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How to Know God's Will For Your Life

Eric Walsh


Sermon given on Sunday, July 31 at Generation For Christ 2011 at Camp Balandra, Trinidad.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 31, 2011
    10:00 AM
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him hi Sunday mornings he will him Tom will do a different kind of talk this morning I I love our out a settlement doctrine the modules would also understand another young person you have to be able to live in a very difficult world is a lot like a human life about life and how to face life and how use God to really get you do I still talk this morning is how to know God 's will for your life from this is based on a book by Maurice Venable use myself to actually guide me into making decisions and knowing where it is that God wants me to go on organism example of how I use this in my own life if you haven't figured this is a talking definitely want to take some notes on the visa principle that one day you'll be able to use again that is important because for many of us you know we get to Fort Monroe we have to ask out which way was where my samples until now was directed to my supposed ahead and I want to be with I use this in a pastor and a new one was a British master and actually put a first thought twenty years of his life he was irreparably he didn't follow not at all and he came up with seven of these eight steps that enlargement and actually adds one to the seven steps through the reprobate DVD with against God first twenty eleven one he found the Lord changed his life and he started orphanages once he was converted the powerful thing about this story is that he never advertise the need for the orphanages of falling window was going to was closeted pray everything is what would be needed to supply in Salina and go up in front of churches is a anonymous one hundred four Pro would be money than he knew that all is right in his prayer life was so profound and powerful that all regulatory and what pray for me him in a storied outcast in common other things about him you know more about the interesting story of when they were crossing the careless individuality when they were crossing the England English Channel and any individual born England and a little slow going across and with about the rain was really foggy they didn't see much jiggles the captain of the vessel in his level of uneven across this channel faster than Google fast seminal disaster the captain looked around like a noise back in KC so is the capitalist will under the ship and freight Captain Reagan Celica really good movies old what it is you the captain repeatedly sleeps at the captain back on top of that real estate is now below and praise and by the time he gets back upstairs the fault is gone and handicap themselves exactly convinced that this man serve the true living God the prayer like that you add and so is this is on Mueller in the course of his life Mueller received from the pious and charitable no less than one five billion pounds in a longtime little mounds are worth a lot of money on is probably today maybe thirty or forty million pounds the educators sent into the world no fewer than one hundred and twenty three thousand pupils he circulated two hundred seventy five thousand Bible in different languages with nearly as many small portions of Scripture the admissions to the extent of Jordan and fifty five thousand pounds he supported one hundred and eighty nine missionaries any employee one hundred and twelve assistance and remember you never asked anyone for anything you get all of that powerful man so he comes up at this point in using Mueller and the Scripture we find a point stop was no God 's will in our life and remember that all the steps are to be considered before me this is the only ones that you get an answer in a run at the regular decision after the Civil War to consider all eight steps and audible global process and then it will need to him and help in making a decision the first and most important step in my opinion no one will sensitive and old wheel of your own on the matter in an old wheel of your own on the matter in other words you must submit you will do is awkward no will of your own problem a lot of the things we've already made up our minds about what we want when we go to God in a problem with that is that it backfired terribly for example Leslie they can only find a young man or young lady he is the right young man arrived young lady and he will use all of your whale and you know will of your own all of a sudden all the arrows because would you want that person all the arrows point in the direction of that individual every sign that you asked for everything what happened little seam of them got appointed a direction when in fact nor do I know the person is driving everything is pointed at first say hello when you choose a career or we go to hold you be available and not my will but Joe will be done in the stock profit was over weight of twenty six thirty nine Jesus said not my will but thy will be done as a wild ministry that a woman at the well cases went without food is as my will is the new in the work of him but money is the number will of him that sent me at the finish his work that you can not have any will of your overdue abuse the first step is that they know what Lord I know I will take what I want away I have no will of my own mode usually what I'm supposed to do acceptable settlement to don't go simply by him Allah was a sale it feels right it feels good values then you feel good the problem with that of the people I want to feel good you walk into hell would you run and she was all so you a you don't like feeling you will live principal until almost done with my feelings second everyone were seven thousand four God is not given us the spirit of fair of power and of love and about what a sound mind so what are the things that a Christian does not function out of is the feeling of fear him look for motivators were you able to talk about health methods rejoice here you would limit right another work correctly on that side narrative and motivated long-term you have a good reason to want to do of the work on a number of cigarette smokers even showed a black love that all government and they help wanted way but in the long term and will remain on alert motivating will better I think you have any grandchildren the only children you want to be alive with your grandchild get married the positive motivator if they definitely want to be a liability that happened to you don't want function out of fear of feeling you want to plunge out of principle advances and let us reason together got to have a dialogue with you don't multiply my feeling is important because a lot healthier like a lot of it but when it comes to relationships the downfall a lot of people that you are dealing with someone that will desire no inclination of his ability with the person you would you feel it's an amusing a lot like the secular world romantic love songs they if it feels good use of what delight in the digital world of trouble number three study God 's word study God 's Word now I don't mean in our rubber beautiful women of will someone help us all one of theology professors into the Bible is the open Bible and the different it out and open about what they are not in the ironic humor is actually losing the will but in my life but that's not what I media nothing in the Bible of them of it on the zodiac which is Adam Flippin pointed versus the digit answers what is using the daily communion with God through study of his Word everyone because when you're regularly talking to God with our gasoline is because the speed you all the time and relationship of studying God 's word to get what God wants for you and stop one nineteen one oh five by word of the lamp onto my feet and a light unto my past the word from either source of communication and that the source of guidance to what you really establishing by studying God 's word isn't necessary that particular answer but his communication with God don't allow him to influence her mind is what he wanted to do you understand that the backstop ruled out about last night daily devotions get up and reading your Bible every day is really what that leads back to study God 's word is the first one before what is the consider providential circumstances in other words how has God lead you in the past is no goblet of that instead of how God is good with you before and Deuteronomy eighties and persons is now self remember all the way which the Lord thy God Lindsay you should remember all the way that God led a job in helping and gobble this site learn from your mistakes as him it is all about definite note that in the ability of quote somebody told when our corporate training was that the health apartment in California and she said while failure is neutral she says that your relations of the failure that makes the difference in fact unilaterally when you make a mistake you can from and even your failure to become an advantage is you are away from it was in you directly indirectly use the decree itself a better license that is out for a profit the circumstances that a David and Goliath this is a good example level and able to fight Goliath assaulted again no it is a lozenge is a lot about quality and about a possible to there like a Muslim and this uncircumcised Philistines shall be as one of them so remember how it got been to before we have family with an trial and difficulty when he was struggling in school how to talk to you before and said I thought of letting the orbit ability to consider Jeremiah a bad example because he runs from just about right after the slaves all of rock the man is that unless they are of the way that he did a lot of profits yet he had a providential circumstances remembering backward and I challenge you again to keep a prayer journal of things last forever God answers their prayer check them all to be amazed at how to build your faith seldom applied to consult with godly friends Proverbs eleven fourteen says where there is no counsel the people fall and whether the multitude of counselors there is a reading of Psalms one one seven method of the man that walk it not in the counsel of the ungodly and even as one regional you have to consult with friends to consult with godly friends this means you have no people really Oregon where the rate of a real prayer life to have a real relationship with the Lord so you find people alive is getting cool do you factor your positive charge on the schedule and your parents is getting to you are looking to cut that you close to the critical difference to the people in your life well I feel all him and there is your Christian dominated and was reviewing them to you as well themselves and so you consult with godly friends definitely did you do is God in prayer to reveal his will and funny answer is number six in the have a lot of time for praying for is that God will break about the lower will him says it is not the first thing that you do because everybody's of other things you do before you start even praying it is that James one five says that any man lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and it shall be given him so number six in prayer to reveal them as well so you say Lord of the sudden word I will talk to my friends do you know about the input of been thinking about this Lord is time for me to go off to school in a bottle what little of my own lookout was one of the two happy to do what you tell me what it is you have visited all table eligible to Harvard followed a litigated in a little person would get into Harvard you really not praying for God to reveal his Williams is asking God to do your will is in a workout while amusing we separated all looking at him decided and noticed number seven is the make the decision notice you take the decision before all eight steps actually up to make a decision as a child and went up to Jews in the day we will serve the Beltway on the police zero Guinean but at least in the ground was wet and he said feedback out that voted out of the mega please let underground dry don't you be careful with signs and the side of the Dublin villager asked about he'll give you a sign sometimes you have to so for you and I will do stuff like that you be careful because if you don't you are not abundant with which I miss you up I weigh the evidence and commit to a decision based on the first except the evidence or you now the last bullet is important is that the helicopter decision before you tell anybody else in life you God within a few days later he would write about it and study leave that out Elizabeth is a law I decided I'm going to go to Yale is what I made my decision and that you do itself a decision and you begin to live that is the right decision when people don't like what we look at the decision to make it is a real slow and make a decision we called the paralysis of analysis that people take so long to make a decision that he paralyzed their entire lives zero three and later for you later we have developed out of the open University with graduating in his eleven figure out before you will be one of majoring little it was the study should be that all the paralysis of analysis and thinking too much and they like to make a decision that you can't make it is those of us that you you you you you you your vision someone was married and according to Kendall was like okay this was probably the setup in order to get married or whatever it is if you can't make up your mind about the personable since you just did a good evening out of the woods we had to hear the recording and if you have what would've been accepted married and you still aren't sure then maybe what you do is break it off and start over sometimes not being able to make up your mind is telling you what you should do it that is to walk away from the situation altogether so make a decision a lot of vessels here to donate anything him and the men have a hard time committing him and sometimes really good weblog subcommittee is coming to you at some point in your life now the committee and make a decision that could also make a decision number eight says proceed with your decision see what your decision I if you are not chosen the right thing so if you make the right decision has got to stop and what God will do about that matter second and that was revenue split is a something I accept that even on Christian values this is a a soft spot opens door theory of revolution and a sense of revelation three seven eight and a good of the church of Philadelphia right these things saith he that is holy that is true you that the key of David even open it and no man shouted and shouted and no man opened I know a lot of work to behold I set before the open door and no man can shut it off about a little strength and I've got my word is not denied my name was Linda said that we should pray like this is not as revelation I was even talking directly about when talking about now but the principle of life that Jesus at the end of the day is in control of the doors of your life is also in control of the windows in your life and what is the favorable Gospels are busy went and got sensibility open a window and so it is okay but I made my decision going forward but if I'm wrong Lord shut the door and I happen to me well as a medical school to go poorly sorted out with a buddy would happen out as Americans were modified either University Miami and Florida and I'll decided I wanted one of family medicine only I wanted to go back to Huntsville where Oakwood is glad that a lot of friends in the Council Alabama the state of South Florida stopwatch one program in Fort Lauderdale so obscure cellulitis examination programs or arrogance not illegally and of them that I wanted to program the development of the William Monaghan wanted to an obvious around one of the things are looking at housing in all kinds of how sore I did and I didn't follow the first step but I had a will of my own assessment done that so I was an my great embarrassment the big deal with the building of value the biggest monthly one of them is so easy to a relatively even get into as I was always a little more than the score big on the middle going to something on the scrambled and what a joy to all the students in the country America don't match at all programs on a residency program we put in the hospital enjoys the didn't feel they are all of the openings listed as a very scary process because anything I learned a problem that had been brought about because of you wanted to go in the surgery and that you get a lack of a better soccer to scrabble the door to match their desperate because one of the vision I've been working advantages smart smart glad to plan well and at hospitals about it last night nobody plans the fail they simply fail to plan Zimbabwe everybody's already on the minutes of playing in the way that you know no matter what you understand what happened when he joined the trouble did you know that what a ring that never smoked and drank alcohol noticeable we did any drugs on what was in the adopted all of my plan is not a desktop unit even though I will than that you know what I strayed away from the church I still love is noticeable in a drinking problem and that we can reach my goal is important when we get back to the stories I thought the Scrabble what about settlement was the recipient end of the book shall I will also result in Iraq Zion will and got a little suitable the five family medicine program that I wanted to add in University of Miami school of medicine all we emphasized us are our 's our specialties and subspecialties is voting was one of neurosurgery trauma surgery thoracic surgery they want to it is wrong with the base 's southwest primary care means nothing to him so I will close by single preventive medicine and public health management argument and I like most of my elections are decided in medical school and two around the field of public album from Adam Madison unscramble me and I hope that they were preventive medicine residencies are as president elected in Loma Linda University in developing him crazy when I was interviewing like cable from the paper model Melinda and I know I sound crazy but exactly what I didn't know I was for I told a girl that's rumbling about all that is like I believe in Loma Linda and even heard of his mental hurdle moment ignore himself Florida on the other side of the country benefit of the seven evidence is the division of the Jonah running from God that's what he wants me to go I pick up the phone to phone I called Melinda Doctor Linda very after the phone executive very first call as you said look we want to come the on the next plane out in a doubletalk we also irrelevant and the rest is history ironically while the path I wanted I would be stuck in a ruling see Ephesians in a clinic on the rest of my life with my ADHD or ADD as an adult than the other of the adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD condition that I have not coming to you last night and him I put my fingers out of it unless there was a lot like all the information and the mail got brought me until I went to build and family medicines doubled train that is they are the direct mail department on the help opposite was the bomb not from the president of the California Academy of preventive medicine bless me and again that I will not overwhelm no idea what God had in store for me and offered job at a private real dinosaurs that he was an off the job to be the deputy secretary for population affairs United States American drop-down on a call from the article of Ohio 's office recently the governor of Florida law was recently at all would've been possible if not then shut the door and previous ones and shut the door on what I wanted to open the door he really wanted me to go through I learned from that experience and I'll do anything anymore great article stuff in the Lord if I'm not supposed to leave and go here will not supposed to do that shut the door and him and I will be obedient when you shut it on a set of door the law is uncle Thomas undergoing eugenic jiggly seventies the glory and light unskilled in London that is not locked the door when God shut the door is a lawyer you will be gone and recently happen a lot by looking at moving out of the wheel of a really nice complex and in Southern California Pasadena and I walked the Rose Bowl very nice place to live we want to lead to look at him really really nice house on for a command from trees like doing what you what I'll do my home or help me Jesus is also really nice property and we ought as a family we decided what I want to give you decided what this house so I wanted was a little follows that so we met out of his overlap with everything went fine they were going through well this is very expensive Monica Wendell Berry much of the human of the real estate market that we got to where we were just about the new method in a lot we defrag and in and out of the one of the move that he shuts the door I mean our credit scores came back without in the mine was my wife and I is nothing little that was shut the door is an old house up to be problems I want to get international major repairs Shawna and unless our the seller back to that in order to do with salary at that I was working with an satellite in arguments that ethanol God 's will is done is much less expensive because they were right where I am and is other stuff but even he was financially divisive God will not be done and will move on I don't get it anymore because I understand now you may shut the door but I am much better place for me somewhere down the road and it is not even in the darkness what are you then I have a economic growth as they don't even exist on earth now is the time to give me what is he really wants out of a thought and anxiety out of line you turn it over to God it will develop Apple Re: Re: will get married one day the last thing mother is very vital to American on a lot of people they get married that's what I thought was that of a way to get back to me as well him and about the women praying charts in a solidly to get some real great is that she actually it was there she went in front of child one way that I pray believe that my Christmas next year I will be there on the grandmother will or him with a real Russian roulette with that I think him him came and all him seething and everyone is in God told me my Christmas undoubtedly married the girl never got married she's still not married I'll be here later and I will always love the one with you what would you want and maybe not one thousand and him down in a minute happily the God I heals a broken world representing everyone would find someone I can tell you that if you find the wrong person that person can become the weight in your life that keeps you from the kingdom of God is not any single NBC entity married and we all have to really struggled hard for your salvation felt that I would not allow a want of a young people is no better than when you're dating the video and you can get along University updating an important bodily trouble you're according an important other is an agreeable to the ICU -based labradors and shouting didn't get the whole better I am not telling you to walk away or is you need to some of the Hussein is a fools rush in where wise men fear to tread and merit the place you need to be careful to write in it like that he's afraid twelve times more often in considering becoming what you put in it so that has been more you get away he went on to be later on in the marginal him a lot of melanin remarks him so you me why this isn't as American relations in a lot of areas so is choosing a career you want God to help a computer because your profession is your profession of faith is your ability to what is automatically got yesterday I witnessed the most meaningful witnessing of ever none of my life as all been done in exam room in the hospital brought more people to know of Christ in that setting in a meeting with that it is quite plausible numbers preaching but in terms of meet me to be more wooden analog input search for living in crazy say in a clean and unable to make them do you mind if I pray with you and what was automatically an autopsy on studies we the child is that whatever one is that you are you would you mind and pray together in a glad everything was in for even fifteen years with you privately met I really appreciate you a lot will feel like the dot of the placing wasn't what you were you will be the salt of the earth in your career and in your profession in any legal value ideologies the government don't want to school don't learn the necessities of life like all of them to get involved in medical school five out of the last loans made by you I'll be doing something like that without one of the behemoths of the meat you buy him adjacent whatever reason utilities is coming to know about all of the Melissa Michael Mina you know you you're going to the will of the medicine of diesel comforts the stupidest things a lot done something like that don't do so because you have no because he is coming you live a victorious life message and because he was coming you can stop I think the lawn chemistry and engineering in computer technology all you want to become law you also spend more privately studying and learning in a relationship with him and a brief delay Jesus could build their second grant all of the top of the old imprisonment so don't think that God will not be so into it all you can do is visit infringing on my list I understand I gobbled it up tangible skills and give the rest now don't get to just turn you let all within on Sony one what would you like to lease a wide open and easy why don't I follow the steps and God will take your rest and payment of revolving on we thank you for this opportunity will we we we pray the Lord we would always want to do your will on these young people you for up to Holy Spirit the father God they make difficult life decisions about the house spotless me profession career where to go to school what the study he would follow your will you will you have a plan for these very special young people to Bob and Donna that they prosper just in this world to give them a spiritual prosperity and prosperity being the peace that passes all understanding in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ this operator Jesus is precious and holy name amen


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