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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • August 5, 2011
    6:45 PM
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some of everyone me excited to be here tonight and pray with me please heavenly father our time is running out we are in a race against the clock help us to finish strong tonight in Jesus name we pray amen have your thought the pressure of time I have thirty eight minutes and forty three seconds to tell you what I need to tell you that me read them in the book lastly events page two twelve we are told thousands in the eleventh hour we'll see and acknowledge the truth these converts as to truth will be made with a rapidity that will surprise the charts in God 's name unknown will be glorified from the good-looking fourth one thousand will be converted in a day isn't that amazing what are they going to be converted to the government converted to Jesus Christ amen but the reason of any kind but it is because the money of a preaching on the three Angels messages amen and beloved when we think of the three Angels messages what we think what we think of the mark of the beast we think of the thing of God we think of the twenty three hundred and promptly we think of the seventy weeks prophecy we think of the twelve hundred and sixty years we think of the Falcons were from heaven we think of many things not know if you were excited when I say the files will be converted in the basement here again and would you know what that means beloved exiles will be converted in a day because of the preaching of the nth time your three Angels messages in a day that means beloved that you and I better learn how to preach the three Angels messages in one day as the massive something do you have a favorite movie on the Dragon as you don't put a movie than he wanted to use out of favorite movie yes if I would ask you to share with us your favorite movie in about fifteen minutes or less annoying about movie coming a certain period of time maybe ten years or twenty years or fifty years are hundred years you think you can share that movie in about fifteen minutes or so a net .com and you think you can share the great controversy the whole thing in about fifteen minutes or so beloved here's what to do tonight we are going to cover in thirty six minutes and twenty eight seconds the great controversy the twenty front of a prophecy the seventy weeks prophecy the twelve hundred and sixty year prophecy the fall of Lucifer from heaven the millennium hellfire and hearth made no don't pass up it's going to get done by the grace of God amen that is if I can put this out of every juicing whatever Jews before you take about twenty carats Eugene Saddam it's a one copyright were going to show us the Bible tonight is not okay time is running out and there's a race against the clock that would please listen carefully our hearts I mean subtitled the sermon notes final movie the blueprints arts final movie so I'm going to need your minds to be the screen are you ready for the movie that's again nonviolently please excuse me because I usually take about an hour and twenty minutes to do this presentation I am going to have to speak superfast you may argue with me are you ready if you want a phone person comes in a letter on giving you the silver genes present in I the book of Ezekiel chapter twenty eight begins with an angel or ordered on a lower start or brings our story begins on a story rather with an angel by the name of Lucifer Lucifer is described as a covering shouting what anyone coverings are not understand what a covering charities we must go back to the Old Testament to the book of Exodus where connections twenty five the Bible describes on a building that God had instructed Moses to make building is called the sanctuary inside a sanctuary was a most holy place which was a reflection of God 's throne room and Heaven are you with me and that's landing was something called the heart of the continent and on top of it was something called on mercy C now that mercy seat represents God 's throne now the mercy seat and rest upon the ark of the covenant and what that tells beloved that it had been the foundation of God 's role in what is not because that's what's found in the ark of the covenant are you with me so far now the Bible says on either side of this art work to angels and they were called Watts covering Angels that were cars simply needs to defend or protect this is what I thought was the bundles of her beloved nose of the job description into heaven was to protect and defend the law of God will give start in the very presence of God he was that he was to guard the sanctity of that law because it was the foundation of God 's government but the Bible father than Ezekiel twenty eight that Roosevelt was perfect on film lot in this body was found in him not to help me in twenty oh one and the word of God if an accident is transgression of the law so was a firm who was supposed to be guarding the law of God ends up turning in that mall and that's beloved the first war that broke out was all bread buns are God okay will work on now now now the question is why is it the Bible tells that Lucifer deceived one start of Angels in a net and at an end we need to ask a question why is it how is it that is the same one part of Angels videos José Angel would you like to be able enjoy me know that would be deception the book of Isaiah chapter fourteen tells us that it was proclaimed that he said I can be all I will be like home the most harnessed put together to be like the most high means to be just it needs to be righteous as Hornby like he is the one visit with a visible thing I can be a hardy like God without some of the hot selling out of the can have you heard that argument before that we only allow in order to be like God but that's an argument of South righteousness and that's what they feed one third of Angels in heaven and say hey I want to be evil he said there are more ways to righteousness other than obeying God that saw the rebellion began that's how you see one third of Angels so you're following the new movie so far the Bible tells us that it was for his angels were cast out the question now becomes why is it that Lucifer was not immediately jobs have you practice of the question varies profound when you see in the book of Deuteronomy chapter nineteen versus sixteen through nineteenth the Bible is our principle they are given to Moses and the children of Israel whenever a controversy arose between two parties there have to be a ferret party on what anyone are third-party to discern between the chilled out on a fairyland run now let's take that very same principle and bring it back to our story in heaven windows of our and his Angels red out how many slides are there in heaven to God and his angels the double and his Angel it's as though there's a stalemate the devil is accusing God and for God to send over judgment of the devil at that point time would've been seem to be on faith it's like you translate me to court I filled in on the Dutch okay so so in the book of Ezekiel the Bible says they are all open doors speaking of cats now Lucifer is a closer drawn to you before chains that they may behold you this term appears to be synonymous with some kind of judgment I can imagine my in my pastoral imaginations loose perspective isn't going core you can get the judge me you are having is polarizing the Tucson beloved here's a question David sorry the third party that God would use to judge those of our you're looking at them right now is it another listen there was something about jury selection that we should know when a jury is selected they like to choose people who have little or no firsthand knowledge of the prime guess what where was humanity when Lucifer rebelled we were even creating so far so good but I'm sure I must be on the hub I backpack him to be a law-abiding citizen and the other we know that how many were created with a logon written on their hearts and number three beloved absorber must be able to discern between right and wrong and will not be swayed by public opinion first Corinthians six is not enough that we shall judge angels we are the chains that God created partially to serve asked you over the fence of jury duty once give out solid others was the first seasons trace of management what are these the ones are exactly what shall I do watch like to but haven't you had at the store jury that had your fate in their hands what would you do seem to bribe the jury 's income statement regarding doesn't say that he would you like to be in the middle not on analyses that he healed the life how does that sound familiar to think any sensible angel are you with minimal so far so I many said they are disqualified from jury selection Jesus comes a garden and he gives them a promise and without it we can ultimately know that the gospel was given to restart mankind to being found in charter of who know the difference between right and wrong and who are these all abiding citizens are you with me so far so now you want to fast-forward now our movie theater on the phenomenon about the Exodus and the minimum is what we find in the Monte Carlo people out of captivity who are they that Israelites now beloved that listen to me and when windows of the rebelled against God in heaven he didn't like the way God what everyone thought the way the north on seventy seven breast thirteen says it says I play all gone elsewhere in the sanctuary so when Lucifer rebelled against God 's sanctuary in heaven he was really rebelling against God way when God calls on the children of Israel and he is getting ready to use that houses people want to bring salvation to the world he gives them something special I call it the blueprint are John G P S the gospel plan of salvation time went on I was in the sanctuary and another what happens is that when you're looking for the way it means that you must be the Saigon in the van is running so that is wrong than to give you a special gift and I get in the way I want to use you to take this away this GPS that I'll call tomorrow so now you can begin to understand how things have felt when he saw the replica of what was in heaven now on our way to me this is the thing that is the guide all people of the salvation we hated me from destroying it I want to destroy the people who possess it we cannot allow this truth to go and send all were is a pastor so this will bring what you mean blueprint light light light house of the path of salvation so when it's invalid now on to put a picture up on the chart up on this green probably only be there for little while on the needed thumbnail arises picture because I'm not a newbie of the preliminary often all right are you with me do you see a picture is a picture of their no picture variable not dwelt me when you took a birds eye view of the sanctuary when you went into our court you can did two articles of furniture that would alter off sacrifice it's right near the bottom and then there was the labor now the author sacrifices where animals are walked sacrifice and finally what does that represent the sacrifice of who Jesus Christ very good that you have the labor that's when the patient wash their hands and their feet and noted that symbolize simply what in the gospel baptism very good you go up and you see the table of showbread and attentive celebrant represents law but where God mounts on Monday by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God then you have the altar of incense which represents our watch prayer is very good and in the seven branched candlestick represents lots and represents the Holy Spirit but how a weakness in the Holy Spirit he highlighted the world of cities on the hill cannot be hidden neither do men light are candle future with either for the most holy place and there was the art of the company itself down on our blueprint not begun to have the picture you remember this picture so how is it that this that this sanctuary is the is not the gospel plan of salvation what if you'll remember the picture that you just saw a few words trace around the outer edges on both articles of furniture you know what you find you should know because he sought you see a cross somebody say amen can you imagine for the three thousand years before Jesus comes up on the scene the Fed to offer five twice would die on the cross for our sins he said I can know what way the truth and the line not only that without advertising the event sanctuary you also find some very interesting because in each place were an article of furniture is there Christ was born David nail in the left-hand and right-hand crown of thorns on his head he died of a broken heart now this feed the levity of the point where winning with Sears finishes sign okay blood and water how all right let's try this one God there is his people through this plan through this path over and over again let the children of Israel Israel all when they were when they are all were being left captivity the first undoubtedly told on the make a sacrifice for the bottom of post one article of furniture one article of furniture the author on sacrifice very good that Exodus twelve in excess fourteen there on their way to freedom and the stars as when I'm gone I change my mind will get him and went on to the alternate of the Red Sea someone aware that if the isolator into baptism after they get to the other side of excellence for teens after they get to the outside in Exodus sixteen after that I'm rather hungry and guess what he reigns down national twenty one minutes the rain found the source also then after that I believe that's the six zero Exodus story at the seventeenth RSS nineteenth worked on at Israel you are Mike and Juliet Shriver my life in the wild my people in the use of the brings salvation to the art and with seeing there is that God is bringing them into fits of the seven branched candlestick in that same chapter X of my is the most is more than I wanted people start to spend three days preparing themselves to meet with me hard preparation why because in Exodus twenty and I finished twenty beloved guy comes out and speaks what the tent the system a few more developing Jesus is born in a manger among animals we might say he was born on the altar of sacrifice he is baptized at the age of thirty that's the labor he is then let out into the wilderness where his tent he the first temptation making this up turn the salmon so bread a second temptation on the southbound from this put off our presumptuous prayer to God Sergeant Tatian I'm not looking for your people get some rest handles this by now I will give you your people Jesus overcomes all presentations will want to push the law combined with the mercy of God all we could dramatically Jesus left heaven is shown in a life of prayer on our prayer life is on the word of God is like sarin was baptized and then crucified which may be one but ultimately it's up to me do not you want Luke and John Alden what price are about baptism of the Holy Spirit that's the later the book of Romans dojo would also about importance of Bible study prayer and witnessing and then Revelation brings us into the very throne room of God that they we hot I know this girlfriend if the plan of salvation is what the world doesn't understand so now I know that when I wanted to say that a process I was surprised acceptable price of my genuine surprise I will be baptized and if I'm genuinely baptized and following Christ I will study the word I will pray and I will want weakness and beloved alternately when you share this with your friends about the path of salvation guess where the ultimate units are iPod excited for you will summon up against the idea here's not being the devil is angry at this plan of salvation so watch as the entire Old Testament is really about how the double is tried to destroy the people who possess the blueprint and to destroy the blueprint itself are you with me so with the Saldana gives impressive I'd is the blueprint is a football and God gives us flip on Israel and he says taking down the fee but Israel they begin running on the field but they begin to rebel against God and that it solves labyrinth and allow them to fall into Babylonian captivity while what happened we are introduced to the first of three time prophecies in the book of Daniel by the way how many there with me in the movie so far are you following me amen okay solve solve solve on the first prophecy is not seventy weeks prophecy now the question is what is is promising on about very simple one hundred this prophecy him I think Israel Israel don't want the world of sanctuary points will come in seventy weeks and you are not ready to receive him and if you continue in your rebellion I will take the blueprint from you and I will give it to somebody out guess what happened Israel Jesus come Israel rejects the trial you know what happens when he dies the villain the Temple is renting to signifying the end of the earthly blueprint Jesus as after his resurrection I says to heaven in a heavenly sanctuary and the rule trained the bar was taken from literal Israel and given to spiritual Israel guess what we just went through the entire Old Testament we has sixteen minutes ago the clock is ticking God gives Israel the gift of Charles saw that they contend businesses are my heavenly sanctuary a heavily high priest into all the world on his elbows down the field nothing can stop them saying with that these guys are so wedded to the ravens on first literal Israel attacks and then he raises up the federal role in spiritual Israel but he finds that every time a Christian I is working against them because their seed only want multiple so that is about to change my tactics and a lot of that introduces us to the second of three top problems Daniel the primacy of the twelve hundred and sixty years of a lot of this prophecy simply stated that there would rise up power called a little horn and there's little worn with the six half down with dogs blueprint are you with me so five are you whenever you think this will be on your following Emily thought approximately how is it how the devil uses little more power than this this this counterfeit spiritual power to cast down dog sanctuary is very simple with a foot on short back up on the screen again what happened during the dark ages that's a four hundred and six year what happened that that that sharks are the dark ages cast down that shows that were being taught by the sanctuary as to what you need very simple those about the altar of sacrifice which represented Christ's sacrifice was cast out and replaced with rotation and Christ's sacrifice is not enough the paper you said you want to take panic then than they need the effectiveness of Christ's sacrifice was cast down and something was taught in a display but what about the language represents baptism that that the chance of the dark ages said Weber step two and extends sprinkling in the place of genuine baptism that calls for confession and repentance not only do they do that but they went up into the lonely place I said that the tale of a sewer rat which is the word of God that you can't understand the word of God only the priest can explain it to you and they service and went on its way to that of the traditions of all the charts are more important than the word of God not only did I do that without it but they reached up to the altar of incense of evidence player and they said you can pray to God you have to go through priests in fact they even created their own their own two compartment room divided by a curtain when a man sitting in the place of God carrying the confessions of an event they are on the charge that's creating the blocking is that they went up into the most holy place until the law until next Saturday some and cast down and put in its place a first name shabbiness there what is God going to do now can you can use it in your will but none and one more prophecy will not twenty three hundred here prophecy and this prophecy stated that at the end of twenty three hundred years which would be in one year eighteen forty four at the time the sanctuary would be one plans and someone will say Reese all our so what's the know and I'll begins to do over of five hundred years he begins to restore every choose but have been cast down to the donkeys don't remember the name of John Wyclif who comes upon the scene in the thirteen hundreds and once our lack of dollars if you translate the Bible into the land of the common people DOS restoring the tables showbread and then that is all that involvement in the third two hundred hundred filings on microphone around the fourteen hundreds of them on the name of Marxism no star is born and Martin Luther began his Protestant Reformation in the fifteen hundreds had had one line in the darkness he restores that shows that it is a sacrifice of Christ that pays for our sins not tenants are you with me if I'm sitting in a time I think I wanted in on praise God for the Lutheran movement that an independent fifteen under the matrimonial John Calvin also come the policy the founder of the Presbyterian movement hands-on challenge of a special pardon for prayer is that we can call directly about ourselves and what five how does the love history effectively restores the author on anything in the fifteen hundreds and the member minimum John Smith one one spending in spite of the limited again I isn't sprinting you got before submersed and confessed before repenting for your back time and again the founder of the baptismal font sixteen hundred the wood in the seventeen hundred on a mammogram of John Wesley called upon the same kinds are likely of the font on the method is movement hence I went to have a special card for getting the gospel to the world and he effectively beloved resource looked seven branched candlestick that your light so shine documentaries ten minutes and twenty three seconds the one more article of furniture is left to be restored to know what blows me one God clomiphene in the eighteen hundreds eliminate need to open the negative side all by myself I don't originally I can't believe you are doing one limit what you caught up on the scene in the eighteen hundreds to restore the final phase on this instrument but I listen to me you are not all Seventh-day Adventists by accident this will rather prophetic parts certificate below you one not an artifact that you are not automatically that God has called you such a time at this one it is this possible that's why the first Angels message begins about forth with the everlasting also I saw the world as possible this powerful covenant intrigues are embarking because it had been taken away but I do forty four everything had been restored in the all advocates are our Baptist Methodist we just kept taking the children moving on this nineteen eighty two football game healthy persons it was called the play there were four seconds left on the clock count state was down by one the band had already begun to celebrate all standard had to do was change the bowl aloft and then they figured the game is over what are the odds on the team returning the ball and when so they take them Allah had down the field baubles and I had asked how safe that's about and I began running at the first guys running the metabolism of the forty hits the ground he tosses the ball to his teammate on the outside the back is already largely on the field people are on their feet celebrating the second I get the body is running on the commentators began to have a voice raised in the second I'd tackle the bud before it hits the ground he passes the lot on both our guide to thinking thinking thinking that this guy there screaming at this time everybody's on their feet and since God was right into the hands all that is the double his band is on the scene they think the game is over they think that US advocates are upbeat and people doubted on this time I'm just saying that God wants us to finish the game have fun thing him for me at all time on the clock eighteen forty four what that time publicly and I'm not get a handle on their fear on their wings by people in the other feeling again next year and forth as they cannot take Anthony Arnie D'Angelo of God 's people bow down the field the first Angels message the second of the earnings of the all better and from the phone the three Angels messages is nothing more than the message no kidding BR nine nine even getting so excited just insult dog are dead into the heart before it's too late beloved wife but the seal of God is found in the art and those who are outside of the art will be marked for death the Angels vigorously and coming out on the most holy place why because those who receive the police are those who rejected what was found in the most holy Place message is to get into the yard Psalm ninety one says he got was in the decrees place of the most time 's up out of the side of the Almighty and you jumped on about ten versus it tells us that no a parking no play Jesus he crossed the sky the debtor raise they go to heaven for jury duty is to make and one in the books are often definitely forty four it was very simply with Satan and God 's people and the reason God opens the box if you want to condemn you but the process in all your saw that when things are paid in this issue than that of all my books is that they repented the most contentious she evidenced to save you not to destroy you all the angles I just enjoy my ways of God humans are tried to sleep now now when it's window when the jets would give the money of what happens without it but the righteous get to see the boat and they will join the chorus of angels just enjoy my ways are gone and now we get to the end of the millennium and God come down and he resurrects the wicked dead and the Bible all we are told that when the wicked that are resurrected in that time this world will turn into the biggest movies the uterine Earth has ever seen we are told that in town when you say that with me and you everyone will watch the movie artists find movie alike says each actor recalls their role D allegedly this is reality TV this is no make-believe I wonder we can look at me I think you'll saw this only I didn't tell me about no time you are trying to tell me about what I'm on the move you're talking about how a product meant something other movie houses but now comes a time when God must destroy the wicked and out of this briefing two minutes let the time is money how time is running out God must destroy the wicked Lebanon I understand the reason why God uses fire if not McCarthy now but because he's so easy to the God of the stride is a consuming fire but let Solomon tells us that I is consuming all available for husbands please raise your hand very good use your point on my beloved DS fire if a decennial flyer is valid on the fire anyone for the end and while in that fire and not be consoled that he wanted that for them you better be fireproof some another God just like when Dawson both are enforceable or is not consumed bottles from initial mold is ideal for humanity he wants to be able to stand in his presence just like satellite media Center compatible boyfriend and I fire you are not so bad anything to the right since that are forever the weekend are not fireproof they are not will not allow me to happen about heaven would be helpful down these the other double clicking on those great big arms stretches out and embrace the wicked one last time and in the and reasonably can feel the love that they rejected and they say just into on my wings about it was a unanimous showing the way God reveals finer by professionals we will worsen when allowing because justice is real just as Israel was commanded to keep the Sabbath commemoration on the delivery from captivity and so we won't ever see the some of the reminder of our deliverance from the start move we have forty four seconds left in the fleet will understand that God has called you anyone sitting on if you are asking them to know more than I can apply with anything I can understand this and know that God has a plan you listen can you imagine giving someone just having them hear these words of love is not coming to be barking he did not amuse you and pray with me heavenly father we would probably teach us Lord what it means to love you and to serve you and to call into this world with your GPS showing the long and the weight is presenting in a manner to an area median with my audio is oriented on an admittedly been like to learn more night inside a defendant in an hour the online user using the www. my favorite


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