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Marred in Our Hands

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute




  • August 4, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him good morning everyone and I'm glad to see that you hear those of you who are intrepid souls you are a blessing my name is Frank for the a.m. from the new Valley in Colorado and has been a tremendous honor blessing out to be asked to do the morning devotions I'm glad that you're here and I see this quite a few more people coming in body turn in your Bibles to Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three and I'm going to ask you after you get there I'm going to ask you to bow your heads with me and we'll talk to the Lord about this little moment Kelly now heavenly father Lord you are God down here we find ourselves when comparing ourselves with you to be very weak can be very sinful to be very needy in every respect how much we need you we recognize that you have a purpose for your people down here in this world thank you long to bring salvation to every sold and that too long to use us heavenly father our lives are short and how much we need you and this morning we could use some inspiration we could use some guidance we could use your words to our hearts and so are asking you by your Holy Spirit that you would communicate so that we may be better prepared after having come here this morning and we thank you in Jesus name amen how you turn in Malachi chapter three and another starter I him verse one behold I send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant to meet the light in because he shall come saith the Lord of hosts and if you look at verse zero you begin to get a sense of how important for how dangerous our house I don't even know the words that we need to use here this morning but it says who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for you is like a refiner 's fire and the folders so that naturally I think if we were to look at these verses of unjust on a shallow level we would begin to think that this is talking about the second coming of Jesus but even though the sky was long enough you recognize this is not about eighteen forty four when Jesus transferred from the holy place of the sanctuary to the most holy place in review and Herald five I guess that's it in a nine night eighteen ninety three eight it says after quoting these verses is the coming of Christ which is here referred to is not his second advent to this earth by his coming to the investigative judgment in the most holy place of the sanctuary in heaven thus the message is especially to us who are living in the time of the judgment and then we get a million here in verse three as to what this is exactly talking about the first three T Jesus always in the most holy place of the sanctuary he shall see it as a refiner and purifier of silver he shall purify the sons of Levi and per him gold and silver they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness then you shall be offering of the church members be pleasant unto the Lord as in the days of old as in former years were living in Indiana the typical day of atonement you know what that means last night I hope you are here we heard from Pastor Doug that's their amazing wonderful sermon just for me some people said is a matter of fact I think three or four five people came over to me and said that serving as is for you can you imagine people know what I need I'm an open book I guess a case and he was talking about courage and sometime during his time he was saying how there is seventeen million Seventh-day Adventists in the church today is not wonderful but it's very wonderful but I wonder I just wonder I think it would be very interesting for me if we could grasp how many of the seventeen million actually know what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the sanctuary what you suppose will happen to that number I mean it seems to me that before going to be Seventh-day Adventist understanding that aspect of who we are is probably the most important thing of all and I just wonder how many Seventh-day Adventist who are baptized Seventh-day Adventists actually understand what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the sanctuary were living in Indiana the difficulty of atonement and I says that Jesus entered upon his final atonement and I like to say that Jesus entered upon his the final phases of the atonement I said that way because the atonement has come to us by phases I believe that when Jesus was in evidence Vienna his father covenanted together that if there should be a father there would be a rescue in that file now began the first phase of the atonement as far as I'm concerned and then Jesus condescended to come to this world and that Jesus lived a perfect life while he was here in Aydin atoning death resurrected went and took up his ministry in a holy place and finally in eighteen forty four he transferred into the most holy place of the sanctuary to take on the final phase of the atonement and you and I need to understand what that means unlike says we cannot possibly exercise all rights safe unless we understand what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the sanctuary when he's done that work there whether he understand it this morning or not when he's done in Revelation eighteen verse one says that the whole world will be enlightened with the glory of his character because Jesus will have placed his character being is people are look forward to that don't you what a blessing that will be to be sealed with the seal of the living God as well in order to accomplish all of that Jesus sent three messages call the three Angels messages to purposes of the three Angels messages the first purpose which is the least important which is very very important and then I think you'll agree with me the first purpose of the three Angels messages if you are not moral asked what is going on the investigative judgment in the hour of his judgment is come Jesus is working in a most holy place of the sanctuary and our names are going up before review that he's trying to determine whether we live up to our opportunities whether we live up to our privileges as Seventh-day Adventists also the world needs to be one that Babylon is fallen is fallen and of course lastly the third Angels message the world needs to be warned about the Mark of the beast then of course at we receive the mark of the beast all of that very very important but there is more important I believe the three Angels messages were sent to prepare the people to get that warning is no point giving the warning if or not prepared to give it if we do not reflect what the warning he is trying to get to our souls if we don't know what Jesus is doing in the most holy place how are we going to do that and so any added benefit solid like the start this is all by way of introduction we need to realize that Jesus is trying to seal to himself a people he's trying to get his character in our lives he's trying to get us not to be deceived or to be led astray you know it says in the three Angels messages that they were not deceived with more they were not corrupted or they were not forget the words but corrupted with women which really points to the charges you know they're not how the help I got a year not defiled with false doctrine is really what it's trying to say it also says that these people when it's all done will follow the Lamb we there so ever he goes especially as he went into the most holy place of the sanctuary lastly and this is to accomplish this is what is needed to accomplish is that these people wheeled me and we all default before the throne of his glory while amazing so then the whole world will be lightning with his glory when God 's people come into line with what Jesus is trying to do now the reason I got interested in studying this at this time is because of a question that a certain young lady asked me I was going through my calf there at the Valley in Colorado it was convention time and we were feeding people him and my vice president was cutting watermelon I believe she was cutting watermelon in any case as I'm walking through this cafeteria SC said he's not the means is that I have a question for you this is not on she has a lot of questions of not just for me either and so CDC Lulu handed this question on me that I would wonder I would be would be a blessing to me if I could get you all appear one by one to answer the question with me if he was opposed to you but here's the question 's he says Alan light said that the three Angels messages is righteousness by faith in verity is that so now it's not so but that was the question is actually an online asked how Ellen White said that justification by faith is void attorneys of message is justification by faith as being very deep cement so there's a question there but never mind it all actually comes out to the same thing as far as I'm concerned justification is the foundation is where we go to the cross and I think we need to make a precise definition of it when you look at all three Angels messages you find out that the object of it all is sanctification I have a quotation and third selected messages page two hundred and two sanctification is the object of God in all his dealings with us sanctification is the object of God in all his dealings and how many of his feelings in all his dealings with us I doesn't matter what Jesus is doing it doesn't matter if he's going to the cross abuse resurrecting quarry these going to minister in the holy place of the site dryer the most holy place parties moving in your life providentially been all in all his dealings with you when we need what's the object sanctification he wants you to we like himself so in essence the question was right and what the question is online says the third Angels message is justification for righteousness by faith why is it that when we listen to sermons on the three angels message of the third Angels message and why is it that our preachers always focus on the mark of the beast and the resulting wrath of God where is righteousness by faith in all of that that was the question now the cuff what would you've answered what would you have said I didn't have much time to think who Monday here's what I said kind of like me and I can't reproduce it now exactly what I said what I said something like this righteousness by faith is not explicit in the text is not expressed clearly in the text is there by implication it's there by contrast if you look at the beast you're not going to find righteousness by faith you are divine righteousness my works you going to find righteousness by force of fine writers is my legislation by bribery by flattery and if all that doesn't work you might even find righteousness might torture but in the end you will find no righteousness at all because there is no righteousness is there none at all in essence all that the beast has four is controlled global dominion is in all and righteousness are religions that the front that he puts on there and he's been very very successful using that front we understand theoretically you couldn't find righteousness by faith in the beast because faith implies self distrust and putting our faith our trust in something outside of ourselves even being God but with the beasts we are expected to put our faith in the traditions of men were expected to put our faith in church the green him almost an ecclesiastical pronouncements that's where that there in the Bible if you just read it on a shallow level you never see it all of that in the techs will you be well after my vice president heard that she turned around just to show you how powerful this girl is she turned around she called somebody at three AVN and she asked somebody at three ABN if I would be given the slot to speak on this subject and of course I'm here and that's what I'm doing and for three morning we will be speaking on that subject out in a sense at the bit upside down is a bit backwards what do you usually deal usually you would find someone who has any insight and you would ask that person to go on and share the inside that they have but I received a call from someone that ASI gear and they said that they would be giving me three slots in which to speak the morning devotional that he wanted me to speak they wanted me to get an insight on righteousness by faith as it relates to the thirty three Angels messages block the UI when you don't have or at least you don't think you have the insight on that subject it puts a lot of pressure on you and so I went ahead trying to research in this thing to the best of my ability and what happened was I became very very sympathetic to our evangelists very very sympathetic to our pastors I tried putting myself in their shoes I try to grasp what it is that I would do differently if I was doing evangelistic series or if I was speaking to a group such as yourself this morning followed I put righteousness by faith in the three Angels messages while first of all it's not my job to put it there it's already there is my job to mine it out like that I trying for a month or two and I you know I can speak unrighteousness by faith but to marry the two who has been the real real difficult thing to do so I came to the place actually that I after about two months that I thought it was impossible I actually began to prepare a sermon to show how it was impossible all black and you know that would be bad right I want to tell you how good God is God is so good at the very point when I'm thinking this is if this is not happen just at that point I had a visitor come to evaluate some of you for sure will know by Doctor Fred Bischoff in any case we had asked him to come to the Valley and share some things we left there Doctor Fred Bischoff is an amazing researcher as far as I'm concerned when it comes to digging out of the spear prophecy in the Bible concepts all kinds of concepts in any case he having breakfast with me one morning while you there at Eden Valley and after breakfast he moved from the table he sat in a rocking chair and I got up and started cleaning the Bible that a table and as I'm going by EMI think to myself what am I asking this question and so that's what I did I said Ellen White says that righteousness of the third Angels message is is the righteousness by faith invariant the wearer and on our evangelists when a preacher usually preach on the market me stand in awe of that where is the righteousness by faith in the he didn't even blink and I didn't even blink an eye he just said the message would be is marred in our hands this was a garland light but he had his computer on his lap and he turned directly to you know that CD-ROM me within it that I think already that he got in just a matter of second him me and here's what I want to read to you with an amazing as far as I'm concerned this is eighteen eighty eight materials page three hundred and sixty seven one I never knew such a a quotation existed so eighteen eighty eight materials three sixty seven paragraph one watch the method that was given to the people in these meetings talking about the general conference of eighteen eighty eight in Minneapolis Minnesota the message that was given to the people in these meetings presented in clear lines not alone the Commandments of God now I wouldn't say it that way if I was writing that sentence I would think to make it a little clear by saying this is the message that was given to these people in these meetings presented in clear lines not only the Commandments of God tried to help us to see that there is something more than just the commandments of God that were present in their nineteen eighty eight that's what he was saying here the message that was given to the people in clear lines not only the Commandments of God a part of the third Angels message but the faith of Jesus that is righteousness by faith which comprehends more than is generally supposed that it will be well for the third Angels message to be proclaimed in all its parts what's implied here the implication is that we don't present the message and all its parts that it would be well if we did for the people need to every jot and pedal a bit if we proclaim the Commandments of God and lead the other half scarcely touched what other half righteousness by faith the message is marred in our hands while if the third Angels message and his righteousness by faith justification by faith in verity isn't right for us to proclaim the beast and the mark of the beast and an image of the beast in a number of his name in six six six enemy righteousness by faith out of it him why wouldn't he writes Elizabeth he shared with me inadequately says matter-of-factly Cheryl piled quotations we meet that blew me away it really helped me in my research now watch watch to see why what we've been doing has not been right it's terrible actually eighteen eighty eight material three seventy five paragraph two the Lord has work for everyone's of his loyal people for how many is that you are you one of the guards loyal people do you know that you have a working to do the NL in this context what your work is listened carefully the Lord has a work for everyone it is loyal people to do to bring the faith of Jesus that his righteousness by faith into the right place where it belongs in the third Angels message what's your work friends where the people of the third Angels of the three angels in Revelation fourteen we got three angels everywhere we've had at least in the past and we got three angels need at minimum network and we don't put the righteousness by faith where it belongs and this is everybody's work how many people 's work now this is your work could you do it been asked the priest being asked to get a Bible study BS what are your being asked to do are you able or when you do it are you putting righteousness by faith married to the Commandments of God in the three Angels messages that's everybody's work mailing is what it says the law has its important position but he is powerless unless the righteousness of Christ is placed beside the law will Ferrell and complete trust in Jesus will give the right quality to religious experience obviously Godspeed why not have the right quality to their religious experience otherwise Jesus would have long ere this is all in reading this we can come to a conclusion if we don't have the right quality to our experience in Jesus can come to you that has not come that far we've not had the right experience the right quality to our experience we've got to get this thing how long do we want to remain here in this world how long do we want to continue to play church how long do we want to continue as we are if not as we are isn't cutting it it's time we did something different I'm sure you know what I'm saying here this morning is not all there is doing nevertheless let me read this book Farrell and complete trust in Jesus we'll give the right quality to religious experience aside from this the experience is not being what it says a lot the service is like the offering of Cain it's priceless what was wrong with the offering of Cain was priceless it was bloodless there was no lamb in it now friends we need to realize Cain was a son of Adam the firstborn as far as I understand you think Adam and Eve didn't communicate with chains God I communicated with them about their spam is inconceivable came under still it through his parents and maybe angels from heaven then I don't know how else God never communicated to Cain and Abel and everyone down the line that God had a plan of salvation that God would accept no sacrifice but his own simply because there is no way to atone for the sins that were committed by the human race in any other way there was only one sacrifice that supplies but Kane comes along and he determines that he is going to make a sacrifice for Alan light says that you sacrifice would have been accepted on wife says that his sacrifice would have been good if it had been a thank offering but it was not a bank robbery he was trying to make an atonement for sin in Athens Cain was literally inventing a new way to salvation is what he was doing and I believe he knew what he was doing I mean he wasn't too fresh from the hand of God and the sin problem it just begins and gone through angels he communicated with his parents who had communicated with him he knew what God wanted but the government people who just want their way as if you and their down the NL that all of that is symbolic of the future pagan religions that we come in the wake of what happened with King and especially the one great religion that we know today was we call the beast of Revelation chapter fourteen and you remember also that in chapter four Genesis God put a mark on the forehead of Canaan is not amazing but oversight is for it actually just put a mark on Cain and you know that that is symbolic also on the Mark of the beast you want to study the mark of the beast studied Genesis chapter for being begin right there that's what it is and friends it's talking about righteousness by faith as opposed to righteousness my words right from the beginning that's what it is that's the issue in the whole Bible amazing now I have a question for you how important is it for the world to know who the beast is what France is very important how important is it for the world to know the history behind the beast and its purpose is for being how important is it for the world to know the prophecies concerning the beast in all the political ramifications that from that how important is it to know that the law of God is still binding especially decided the fourth commandment how important is it to know the role of apostate Protestantism in this world and the role of America and prophecy friends all of that is super important everyone should know the world should be warned about these things but in the end knowing all that if you do not know Jesus Christ personally if you do not receive the gift of his own right this is where the power lies in all of it is a waste of time it's amazing how were powerless without the righteousness of Jesus Christ in faith and works page twenty seven it says his righteousness accomplishes everything nothing else does make the event nothing else this does only Christ's righteousness will give the right quality to our religious experience in this is the purpose behind the three angels of Revelation chapter fourteen in early writings page two hundred and fifty nine speaking specifically about the three Angels messages it says this is the destiny of soul hangs upon the manner in which these are received the three angels message the destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which these messages are received well friends how in the world can we receive these messages rightfully if they are not communicated rightly tolerate going to receive what God wants us to receive if only half the message is ever given now that's an exaggeration I understand there are preachers out there surely not understand this link and add married to and there's been no wonderful attempts wonderful efforts made in trying to understand is that in trying to communicate that God but I think as far as I can tell we've not been that successful in this thing we are somehow have been focused a lot on our doctrines and our standards on our lifestyles at the expense of righteousness by faith you know what I think the problem is that the problem was you right from the beginning you know Seventh-day Adventists receive the their knowledge by large from a lot of denominations around us and then we began to think of the people I think we still kind of think the same way as a people we think that the other denominations around us the other Christian churches around us understand the plan of salvation pretty much like we do we understand it pretty much like they knew the gospel begins you're the gospel the plan of the lake it is not the issue that were supposed to be looking at because we all understand it pretty well the same therefore we need to focus on that which is distinctive for a by contrast of course so we focus on the doctrines of our history on prophecy in all the political ramifications of all that but I got a question for you this morning and I think you can grasp this group of all the other churches that surround us which one understand what Jesus is doing in a most holy place of the sanctuary today you think how many Christian denominations understanding and even had a hint of understanding this all friends aren't any now as a matter of fact if there is one doctrine that is rejected if there's one doctrine that is refusing to buy the persecution on any issue toward Seventh-day Adventists it's because of the sanctuary doctrine and it's because of the way we believe it's because of what we understand that Jesus is doing in a most holy place the sanctuary somehow that rubs everybody the wrong way let me tell you something that's even worse than that we don't understand we don't understand and we understood that we lived up to our privileges I believe that long before this we would have been sealed with the seal of the living God and really understand it and don't believe it I don't know it because in my mind these you even runs deeper than that and tomorrow I'm going to take a stab at trying to show how much power there is in the righteousness of Christ new is that the use of insight that I got a few months ago and I'm blown away yellow seeing power is one of fighting men in any case you know I know your watchmen when is a bulldozer at work this is like what they I mean says an old piece of junk is moving earth around and stuff like that but it's moving stuff around you couldn't move around a few there's just so much power and we love our wonderful yellow that I would like to tell you tomorrow morning about power and I hope I can it's not that easy to do anything yet about whether to attempt to do that tomorrow morning down here's what I fear you know and I know that Jesus has given us his righteousness Jesus went to the cross he took all of your sins he called your sins and pay the penalty before you were born before you are born again it was all done when I'm there he did it without your permission he did it without you you did have anything to do with it he went to the cross he paid the penalty for all of your sins and then he turned around and he took his righteousness is all-powerful righteousness that thing that can accomplish everything he took his righteousness April first zero two every single member of the human race here is all the power of the universe the gift is yours if you believe this what could you do that make any sense that we don't do more than we do and if you knew you couldn't fail what would you attempt well you got all the power of the universe you know amazing you know the problem is we want God 's righteousness God wants to give us his right to see Stephen it was already we wanted but we only want enough to be saved we don't want so much that it interferes with what we put in our mouths we don't want so much of it that it interferes with the way we dress we don't want so much of it that it's going to determine what review what we read what we think what we say what we do we want to be saved but we don't want our style craft and so we become Christians if we adopt the plan of salvation I believe that justification part of the plan of salvation and we look is fueled by the sanctification part you know something that rather keep doing our friends how is it with you do you know God you know what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the sanctuary you know what it means the anti- typical day of atonement you know what you're supposed to be doing today if you had all right faith you would be cooperating with this thing and Jesus would be blotting out your sins or is your experience intellectual giving assent to what is true doctrine see history of the prophecy but it doesn't sanctify the life is the message marred in your hands that's the challenge then heavenly father we know that you've been attempting to do something great with this people we know we also begin to sense that you failed not because you are the failure but because we failed out taking hold upon unlimited power to produce supernatural results and so we live in human lives with no more than human attainments and father we can only beg your forgiveness Lord forgive us we guns we got nowhere with the gift of God and our asking you in Jesus name to change our minds to change our hearts to help us by thy grace to lay hold on this gift so that with you by you we can make a demonstration of the world is yet to see this is our desire this is our prayer this is our hope and we thank you for it with all of our hearts in Jesus name and a new one on every morning and I haven't been like to learn more and I live in a and I is the word as online sermon is www. one hundred and


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