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Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • August 4, 2011
    3:30 PM
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I like this are okay do you understand my accent is good if not I don't even before frequently use of dummies and interpretation of the vehicle but before we start this mode had to bring together by the heaven wept abbreviated to serve you and to know that you love us so much in common we pray for your presence we pray for your speed we pray that you would be the center and the gold and everything we do will be for your glory with a digital speech is going to touch all costs conform to your plan to us in Jesus precious nickname we plan thank you so much pain told I don't know if your kid about the type of a scheduled appointment time none of those pages of the subject before I do that and the decedent he was among the finest olive oil I think you know that and I have a fantastic wife I am handicapped adult I don't even know this myself I never get the free condoms and anything like that and you'll voice one twenty four East twenty one wonderful children we executed but I can say it is of English and I sub around quite a lot getting the praise singing on photo you might listen in on today will not have time for needlestick assignment of talk about the most important subject that is that all of all legal and infinity so challenging a new fact this season the subject is the essence him for all renewal that I make much sense at all so I'm just a few questions before they knew that if I go to fast because I have the back time to get excited and moved in five years if I go to fast though bad to raise your hand you don't let my feelings as soon as I hear doing that and a slowdown so you can give me think you have questions people ask because I may not does it anyway so just doesn't buy them here for you okay so we they legal you what he affected me that you do not goggle goggle one is subtle he is no question where one could say and do you want this to be saved we had in our wet how many of you be honest how many also fear the people and that he's okay should have it on NATO now developer something isn't God 's people go to see before he I think that happened today you go to the ocean and I've just been the ocean for you how do you know about an hour mind that it was that cannot happen how would you feel you've got just moved by your weight on your valid and no whatever happened to the why doesn't God lead in think about his assignments because faithful dog as she jumped up and walked and walked again that accompany the day-to-day web our justice back how many times we pray and we don't know the answer on the every seven twenty one ahead of faith is strong they had no God and many times we ourselves are not sure about what God can do it following he said that he discovered his seventh he's gone the other so what happens here you got to change I don't think so government in fact she wants to look today if you want to do that in fact the way this works when the disciples really got excited about the disability speak through the formula and being baptized out every single release on the week to the money and this was an appeal within an hour just nothing to do great things the spirit of prophecy says the committee believes that unimaginable power that he cannot grasp so what are those things why don't we happen we should be looking for new opportunity for Christ somehow I should be able to want to us since we are the body of Christ did not should be walking around life and being what his body did when she was here following claims should the shop watching the forties there was no secret when he walked mortgage you remember quotation you want to leverage nobody hid behind in my making up thirty days application as it applies you and I we can make my meticulous available to you I am back him that what those who offer themselves to God we told you not think how much one is that you'll notice that God all how much honeymoon of those to offer incense to God we won't nothing efface all handwriting our work is made available in a shaking going on she said I'm the attention I'm negatively on the site and read fingers greased you should do is how much of what exactly did on the game should delete somewhat in the fall when I belong I do want to know that he includes the application my title just beautiful but with however knocking them they selected the site and invest for selected society influences seem to think that after the judge I mean you'd be the party seeking subacute country walk I mean that I'm patient I'm not exactly a lease on life we hit the fact in fact the only way to affect the moon and the kind of paper for me because I wanted the force of unlike anything they make it hungry again and again about that and I'm still hungry I pleaded over the I believe that I seems like I so for me to fast on the eye is about will for her to hold a human I is unavoidable when they had to be used in the meeting uncle because they want him to anyone this is not enough to be different because divorce by which will take a bike to judge what is after losing the one and use how many of you know want and use your allowed to go in the water on me and when is all over England the scene was not appropriate for summer analyst feeling hot usually because he made the we may not need I really don't be thinking our church these you can delete you cannot be the last one is always walking the thought out of the mountain building but I go on and on we are not allowed attributes it wasn't working the following capital of the church and we become hapless from the fountain of youth but not from the three deposition was harvesting celibate man was cleaning the church we need in the conduct of the Chechnya parsonage house Abraham with his name is developed and become something in a nice drink Portugal do not bring about the no my best friend BG is his name when children would bake both his father Abraham Corsini inside of thank you just as I cannot stop and they don't believe me then and then your morsels canceled because I felt that I have been majestic I will go there and not depend on others I will open the door anything you will give anything to be just and you will be in the top of the coach smiling his mother in the statement you will do anything you think it would looking for an Illini 's people will be at all and all I can do when you go out don't you want to wait the domain of the window while I'm too busy in futility of all I cannot so let me going to the way major groups because we don't understand the and economic insecurity because when you want now and you know that you learn about and you know that God is on the Internet if you can measure and that I need your scenes I is told as everything is more like a mountain silver lining got up and I can imagine God not cannot measure into many great benefits the ghost of Baguio Ontario around you when I was a kid my mom is a Baptist was famous in that kind of the shape I should look in the front yard and he has a conduct was called Queens three okay needless hot summer Bob works the phone in the back to get you to soak in the water in English nine hundred and a lot and get up again because I cannot hold my breath more than what the second I was so surrounded by the way that the wink wishes it permanently surrounded by God love we should surely does not like the following when we a lot about God not only are secure we know that he loved it will be implemented is not the word interviews I and you don't even like it will be many don't even think about them you just cannot define and lead that we want so when we don't understand it off we go to secure and anemic or duplicate policies that have a lot about what we undo vote type of godly Christian should be happy people when you should have said nothing about what type of God we have an e-mail going back it is located but only the men I know we've got sitting at his mall and would vote fun reads about charting of things Jesus season of anything where you can debate you came to judging either that Jesus is going to think I was four I was naked I will remember so we can go to work with all our heart and will looking them in the will and the nationstate is okay is also what is this why he came for is based the excess of his wife became dependable web in all those from other County I mean he didn't come to get just a few more days good for something greater than United Somalis not just was not just being with you tell what you know about Jesus I want you to follow me how do you follow Jesus record query he just showed us all that a lot of the things that are challenging and any hardening which like the mind by being my God that digestion was seemingly becoming I didn't get a great deal is game of these no need for you are just like Jesus I mean he said if you want to save your life is short and who is it any wonder if you really don't like for me been a favorite big he said if you want to get your regularly elected tutorial read that we finally get to make much sense for us to shortly before it got to be the last one so when you do a few things on the stock passing because we haven't a lot denied Oklahoma to go Dave refuses time when God will give it to someone to follow suit things don't go on my way to stop going crazy when things go like that that you when things go wrong and everything is bad and everything upside down conventional we are so comfortable we got everything done in the change you want me we don't want to change when my wife changes for you I need home and I told anything because I hate change if you find that we I don't want to change the way Hastings is one of the changing was really localized and leave they tell me so many times how many product that he will go back to the previous page can be never wanted to be joined because gold is on the and you cannot make this off you cannot understand faith and because they don't understand we don't follow every time we make a decision should I get this job should I go there we are seeing on hand he served on Logix and so do I do this I get there is any necessity to what one would have to do something you get a keynote address will probably looking at Google on a cock and drinking on the money to use digital house insurance and then you can go in and go Daniel and I can go than just a candidate he not only in the fast watermarking the best when you get the right there is a law is no a doctor he stated that he is speaking is not an assault upon it before you get to the plot is administratively ended up on a weekly because you don't know soon enough to trust the final think about Abraham the people in New York on single family that you have such a relationship with God the collective voices say you do no questions asked knowing objects all I don't understand I got beat than the resources high-minded anytime I can update no questions him the father thirty I don't joke that is not an enviable milieu that is only one in the unlikely invisible and then I was so in the same reason being zero cents when God works to get you to a higher stage of future growth uncle meat seemed on an angle the reason don't you think that he dreamed that I sent you funny for me and I did not answer his prayer in common sticky spending even begin out I think anyway let everyone and if you have distinct readers increased and you may be that your innocence how about that Jesus saw the legendary minute we got to get over you don't get anything so the issue the point Joe lost everything Melissa had to give up anything and that punishments on the initiative behind the sheet when God was saying though crazy the only thing I have a friend that this has been done squeaking to do something as normal as he changed jobs is Wednesday urging them to go like so he got so scared and before got been something she went back to his baby 's juggling for now I think it was not gotten to my mind is like to thought to late seventies I will I was his way along the road on the donkey secured before the date the inability of the subject Jesus says anyone wants to be my disciples he has to hate his husband in his life he shooter he's batting an humor he was so wet that I would ever think of Haiti since Michaux on the music regardless that means that you got to love God more than Yosemite Morgan Joseph Morgan you'll jump your junctional the New York identity God should know what your job legal educational cultural so you go crazy and waiting to give up everything your family your job you only Jesus said you are my disciples needs the following page you deleted it up now noisy Hollywood even is you see the matter of trust we don't trust somebody in the jungle so enough about that I thought I was fuming you probably know what it will destroy and I finished all instruction in emergency top of the sport mainly challenge they wanted to especially from the school resulting in right and what interesting and useful again for my liking me for somewhat each conductive extreme the office I need escape the president of the country Joseph will change the law one day before I was exposed possible to do that separately underpainting change the law Friday and he said from tomorrow we can know specifically to save the economy so nobody would use policies and what I was looking for me and but anyway so I can score the writing is not cooler and then I need that make not one because of some issues so will my wife and I lost the moment of the story starting a business making clothing and we got extremely powerful and signing the time was about sixty dollars a month about thirty sixty four North among based on our author being optically more the multiethnic space we make about five hundred thousand liters way above average I need to get the money here the negative findings on the continent and in many of the seats in the chief of the poisons on anxious friends and the only diminished initiative you'll give up your side income for sixty four dollars a month is on I was never Sony online breast and I again we applied for scores from the right in there and and and and on the and AZ when looking for a square that I go to the senior and get the specification is about we wanted to sell a car so would have money to beta on a different scale scores like my cock for same in the newspaper on the cable TV and I went to the auction no one all when I went to auction I have any son vaccinated on a hunting of people ninth that's it have you ever heard that name ever okay he doesn't witchcraft is uniquely don't remember about that long ago don't account for me maybe maybe for that was he is so I went to auction the company came as a I never had a problem I was so still taking the car will never happen believe me and I him long and I will and I came to the will as I got on the fact that you would like with my wife for any condo the time I didn't feel anything that you lost it kind of you I hate you and she said maybe God doesn't want us to send me out okay what do I do this in the went home do not knows we're going before policy often get money from France for me I like all of the newborn lonely evening forgot about when you may encompass and Ukraine vehemently happen again you delete about one and when you forget about the players regardless I do not come back in the second I will just go back to know what your problem movie but if you don't want to come the majority of when I was ready to give up gain adoption somebody knocking my six month down the affairs do you have done me some bastard again yesterday though what I like and how do you know when my wife was starting to find a fight of faith using newspaper that will hold him delete out and and he said I don't fully will do so when I'm feeling the more or less life I don't have economic and not in London will display the legal discourse on Utica and articulate a few hours later somebody going from on the buses hey oh yeah I'm real and I don't know any law run the identical way as the quiet agenda fourteen seventeen microliters of the him I so he said we met my heaven and before you move a nonclinical money he said this week I was unable to sleep you getting my mind and unite the country and I pray I'm not even find that you need to come here to defend protect and nothing because the energy on a case drama shooting on this teaching the young children who don't think they were telling him so I cannot number that is usually easy to me anyway I know he's aware you should pray about that ability I prayed in why in the world the main comment by Nick walking distance from God and God anyone who go to school and got the business from you I don't know the identities name identities as it is that if we made where the next morning he knocking the door my wife and me that he wanted twenty two hundred and twenty two forty five hundred and fourteen at that just a few days later I get the letter from Southern Methodist University you have been approved for the score and then going to the workability name is you are telling them there was a lot of fun getting my ninety nine eleven hi Naomi if you get in my opinion 9/11 I know that the God God has a twenty human being not but will we you want will want to kindle what is an old course is easy to follow every human resources and because they don't know if we can do we don't try today and we pray for seeing the weekend while a fifth over the weekend that we got to pay for things that he can handle the following so going back to Sony I know we got so many we don't know any English you don't clean by hot pink going no English where did I leave how identify a name that book in my mind that will face you can also don't trust you know if your business your business going to settlement building on the left type of link at the people yesterday by if one apologies so we got in the car that is not how God felt I was sold I have my hair that she would give me a conduct was about you I believe you are the one that you and John anyway it has wanted to side when he can break him not all felt when yesterday both from my end of the needle in the whole night we got there at four a.m. nine hundred him passing anonymous but when I had the humming behind United pendulum then I will demand a fifty six five got these on my sanity for another one usually one hundred twenty dollars giant and and but even got to get the development so that you need to modify and discarded before humankind can result in the window and go on to my children know please let me know and got me just say no no no no no my wife was a good dog training at the Duncan I'm not seem to start life over again would you if somebody asked you to move the house we had a great bedroom house on the evening the square shape evening of the house was not found then I just knocked would you leave anything him go don't ask because these the evening you get that lucky to get there and nobody is going to go to heaven before the regard to leave by an unknown baseball that I know nothing that you can do or think the findings guarantee so hard before Jesus comes those who don't know what we got today it will make so they will say no no no no my like to say I'm not looking to leave everything and go to our life over again so God is my fifth I'm in a make still have the new agent so I get to the window he says why did the school what is going to school when I was relocating to nine young dynamic combat activity him him him so your hobby year you made one hundred twenty two get in a new game to get any argument you yeah and what happened in the defendant another race as white angel the duet I have to do my duty I don't like Jonah got me I got to go back you know I hope you don't give you anything you are not yeah I probably because I was at least forty four people passing me and that those he cannot explain because you think that he does and I have negated the twenty ninth I don't know what you've got so what can breathe a unity government and the faithful in the light of the I told you before those making final can you manually enlisting the priest should not repeat twice for an entity that is the naked eye what was your best identity before another circuit basically looks like they do you know and he says how can you pulled that you come back and they cannot like it I'm back in the outline will see you will come back I said no can you come back no why you don't want me to stay there all you go there for one man you are I might get naked I don't go there I go there to Webb Kenyon fund to combat it what if I plan to do because no English and informed him so they should then so you go there to get people to be able to observe the obvious when you get appointed to conduct no I'm not a definitive yes I can effectively I don't think you says what him who is somebody from them but he does exactly that impression but no need to put a penny in the nominal one in your family is no number not go unnoticed like my family on the letter I mean for you not like you don't know what you don't want one and only site announcement what is war combat and I never do that but eminently applicable and we got neither I got out to my liking I know you we got on the plane came here my friend Nolan twenty the kingdom of the lesion for me finally we can independently join before seventies of the Muslim back in the shops he lost his memory he lost his business he lost everything he's both Chelsea and we are when working when people assume continental training here we are no English no money and losing we had to be in the pool for free I think they are right for them hey I go became on the beginning of the TV the wash washing the dry happened from the fruit on the floor nature everything they must just paper is your college cannot handle to think we need to base our house was an just works in the clothing we did everything we came just the way we are no package and become here and just shortly after we had no money not the place to be knowing English no the issue has no one to annul them they were for a month and housing for a month I know would you encourage the beautiful food and I have just a few things might not come back I a few small and you need to my children my wife and I are so hungry that you easily cannot walk because the divorce and release decrying pumpers happiness so I get a letter from housing that debate is not out there we got to the creation deletion a number given that only took one hundred because we knew so God you can not bend oneself when you defend ourselves all you do never to be successful when you serve God you see how kundalini hotlinking to longer form what belatedly see how if I'm able to the young imagination you have to rely on God the question you should know you shall think you should know seeing additional questions you should only cite anything you should just say yes to that sort what ever he says he's an okay you just walk right girl that means both the state and because you have not created the problem to be we would like to point all we like to understand we like to keep your and because they don't know that the installation just like that for baking needs to know him not to trust the following site I was why did no one knew what him will him when I got one one that was what you mean individual thinking dreams and imagining Joseph was an okay half and got whose agenda plan for Joseph forty four hundred two he will allow me want back into Khalil and God can look to you I really did because I got nothing at the numbers I will think it's all about what he can together need a thousand Armenian people he needs one maybe it will be I think so why in the work you brought us here we don't even have formed I was walking just one document and illustrate these of the time encouraging for those who know they got it under the trunk and ranging DPS crime I don't know what the guy was not translating my thing I would go home and great all night long that was not absolutely God said Boston had awesome health and they got the energy so back to my diagnosis will be things like not condone burning itching and what am I doing you do not have I went to the doctors the brainy zoning crazy this morning don't delete on a Debbie and doesn't care he doesn't even know that you will not navigate he knows that I know someone he had duly like that funny that he is obsessed more than anything engages us how important he will do nothing she knows enough in the policy and to leave the don't have the patience to wait upon him and when they learned to trust the win lose so much on all amusing the foundation is dynamic and eventually rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and think about what I was breaking you never happened good that you pray the one thing amongst other family is following so is okay like I was used by people in anytime before I deleted my work on analysis document as well we got to focus on human within ninety honey to my wife Mister Gibson Jesus did not die to self you cannot limit what the following of soaking to die to second Ms. McDonough really doesn't matter when I think you should don't make fun of me that I message .com home my father within the vicinity that was across the state will be seen speaking number of the dispute and did I know what it is now out on him but he can if you know now you come out of it and used it if you know why she's there in my fantasy I think you got a rudimentary budgeting and I think and what you follow cycling my wife honey we can affirm that because even though I am not allowed these things notably as he can like you you are need before we die to self networking here yesterday the main money to the church and the event is understandable believe me a lot easier that the meeting if you want to have you finely wish to have left to die to self and other we argue we argued because our life anything appeared in the right to die to self and so he wants to support me it seemed in particular union union but you speak you and you might change your mindset no thinking he delegated authority came to know what we can give it a go before you into writing the head to fight the wars that will be funded by the thing to engender the one or more of anyone that you have to fight landing with only the following wind we started because you don't obey that development is going on about something bigger people surrender their home floor will be found so my wife and colorful so Lisa and I estimate we are instantly updated go back to living a easy day anytime God want you to go to an exhibit you go to quite so when you go to price you and we don't get comfortably quite fully long that we came from I should go back to know selecting these with if you know what God wants fine he doesn't look fun that's not only on business is to keep going so much so so I don't care if I don't eat whenever and what I want for what they were like and going to school regularly without a digitization continues to lessen away as a chemical and when I try and find them on thoughtful human language serving God by Mary Beth and white photos and ultimately the Georgia common opinion I know why the fidgeting it was Jenny minor things 9/11 maybe back to speak with almost in the thermostatic kind of signals is available to conduct I don't know the language and yes I think you are back I think you can mistake and got a nice angel walking and thinking about the sources you bet Philadelphia my wife and I went hand-in-hand this is we don't want to force move on because not headed by teachers at the last availability while he fills to the doctor they are indebted to model and won't even assault tomorrow is not a hard business model of the business to serve as when I didn't ask anybody who had undergone the sodium goes back to defending our real estate in-flight on opening anybody how seamlessly everything we got to be entirely guilty when applying for a green card it would take this house is the unwitting sex was the youngest of the Islamist government that the meantime finished edges with Air Force Base I was called by the Wisconsin confidence in the late nineteen brink of making them in Kentucky Tennessee no planning recent John Jordan will follow now I say this is that when you go to not intervene in the challenge and I think you will then back to seventh in the morning then Jesus said I found myself I don't want to the father enemy Google as well as I was in order to keep my mouth because she was a lot like the jungle to the relationship with the father that she will know to watch one hundred one hundred and convinced would want to get of the five and as usual I'm divinely unadventurous you can not seen with opening and loving everything we do not definitely go see them you don't happen down and change what is that he is unable on the way things in this country he leads again that our generation is been a while John Wayne Jesus walked those who don't really like in heaven today down on the headlines now in changeling Jesus comes to change now so basically Jesus being bandied on the fact that I have a bunch of quotations out make them available to powerful quotations for you to eat legumes also so you think Brandon Jesus is thought to be wisdom power and that is bounced from the five morning by morning before I see they are each grade in the long walk for hours I don't know what we should all know he is we only got right in the mining company that Homer is only human human beings and formidable elite but those who follow Christ he showed me the powerful heaven is quite easy morning by morning and ahead of the goth community for the community and mouse of consecration he was gone and the president of speak with the inviting to find power and legal force to that date they have the assurance of our agencies of the holy speed up labor events relating to guide our anyway I put in a bunch of quotations a bunch of them quite dependent on God and the second one before not they want to see imagine if our church members were demanding we're not even back before that is what difficult to inform doctors what to say what teeny-weeny matching my mailbox he died which was one hundred three was among the pioneers in Romania and he undergone among altogether then I need that made and how each was twenty three and he is deducted one hundred three so they had man younger angular copy normal that you don't eventually got your children ever I will fight until just pending on the twenty fifth on the USA we walked through the park contained in the beginning the Google for the new vehicle or think I'm a calendar with her to say how can I go I know you just what I was saying I should do the laundry when I am rejoicing she and I got there a relationship mage a clinician that she would become one body in Christ then you can not send with him he's my guy I cannot believe I am then I would either die and be between a form distinct event on our we note only with you isn't the point of making on your memory so this is way more than keeping the momentum is with inheriting the point what is anyone sacrificing them relationship to be that you want to look at the one hundred percent and got back sale and you can say with his voice even though he was sure that you know when you know you know what that is Israel or the apartment immediately enough of the time we never can use it for only three dollars ninety we doesn't know how he's either the judgment of one differently only lasted about when I talk about only when choosing how duties and the indigenous so I spent one night when doing operator what I'm will will will only have another five minutes of that I'm sure you tell me everything is because you got the message you know that this is why Jesus came to you come here just to hear he came to show how the findings like to do nothing so we know how to follow we know how to know God how do you often got out five how to obey God we reached to heaven ovulation is that the site is one hundred percent no questions when I should start me useless man is a scholar and what I like this when you try in the back unit on a Latino men they get in the market and I'm looking this will have men who will be regardless how many can you know what happened we don't know why this is a week month year you know why horny he doesn't think you need to if you are not on the baby we need medical would remain good we made the listening back together and people walking around his bank account and bring change shot when we are acting before seven and a second knock anything every second hour like coordinating and him go into the voting I spent a lot of knocks knock you and me is not yours John William McCormack we are and this is what got this recording you and me George didn't even work no question that mainly by the parties that many quotations from the Jesus and they got to exactly when they can not possible that higher effective wife but they are here and I can only assume the these normally you know I will introduce God you may have happened to the flexibility divinity I was writing my junk junk of Christ Graham Chapman add transmission in Spain God can be summed up in the conjugal article just think of information four hundred feet luckily I don't remember thinking how much labor the basic theme of our little in jokes at Michigan is forcing like anybody you know I know Michael fight by God himself and inherit me some of the enhancements of the then I got to be God to evil he and I have two diabetes the context of digital camera before you you don't have a family before you give up any you are not what you do don't give them up you want to use them unless always if I was driving my junk between the judge later ruled I made to have any significant away wildlife that will look bad like that I may need to delete up to what everyone is good to get the job you know that you can use it as the investor before you jump on me to give it to somebody with the schedule again I think that before you as secondly my cell phone rings and illegal marches past understand of it yet I have America's mission if I need another one and I love me again on the jetty I know what my mother is the mechanic why do one thing she said that people who come to avenge a legal application children bundled with legal interpretation I have a small meal run session I then hand I want is you forgot to transport people to church over the application I think individually I don't have the money what she had an office okay you know what they think of the little book is going him to an something that we keep negative in what disbelief we need you for obedience on for just no question asked for the twenty Abraham gave a piece back the way he works what will you do nothing finally heaven thank you so much for letting legal use of the curriculum so you don't need a special court thanks so much thank you for your promise they are just beautiful father we pray that the make a decision today forty 's when halting no reservations only process and our life and what we do just like Jesus every morning to wake up early in the morning and he said he rising you awake in my year to release every morning wake-up entries understandably we do and what we do and could depend on you to the point that you can use us and welcomed you continue to work father had custody praying Jesus graciously angry thanks so much now remember do not save before you feel this created by the door okay got that West is okay again I will say behind the idol who has questions I don't like we have finally noticing out how much you will if you looking for the one of the lucky Google will will will will happen in Italy and then a few more minutes for doing you have questions when I want when I meticulously documented this electricity my mind about the eye I could easily but if you want to think I should point out that if I have thought I'd be thinking Tony and you've got to me what you think but something investigated the Baltic summit in the question of the one of the one hundred and two one yeah and another findings and eighty six dollars and so on Amazon.com one another some old disability from our life and people are singing on meeting would amount to a few million big others of sixty minutes of the these can change a life made a strong impact on the life already I don't get the thingy formidable so I thought that I forty into adding that I never got the things in other questions yes then you certainly are in not me when someone you need to does the best study I did in the last year old did not question how do you reason me the location of any subtle features that face morning by morning Jesus would create anything that is from God and then she says and I believe anything I want morning prayer and content technology on CNN about strange on your administration that you seem to think brainwashing meditation you will concentration always the object of contemplation is gone he's been off his wallet if I will fill you in on everything one of she's the one he constantly he's cross-linking sacrifice games she says the Wolf when using the operations cross we know the one at fault we are changed into his image was that we had changed from one hundred million night before learning not my own equitable change ourselves and she said no to me I'm an effort when they leave voice is high I don't want my multiplication from here the quietness of our mind makes possible to hear the voice of God was not so much definitive training I pray you keep quiet and this is the beginning under the creative conversation and then I argue that violent people in alternate shot up one verse to make quiet and make great forms of August nineteen the same person in a different light remained on the twenty ninth of March undermining the naked white Jimmy and I get you site that list so keep that I never thought about it never crossed my mind and in the first follows me to the date and is exactly what I need to come back to my mind and anything and nothing ended up floating in the using the voice you would distinguish between your voice or other voice or not but this one relationship to government under his voice got to spend time with him Moses not to spend four days you may wonder that you want to spend five minutes with the following Natalie question that the subject is appropriate and enough then the next thing I think I is outrageous this is the directly you I might want to guess available to you on the correlations for you to drop on you don't get any number one seventy five dollars and number long enough they critically I don't feel value a number three you don't change anything you don't have any strong change something and I think that's don't think that's going to any people changed a few minutes am I going to never so don't just thinking my finger and then you don't have my microphone those the clinicians I can come with smaller minority stake of the DWI mina I put it on a CD or idea you may need maybe and then buy back all those quotations are organized by subject are public going to walk in and you have one of them find what to do I don't remember I know exactly I don't remember the page I hated with me I'd be glad to make the what do you believe other things but then frantically we didn't know what went to the judge even and Jesus saying do not repeat the same thing your father in heaven will looking for Jesus on it instead the birthday don't think most thinking I am not going to get all to refuse on making the Nike was thinking praying the remote anyone on action praying without you never do nothing not wishing that to do something that he wants to be if I only don't even think God wants us to be good enough to be born into the guy doesn't want to push you into that now we begin something in the middle is not to trust him and he's not using them to that end anything because he seemed to be just fine thank you to him eyeing the other questions we probably have another want to watch anything and I want to think that I went walking again B G oh I is again P G oh five eight seven seven seven engineer .com don't like a hole in a piece because anything about unity and identity in any something on his back and it just is I have to regulate weekend I like short I think that will be G oh I never ever ever you made reference another question further my gumball we come to the feed you will reveal that living near the law to get behind Boston in July was against the law to recently defeat you will be European companies and because he was better for me because she was one hundred Seattle ninety nine one hundred ailing evaluation was one hundred feet because she was in any regularly sent to feed a little bit mad you know so the neighbors located just north I will know what didn't Jan the program signatories sleep to find Ginny might come home and in interviews I will go anywhere to the voices now he is using is why I enjoy one hundred influence analysis hinges how do you manage that you need to find I never managed to catch and Lucy I didn't fill many guy the Bengals pregame got your answer you may want me over back I officially with you by investing in ultimately I don't have time I just hate theology you are seen I said he awakens my ear every morning to do what God will walk anyone but you are not training I got was not early enough to have time to pray I wanted so I don't go Pennsylvania on young people not to sleep in tularemia five four thirty five fifteen and get off like a leasehold policy and hide under the brand individuals against the law and had quotations of and even by my girlfriend his wife hurting them with a flashlight under the blanket and prayed one morning in the night I think again copies we so I can quickly feel like those that don't know I don't want to go out and sometimes what we are subjected including is a very gentle utterly and I I want to go back to sleep that we all woke up got it under the blanket flashlight guided me when I finally finished my devotional at the moment to go back to sleep and I finished the alarm went off without that was awarded to a new heavy dinner and fifteen seconds that all the weapons on you I'll think before no one listening to me again how I will write about a year genial than the defendant but will need to do that in this time beneath the West standings will be following the first one open to you what you me to one of the soldiers will give you a number this is how you want to wake up at him so he can so see we love you and you bring and then I can do what he says is you on the evolution in any memorandum in gathering the domain not only will you really don't want to a medium with my audio is only a thought of having to maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find that he will not answer I is him and more as a online user please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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