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Be Courageous

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • August 3, 2011
    6:30 PM
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him and good afternoon evening everybody and thank you for inviting me to share with you for this so opening meeting of the SI and I'd like to welcome you which is not been welcomed to Sacramento and in behalf of sacramental central church amazing facts was so glad to have insight here in Sacramento you picked a good time to come this is been historically one of the best years for weather that we had and probably half a century while much of the country sweltering it's just been beautiful here if you have a great in your busy schedule at some point tomorrow we invite you to come by this little tour of the museum tax office suite loved it is a giddy little tour show you what we do the Bible school the median software are glad to have you in Sacramento welcome and I'm thankful to be here to open the word of God with you and talk with you about this very important thing this week of finishing strong and if you were going back to join me for a moment as we bow our heads and just and by the Lord to speak to us through his Word this time heavenly father Lord we desperately need you we pray right now not because we deserve any good thing but were coming to you in completing the merits of your son Jesus and his blood we ask that you would evict anything that might distract us from hearing you speak to your word to our hearts Lord speak to your people we believe we are on the borders of the promised land and yet there's a struggle before us please give us your spirit courage and inspire through your word in Jesus name we aim in our Scripture readings and I do notice that we'd show is a passage from the first chapter of Joshua and one reason that I think that is because there's some similarities where right now I believe in a similar situation to Joshua in that we as God 's people have been wondering and whereat orders of the promised land I think it's significant that three times more than any other time in the Bible God challenges and admonishes Joshua to have courage matter of fact I'd like to read verses one Joshua chapter one if you have your Bibles versus one three nine and noticing emphasis here after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord it came to pass of the Lord spoke to Joshua the son of nun Moses assistant saying Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise go over this Jordan you and all this people to the land than on giving them the children of Israel in every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I given to you as I said to Moses from the wilderness and this Lebanon as far as the great river the river Euphrates and all the land of the Hittites and to the great Sea towards the going down of the sun shall be your territory here Josh was given a great challenge and after Moses died and he completed the time of morning God said to Joshua arise and go the courageous be courageous be courageous wine when the same thing in a highly history and I was doing some reading on the Civil War not too long ago and quite an amazing study and the North never really believed that the South was actually in a turn to violence until the battle of Bull Run and it sort of caught them offguard they thought it was all saber rattling and Lincoln realize he needed to help organize an army in the north and not only defend the North but to advance and to reclaim the union to go forward so they certainly found what they found was the sharpest writers mind in the military graduated second in his class of wet and West Point Georgia McAllen and this man was meticulous he studied battle his uniform was always spotless he was a great organizer he carried himself with an air of confidence and success first thing he said is we need more men so late sense and spies from the north off to the south look at their forces and supplies to coming back and reporting numbers much bigger than they really were they were frightened evidently until they got thousands of soldiers poverty of thousands of soldiers he said we need a bigger Army the Lincoln to get all the recruiting they couldn't all the drafting make an agreement gain soldiers in common and eventually they en masse on army it was the biggest army in the world at the time the Army than one hundred thousand soldiers on the border ready to go into the South to preserve the union of the United States the general George McAllen was so meticulous he kept organizing and drilling and practicing your books on battles he had studied battles in your and everything was a long preparation and logistics and details into Lincoln became so exasperated there's a few little skirmishes that he retreated from the hundred thousand soldiers and he was afraid to go forward and was afraid to advance Lincoln finally said I begin to believe that we will never get ready to go forward they were forever getting ready whenever he retreated from the battle he said I did it so we can fight another day I didn't want to put his soldiers in harms way so they love them for it but you don't want to work that way when war you got have courage to go forward while you think God said three times the Joshua be courageous he's very courageous be courageous wine three times to him more than anyone else because Joshua had been there for and because the other people lost courage they wandered a long time could then happen to God 's people again you're the end of time maybe it already has happened and where the Jordan do we need courage do we need to go forward what is current church courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger fear or vicissitudes would sell possession confidence resolution and bravery Andrew Jackson used to say one man encourages a majority how did God 's people need courage one of many church at the borders of the promised land he told him to go forward once before and it they were intimidated by the size of the enemy could we be intimidated have we ever been frightened by the odds of reaching the world with the message now I don't want to blessing and want to discourage but sometimes the task before us is daunting no I like being real I hope you don't mind but I'm always excited when I think about how our church has grown I'm encouraged I like telling people we have a million members in North America seventeen million plus around the world that's exciting and significant sintering we started from nothing but then you realize that every year eighty million note people after you even factoring all those women dying eighty million people are added to the world 's population that means every eighty days approximately there is many people at the world 's population as we have in the world church could that making me shake on the borders of the promised land after daunting task Jesus has called us to go in all the world but my God shall josh he said as I was with Moses so I will be with you when you think Moses Hobbs looked like when he first went to Pharaoh would completely subjugated these people and to let them go and I'll fairly did was tighten his grip and make them produce bricks without straw it didn't look very hopeful but they probably hadn't factored in the miracle power of God and within a matter of weeks you are in is not a completely turn things around the exemption is not always in unit dose rate is inherently are silver and gold as you leave and not part of an ocean and fed them with bread from heaven given water from a lock and delivered them from their enemies and there was no man like Moses so when God says that Josh will be courageous why as I was with Moses I will be with you I was certainly with Moses and who had a better view of God being with Moses and Joshua Joshua had a front row seat as the assistant of Moses met when they were down making the golden calves Joshua didn't even notice he was right up there with Moses on Mount Esau Moses face shining as it came from the presence of God he went with Moses into the tabernacle when God spoke to him is that you as God was with Moses so I will be with you what I would encourage me that affect you and I in some ways should be more encouraged and Joshua Joshua can look back at the leading of God through Moses as an example how many heroes can we look at I think the Lord say to us as I was with David as I was with Gideon as I was with Elijah as I was with Moses so I will be with you is using tools we have a history example in the word of God but he's interview with us that should be encouraging why we need courage but one thing we get to keep in mind fear is contagious once a person starts to shake and sweat everybody around and starts to be little bit nervous God told Moses that when you gather from battle with your this is one of the valves manufactured the lot is given of assuming there are going to be not God doesn't say come to me I'll save you from the battles is designed to encourage them it's the ability that is everybody does when you gather them for battle Deuteronomy twenty Versace the officer will see further to the people as a one-man is there who is fearful and fainthearted wet him go and return to his house last the heart of his brethren framed like his heart it's contagious we don't need you to be spreading fear among God 's people digital home were better off without you God is looking for people who are courageous that believes in him same thing happened with Getty got says Gideon I want you to go fight the Midianites in your tells us they were like the sand of the sea this army zoology of item and video blows the trumpet enables among his tribe and they get about thirty two thousand men and become slinking out of their their ranches in their homes to go fight his army to spread out like an ocean in the Valley of about just real there the ghetto and got to see that too many people getting to do many make an announcement judges seven first three proclaim in the hearing of the people saying however is afraid let him turn and depart at once from Mount Gilead out of thirty two thousand twenty two thousand of the people return while if I was courageous before that announcement I don't know how courageous I would then after two thirds of the Army life anymore nonsense is still in committee it is while the first group may have been a fearful you got one senior group now that are fearful of their foolhardy the reckless so we got to wean them out so they went down the road he said that whoever drinks water by bringing into his face and laughing in like a dog second sighting on again those were so thirsty to put their faces right now in the water let them go home at about ten thousand remained only three hundred were courageous but also proven and they look around for the enemy and they brought water to their miles and God said to Gideon here's what I'm looking for people who are courageous and whites not braving reckless it probably heard the expression before there are old pilots and durable pilots but there are no old bold pilots and God wants to have that balance so we got the courageous because fear is contagious and spreads not only is your contagious courage is contagious to know we can be courageous when we remember that God is with us that were not alone I think that makes all the difference in the world he gives us the promise of his presence you notice in verse five as I was with Moses so I will be with you at the wonderful promise the Bible ends with a promise God himself will be with them he was with Moses no question about it Exodus thirty three fourteen my presence will go with the and I will give you rest was God with the children of Israel through the wilderness didn't have visible evidence that he was what is the we have evidence that God is with us all I think we do friends we seen such wonderful examples of God 's blessing and evidence of his presence Joshua one have I not commanded the be strong and be of good courage be not afraid neither be dismayed for the Lord your God is with me where ever you go and I've sounds strangely familiar notice what he says am I not commanded the God is with the reading Joshua one nine want you to read another Joshua speaking except the Greek pronunciation is Jesus Jesus says in Matthew twenty eight teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you hello I am with you Christ is basically cloning the words that he spoke to Joshua two thousand years earlier so as God was with Moses has God was with Joshua and as the father was with Jesus Jesus said I am with you as his promise changed or do we still have grounds to be courageous these days when we consider that he's with us and having God with us should we expect the less than Joshua experience shipping notes amazing to me when the angel first appeared to Gideon Eggert even my Gideon lived after Joshua and Gideon said to the angel if God is with us Angel said to Gideon men of valor the Lord is with you to God for those really I did a little look like his widows were being beaten on every side were overwhelmed how can God be with us and you'll get instead what about all the miracles we used to hear about Whittlesey how were any more than miracles are over and that strains the game would say that is Gideon who lived before Elijah fire coming down from heaven as Gideon who lived before Daniel and shines recognition and all those miracles Gideons it looks like the days of miracles are over I doesn't look like God is with us was a job and start new waves of miracles with getting dizzy do wonders of deliverance in the same way he'll be with us is God 's were going to finish with less power than it started with were on the banks of the Jordan or certainly by faith anticipate that God is in the move again how you ever reach of the world in eighty million people are attending account every year without the power and without coverage he wants us to finish the outing these miracles roller when he read something to you from the book great controversy speaking of the last days page six twelve if you're taking notes servants of God with her face is illuminated in shiny with holy consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of voices all over the earth many of them as I members I threw that in it he notes the warning will be given still meeting miracles will be wrong the signal being healed signs and wonders will follow the believers as God was with Moses you read the last thing that Moses wrote likely most than a right because he was dead but the last thing in Deuteronomy which is the last book of Moses turned to the last chapter of Deuteronomy I went to the notice on the time of the power of God Ronnie chapter thirty four verse ten matter-of-fact scholars pretty much agree that the last chapter of Deuteronomy is really the first chapter Joshua Joshua Palmeiro because Moses was there firsthand but since then there hasn't not arisen a Israelite prophet like Moses whom the Lord knew face to face in all the signs and wonders which the Lord sent him to do in the land of Egypt before Pharaoh and all his servants and all his land all the signs wonders and miracles before Pharaoh verse twelve and while the mighty power at all the great terror which Moses performed in the sight of all Israel and the site of the government and the oppressors in the side of his own people signs and wonders in power and terror in miracles through Moses as they left Egypt will we expect less going into the promised land was God to be something and pour out his Spirit and raise up an army that will go everywhere preaching the word fearlessly down the tomb of Lord Lawrence in Westminster Abbey it simply says that he feared no man because he feared God so much I think God is looking for people that love him and fear him so much that the not afraid of anything else you know when you come to Christ and you take up your cross and your crucified with Christ you don't have to be afraid of death is regarded by the donations you are listening and keep killing horse over and over again when you been crucified with Christ and you died and your dad and you don't need to fear him who can hurt your body is a can picture some him and using curtains as I'll be with you as I was with Moses you know I love that story in the Bible of Jonathan first Samuel chapter fourteen we've got a great example why should we be courageous because when alone in the story Johnson said this young man that there is armor let us go over under the garrison of these uncircumcised and it might be that the Lord will work for us for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few in his armor bearer seventy and do all that is in your heart behold I am windy according to Neihart the armor bearer of Jonathan what around without young Prince Jonathan was it was quality stuff he was a good man David is loved Jonathan because he had such courage and love for God so humble Jonathan said the day the twenty first minimum song go out against the giant city London Jonathan took office armor and gave Ms. Belding in his sword gave Ms. Baldwin later he told him I know your enemy king in my place even chosen by God that's good enough for me what kind of man is a just say even call of the Lord which you doing and I accept that he was quality material he said there is no restraint with the Lord to deliver my field or in many I have a feeling that Jonathan was inspired by the story of Gideon and through the example of God delivering with you three Gideon he said you know we don't have to wait because Saul and the people of Israel were all gathered together trembling to represent Jonathan 's deliberately wait for them to advance the worst start maybe we can start something there is no restraint for the Lord to deliver my fewer many notions altered having committee meetings to have a committee studying and they weren't going forward against the Philistines it's really easy sometimes for us to get involved in and I believe in preparation I believe in training you know the program we believe in training we believe in seminars and studying evangelism to be doing the math critical program next week we believe in all that but he kept forever be studying how to go forward and never going forward and finally Jonathan looked enough is enough of get out of this committee meeting little fights of the listings has no problem with the Lord maybe we haven't got everybody organized and running at the lessee what we can do sometimes I think were so afraid they were to do something wrong in our witnessing instead we do nothing very well and he said let's go and his armor bearer was so inspired by his courage it was contagious he said I can follow a guy like that in the battle my heart is with you is your heart your faith in your God is inspiring me and I'm willing to follow you just the two of us against the garrison of the Philistines not only that they strategically bad position to fight their way uphill this am with you and I went and they want that effect I think the Philistines were so surprised and said he has life to come out a holy man I mean we want to show you something and they probably you are always strong of the pages weren't prepared for a fight and they were so taken by surprise by the Curry each I like the religious leaders back in the days of the apostles when they beheld the boldness of Peter and John I know what to say beyond the city God wants his people to have all holy audacity to share the truth not be afraid being courageous for God doesn't mean you never afraid of anything matter fact I think in order to be courageous for God we need to have a certain amount of normal I don't reach out for rattlesnakes I'm not afraid of rattlesnakes that the auto reach out for because I'm afraid of it I mean and I think we've got to have that same kind of balance today our garage door broke and were spoiled with automatic garage world as all get out I so we call the repairman came over and made an salty repair the garage door and Karen Fisher mountain of five minutes know everything about a person and so she began to visibly nine talk to me Chad made friends and try to get below the price at those advantages the witnessing and as we were bidding him farewell it only took about ten minutes if it's the garage it took about half an hour to get out of our living room as a caregiver mobile is thinking about you when you want to think ever been afraid to say something like that the summer visits would you like this tracker can I give you tapered like to read and him no and will try to intimidate us any friends is about sharing our faith and so just when you really want to exit on the literate years ago I love your husband did you will be able to do what is I know you don't know what'll happen if you Internet another time you might see somebody making in another reason we need courage but what gives us courage I should say is having a mission having a reason to fight the Salazar was a gallant and probably brave findings are well excited for nothing important but be willing to die in a dilemma so courageous about that right yet infinitely courageous you need it's a some reason when David went to deliver his brothers there achieves and food from the victuals from home while he was out there on the front lines like any young man you know is out there with the goal of soldiers is looking at an increasing ACC and if I outcome the Goliath Goliath began to mock the God of Israel and mock the armies of Israel and the blasts in God 's name the blood rose up in David's heart patient is nobody can answer the challenge I killed a lion in the bear together they're not as big on doing is no one else's inability started talking like that for his and his brother got wind of it and you know what happened Elliott first annual seventeen twenty Elliott 's oldest brother heard what he spoken to the man in Elliott 's anger was kindled against David his brother you come down here to the front lines in good illegals use within the wilderness I don't acquired in the naughtiness of your heart you're just curious you came down here so that you can see the battle and then write a song about IATA isn't it interesting that the discouragements from David going against the land come from the Philistines it came from his own family sometimes Jesus is going to die for our sins and peters and that's a bad plan you don't want to do that is used to get behind me Satan from the own your own family Mary Magdalene pours out the gift of the Lord social be remembered everywhere with the gospel is preached for what she's done in Genesis one always how reckless from among the apostles and sometimes a person gets inspired to want to do something for God and the families is a you have your mind you really think that's inward we need to encourage each other in her exploits forgot what gives us courage having a mission having a cause is there not a purpose and Joshua have a cause was and what he said Joshua M God speaking to just reverse to Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise and go in our Joshua tell us to go Jesus is Joshua in Hebrew Yeshua yes she was Jesus you will note in her first time I heard it was new for me some of your heard it many times are Joshua Jesus has told us to go this arise and go over this Jordan all this people unto the land that I do give them even the children of Israel is there a greater mission the only reason people into the promised land who has a greater causing God 's people to bring folks from death to life from sickness to health from being blind the site from being dead and alive honey please help me name of greater highs the next law 's fighting and dying for a piece of dirty real estate over the promised land people will be patriotic and pour out their lives in their blood for their homeland in the soil and people dying in Libya and I admire their patriotism but then you look at the ground there dying for and hear the Lord is telling us that the brain and the courageous from the land flowing with milk and honey the guy was prepared his cause with a living foreign fighting for and dying for they help people leave them into the promised land that's what is called a pseudo- dilute people of the and how you might have to sell a lot of seasons of little spring up but can you imagine when you get across the Jordan and you meet people you are so freighted he didn't know whether to ask if they want the DVD or the Booker of the Bible study and he gave it to them and you get there and there there with you ever have doubts then that it was a cause worth fighting for you know another reason we need to be courageous why did God tell Joshua be courageous be courageous be courageous be very courageous and as they have failed for Disney have some failures in the wilderness can you get discouraged fighting when you fail some of the boxer will go on the ring and early in the fight against punch consent of the Mac entity struggles back to his feet there is a chance that he from then on and just try to protect himself and run from the opponent and hang out the corner discourage can be dampened and he gets in the corner between rounds and the coaches in the same as a matter with you you're fighting your winner Zoe Hickey once again in their second swing and when you knock down once or twice you could lose your coverage of your fallen had he ever been overcome by the enemy got discouraged your father resist the temptation you failed the next time you just are don't have much fight left in me as were here on the borders of the promised land is there a chance that some of God 's people to be saying you know the enemy 's convenient little bit I don't have that much courage left wasn't Thomas Edison that said he that's afraid to fail is afraid to succeed you can scarcely show me an example of a hero in the Bible with an fall somewhere along the way Peter went on the web bitterly after denying Christ's but you can hardly tell when he stands up on the day of Pentecost that he never fail he stood there with boldness and courage and later studied was life on the line he can manage and do not preaching Jesus name anymore there they were all sitting at elevated blood renown and fishermen in his rhymes and he looked up at the austere leaders of the church at that time he said we ought to obey God rather than men Jacob Peter had fallen before but God gave them courage we need and encourage John the Baptist the wilderness translating heating funny things preaching spiritual messages I know why Jesus said there's no problem with ever reason greater than John the Baptist John the Baptist wasn't afraid to call sin what was he was able to go right up to the King is a know you're not old to have your brother 's wife is not politically correct and I can get anything from the government when you tell the king that kept imprisoned and beheaded John the Baptist of the spirit of Elijah Elijah told Ahab as you and your father 's house at the kind of churchyards people need in the last days not only to live a victorious life but to speak the truth will always and kindness and but for heavens sake being bold people are looking for people in the world who know what they believe and yes your data be ridiculed people find out here in this century how can anybody educated believe that the Bible is literal how can anybody educated believe that God made the world in six literal days will be laughed at but I believe what the Bible says even more than that I think the person is drowning in a sea of its rarity to believe that everything everywhere all organization and design agency you are looking nowhere does your wife you say that and people in general level of because were living lives before the king and before David died he called Solomon and Solomon God has told me that you're supposed to build a house for him and he said be courageous and building God 's call was the building 's one visitors encourage cause a good example love when Abraham 's family was kidnapped by the enemy he got an army together anyone after midnight all of a sudden Abraham was a farmer he's a shepherd he goes out with three hundred men and a few additional ones any fights against five changes at the church what made them so brave so they've got my nephew in God 's family level making courageous nineteen seventy three some people in South Dakota in a motorhome that was parked taking pictures amount managed to jump through an open window and grab an eighteen month old it was an grandmother took a butcher knife and kill them not one now do you normally see grandmothers chasing outlines would've put him in what would give the management of courage love do we have reason to be courageous for Jesus as he shown his love for us he's given us an example of courage he's given us promises that he'll be with us and we have a great mission for as the world is a miracle of God 's power but I believe they were on the borders of the Jordan and we should expect miracles again what you say would you like to pray with me and asking again for that power of science father were inspired by your word by the truth that you are not changed the same way you were with Moses and David and Elijah another's you will be with your people today Lord we ask that you pour out your spirit be with everybody sometimes we fail but we pray to your blesses and vessels often lift us up again send us into the battle knowing were not alone what were fighting alongside of the rightist freedom was always failing in his victory and we need a strong asking Jesus to an a in hand with my audio morning and are having been learn more and I find a out and I read the word as a online sermon in www. on my neighbor is not a


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