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The Blueprint

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • August 5, 2011
    6:45 PM
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Happy Sabbath everyone! How many of you are excited to be here tonight? Pray with me please. 


Heavenly Father, our time is running out. We are in a race against the clock. Help us to finish strong tonight. In JESUS’ name, we pray. Amen.


Have you ever felt the pressure of time? I have 38 minutes and 43 seconds to tell you what I need to tell you. Let me read in the book, Last Day Events, page 212, we are told: “Thousands in the eleventh hour we'll see and acknowledge the truth. These conversions to truth will be made with a rapidity that will surprise the church and GOD’s name alone will be glorified.” How many of you are looking forward to that time when thousands will be converted in a day? Isn't that amazing? What are they gonna be converted to? They are gonna be converted to JESUS CHRIST. Amen. But the reason why they are gonna converted is because they gonna hear the preaching on the 3 Angels Messages. Amen. And beloved when we think of the 3 Angels Messages, what do we think of? We think of the mark of the beast. We think of the seal of GOD. We think of the 2300-day prophecy. We think of the 70-weeks prophecy. We think of the 1260 years. We think of the fall of Lucifer from heaven. We think of many things. Now, I don’t know if you were excited when I say that thousands will be converted in a day. Let me hear it again. Amen. But do you know what that means, beloved? If thousands will be converted in a day because of the preaching of the entire 3 Angels messages in a day that means, beloved that you and I better learn how to preach the 3 Angels messages in one day. Amen. 


Let me ask you something? How many of you have a favorite movie? I know that you are Adventists, you don’t go to movies anymore, but you used to have a favorite movie. Yes? If I would ask you to share with us your favorite movie in about 15 minutes or less, knowing that movie covered a certain period of time; maybe 10 years or 20 years or 50 years or hundred years. How many of you think you can share that movie in about 15 minutes or so? Amen. How many think you can share the Great Controversy - the whole thing in about 15 minutes or so? 


Beloved, here's what we gonna do tonight. We are going to cover in 36 minutes and 28 seconds the great controversy, the 2300-day prophecy, the 70-weeks prophecy, the 1260-year prophecy, the fall of Lucifer from heaven, the millennium, hellfire, and earth made new. Don't pass out. It's going to get done by the grace of GOD. Amen.


Beloved, if I could put it this way, how many of you ever juice? Anyone ever juice before? You take about 20 carrots; you juice it down to one cup. Right? We’re going to juice the Bible tonight. Is that okay? Time is running out and there's a race against the clock. Beloved, please listen carefully. I’ve entitled this sermon, “Earth’s Final Movie,” “The Blueprint- It’s Final Movie.” So, I'm going to need your minds to be the screen. Are you ready for the movie? 


Let’s begin.  Now, by the way, please excuse me because I usually take about an hour and 20 minutes to do this presentation. I am going to have to speak superfast. Do you forgive me? Are you with me? Are you ready? If you want a full version, come see me later. I’m giving you the super juice version tonight. 


The book of Ezekiel chapter 28 begins with an angel or begins our story with an angel by the name of Lucifer. Lucifer is described as a covering cherub. A what anyone? Covering cherub. Now, to understand what a covering cherub is, we must go back to the Old Testament, to the book of Exodus, where in Exodus 25, the Bible describes a building that GOD had instructed Moses to make. That building is called the sanctuary. 


And inside that sanctuary was a Most Holy Place which was a reflection of GOD's throne room in heaven. Are you with me? In that throne room, was something called the Ark of the Covenant and on top of it was something called on mercy seat. Now, that mercy seat represents GOD's throne. Now, the mercy seat rests upon the Ark of the Covenant. And listen to what that tells, beloved. In heaven, the foundation of GOD's throne was HIS law because that's what's found in the Ark of the Covenant. Are you with me, so far? 


Now, the Bible says that on either sides of this Ark were 2 angels, and they were called what? Covering angels. That word “covering” simply means “to defend or protect.” Listen to what that tells us about Lucifer, beloved. Lucifer’s job description in heaven was to protect and defend the law of GOD. Wooh. He stood in the very presence of GOD. He was to guard the sanctity of that law because it was the foundation of GOD's government; but the Bible tells us in Ezekiel 28 that Lucifer was perfect until what? Iniquity was found in him. Now, you help me iniquity, according to the word of GOD is sin. And sin is transgression of the law. So, Lucifer who was supposed to be guarding the law of GOD ends up turning against that law. And that's, beloved, the first war that ever broke out was over the law of GOD. Okay, we’ll work on now. 


Now, the question is why is it? The Bible tells that Lucifer deceived one third of angels. Amen. And we need to ask a question why is it? How is it he deceived one third of angels? Did Lucifer said, “Hey angels, would you like to be evil and join me?” No. That wouldn’t be deception. The book of Isaiah chapter 14 tells us that Lucifer claimed that or he said, “I will be like (who)? The Most High.


Let’s put it together. To be like the Most High means “to be righteous as He is, holy like He is.” Listen to what Lucifer is saying. “I can be holy like GOD without some of law, telling me how to do it.” Have you heard that argument before? That we don’t need the law in order to be like GOD? Beloved, that’s argument of self-righteousness. And that's what deceived one third of angels in heaven. Lucifer didn’t say, “Hey, I want to be evil.” He said, “There are more ways to righteousness other than obeying GOD.” That’s how the rebellion began; that's how he deceived one third of angels. 


So, how many of you are following me in this movie so far? 


The Bible tells us that Lucifer and his angels were cast out. The question now becomes, why is it that Lucifer was not immediately judged? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Very simple. The answers are profound when you see in the book of Deuteronomy 19:16-19. The Bible lays out a principle there given to Moses and the children of Israel. Whenever a controversy arose between two parties, there have to be a third party. A what everyone? A third-party to discern between the two. That’s only fair, isn’t that right? Now, let's take that very same principle and bring it back to our story in heaven. When Lucifer and his angels rebel, how many sides are there in heaven? Two - GOD and his angels, the devil and his angels. It's as though there's a stalemate. The devil is accusing GOD; and for GOD to sit over judgment at the devil at that point time would've been seem to be unfair. It's like, “You try and take me to court, and I say, I am the judge.” 


So in the book of Ezekiel - the Bible says there. When GOD is speaking of casting out Lucifer. He is saying, “Lucifer, I’m gonna lay you before kings that they may behold you.” This term appear to be synonymous with some kind of judgment. And I can imagine, in my pastoral imagination, Lucifer scratching his head, going “Who are you gonna get to judge me? Don’t you know all heaven is polarizing to two sides?” Beloved, here’s the question: Who would be the jury, the third party, that GOD would use to judge Lucifer? You're looking at them, right now. 


You see, beloved, there was something about jury selection that we should know. When a jury is selected, they like to choose people who have little or no firsthand knowledge of the crime. Guess what? Where was humanity when Lucifer rebelled? We were not even created. So far, so good. How about this – a juror must be a law-abiding citizen. And we know, beloved, that Adam and Eve were created with a law of GOD written on their hearts. And number 3, beloved, a juror must be able to discern between right and wrong and must not be swayed by public opinion. First Corinthians 6 say, “Know ye not that we shall judge angels?” We are the kings that GOD created partially to serve as jurors.  Let me tell you something- jury duty – doesn’t skip out. So, beloved, Lucifer sees the creation of man and says, “Are these the ones that are going to judge me? Hmm, what shall I do? What shall I do?” Beloved, if you have access to a jury, that had your fate their hand, what do you do? Seek to bribe the jury. 


Satan comes to the Garden of Eden and says, “Hey, Eve, would you like to be E-vil?” No, no, no. He says, “Eve, you can be like GOD.” Is that sound familiar? The same thing he says to the angel. Are you with me in the movie so far? So, Adam and Eve sinned and disqualified from jury selection. JESUS comes to the garden and He gives them a promise. And beloved, we can ultimately know that the gospel was given to restore mankind to being sound juror on earth who know the difference between right and wrong and who are law-abiding citizens. Are you with me so far?


So, now we are going to fast-forward our movie scene a little bit… and now we gonna go down to the book of Exodus. And beloved, the book of Exodus what we find is that GOD is about to call a people out of captivity. Who are they? They are the Israelites. 


Now, beloved, listen to me. When Lucifer rebelled against GOD in heaven, he didn't like GOD’s way. GOD’s what, everyone?  GOD’s way. Do you know what Psalm 77:13 says? It says, “Thy way Oh GOD, is (where?) in the sanctuary.” So when Lucifer rebelled against GOD's sanctuary in heaven, he was really rebelling against GOD’s way. 


When GOD calls on the children of Israel and HE is getting ready to use them as HIS people who are to bring salvation to the world. He gives them something special. I call it the blueprint or GOD’s GPS - the Gospel Plan of Salvation. “Thy way, Oh GOD, is in the sanctuary.” 


And beloved, what happens is that, when you're looking for the way, it means that you must be lost. And so GOD, HE looks down and says, “I’m gonna give you a special gift and that gift is the way. I wanna use you to take this Way - this GPS, to the whole world.” So, now you can begin to understand how must Satan have felt when he saw the replica of what was in heaven now on earth. Wait a minute. This is the thing that is to guide all people to salvation, we hate it and we gonna destroy it and we gonna destroy the people who possess it. We cannot allow this truth to go into the world.” 


So, you say, “Pastor, what do you mean blueprint?” Like house, the path of salvation. So, we’re gonna take a look. Now, I’m gonna put a picture upon the chart, upon the screen. And it will be probably there for little while. I’m gonna need you to memorize this picture because I'm not gonna be able to put it up very often. Alright. Are you with me? Do you see the picture? There’s picture up there? No picture. There you go. 


Now, you help me. When you took a birds eye view of the sanctuary, when you went into outer court, you came to 2 articles of furniture. They were the altar of sacrifice, that’s right there in the bottom; and then, there was the laver. Now, the altar of sacrifice is where animals are what? Sacrificed. And by the way, what does that represent? The sacrifice of who? JESUS CHRIST. Very good. Then you have the laver, that's where the priests wash their hands and their feet. And beloved, that’s symbolizes simply what in the gospel? Baptism. Very good. 


You go up and you see the table of shewbread and the table of shewbread represents what? The word of GOD. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD.” 


Then you have the altar of incense which represents our what? Prayers, very good. 


And then the 7-branched candlestick represents what? It represents the Holy Spirit but our witness through the Holy Spirit. “Ye are the light of the world. A city set on the hill cannot be hidden; neither do men light a candle…” It’s your witness.  


And then you go the Most Holy Place, there was the Ark of the Covenant. 


So now, there goes our blueprint. Do you have the picture? You remember this picture? So, how is it that this sanctuary is GOD’s gospel plan of salvation? Well, if you'll remember the picture that you just saw, if you were to trace around the outer edges of the articles of furniture, you know what you find? You should know because he saw it. You see a cross, somebody say, amen. 


Can you imagine for the 3,000 years before JESUS comes up on the scene, the sanctuary prophesied that CHRIST would die on the cross for our sins. He says, “I am the (what?) way, the truth, and the life.”  Not only that, beloved, but as you look at sanctuary, you also find some else very interesting because in each place were an article of furniture is, there CHRIST was wounded – nail in the left-hand, nail on the right-hand, a crown of thorns on HIS head, HE died of a broken heart, nails on HIS feet.  Beloved, isn’t there a point where when HE was pierced in HIS side, okay, alright, blood and water come out.


All right, let's try this one. GOD delivers HIS people through this plan, through this path over and over again. 


Let’s take the children of Israel. Israel, when they were being led out of captivity, the first GOD did was HE told to make a sacrifice and put the blood on the post. What article of furniture? What article of furniture? The altar of sacrifice. Very good. That’s Exodus 12. In Exodus 14, they’re on their way to freedom and then Pharaoh says, “What have I done? I change my mind. Go get them.” And what does GOD do? HE opens the Red Sea. Come on, what is that? It’s the laver – it’s baptism. After they get to the other side, that’s Exodus 14, after they get to the other side in Exodus 16, they’re like, “We’re hungry?” And guess what GOD does? HE rains down manna. (21 minutes). HE rains down manna. So then, after that, I believe it’s Exodus 19 where GOD went down and says to Israel, “You are my peculiar treasure, MY light to the world, MY people that I’m gonna use brings salvation to the earth.” And beloved, what we are seeing there is that GOD is bringing them in essence to the 7-branched candlestick. In that same chapter, Exodus 19, GOD says to Moses, “Moses, I want you to spend three days preparing themselves to meet with ME.” Heart preparation. Why? Because in Exodus 20, in Exodus 20, GOD comes down and speaks what? The Ten Commandments. 


JESUS is born in a manger, among animals. We might say HE was born on the altar of sacrifice. HE is baptized at the age of 30; that's the laver. He is then let out into the wilderness where He’s tempted. The first temptation – “Turn these stone into bread.” The second temptation – “Throw yourself up in this cliff and offer our presumptuous prayer to GOD.” Third temptation – “I know You came for Your people, Your 7-branched candlestick, bow down and I’ll give you your people.” JESUS overcomes all 3 temptations and goes on to preach the law combined with the mercy of GOD. Or we could reverse it. JESUS left heaven, HIS throne, live a life of prayer, live a life based on the word of GOD, let HIS light shine, was baptized and then crucified. Which way do you want it? 


Beloved, ultimately, listen to me. How about this? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all deal with the sacrifice of CHRIST. The book of Acts is about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that's the laver. The book of Romans to Jude, all talk about the importance of Bible study, prayer, and witnessing. And then Revelation brings us into the very throne room of GOD.


Beloved, we ought to know this blueprint.  It’s the plan of salvation. It’s what the world doesn't understand. So now, I know that when I wanted to be saved, there’s a process. I must first accept who? CHRIST. And if I genuinely accept CHRIST, I will be baptized. And if I'm genuinely baptized and following CHRIST, I will study the Word, I will pray, and I will (what?) witness. 


And beloved, ultimately, when you share this with your friends, about the path of salvation, guess where the ultimately be led to? Alright, I get excited before you. 


So, beloved, get the idea here. The devil is angry at this plan of salvation. So watch this, the entire Old Testament is really about how the devil is trying to destroy the people who possess the blueprint and to destroy the blueprint itself. Are you with me? So it’s as though GOD gave --- Imagine like this, the blueprint is a football and GOD gives the football to Israel and HE says, “Take it…” But Israel begins to running down the field but they begin to rebel against GOD and that they get so stubborn that GOD allows them to fall into Babylonian captivity. 


Well, what happened? We are introduced to the first of three time prophecies in the book of Daniel. By the way, how many of you are in the movie so far? Are you following me? Amen. Okay, so, the first prophecy is 70-week prophecy. Now, the question is: what is this prophecy all about? Very simple, beloved. This prophecy is about GOD simply saying to Israel, “Israel, the One to whom the sanctuary points will come in 70 weeks. If you are not ready to receive HIM and if you continue in your rebellion, I will take the blueprint from you and I will give it to somebody else.” Guess what happened? JESUS comes, Israel rejects the CHRIST. You know what happens when HE dies? The veil in the temple is rent in two - signifying the end of the earthly blueprint. JESUS, after HIS resurrection, ascends to heaven in a heavenly sanctuary. And the blueprint, the ball is literally taken from literal Israel and given to spiritual Israel. 


Guess what? We just went through the entire Old Testament. (We have 16 minutes to go. The clock is ticking.)  


GOD gives Israel the gift of tongue so that they can give this message of a heavenly sanctuary and a Heavenly High Priest into all the world. And off Israel goes, down the field, nothing can stop them. Satan says, “I’m gonna stop these guys.” So what does he do? He raises up first literal Israel to attack spiritual Israel. And then he raises up literal Rome to attack spiritual Israel. But he finds that every time a Christian dies, it’s working against him because their seed only what? Multiplies. And so Satan says, “I’m  gonna change my tactics.” And beloved, that introduces us to the second of the three time prophecies in the book of Daniel - The prophecy of the 1260 years. And beloved, this prophecy simply stated that there would rise up a power called a little horn and this little horn power seeks to cast down the GOD’s blueprint. 


Are you with me so far? Are you there under your seats? Are you following your movie? So then, the question then becomes: How is it / how does the devil use this little horn power, this counterfeit spiritual power, to cast down GOD’s sanctuary? It’s very simple, we’re gonna put up the picture back in the screen again. 


What happened during the Dark Ages, that’s a 1260-year period?  What happened? The church of the dark ages cast down the truth that was being taught by the sanctuary. “Pastor, what do you mean?” Very simple. 


The altar of sacrifice which represented CHRIST's sacrifice was cast down and replaced with the teaching called “Penance - Christ's sacrifice is not enough to pay your sin, you must pay penance.” The effectiveness of CHRIST's sacrifice was cast down and something was taught in its place.


But what about the laver which represents baptism? The church of the dark ages said, “We’re gonna substitute infant sprinkling in the place of genuine baptism that calls for confession and repentance.” Not only do they do that, but they went up into the Holy Place and set up the table of shewbread, which represents the word of GOD – “Man, you can’t understand the word of GOD for yourself, only the priest can explain it to you. And the traditions of the church are more important than the word of GOD.” 


Not only did I do that, beloved, but they reached up to the altar of incense which represents prayer and they said, “You can’t pray to GOD, you have to go through priests.” In fact, they even created their own – two-compartment room divided by a curtain; with a man sitting in the place of GOD, hearing the confessions of other men. 


They put out the light of the church; thus, creating the dark ages. And they went up into the most holy place and took the law, and took that seventh-day Sabbath and cast it down and put in its place a first-day Sabbath. 


Shall we despair? What is GOD gonna do now? Can you see it in your movie? Listen, beloved, there is one more prophecy called the 2300-year prophecy. And this prophecy stated that at the end of 2300 years which would be in what year? 1844. At that time, the sanctuary would be (what?) cleansed. And some Bible says, “Restored.” So, watch this. 


You know what GOD begins to do? Over a period of 500 years, HE begins to restore every truth that has been cast down during the dark ages. 


There was a man by the name of John Wycliffe who come up on the scene in the 1300s and what John Wycliffe does is he translates the Bible into the language of the common people; thus, restoring the table of shewbread. Amen? Beloved, if I was living in the 1300s, I’ll be following John Wycliffe all around. 


But in the 1400s, a man by the name of Martin Luther is born. And Martin begins the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s and what Martin Luther does is he restores the truth that it is the sacrifice of CHRIST that pays for our sins, not penance. Are you with me? If I was living at that time, I think, I would have been a Lutheran. Praise GOD for the Lutheran movement. 


Beloved, in the 1500s, a man by the name of John Calvin also come up on the scene, the founder of the Presbyterian movement. And John Calvin has a special burden for prayer. He says we can go directly to the throne of GOD for ourselves and what John Calvin does, beloved, is that he effectively restores the altar of incense. 


In the 1600s, there was a man by the name of John Smith, who upon studying his Bible said, “Wait a minute, you can’t baptize infants, sprinkling, you’ve got to be fully submerged; and confess before, repent before, you’re baptized.” He became the founder of the Baptist movement. If I was living in the 1600s, I think I would have been a Baptist.  


In the 1700, a man by the name of John Wesley comes upon the scene and John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist movement. And John Wesley has the special burden for getting the gospel out into the world. And he effectively restores the 7-branched candlestick – “Let your light so shine...” 


I feel I was in a kind of race. Ten minutes and 23 seconds, beloved. 


One more article of furniture is left to be restored. Mmm. What movement would GOD call upon the scene in the 1800s, you are gonna make me excited all by myself, aren’t you? ... What movement was called up on the scene in the 1800s to restore the final piece of missing truth? Beloved, listen to me - you are not a Seventh-day Adventists by accident. This prophetic movement has a prophetic birth certificate. You are not a Seventh-day Adventist by accident; you are not some other movement. Beloved, GOD has called you for such a time as this. 


Beloved, it’s this gospel - that's why the first angel’s message begins to go forth with the everlasting gospel going into the entire world because it is this gospel. This gospel could not be preached during the dark ages because it has been taken away; but by 1844, everything has been restored. Beloved, listen to me, all Adventists are Baptists, Methodists, … we just kept taking the truth and moving it on.


Listen, in 1982, there was a football game, California versus Stanford. It was called the play. There were 4 seconds left on the clock. Cal State was down by one point. The band has already begun to celebrate. All Stanford has to do was kick the ball off and they figured the game is over. What are the odds of the other team returning the ball and winning? So, they kick the ball off and down the field  the ball goes and Cal State gets the ball and they begin running and at the first ---someone tackles him; but before he hits the he tosses the ball to his teammates. On the other side, the band is already marching on the field. People are on their feet celebrating. The second guy get the ball, he’s running. And the commentators began to have a voice raised because the second guy gets tackled, but before he hits the ground, he passes the ball on. The third guy, the same thing. The fourth guy, the same thing. The fifth thing, the same thing. The sixth guy, they’re screaming, at this time, everybody's on their feet. And that sixth guy runs right into the end zone. 


Beloved, listen to me, the devil, his band is on the field. They think the game is over. They think that you as Adventists are a beaten people. Beloved, I’m just telling you. I’m just saying that GOD wants us to finish the game. That’s all I’m saying. 


Beloved, listen to me. There is no time left on the clock. Okay. 1844 was the last time prophecy. In my mind, I see the angels on their feet, or on their wings. Just like people would be on their feet in the game and they are cheering for this thing- “Come on, take it into the end time. I mean the end zone.” Off GOD’s people go, down the field. The first angel’s message, the second angel’s message, the third angel’s message, beloved. It’s all there. And beloved, listen to me. I gotta sum this up. 


The ‘3 angels’ message’ is nothing more than the message of Noah. “Get in the ark.” No, you didn’t get it. So, let’s try it again. “Get into the ark.” “Get into the ark, before it’s too late.” Because the seal of GOD is found in the ark and those who are outside of the ark will be marked for death. The angels, with seven last plagues, are seen coming out of the most holy place. Why? Because those who receive the plagues are those who rejected what was found in the most holy place. Our message is to get into the ark. 


Psalm 91 says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…”  And you jump down about 10 verses, it tells us, that “no plague…”  JESUS comes. He cracks the sky. The dead are raised; they go to heaven for jury duty.


Beloved, listen to me. When the books were opened in 1844, it was very simply this. Satan was accusing GOD's people and the reason GOD opens the book is not to try to condemn you but to prove Satan a liar. So that when Satan says, “He did this. And she did that.” GOD says, “Well, my books say that they repented.” The books contain key evidence that to save you; not to destroy you. So, the angels say, “Just and true are thy ways, Oh GOD. You judge righteously.” Now, when the judgment begins the millennial, what happens beloved is that the righteous get to see the books and they too join the chorus of angels – “Just and true are YOUR ways Oh GOD.” 


And now, we get to the end of the millennium when GOD comes down and HE resurrects the wicked dead.  And the Bible, we are told that, when the wicked are resurrected, in that time, this world will turn into the biggest movies’ theater, the earth has ever seen. We are told that in panoramic view, everyone will watch the movie – Earth’s Final Movie. 


Ellen White says, “Each actor recalls their role…” Beloved, I want you to… This is reality TV.  This is no make-believe. I don’t want the wicked looking at me. And saying, “You saw this movie and didn't tell me about it. You told me about Spiderman. You told me about whatever other movie.  You told me about Harry Potter. You didn’t tell me about the movie that counted?” 


And beloved, now comes the time where GOD must destroy the wicked. And gotta do this briefly. (Two minutes left.) Time is running out. Time is running out. 


GOD must destroy the wicked, but beloved, understand the reason why GOD uses fire. It’s not because HE’s mad, but because HE’s love. You see, beloved. GOD is a consuming fire. The Song of Solomon tells us that fire is like a consuming love


You’ve ever been in love before. Husbands, please raise your hands. Very good. You yourselves that fire. That’s what GOD is like, beloved. HE is fire. HIS city is a city of fire. HIS throne is a throne of fire. And HE wants us to be able to dwell in that fire and not be consumed. You wanna get to the premise of GOD, you gonna better be fireproof. And so beloved, GOD, just like when GOD showed Moses the burning bush and Moses says, “How is that bush burns and not consumed?” GOD is showing Moses, “Listen, this is my idea for humanity.” HE wants us to be able to stand in HIS presence just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego where thrown in that fire and were not consumed. Beloved, listen to me, it’s the righteous that burn forever. The wicked are not fire proof. They burn up. GOD will not allow them into heaven because heaven would be hell for them. Do you see how the devil freaks out? GOD stretches HIS arms and embraces the wicked one last time and in that embrace, wicked feel the love that they have rejected and they will say, “Just and true are Thy ways, oh GOD.” There’s a unanimous decision to destroy the wicked. 


Beloved, GOD reveals planet earth. And the Bible says, “From Sabbath to Sabbath, we will worship GOD.” You know why? Because just as Israel were commanded to keep the Sabbath as commemoration of their delivery from captivity, so we will ever keep the Sabbath as a reminder of our deliverance from this earth. It’s the movie. (We have 44 seconds left.)


Beloved, please understand that GOD has called you for such as time as this. Stop sitting on the fence. Stop sitting on the fence. If you doubted your Adventism, doubt it no more. If you said, I can’t give a Bible study. I can’t understand. Listen, please, know that GOD has a plan for you. Listen, can you imagine giving someone a Bible study and just having them hear these words of truth, beloved. How many of you believe that GOD can use you? You believe GOD can use you? 


Pray with me. Heavenly Father, we ask that YOU would please teach us LORD what it means to love YOU and to serve YOU and to go into this world with your GPS showing the lost the way to salvation. In JESUS’ precious name, we pray. Amen, and amen.



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