples approached the Garden Gethsemane the disciples mark the change that came over their master never before have they seen him so utterly sad and silent as he proceeded the strange sadness deepened yet they dare not question him as to the cause is form swayed as if he were about to fall every step that he now took was with labored efforts he groaned aloud as if suffering under the pressure of a terrible burden twice his companions supported him all he would have fallen to the earth as Jesus was getting closer to it to Gethsemane he starts swaying back and forth and the disciples I have to hold on to him or he's in a fall down Anna says that the reason for this was that if there wasn't there was a pressure of a burden that was being laid upon him that he was beginning to experience that was absolutely terrible now listen to this it says Christ was now standing as page six eighty six price was now standing in a different attitude from that in which she had ever stood before his suffering can best be described in the words of the prophet of verse in the Old Testament I want to take a look at this closely jaw jaw either Bibles open kitchen of the twenty sixth verse thirty one take a look at this verse let's do some real digging right now let's discover something very powerful when Jesus said in verse thirty one all of you shall be offended because of because of me this night for it is written I will smite the shepherd Jesus is obvious that quoting the Bible verse here it is written in the verse says I will smite the shepherd now when she said it is written out of a hundred you have marginal references are not in your Bibles but where where was the original verse that he was quoting from down that's right Zachariah thirteen seven keep your finger here and Matthew and go back to Zechariah saw little book sometimes a little hard to find think it's about four books for the end of the Old Testament Jesus the night before he died quoted the book of Zechariah see if FF how many Brooks books visit Hagy I Zechariah okay remember exactly how many books it is but it's pretty classic is as a writer for Malachi that's it take two books before the end Malachi and then before that is Zechariah a look at Chapter thirteen and look at verse seven or seven starts out with one word what's that word a week wait up that's right and God help us all to wake up the reality of what we are about to read awake O sword it says against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow saith the Lord of hosts smite Shepherd and that's the birth of Jesus is quoting about twenty six and this is very amazing AMI read you again the statement of desire of ages page six eighty six it says that Jesus suffering can best be described in the words of the prophet awake O sword against my shepherd against the man that is my fellow saith the Lord of hosts and she's quoting Zechariah thirteen seven so in desire pages six eighty six Ellen White says that the sufferings of Jesus that he went through our best described more than any other place in the Bible best description of Christ's suffering is found in Zechariah thirteen and Zechariah thirteen seven describes the awakening of a sort that was to fall upon him in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross now what is this talking about what is this mean let me read a little bit more LMI continues on page six eighty six a desire of ages and she says as the substitute and surety for sinful man Christ was sucked praying under divine justice that's what she calls it divine justice hitherto no I'm sorry he was suffering under divine justice he saw what justice meant hitherto he had been an intercessor for others but now he longed to have an intercessor for himself God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight says the sword of justice was unsheathed and the wrath of God against iniquity rested upon man's substitute Jesus Christ the only begotten of the father desire of ages page six eighty six as a man he must endure the wrath of God against transgression Ellen White's very clear that the sword referred to the sword of justice she calls it divine justice and she says that when Jesus look at that sword he saw what justice meant he understand what it he understood what it meant here's another quote from the controversy page five fifty eight it says love is often dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God but it is degraded to a weak sentimentalism making little distinction between good and evil God 's justice his denunciations of sin the requirements of his holy law are all kept out of sight Satan deftly doesn't want us to understand the mercy of God neither does he want us to understand the justice of God and what basically happened to me I don't know how many of you have the advantage of red a book that I wrote call from Hollywood to have anybody read from Hollywood heaven okay you've read attentively else writing it's it's it's really my story of how I became a Christian and it's it's kind of a long store and I could tell you I'll just take a little bit of it which you probably know that I didn't grow up in the church to grow the Seventh-day Adventist grub Jewish secular Jew grew up in the Hollywood area and just really never read the Bible and all until I was twenty years old didn't know anything about the Bible never went to church didn't go to synagogue wasn't baptized wasn't bar mitzvahed I was just kind of like a renegade kid growing up as a teenager I was just surrounded by Hollywood the music started pulling on my heart and I started getting into soft rock and the hard rock and heavy metal Black Sabbath was one of my big groups I used to listen to him or her to Black Sabbath did you know that all the black Sabbath boys were all seventy minutes they all go grab seven p.m. and they all left the church and in the change there but they gave the name of their group black Sabbath to show that they just know they rejected the Sabbath and the music is very very dark and very depressing yeah and it's heavy heavy metal that got one song cultural but of the grade and I used to listen to this a lot children of the grade and that on the back of one of their albums they have a picture of three angels smoking cigarettes and playing cards and that's their way of mocking the three Angels messages and these are groups and eyes to listen to and a lot of other groups like clean and she has sent lector light Orchestra ZZ Top and Jethro tall and Aerosmith 's list goes on and on I was really in the rock 'n roll and also enter into marijuana and smoked marijuana was fourteen and smoking pot smoke pot every day just about for about six years and then started using other drugs are taken Quaaludes popping Quaaludes and starts snorting cocaine I took LSD a few times smoking something called Angel gets very very dangerous blow your mind right outside and if I would've been alive doing drugs during a time when people were using math and I probably would've gotten that and I'd be gone and so that was like that I lived as a teenager and I start going to the disco started dancing and staying up till three in the morning and just getting into some things in the Hollywood area that were just really really really hurt them or pick another guy once and he offered me some fuel and sell me some cocaine and then he pointed from underneath shirts and I never sought beside it was a God and he said if you don't give me money and kill you the missiles like the two and the morning and wait on Hollywood and eventually you know he left and he didn't shoot me if he even had a gun I don't know that it's seal it's amazing that I survived those days I could've easily been been killed one night I was at a rock concert and buddy of mine at about four in the morning I was driving him home both of us home back in from LA to the San Fernando Valley and that we were so drunk and I was driving that instead of ending up going over the hill into the valley we ended up in Santa Monica at the beach and it's like four in the morning and Poland will parking lot and we looked through the window and resolve the ocean waves and we looked at each other we thought we are in the world are we were at the beach what are we doing at the beach were supposed to be going back to Studio City North Hollywood and we are ending up in Santa Monica I don't how I got home that night I have friends in mind that then overdosed on Quaaludes one burly secret arrow killed herself overdosed and died Michael Pree drank too much alcohol developed liver problems that he died and it's amazing I didn't die and so this is office of the kind of life that I was living as an eighteen -year-old nineteen -year-old twenty -year-old and it's a long story is all in my book from Hollywood heaven but eventually released a lot of that not only that eventually I turn on the TV one day saw George Andaman talking about the Bible Sabbath he sent me a book in the mail I read the book cover to cover at the bottom of the bucket it encouraged me to go find a seven-day Adventist church I found an Adventist and basically invited myself to church walked up to them and reached out my hand and introduced myself to him and said would be okay if I went to church with you some Saturday and he said sure and so he brought me to church in the Canoga Park seventy evidence church paintings in the fall of nineteen seventy nine I met the pastor his name was pastor JB church all older man really nice guy he brought me into his office at denounce and how to find my church who are you and or to telling him a little bit of the details and then he reached under his bookshelf behind him pulled out a copy of the desire of ages handed to me and said read this book go take it home and read the book and when I read the desire of ages cover to cover a time I was done with that book I was in it I was a new person my whole life has changed I just gave up drugs gave at the discos that in those days I think we were still using a track heats and and records albums and I broke my albums through a my eight track tapes got rid of all my heavy metal stuff governed my drugs and I was all just behind me I was it I was done and the reason why was done was because one primary thing it was one thing more than anything I got my heart and it's in Matthew chapter twenty six back to Matthew twenty six nothing what was the one thing that reached me I read desire of ages I read about Jesus birth I read about his baptism I read about his feelings his miracles I was captivated by the story of this man but it wasn't until I got to chapter seventy four in in desire of ages Matthew chapter twenty six but it wasn't until I got to desire of ages chapter seventy four which was based on in Matthew chapter twenty six that's what did it for me and I read this verse in verse thirty one then Jesus said to them all you shall be offended because of me this night for it is written I will smite the shepherd who's behind with me I be I is the father 's right and it says he will smite he will smite the shepherd and who's the shepherd Jesus describe the father smiting the fact what is the stock what is this about what can this be about Ellen White describes it to the falling of the sword of justice that the sword of justice was on machine and that it fell upon Jesus I will smite the shepherd the Texas verse thirty six says then cometh Jesus with them into a place called Gethsemane he said to his disciples sit here while I go and pray yonder chapter seventy four desire ages is called Gethsemane it has a one-word title Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane and he said to his disciples sit here while I go and pray yonder and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and very heavy then he said to them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even till death Terry here and watch with me and he went a little farther and he fell on his face and he prayed and he said old my father if it is possible let this one let this happen pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will so here Jesus is described as struggling over whether he's going to drink a cup or not what was in that that's right the wine of the wrath of God without mixture of mercy as described in the third Angels message that's exactly what it was in desire of ages page six eighty seven this is what it says the sins of men that weighed heavily upon Christ and the sense of God 's wrath against sin was crushing out his life to see that page six eighty six as a man he must into order the wrath of God against transgression now it's true that in this chapter Alan White also describes the father separating his beings of light and loud from his beloved son but it's also true that this process of what Jesus was going through is also described as a sword falling down on him we read that in Zechariah and Ellen White this says that that is the best description that we can find of Christ suffering is the sort awake also warned against my shepherd and when you read these verses and read this statement here I from God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight the sword of justice was unsheathed and the wrath of God against iniquity rested upon man's substitute Jesus Christ the only begotten of the father not the language here is not language that simply describes God turning his back and allowing his son to read the natural consequences of sin that's not the full expression of this language this language also is active in its terminology it describes a sword being awakened and coming down Ellen White describes the wrath of God falling upon him as men substitute and surety she describes the sense of God 's wrath against sin as crashing out his wife and when I was twenty years old with my marijuana infested mind I read Gethsemane and desire pages I read these quotes I looked at the pictures in the book that showed that Jesus suffering in the garden and as I looked at all of this I saw what I saw was an incredible manifestation of mercy love and justice all woven into one scene the mercy was obvious to me because here was here was Jesus 's suffering and going through this for me so I saw the mercy what about the justice did I see the justice I then I saw the justice of God coming down on him because of sin and so I saw both Anne and here I am in all I was not a theologian I hadn't been to the seminary I didn't have a knowledge of Greek I didn't know anything about the character of God controversy that's going on within the Seventh-day Adventist church about God 's wrath and about his justice I didn't know anything about the interpretations that make God 's wrath mean that it's not rap at all that it's just late it's just divine withdrawal I didn't know anything about anything about any of that all I knew was what I was reading right in front of my face and I look at Jesus in Gethsemane and I saw the mercy and I saw the justice and I saw the cup and I saw him wrestling with this decision and he prayed father if there's any way please take this cup from me and I saw him suffering over this and I look at that my thought while why is he going through all this and I realized that he was doing it for me and this is what penetrated my life I do not believe at least from my perspective that my heart could have been reached by just showing me mercy I don't think that was enough when he was it was the combination of mercy combined with justice in the Garden of Gethsemane that reached my heart I saw the mercy reaching out to me and I saw the justice falling out when I read about God 's justice falling upon Christ and the sense of God 's wrath against sin crushing of his life I didn't look at this and think myself my God God must be me God must be a pirate God must be an arbitrary exacting tyrannical being who sends his justice upon his own son that thought never entered my mind there are some people once they've been infected by a theology to talk very plainly to you right now once the mind has been infected by a theology that says that it is contrary to the character of God to punish sin which is what we read yesterday in pictures property page ninety five that that was one of the delusions before the flood from the Wiseman Wiseman before the flood they look at the crowd and they said you don't need to go into the ark because there's nothing to be a fly got not to destroy the world even though the Bible says God says I will destroy man I will destroy this world God specifically says I'm getting to it and what they said what the wise men said was it's impossible he can't do it because it's contrary to the character of God to punish sin that was their view and once a person has been in fact did and I called an infection and it's gotten deep in their minds that that the character of God is such that she cannot punish sin directly because that's just not the way he is once the mind has been affected by that it is almost impossible for them to read statements about the justice of God and to take those statements literally without coming to the conclusion that if those statements are true then God is a monster they just can't see it they admit their view is that in order for God not to be a monster he must not have it within his character and once there convinced of that very difficult to get a person to see otherwise very difficult they just got this in their mind wrath is not rap justice is not justice it's all natural consequences gotchas turns his back and when I first read desire of ages nineteen seventy nine I did not have these ideas in my head I had never heard about any of this controversy going on and I just read the Garden of Gethsemane Chapter at face value and I saw Jesus love I saw his mercy and I saw his justice and and I didn't interpret that justice is being weakened as being bad I just look at it and realized wow here is the son of God suffering for me because he loves me and in order to give me his mercy he's taking my just it was really that simple my sins he was taking the justice of God against sin which was my own set and I on I saw I saw while Jesus loves me so much that he took my justice so he could give me his mercy and it it penetrated me now I have a minute my button here to show you couple slides that have only deepened my appreciation of this chapter see if I got when I'm thinking about all I got narratives all right now guess who that is those two little kids those are my children and that's a fairly recent picture of Seth is now six and Eddie is three and then generally they get along really well in the morning they wake up and stop pulsating how to be happy I want my good morning hug and sometimes Abby will give it to some potential site note and she won't give it to them but usually she does and they get along pretty good and as far as my wife and I we couldn't love to kids more than we love our own here's another another picture events that likes to read is a great reader and six years old incredible is in the first grade but he is reading levels in the second grade and he reads to her from different books there is when he was just a real little guy was just that maybe ninety two first learning how to pray and you know if you win when you grow up you have kids to get married have kids there's nothing that can touch your heart more than having your your little child first start to pray and once I first started to pray you couldn't say his jades he couldn't say Jesus so he would he said guaranteed to us it was just his jeans dear he got blessed mommy bless daddy on the and and I thought about that picture of him praying and I thought about that little picture of him praying and I had in my mind compared that picture to the garden of December and now that I'm a dad and I have this little boy this little girl and I've tried to imagine what it would be like if my children came up to me one day and and and prayed and looked at me and said adding that he please take this cup from I don't want to drink this because if I drink this cup daddy will be sent and I don't want to drink this and I thought to myself however what would I say that my little boy came to me and said daddy please take this cup away from because if I don't drink if I do drink this cup our relationship seem like it's over what would I say as a father how would I relate to that it would be very very difficult for me to allow him to go through this because I love somebody else a lot and really that's what the father and the son did in the Garden of Gethsemane the father allowed his son to go through this because he loves you and he loves me and when I read these statements that here here's a statement here in God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight and I I think that we should take our shoes off before this statement just like Moses God said to him take your shoes off because you're on holy ground in saying that figure to me I don't think no not asking you to take your shoes off to Europe got issues of the half but in my conviction is that the only way for us to understand God and the truth of the Bible and the truth of the third Angels message is for us to let God teach us that true instead of trying to create truth are self because nothing else makes sense to us except seeing it this way I don't think that's the proper way for us to be learning about about Jesus I think the way for us to learn the truth about Jesus is to let Jesus teach us himself from inspired statements and here's a statement in God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight and I wanted to us carefully read and hopefully impress you with an eye I don't want ill hopefully by the grace of God you will not rise up against this statement hopefully people that listen to this on audio verse I won't rise up against the state but that they will submit to it and listened to it and let it penetrate their hearts here it is God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight Ellen White wrote no sorrow can bear any comparison with this sorrow of him upon whom the wrath of God fell with overwhelming CNET does that sound entirely like a passive act you not to me not to me I don't think we should just wish I don't think we should be playing around with God 's wrath I don't think we should be playing around with interpreting wrath in a way that's not biblical that's not really what God intends neither do I think we should interpret God 's wrath as charity and edit and as if he's a monster that is side that's a perversion of truth God 's wrath according to the Bible the manifestation of the vine justice it's the manifestation of your justice in Gethsemane it fell without a drop of mercy but the reason why did was because it did flowed from a heart that was full of mercy it's God 's mercy that moved him to set up a and with his son so that his justice would fall upon his son instead of on you and instead of on me and rapid goddesses fell with overwhelming force upon Jesus Christ Jesus Christ himself said it is written I will smite the shepherd Ellen White said that that verse is the best description of his suffering in the Bible and that verse goes back to Zechariah thirteen sediments is awake also warned against my shepherd and Ellen White interprets that sword to be the sword of justice again Jesus saw what justice meant he understood it and he knew that God 's justice is justice against evil in God 's justice is charity and it's not just isn't it's not just the question is is it really just or infinite is gotten just or isn't can God hears the question in God himself punished sin and still be just in doing and he or is it contrary to the character got punished like they said like a wise man said very clear to me what the Bible teaches and Jesus wrestled with this in Gethsemane and my heart appreciates this more now that I've got children myself but like I said back in nineteen seventy nine when I read about the Garden of Gethsemane and I saw Jesus suffering under divine justice and injustice falling upon him that is what reached my heart I don't believe we can reach the heart of this generation with just a message of mercy alone it has to be combined with the message of justice they have to go together and the third Angels message is a warning about mercy running out and justice kicking in and the reason why that message is inside legitimate in the eyes of the universe and the reason why we can give that message with credibility in the last days is because that message takes you back to Gethsemane and shows us that God himself was willing to take the justice upon himself first in order to give us his mercy and it's those that reject his mercy and his justice that will eventually have the wrong ideas about the character of God their minds will be more susceptible to the mark of the beast and then they will be more likely to end up receiving justice without mercy at the end of the world does that make sense and that's what the third Angels message is all about and as I've mentioned it goes right back to the Garden of Gethsemane and when Jesus prayed in the garden inverse thirty nine when it says that he prayed all my father if it is possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will here's another verse on the screen from a different practice from Luke or Jesus said not my will but yours be done that was the final conclusion of his prayer not my well your will be done there was no mixture of cell and Jesus response he surrendered fully to his father and I'm convinced that the goal of the third Angels message is to take us to the garden and take us to the cross and motivate us to make a similar decision in our lives to finally say not my will but your will be done if Jesus was willing to take our justice to give us his mercy what is more powerful of a revelation to realize that the sins of the whole world were on him and the pure justice of God against sin fell on him so that he could then give us his mercy so we could live forever once more powerful and that in God 's design is what happened to me in nineteen seventy nine is to reveal this to us and then get us to make a choice and the choices I surrender my life to you not my will but your will be done and that's what happened to me when I read this in nine seventy nine I saw all this I saw the verse yes all the love I saw the justice I saw a balanced biblical and powerful perspective on the character of God and it reached me and it led me to make a decision and to say not my will but your will be done and it was after I read this about Gethsemane that I made my choice I said no more Black Sabbath no more Aerosmith no more clean no more kids no more marijuana no more cocaine no more bonds no more angel dust no more hash no more Honeywell no more discos none of that I don't want any of that anymore I want Jesus more than I want any of these things I see something more attractive in Christ then I found in the world and sometime right after that revelation I got on my knees and I prayed a prayer I do remember exactly what the words were but I crave something like that site something like dear Jesus I believe your real forgive me for my sins for the sins that you suffered for the garden for the sins that you type the justice of God against those sins mice and and take them out of me forgive me take them out of me and come into my life chain change my change my heart and when I prayed that prayer I distinctly remember this weight of guilt lifted off of me and I distinctly remember experiencing wonderful sense of peace that flowed into my heart like I had never known before and I remember thinking about myself wow this is better than drugs this is better than cocaine snorting cocaine this is a ribbon scissor this is fabulous and that was it I was when I was converted and I'm just trying to tell you in I was converted because of a revelation focused in the Garden of Gethsemane a revelation that combined mercy and justice rooted in love and I didn't rise up against it I didn't question it I didn't challenge it I didn't say can't that be true it's got a be a different way I just saw hi and I thought my oh my the son of God was willing to bear my justice to give me his mercy I want him to be my Savior and I am fully convinced that it is only the biblical balanced message of the character of God 's mercy and his justice rooted in his life that is really going to light meter with its glory its the only thing that can really accomplish the goal of the third Angels message Revelation three twenty says Jesus says if any man hears my voice and opens the door Jesus said I will come in and that's what I did I let him in and I hope that you will to and that everybody listening to this will do to God is good he's a good God his mercy is good his justice is good his love is good his plan of salvation is good his warning in the third Angels message is good what he did in Gethsemane and on the cross is good it's a very good and he did it for you and for me that's what it's all about so may God help us to be touched by this and to say Lord you did this for me not my will but your will be done let's pray Jesus thank you for what you have done for us thank you for what you have shown us in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen White Lord we are in controversy were in a battle where the devil is trying to twist your attributes and pervert your asked attributes and infect our minds with falsehood about who you really are Lord we pray please help us not to BBC help us to understand to take off our shoes so to speak were on holy ground and to let you reveal to us your own character so they can be written in our minds Jesus name we pray in a media was brought by audio parents the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading and an audio and much more we would like to know more about this you might elicit more so than please visit www. audio person or


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