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Adrian Zahid Carlos Moretta
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  • August 5, 2011
    10:45 AM
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so in the beginning God God began with the family and hee hee great Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ass as we all know they they fell and eight were kicked out of the Garden of Eden but before they and their cake God gave them the plan of salvation and the whole idea was that through the unit of the family that the plan of salvation would be perpetuated still Jesus would come and during that time they a few remember King he killed his his brother Abel and he began a separate line of families and he began a separate line of of individuals throughout history a separate line of the people that work sometimes against God 's plan and over time what happened is that the sons of God and their families intermingled with the sons of the world and a bagel mingled in overtime that the family unit of the church got corrupted and at that point got had to completely taken a racer and erase the world and start over and he did that with Noah's flood many began with the nation model and he started to try to work things out with it with the nation and he began with Abraham Isaac Jacob and down the line and so they began this got began again with with with nations but the problem with that was that that as the nations grew guess what they wanted to be like the world and they want to be like like everybody else and so they said give us a king and so Samuel talk to God and God told him that he shouldn't be upset that they wanted King it wasn't because of Samuel but he said they haven't presented you have rejected me and so God gave them a king with warnings with caveats letting them know what would happen if they had a king and so they gave me start with one king he will forty years of assault and enough making David and Solomon and down the line but over time what happened is that the nation model that God had the idea that this would be a representative of God 's work in in the world of public punishment do it with human beings got corrupted and as as you go through as you go through history and you take a look went up happening is you have people starting to become insular the nation to start to focus inward and he lost their focus on God and he began to either copy the things of the world or they began to just be among themselves and lose contact with the world the whole idea was that people would look at this nation and they would see what God is doing with it and it would inquire as to why God is blessing them and they would be taught of his room and overtime that failed and they went into exile and became out of exile and when they came out of exile baby began to live in Jerusalem and and repopulate the promised land again but the city of Jerusalem itself has some issues and one of them was that the central area of location is central to central location for for Jerusalem was unprotected the walls were not complete and year after year went by and the walls were were not getting built and Nehemiah he lived as you as you remembered Nehemiah lived back with with the king and he found out that this was happening that God 's work was being retarded and so he wanted to he wanted to change that and so he came and he decide to invest himself into into this work and so he began by he began by developing a certain set of a certain set of principles he began first by getting buy-in of the people he went in he surveyed that the item that the whole area he found out what was was going on what are playing in of the people more than they were in power and what they were doing and he made a personal survey of the whole city then he began to form in a plan is mine of Hollywood build the walls then he presented himself with it with his certificates and everything else from the King to the leaders of the city and he told them his plan of building the wall he organized the people and then he built that wall and what is interesting about that about me in mind what he did is the speed with which he encompassed it did on a days it took to build that the wall fifty two days fifty two days is what it took to build the wall there is a there is a paper that was written in a ministry magazine by Alexander Alexander soundtrack and he had some ideas of of of Nehemiah and he's talking about the principles that name I used and one of them and understand this in real quick but Nehemiah had a vision he saw what needed to be done and he decided he was in a do it he wasn't boastful it wasn't proud he wasn't try to force himself on people that are motivation for the task a lot of times people lack the motivation to do something but yet a motivation of the task to accomplish new mice exhibited in short I think to do something that someone had that no one had ever done before to encompass something that had that had not been done in years takes think that's a name I was think about building this wall again so that Baltimore could go forward he had to exhibit faith and here's the thing about changing your church are making a difference in your church you can't do it alone if you think that you're going to be overdue it by yourself you're sadly mistaken you have to have faith in God has to work with you to get this accomplished another point was that that he was persistent he never quit no matter what came before him no matter what the problems were he did not put I cannot get tired and not get frustrated he continued on it was a steady march towards getting the work done yet he did get tired but he didn't get frustrated right okay and what I mean by getting tired is yes you can get tired and God 's work yes even getting to give up what you don't want to lead it lead to burnout you'll want to get so tired that you just money can do anything more productive on the MI and dependent and how he built the wall going on he valued God 's Word above everything else got a lot of advice unsolicited vice but the thing about Nehemiah was what distinguished him from other people was his ability to focus on Baltimore and make sure that he acted upon the precepts of God 's work now here's the hard part there are some things that that that we see in our churches today that are not according to God 's work and we face a choice began either the big buzzword in begin ignored those principles or we can say no this is what God is saying is what we need to do everything we looking at those leader on another part of the another thing about Nehemiah was that he delegated responsibility she allowed other people the conversation and do it himself if me and I were to say take up one story after another and build the wall himself he would have a compression but he delegated responsibility he also adapted to circumstances circumstances change if you begin with one strategy and overtime circumstances change God wants you to have the abilities given you the ability to think and reason and feel to change your strategy he began with rebuilding the wall and ended increases security threat and so what he had to do was have the workers so that happened them were watching the walls and half of them were building the city that verbally Los Gatos Lansing and so he had the power to adopt a lot of times in a today we mean when we begin to to start a ministry only begin to do something we sometimes have this issue where we can adapt we can change the circumstances as a result our ministries are irrelevant or they the article are on I and their unable to to make the changes necessary to continue to bless this people so this is continued here the last time I make about minimize that he may some hard changes one of the biggest changes was that he closed the gates of the city on sound so that commerce wouldn't take place on seven and yes I admit the city face a loss of money yes they were people who were frustrated because their goods were outside the city and whatnot but he chose to make those hard decisions so that God would bless ultimately the city and what's interesting about that that entire story is that the changes that he instituted the reforms that he instituted allow that city all the people together working together to build that wall and fifty two days do something that people had never done before and it covers the work in a short amount of time and of the above God 's work is that it should bring people together to drive people apart God 's work when you work for God it brings you get if you work for Satan addressing the part going on the purpose of the church what is the church and what is what what does God want for his church if you look at fasten the apostles the very first paragraph capacity apostle says the church is God 's appointed agency for salvation of men is organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world from the beginning it has been God 's plan that through his church shall be reflected to the world his fullness and his sufficiency the members of the church those whom he has called out in the darkness into his marvelous light or show forth his glory the church is the repository of the riches of the graces of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be manifest even to the principalities and powers in heavenly places the final and full display of the love of God that is the purpose of the church a notice the part of the members us that we play in this part God has decided that the agency is salvation is that local church another point of Mrs. White makes a few chapters down is that the conversion of Saul if you remember when Saul was converted he met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus and instead of hearing from Jesus what his mission was to Jesus but an easily told him hate you in a goal and given witness to the Gentiles and you would be my champion to all these Gentiles I'm sending you to the Gentiles instead what he did is she says that he sent him to learn of his mission from the church and what's interesting about that one of the best stories in the Bible is that the story of where Ananias heard about solve this persecutor and how he was inquiring about Jesus and how he sprained and so he went he he he argued a live in thought but then he went by faith any places hands on consult eyes and he said Brother Saul Brother Saul receive your sight and I was an incredible risk they took because Paul could have received his sight and put his hands around his neck and secure an arrest and a lot of times in ministry you have to be able to take that risk ministry is a risk it's a personal risk that you take if you if you want to know what a risk his life think of the guys that jump out of helicopters to say people in the ocean they take a risk the risk is that they may not get back into the helicopter I think that Mister seen the soul and if you want to work with God you're limiting the risk Jesus when he came to this earth he took that risk and the risk was that he could internally lose heaven but he would rather have lost heaven and take the chance of you not being there that reflective revival in our church that the way that that the vehicles of revival so to speak the first one is individual and assistant basic you have to do this no one can do this for you that his Bible study and prayer personal Bible study and prayer is something that you have to do by yourself worldwide or denomination wide we have satellite programs oh seven revival nine provide for different types of revival programs that we do on satellite on three AVN and other places are in other big love of revival the next is conference based is like this having a conference where people come for short amount of time they hear speakers and they go back to the churches there able to ask questions and speakers are able to interact with people get some ideas and go back to churches now there is there is positive for each one of these is also drawbacks to each one of these the drawbacks are in the personal part is that it is just you and yes there is no limit to what God can do the one person by the same time is just you and a lot of times what happens with people is that the date they want to do something but they don't know how to work with people will talk a little bit about that leader the drawbacks to a satellite evangelism is that people put me put so much money into evangelism into a divorce via satellite and that's everything but it fails when people don't bring their friends to that meeting to see more family on TV your sentencing honey times have you gone to a church to your church and there is that there is a revival series going on or the him again in ninety amen join us in a something that the church is half-empty the members on even date his reality is reality and that is the problem that is that is a drawback to satellite evangelism the last is conference based on revivals I've been blessed personally by attending different conferences I've been to a site is my second time you're been blessed every single time I've gone through conference UIC workings brought by the energy or whatever the drawbacks of those conferences is that you can you can live from conference to conference and their people who do this handle conferencing you get as high and you get a low and go to the next conference and get a high and you get a low agency going on and you decide on a roller coaster experience and that of the drawbacks and that is that you can go to a conference and you can hear all these wonderful things all these wonderful ideas in your global reality hits you and you forget all about that question question out to demonstrate my point and that is out of you were at ASI 's three years ago two years ago RA you'd remember a seminar from three years ago can you think of a seminar can think of some ideas its top isn't it is really tough and what happens is in in this everything is you a site is like being on a football field and your you how football players again to huddle right and before that as a you know how they hearing with the coach is saying and what the quarterback is saying to get out ASAP on how to enable to the line and begin rate of two to make their place but with a conference when the conferences and work right in the end experience of the believer or the attendee what happens is you always going to the hospital but you never going to make the play because what happens is you go to the conference and you you learn all these ideas but you never execute them as there's always room this constant huddle never making the play as a tough part of the conference there are some conditions that Jesus set for his return and the condition is this the gospel the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end if you look at this there's two conditions that number one is of the gospel shall be preached in all the world and so some of us we think that to mean okay we have an ominous presence of July thirty countries as of the gospel is going out and dissidents we had three AVN in rehab it is written and we have paper today and all these other wonderful satellite programs in the Pentagon the world is being blanketed by the gospel the cost is going to the world yes it is but the condition for Jesus to come back is that it has to be preached as a witness what is that mean anyway personal witness to what is that mean it means is that people have to see God working through you for the gospel to be preached to them and the only ways that happen is when they see what God is doing through your life and they are able to make a decision then whether they want God to work in your life or the refusal now that their people that they think over six billion people were on the Red Hat seven billion people in the world sometime in October there's almost seven billion people on this work in this world and how can you get everyone to get to understand what Jesus wants to do for them how do you do this and the reality is that God wants this is one why God wants local church to be the center for salvation he wants at a local church with numbers and then to make a difference in their community the gospel went to the world once at least once and that was during the time of the apostles they took the gospel to everybody in the world in their generation they did it once and God wants to do it again the question is are we willing some conditions from the Rossi crisis when human longing desire for manifestation of himself in his church when the character of crisis perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own was that me perfectly reproduce his people why does this character need to be perfectly reproduced in us and the reason is that if you're going to be a perfect witness if you're going to be the best witness possible who best to emulate in Jesus Christ and Jesus his character needs to be perfectly reproduce enough for us to be the best witness going on there some people talk about well God knows when Jesus to come and there is no way that we can do anything for Jesus to come God knows and has been happen when he's ready but here Mrs. White says by giving the gospel to the world it is in our power to hasten our Lord 's return we are not only to look for but to hasten the coming of the day of the Lord at the church of Christ done her claim work as Lord in the whole world would have before there's been worn and the Lord his Christ would have come to our earth in power and great glory this is this is Mrs. White through this vision was for telling us that is within our power to hasten Christ's coming which means that you and I can see Jesus come in our time if we want the choice is ours going on in his letter briefly list over here 's our current realities and assures this is another interesting article others are looking at a church data had ever gone to DC archives take a look at our church data is really good and I and I if I had if I had a few weeks where I was not working I would've taken all the data and made it look really nice not just grass or whatever back that made it look really nice in terms of you can see through the years helping me grow when and where the Nice going and that maybe I could visualize really well but for whatever reason I I wasn't able to do this but these two guys David Duckworth and Joseph Kidder day they did a study on on the church 's archives and David took a look at all if you look at all of that stuff that the church is produced in terms of money membership growth rates retention rates all that stuff and introduce some some findings really interesting work is fine Mister magazine as well and understand this these because they're becoming this come along and it's really is really worth reading but not right now it's a church growth number one the membership growth rate is less than the population growth rate right so that means that as a United population were talking about United States Canada and Bermuda is the North American division if the population grows at the rate is growing even if we add members to the church at the rate that were adding them were still going to be less than would result a meal to match the growth of the population which means that over time our footprint in North America isn't it smaller even though we add members by so our growth rate is less than two percent the next part is the ethnic composition of the church when you look at the growth rate we had thirty nine thousand baptisms last year most of the new membership and energy mainly comes from African descent so and in in terms of in terms of the diversity of the church that's where our growth is coming from somewhere failing or were not succeeding so speak and the Caucasian area of the Caucasian descent and in other races were not were not growing is as much in terms of those people that the grain about in his the average age in Gavin 's church is fifty one years old as the meeting age the average age of the US population is thirty six so for our members relate to a younger population is getting harder and harder to do as we as we inch up in age to some statistics are now here's the oneness that is not the greatest and probably the most damaging as this one church membership and membership productivity so from nineteen thirteen to nineteen eighty it took about fifteen members to produce one convert from nineteen eighty on it's not taking twenty seven members to produce one can't hurt pastoral productivity is on the rise and what that means is that than the racial pastors to do baptisms is on the rise and that's a good thing one thing that I really like as if looking through this is literature evangelism literature evangelists produced there their work directly that they can trace of the church entries directly produced fifty nine thousand baptisms worldwide a mentor that I did what I did the journalism for three years in Pakistan of all places and it's nice to know that that it's hard work if you ever date it is really hard work but it's nice to know that it produces baptisms aren't so this is where we are this is where we are in the church and it is something that that we should we should realize and we should work work on so what is a revised church look like we talk about revival and Reformation in and from the GC last year this mandate to focus on revival and Reformation I think it's a good thing but what is a revived local church look like the one there'll be emphasis on revival and evangelism now there's some people in churches that believe Margaret to focus on revival for the next six months and immigrated to events as of the domestic nine months and then someone and so forth but to his presentation I will show you the Bible is directly proportional to baptism and why that's so dioxane leadership which means that the pastor is Re: train history from Andrews but the membership will be trained as well we'll talk a little bit about what that train leadership means what it means to be trained sustainable ministries how many of you have served in the church in the same position year after year year because no one else will take that position right that is not sustainable the eighty twenty rule where twenty percent to eighty percent of the work is not sustainable ultimately over time your church is to fail because you have failed to train other people to take your place as an array list cycle of leadership and that is unsustainable believe me I have done it I have worked really really hard in churches serving in positions and in various positions and overtime what I realize is when I eat when I leave those those church positions what happens is I have a train someone to take my place as a result if the person that comes after me now able to do as good a job or whatever happens or they may fail or whatever and it's a reflection on me that in mentor somebody so if you are currently in its first position in church leadership make sure that your mentoring at least three people so that one of those one of those people will be able to take a space and move the work into greater levels of success than you ever did sustainable ministries empowered members members who feel like they can do something there's a lot of members in the Senate have the surgery just don't feel like they can do anything is all they feel powerless feeling they can do they can take the five bucks and put in the offering and that's about all that great they feel that they can do but a revived church will have empowered members and active Sabbath school Sabbath school is not a warm-up for the server a lot of people treated that way with Sabbath school is not I will first and there's only things that you can do it with Sabbath school Carlos and I have been involved in heaven the school I believe that it is one of the most active samples in the North American division we started with twenty members in two thousand two and currently we have about three hundred fifty members our ministry spanned the globe and our international impact is huge because God is blessing us because we have decided to invest in making sure that our seven school is successful your local church will be an asset to the conference which means that a revived church will have a good relationship with the conference there are some churches that have a toxic relationship with the conference and that is the need of the conference nor the church to have a kind of relationship convicting sermons will be preached at a reviving added at a church the sermon quality wool will determine the quality of the membership members will learn to reason and think for themselves at last visit price method will be used how many of you are familiar with Christ method are in Christ what he did was he when interested himself in the affairs of people and you win their confidence in him and him and wonder confidence and hit wonder support vineyards a following I was interesting about Christ method is that together part that we don't focus on that is that when people came to Jesus the left changed mental note that his disciples had been with him mental note that they had been with Jesus when people come to your church day after day year after year seven seven do they leave changed can you see a discernible difference from one year to the next to the next and if you cannot they just yourself are you fully implementing Christman and here's the heart of evangelism evangelism will fail single time unless the person themselves has been changed if I made a difference in your life are you made a difference in my life and it was so huge I would be able to then I'd be motivated to tell someone else when I saw them in the same condition is like a blind person being healed by Jesus in seeing another one person on the street and sing hate I used to be just like you but I meant Jesus and now I see in our churches today if you're using price method there needs to be ended you will see a discernible difference between where people were and where they are now there's some conditions for Christ coming and testimonies volume nine Mrs. White rights and this is this what we -based soldier John this is the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising over church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers rallying to the work with ministers and church officers is not the pastor 's job alone is not the conference presence job alone to Congress to work it has to be us as well gospel workers page one ninety three says your success will not depend so much upon your knowledge and a congressman 's as upon your ability to find a way to the heart when people say when you asked people to do witness he asked if the share or do a Bible study was a common thing that you hear I don't know enough are not to do it and then we go to concerts only seminars over and over again learning how to say the Bible are not a witness learning how to do this but we never quite do it and the reason is because they won skills that isn't being taught and it cannot be taught and in a seminar session and that is how to find a way to summaries hot the little maid she knew how to find a way to her mistress his heart money who came to Jesus and he left after you want to follow Jesus and become the Cyclades and no go back and tell them what I have done for you he found a way into people 's hearts Jesus came back there was thousands of people ever ready to receive finding a way of people 's heart cannot be taught in a seminar because it has to be done in action and is done on a case-by-case basis you have to going you have to talk to people and you have to find ways to touch the to make a difference in their life and you can do that in a seminar you can do that in a schoolroom the reason why the disciples were so successful is because they learn from Jesus day after day as a watch and interact with people to train a physician what they do what you do is you go to four years of medical school and then you do for five six years eight years of residency and during a residency what are you doing sitting in more classes no working with patients the best way to become a doctor is to work with patients and yes there make mistakes and yes even if shouted at and whatever else but the way you do you become a good doctor 's network invitations little kids when they when they begin to walk they begin to walk on the very first try they state they fall victim to get up the Nikkei falling to keep getting up we keep getting up till they finally gained they learn the balance they train their brain due to balance themselves they can hold themselves up right and continue walking Christianity is a practice it differentiates itself from every other religion in that regard so what do we do in our church hardly preach and there's a lot of people today that they were garbage different sermons every service attached people and yes I agree but here's their counsel from us is when she's as the Lord desires to serve as a data priest the old Gospel doctrine sorrow for sin repentance and confession we want old-fashioned sermons old-fashioned customs old-fashioned fathers and mothers in Israel the center must be labored for persevering we earnestly wisely until he shall see that he is a trespasser of God 's law and shall exercise repentance towards God and fate was Jesus Christ Olson 's old gospel before that she traces through history she talked about how Jesus the very first thing that he did that he said when he began his ministry was repent John the Baptist in the wilderness what he what he said was his sermon repentance that disciples of when they began they are there certain what it peters said there is no name under heaven by which unity say repent there is a story that Mrs. White wrote about to talk about this this guy that was stuck in the snow and he was dying because he was in this visit and he couldn't find the energy to get up but he realized as he was lying there and he was dying he realized that there was someone next to him and he looked over and he saw that that person was in worse condition than he was and he felt pity for that person so he just mustered up his energy he got the guy have any start to walk him actually blizzard to to safety and they made it to safety and she says that when he made a safety and is able to relax he realized that in saving the other person he saved himself so she says that she says that these lessons must be forced upon young believers continually not only by precept but by example that endocrine that in their Christian experience they may realize similar results in saving others save yourself so we come to my equation here and that is that revival is directly proportional to evangelism and evangelism is directly proportional file if you do if you do that is and if you're all they are knocking on doors and you're talking to people in your opening the Bible your study with vendor continually reinforcing in your mind intrusive we believe that and as you pray and you ask God to find a way to the heart you're in connection with the Holy Spirit every time you are giving up on Sunday and as a result those truths are to have an effect on your mind and on your life and begins to change those techs come back to you later on in the day or while you're working or whatever and you're able to be blessed by the Bible say that you gave another thing is that when you're getting a Bible say somebody you look forward to privacy yet to prepare you to open your Bible you've got to study and as a result you are reformed on the inside your change into Christ's image revival cannot be done in exclusion of evangelism and new enterprises and be done exclusion of revival for case studies today you eager to get a bonus I've asked my friend Doctor Crossan Retta to walk us through some case studies and talk about different things that that would've done in an ministry together of various organizations within blessed to be a part of many good teams of our young people and so will will just given that the time of your and you are want to want to talk to sleep your disease some of my friends here to select them friends from Southern California a period of violence over these things I want to share with you and I is now legitimate decision moderator but I'll try the breeze of any drinking bring this as things with to have this even if you will my name is Carlos Brenna Ryan and and oral maxillofacial surgeon trained Loma Linda and I just had a rich experience in my walk with Christian walk through generations of dad missed always live on Father's Day but in the last ten years I've experienced the revolution in in my life that I think God was bringing me to and I wanted to share things that made it bit that actually made it happen and in doing so I want to share with you ministries things that you can do in your church okay things it's not good enough to put business spectator sport anymore okay my father remember that I was had this discussion with my dad when he says you know Carlos the voices in the world it were dismembered to reach an ancestor wife says that the Angels will have to reach those places unlike so that situate for that waiting for angels to right now like your healthy like what you come with me to Bangladesh but you can be that Angel right so we have that that discussion love my daddy 's a good man and he did a good job will share with you a couple ministries major nuclear advance of forming that that we've been apart of that that have have had a massive impact practice in my life but on the global scale and then hope I is a Sabbath school ministry of Loma Linda University church many of you make may have maybe familiar with but even out of Abbott Slater was talking about having a Sabbath school lets active opinion of matches as a as a warm-up for this for this for the service and so on and then hope has spurred many ministries you had we would have had been hoped by Orlando her force Orlando I hope I'm tendering and I believe there's a few others that have requested the model of our of our Sabbath schools is that they can out of our events at school and we have just started his ministry which manages money for four other ministries we have our universe has comment and you do not I don't have to sell you the idea worker surely the idea that that audio bruises had a global impact you know I document how a personal friend of ours are in and cruise on him as well you know born out of ever hope Sabbath school leaders in the wealth of technology all this while technologies at our fingertips I can't even begin to understand what is there evidence available to us from your statistics of our largest audio verse alone since its inception in two thousand five of believers war million downloads from places that that you know you would just go and look at some of the some of the testimonials you can even print because they're coming from parts of the world if they knew that those individuals will be in trouble either governments but China talking about the Middle East places were targeted over there and set up an evangelism campaign and just go to a praise the Lord and he and I think I think this is wonderful young ten forty window downloads accounted for the ten forty window with regularity and so these are just these are just kids with a vision that that's anyone we use this technology to do something let's get the service is lima but split among online and let people download of inside-out impacted me in two thousand four approximately highways I was in residency and I was depressed I put on fifty five pounds because the breakfast burrito is my best friend and so a lot of people deal with stress differently i.e. so that's what I was going through I can tell you I can go to church I was always rounding I was always seeing patients covering three hospitals for drama it was miserable and so on numerous was there like as is a beacon for meeting opportunity to actually listen to God 's word and should and can grow spiritually at the end of the day the only thing that has ever grown anyone by the church it's always been the word of God amen it's the only thing that grows up that it's not the music it's not that it's not that it's the word of God and that's I think with what the Reformation attached to him by a user for long trips I use it to learn so that it's not my grant my father 's faith is my fate now because I is is a workshop in a use REO versus series that you can see him audio verse of the series of it or whatever at whatever topic I'm interested in learning about eighteen forty four you don't sanctuary so on and so forth I am and I use and also to prepare me for Bible studies up until the age of thirty five I had no idea that I can actually give a Bible study and yet I'm a fast Christian but you know what when I said I heard it up might myself to give a Bible study but it just came out of my mouth he was the Bible together I sat down with with a couple students that were not SCA global University Avenue my students and their overlooking the shoulder there is when you reading this at the state of the dead thing you want to remove boring place she got students are not the bad miserable Melinda for asking me what you really are already blocking the gospel and so as you know us six months later we've gone through so many topics on things that I think I've I thought I couldn't teach but because of audio verse it helped me to understand so when I open the Bible one so that's kind of another way that it limits how many pounds on witnessing and giving of article studies take-home message on your verse is there for you it's available I'm sorry downloaded fine if you don't if you hear someone who's going through a difficult moment here as a church member you know you can tell them a listen I heard that you're going to this thing there was a related message it helped me angry was talking about how you can make a connection with people it helped me I think it can help you wanted to listen you can use it the take-home message I want to go to go home with is that you can use audio verse in your church I move our care groups gateway church in Australia has taken in the same dog and put annuity shall sister wife talked about how small groups can be effective in ministry and in reaching others right and has taken this concept and gateway church and they have been putting together and an essentially relevant church out of young people with the CareGroup 's model a model is that the care groups as is the new leash in small group ministry right so let me tie you that about for foreign half years ago we decided among us started your group Loma Linda is only very quickly go through the brainchild of of a CareGroup sure what what exactly is it's a simple concept you establish a core team with a Bible teacher or leader number two got Habakkuk got Habakkuk payment number three he got abaci contributor these are things you can do in your church am telling you so that it's seal leave this summer the ruling anything this is practical application out of over talking about a Bible teacher could contributor you establish notices it you establish rapport with with a worker coworker someone someone that you're with your friends you don't go straight to say I doing you know someone that you build for a while you already have report right and during the first during the week establishes rapport and your foot at first your targeting may be marginal Seventh-day Adventist were Christians and then you can target seven four five nine seven batters in which are inviting them to exist on a Friday night between seven to nine and you have been punctual okay you got an functional other than otherwise this becomes a burden to whoever's hosting seventy nine other student Fellowship from seven to eight and you don't talk about Nessus you talk about things in life normal things like how your house and family of your daughter was sick seven to seventeen eight okay and then at eight o'clock you start your study right from eight to eight forty five from eight forty five to nine o'clock interest prayer prayer requests and praises praises to God for us and keep your group small these are kind of juice and some basic guidelines keep your topics biblical I love Sister Idol of the spirit of prophecy but you scare people away at first right the Gospels you know how I learn so much about about the Bible being willing give a Bible study was in theaters are terrible praise God has been about between fluctuating between five and twelve members from over four and a half years and were all either dentists or physicians or more computer web design that kind of thing and we've always been able to invite invite small group setting non- Seventh-day Adventist young Christians that have come to believe is a bonding contact us leaders were really miss that you know what can we do it again once a country joined what can I join you again I say stay all controversial subjects the Gospels encounters that Jesus Christ had I this is how Jesus Christ reacted with this with this guy but it was different in the way he reacted or treated this individual while a study that outlets have set up and then you'll find that your meeting on seven on Friday night people settling you lose some dad was right I heard you guys this matter the other I like to learn more about that you don't bring that into character character is the formal now that individuals that I would love to do that with you when we meet on Tuesday night when we find some other time just you and me and will will study up together as I would like to learn more about that myself never sale at all yes I will teach you on Tuesday night I caught I would like to study that out as well as you know I have some dance but I will have a lot of fingers wrapped around the whole thing by its report it's making people think that I'm not that I'm stating I approach my patients like this I don't you come down to eat you were on the same playing field were all learning care group 's and here's the kicker you always avoid canceling in for a half years I can count the amount of times that we have canceled your groups on one hand to the Internet the host isn't there the key is under the mat you never cancel this is serious business and God will bless it and how it is a blessing God God blesses consistency I just want to say that even through the highs and lows there were sometimes are we couldn't find anyone Bruce was not Seventh-day Adventist but we still came together and we still study the Bible and that and that we were all developing our knowledge base of the barn my ability to sit down with anyone and when the Gospels and teach has significantly improved because of characters there's something special about that fifteen minutes of the various prayer prayer requests and praises God has an incredible streak of answered prayers with our character from getting into professional schools to passing boards lately he's still kind of hanging out there rather try to find a wife for Adrian is so balanced alternative where Lord you are about ninety nine percent success rate with this character God rewards God rewards consistency in and I believe that that care groups is such an important part of any church ministry you can start this today don't beltway going hope that someone else is doing it you need to do it let's take hold of this they are self that's my take on message you can do this in your church it is eleven thirty seven I'm going to move very quickly to my very last portion here missions okay this is a something that I hold very dear to my heart and at the end of my little might my blurb your omniscience I want you to understand you don't have to be a physician you don't have to be a dentist okay I was here Doctor Doctor flacking it and a whole host of other doctors and infant physicians and gone to Haiti after the disaster I remember going to Haiti two weeks after the thing I was excited I was like yes my specialty is facial trauma to put some faces back together here in Haiti I got over there you know what I did for four days I leave I violate PVC pipe praise God it was more effective than anything I could've done to anyone else took to repair the or phrases PVC pipe to provide water to the hospitals of the doctors could keep working in a Serbian surgery with bottled water missions is important and this is what I want to say I remember owner I want to buttress this point as best as I can missions idea I grew up as a sometimes listen to missions Spotlight hoisted out Papua New Guinea the explosion romantically where is that you don't love me as a missionary never forget it I can even envision of myself leaving this country our church is a global church are I went to our kids have the sense of globality that's not even the word arrived that they have a sense of glow of the globality of our church were locked into our communities and we think that it stops here the gospel commission says on to all ends of the earth right so found at a tender age they need to understand the gospel permit the gospel commission their exposure and the men city of the gospel commission I do not have that sense and so I went on several my mission trips go either the I want you to see this was a trip that we do every year to Bangladesh and and this is Jim's first mission trip okay this is what it looked like outside of the clinic gates okay I just thought this would be chronic you to go into the crowded crowds are and go to the after a few minutes he realized he realized in his own way the things he of the need there became painful for him and he real why is there so much need out there and when I see me writing opportunities opportunities Adrian was buttressing this issue of reaching the heart that's a medical missionary work attempts to do is reaching the heart through the right arm of the gospel Jim got a good sense of what it is that you are publicly in the immensity of the order of the mean is that the mean of the world took to actually understand who Jesus Christ is I got that idea the second eye I went on my way to Baylor to Hong Kong I got out and are somehow being Hong Kong like airport is just heads everywhere everything to myself Lord I know how we can reach all these people and our children need to understand that you don't get if you think as adults that that will give us gifts I hear the solids of all the children of the young view of the human official work really leave the store what I want to have been based on my Father's Day and we has involved are going to happen because our kids are out there working and were not if you got if you have one the air to air in your lungs if you have vitality is no reason why to give you missionary is no reason their exposure to the immensity is so vital it changes them it helps them to understand oh p.m. seven p.m. but there is need out there right and I need to go I need to follow to commission a change me and give me perspective make a new direction and even help me with my career choices I take a group out of young people who just at the school and make sure that the dental students actually have a mission experience that they don't go through four years of Loma Linda University and they just coast through okay on helping people I'm working second actually graduate and earn a paycheck no I want you to go to the mission field to understand how rough it is for the rest of the world when they don't know who Jesus Christ is so that's what I attempt to do as a as of as a faculty member at Loma Linda University from the value of of local missions is important it's important local missions are important and I and I liar here do them but as a church member please as an adult with who has probably young people in your church don't overlook this this vital essence that that the necessity to get your children continue young people involved in international missions okay and I'm not going to visit Haiti by the way this is Philippines the Philippines was the most unbelievable experience of Everhart of the many relationships of what what was until Philippines when I realized that when you combine medical missionary work and construction and preaching anything is threefold equation to the mission field it all there comes a point where we can put yourself out there to reach other people you're putting yourself in a position where I can reach you and praise God actually had the opportunity to preach at the end with what I thought people were getting baptized I was the one that and so you know I I do need to get baptized probably baptized even nine okay you have a clue what I was doing with self-interest it was a warm dip in bathwater at age nine which is fine but as a dog you know the Holy Spirit would put on me at the end of my my evangelistic series that if you do be preaching this right you need to understand that this is your life this is you like your people need out there so God use my messages the interns was exhausted from treating patients all day come preach it people respond to a call that I mean that called me the whole truth keyboard I just broke down and wept at the end of the week after we baptized all those that were in my mind congregation I said Lord I'm not going to the waters as I was baptized and this is the experience I believe I was the oldest one everyone else was preaching was in high school only reason I was there because what you got sick of mass vinegar at the last second no coincidence okay so I'm a wrap it up here statements I want to go home with him trying to say whether sometimes you put yourself in a position where God can save you evangelism again is directly proportional to revive activity for youth is essential for making their faith relevant today okay medical missionary work were dismissed were creates inroads to the soul and sister wife said that so what plan anything for your church what can you do pick a partner pickup ministry share him quiet hour there's a whole slew of him if you're interested I can find me afterwards and commission okay medical dental construction evangelism pick a date and and and I say when you go home be very definitive about this goal the assailants this is big this is what were shooting for assembling a team that got pick a partner to work with and then raise funds developed budget pray God owns all the money in the world our customers money him I have to say that the unit we all know enough people we really are networking ASI Brian we all know enough people have money and even giving it to Obama are you putting it in 501(c)(3) okay there is money out there and all belong to the Lord take hold of that money and put it into his work pray and go the take-home message for this last thing that you can do is make your church right there own mission spotlight don't go home and say I was such a nice story no pick did you together get them involved they need to capture that vision but this is a global church and this is the great commission and they can be instrumental not just of reading the stories but being the stories that God wants you to be thank you and your grandpa and I will run out of a specific things that you can do the tour start out with an idea and this idea was presented to the wires over the place was presented to to meet through Justin Michaelis the president USC and I Katie Eger 's sister-in-law and Shawn read they wanted to do a seminar at USC that was unlike anything else we did was we designed a program where young people could learn how to be involved in the church we hasn't several relaxant I you will want to do was interesting about that is that a just and just blew our minds when we saw the people that were interested to know people are interested in leadership in the church eighty five percent of the six thousand people attended USC last year attended the seminar and thanks eighty five percent of the people that attended USC went to the torture seminar on Friday we at seventeen different tracks and we had some of the world 's best experts Mark Stanley Goldstein Jeffrey Rosario and others talk about how to preach how to teach a science lesson cliff top that how do conducted nutrition seminar Mrs. Bailey taught that outreach was sought by Pastor Finley and in others and what was interesting about that is so many young people raise her hand and ask questions instead how can I take this to my church if you got a young person don't let them just do audio or video get them involved one chocolate about the Internet we are all involved in online and we do budget things here's some numbers of people that are involved are that are connected every single day on the Internet social media we hear a lot about it all it is is people having conversations online and went to the seminar reelected by Linda this dentist I like his work I am looking for a mechanic that I wanted a mechanic and five people say my mechanics the best there is different platforms for social leaders blogging photo sharing microblogging YouTube Facebook podcasts various ways that you can use in your church to get the message out you can create a ministry where you have a podcast reader five minute podcast about talking about different subjects in the church with them on iTunes University and the people here but you can do with school and righteous by faith or series of rice by fate and plan on hiking University people will check the Vikings University you can listen to sermons from Yale University and other places and I wish a lot more Adventist universities would put their stuff online as well social media tools that you use this name a few Facebook and Facebook was a country would be number three in the world over five hundred million people are on Facebook in fact the numbers one to seven hundred fifty million one in six people are in the world are on Facebook you want to witness to people but here's the thing about witnessing I is the moment is the online lot of people know gone on to Facebook and the post on July quota and that's a good thing that's a good thing but what will drive people to your church is if you record your sermon and put on Facebook and your passengers there and you have an you posted on your profile aren't your friends profoundly watched SM is a unlike your elected tenure church something that resonated with me so makes a difference how much time is spent on Facebook daily one thousand equivalent of one thousand three hundred years three hundred thirty years in time is spent on Facebook daily can imagine how some people spend on Facebook this is like talk about how we need to attract the people of more influential here the world has has finally decided to put everyone together was influential and greater social network just for them that's called LinkedIn everyone a link most of the average person on LinkedIn earns over hundred thousand dollars and they run companies you want to reach out to them if you want to connect to them there surprisingly able to talk to you on LinkedIn if you call their office yet able to Sony gatekeepers to talk the vice president the company but can't have them on LinkedIn to get a reply in five minutes but please don't spend wiki Wikipedia is as accurate as the Encyclopaedia Britannica and there is seventeen hundred and twelve posts per hour rescue 's progress was are you on twitter twitter has taken donations has taken down despots all over the world people use twitter to communicate and that's another tool that you can use to get a word out of how Jesus has changed you could talk about how a program made a difference in your life you talk about that on twitter four million pictures on Flickr is not a fad it's a fundamental shift in the way to communicate and if your church is not involved in December think get a young person and don't tell you all about it by regular run through in the last ten minutes are run through certain things that we would like to do a total church what we would like to do is this and this is the risk are but I'm not on the share with you what we would like to do is we want to take North America and what we would like to do is take a certain mantras is a good and wondrous people 's electric special rights or the wondrous New Orleans and hereby what we would like to do is take a group of churches in a certain conference at several conferences and we would like to do certain things that I can see where they were at a baseline and see where they are later create a case study presented in leadership and said this is our model we think it works I have done over the conference model and been done that with the status quo without hope not we would like to do at the local church level and we would like to come to church and ended this if if if possible the way you you can get a succumb is you talk your church pastor they can contact me and we can begin work something out and later we'll talk at the conference presidents and and union leaders and whatever else to create a test model in your conference if you'd like us to do that would love to come several things as you go through in your church failure is not a failure is a lot that is not an option but in reality failure should be an option the person who failed the most in our church was James White if you going and you look at on the GCR crazy look at all the different magazines you started are not functioning today he filled over sixty times when he greeted to magazines that exist today signs of the times and got distribute the man succeeded my commission is what causes talking about and is abundant to share with you what we can do this test model a lot of a lot of members don't have a lot of money because of the economy and whatever else but what we would like to do is be a mighty change the world and thirty two cents per date that means is each member and church the average member of the church the average number of the church is about two hundred people so this is run the math I take what we're asking for is ten dollars per member per month that's a hundred twenty dollars for a whole year he can keep it for that day this is what we could do for your church we would take your church and we would abrogate that money art which would be about twenty four hundred dollars per month and or two thousand dollars per month in and aggregated over there over the whole year get twelve other churches around it in your conference that we're doing in the ventures they were doing this test model because he have to do with groups of churches not just one and then will surely what we can do with that ten percent to ten dollars per person per month that would be as you can see where you're coming for thousand dollars a year and now reaching a twenty four thousand ninety multiplied by the twelve churches we get two hundred eighty eight thousand we take that money and we take it and we would like the suspended in one country which will pick a country and will take that money and will spend that money but were not taking your money and is spending it over doing is taking that money and were taking you as well write to you as well two hundred eighty thousand times eighteen best of the exchange rate for one dollar to ponderous dollars and then to earn eighty thousand times eighty four three seven dozen Pakistani kinetic on August the naked difference there went as a conference resin there we can do it this summer we would be able to spend in Honduras and their money five million one hundred eighty four thousand dollars with your church are at war in Pakistan if you want to be superrich twenty four million during ninety eight thousand five sixty dollars I want to be doing these countries what we like to do this is something that the Isis government does when they go but up for a different reason where we belong in the God and God 's Army right when he has this government does is when he goes uncertain senator must take over a first thing is and a sensei Green Berets they going to check out to make alliances whatever the next individualization and Marines and dreams go in and a vague they created area the range is coming to build a tent cities in the builder toilets and whatever else and the Army comes and occupies over China do with this monies or try to set the stage to the begin train the local people 's incentives to do seminaries local seminary send them to medical school send them to identical whatever it is at the same time you like to build churches that are units where you have a church that functions as a school for the adults and at night and for kids during the day we also like to have a clinic where it would wear our doctors from the University can come and serve one medical students can come and serve and we would also like the local members ever investing and to work with us as well what we don't need is somebody going from here and building churches there per se they can build churches as well what we need is for you to help them do that work with them not only that as you present the gospel as you share you will gain confidence that will allow you to do it over here just as carless as mentioned earlier right the nano and gave never NBA this is a simple idea what is isn't space in your member if you look in history people that were physicians in the seventeenth century they did all the work but if they decide to to let other people do some other work and so they train nurses right now what nurses do today is what doctors do probably a century ago and doctors are freed up to do other things like build faces like what Carlos does right so can you imagine what would happen if your elder was just as trained as your minister and your minister was then freed up to us to plant churches with some of you every church that we were we want to build churches are singing with the MBA program I deny ninety eight to ten day intensive we want to train your members and they can manager finds his finances better we believe that if you manage the ninety percent that God is given you the ten percent that you get back to the church with greater part moving on these are the type of leaders that will drink your church and we want to work with investing in people please give the chance to young people to lead and you'll see a difference now this is something for the North American division not enough any leadership this year but the North American division what we would like to do is elect to create energy reserves which is young people is that if the North renders you be so kind as to give us one million dollars only like to do and that is divided up into twelve thousand dollars that would be a three young people that would write an essay and say why they want to plant churches in the North American division and for every year that they serve planting churches they get one year free intuition and university right that's what we would like to get and so lived with the workmen try to set that up and get that going but what we believe is of the more churches we create the more access we have to the population and as a result as well the greater type flow back to the church as well our final final concept is the idea of a leadership Summit will be like to do some new people and attend .com and watch a video art this is a seat this is a leadership Summit for the world where people like Bill Clinton Al Gore and Bill Gates and others come and get one hundred entrepreneurs come as well in the present ideas and challenges that are going on in the world and their people in the room that has solutions to those problems what happened in public was what what started the something that we we began about that was that there was a missionary that came from London Gavin will be requested half an hour and on the Sabbath afternoon to talk to young students about what he's an inbound despite the immense possibilities and the challenges that he has the loan dentist and inbound the Desdemona the status is doing their people in the audience like Carlos and Paul you and others who were residents and dentist was a we can do that when we get admission together and this could and that's that's holiday working together we don't have a corner on good ideas of what we would like as a leadership Summit where thought leaders in our movement get together and VP talk about ideas and for example of a division President Africa would come and talk about the challenges of of sharing the gospel with people who are dying of AIDS and people in the room hopefully have some solutions to what we're working for is that this is our moment in history this is our time and where are all coming to this mount caramel experience rail heading that way where the world needs to decide if they're going to serve God has given us or someone else in the way that intimate that that decision is when DC God working through us just like the fire came down and consume the sacrifice God is asking us to be living sacrifices he's asking us to be imbued by the power the Holy Spirit changed into his image and changing other people directing them to Jesus Christ your church will roll and it will become different only if you open yourself to change and you allow your members to share whether social media mission trips or whatever it is if you ask God to help you he will make unless you as you as you work for him and he written realized the centrality that the central purpose of the loca


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