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How to Experience Revival and Reformation

Stephen Bohr
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Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • August 5, 2011
    3:30 PM
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the heaven will enjoy this to be an ASI one of the most exciting things for me father is to see all the ministries that are springing up worldwide it is an exciting thing we know that you're doing this in the last moments of history because of that I think many many hands to reach out to so many different people with different ways of thinking and have different interests in all these ministries provide for a need that people have I just asked father that you will bless ASI that you will bless everyone at the booths in the exhibit area and Lord we long for the coming of Jesus were tired of living in this world of sin and sorrow sickness suffering and death we know it's time to go home we know that there must be a revival reformation among your people before that can happen is only asset as we study this important subject this afternoon that you will be with us through the administration of your spirit we thank you father for hearing and answering prayer for we ask in Jesus name amen some of the material will be sharing with you this afternoon comes from the book the great controversy chapter twenty seven that's pages four sixty one two four seventy eight the title of the chapter is water revivals not what let me to choose this particular subject is the fact that Elder Ted Wilson last year a general conference emphasized and underlined that the greatest need of our church is that that of revival and information and secrets unsealed we made it a point to emphasize an underlying base saw he gave his last sermon at the General conference now Ellen White agrees in the very all all-white says inspired by God 's Spirit in review and Herald March twenty two eighteen eighty seven the following revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this should be our first work pretty clear statement is so what is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs revival and Reformation and this should be according to her our first work the question is what is revival of the Reformation Ellen White has this remarkable statement in radio held February twenty five nineteen oh two where she defines what revival isn't what Reformation and then make some comments about this passage this is what she states a revival and Reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit revival and reformation are two different things and of course they can be distinguished but they cannot be separated because one follows the other so she says revival of information are two different things revival signify Synopsys believes three phrases the divine what revival is revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life what does the word renewal it means that you must have lost right that you must of lost life and it needs to be whacked renewed so she sent a renewal of spiritual life a quickening what does the word quickening what is our rising more than anything Lewis be means to make a life so once again you can't make a lot of that which is not what we do not die so she sent a questioning of the powers of mind and heart image explains it in a different way a resurrection from spiritual death is almost three phrases are basically saying the same thing with different terms revival means a renewal of spiritual life I'm quickening of the powers of the mind and heart a resurrection spiritual death so so far revival now let's talk about Reformation she says Reformation signifies a reasonable organization in the lowest change in ideas and theories on what level are ideas and theories have to do with your work with your thinking ideas and theories are something that we have where in our minds suspected basically saying the Reformation signifies a reorganization of change in our thinking that is in our ideas and theories but not only in what we think but she also says in what in and practices that has to do with our behavior solos Reformation has to do with a change in thinking and a change in our behavior she continued saying revival will not bring forth good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the spirit revival and reformation are to do their appointed work and in doing this work may must blend Cece send their two different things you must go this like faith and works faith and works why also says that we must blend and saw were going to discuss what is revival and what is Reformation now let's talk police questions this evening as they hope brings about revival in Reformation the Holy Spirit our revival Reformation the same thing no what three synonymous expressions that Ellen White used to explain the meaning of the word revival will make our renewal spiritual life quickening of the powers of mind and heart resurrection from spiritual death three synonymous expressions which still changes are accomplished by Reformation a change in thinking and a change in what conduct what will happen if information is not linked with revival it will not produce what the good fruit of righteousness and finally our revival and Reformation mutually separable no they're distinguishable but they are not separable now let's reach some conclusions on the basis of this statement some conclusions revival without Reformation is not genuine revival agreement Reformation without revival is not true Reformation now this is very important revival without Reformation is near emotionalism or sentimentalism it's pure emotion it does not change and reorganization in the life but what happens if you have will remind that is what that is legalism or fanaticism people are closely saying you need to be a vegan and you need to rest like this you can't do this and you can't do that you know when there is reliable most thankful take care of themselves so Reformation without revival is legalism or fanaticism like the Pharisees in the times of Christ where they did they apparently were they apparently reformed they get reformed lives the big time with a strict about Sabbath keeping that a fast twice a week all they had seemingly very reformed lives but it was not an affirmation that came from one property by so you can read there Matthew twenty three versus twenty three eight the conflict between the outward and began working by Jesus as outwardly appear righteous to manually whited sepulcher 's inwardly your your rough bones so it was a conflict between the outward and inward they have Reformation so-called but it was not produced by a renewable spiritual life was not produced by revival now let's take a look at the elements of true revival of information there is a process in revival of information and I have ten elements that will take a look at element number one is that how many were created spiritually alive and their behavior reflected the there created alive spiritually and because of that their behavior reflected the fact that they were alive not according to the creation account in Genesis Adam and Eve were originally created perfect this means that they were created ontologically that is in there be will there create a spiritually alive this spiritually alive condition was reflected in their conduct which was in perfect conformity with God 's holy law so because they were spiritually alive what was there conduct like their conduct was in harmony with God 's holy law that first premise is that the condition to which God wants us to return course you can't understand what God wants for us as we understand what God 's plan was originally so we have to start with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before sin the list of element number two soon lead to spiritual that is about being which in turn changed what they change their conduct to see because your conduct reflects were you when you are spiritually alive or dead now as a result of sin Adam and Eve and all their descendents die spiritually and for this reason they were unable to live in harmony with the law blocked because they were spiritually dead their conduct conduct reflected that Melissa Melissa couple of Bible verses that emphasize the fact Ephesians two verses one and two Ephesians chapter two verses one and two is a possible makes is very clear that as a result of sin man died spiritually and his conduct reflected says there and you he made what which means that they must've been what that and you he made alive who were there there it is is a condition younger were spiritually what then now it was not reflected in their behavior absolutely because he continues saying in trespasses and Samuels the conduct yes in the windshield once wall whenever you find the word walked in the New Testament it has to do with behavior it has to do with your conduct and so the apostle Paul says in which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience was also cautioned chapter two in verse thirteen same idea that spiritual death leads to be changed in conduct and negative change in conduct that the apostle Paul says and you being that as a condition right and you being that in your trespasses and the circumcision on your flash is with conduct he has what may you live together with him having forgiven you all trespasses and saw first point is that how many were created spiritually alive in their conduct reflected perfect harmony with the law when Adam and Eve sinned and all of their descendents human beings die spiritually and the conduct reflected now let's talk to element number three the heart of sinful man is deceitful above all things and cannot be trusted to discern its true condition to agree with the Bible teaches that moment Jeremiah seventeen in verse nine Jeremiah seventeen verse nine the heart is the seat fall above all things and desperately wicked who can know of course the wise man Solomon says he will trust his own heart because of our sinful heart is deceptive now let's continue the converted human heart is a powerful and malignant rationalizing because it's mostly justifying trivialize an excuse in like Antonini immediately after the transgression beyond converted person seeks to offer excuses and rationalizations for sin that drew noticed some of these expressions the devil made me do the flesh is weak if it wasn't for so-and-so gets acceptable more of the world I grew strong I don't see anything wrong with that it's not such a big thing God 's grace covers a multitude of sins it's in my genes all sorts of excuses the unregenerate heart offers just like animating immediately after the transgression in the wind out of the Navy may immediately transgressed they were not repentant for their sins they were sorry the greatest evidence that you really are sorry for your sin is the fact that you say I blew it no one is responsible except for me many attract you blame other people that's not true repentance and many of force and sent this one that you gave to be with me and wasn't asserted that you may select passing the buck because their sinful hearts now cannot discern their two conditions in the seriousness of their act now because the heart cannot be trusted to show us our true condition we need a reliable mirror that will solve us what we are really like involving very important point knowledge on element number four there is only one trustworthy source that can show us the true condition of our heart and that is who God we can trust our our hearts lactobacillus warlike which would truly like and so we need an external objective source that will tell us exactly what were like exactly what are probably a little jealous your spiritually dead and your conduct reflects no matter how much you might try to excuse what you've done now the Jeremiah seventeen percent we just read a few moments ago the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it now the answer is given in verse ten I know Lord search the heart I test the mind even to give every man according to his ways according to the fruit of his doings select is not saying no trust in your heart and be faithful it's wicked about everything you want to know your true condition he says only I am able to show your true condition so you can feel you need not a sound one thirty nine versus twenty three twenty four the same idea anything to the psalmist says search me all go and know my heart try me and all my anxieties and see if there is any wicked way in me and leave me in the way everlasting so what is the only trustworthy source to see our need our spiritual all and the Army inattentive conduct a legal we cannot trust our knowledge while the number five gone surges outstanding almost don't notice it and say okay show me home and I show me the advantage on me and I'll grab my conduct is in God by some supernatural revelation is no God has something that he uses to show that condition and that brings us the element number five blocks searches outstand an explosive sex how do the means of his word is external objective word God says I search the heart but he does it through the instrumentality of his work or of the Bible the Holy Spirit and the written word are inseparably linked that is the same as spare as a sort and that sort is the word of God the Holy Spirit brings about true revival and Reformation by the study and the preaching of the word of God this will not be seeing any consent it will cut it out now notice this this passage in Hebrews for that indicates this point that God searches send out and penetrates the very core of our being through the work Hebrews four verses twelve and thirteen for the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two went soaring notice how how deep it goes piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and joints and marrow and is a discerner what is the heart doesn't already be basically look at this and sweat saying is that it's all this earns us mentally physically and spiritually verse thirteen and there is no creature hidden from his sight that is from the site of the work but all things are naked and open to the eyes of him to whom we must give someone is it that comes into the accent what the XML does not show us our true condition to the word of God and I say this forcefully and truthfully there can never be a true revival in Reformation where the word of God is not prayerfully studied or preach all great revivals in Christian history and the preaching of God 's word epicenter the reason is because the word of God is the great and it ran inherent after sin and vessels essential condition the Bible is the light that enters our hearts and rebukes and expands the darkness and now let me give you an example from Adventist history probably all of us have heard of William Miller right LOI says that this was the greatest revival since apostolic times will the greatest revival since apostolic times what caused this why was it so expensive white interracial many people that ended with messenger no was it because of emotion and the feeling you know singing and always thanks no there was an individual who was an eyewitness of one of William Miller 's meetings Ellen White quotes this testimony is to read now the name of this individualist LP Fleming and he went to listen to William Miller Portland me and he explained why William Miller's preaching was so powerful this comes of course from review and Herald November twenty five eighty four this outreach things here are moving powerfully blaspheming about two hundred requested prayers and the interest seems constantly increasing the whole city seems activity brother Miller selectors have not the least effect to frighten people they are properly the drain alarm is among those who do not come near them many will stay away and opposed seeing excited and perhaps align but those who candidly here are far from excitement or water now he's described why these meetings was alone the interest awakened by his lectures is of the most deliberate and dispassionate kind of the seemingly deliberate and discuss eloquently describes it as a message that appeals to the impassioned reason for excitement not the emotion of the moment but simply the message coming into the into the mine in registering people get excited because of the message to come in not the excitement of music in all of these are the things that music is an important revival about the key element in revival Sony 's ILO whiteboarding this testimony said the awake and by his electors of the most deliberate and dispassionate prime focus is the greatest revival I ever saw yet there is the least passionate excitement about so don't you think that the no revival means raising your hand you hallelujah I'm dancing in the aisles and rolling and laughing in the spirit nominal battery life so he says the less the greatest revival ever saw yet there is no reason passionate excitement about it it seems to take a deep hold on the main part of the community and they says what purpose of the effect is this brother Miller simply takes the sword of the spirit she anyways its sharp edge of the naked heart and it can't follow that is all before the items on this mighty weapon infidelity falls and universalism weathers false foundation Spanish and Bengals merchants wonder it seems to me that what this must be a little the nearest apostolic revivals of anything that modern times have we got Hall of Fame from eyewitness about what gave our to the millwright movement was the preaching of God 's word Alan light explains how the word detects sin and passing out in the next statement signs of the Times May seventeenth eighteen eighty three she says the worldliness in the church which is the great cause of spiritual death is attributable to the influence of cell what is lobbying members what is the greatest prosperity salvation he is loving members now like the way she describes this the progress of this deadly malady must be checked the surgeons knife cuts deep when it is necessary to remove festering pestilent manner now notice what is comparing this to solve the work sharper than any two West sort must be made to cut to the heart or the evil will never be removed but how can a couple of target were not studying how can they cut the article not ranging that's the reason why the devil has made it has made it so in many hazardous services to emphasize the praise and the singing and everything and then maybe a ten minute sermon because the devil knows what the word is preached there is power to change and to transform lives that's the true secret of revival and Reformation now have an example here in this material let's suppose that someone has problems with pornography in a big problem these days is huge even among the clerk clergy one day that person decides to read the Gospels and turns to Matthew five twenty seven and twenty eight is reading the Beatitudes where Jesus says Weber looks upon a woman to contact her has already committed adultery with her in his heart descriptor then speaks to the person saying that's your problem so what this person did this person started studying Scripture in all Scripture studying him the following scratch at what you're reading out your loan and then Scripture says he want to cut it out does it hurt the surgery hurts you better believe it that's a nasty surgery worth it when it hurts old you rather have a little hurt now or in the early not think what Jesus meant when he said that if your right eye and took out Pocono if your right hand offend you cut it off if you like I place a cause of stumbling Canada Jesus is not seen it was supposed to be cutting off our hands or feet invoking Allah 's what he's saying is that sometimes for us to give up since it is as painful as if you pull out your IR your copy of what are you clap your it's a painful process pants pictures cut it out but it will save lives like cutting out cancerous tumor so Scripture then speaks to this person say that your problem after detecting the problem the word speaks to the conscience and offers to cut out the cancer that is destroying the soil I will caution you and we come to the Bible with preconceived notions or an agenda it will not reveal to us our true condition in the we must come to the Bible with a sincere heart and desire to practice what we learn or else we'll will account to justify all sorts of simple practices such as import of the Bible say that prayer sanctifies whenever we going to church on Sunday doesn't it say that the apostles now the apostle race on Sunday night going to the movies living a lifestyle some people use the Bible to defendant dressing in modestly listening to worldly music etc. and we come to the Bible to try and justify those practices we don't come with a sincere heart when I can be benefited all by our study of Scripture political element number six the law of God is little more specific the word of God points out sin but not limited it with something more specific the law God revealed to be absolute and beautiful perfection of the character of Jesus and our sinful condition in contrast now let's read Psalm nineteen percent in the underlying a very important point here Psalm nineteen percent the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul is a lot done anything to do with conversion for the service the law of God is perfect what converting the soul is a way to using the law rings about conversion yes let me explain how accent in this in the past we have been very lost center if I asked you for example what is sin what will your definition be absolutely you gave them good and honest answer what you said you sent is transgression of the law and that only says that that's the only definition provided his group it's a good definition but sin is transgression of the law but not listen to the site below are you more than a written cold the law is more than a list of written regulations that God expects us to obey the law as we all know is a reflection of the character of Christ it is a restaurant description of who Christ is in his person nonetheless the statement of Ellen White the great controversy page four hundred and seventy eight she says it is only as the law of God is restored to its rightful position that there can be revived a revival of Trinity faith and godliness among his professed people what must be brought to the fore in overtime revival God 's watch God 's law but what is the law the law is simply a written description of Google Jesus is in his first that's why Jesus said and this is prophetically in the Psalms I do like to do your will your law is what is written in my heart in fact the way I like to express as it is that Jesus was the incarnation of the law he was going off in human flesh he was a lonely adopt so I understand how the law point out soon it's not the bear list of rules and regulations of Commandments the law is a reflection of Jesus Christ and some really cool do I look at it makes me see my terrible sinfulness and the absolute beauty and perfection holiness of Christ it is so it's more than just looking at the ten Commandments it's looking at the Pentagon and the real meal in the real whole of the character of Jesus Christ when I see his character is beautiful loving character how I see myself unilaterally why we love ourselves because were always felt about me and I compare myself to someone else I always look back to when I compare myself with Jesus Christ it's a different story is no seller why had this to say speaking about Jesus she was the embodiment of the law of God what does embodiment me she was the law in bodily form they don't just look at the Bayer ten Commandments looking on a measure of the non- you look at the law as written as reflected in Jesus she's so beautiful so perfect that comes miserable sinner that I have really been one of my favorite national parks in the United States is grand Teton national Park practice displays this is in northwest Wyoming there's this place that I love to go to have been there for several years we have these range of mountains in the background and then you have some beautiful pine trees and then you have a link like to go there early real early in the morning there's not a ripple not beautifully actually calm and serene here several years ago I took pictures of that place and when I have it that this is before digital photography and when I have the pictures developed I could not tell which side of the picture was up in which prohibition was down because of reflect was so perfect in the link that's relations between Christ and his law Jesus is the original his law is a reflection but we cannot only see the reflection we must see Christ so well reluctant a lot continuing here when we look in the law of God we see and reflect the character of Jesus we see his Holiness and purity in contrast we see how role filthiness and wickedness we see that we failed to management the law we actually failed to measure up to Jesus because Jesus is a lot in human flesh this leads us to cry out with the apostle Paul who can deliver me from this body of along with the prophet Isaiah we will explain I am done with the apostle Peter will cry out depart from me for I am a sinful man that's the Holy Spirit implants in our heart I hankering for the ugliness of sin in a longing desire to reflect the beautiful character the law play a role in conversion doesn't word of God player rolling conversion there can be no conversion experience without the word of God and the law as seen in Jesus Christ it is now contemplating Christ as the embodiment or incarnation of the need to behold Jesus is the element number seven where the whole Jesus we not only see the absolute loveliness of his character in contrast to the ugliness of our own but we also see him on the cross bearing the ugliness of horse then I follow silent it is always altogether lovely altogether beautiful he lived every principle of the law I just long to live that way I'm such a miserable sinner I think wrong and wrong in my life is fully unlike the life of Jesus I'm so miserable and then I get another picture of Jesus and that picture of Jesus is the lovely one hanging on the cross misinformed you are altogether lovely altogether beautiful altogether wonderful human incarnation of the law is doing their cross the line of an ER and I why Jesus says because I love you so much that I was willing to bear your sins if that won't break your heart nothing will if that doesn't bring about conversion nothing will a vision of the holiness and purity of Jesus is revealed in the law not only shows us our excessive sinfulness but it also leads us to the cross it needs us to understand the immense love of Jesus who thought he was altogether lovely suffered cruel punishment that we deserve this leads us to love Jesus and to hate sin for what it did for making sense that's one element number seven this will lead us to repent from sin fasten and trust in the merits of Christ's righteousness for forgiveness is amplifying that point just a little bit you know when we are whence we see ourselves in the light of loveliness of Jesus and the great sacrifice that he made on the cross for our sins that leads us to repent fortunately history and repentance leads us to confession in which energy is lower on a miserable so I deserve that but then we say even though I deserve death I trust in the fact that you live that perfect life that I should live you satisfy the demands of the law my life and I trust that you suffered on the cross in my place and then I say to Jesus Lord Jesus I'm sorry for my sin I confess my sin would you please take your life and death and placement of my and at that moment God looks upon me as if I had never said anything moment I am now a lot spiritually speaking this leads us the element number eight conversion revival as we discern the loveliness of Christ's character and his immense sacrifice for sin are selfish heart is broken and we passed from death to life we have spiritually resurrected from the dead not us Titus chapter three and verse by Titus chapter three and verse five when the kindness and the love of God our Savior poor man appeared now is not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy he saved us a lot of the very important work through the washing all green generation what was regeneration three generate what happens when a generator you don't really generate right somehow as a speaker business begin about a renewal of life a source says through the washing of regeneration and the removing of the Holy Spirit by the way the word that is used that regeneration is the great work out again Seo it literally means a new beginning then SCO would be Genesis pollinating is again so basically what it means I'm no beginning or a new Genesis so are you spiritually lie on your conduct changes because he returned Genesis absolutely it also means a return to existence or a coming back from there that's putting it nicely can see so that's the moment of conversion the moment that life comes into the soldier not legal element number nine Reformation outflows from revival when it went they may live like Christ our conduct reflection would you agree with that we walk in newness of life that is revival from spiritual death leaves to Reformation in our daily walk with Jesus the apostle Paul says in Romans six and verse four therefore we were married him through baptism into death but just as Christ was raised from the Nancy Mehta just as Christ was raised the laptop from the button bar and the father gave us all we also should walk should walk in newness of life as I have to do with our conduct and we resurrected with Christ will our walk with Christ be different yes walk means behavior feelings says that he is in him should walk even as he walked through the junk turpitude in verse six great controversy our wife says on page four sixty two there is no evidence of genuine repentance unless it works Reformation some people said all I been revived I say hallelujah by your life hasn't changed in his color Reebok and then as she amplifies a little bit more on page four sixty two she says that speaking about those were truly converted and now spiritually alive she says the things they once the things they once hated they now left and the things they once loved me the proud and self assertive became meek and lowly of heart the vein and supercilious became serious and unobtrusive the profane became rampant the drunken solver and the profligate puling the vain fashions of the world were laid aside in a stunning the relationship between revival Reformation what happens when their so-called Reformation without revival we got lots of people to judge them that way they want to beat the church into submission you know I have an issue with people the church who are always criticized before not the novel even being a vegan is a wonderful thing I really do but you can't force people to become big they have to have a relationship with Christ and to be spiritually like and then even though they might struggle that will want to meetings and the same is true with any other behavior you know if we love to talk to the woman before that by the way presented a character totally opposite to Christ in our last young people sometimes I think you know you say it's okay to Baltimore as well if you painted by Jesus Christ to come and sit in the movie theater with you ought to watch adultery and killing and murder and lying and foul language no of course they can in all honestly say that Jesus would love to go there anyway enjoy signing and have been revived you that I like different things now and the changes of the Reformation that flows from revival unless the number ten conversant is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience we must die daily and resurrecting and abiding in Christ it is as after we been made alive you know there's reformations taking place but it's a lifetime process the new life must be nurtured and maintained by a daily relationship with Christ those three things Bible study prayer and witnessing what I call the triangle of sanctification illustrated in the sanctuary by the three pieces of furniture in the holy place the painless children all represents the word of God the altar of incense represents prayer and cat seven branched candlestick which receives the oil to give light represents us receiving the spirit to shed the light of Christ to the world that the secret of balance sanctified life there because they pray pray pray I say hallelujah but Google emphasizes ninety four the demo would love us to have an unbalanced spiritual life accolades as opposed to only pray eventually will cease to bring the fingerprint will get me wrong I'm in favor Bible study but privately without prayer is useless prayer needs to be accompanied by Bible study but people while the time I study the Bible and praying and that witnessing bandwidth balanced spiritual life and eventually it will suffer spiritual depth the apostle Paul explain how the follower of Jesus is being transformed on a continual basis is a very important verse second Corinthians three eighteen but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror what were we beholding the glory of the Lord what is that glory LOI says its character and what is it that is a reflection of Christ character the law against separate the love of the gospel votes we always unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of Lord our notice are being transformed is not happen overnight are being transformed into the same image whose image Christ's image from glory to glory to the process from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord as we behold Jesus being like they we go through a metamorphosis you know that weren't there transformed is the word the Greenwood minimum fall when we get the word metamorphosis from every day we come to send more closely dropped as Jesus and we love Jesus more each day we wish to reflect in our lives the holiness of our Savior and the Holy Spirit whom we receive the conversion provides the power to make this possible but it were not in the word of the for sitting and watching movies and always television programs and wasting time on worldly music second half is because we don't meet the conditions of spending the time with Christ we spent CM Bible study speaks to us in prayer we speak to him and witnessing we speak about the dollars supply when we had this experience the pastor will not longer have to tell us how to dress what to eat what programs on television not to watch what music not to listen to we will not have to be lectured about reaching out to others with the love of Jesus our lives will not change because we fear being lost or because we desire heavenly reward motivating factor will simply be that we want to be like Jesus Jesus dismissal installment of the be like Jesus all day long I would be like Jesus was not little bit about metamorphosis the word that is used in second grade is free we are being transformed transformed his metamorphosis when I was a child growing up in Venezuela I was a butterfly collector I almost became a professional amateur entomologist at the island on awful lot about butterflies I read lots of material on Mangini became very well acquainted with their habits now a butterfly is born a butterfly first of all the mother butterfly lays eggs on a leaf and then those eggs hatch and I will be a comes away from the building the butterfly have two births metaclass stillbirths believe in the first verse the butterfly is born a canopy and in the caterpillar eats from the source where the leave where the eggs were laid and that caterpillars RealNetworks versus needs and needs and needs and devours the leaves and that tree invoice and becomes a large-cap and then something amazing the caterpillar batches itself to a wall or to the ceiling or something and begins weaving a critical around itself and encloses berry itself if you please give mechanical after several days I watched the whole process but the Queen shakes violently and it starts breaking and all the cocoon comes what a beautiful butterfly not really any receipt of butterflies it just come out of a cocoon all shriveled up certainly with that goes into the wing ceiling moves its wings in the gift of wings extended because of beautiful butterflies at first know we need to be care what about people who have just been converted in a lame idea whether they'll be shriveled up for what the course of time they live their life will become more and more beautiful the amazing thing is the next killer is transformed into from pillar into a beautiful butterfly metamorphosis now I look on the Internet to try to find out if they can explain how this process happens in a basic really good saves as a change of morphology because evolution but the fact is I have been if I had been able to find anyone that can explain how this transformation takes place mirror as a whole transformation is his name of the creature change my own accountability Morris butterflies that happen when people become Christians powers of Christ as a name change the habits of this creature change about its appearance is appearance change those wacky changes please related in Africa because there has been a metamorphosis is what the apostle Paul went insane greatness chapter five in verse seventeen where he sat therefore if anyone is in Christ by Lynn at the moment of conversion when you are baptized in your whole life is buried in the waters and you come forth the newness of life that is the moment that you are now in Christ before you were in yourself whenever that is when your book when you go through the experience in baptism we go through the experience of Christ Simone oh sweet Jesus and the last thing that he did on the cross was he breathed his last it says he explained and then he was married always the first thing that even when he was called to do a resurrection more he breathed again stopped raining why wasn't until me brilliant laughed and then first thing he does what is about to come forth from the tomb is a breeze happens one person started after another pastors in the baptistery and he says got baptized in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit amen what Starbucks last thing that the person does it for the one-to-one they better they stop breathing what are they doing well or underlie their established breathing what's the first thing they do when they come out a lot basically in miniature we have gone through the experience of Christ symbolically and therefore God reckons our baptism as being in the we are included in him and we want to worry about what God thinks about us anymore because it's all about him is now Obama 's because I died and was buried and resurrected with hand in hand were accepted in the beloved this is the reason of regardless experience in we should never be afraid of deaths if we are in Christ before outside of Christ that we need people ask me aren't you afraid of getting on airplanes I can always say no this year I will applaud three million miles in twelve years just on American Airlines five miles below thinking asleep all like a baby I'm traveling there plays nicely wonderfully I was afraid that the plane is enough I'll guild no why not well that when I'm in Christ AOL the famous passage in verse as long as forces the dead in Christ will rise first selectman in Christ and the wrongs so what's the fear no one worried crisis think of them is not because we know that even stores and I you and we shall as Jesus was possible since therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation all things have passed away behold all things are become new that's the metamorphosis Melissa is briefing on beginnings because this illness illustrates the point was negative as a moral man before his conversion getting a reform of life should he was a member of the Sanhedrin he kept the Sabbath probably better than we do it meant the deal of improvement he fasted twice a week I mean here live a reformed life but it didn't come as a result of a number was a façade and legal Elimite as this fabulous comment from desire of ages page one seventy two where she says this channel is trying to reach heaven by his own works in keeping the law is attempting an impossibility that Caterpillar change into a butterfly by trying this will become a butterfly whether it kills me know I was going to do the same there is no safety for one who has merely a legal religion a form of godliness and now with this powerful the Christian 's life is not a modification or improvement on the old by transformation of nature there is under the self and sin and eighty alternate the change this change can be brought about only by the effectual working of the Holy Spirit doing Angel Biden Christ what we've been through this experience absolutely brilliant illustrations they can understand back to the butterfly illustration I'm out of the first time that I went to a national Park in Venezuela where I used to love Google gets butterflies it is great big blue butterflies are cold more quotes spectacular above I went into the national Park in the hand when Matt and I had my jar with cotton in the bottom and my new bottle of carbon tetrachloride deadly poison and poor under enormous cotton menu but the butterfly in there and athletically just like that was then I don't think their players anymore my conscience will never get like it's been several years but anyway I went into the national Park and I saw this little butterfly the flight and I have known him very characteristic with life cycle I drove with my neck and I swiped my net out at him and he goes out the nice when his opponent goes down and their inherent crashing the truth because this is a tropical rainforest in the trees and tripping over stones and handle I was mainly catching him and I notice a park ranger was standing there with a big smile it is crazy kid of fourteen years old you know predicates his butterflies so I called me over he says come over here size okay what's up he says why are you killing yourself kindness and so what because I'm a butterfly collectors do I can just tell you how to kiss those butterfly so easily you just know what their weaknesses I submit butterfly has a weakness in the winter 's weakness is not the mass says you get a banana on the ground leave for about half an hour come back and find several of them sitting on the side effect and sure enough about a half hour later there were five F second five or six of those things sitting up at the end all I have to do is take my net and put it over and had six of six BC their weaknesses but several years later I went to the same national Park with my nap in my jar and so on and I go again of the national Park and the ranger was there at the entrance and is working on that I said well it on clinical cutoff lines he says now you can authority me I called butterflies here before he said yes but since last time you were here this has been declared a national refuge and you can't kill anything in the park so you know I did I took my banana and I sense him him and will have a lot applied to let the refuge inside the visual black and silent and then I became fair game is even that was the great Hunter the devil is out trying to hunt people away and born again is the unbelievers and is in his pocket all right is going after those women born again and who are members of Christchurch are only protected votes is to remain within the city of two remain in Christ by an abiding faith in Christ through Bible study and prayer through witnessing to living spiritual connection with the Lord Jesus Christ Mohammed and I think that we have about five minutes left by speaking about genuine and counterfeit revival that society and the Adventist church these days that in order to have revival of the church we should adopt the worship practices of other Christians that we should use their methods of evangelism and we could have revival things like minds dramatic presentations contemporary Christian music continental breakfasts and so are some people in my church they know we would have more people inside a school if we offered a continental breakfast for everyone to come in and when I tell them it's okay if coming to or suck on his incentive enough to come to church on time why should I have built other selfish nature and get the best you might not agree with me but shall not be incentive enough to beat a Sabbath school because you come and worship the Lord wife Ginny or artificial attractants to attract people to the church absolutely no one in the past presence in the church fifteen and a half years ago on the Sabbath there was an attendance of approximately hundred and fifty people in the church of one thousand two hundred members there was a small but influential group of the church is at best to this church is in dire straits when you remind what we think would bring revival is to have a price team with people 's in a more contemporary beat music that we were having the church would fill a look at then I said sorry but not be in this church will focus on the preaching of God 's word as the element of revival praise Lord Lord has blessed our church phenomena remember that one individual there at the first worship committee meeting when he made that suggestion I mean it was like the devil got inside of him and when I said they were not that I have keyboards and rocket have contemporary Christian music and went up and have a typing revival is that based on the correct principles the word of God belongs not contemplating Jesus Christ as our Savior with his face am not exaggerating he pounded his fist down on the table islands and even break the table of break is based he was the artist like that in India anything I hear any never came back hallelujah but will I notice a lot for revivals popular want to often carry my appeals to the imagination by exciting the motion by gratifying the love for what is new and startling Congress us a lesson conference that you have little desire to listen to Bible truth now and in the testimony of apostles and prophets who has a religious service has something of a sensational character it has no attractions for message which appeals to the impassioned reason awakens no response playing warnings of God 's word relating directly to their eternal interests are on he and she goes on to say the power of godliness as well ninety well ninety departed from many of the churches picnics church theatricals church fair spine houses personal display vanished lots of the lands and goods and worldly occupations engross the mind and things of eternal interest received hardly passing notes does not promise that this individual revival in federal court dear price for that are you longing for that revival are we meeting the conditions for that remark to keep him him and any rate in LOL await the great controversy page four hundred and sixty four she describes this moment notwithstanding the widespread declension of faith and piety there are true followers of Christ in these churches that is that the church is called before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic that was what I had an earnest manner the spirit and power of God will be borne out upon his children at that time many will separate themselves from those Georgia is in which the love of this world has a plan and love for God and his word many both of ministers and people will gladly accept both grapefruits possibly accept not emotion not as being not always think they will gladly accept those from great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare people for the Lord Isabella what I try to preempt this final statement great controversy for sixty four by the way you need medicinal chapter modern revivals it'll make your hair stand on a will give you goosebumps because you say this is happening in the religious world in which mains the cultural revival is right around the corner she says the enemies outside the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work that is true before the time for such a move Mitchell Tommy will endeavor to prevent my candidacy out of it involves charges which he can bring other is deceptive our people make it appear that God special blessing is important the first one hundred brackets is my thousands attending greater emphasis on love huge facilities great emotional experience there will be manifest what is thought to be a great religious interest vaulted tombs will exalt that God is working marvelously for their when the work is that another script under a religious guys Satan will seek to expand his influence over the Christian world we are seeing back to the end of religious work so the true revival cannot be too far well I think that's all re-signing pray about it and plus let's meet the conditions be the same as we always went wrong in our walk with the Lord yes sure did we run out okay whatever did not get the handout devices to your e-mail 's are you getting I didn't go to our booth and give us your e-mail secrets until both a picture of it against you let's have a word of prayer yes Eileen okay let's pray father in heaven what a wonderful goal you will we can't even begin to thank you for not only what you do for us but before you are father we want to reflect your character and the character of Christ we want to make a difference in this world we want to worship you in the beauty of holiness following assessable study this afternoon will be merely academic or intellectual that it will lead us to a school living spiritual walk each day with Jesus our Lord and say I absolutely will bless the azide convention as it draws to close this weekend and he will send your Holy Spirit empower to move parts so that we might have this revival in Reformation shake up the world and prepare the world for the County of Jesus are thank you father for having them after that for hearing and answering prayer is will you might not ever a poorly and not having to maintenance services in industry you would like to learn more and I find a young and not an assignment is a worry is a free online service please visit www. maneuver is not


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