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Effective Personal Evangelism

John Bradshaw
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John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • August 4, 2011
    10:45 AM
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one thing we can know for sure is that God wants us to be involved in personal manuals and I think you want and remind to be able to visit no escape clause in this this is in the workforce somebody else it doesn't matter how young a person is how all the person is that person can be involved in personal evangelism and be effective in the area of personal evangelism I have you on my devices and putting the property is left over you guys okay even was an account of Germany were it is been doing Christ Christ's work that the judge has the promise of his presence to take his yoke is one of the first conditions of receiving his power notice of this book very life of the church depends upon the faithfulness of fulfilling the will commission is a powerful quote the theory of the judge depends upon this in a socially asked the question what platelets look as if if if members of the church am not engaged in public personal evangelism it by my reading and lecture just by definition what while to neglect this work is surely to invite spirituals feebleness and decay when there is no act of lay before us know what kind of like the economic passive active labor for others love lanes and faith grows the desired registration eight hundred and twenty five no you get a loser you know what I did go to work and I try live a good life that allows anybody and I want people to know what a nice person I am and I've decided I'm happy and I hope that people will just on the way you do something a little honesty one day we get a judge I want to go there note we're going to let our light shine I like that idea the light shine late people 's Ian will be attractive but only available for another yes we know we've got taken to the next stage we were actually engaging people in some kind of some kind of the thinking process also gone for the moving process to get people from when I die to win God wants them to be so we need to be in this we need to be intentional so in a certain sense what resonates the developers some kind of personal evangelism plan personal evangelism plan I would like to think about a way that you can be in intentional about reaching people for Jesus not this is the web of my life and I hope the Bears but here's what I'm going to do here's my plan of attack as my modus operandi this is the way I do business if you don't have a this is the way I do business I think it's probably likely to develop some kind of action plan a personal evangelism action plans even say here is my way years Mister D as well I'm going to do that work all gone in business can never be finished until the men and women comprising a church membership rallied to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church offices software makes three hundred fifty two company I need to grab the FAA to heal you know our church has a etiology of mission a theology of personal evangelism you could call it a theology of involvement we believe that when Jesus spoke these words he spoken to all of us in Matthew chapter twenty eight and of those nineteen he said go ye therefore was the Internet passage you go therefore and teach all nations and we know that would teach them tricks like that is what make disciples of Geoghegan therefore and make disciples of holy sizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things want to arrive and while I'm with you always even unto thee in all the will Peter wrote that we are a royal priesthood a royal priesthood so eBay is a business of it when you leave for the professionals undertake a public event people say people say you're not sure to bring innovative Laurel when we graze high Johnson a writer can only sit back and just we just let them do it and accept it that's not how the judge 's been doing and that's out people have been doing what I can tell you from experience will contact the judge at your school what unit about the second one was coming to do a public evangelistic appealing with you we got the conferences like this something you said yes and everybody's onboard sampling each we can't come to town it is preached that the tombstone for the town and have a lot of money sitting in the audience and the congregation in the crowd who are either because they want to be there and what you would've gone so what we've done though is we believe that it are speaking in very general terms and I'm I'm I'm accepting from you permission to do that we save if we bring the evangelist and he or she will just do the work and that that that that will never bring success the problem was this we became in evangelism the victims of our own success back in the old days you could put up a tent at a big sign saying here the singing evangelist we used to use that term in a public setting bus singing evangelist the Namibian open picture of a least a biblical preventing these people would say I will have an amalgam of her work as well if all I see there's a there's a meeting downtown in the village square and then I have a singing evangelist and should say singing is they were waiting to go to and he would say well because I I walked home from the shoe store downtown and you had supper ready and waiting on the table and because the children have their homework done and because there is no television yet and because we can download movies to watch from Netflix and because because we don't have a mortgage something that you absolutely have to work we can notice and she said this would actually go to the meeting and the evangelist the singing evangelists and a beautiful song and I think about was beautiful and in the evangelist preaches and that he tends to variances that's not what we believe we don't believe that good people sleep and she says but Ralph he's right look at what the Bible says that he is by saying you know what he is right we need a joint venture good old days is that the world in which you live getting of six seven mom my whole life will be home from work children today and a son told him all home with the children ever had before anything with a not an eyewitness sitting at a computer game or on the Internet without watching a movie or the heavy television that has four hundred channels and then at least two channels from their own insurance what is going on for me besides that now Stephan dispensational theology when John Schuyler Street in Charlotte North Carolina nineteen hundred and nineteen in the thirties that has a hundred and thirty six people there was no one there I'm doing with them about the secret rapture no life and it was here when we yet we always figured it was a different agent in that it is now somewhat we've got to have is a is a is a related and will like what linkages from the comes from a group of Lebanese people people and will be mentioned to me that the the the the clerics up here and plays down the we believe in a priesthood of all believers were everybody can be involved doing the work of God we have a theology of involvement clearly what we need is a less civil work not a work with somebody else reaches Jesus for you but where is it in our personal area and Al Littles feel we are doing something possibly to reach all this for a more linear than a sure principle with you one thing is listen and I think this is a very important thing to notice and recognize the place you really want to be seeking to work with Jesus is the place where Jesus is working no salary I was in Florida all work is brutal brutal when you have to go to Daytona Beach for was brutal and it was fellas why they who was a was a gone so far she grew up surfing in Hawaii and someone had a set of order I grew up forty minutes from one of the best left-handed breaks in the world and never going near a civil so I see how hard can this be you know so for the hard to get on auditing standoff just get on area and I Siebel should I get up on this system for what do I do she say there is no difficulty at all all you have to do is catch the way I see if I missed away she said okay there's another wave coming along just a short time later all you've got to do is catch the wife is like flying a kite what you have been doing if like on you discover Quechua so when taking a bit air is blowing it is not blowing you don't fly a kite you say all white for another day you wouldn't take your Bible studies would you and set up a booth in the foyer of the convention national Society of bases you wouldn't do that you wouldn't include the wind is blowing that's not right what we want to do is identify what God is working and work in conversation and a witness to an atheist and so you might want to take a slightly different approach but you want to work with God is working of to that end who for spiritual interests want to spiritual interests that spiritual interest and sometimes you might be a scratch is an indignant product to find to identify spiritual interest when you start asking carefully worded questions in Wheeling when you engage people conversation and when you loosen the whole point of going to come back to later you will you will do soon you will be kicked spiritual interest Jesus it is a point tossing a pill before swine and is not a lot of point putting a whole lot of energy into a situation where there's no storage will interest for instance if you have an atheist neighbor and a and a backslidden Baptist neighbor on the other side and you want to give somebody a Bible study with most likely the best place to start is with the person with this when you notice some kind of spiritual interest not a Johnny on a side effect of humility and effective personal evangelism doing honest nor anything have his Bible study with you what might you do you might take a little grid right thing this wouldn't you like and that the effectiveness of evangelism because you just made a friend you might spend some time leaning over the fence talking to Mister Smith about his kids are about a dog or about his job take something you might say that this is litmus tests you need some unique nose brunches clearly for me back I tried I can do that for you and will come back to why that approach is so very very important so so you lunatic different strokes for different folks and it's important to keep that in mind because them might be a reason that some of us are just getting nowhere in sharing Jesus with others perhaps a lot of the time we point where any outcomes of the wrong targets and thinking maybe one size fits all win when it comes to evangelist one size doesn't fit simple system evangelism not also shackled with the same night someplace I even called faith and not all fish novels virtual fishing report with the same approach it just doesn't work that way so we want to identify spiritual interests and not the spiritual interests but spiritual interest in the singular and I want you to know anybody can be successful in personal evangelism you can be successful and if you know already that he was successful than I want you to know that you can go from here and teach someone else how they can be successful you can use many many years ago I really be hearing a story of a lady who was ancient and she was house down Bill really probably will never come close to describing her he couldn't get out of a honeymoon but she wanted to do something for Jesus she wanted to do something in Washington she got on the phone and she got a telephone booking she started at a clock Maryland a Bacillus name the telephone book and she called out and she said hello my name is Gary and unfolding just offer you a Bible study and deluxe Bible study I'll send you in the mail you can do by correspondence and you know that a lot of people didn't want anything to do with but you know also that there was some people who were just taken by that ensued when she was sent to me in the mail no highlighting the initial sheen went through that entire telephone book she told the possible there are two things I haven't thought I keep calling one a.m. I called at four p.m. I got up early at four a.m. to identify consumer related foster Bible studies that everyone thought would be exhibited using the Pacific was absolutely was affected for every person but when you're taking that kind of that kind of outgrown cost approach was effective because she was able to offer a Bible study every body in the phone book and many people accepted you can be successful you know one thing that's the case will determine when he was successful and personal event is about is the level of your commitment to personal evangelist how badly you want if you really want to reach somebody to Jesus you would average somebody to Jesus unless you're a complete knucklehead you are going to reach somebody to Jesus and the reason I put it like that is the only reason you're lucky to have success is if you're just going about it all wrong and not living from your mistakes not a Satanist when it comes to effective personal evangelism you don't want to be afraid of making mistakes you just don't know we read in the Bible costume why do my will on all warnings below there might be somebody think I just don't know what to do through that guy I'm in a try this and it was not interested that was a failure that was a success it is little more living than it wasn't uninterested anyone trying to approach next time you say Archuleta from another angle don't be afraid of making mistakes be prepared to make mistakes I have a conference president who offer the fastest it is gone for fifteen dollars for every new idea they tried any vandalism that failed try something by Elizabeth I am going to be fifty dollars for you personally you know the slander because then he can't remove the root of the fear of failure and he knew that the more they tried them all likelihood of ability find success in sharing Jesus with others so being willing under the comeback this point soon as soon I'll get to the point that I'm filling a medical doctor but if you'll got a lot of petition God 's throne in and shake the throne of God telco I want to reach someone for Christ no one human reach somebody to Christ is the problem isn't that is nobody to reach the problem is that is not enough people going on during the reach the harvest truly is great but the laborers are what God is not looking for anything other than people willing to stand up for that they hand and say as the prophecy hereby seen me and when we saying that and we've we just held on the something I wanted it when I committed to we will find success in personal evangelism some fellow Satanists find out what your strengths are befuddled witnesses are plenty of strengths any sporting place would strengthen their weak on defense and strong offense and not the reliably be faced when you rely their offense and a belt structure big game to play to their strengths we will play the last rings when it comes to personal evangelism if this something that you feel like you just can't not doing you continue to miss up Steve away from it and try something else than you might like to go to Lawrence I can you help me in the area of weakness but don't be afraid of playing history now I just open the door for everybody to have the biggest copout it well that's just not my spring unending feud is to say that about everything but a simple and plain history it's like soliciting the Lord will initiate you a quote that you can take back to church and an issue with everybody hundreds of when the church is a list of inactivity citizen sees to it that they are employed he occupies the field and engages the members and lines of ordinance will be remedies destroy spirituality and cause him to fall as gateway upon that you it's essential that were in the something something to reach souls for Jesus a wise a man who was my ministerial secretary one conference that upholding horse doesn't take if we get out your just active doing something for Jesus they ever stop fussing about the color of the company to stop complaining about the process server does not pray from some more negative stop bickering about who is on the nominating committee minutes that we have bigger fish to fry we've got to go win souls for Jesus getting involved in evangelism changed my life changed my life I was in no way going to evangelism and evangelism was in every way God 's gift to me my focus changed why would I stop making mountains out of out of theological issues that were really in the big picture molehills went over there is a young couple living in sin he's smoking she's drinking and using drugs that children that are going straight to hell but now somehow that got this idea but they want to learn about the Bible suddenly only one thing that is benefiting Jesus the young couple it will change your life when you get involved in personal evangelism because you will see what's really important and what's really important is saving souls for whom Jesus God that he can be honored and vindicated and glorified in their lives I do believe a lot of regulators on you with a guilt trip I really do believe that Christian to love Jesus will feel good result if you don't pray for it just be honest and say well maybe I'm not ready to be please would you would you take me to because even if it's just for your spiritual good you need to be this is a quote that I'll come too late that told about this if you're not excellent and you feel like you reviewed your inadequate at doing something for Jesus you have no excuse anymore every time you turn around a SIPC supplement his life as a bottle of pure or evangelism training school and you see that it from the nuclear uneasy amazing facts center of evangelism and you say know the Lord isn't trying to tell me something it just happens to be the netbook that ISI and each are you walk away from it safe and not about white men and in Uganda this week is have you learned out salt and even not so because the one who would be training school you don't have a was an acronym for the salt is the new it is written evangelism and Bible training school that is being run in conducted in partnership with Southern Methodist University and I'm just as excited as anything so you've got Lewis a life after salt would like to say it is admitted that it and then this arise and his mission college and in West Virginia the conference here starting something and upper Columbia conferences just started something and I was told that the I was told that their couple of other lease in various places life in fact the Lord to negative that is as an aside we want every corner and then and then and in way that excuse that he can't believe because these programs are typically long enough for four and half months something like that cost a lot of money if you don't go there will be a resource is everywhere and every DVDs Avery were some really is not much fixed excuse of his that quote desired weight is one forty one no sooner was one converted then there is born within him older I decided to make known to others what precious freebie is found in Jesus for saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in his hot young is the court that will get it out you've noted before if you have it that's okay it's interesting that in recent years this quote has really come to the forefront and people thought about it like they just how despicable by someone who quoted in ministry viewing page one hundred and forty three and we need to talk about it because it says that Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people in your essay I'll leave this method is that overture 's notice she's a true sixties choosing Christ she's insane no other method can bring success to true success is a difference of you people say what you don't pray before reading the Bible you're going to be replaced before reading the Bible I do recommend that the recommended what do atheists to bring people to Jesus but we told her that true success in an iPad am not recommending upright before reading the Bible thus save young mingled with man as one who designed the good he showed his sympathy for the minister to the needs and while they confident then he bade been followed me a break that down a little bit Jesus mingled among men I I'm only going to be honest with you reusing this one will be goes it makes me look more studied and professional Jesus mingled among their message out to five we are told by Christ he us soul of the body known to be the salt of the result is to get out of associate and mingle the right away if I grub eating eating potatoes in a weekend like every day I'm not exaggerating probably six days a week not a growing and you peel the potatoes and equipment appointment really want to add one salt and you don't eat you wouldn't put this all in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the bottom of the pot you want to get around and mixup and salt and add flavor to the potatoes and that's what Jesus did he mingled and added salt to the people where he was even mingled among men there is a real need for God 's people to get out and mingle and exit the danger because we don't always want to get too close to them non- Adventists of these non-Christians we don't want to get too close to people it was interesting Wesley was an efficient market in London and he had with an apprentice project to my young preachers and with Sandy send someone around and it was some women over there in the fish market in the language was a bit salty and anxiety significant out again Wesley since they sent me study and learn how to preach interesting is the night you know I'm not saying I'm one I'm not saying that once sang and maybe some situations that on your typical perfect sanitized buttoned-down situation people when the soul needs to be on some level I'm not saying lowliest standards in an end be some sort of he and he even but what we do need to get in our minds is that is necessary for I think we can be fully made up our carrying a SI attending convinced that this Christians and still mingle the way Jesus wants us to mingle it's very very important Jesus mingled among men you this means you might have to get your hands dirty you know you might you might have to listen to someone using bad language what you might have to do with the kids that scream and run around immaculately boosts e-mail you might have a human attribute places you might have to stay up late you might have been the Semele the regular time expert processes regularity report I remember that quote where she said what she said these principles I'm sharing with you you need a statement originally even if it means offending people and local insult unwritten nine hundred that even you'll find needy people hurting people dysfunctional people and people pool people horrible people did Jesus mingle gets a little paganism examples where Jesus mingled in the Temple artworld the synagogue at a better easy with it away somewhere else at the wedding that's a good only went to the wedding weddings funerals where else eight Jesus Vogel all and many bug prostitutes and he went awaiting on the undiscovered Jonathan of fun I'm guessing someone muttering been drunk and that would help I don't know anybody don't want with wretched church leaders and wretched church members and all kinds of people but he he is the woman with the issue of blood as I is I remember reading it he put himself right I was reading so that he would intersect with so Jesus put himself out there know that can be training it can be but if we go to reach people that we need to reach people that not all that account they're just not these days he put up a sign saying singing evangelist and selling audio notices a gazillion other signs put up a sign that says that with the picture of the beast yuppie at that dog will do that after a fashion less of an agreement like the full so what we need is people it would Jesus think I did bring back next Christ template full full bringing people to compel them to come to allow to the highways and byways and grabbed hold of him and bring them you know that that that leads us to the store where the people think about it and where other people and then think about where you and where are you when people and it might be that there are places that you go for later masses of people that is change are approachable you could now be sharing Jesus with an infecting and affecting for the kingdom of heaven I asked a couple of people when I knew I was prepared for this business seminar class you on effect of cosleeping with my sister couple of trusted experience people want wanting your line of the keys what keys in Paris last one of them see the number one thing in effective personal evangelism is being a person 's brain and revolutionary being somebody's friend John stand up for this ASI thing and tell folks that access to simple the in a you already do not tell them anything tell him that he is to be friends with people in an online business are Christians of his face one hundred and sixteen by me having to pick us up after infecting on Monday will need to make informed big people tell me what happened with adversaries and they were right go your name is one by one and come close to them until the hot cell wall by unselfish love sympathize with them pray for me notice this watch for opportunities to do them good and as you can get a few to get it open the wood of God as you can gather a few to get her husband would go to be done watch for you and that means we go to become students of human psychology without watch what's going on in people 's lives because what you do you say that I got a Bible study from it is written elegant disseminate whether he likes it or not I have a track on the state of the day make sure I can with my neighbor will yeah but maybe maybe that's only not as working and that's not the right approach maybe it is something to watch for opportunities who for the use of the newly amazed how many people you can share with Jesus when you just will look for opportunities they are there the opportunities are there and many of them we are missing one in my street we just moved to Southern California and am talking eliminated when you know that I do all my wife she's good at meeting a present right to have beautiful she will be a perfect children because they may like yours is a fit of madness the people in that you know something that we don't have one we currently have on right now with all unknowing dog may actually develop a play not intellectually eliminated as but he is all entities only what is in the cute dog these figures are active the eighty seven -year-old Jewish woman in a housing development in West Hollywood and he's taking the going on walks every day and have they become big friends and he goes there for Passover stuff and they talk about Christ and with the two things is all as willingness to pull up to someone and knowing anything to do it and it is willingness to walk with he's engaged and effective personal evangelism so we felt just a little of the neighbors and talk with a neighbor and an audit I said I never thought I'd be moving here in Snowdonia from Washington and he said I was the same as me I expect immediately thought you know it's just it is elegant and upstairs leads you to go home I suggest that it was a time constraint it wasn't and as we spent us into what did you hear that you had a bad is there a spiritual interest could understand what a lot of us think that argument was that come back to that O connected living room when you use you you you flooding of the disrespectfully one by personal labor of my personal items not being willing to get up and go do something for somebody else and told in a company like personal labor reach those around him become acquainted with the recovery someone you don't know preaching will not do the work that needs to be done angels of God attend you to the dwellings about to visit this work cannot be done by proxy in a something money links all given will not accomplish it as as you contribute money what else is on a mission trip to Zimbabwe and is you is you get my contracts to be sent to Tajikistan and you put money offered by for global mission is a little mission tiniest wherever data that would mess up the slip and was a good one keep doing that and more but back to this money little given one all-encompassing sermons will not do it by visiting the people talking pricing sympathizing with them you will not this is the highest missionary work that you can do to do it you will need resolute persevering faith on wearying patients in a deep love for souls many say this because I've been put in my notes if I forget all the way up our way to reach it was inside is the price then he met there an atheist in my mind my dog is sick you know me to Mister Brown I'll be praying for your dog I remember a guy who was of the minister of another faith he began a seven-day advanced needle in a person he his wife was sick and the person came I was a medical missionary work truth of missionary work and a nation we want we wanted nominal before before that the medical missionary widget we can't I want to pray for you they knelt down is living he said the men pray we pray for my wife he rightfully he even tried to like dogs he said that Presley now let's say whether I trust is the number one thing is to pray for animals auditing that but if you look to someone I'm praying for you that is other family members identified a region are not about you keep praying different and in Nelson would you pray for my frame would you predict the pain and also praying for you and that is adhering and don't come a time that will metaphor the if you can let your neighbors know by the way you said that your son broke his leg was in hospital frightful I've been praying for a healthy doing any breaches of lead in the Ukraine for the rest of us in prayers and you and the later Christian unit and they are praying person use the new UK you let them know you you know still not realizing the net is to pray a prayer prayer is powerful powerful powerful let's jump over a couple of court to be back in this review is Jesus mingled among men as one who desired being good there is some people groups that were not really cracking we don't baptize how law of Buddhists really don't but a lot was reading an article I think from the review with Scott Griswold from the Buddhist studies center in Bangkok Thailand soon as what you've got annuities Buddhists is getting close to their NBA friends over a long period of time editing look for opportunities to minister to them if he said it was a much that might not be that the very first thing right after day and stocks is young God really get beside him and show that you hear about hobby rocket science but Jesus mingled among the needy what does they but he was there as one who designed a good read another article about a family who got to know a Muslim family is held invalid which Muslims you reaching was reaching Muslims throw wrong sensitive dogs that's limited anyone anywhere but if you reach out to easily say that today they got to know this family neighbors I think NASA invited month of meals and I went to bed place the manuals that really works well in adherence to the other some things we don't even nothing wasn't emphasizing the Christians are healing in a weekly smoking drinking movies and I will instantly became friends with these people all one of my friends who got a lot of reaching Muslims he says he want to reward with a Muslim sect of Islam telling you feel if someone from another fix if you tell me that Christianity ought not here to open a three-hour flight he'll tell the whole story appraisal of Gospels in Chile on the place they told me and thanks for the mainframes of these people enough for some considerable period like the husband and can you take me to be able to stop it what to give me any notice of him I pray you do something for me all the way to be able to silence and the Muslim husband to be want you to tell us that Jesus did not make sense in the car safe it's away from everybody wouldn't have happened if he hadn't taken the time to mingle among people as one who decided the good you know in gospel with visits is his page one hundred ninety three your success will not depend so much upon the knowledge and accomplishments as upon your ability to find your way to the hot readable code path to the hot likely to it's still a great book and you can find it reprinted still I think one friend of mine sees people don't need us to be feel at I just need us can me know if someone is about to a question from the Bible you don't understand this telling one another will find it on recent nonowner someone comes you with some creation evolution questioned is not enough be honest transparent real reality is really very very important if if when not reaching the high holy doing is convincing and is not convicting an end we don't want as we talk with people we mingle among people is one who designs the good philosophy we want to do is engage people in theological debates if you're ever tempted to argue with somebody like you just don't we don't need to win arguments if you getting a Bible study with some of Atlanta fight about it when we see it differently that's okay that's okay you go to share you my total reversal to the utopia friending your friends is ex- and you know that X is way wrong in the prayerful and instead of taking that hit on it and striking an end but wondering your way through conversation as in an argument of way just want to be friendly and winsome it just you know if we share in Jesus and being effective personal evangelist we want to be like Jesus if we're not when opting effective than what did Jesus show his sympathy for others he can that's profoundly profoundly simple Jesus can't even just did but he showed that he he showed dedicated if your neighbor has called total surgery and can't do much and you want to not just cannot show that you can and that means you will wield a trash bin out to the road and you'll bring it back in for that person you big grass and you say listen they may do the grocery shopping for your ongoing within the supermarket anyway demonstrating that we care is more important than Neely caring and then he ministered to be named I have a brother I have one brother was a Seventh-day Adventist he's been involved in raising about fall congregation so we know something about solely I don't know how many people he's lived the baptism and neither does he but a lot and there was a time a while ago that he got involved with a fellow who had been one of New Zealand's leading methamphetamine distributors and at any gone focus when the going is like was selling drugs they had everything and more of everything that was a big one and then when the strategies they lost everything and had literally nothing other than a roof over the heads and close on the back had virtually nothing at Christmas time there was this family and and indicates a four five kids and live my brother and his wife's is no way we can allow them to have a Christmas that's not a Christmas thing that had eluded you they only do gift syllogisms gifts and while we don't really have the money for this they had been saving for Christmas project of their own they said it's more important to give these guys a Christmas that they'll be happy so they can pull that money and invested in this family you think that spoke to that family I did make a big deal of it they just did it they didn't say with sacrificing they just did and ended I know how effective it was that family because I was going to baptize the husband and wife and all along the way they look people who would demonstrating real Christian charity and love and care for these people you know a methamphetamine district you might think that a hopeless case there are no hopeless cases none I was one of the hopeless cases nobody in their right mind before that I would become an editor 's live alone and evangelist and minister the gospel nobody when I came it should that first day looking like this warmed up people you know is like I think people stood back luckily it was coming in is what God ruled invasive comments yet God was able to reach me ever going to reach a methamphetamine deep methamphetamine dealer like like this friend of mine God can reach anybody we had neighbors living across from us in one place I know I need to start getting house at the time I need to start getting on some of the things I said I would get to and so at running the risk of getting out of sequence is what you want to do hooray that God will bring to your people with whom you can share Jesus pray it's not your work work fray to the Lord of the harvest that he will send for laborers and Doug pray that people would just say that Scout afraid of them be sent by God as the Bible says that the Bible 's if you will into if you get on your knees and pray Lord I thought to share Jesus with somebody would watch anyone when I became a teachers been a full-time evangelist before that became a church pastor in Kentucky with your great state is able great state I realize I was a pastor the judge and had no Bible studies not just felt they fall out of the sky seeing as I was the pasta can get an ice table this time the Army Bible studies on were undefined but say what I I I worked with the past that he would put in the bulletin join a Bible study Scott in just like that you go yes and another was among the judgment is an FMA print the money since he will not have Bible studies have I got down on my knees a short time later and said that's enough I didn't even know where they came from but they can and if you will write on bringing people for me to share what we're living in a little town in another place and I and everything is a family across the street it was with my family in the traditional sense but it was it was a family and so we pray to a window regions on none of the above the male figure in that household he was a character tattoos in alternate Adesso common these days whenever by the enemy he had you have tattoos the detectives and handle he had the tattooed around his neck and right here he has had to hear your a hopeless case and we see Lord got to reach and and the ladies to get in there in the house and move with her boyfriend 's name had to do just that you think you know you shouldn't do that because that was the last boyfriend is this guy a different name on and the children of men different fathers and we pray will be stuck to be away is going to be away and before long we were doing a longer in the washing machine broke down before long we were feeding the kids that's the way we sit to the parish of unprotected sex yet when you take Neil I like to tell you that we ended up baptizing the whole family we didn't baptize anyone but the point laws gone opened up and will first administer the people in a way that was really impactful of write a lot for the reason why we pray we moved to seamy Valley my wife prayed more like I will be sharing Jesus with somebody I don't know anyone here just down the street is a little swimming pool for our friend development than anything that was when we prayed as a family was in the indication is interesting premise in front of the kids bring the kids in Minnesota when gone on to the prayer that we could see the premiums and the so one diagnoses down for my two children there's a lady she says and the lady said yes yes you husband brings to judge she was of the Thousand Oaks she was at a church when I preached there one Sabbath and and she came to me after the church service and was really impacted very very impressed by the Holy Spirit to the church and he went over the last family connections ending that was considered that very moment the swimming pool are you still going to judge what you want to do there often bloody on the mend on and she's easy even in a cell so editing baptizing non- know I be baptized well we did I mean do you think the world would like to be baptized on love to be better when you have a full baptism might be good ideas have some Bible studies yeah you know I'd like to have Bible studies only saving some of us are right now is in the process of setting up a series of Bible studies one of my wife it was so special nothing we pray God we work this out we willingly he witnessed out and then you will give fine appointment you for that phrase before pray for divine appointments because they are certainly the then Jesus one day confidence in one-day confidence is a thousand things I can say about this but you know one thing under the say is that we need to be listeners we need as I heard my neighbors they bought man upstairs Melissa who that woman say yes I went to judge but I'm not a member of the church we want to listen when people say they are hurting anything I've been praying for your for your grandfather in the nursing home when you listen to people when they say they had need because they even took a sack of groceries and exciting I just I just felt like enlightening this list I spoke to one of the portal solely for ten years at nag and he says that listening is so important because really often many people just want someone to listen to the and is not listening fully important cues that you can pick on his listening there is something about the delay karaoke is an emotional baggage they need someone to listen and be a friend you can be that person easy and as easy as sitting down getting outshot looking looking wavering on the computer it will go electric however now that I know I only moon in the afternoon easy this with people 's confidence you know something is that when people 's confidence is when you demonstrate that you are a balanced Christian it was my brother who relayed me to truth with me Jesus and when he left out church and joined his wacky church that he became a part of that was that was very weak very weird from very traditional family but she wants it to my foxy it has helped I was like leasing because it was it was undeniable that when my brother can administer you help it was no longer and drug use he was no longer living in sin he was no longer aimless it has really made him into a place in this cluster is close to getting his doctor it really was the making off people seem to be balanced he was wanting to be a crank with crazy enough that we that we go to church on Saturday such cranky enough to hide anything on simply say that in winning people 's confidence you want to be an approachable person you want to be a one-hit it was not attributed to us at editor easy sometimes restoration in the wrong impression and to come across as a crank maybe I don't want to be anymore specific than that just something to think about Jesus while their confidence he didn't judge people he was genuine he mingled with a woman you have multiple husbands a woman who when they come to the well when other people well she was so embarrassed but he won the confidence so that when he was away revealed her that if she was he was the Messiah she read come on everybody is in come on in and listen to him and then he made him follow me which suggests that an ad and significant a significant part of effective personal evangelism is asking the question not just selling the sea by the big areca hotlist I had a friend who worked in a medical institution he said I never thought it was a church that will never at a Bible study with whether he is that he was a he worked in the medical situation and then I have a brother who works in the medical situation he seems to me almost in a three day I'm involved in spiritual conversations he said almost every week opportunities come up for me to study the Bible with people you are hated to say follow me I don't know but I will give exact same hospital Margaret was working at the word was he having he had laid fifteen people the baptism fifties he was the grounds and he admitted fifty people the Baptist why did you stop beside people he made friends with people many listen and respond what he went through that of their lives let's look at some specifics and the inability of inordinately short time we had with its dignity on times a day I'm sorry market of your time fussing fussing this is the first thing I got caught up right go to the Lord and pray you never I fly I pray Lord I would like you to put me next to somebody that I can share Jesus with today if you don't I will like that but it is nobody sitting next to me but if you bring somebody got to help me with this stuff on his long trip back from New Zealand is back in New Zealand a long way and I Beloit New York City and nothing nothing and end up in the in the appointment comes as grade teachers a cell phone I spot them I knew he was right away Citizen 's guide to the head this is halfhearted in Israel back to the Jews and the way I knew he was a pasta is honestly say it's speaking maybe this doesn't last I pray will I would love to this man I would love to put next to me on the plane I get on the plane and he sitting here long way to at all level and so tightly started to sleep in doing this and Augustine skews me and I see what he said they want to redistribute away on this planet if I moved to the back is a seat next to modify severe we had a great discussion about the man of God he was a posse was a saltwater unlimited music you like and it wasn't good and lost before you get to say hi and happy and broken one occasion I was one no biggie and I tell a lie yet when you want to take a moment and send an oasis in this day is holy to get him out anything that God was evidently another conversation I think the Lord I'm not in a handle with a woodsman of the settlement is not unknown he's as I love teases we talk about Jesus and we talk about salt when we talk about the Bible we operate as I have his card that's good but you know God will not deny deny deny mostly that's what you need to talk to him about and to make it on-site I believe Alyssa Judy I cannot think of him eleven times are and that we had a gray just a great conversation to work out well I was able to copy the great controversy and the Lord knows where that is going we got up for a new look for storage when a loveless version for spiritual interest it's important we do that that was in the Bible at seventeen men of Athens I perceive that all things you are very religious anything you exist is to superstitious new King James is very religious and in Asia the good news of the people that media vineyard now that was easy the Lord will enter there is is what Gary Lowry of the book of Isaiah are honest like a regular equitable letter of invitation are but there was a spiritual interest the variety that you can find spiritual interests and then you know something we got up and I get better at doing leading people into spiritual conversations I think you're right 's Virgil interest one yes I dissect and the spiritual conversations happening into conversation to some spiritual thing there are ways you can do it of my brother says that available sometimes but there are ways you can do it and he don't know it it sounds so easy particularly if it is your Christian in the fourth acronym right family occupation religion test away from halogen and rally are run regularly running along giving it a chance to analyze the judge which are with us and it was negligent we can judge but I am an atheist so I got up I heard anymore even if the press that you could you might come back later on cc if any malignant when he used to go I was raised Catholic Padres Americans what happened easy life by the sideways of the priest in Iran for me I would say very similar story really what happened to you and where my spiritual conversation try to turn that thing you know they're there might be right and ways they might be wrong was I am not that I don't know all the ways right now that's the how to have a surgical decisions and but spiritual conversations when never going to get past job with people unless until the conversation and biblical things spiritual things should stuff gone stuck it on the sister island I have been through there I don't know how to get through the shields in Georgia renowned you know what you thought of in the the book they read that as a good book to read the sometimes I get most of the people she never read it put it on Charlotte is later found and that was not credible gone anymore messaging immigrants when they were there in New Zealand is on how do we reach my sister law what we do resources delivering a thumbs-up to resist now and Bibles studies with assistant tie you think I have you know but he's right but if you know that this is a how are things with you and on I did tell Alyssa that I would would never been having tribunal of us are most people it's a question then it opens doors of interviewing on aging that banks a little I opened and I sometimes just take some of the first verifies and a fresh approach so frail you don't want and I would encourage you to assess your current friendships who are the people you are in touch with right now that you are not sharing Jesus with all heaven shaking his in any way in any way having to take praying for you having said that everything God bless you man handling another other like library and how might you be able to reach and analyze prayer one oh I do do I take the calendar from the voice of prophecy do I do I do I do I give them a Bible as a gift for Christmas do I do I carry with me a download attraction when they talk about in a benign I say okay now I'm going to screw this very interesting track all about the edit had some photos you then might be new to you on another read this and tell me what you think easy we tell you what I think is one of one of the most underutilized forms of witnessing that we have in the seven editors the voice religious television programs amazing facts it is written it is written it is written we have with profit generating the oldest and other programs to the inner me ask a question do you know when they come on TV or on the radio in your community find out if you another watch that's between you and Google is a special substantial questions asked in the judgment of people don't like it is and him and thought you hit a lot of Haiti and listen to the radio out of the radio over time twelve o'clock Wednesday this it is a good program on at twelve fifty a.m. at iPod that I like to listen to what is a guy talking about faith and spirituality and healing spirituality everyone's spiritual everyone a history is a program that is that millions of it called the voice of prophecy out of my church you could do that if you wanted a wanting to tell people your program I saw a program on this young woman suddenly attain it is written or what it might be amazing fact it might be something else if you've got the whole channel on annual community will or three again on your committee Killian 's heavy the same channel forty seven about the movie channel you will use again using what was on the news yes some of you and your friend would even think twice at the unwatchable user knowing it I have check it out so we went to think that my commander fly will develop on Jerusalem or they might say that was okay easiest thing and will turn people on to what's already going on in an open of Ethan but so we look for spiritual interests assist .com infringes you whatever things this vigorous virtue and present them to give you thirty minutes of material in the next four half a friend of mine was a pastor in a local Jewish right on the neck toolkit it was like it for space heating how do I get those people have undoubtedly they are these again are the only way unoriginal me is if I become a chaplain and now he's a military chaplain as well as it should cost you did it specifically to reach those people so blue licks think like that intentionally build relationships in intentionally a friend of mine okay he's out of the church now but but when he was in the church he and his wife goes one restaurant and and and how did this one waitress they tried to be near when and make sure that this one waitress waited on them every single time so they knew her name and her husband 's name to children's favorite ages in which he was wrong and I was developing a relationship with this woman so that God might open that for opportunities to share Jesus that was in tension and that was slow I mentioned praying specifically for opportunities to share Jesus God will bring them to you of living any mentions to you know we Seventh-day Adventists which means that God has commissioned us to share what I Gospel the everlasting gospel once bitten a component of the everlasting Gospel Jesus yet how often people make the mistake of thinking that what they need to share with a neighbors is the sad old lady all the truth about the second coming of Jesus my brother who is is is experienced in a very weakest ever who sold he said is absolutely vital that we share Christ with people Jesus the love of God for giving this assurance race sometimes we assume that everybody's got that figured out already and really happened not everybody if they have it's important that they know you have some sharing Jesus with others don't be swimming a hell like that held about the market these there yes there are more important things I think I can say that not it comes to up unit is going to come a time into his expansion of the market lease will be the most important issue is the question but I'm looking to share Jesus done about the simple fact that it is important to she Jesus that's really really important I mentioned listening listen listen listen listen listen listen summon nations that have went to Catholic school or someone mentions that their vegetarian what listen for things you can pick up on at a later time on TV is to this is really a conceptual thing if you like here I'm going to assume that you are in some measure committed to the seven administered and message transmission if one is not committed to those things one cannot be a and effective personal evangelist cannot I go to a study to find a dozen people wheelchair to really take the best drama likely in the mission rather casually and they find a dozen people is strongly committed and Intel have resulted one of the last fifteen years at agency we do it before blocking the full reusable cleaned really is to be used in an effective way we got to be fully committed and paid up and sold out to the message that God has given us as a church it's it's just it's just the truth I would say this to look for the simple things you can do in a sharing attraction books and publications discuss anyone involved in the last day for masses of people who will cover the majority of electricity conversion back to the time they received a missionary publications in ascending descending sitting people size of the Times Magazine it still makes a difference in people 's lives it still does oh we've had people baptizing churches I've been a part of because we running on a campus and someone is a judgment responses unmonitored industry so they can jump to the example we go and I learned that Jesus may say yes I like to Bible study and in whole families being looked for this sometimes it's just a simple onlooker told the medicine did because I don't have time and be unity isn't it and maybe another seminar I think there is one on the subject you know we being told that we really will need to be acquainted with principles of medical missionary work don't be scared by their essence simple and very effective medical missionary things you can learn and you can do and you can share you know I had it I have a niece she was she would as she had a terrible headache is what she had and that there was no aspirin and I think what and I went and got a pocket full of recently warm water if the projections and she's so on will and my brother looked to me like this mother brothers sons assume that is what you expect is added is five minutes in a unique window headache went away because of a little hydrotherapy with a medical missionary work she looked at me with you on the onion the stories are in the is dwindling a long-term project to you but if you know some sinful medical missionary principles and very very very important things also choose when you win you sharing Jesus with others and that you bring into the place within us that attending church the church find people to come and say hello you just find people that are intentionally being nice to the people you bring to church next effect of bringing a person to assume that a church can sometimes be an incredibly ineffective into depending on the personality of the church so give yourself a shot at success by by by keeping that was always concerned people by bringing the person to serve the people and telling the pasta I visited coming this week pasta please preach a visitor friendly seven not only trouble the bottom line is all lessons should be visited for increases in coming to produce a video presented the debris strewn prophecy and result in a visitor friendly what you can you can you can do it and people appreciate it but I tell you what you can to make that next step happy and not unhappy older quotes to read I was reason perhaps we'll just whine it up here we have covered a bit of time this is not an incredibly effective way of ending a presentation but I got it ended like this anyway okay your story so every good resource on the story to three times the stomach was in Iraq on August second storm all telling quick for many young lady who was who tuneup in church should I knew when she was a little girl and a brand-new judgment when the family I committed this one day and she said she do now the church for a long time and she was it was a baby she had a nonindigenous husband parents had split up with the church the brothers left the church the role of goal and I admitted this one day and she said you know I'm back I don't know why I came to church this morning out of the wipes in a long time thirty seven recommitted my life to Jesus she said I'm going to go get my whole family program old that none of this is slightly different we have until conducting effective personal evangelist in terms of reclaiming activists union of the company Congresswoman he and forever this can be very hard to reach there for administering I made a decision on Avenue a novel of someone and they did just that against the cold you know it's one stare it took another scale I got busy at work next minute and look at a church it's been so long they be embarrassed to go back on releasing if you know those people you to go off to Goa recently not offensively but go often they were I guess they love the message once they probably still believe it don't make frame what do you find opportunities to invite in the church although it's not charged with having us saw just how are you a Dragon executor I would have you do such a thing just come out the supple without volleyball men were roasting when Ms. of the five just to an educational way up in an energy used in the judgment doesn't love them many of these people will come no Cipro I got the feeling when the Lord has brought many of these people back just through love and time and all men know if it's interested in visiting meeting you combine pinks all out on fatal to the actual Bill of Rights for you because a lot of you know there are ways you can say that I is an and via the truth so we really got these folks and there are lots and lots and lots of so she's delivered that the whole family I said to myself that it lasted to price forty unit of living is useless if I didn't think she had a hot of bringing that even honest by solar again she suggests one moment that got back together again did I take as a pair split up the back to get it really yes and they buried at times either that in the church out of the effigies I told you I was a principal in and the Lord used me to bring it back crying I see so but there's still three brothers and a husband I did have the others my husband is attending the archaeology seminar right before your evangelistic series tomorrow June holidays later we heard a rumor that he accepted Jesus and so I investigated and discovered that during the archaeology soon he just believe that the stuff about Noah's Ark was true and he said to his wife this is true I believe the Bible now you think I should be baptized out if that's what he's saying is true then the Bible is true that the Bible 's truth and I will follow the Bible followed by much the better strike joint venture attraction I did which was as if it's a very Catholic way of thinking is exactly what and an eight inch so she swapped me all you know vigilantly and so he can be working on Saturday smoking swearing when something he was a work in progress we've made a decision and anxious in all and he said no we got to go get your brother 's bringing me back to using accident meetings are going on at any moment that it is in the daughter 's energies have been a husband and two of the province and and I went to sort of the way through the meeting and a dad is watching a program on TV that sees you and pray for the kids sake externalization community evangelist exteriors actually but he gets down on his knees and he prays and he says what you go to bring my son he's not coming you've got to give collected for potential I could looking for at the time the debt is currently sitting on his front steps looking cigarette next scene the very start smoking a cigarette while he's smoking a cigarette he just think one hundred thirty should be jointly bestowed to the singer is my Bible runs and a half find the Bible jumps in the car arrives at the meeting late but it's the husband and the brothers role filling out decisions cannot I see Jesus I want to be baptized I'll keep the Sabbath I want to join the church I was bad for a youth thing item nine months later something goes among the dead dead at elder in the church the daughter is a powerhouse youth leader in the city and the husband and the brother and the brother and the other brother are all sitting on a front row all baptized one became a student missionary and another is now and it is written by the school had no theological training should never be any Bible with the training school she having been in church in use but she had something she had faith in God and she had the ability to pray bottom line is if you have that much and you have what it takes to be an effective personal evangelist if you insinuate themselves into the life of the people if you will mingle among people is one who desired a good if you will minister to the needs and when they confidence in you two will be able to say follow me and you will be out of the win people to Jesus like never before I'm thankful that there are many many many people the survey research who are considered effective coastal evangelists but we need if everyone are possible pray that prayer all use me God brings someone to me Lord showed me how to use what I have live for your glory believe I believe Jesus would come back a whole lot sooner we had hastened his coming we've been told and we know that he wants to come back sooner with a prayer that I have a moving to tell you that an ideal electronic what is it a listen in case you nominated John Bradshaw the seminars effective personal evangelism and he right needs him to the University for the years but not at the same time as needed and so that let's pray the father in heaven we thank you that you have given us Jesus you have given us the right price and they are of mayonnaise people waiting to hear the good news that there is a Sega who is love who is coming back soon and who can change their lives and filled with joy and peace and hope I pray that each of us will go from here with renewed determination commitment perhaps a little shop of focus maybe we can put some things that are probably doesn't problem us may we go from here Sharon Christ give us opportunities to be liked and salt and a blessing help us we thank you Lord we make ourselves available to you and we pray Jesus and a name before you go I facilitate us you may not notice but it is written .com we have an usage we had a daily devotional called every word as you go there you can watch it and if you like it you can subscribe to it and one of the best things about it is its user-friendly you can think it it will be sent to your inbox every day it's me doing a sixty second the sixty second emotional and Winona Lincoln adjustable but maybe I cannot commit what you can notice forwarded to someone and say I just watched this is about how to be happy tell me what you think that effect conversely evangelism so everybody is written without a little levity check it out and be so thrilled that you would subscribe when ascending the everyday so you can be with him as I was thank you for being here praise God bless you are you with my noncancerous warranty and maintenance services in industry you would like to learn more and I find a and I is the word is a free online service please visit www. maneuvers


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