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The Master Plan and the Master's Plan

Michael Tuazon
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Michael Tuazon

Director of SOULS-West




  • August 5, 2011
    3:30 PM
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father in heaven I come before you think you so much that you've given us this opportunity to hide behind your cross now I ask that you will be glorified but as I talk about my past that those things would not be glorified the things I did before I was a Christian that they will be an example for some here or even those were listening later that they not make the same mistakes rather they would follow you in a life fully surrendered to you I asked for your Holy Spirit to be our teacher in Jesus name amen okay let's see is this thing sure just how to okay there you go the title of this worship is called the Masters plan and a master plan now to be a two-part the first part is first talking about what would Jesus do if he was going to witness today how what he witnessed someone so were to be looking at the Masters plan he is of course the master then write a look at the master plan which is what I call the planet I used to convert people or to witness to people in a corporate setting or any small business setting now to get a little bit of background about my life I went to a growing operator about this but I grew up also learning some things about the world and about success and they can you know I started liver selfish ambition I got involved with her virginity is that the University of California at Riverside in their undergrad business program and after a save Devon was the pledge class president and this this time in my life and of eighteen was a time when I was try to figure out where I was going cool I was good and be why did I exist all the different the young person struggles with both house more than about ten years ago now now being involved at the University of California game is in great opportunities those involved with learning about some of the big Fortune five hundred companies and one of the key companies that I got involved in is called inroads and inroads is a great company for young people who are starting out and it's really interesting I wish our church had something like this what happens is they take you as early as a high school senior or even a freshman in college and at the very least a second-year student in college what happens is you then take a barrage of tests on talking you take personality tests you take all sorts of tests that determine what type of person you are you take a ethical tasks you take and morality test and what they do is they pair you up with a company I got paired up with three companies the first was the Federal Reserve Bank 's second one was State Farm insurance and the third one was the buying program of the May Company which is now Macy's buying department will make a long story short after going interviewing for different ones I was then matched with what is now the Macy's or the May Company its divine department you're basically in charge of buying all the departmental type of materials you your fragrance you buy all the fragrance of your sweaters while the sweaters for every single Macy's across the United States site appeared without as an intern meanwhile during this time God was beginning to draw my heart and I remember it I was living in Hollywood I wasn't happy where I was going I had the promise of success and making a lot of money within a short period of time I was on the fast track for success but I still didn't buy happiness and so through a series of miracles God led me to a church where people more young people had just been revived out what happened with Iver Marsden just done a week of prayer there had this church and these young people were on fire they began to Bible seasoning is apparently living in Hollywood I then started getting Bible studies to make a long story short I was finally converted and now I would like what do I do next I still want to be in business and still call to be a businessman what do I do or how to lay witness to others or how to lie share my faith with others this is actually advisor here I was one of the response of recipients in way with the two thousand and two for one of the big scholarship awards for my university and in a you get a company car next thing you know I was I got involved with after I graduated college I had to decide between a small corporate business setting or a large Fortune five hundred company after much prayer now being converted I realized that it was probably easier to witness to people in a small business corporate setting that any place of hundred fifty thousand employees so I chose the small consulting firm and is where we got involved with a bunch of other things I learned asset protection I learned about Corporation I learned about investing in foreign markets authors of different things that I realize were to be a skill from you later it was during this time though that I realized that more important then making money more important than actually going over with someone and how they can be financially successful I was more interested in their salvation and so through another series of Bible studies I began to study and find out what is the way that Jesus would witness the people if Jesus were here on this Earth how would he witness to people today so with having so little and start our Bibles go to John chapter three hundred Bibles and working to find out soon different methods fortune different settings reduces witness to very different people enacted as part if I can buy my lovely wife she's there Candace Jean rescue right some of these down on the board but waiting for those of you who want the PowerPoint or you want some information about this presentation if you leave your e-mail be happy to send it we need to you has a really good quotes I decided to look at this this is the premise of what were to be looking at today in evangelism page fifty three Ellen White says study Christ methods if ever it has been a essential that we understand and follow right methods of teaching and following the example of Christ it is now so it's interesting because in John chapter three where do you see Jesus when you think to someone very influential with his name Nicodemus right so go to John chapter three and you may know the story works can look at it just so we can cease and draw some important lessons from John chapter three John chapter three and later on and then ask you to list a bunch of things that you know about Nicodemus so give notes and paper this can be something that's really interesting hopefully her to learn from the things that I learned the first time this was presented to me in John chapter three we see some key characteristics about this this map it says there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews so we see his profession we see in verse two the same came to Jesus by night and said of him Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that you do accept God be with him that he's asking for something or he's looking for something what if you looking for everyone is looking for eternal life is looking he asked the question of what does it mean in to inherit eternal life or how can I enter into the kingdom of God in verse three that's what he says in a very plainly in verse three it has barely released entities except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and then that we see Nicodemus and he says well what about me glad to enter into my mother 's womb and we see that there is the struggle taking place in Nicodemus is hard we see that he wants to take the decision to follow God but he is not quite ready of is a something that's important for those of you are small business owners or working with someone in a corporate setting a lot of people are interested they just already that's something that were to touch on now within a quickly look at John chapter four and who was the person that Jesus will assist you in John chapter for everyone go to John chapter four and we see something here in verse start verse three he left Judea and departed again into Galilee and he must needs to go through Samaria so here is Jesus it's interesting because because he is in he is in Judea and he wants to go to Galilee which is in the north Bennett said she needs to go through Samaria now for those of you who are not familiar with maps today I is at the very southern in Galilee is in the northern end and usually would take this route and you'd bypassed Samaria obviously because the Jews did not like the Samaritans but insisted that Jesus needs to go to Samaria why who was in seminary that Jesus needed to meet the no-no the woman at the well okay one of the well now it's interesting here because now going to go ahead and find some see things about the person of Jesus witness was witnessing to John chapter three and the person that Jesus was witnessing to in John chapter four so do in the first part in the seminar were going through for those of you who have just come his or breaking down the master 's plan how Jesus would witness to people then were to look at some practical and lively spirit proxy in the Bible of how to witness to people in a corporate setting or in a business setting so the first one as we see now we have we have the story of Nicodemus now what was the profession of Nicodemus was his profession K ruler is anyone else no more specifically he was a Pharisee more so than that he was fancied your scenario especially during its or what's Sanhedrin for lawyers factors seventy called the Council of the seventy for the Sanhedrin what was the profession or what was the work of the woman at the well what did she do that someone said it we speculate were not sure but we speculation is probably a prostitute that's what the speculation is so right here we see the number one see someone from a different job a background one is a lawyer the other person is legislating a prostitute now what else do we know about what is the gender of the person in John chapter three the gender easy one is a male right what about the gender in John chapter four zero okay so now I hope using some key differences you don't mind writing all these differences down so maybe you can make two columns one we have Nicodemus now interesting because it Lincoln Davis is an Angel right we actually have his name in John chapter fourteen we note that the woman at the well do we know her name no we just knew we does call for the woman at the well okay John chapter three what do we know about there in ethnicities what is that in the city the racial background of the manage on chapter three the Jew right John chapter four what easy semantic good okay let's go ahead and keep we can think of anymore can you guys think of anything else came what we know about their family their family background is good he said Rich John chapter three in order to be a Sanhedrin be a lawyer you have to be married and most likely Nicodemus also had kids as well in John chapter four what is the type of family that we have the woman at the well Jim the perfect family perfect administration family know right what is a broken family she's living with someone as she is not married to okay so let's go ahead and we can see something else about this one but the education with doing about their education RI obviously someone said that Nicodemus is educated to go to what the law school and then we have in John chapter four what is through education will women mostly most of them were not educated back then most of them so we see someone who is educated season is not educated with the zone was married so it has a broken home we have a June Samaritan with someone named unnamed women male female we have now also their job duties or their other occupations okay let's see if we can get a few other things where did Jesus needs the person in John chapter three where did Jesus mean the person in John chapter three K that is when what about where okay in a garden but specifically in the mount of olives the top of an all right the three met Nicodemus were making me the woman in John chapter four the welded specifically in the Valley so we have on the mountaintop and then the other one in the valley and then my good friend Angelina got the other far right when did Jesus mean with the person in John chapter three that night midnight right many savings in the next women Jesus meet the person and she would John chapter four what kind of data you need the woman at the well inside a radio saying that we have now from the mountaintop to the valleys then we have midnight to noon day can you think of anything else any other differences between them okay different personalities that's good what you mean by that is good good I like that different personalities he's probably more reserves but to say I like to say that she's more flamboyant something is good I never cut that one before yes right that's good so where was there standing in society someone just mentioned he was at the top of society she was at the bottom okay let's go with another one what about their financial status financial status I forgot the black but there's this book that talks about the effect of Nicodemus and he said that Nicodemus was so rich that he could on the Jewish economy for twelve years strait from his bank account at how much money he had right now if we were to look at the woman what was her financial status she was so poor that she didn't even have people to pay to get the water she had to go get the water herself is so easy difference in financial status as well okay now here's another interesting one when the person in John chapter three except Jesus into his life if you thought about this one K when the person went to Nicodemus except Jesus that he exceptions to this are that I become a disciple and we hear about them all the gospel that will week we heard up here about Nicodemus go ahead that after the cross that is actually correct that's correct if you agree desire pages you'll find out that when it did Nicodemus accept Jesus it wasn't till after the cross about three years after Jesus first met with him now when the woman at the well when did she meet when did she accept Jesus immediately right right at the Welsh are so thrilled so happy that she jumped for joy and then she immediately witnessed and told others about what Jesus had done for her now it's interesting but let's also find out the affect of each one the woman turned her city upside down right it says that when she when Jesus came like many believes because of this woman now it's interesting because vision of the Nicodemus was responsible for turning the world upside down so the woman she talked to her city upside down Nicodemus with his financial status with his wealth with everything that he did Jim Angels of everything and they funded the gospel so much so that they turned helped turn the world upside down and ask okay so we see honesty some differences now now that we've studied this these two individuals these two characters that Nicodemus and we have the woman at the well Matthew a question what is the one thing was the one thing that they had in common what is the one thing that they had in common was the one thing that we have in common with the story can't encounter with Jesus first time angels are a good looking for something very specific and that is that Jesus had a one-on-one encounter with a one-on-one relationship with it interesting because if you studied the story of Adam any what it out of habit bought a one-on-one relationship before you came to the picture and then we have Adam goes to sleep and then have either a one-on-one relationship here in this story what was the one thing in common with another one on one relationship Jesus had a one-on-one relationship one-to-one encounter with Nicodemus and then we see with the syringe on separate for all the disciples are set away and then he also has a one-on-one relationship with a woman at the well I love the school year notice what it says is found review and Herald May nine eighteen ninety nine so this is studying the masters plan how Jesus witness to others it says he had eight people regard for the what everyone one soul on it with the most effective preachers are the most effective evangelist the most effective soul winners are not the ones that you see up front before thousands and thousands but the most effective ones are the ones who could witness to people on a one-to-one level obviously once they can do that they can speak to the masses more important is begin to the masses is that one on one touch that personal touch that is the most important thing is that he had a fatal regard for the wonderful audience and that one's soul so once all the wonderful well and Nicodemus carrying two thousand and intelligence receipt that's the beautiful thing about the message that you not have the way that is designated as a new addition to multiplication and if were able to repeat ourselves affordable to repeat the message there will be thousands upon thousands were to be spreading this message definitely we were to finish this work got been on is not there just I say okay twenty seven baptisms this year and actually get thirty no it's I help lead one person or five people or ten or whatever that number is to God there trained their disciples they know how to be soul winners and the England win five ten fifteen people that the method that is can be used to finish this work okay now what I've done as well is in addition to that I've also constructed something called the master plan or in the workplace so how do you witness to people in such a sensitive place if you're a nurse if you're an accountant if you own your own business now there is one person who I really admire I talk to a lot in regards to business at least we've had a couple of discussions about this and that Justin McNealy is I served as his assistant to an Apogee Westview couple of years and I used to have a corporate background and also hope that would USC with Justin 's vice president of Sterling 's Big Bang Mini view may know him and he's also president USC and I asked Justin and new I've been all these corporate settings and I've been a part of a number of different corporations and asked him hate you all like a bunch of banks must be really easy for you to witness it to coworkers said no not easy to witness to them is like one of the hardest things to do and everything really so even with the influence of owning a business it's just not automatic he'll just say hey you need to be baptized or something it takes more than that there's a personal work that is involved I really like this quote now in their something that I don't like its wording quotes that people have on a PowerPoint out of looking how I can edit this quote for you guys but there was nothing every single word is precious if you don't mind on the read every single word and hopefully we'll see the value in this quote looking carefully at the essential lesson of content industry in the necessary duties of life is yet to be learned by the larger number of Christ followers when this is referring to is the faithfulness of being an employee pay it requires more grace more stern discipline of character to work for God in the capacity of mechanic merchant lawyer or farmer carrying the precepts of Christianity into the ordinary business of life that the labor as a knowledge missionary in the open field it requires a strong spiritual nerve to bring religion into the workshop in the business office sanctifying the details of everyday life and ordering every transaction according to the standard of God 's word but this is what the Lord requires that you get the data back to me deeply to know that that line that that got me the most it says that it requires more grace more discipline than the labor as in a New Orleans missionary in the open field in other words the type of missionary work that you're doing for those of you are a nurse an accountant a teacher whatever got profession God is put your way that right there you need more grace more discipline you have a high calling you can witness to people that I can never reach as an evangelist and hopefully that these next steps that we have for you today that they will help you in your well for soul winning the Bible to first read in chapter three verse six through ten after being a consultant in getting involved in the foreign exchange markets knowing stocks and options different thing God let me from there to another company where I was a I have to really enjoy this one I should work for a builder as the purchasing agent I was in charge of all the purchasing note take place this is an actual house that we built I was in charge of almost all the entire process of building this house my suggestion to this picture I was go to first Corinthians chapter three and verse six and there is a principle that I wanted to get there so let's go to our Bibles first printing chapter three verse six first Corinthians three starting in verse six I really like what Paul has to say I really think a lot of his writings at least for me is it really hits home as to how to witness how to be an evangelist how to reach people where they are verse six her elder notice of the Bible says in verse six it says this I have planted and Apollo 's has done what water can buy who can increase God though this is something that I really like because in evangelism there is a process involved there is not there's usually when you talk to some of how Iraq Lord it's not usually older as this one person they said that with me they probably did the twenty Bible studies denigrates evangelistic series that I got baptized in the follow-up work with me in the twentieth small group that I taught me how to knock on doors they taught me how to be involved in ministry right that's not usually how it happens we know that there is a lot more than that we know that what happens usually as well actually I was just sale someone knocked on my door and the gimme a survey of the game me a piece of literature in any steps to Christ I read that Bono who is the publisher then someone came off of the Bible studies I study the Bible and then after that markedly was doing an evangelistic series I went to the evangelistic series you we know the story there's this process the cycle of evangelism Paul can set that by saying that luck on the one who planted the seeds but notice who is the one you discipled them to the Palos appalls one of water them it says God the increase now for those of you who identified your gifts as part of being a soul winner is identifying your guess is to know what you got I've is really good friend of mine 's name is Mikey and his on the most lovable Christian should ever meet Uganda like every single school that you can think of uniform arrives to meet in the street taking the name of Uganda those schools and he is as lovable of a guy as you would know now she is excellent at getting someone who is partying their brains out living their lives for the devil and he's he's he's really good at sitting down and talk to them and getting them interested in saying the Bible and what happens next is usually see his also and he won't life I say this on on the audio verse but he's also one who sometimes forgets things and so when it comes to keeping track of his studies are keeping in contact with them that sometimes not his strength and after he realized what he was good at that he ended up calling me up existing Michael light I figured out something not very good at drawing people in such an old that's interesting because I think that that's more my gifts so we had this plan or he would call people you would witness to them you would then do a couple Bible studies and I would take over so it's really cool if you are part of insurance or if you have a coworker or someone who you can she work in tag team with you realize okay on better cycling this person better than initial talks let's team up and work together that's what's happening here is Paul talks about his relationship with Apollo 's were it doesn't matter if you are the one who is the one who drops the scenes where you're the one who's the site link who was the one who is given the increase God Gosselin are continuing on notice what it says in verse seven so then neither is he that planted anything neither he that water that God gives the increase now see the plants and see that water are one and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor for we are laborers together with God you are God 's husbandry you are God 's building verse ten one of my favorite parts because I used to be a developer a real estate developer it is according to the grace of God which is given unto me as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation and another builds thereon but let every man take heed how he builds their part now is interesting because the first time we see that Paul says on the one who dropped the seeds of policies the one the water then he goes on to the building of a family foundation but someone else was one who built it now when you build a house there is a lot of components involved this is some of our subcontractors we were building a custom home in Ontario California now what I meant to try to do now is explained to you some of the things that I get to witness to some of my coworkers in fact these were three of them are three coworkers that I had we were actually eating out going to dinner here and this is another one section the president of the company and often really cool story he actually ended up coming to one of my Bible studies as well and saw minutes ride takes place some of the things that I did to get them to trust me so that I can give Bible studies to them all right so when you build on there usually a set of stages they have to go through number one there has to be off-site and you have to excavate the ground yet the put in the underground electrical then you put in the foundation and then you put the framing and now while you put in the framing even call up your plumbers your electrical people and they come and they put on you all the electrical of the good in the plumbing before they put the rest of the found of what the rest of the framing on venues have your drywall or superiors or plasterers and then you get to your finish work well it's interesting because there is a cycle of evangelism that the literature Jeremiah thirty one versus one my favorite Bible verses it says that Jesus is the one who will draw in other words there is nothing that you and I can do to be interested in the gospel when you are living in condemnation when you're living out there in the world there is nothing that you can do to be interested in we have these carnal hearts better desperately wicked and so when Jesus does it he draws you he draws you to him through a series of miracles or series of people who have come into your life and I love what it says in Jeremiah thirty one verse three a precious promise it says the Lord hath appeared on hold on to me saying gay I have loved me with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness and I drawn the Jesus has always loved you and now is looking for the right time and the right moment to win you and so can we see Jeremiah thirty one verse three Jesus takes his time trying to witness to us trying to reach us and trying to get at the right moment and for many of you who have had a dramatic conversion experience I'm sure you can testify of what God has done for you then we see the two primary frontline works it is the first pardon evangelism cycle for those of you don't know the vegetables in cycle you can read Cole Porter ministry page one thirty one it talks about that that help message is the entering wedge then we have alluded your ministry were called for ministry P7 and it talks about these two words are to go on to the end of time it says Foreign Ministry page seven there is no other work more important than this work these two words are so important it's interesting because if you were to find out how a lot of these big-name evangelists were converted you know what a lot of it was due to literature ministry that you know a lot how John Bradshaw was converted great controversy my wife by work for him does anyone know what David Asher was converted into leader should know you winterize the great controversy someone at a health food store did investigate a great controversy was the blue ugly globe one unit of talking about that is like the second ninety nine centrist knockoff book and be the only reason I gave it a personal front of unheeded thrown away was because someone has to role in the dear David forgot what he wrote and rewrote it so so David would've brought when he left it on the shelf and after hitting rock bottom and all those that he does know some of his stories he just saw that book just calling out at him now maybe me know Larry Carter third card it happens to be someone my wife and I were closely with is where the literature ministries we week utensils less and the record was also converted through the great controversy and for anyone who is who knows the literature ministry will work now we have MacBooks and Larry Carter came up with megabucks which is now what everyone's doing in literature ministries and he was converted because of the great controversy isn't just one of a couple of people was converted because the literature work the next thing if you read evangelism page four thirty one we see the importance of Bible workers and the next thing is an evangelistic reaping seminar page one eighteen and then finally you have a small reporting a follow-up type of ministry and that's where you'll see in evangelism page one oh nine the importance of follow-up notes interesting because when it comes to witnessing to people in a workplace setting what I've done is I've converted these Stallworth terms that we hamper evangelism into a modern vernacular when it comes to witnessing to someone in the workplace now I don't know if you've ever done this have you ever tried looking for any type of workplace corporate type place resources of how to witness to people at least for me is basically nonexistent couldn't find anything in fact when I was working for a Fortune five hundred company and when I was working in the small court in the corporate world I have known everything by trial and error I even know ASI existed and so a lot of these methods work by trial and error and then I begin to meet friends and they gave me some resources as well so what we do try to do is explain some things now prescribed verse nineteen I like this first before we go into the premise of organic going to next and that's what to do and what not to do in the workplace setting but prescriptive numbers nineteen Paul says for the bill I be free from all men yet have I made myself service until all that I might gain more know this is a very office said style of thinking when you're in the corporate world or in the small business world because in the corporate world it's what can I do to destroy the competition what can I do to be ahead of everyone how cannot be ahead to get that promotion and so this idea is something I want to start with because of German abuse soul winner you first have to lay aside your selfish impatient and you first have to realize okay I am here to serve men suffers nine hundred nineteen talk about this idea that when you go into the workplace whether you're an accountant with your teacher with your teaching in an and the public school whatever you're doing understand that you are a servant is there to serve others I let go ahead and begin there many people in this world who just like the rich young ruler they know what they are missing me know that they need to follow Jesus but when you make it plain to them they end up walking away and they end up realizing that they would rather hang onto the riches of this world and follow Jesus your job is to help them come to that decision you see a lot of people in the business world or in the corporate world our coworkers there to see the kind of in this this cycle this track that we call life and they think you know we go to school he gradually begin married with kids then we repeat the cycle our kids grow up get married and retirement happens and so they had this idea what life is when really the Bible has other ideas the Bible is trying to tell us that there is something more importantly then this American dream that we are in pursuit of and so our job is to bring people to the point of making a decision so what I did is I constructed this plan and I caught my to your plan if you are in a workplace and you're like okay I wanted to your plan of how to reach my coworkers this is what I did to share with you some of the things that I did there are two principles that I want to give you a number one is you are the light of the world did you know that the most common Bible verse that Ellen White muses and all writings you are the light of the world you are the light of the world you are the light of the world that is the number one by louvers that you will see element use was in God so loved the world more than Revelation twelve seventeen or more than the three angels message our online use you are the light of the world more than any Bible verse in all writings the next thing the next principle if you are the salt of your what I realized was when I went into a corporate setting it was usually a dark injury place if people were just living from painting to paycheck try to become or get ahead of the game and so what I try to do is how can I bring alliance whether the way that I interact with them to win a smile split away the way that I taught how had I bring light into this dark world and secondly is understanding that I am also the salt of beer now what is salt used for anyone know what song is used for preserving okay Saul is used for preserving that's one thing is also used to labor things as well in fact in the times of no talking a thousand years ago are back when trade routes are popular as you know that salt was a the way that these unit or how popular was how valuable it was illustrated with gold salt with something that is extremely valuable and it's interesting because you are the salt of the earth and what I see is that God has given each of us a special flavor to witness to someone he given also was used he has instructed us to preserve what shrewd is now on I share with you some things of three things and whatnot in the corporate setting I find that there are some people they get converted and usually needs are not at either the born again Christians are Sunday Christian friends and end up doing this in the workplace and it ruins it for other people who are more real genuine who want to convert them but for you know some of our friends from the sunny Christian with videos there is so ecumenical and so evangelistic that every other word is Jesus Jesus Jesus the next thing you know we're labeled of your Christian is a Jesus freak so here's some things of what not to do number-one I found don't do this do not get into an argument and try persuade people to Christianity don't do that resist that urge really get to that at the end the Bible says we are his witnesses not his attorneys came so God has instructed us to be a witness for him and don't go in there try to say okay on the show this person and are you and persuade them through arguments about Christianity Christianity is not about arguing Christianity is about letting them see Christ in you that's a Christianity is something else what not to do avoid unintelligent statements that lacked scientific evidence to remember these people are unchurched there used evolution to use the evidence that used the biology in all these different things they have degrees they have a master 's degree all that stuff right so here's what you don't want to say I hear this from people all the time and it ruins it builds a statement like the sun is shining because of Jesus love that doesn't fly with people in a corporate world are in a business setting because they're like obviously don't know very much about science and you don't know that the sun is always there another thing is able to say things like was how just talking to Jesus on my way to work those other unintelligent statements to avoid a think you have an imaginary friend not to they won't think that that's something that you know they don't want to join the crowd figural crazy the other thing that some people say is the only way I got out of bed I woke up this morning is because of Jesus then the lobby to say well Jesus in my heart I get up just fine so these are just some statements real statements I've honestly heard the statements of people said that I'm new survey from because you ruin it for the rest of us here's a couple of other things not to do avoid getting into debates with people over lifestyle issues especially when there is more than one person present so for example their people who are zealous about not drinking coffee and their people were zealous about obviously not drinking alcohol new things and trust me I've follow the help message us as much as you do you like doing shunned those things however at a workplace setting when the pouring the coffee and start their day that is not the time or the place to say that no coffee or caffeine is bad for you and when you're at a social dinner at a Christmas dinner and they bring out the champagne and about themselves that's also not the place to share about the alcohol does the body another reason why citizens honestly there are people who don't know these very basic you know these things great very glad that you know these things know what I don't want you to become is a closet Christian is to not stand up for what you believe I'm just giving you some of the most common things that people make mistakes and for you all myself to avoid these things the statements that he are the things to do cancer in the workplace setting I have some key things that of what to do and hasn't why quotes it says here one of my favorite LMI quotes the strongest argument in favor of the gospel is what everyone a loving and lovable Christian interesting story I started my last knew before I did full-time ministry has started my last job working for a building firm and get a little bit of a messy situations we just share this small company was a lot of them were families are related to each other their cousin work here and there their first cousin of their brother-in-law was this position what turns up at the purchasing agent the ones in charge of building the material for foundations and all that stuff him he was let go and I was put in place they hired me to take a spot that when the president said now it means that he do so you know this person will call him Frank Frank will be there for the next week we have fired him and your taking his position he knows he's fired he knows you take his positions on some walking to very very very awkward position they said you may have some animosity because a couple of the people in the company also related to frame so it honestly I start my first day of work and try to be friendly to people highlighting this Michael immediately this girl who is one of the most important people at the workplace she just gives me the cold shoulder when it do all the presidents only that that's her brother-in-law okay well she had in her mind is like I never do like that that Michael he took my brother-in-law 's position on you to make sure that with all my heart that I basically hate him she told me this later will I decided to do it okay we'll understood to show her love to be as loving as kind as I can be the other thing though if I wanted to make sure that I also held my ground that you don't even know I was loving I was not a pushover if push came to shove clicking on the semi- ground this is what is ethical this is what it's right this is right position for the company turns out that our positions were equally ranked to each other were both considered as managers and so we had a lot of but buttons in the beginning but heads but the thing is because I show her love because I would do things for her she then realized while actually I really admire this person she began to say later on after a year and a half project about a year for the ice to thought she said no I really hated you when you join I really did not like you and us whatever duty she said nothing you just took my brother-in-law 's position on I have I really began to see the pricing you and I really see that you are Christian and because of that I place was a sorry so this is actually something that she did to me later check is that she was sorry into this day she is someone who I keep in touch with the day with her and her husband my wife and I will point out to have dinner with them and on and talk about more about the things I did to witness with her the other thing now Augustine can't just be a loving Christian and be a sloppy Christian the other thing is you need to be excellent you need to have excellent I love what Illinois said the review and Herald November thirty eighteen eighty six let all within the sphere of art influence be partakers of whatever of excellence we may possess it's one thing to be a loving Christian but let just say that I was late for work everyday let's just say that my projects are terrible and they were done with professionalism let's just say that I was the person who everyone looked at with disdain in the company seen this guy is our weakest link and we can't wait for him to get fired or quit his job how easy would it need be for me to witness to some penalized one entirely on the Symbian is even on the worst person at the job obviously to be very difficult and so I really love with the statement says it turns out that God really blessed I actually did a really good job according to the sealed the companies save them over five hundred thousand dollars in money with the different subcontractors that I was dealing with and working with and they said then you just took this position and ran with it and you have a lot of profits to the company and because of that they were willing to listen to me they're willing to put up with my silly diet they are willing to put up with me not taking part in the company socials and drinking they're willing to put up with me not drinking coffee in the mornings of them they're willing to put up with me not eating steakhouses with Emily I'll go there willing to put up with me with all my peculiarities because I was excellent because the work that I did was something that they realize that they know we need someone like this our company and God will bless you in he will bring it to a position of influence because they be faithful this brings us up to our next point and that one is this one review and Herald June sixteen nineteen oh three it says he stands firm in Christ and his stats do not fly whatever you do in a workplace number compromise not once never I remember the beginning when I was working there and you know they had a BBQ 's gala on Saturday in the city of Ontario California they were in a comically was the mayor of nose Montclair and there would have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for this for this particular project of all these brand-new homes or buildings and they asked me to be the keynote speaker and I was the keynote speaker the first time as you did such a great job we would like you to print represent the company again at the newspaper from the city will be there the mayor will be there and we would like you to be the one to give the opening address turns out was on a Saturday in a set I couldn't do it and of course this is what they had scheduled the city of Colton and everyone else said it can be on Saturday and so I didn't end up going and do a couple of events big events that I turned down on Saturday told it finally got the point is gotten up in a bunch the same thing when came to our our diet I remember the first time I sat down with it the sealed the company and the vice president ready meal and they had these really big huge huge huge orders of state whatever it is and he saw that I got a Gardenburger you know and as of the my garden furniture will wire you vegetarian and ninety symbolic is something that I realized I was convicted on when I was a kid I read story of Daniel and at six years old even though my parents were eating meat and reading I decided that I wanted to be vegetarianism while let's very very we admire that even though we love our our state and then after that was funny there was also someone a gift that they had they had invited and turned out that I try to stay with the dairy products as well please will you do of course need your cheese and drink milk as well you'll actually couple years ago I just try to stay away from that and it is funny because it turned out to be a very interesting conversation or he is trying to swing in one direction and the president to come he was there and he was able to see that it didn't matter who is talking to me I was principal any renewal he didn't agree with it he realized that I wasn't in a bunch and it matter if it was a Christmas party it didn't matter if we was out of work time it didn't matter what time or what it was that I was hanging out with them they knew that I had my principles and there was no way on earth no matter what I was in abundance principles and what I realized later wanted that evil greater admiration he gave me a chance to really influence and in fact one time we are leaving it was after five o'clock of leaving to teach a Bible study about thirty minutes away and the president accompanied by the very fancy Mercedes-Benz said we're going to sell Mexican teach Bible study he said well it was interesting but I think I've missed my Bible study went to Calvary Chapel technically your Bible study sure it's thirty minutes out of the way in no time both hours of driving not finals following and he came it was actually the Bible study at heart with lots year university so he got you been to university know that parking on his topic to get out and go in and the next hot at the library as a people holy all the way up and I have Bible studies with a bunch of extreme seventeen eighteen euros in college and high school people that sometimes comes well there's like ten people who were like eighteen years old and then we have this very distinguished looking person wears Armani suits coming in and announcing hirelings is that Tony he's the president of the company and that you want to drive while setting all my friends honesty were very shocked okay sure and down they understood actually change the Bible study right then and there can I think were studying progressively about the key doctors of her feet and I think we are at Daniel chapter seven then that in which we changed it right in and they are to talk about witnessing and talk about about our riches and not being happy with the things of this world and I will tell you to this day we use it down to these as you know Michael I go to elicit different churches that I know that you haven't had really any formal training but I really see that you really are a Christian and for me that really meant a lot with my boss but the presently company sat down and listened a Bible study left on all there's a couple of other witnessing things that I was able to do at this company and part of it had to be the one being loving number two being excellent and retrieving steadfast here's an helpful tips tips that brought me into a gifted racer I became really good friends with a lot of the people at the at the company we worked at number one is I began to say okay obviously can not to go to the movies of them not to go to a rock concert within what can I do with them well turns out that the vice president company love to golf now I'm extra will golfer any horrible I mean just horrible will she really saw that I'm really try to get to know him him trying to just hang out with him and so the subcontractors in the thingy golf shoes I get golf shoes and like okay will definitely try to copy step annexing a needed use by set of golf clubs so go to the store and I see that the really expensive end of five I find the vitamin C this one would find for like a hundred bucks and trust me they were cheap and we end up going golfing and we saw me as someone who is a Christian some of you who is doing that I work with some of the really can get to know as I can go out drinking with them I don't do all the other things of them so here we are golfing I'm just really getting getting to know them as friends and it was really fun because they got a feeling I was able to actually make them feel good about themselves because they all thought they were terrible golfer so I came into the picture and when I came into the picture the not only would have to like say hey to worry about finding your blog that is so far out there that you couldn't innovate and when you are out there is nothing a good wet unit backwards or sideways they just drop your blog without you knowing you have for anyone who doesn't play golf due to so this would seem each shoot these crazy shots that get back to Saratoga about themselves because the this new guy she was now the worst golfer so is kind of a fun thing would make sure Mike comes along because we know that when I can be one gets worse for Michael to first score so I really was able to break down the ice by doing something that they live in finding a common activity another thing was I was able to finally share some health tips with them so whenever some of the challenges really not feeling good really feeling horrible terrible I think and what have you tried laying off coffee for a week and instead having his coffee I just trialing office and did you know that Apple juice actual help you wake up faster than coffee anyways and in the doing let them know that for those of you who didn't know that you connect to buy the vegetarian copy like soy feed go to Sify .com also discussed of you ever wanted to like I haven't done this and have the guts to do is what you do I'd almost be tempted instead of his court with the first verse network had to make a copy and a new dolomite do it because he doesn't drink coffee prices in order to copies like I wonder what I wanted to do never had attempted to identify some of you gives not the people of them really wanted to isolate the I wanted to put it in that great I wanted to see if they would even notice the difference that's what I wanted to do and see in the behind never got a chance to do that but one thing that I would I did without share help tips within and they realize wow not only to feel the Bible but he also understands some very basic health principles and so that's something that was able to do because we know that the help messages are opening which another thing that I was able to do was share literature without I would share a small little pieces of literature whatever it is like some of the Doug Batchelor stuff a little visited questions on I would share with them something else is able to do them was consider consider ways to make a note your you thought of them so I go on mission trips and every time I bought a mission trip I would make sure to bring back things for them so whatever was said I would also share with them what I did you know back in in the corporate setting whatever you want on vacation you come back and he would share with everyone when he did he would win waterski and mutual pictures will what I would do without but after God now go to the real country and I would show them instead when I was what I was doing and they would realize wow you know here we are one or two weeks through the vacation going to Maui and hear this other guy is going to a Third World country helping people and he began to realize maybe I should start helping people more to their little things that I would do that would also help them see that even in my free time I was still trying to witness for God I wasn't out there to just have fun and do whatever I wanted to do another thing that I began to do with I was very intentional in memorizing their personal life now I will call the flexing device stocking but basically what it is you really get to know them a noteworthy are in fact I think that I what I would do is they would talk to me to sit at a desk in his Sunday at the clearer the other room that neither of the best and I would listen to them and out here what they're going through and out I see how the section allows working close of the document and I put up like facts about Linda and I would write down she is one kid got a terrible memory her birthday 's this date like this all the different things so that I blew out the hate how is Brandon or how is that the date you went on or how was this the kids soccer game and she would just while you were even care about me you actually know these minute details that my own husband doesn't care about her something of my own mother doesn't care about so I did whatever I could to just really get to know them and show how much I love them something else was remember birthdays and for whatever reason in the corporate world note is everyone's about self like birthdays are so important and because I have a cool job of being the one who picked all the subcontractors not always get tickets like I never got Angel Yankee ticket games Laker tickets concert tickets everything evening and I think it's because they want my business and selected for Linda calling her Linda should she property I can let her listen on a person she loved it i.e. I remember that it was her birthday her favorite team is the Yankees sarcoma subcontractors of hate in the Yankee Angel tickets and my subcontractors know that I really go to to this game and they're just curious why might you want these tickets and I said well that's because some of my work is burned given through a nice start member Linda and as of this girl who I didn't like me because I took the place of her brother-in-law I've never is her birthday and he said hey you know I've got something for your birthday she goes interoffice and she teased Yankee tickets nine can't tell you how hard she screams she screamed to the law you could hear everything that while selection got me Yankee tickets no night is free was just a phone call but I was not paid attention to detail I realize your favorite team I think I found out who my subcontractor I found I could actually get those things for the last one is something that's really important I was really dedicated to praying for them I prayed really hard for them that someone would witness to them or that their heart to be open and fax there is a subcontractor 's name is Rudy and he tried he's been married for five years and for five years is try to have kids couldn't have kids I sent out the need to bill for breakfast and I said when we pray for you in your sufficiently new my standards eighth is a you know more about a man I just realized not to have kids you know we just have certain medical complications will be strictly I pray for him and it turns out that I didn't even know about the city 's subcontractors I saw my three months later and out of the blue for three months later I said hey just out of curiosity I murmur we sat down together I should pray for you about the pregnancy of July to pregnant so you won't believe it after you pray for me we had a doctors appointment at the doctor 's appointment on we found out that I went possession pregnant and so he was really interesting like God will give me these moments of influence but you have to be willing to go out there and make yourself ready for those moments of influence and so I realize that not only was I just really conscious of how eyewitness to them I remember them how I love them but I also took time to pray for the next show the type of face it what a lucky tried everything let me pray for you and my God says that he will supply all your needs my gut says I can do all things through him Sony just pray and uniquely checkable the Bible promises like Matthew seven seven asking you shall receive you can sure bet the twenty one twenty two believe it was believing all things you shall receive those things in prayer and then on your first John five thirteen about having the confidence in him that he listens to your per rarest now feeling to see here is what I was going to do and see how much time you have we only have a few minutes left I realize that this is good of you to your plan so at the end of two years what I did is I made an appeal to to the coworkers to one of them was Linda who I have spent all of Norma's amount of time and her fiancé and I spent a lot of time with them they actually were Christians and they saw high live my life they saw that I believed in the Sabbath when I decided to do with after two years and then getting to know me after two years of a following what I shared with you I made an appeal with the medicament to dinner and isolate Linda and Colin Jim Linden Jim Geiser dear friends and I have never pushed religion or anything I have always respected you in the workplace but I would like to show you seven Bible studies that I think would change your life would you agree to sit down and have seven policies and one after the other just we got to accept the seven week commitment one-week Bible study each she said yes now right here are the seven Bible studies that I keep prepared and was ready to give these are than the first one that I was in and you and you can change of the order depending upon the art is standard similarly my standard is not talking about them to greater things that some people talk about modesty or jewelry are not as just a help message that her body the temple of God so for example they have noticed through all the company kinds of the times we sat together noticed that IE differently they noticed that I don't drink a notice that I don't do this and so this would be a very simple Bible say that your body the temple of God and that's the reason why to get my body the next Bible study that I had no need for them was about the Scriptures Anderson was proving the Bible through what I call path PhD H and Pat is an acronym that stands for prophecy archaeology my testimony in history so using which is a word I can point out and have a Bible study with them using these things the third Bible study that I would have with them is one called the snares of Satan if you notice they all begin with S Anderson would be about the great controversy and I would make a personal peeler to pay even the were working in this world did you know that the devil has blinded our minds that he is want us to know about God 's true character and did you know that there is about your mind and she is want to do a full out surrender for him the fourth one that I would give with them is called my mostly on salvation and this is what I call steps to Jesus if steps to Christ all the steps to Jesus and if the ABCD and eight so personally go through about asking Jesus to come into your heart believing in him confessing your sins deciding to follow him and then finally experiencing a walk with him are experiencing a relationship with him the next Bible study that I would have done with them I should prepare these was on the second coming that it is literal that it's visible that is audible that it's glorious in that we need to live for the second coming we need to live to share our faith about Jesus and his soon return and then that's you that I would save her last is the state of the dead and I would talk about the state and then tell them really deception behind her now that they've been exposed to the great controversy in the mix been exposed to the second coming up the notes for the state of the dead and the final one that I would share with them is the Sabbath because they know about my religious convictions what I would like to do I would I would tell them is at least tell you why I believe these things and whether or not you believe or choose to believe these Bible studies that's regardless I will still love you as a friend as a coworker I just want to let you know why I live my life this way and after two years of them experiencing and seeing you and seeing consistency they would be open for this now the reason why my favorite I would have is because I made this appeal is so numbered almost breaks my heart still remember about not to eat at a restaurant I made this up you look at me and will permit he sat down or seven model say so just you you you would know what I believe and why believe it the thing is when I leave this appeal what I didn't realize was this is when the financial crisis is happening and housing market was collapsing will it turns out that my division was bought out by a competitor another company so I ended up merging companies with some another company and also I ended up got another call me out of the corporate world into full-time ministry ended up doing full-time evangelistic series which is a crazy story in and of itself but they had this right here is a set about-face that I prepared for any slides for in the crazy part is ended up using them in my evangelistic series that I view all around California and I've done after guide in the Philippines but I prepare these studies to delimited breaks my heart that they were open to it that they wanted a just God called me somewhere else now the good news is that I still have a relationship with them and when where and how my wife and I still hang out with them a couple times of the year and the still have set a world of Apple 's Bible studies and still be still remember those things and some very thankful I'm praying and hoping that one day that I can really give these Bible studies to them what I want to end with is I need your help completing the story is the evidence that God called me out of the corporate world and into full-time ministry for those of you here maybe your still in the corporate world my friends a British person Microsoft believes some of you work at a hospital maybe somebody worked at an accounting firm wherever you are I need your help more poorly gotten a journal completing the story is not good enough that we are at it's not good enough that we are living the message that were going to ASI more important than that is what are you doing with a message that you have how are you sharing it with others they need your help because I would love to hear later on from you or from ASI or of private members in action I love to hear how you incorporated may be just one of these principles are coupled his principles and how that people in the workplace were one because of your influence that be my greatest prayer that's my greatest wish because there is no one really doing this there are no resources of stockinette my friends a pre- and we talked about how difficult it was to witness to people who are placing thing attracted just my newest and how difficult was because there are no resources of how to witness to people and so I had to find out into a lot of these from trial and error and how to write these down and sent to figure down I finally have something that if I was called back to the corporate world I have full confidence in Jesus that if I try these methods that they would work they need your help in implementing it so that others may be one Juno Ellen White says in evangelism that there are people in the corporate setting that you have influence over that you can reach that the minister can't reach that no one else can reach the reason why God has called you to be an accountant the reason why God has called you to be a graphic designer is because that is your excuse to do ministry in other words when you do for living on evangelists will cut out of it this accounting evangelists when you do your profession is your excuse the ministry articles father in heaven I thank you so much for how you have blessed how you have touched the hearts of my previous coworkers through an empty broken vessel like myself I pray that the principles learned to be that the rule have eternal results that someone here today will take some of these things that they will run with these principles they will improve these principles they learn new things from you and that we will increase the population of having specifically in the business world the corporate world the working world as a happiness we understand how to put on evangelistic series we know how to knock on a door some of us have even Canada stand the literature ministries were really Lord I see a big void in your work and that's in the workplace setting help us to have more testimonies of people who are one because of someone they worked with a coworker an employer a boss organic that is my greatest very person you love the Lord and you wait to see her as a a is you is my audio is when you are having this maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find that these are not as I is him and more for more online sermon is www. on my universe


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