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The Last Revelation: Making Christ the Center

James Rafferty
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James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry




  • August 5, 2011
    3:30 PM
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father have more things right now it's our privilege to open your words are privileged to be learned is that if you Jesus to understand the message the last revelation he wants to give the world fathers we pause to this moment where asking for the blessing and Holy Spirit we cannot move forward without the importation of a third person of the Godhead pray that you will lead and guide us as you promise to do teach us and lead us in all truth that no man is a tedious so that we can have an anointing so we can know what we hear is true to your word is sure and we can walk in the light of that war through your power and your grace this for Sally Franklin 's may speak to me allow each one of us to be open to understand what you want to share with us we ask and again we do this in the name of Jesus Christ a bonanza home this last stall two weeks ago I planted potatoes the end of July and I had to do it I have to do it because for weeks I have been working on planting potatoes I had Taylor and the two had a missing part and I spent a lot of time and effort and a little bit of money finding a part of the tillers of the children work like until the grounds I couldn't do with a handler this is an attachment to attractive and so I finally got the ground killed in late July I went to the CDC place and they had some old wrinkled seed potatoes and they were just about giving away as I said I coupled dollars that's not to know nothing more scary to invest so I went ahead and God granted them was really late I wanted water the water than and before I laughed to wear green sprouts coming out and I don't know if I'm going to get potatoes yet I don't know if it was too late but I think I believe I prayed earnestly those potatoes and believe that God is going blasts insulates process is laid for us God has over the years given to this church a powerful message and credible message incredible insight that no other church as it is described revelation fourteen verse six as the ever lasting gospel to relate we have generation to generation neglected not just to share the message but to understand it ourselves there are people today who are saying I never knew that the third Angels message was all about righteousness by faith I didn't understand I've heard that wiping here at ASI I thought we differ is to go back to basics when you talk about evangelism what are we talking about I like the understanding that is brought to us you look up the word itself your outline right there in the Marshall referenced there's a definition for evangelism it means number one of ringer all while good tidings of her have been taught in an evangelist it was also definition number two the name was given to the New Testament heralds of salvation through Christ who were not apostles the word itself is defined as someone who brings good news someone who share roles the salvation of Jesus Christ that's what evangelism is it's all about Geraldine the good news of Jesus Christ I was nervous and somewhat unwilling to travel to Pakistan in nineteen ninety seven I got a call from a competent president to work in Pakistan he asked me if I'm going to go there I told him initially know the culprit outlets yesterday the thought is very scary that this was before 9/11 I was still nervous hundred and forty million people ninety six percent of them are Muslims and it's against the law and before a Christian cross allies in the Muslim becomes a Christian they die when I went over there young girl Christian girl had been taken to court on trial because she witnessed to a friend of hers was a Muslim and a friend become a Christian and her parents killed her that was their duty under the law and now they were trying to Christian girl for her death the death appearance have to do to do in order to be in harmony with the law the lands but one of a topic or sugar was responsible for the service was traveling upon us I thought what am I going to preach in a Muslim country because it's only a suburban Atlanta speakers within youngest compound at this compound is a church of fifty people there but the people the most physically listening because the results against the law for them to actually come to the meetings or become Christians they're very interested and they want to hear so enhanced because while you complete registration site are strange and I thought what should I preach and the verses the dog brought to me over and over again were right there in John chapter twelve I believe that these two verses John twelve thirty and thirty one while at sea thirty one and thirty two North thirty thirty one thirty thirty one and I got the wrong reference on the outline for Revelation twelve CYS we go through the series here but John twelve thirty and thirty one something very powerful Jesus is communicating here I believe that this is the essence the foundation of evangelists look at it with me in the context verse thirty one now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be what Cassell don't forget that phrase that's a powerful phrase the prince of this world is going to be cast down because the judgments that belongs to this will be a adjustment in my judgment that we deserve is coming now is coming up on his who's taking it on himself Jesus Jesus says he's taking our sins our judgments are combination of I think you are selfish and because going to do that he's going task house who that was the one who would save me accuser is in Thessaloniki is because they choose is then accusing us of all of our sins all want Guildhall so it's so Jesus takes all of that and by doing that he can cast out the accuser on a cell phone is a disaster in the very next phrase he says and I following the fall and I live in what we now will draw all on to me I thought that's it right there evangelism is all about lifting Jesus it's all about lifting of Jesus was born in the years is that there are many ways the Egyptian people out of Babylon but is only one way you can get Babylon out of people calling me as many methods of many planned as many schemes that we can begin plan for we can we can I developed to get people out about a lot of you try this method try that method but even as as I became an and and the plans were put in place I can look back and sales wise the way they work with me and and what they did see I was I was trying to get into the Adventist church to get my sister out else my plan my sister had been involved in this coal eyes I was a new Christian I fall in love with Jesus and I was just so excited and his message it's only likely going church on Saturday and that I should be listened to rock 'n roll music I would consider my letter and that I should be that I should not be needing meet the sheet that what in the world has she got her self-involved cycle unless I start with you this summer find out whether often I get my sister out the course their plan was to get me in and it was only when I became abbot as they said he known as Irish Catholic background is a Catholic sadness and a strong because I have many Catholics are so devoted to to Killington Limited doing what is right that when they when they find out the truth safe now that we as Catholics are doing all the things that they think around the really wrong but now that it do what's right is a wonderful setting up with your joints however many of these converts simply switch from terror to truth but the method of salvation is the same way that the relating to God as the Senate is doing the right things so doing wrong considering the right but the relationship has changed there are many ways to get people out of Babylon but is only one way to get Babylon out of people I noticed was that Jesus lifted up higher and higher in the more humans of Jesus who more about along comes out as Babylon is in its systemic units is foundational experience understanding it is righteousness by works it is it is ourselves producing a way to get them to accuse God to be accepted of God to get ourselves say and we fall in finance so let's go back now all the way back to what evangelism look like in the Old Testament evangelism in the Old Testament Adam and Eve extends in a sales error I'm reading here from signs of times December twenty three two eighty six how to enable muscle of the plan of salvation atoms hot it to his children grandchildren the apostle says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God after Adam had sent a feeling of hair were seized to your felt that way ever felt viewing of terror best constant dread was upon him shame and remorse toward his soul your experience shame room Morris terror says in this state of mind Key West to be as far removed as possible from the presence of God that's unnatural state people say I'm not good enough in the church I don't feel worthy to approach God this is a natural phone state of human beings this is out at a mini felts after the fall and God pursue them knows what it says but the Lord followed his conscience Wisconsin stricken man and while he condemned the Senate which had impending guilty to get rewards of gracious promise and what were these words I will put in the team between the and the woman between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise the head and all shoppers continue this was the first gospel sermon ever preached to fallen man Genesis three fifteen I will put evidencing and what was the entity the word itself means hatred but what is the history notice what it says because the context of the verse says I will individually be in the one between thy seed and her seed and this seems like a sign of the entity but it's really talking about Christ it shelters I had a seasoning and Val saw bruises heal in other words Jesus is the end when we fall in love with Jesus when we see Jesus when Jesus is lifted up hatred begins to develop in our hearts Woodson I write him back one day from work and it was my process of England city of the river and was dust O my drums I thought how dust imagine cycling them Allah what would life you know my stereo system I want to put in one of my rock 'n roll cassette side of know if you remember assess nevertheless know it's really someone because they see I was raised when the tracks were going out I was raised on cassettes and recently I ordered a series of meetings without past or on on the book of Daniel Daniel of any only their ministry the only happening to set form of identity I just wanted to listen to on site one of the cassettes and minutes of these days to find out a way to listen so excited having set their my house what exactly are my card and took there my truck was noticed in anywhere I think you guys are the settlers anymore to do and record players it will shower you Nancy so this and Lindsay that they were talking about here is really talking about Jesus Jesus I came home I put this cassette in our Cialis I was looking on the schism in all unlike the on audio like a CD you can't you have all the songs one afternoon he had to get to choose the sign yourselves either side of the member that site inside the others I was looking what is I came across a solid manual and running with the Devil on I took a visit with my case of hundred rock 'n roll favorite collection and I threw it in the garbage can not because my citizenship was rock 'n roll assures that it handles also what we can't baptize you my experience was summed up in the words turn your eyes upon Jesus look long in his wonderful face in the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace suit the way to get Babylon out of the person is to lift up Jesus was a lot losing your people out of that woman's only one week with new Babylon out of us Babylon is a composite of individual walls posit we call in revelation a composite based into based as a composite piece of individual beasts Martin Luther said I fear itself more than I fear the Pope and all his bishops and the focus that the way the meetings of destroying self is lifting Christ so the first promise ever given the fallen and the promise was the star of hope illuminating the dark and dismal future of the race Adam gladly received and welcomed reassurance of deliverance and diligently instructed his children in the way of the promise was presented in close connection with the altar sacrificial offerings the altar and the promise stand side by side one task we are beings of light upon the other showing that the justice of an offended God could be achieved only by the death 's beloveds the bleeding victim consumed on the altar illustrated Adam 's teachings and thus the site of the eyes deepened the impression made by the hearing of the year it was the altar and is still tested a mess wherever he went repetitious testimony would what he would built in the golden altar guild at all to symbolize the cross it symbolized the cross it pointed to the Lamb so everywhere Abraham went and built the salt added beneath altar sacrifice God they call themselves with fix it with nothing Lisa God called them with animal skins when we think that was it was the land Jesus Christ with his righteous as all symbolic of the gospel all pointing to the gospel that was saying refused except because he wanted to present his works his own works enable clean away by faith in Jesus the whole century service everything in the century and now we know all of these sanctuary symbols represent different aspects of Christian experience but first and foremost they represent Jesus in other words the whole Old Testament was a type of the plan of salvation that pointed to Jesus Christ our to find his first significant when we move beyond this in the book of Revelation I want to read a statement zero Quicken they talk to province one twenty eight she says where ever she added pitched his tent close beside it was set up his altar calling all within his encampment to the morning and evening sacrifice morning evening sacrifice giving again our hearts to Jesus putting our entire dependence upon the blood of lamb focus ensuring we have the output courts representing Christ at the altar the labor is baptism we have the bread who is Jesus the wife who is Jesus the incenses the righteous in Christ we have the law of God as if the character of God for his love of all that is the mercy seat the whole sanctuary service symbolized the plan of salvation now it is doing a little of this is the will of the review the whole focus therefore of the Old Testament was to bring us to Jesus at the cross bridges the gulf between the old and the new test and as we swing across that goal step right into evangelism in your church looking at here is in the New Testament bought a page to John chapter one verse twenty nine notice what it says the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and he said behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world 's now think about that for just a second John is pointing to Jesus and he's identifying him as the Lamb of God did he know he was talking about when he said that no end and cannot fully understand what he was saying there are times when you can base teenage honest in the inspiration of God not even know what you are saying but even not even fully comprehend what you are saying their times as we continue to preach and change this message that God has given us when I have those all moments you have one of those and you look at a Texas even presented in a measure of relief is something that you never saw before and most of those the homeowners are going to come when you are looking for Jesus what I have realized I was in Malaysia some years ago and went to this moment was so did it made my head spin I just want assistance in Iceland this event I want to go anywhere it was huge and this guy was looking for a scan for his phone and we went to one tech store after another text or look into this and finally I got to try to sit here and any such resolution available finest half an hour later I was happen out a here he found he knew it is looking for an found I realized that is all that Jesus Christ is in the Bible that he's good he's in prophecy that he's in the Old Testament he's in the New Testament if you will love for Jesus you can find and when you find Jesus you have the tools occasionally Sigrid Fortney Benjamin 's evangelism is defined as those who bring the good times the glad news now if you take that word and you want into the New Testament you want to find the water for vessels was only used three times in Ephesians and oh God if some evangelist Timothy was told to do the work of an evangelist Luis one guy naxals mantis that's it three times is used only three times however the root word for the evangelist is used thousands of times fifty or sixty times and in in the chest and word actually means to preach the good news of the gospel and that word is used in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six when it says I saw another angel having the everlasting gospel to preach in all the world and every nation kindred tongue and people now the reason I say that is because there's something very unique about Revelation fourteen six oh two notices before Revelation chapter fourteen verse six has a phrase that is found no other place in the Bible phrase is everlasting gospel everlasting gospel you won't find anywhere the New Testament you will find that in the book of Romans won't find anywhere in the Old Testament the closest you come to does in the book of Isaiah where calls it the everlasting salvation is the closest you come to this phrase is unique because God understood what we would be dealing with concerning evangelism in the end of time I wanted to set up a scenario for you and see if you can relate to it you look at any kind of witnessing her evangelism you doing meetings are doing a Bible study or Charlotte a friend and you talk to them in the context of all revelation you're talking in and about the commands of God in an commandment keepers in the remnant church you and your engine using and for for example to the law or to the sap and they will say to you Internet notably someone has said this to you well the law and keeping the law is old company 's ever that before we were now under the new covenant we were now saved by grace and normally many times that will need to begin any discussion we have China food in them but they should actually receiving life was saved by grace right or it will stop to discuss it because it is going well it had a wide deal with this one why say in this situation will will here's why Goddess put that phrase in Revelation fourteen six the young yeah they just shared with you is that in the New Testament people are saved by grace but in the Old Testament people are saved by what the law vessel they distribute so all you need to do is his mirror that you just need to share that with them so are you saying that in the New Testament people are saved by grace but in the Old Testament divorcee Barbie is a law is that what you're saying and in my sidewall yes I guess so and then you have your opportunity to introduce to what Revelation fourteen describes as ever lasting which means that there was never ever anyone that was at or say by obedience to the law is always at okay by grace through faith you can direct them to give a Chapter 11 whole venture no one has ever been saved by these the water no one will ever be saved through these the law and got understood the specific challenge that we will be meeting in the end of times in the last revelation he put that phrase in there to help us to do with a specific challenge if the everlasting gospel if the everlasting gospel Cain and Abel understood that an talk to them he pointed into the land Abraham set up an altar were ever he went my legal symbols to the sanctuary are also found in the book of Revelation makes that just second but when you look at this it's outstanding here's the problem that we have faced a seventy and I know this because of my background 's CI was raised a Catholic and then I became a Christian I was actually led to Jesus through Calvary Chapel I was a member of Calvert capital charge also at the Pentecostal church and when I listened and administered again I told you my goal is to get my sister out about church the reason why I and the pics the Sabbath and the law of God is because I follow Jesus first he had become my Savior who forgive me for myself and when I saw the truth of God 's lines commandments it made sense just as if you like me keep my commandments why was it publishes us the problem we have many times as we don't recognize the need to entities people to Jesus first or even for Christians who believe in Jesus but not necessarily unnecessary fall in love with it if people are our resisting an understanding of the law of God except the law the Sabbath whenever there's two reasons for wanting is they may not recognize this biblical light in my thoughtful posters on Saturday and Sunday is the day I was the proof or number two is not one which is a state if they lost their first love and there were millions of Christians who don't have that personal experience there just I I there in the world 's in the church and what they need not condemnation they need to be reintroduced to Jesus they need Jesus lifted up this was the condition of the Jewish church in the days of the apostles look at the verses with me acts chapter two verse twenty three the apostles are doing evangelism this is basic foundational evangelism no tricks nothing you know covert it's just all strata evangelism I see twenty three p.m. talk about Jesus being delivered by the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God you're taken by lawless hands and him crucified and what that going on extra thirty six therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both in Christ exports and let it be known to all to you all all the people of Israel that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom you crucified God raised from the dead by him this man stands here before you whole prescriptions thirteen is Christ divided was Paul crucified for you or were you baptized in the name of Paul baptism is into crisis on and when church first Corinthians one twenty three to twenty four we preach Christ crucified Jesus only while the resources but is also called both Jews and Greeks Christ the power of God and the wisdom got on and on and off every single force all through the New Testament was charged today with judges and advantages they would have easily appointed Jesus they were identifying Christ is the one who had been crucified by them and then just seventeen fifty six Paul is explaining and demonstrating the Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead and he goes on to preach a powerful sermon and then there's this big division taking place and the rulers of the synagogue goal after Paul can find them dragged Jason out and they complained to the multitudes of law when they say these people have turned the world up side down with a doing it from the world outside what was happening when I went to Pakistan I began to preach the first under about four hundred people there which is really a surprise but it was powerful and at night I began attending series began to preach the first night and in every sermon I just looking at Chrysler started with John Chapter twelve verses thirty one thirty two thirty thirty thirty one and is began lifting of Christ in the three hundred people that excited twelve hundred people live in exciting sixteen hundred people in a site or two thousand people that that by the time the series with over four thousand people there they couldn't know someone will bring more people find invitations to go to the church of Pakistan was like the Anglican Church of Methodist Church to Catholic Church I mean they want me to come back and do a whole series on Daniel revelation for in two more times I went there her Montgomery when there was worthless exhausting wallboard when they're all doing follow all the way up until 9/11 I was planning on back there just before my letter to place I was making plans to go back to Pakistan the doors were opening everywhere the conference candles and he said he never had them because in Pakistan because of the Muslim oppression and persecution all charges are together big bigger seminars together they they they they they doesn't need it because of the bit persecution that they oversee from the Muslims but they had always excluded gas because we were so peculiar in our focus and here comes this evangelist on America and he's talking about Jesus and these these Christian churches these are the nominations they can't they don't feel they never heard this before and the conference guys can really set this has never happened before we've never had these doors open like this all these other churches and finally they actually we are seen by this guy 's name was Ezekiel zero she came from Pakistan back to the states it's really and they wanted to interview anyone wanted in himself someone back in history but they can't visiting there and they were interviewing him on three p.m. I was there with him and ask this question he said why WordPress was a Pentecostal get a hundred and twenty Pentecostal passes on to him and he was the one that organized the series seminar for Monday revelation voters passes were over three hundred pastors from different denominations of the series as a Catholic priest there were missionaries from other countries there is a lesson this course I said why would you enlighten Adventists to preach Daniel revelation to your Pentecostal pastors he said well he said I was really nervous about this piece of the reason why is because he kept lifting of Christ he said all of my pastors was the year of the book of Revelation but then they began to see that Jesus is central in the book of Revelation they never seem to for attaches the whole way of looking at the book of Revelation I believe that God 's given us the most powerful tool for evangelism on the planets in the book of Revelation I believe that we have something here and insight to ignore the nomination Hatch I'm autoshow this week not just when I'm thinking but from the information I was given us part three of this is is entitled evangelism in eighteen eighty eight understand share with you I was thinking about the reparations me as I was thinking what would be the best witness why it's the whole entire meeting what was the message that I want to communicate to all of you the message that is really fired up my own hearts over the last twenty six or seven years I've involved in ministry and it has to be right here in this statement from customers to minister some originals and the team is so powerful the Lord in his great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through Elders Waggoner and Jones spirit of those guys this message was to bring more prominently before the world 's okay so this is a vandalism on before the world the holistic Savior the sacrifice of the sentence of the world so the message of the Bible arena the church was a message for us to understand and accept so that we could bring Jesus to the world we cannot with Jesus now our positivistic and I want to remind you of my own thinking in the thinking of many of us perhaps we as a evidence I has an estoppel I did the world the other churches as they are technologies understand about these we have a unique message and our unique message points to the sanctuary and twenty days in a convoy for the state of the bandage and hellfire the Sabbath in the sanctuary why would we want to spend all this time emphasizing what they already know you see that was my thinking but what I found is that Jesus is the only way to get Babylon out of people ideological about what you can get about one of people from his Jesus lifted up and now even they need Jesus but we need Jesus and it's amazing the strategy of the devil to get us separated from Christ by getting us focused on all the doctrines that are unique to us separating us from the source and the power of our strength thinking that we can make it through the weekend do this work because of our understanding of truth about Jesus it's impossible and so God was very since specific with us in eighteen eighty eight with this mess is is a summary of the message going on a presented justification through faith in the surety in inviting the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commands of God on positive for just a second this is my experience I accepted Christ as my Savior who forgive my sins I was on fire I didn't know in advance I didn't know anything about the Sabbath but I accepted Christ as my savior when making contact with the truth and it took a number of months my sister was baptized in July was not pushing the limits of July was when I started studying the efficacy of my strongest recession was June June July August September October number five months but when I saw this cc I don't except Jesus I saw all of these shows I'm person he was made manifest in my experience so the that the focus on Jesus was not just doesn't do away with the law not all it actually is the only way that we end up having to log in our hearts we must speed is vital for lots of singles on the same many have lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person to his marriage to his chainsaw Slav for her Senate address out for the human family to see if we can understand Jesus and his love for the whole human family and is beginning to recognize this change is left for us who want to follow him striving to follow him in our wretchedness our imperfection who desire to be his disciples it directed them to look to his merit is change is left of the human family all powers given his hands and he may dispense richness of the men importing the priceless gift of his own righteousness it helps human agent this is the message that God commanded to give into the world 's it in the third Angels message would it which is to proclaim with a loud voice activity outweigh the spirit in a large measure this is the message got lost in the world okay tell me what is the message that God wants us to get to work that Jesus is the message and what was powerful is as Dennis have a unique understanding of Jesus healed really need on this day of the cross because when evangelical preachers on the cross their focus is on the physical plane Jesus suffered only suffered a lot of the nails whenever I went to the Philippines in nineteen ninety five during Easter and I watch the parade and in this parade there were people to work in a flogging or back send you know different things they were doing set you know find merit with Christ and ecstatic when of this paper in this paper at a picture of this guy that had been crucified literal nails in his feet and in his hands for the fifteenth year in a row every single year interest every single year trying to earn the mirror of God now the question that cannot ask you is does crucifixion to you honestly think you ended the physical pain that Jesus suffered on the cross didn't kill him we have to go beyond we have to understand that physical suffering was a revelation to our dull senses of that he and mental agony the Christ experienced on Calvary the only way you can truly understand the cross is when we recognized in the context of the statement that the second all of the truth that we hold dear actually give us a unique picture of Jesus of what he suffered what experience for us we have a unique take on the gospel everlasting gospel show the world no one else has this understanding no one else has this message to share so yet that the Savior from you again next folded part of this statements is because time the message of the gospel of his grace was given to the church in clear distinct lines that the world should no longer say follow me on this that Seventh-day Adventists talk the law the law but do not teach or believe Christ God gave us a message in eighteen eighty eight that was going to cause the world can no longer say to add ministers always talking up a lot in the satellite assignment you don't talk about Jesus very much less what that will be aging musicians for as part of the reason why God gave us huge you realize that it is possible not wanting impossible if your evangelist is actually vital for us to lift up Jesus Emerson was to always always the focus on Jesus you know the Bible says in Colossians chapter and see what is it it says let your speech cautions for verse six let your speech is is talking about how you communicate the gospel writer 's speech the always with grace seasoned with salt now on Irish on my mother side my favorite food for breakfast is the test of potatoes I want to Spanish as being a marginal evidence any morning was fixing breakfast hash brown potatoes I'm good and of course a little bit assault if you come to my house you have tasered breakfast of uncooked but what would you think if you kindle my house I need your place filled with salt actually going to potatoes what you think about what you think of anything is any softball and land is to God is telling us that the way we communicate this message needs to be a plague on trainees to be Jesus and even actually put assault on there because the world ran with iniquity in centimeters everywhere as we got out of the assault on that the problem is is what we give people the salt and spread a lot of days oh Jesus loves you we get a whole discourse about who knows lots maybe it's a beast without a visa at the end we tell people how Jesus was when the central focus of every discourse is to be about Jesus and I say that's impossible that's what I said when I first read the statements as possible how can you did how can always be lifting up yes for most things that are impossible with man are possible with God knows what it says in the very last paragraph unless he makes it is a white business up with to behold the uplifted Savior by faith and reset his master which is privileged it is his privilege to claim this center can no one say that Peter could walk upon water and the secret desires fixed steadily upon Jesus for years the church 's been looking for a man expecting much from that is not looking to Jesus in whom our hopes of eternal life are sensory therefore God and was serving the testimony represented the truth as it is in Jesus which is the third Angels message and greatest in lines as all history this is all history and some of us don't summons may not know its history from the Old Testament its history from the early church and its history from eighteen eighty eight is Mister from eighteen ninety five in nineteen ninety five fellow wife was in Australia not because the letter there because that's with a rather wanted her to go because I also was talking about was Jesus Jesus Jesus and they were afraid that it should been indoctrinated by Ms. Wagner and Jones stuff you know Prescott had the he was all over he was so excited about this age eighty Mrs. Jones Wendell Pritchett became an illustrated print a series of messages and Ellen White's was sitting in those meetings Armadale Australia eighteen ninety five is only describe this evangel 's experience is what she said about she said it was instruction as precious as gold it was a feast of precious things the truth in the truth is clear and simple ain't it the truth in clear and simple stallion regeneration burning with the truth as we heard nineteen forty four of glories convincing life hardly a discourse that could be called a doctrinal sermon in which Simon Christ is preached she said it was exalting Jesus hire and yet hire nothing but the plane cost all things Elizabeth Prescott present Christ preexistence of his personal dignity his work 's creator 's relation to the Sabbath is a waste man is a source of life his holy law lifted his present work in the heart of man is coming the second time in glory and power here's what she said was the reaction of unbelievers they were deeply interested they turned pale and said this man is inspire they listened as a spell now they sat with their eyes riveted in amazement saying all awards are precious saying I have never attended meetings were crisis more manifestly taught and exalted they begged a copy of the discourses and white sent a copy of the discourses or secretary wrote the mountain shorthand back to America to the review and Herald she encourage them to be printed and they were lost never printed this morning tells a lightness and lost sight of until recently these discourses were found discovered by Fred Bischoff given earlier seminar here and he put them altogether well although Mike's comments and they are available now would you like to read a copy of this in the discourse is there that will go to help you avoid you can configure the on our website are also many available with from Fred if you know Fred if you don't like your copies directly to e-mail me at James 's opium .org so look at would you like to read more completely what I want citizen these advances experience embed a copy of the discourses you may just respond as outlined in the solution set how can Seventh-day Adventists preach any other doctrine now this was her plan tables discourses that Prescott gave Cindy back to the states and have them typed out as an outline for all of our evangelists all of our branches should be trained to advances in the way that these meetings would just give in and lost they lost not in his name this is way above my potatoes as Browning on the water in every day I believe God is plus it is late but it's not to me God wants us it's a miracle of God I think that these sermons have been found and are available for us and it was agreed that I would already serve as the first time they are how I wish I is a series of any work today since we have to choose between this that I'll talk you later to get people out of Avalon or method that God has given us about one hundred people I'll be following because Paul understood he committed himself he said I had been trained not to know anything but Jesus Christ and crucified I know there's other ways to do this is other ways to convince people but there's only one way that comes with the power of God he said God did not send me to baptize people the department has people indefinitely he dead actually did he more than any of you please is a first radius but this is not innocently baptized Sikh baptism is a consequence of preaching the gospel we preach the gospel people end up being baptized the amazing thing but the focus of evangelism is not baptizing people and be the success of an evangelistic crusade is not how it is what the highest is whether crisis visionary discourse okay were in the book of Revelation now this is it this is where we ought all of this that we said so far from Genesis all the way down to eighteen eighty eighteen ninety five it has matured all of this all of that history brings us right down the book of Revelation the last revelations to go forth and God has written this book is put this book together in a specific way it in order gone rodents in a certain way you know what's really interesting what's on his go through this outline just so that I don't miss anything but understood about this statement by Martin Zeno Martin Luther changed his perspective on the book of Revelation overtime in the Princess Princess through his German translation revelation that he composed and fifteen twenty twenty two he said that he did not center the book prophetic or apostolic since Christ is neither taught nor known in it wireless data problems revelation and with a book of James he just didn't think there should be born again he says in revelation Christ is not a crisis it is not apostolic is not inspired to get out of here guess what he said fifteen twenty two but in the completely new preface that he composed in fifteen thirty eight years later he reversed his position and he concluded that Christ was control to the book he concluded as we see here in the book that threw me on both legs in a piecemeal Angels Christ is nonetheless with the same wins the final victory for God 's people one Luther struggled with the book of revelation to me years to figure it out what about you everywhere I go people in Angels people say to me scared of the book of Revelation why don't understand the book Revelation why don't seek on I don't want to go in the book some of us anyone finally said I read my Bible diligently dutifully through my stuff of the book of Revelation and I go back and I read it again myself of the revelation and I say that we do with with a group of people in it I know so that I know it and I simply was in relation and in his later death is when he said that my son pulled and pulled on my own voice and mom is talking about two hundred and eleven my wife was ways of advertising she traces her first nightmares to her first revelation seminar with dimensional holdings are in time pages here's always in time events you don't even if you know all of the truth about the insanity don't know Jesus what is a good God has put the book of Revelation to get in such a way that first of all we would encounter Jesus knows this is really powerful and by the way is if you don't want down revelation and I and my wife I tell my wife that position you were accounting revelation what ever whatever inspires you just curious I was curious what the middle of the book what little of the book of Revelation is the King James I liked the whole book of Revelation putting in a word file to the word count was really easy twelve thousand four hundred fifty five works okay I sent it halfway through I was getting halfway through and by the way it's not using five thousand five hundred ninety one words through the revelation you encounter these that's almost half with suitable for you encounter these you get the middle of the book of Revelation and you'll you are your revelation twelve and respond here this is an effort to the book and the great dragon was that halfway through the next two words are cast out the signature of the book of Revelation tells the dragon was cast out now what was of course we started with John Chapter twelve verses thirty and thirty one was a say I I be lifted out well yet was that what was first thirty now the just as well now shall the present as well or Dallas in the center of the book of revelations with the same message that Jesus is given as John twelve twenty without the financial lives of Jesus when Jesus is who is the author about one who is the one abuse that wants power NCM 's authority the Dragon the only way to get I wanted people is to lift up Jesus so this is a center about now going back to begin his another interesting I thought these in the book of Revelation is mentioned twenty six times the balance is a few there that could be seen once before the throne the lamp is mentioned twenty nine times only say that because when we do evangelism normally ought to assist in the book of Revelation is unlocked the priests but the piece on the theme of the book of Revelation was the theme of the book Revelation we know this because any good book introduces his theme in the introduction is no reason in an action revelation revelation one verse one says is the revelation off Jesus Christ God has given us I'm not so excited about this and so stoked about this I wish we had hours to talk about I'm just levitate on a journey through the book of Revelation you find what you're looking for a new one find Jesus all through the book of Revelation unified across all to the book of revelations it is no accident that the Woodland is used in the book of Revelation because when it's introduced in Revelation chapter five theaters as the Lamb slain and most of the throne and that's pointless across so every time you see that Woodland attacks across Costco 's cross cross across is that the public revelation across is what brings down the drag and the beasts in his image old world will follow except those written in the book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world it's even essential to Revelation thirteen a Protestant got written this is what got begins with the revelation of Jesus okay good over the first message of Revelation was the first man God wants us to know in the book of Revelation personally says Revelation visas as humans use Angel signified to the church as to John etc. any says blessing blessing blessing those who read here and keep those things and then he says from him who loved us and washed us from our sins the first message of revelations in this Yugoslav if the person he wants us to know he wants nobody wants us and his wife says he's taking care of the sin problem is done is encompassed okay now follow that idea to the very first vision of the book of Revelation was the first thing that John sees in vision because of divisions in the spirit on Wednesday and was easy to hear his voice like a trumpet eternal intimacy Jesus okay and vandalism now think evangelism was the first thing God wants us to communicate in evangelism the love of Christ was the first thing we need to focus people to direct them to when they want to live as his music when I get a flyer in the mail what is it that we want them to see is not abused we want to see Jesus as he is finding what about lifting up his we need to be with Christ we need to accept Jesus other people are curious about the beast of the winter is not market a beast when I can we now but all the knowledge that we can give them is not going to better their situation is going to make them what it's going to make the situation worse unless we introduce in the Jesus because knowing more about all the best several things that happen is not good news is not evangelism what is advanced again I'll bring you good tidings of bringer of good news is not good news but in addition to Jesus is inescapable Jesus become the focus on Jesus now here's something is really powerful when you look at things the way the book of revelations laid out it's in harmony with what Paul defines and prescriptions fifteen principles of the gospel he says the gospel first and foremost is the life and death and resurrection of Jesus obviously zero quickest in case sometimes people ask you what is the everlasting gospel and I make known to you brethren the gospel which I preached to you which also received which also stand mileage by would you also say that you hold fast the word I preached you legibly donate find deliver value of first important stuff I believe that this is the gospel entire Bible is the gospel but the first input the foundation of echoes with stocks the gospel falsetto I delivered you what was that which was a first importance which I also received that Christ died for our sins according to Scriptures that he was very things raised on the third day according to represent the foundation is that in the book of Revelation is the life death and resurrection of Jesus foundational in the book of Revelation when it was interesting revelations for stations and churches Jesus among the candlesticks those candles to drugs and churches God is with us Jesus is pictured as inclined with his people with his church okay that's a picture of incarnation Jesus the name of the seals went to see hills you have this book and I have evidence is on astronomy and opening you know no one in heaven on earth and under the earth and then job against a week and the other says don't wait why the tribe is desperately anything what he turns to look at his life and he sees what a laugh as it had been slain at the cross so you have the incarnation of Jesus as well as with churches have been you have the last thing the cross then you go to the seven trumpets the other Sims representatives introduced in Revelation chapter a inverse to as this Angel is pictured symbolic of Christ is mutual work it says in verse two number three and another angel came and stood at the altar of having a golden sensor and it was given on the hand watch in the sense that he should offer the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which is before the throne now again this is sanctuary symbolism and its riches a lot here but his recent breakdown there are two authors in this in these verses there's one altar from which all this incense is gathered and is a second alter with this evidence is offered with the prayers of the saints the second oldest call the golden altar anyone went out to us it was a holy place which tells us by the way to the seven trumpets can be future future example in the future because they begin the vision begins in holy place of creating forty four and about so you have this golden altar this is the place with the present mingled with the incense now go back now to the altar we got the events from was another altar and sanctuary and was altering the in the courtyard and that was built with lands were what enough points across hotels in English chapter thirteen ten to twelve we have an alternate and the like either which serve the literal center service is Jesus just like those those animals were taken outside chance of Jesus often outside the gates that alternate choreographers and the coffee is the picture Jesus is now taking land slenderness of the throat he's taking the sacrifice of the cross of Calvary mistaking the sacrifices incense and taken into the holy place of the heavily century namely there with prayers prayers you have a picture revelation eight office beginning the central is there a nation of Christ so now looking at the picture seven churches the grace of Christ seven Seals the crucifixion of Christ seven trumpets the mediation of Christ the life the death and the intercession of Jesus is the gospel if the gospel is the foundation of the gospel that God is long for us to communicate with a well now this is what I found if you follow the sanctuary symbolism through the book of Revelation you are going to be able to preach the gospel in Revelation chapters one and always eleven and saturate people in the gospel truth in my wiki like output on this outline some as we have not when there's free of charge can download before you ever mention community if you will follow the outline of evangelism in the book of Revelation you will not mention communicating to get revelation chapter twelve the problem is many times we jumped to Revelation twelve and thirteen for we jump right into that and we have not even come at any Revelation one to eleven the outline it was could happen within introduced people to Jesus 's incarnation his crucifixion his intercession heavily censored list so all of a sudden to the first book of Revelation before we get to the second half you're going to find in the book of Revelation that there is never a mention of commandment keeping a Revelation one eleven giga is no place ever mention Revelation one two three four five six seventy nine to eleven abilities the commands of God you know what because the Bible tells us that the only way we're going to keep God 's commandments is if we love you Jesus if you love you keep my commandments and in the Bible tells us the reason we live in is because he first loved us so we have to enter his people first of all to love Christ their heart is saturated with a picture of their merciful high priest who sacrificed himself for them and is aware of them in spite of their defects you know sometimes we look at Jesus among the churches okay later designer set by later seven sets of seven in the book Revelation seven churches seven seals seven trumpets seven thunders seven angels of messages seven teams and semi spikes seven sets of golf so thought literally seven churches but symbolic of all of God 's people now when you look at those churches they doesn't probably knows that actually is only two churches are without fault Smyrna and Philadelphia all the lesson are in bad shape in fact they do see are the one that represents us is really in bad shape so that the gods that you make music I want to throw up okay is gone with us in the condition it is a picture of Jesus Jesus is granting with Philadelphia and Smyrna overhear your chandelier with felony cases okay when you are the five charges when you received my review can get your act together you can join us over here now see the pictures of Jesus is getting his time with you even though you might be sick I love you many celebrity pictures I love you think that the picture that we want people who we want to see and when people say as we opened the book of Revelation what's your question what don't doubt I love you I'm with you I got props but I want to see them with you before I tell you the problems in your half the people know that you love them before you tell them problems the with a way prompts without anything love comes first it prepares the way for everything that's how the book of revelations later a test designed so that by the time he gets Revelation chapter twelve you have a cable Revelation twelve one who ought to lose with this is standing on the the crown of twelve stars on the head now that the show that woman is a picture of God 's people the clover the sonnets Malachi four to the righteousness of Jesus standing on the word of God and in the lesser light towards what might happen and I went to my feet and they are they have twelve stores the part of an organized one twelve this is God 's number for his organized church is organized people twelve tribes twelve apostles then he says Revelation twelve eleven and over Dublin Atlanta where the testimonial otherwise on that and said a relational something and even gone to verse seventeen comes after verse eleven comes after verse one of Revelation twelve Revelation twelve one in the submission of Revelation one two three four five six seventy five I following this is evangelism the book of revelations given us this method of evangelism don't get past the first chapters they occupy a powerful place in evangelism they introduce people to Jesus in a district with Jesus I don't have an outline of ten studies on the book of Revelation just for the coprincipal and are free of BSI Dartmouth you if you get invited to take a set of the sentiment there free right here you can want a mediator so you know the significant reset right and just focusing on the gospel in Revelation are a great introduction war summary for anyone's bitterness searches in addition the Jesus and his love focusing on and of course the rest followed saw the finest last I saw you look at the statements I were able to follow everything that test moistness is one a team that Daniel Revelation speak and tell what is truth but what at first phase of the subject is presented with Doctor Jesus went her face heart a sermon I ever gave reverently following this counsel is a market-based works it actually does it's really profound when you think about how powerful it is to lift that Jesus Christ would increase the market-based lending a statement related to speak teslas one eighteen L evangelism one ninety six the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation minister should present the sure word of prophecy is the foundation of the status of their sandwich and data even remembered as a mission to drop single prophecy the foundation right revelation is on evangelistic manual okay but knows was that the process of Daniel Revelation should be carefully studied in connection with them the words the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of CL White said that we will need better understand the books of Daniel and Revelation we have a house full understanding of these books knew that understand we need and understand that incorporates Christ at the center and one-on-one statement here I see three more lettuce is diligently study the gospel of Christ King of person represented John the Allah the gospel that is termed the revelation of Jesus Christ 's younger I call the book of Revelation the fifth gospel of the Bible in one Matthew Mark Luke John or Gospels because the talk about Jesus so this revelation the book of Revelation is not about the beast the beast is there the market beast is there that the primary theme of Revelation is Jesus okay Revelation churches the messages you need overcome you don't come than we realize while we need to overcome how many of us actually accomplishing the deeper we go the closer we get to Jesus the Martins Davis was one other things I never noticed before so then we get to Revelation Seals and you see no lead in heaven no matter the land of their content the book the book actually represents the title because it serves as the history of all less nations everyone and we all summarized by falling short of the glory of God and ways of sin is death know all the sink jostling the recent way of assessing the Lohan has what was the word prevailed not that word is in the reserve rate over the same or overcome we can't overcome we have to overcome but the land is over illegal revelation six the White horse provisions Christ goes forth conquering and the cop axial forces suffered presents us the white horse riders Jesus Jesus and the horse with the horses the writer was take the reins of our lives he wants to direct us to go forth conquering and to conquer network copy and conferencing would overcome his addiction revelations and introducing us to we need overcome weekend but Jesus has overcome as we unite with him we will overcome think she is the way we go for coffee and talk she is the over we cannot have he directs us in a way the gospel is saturated with Christ also a book of Revelation it's everywhere you turn in the lambda lambda lambda lambda and we had been sidetracked talk about the beast the beast these studies and people getting nightmares at all this in time stuffed olives and unfocused without Jesus was understand we need to understand what's coming certainly we do but only in the context again of Jesus let us diligently study the gospel the crisis came in person present John L that every God-fearing teacher does it I was clearly did the cop went to present the gospel was seeking to present at in person to make known for its original the revelation of Jesus finally and this one is so powerful great shoes simply unheated since the day of Pentecost in the shine forth from God 's word in the native purity to those who truly love God the Holy Spirit will reveal truths that faded from the mind and will also reveal truth littering hyaline new those who eat the flesh and drink the blood of the son of God will bring forth will bring from the books of Daniel and Revelation truth that is inspired by the Holy Spirit analysis last set they will start into action forces that cannot be repressed is not incredible statement the books of Daniel Revelation shows in them that are entirely without the bonus that are going to start into action forces that cannot be repressed powerful like to share with you another article on this convenient reference for it's a summary of incontinence in the context of righteousness by faith it's a December questionnaire review and Herald article December twenty three eighteen ninety looking up with the whole thing December twenty three two nineties review and Herald extra that was in my own life on Johnson Wagner the message it describes exactly how the work is cells about how people in the church are going to resist this message in the service of Christ the righteousness they really passed by Ghazi 's people from humble walks of life who simply accept the average intellect that Jesus was the case is that of Jesus one message will swallow all of us to sister site will be sure they were infuriated he will be so upset he got to bring great persecution against those were doing this by other people and other things and I look on the same while the spirit of Christ and they want to join us and the work is closer she says is all about Jesus Jesus just taking Jesus to the world Jesus to the world 's people realized at this actionable leakages is a quick summary our quiz on the back of this outline is also a book to be made available by bobcat a friend of mine out there on the table this is you go out it's kind of a kind as to what we've been talking about making crisis and its Chrysler righteousness by the layman whose pastors passed away but really got this figured it out and and put it together in a series of sermons at the Hill Church in Loma Linda years ago precharge off his face in the bill forever for free at Dawson Ekstrand also don't know if there's any left over but if you can get one you can get informants either all gone it's late it is late but my potatoes are planning on underwater and every day I meet every day because I have an automatic thirty in automatic watering system of my house so every twenty four hours a thing was on for thirty minutes friends we need to Doctor Wendy the water of life tomorrow hearts Jesus needs to be saturating our hearts or minds looking to Jesus lizard of Jesus focusing on Jesus every chance we get we need to allow the gospel revelation to become the gospel of Jesus Christ and for that gospel to go for tomorrow our mouths our hearts everything we need to stop talking about the be so much and start talk about Jesus much more because Jesus is the only way to get the beast out of the individual to get that one of the person of Christ is for you father never thinking so much for this time together for each one it's here for the opportunity we had to sit at the feet of Jesus to look from Genesis to Revelation at the work of evangelism and what it means that the bringer of good tidings and how you have directed us to lift you up in John chapter twelve in Revelation we see that the devil is cast out this is the central points in the book of Revelation is a theme that you won't trust share of the devil was cast out of our hearts or lives and eventually this world baking for this wonderful reminder of what difficult for us in Calgary please help us to share your time and time is to this media bias might not ever what a lame and services and industry learn more and I find him him coming out and I is a whore as a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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