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God's Remnant Church - Finishing Strong

Ted N.C. Wilson
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Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 6, 2011
    10:45 AM
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thank you so much for that beautiful rendition of the words of William Miller was a wonderful day I hope we have to look forward I hope each of us are fixing our minds on that beautiful day that will come in the very near future it's a great privilege to be with the ASI convention and I want to thank you for your prayers you're not how many people as I have wandered the halls have mentioned to me I'm praying for you frankly I would tell you that means an enormous amount to Nancy Anthony and to your world church ASI is one of God 's grace missionary organizations that is a tremendous blessing to the entire world church and its outreach for the Seventh-day Adventist church he just saw a beautiful demonstration of the cooperative endeavor that we are accelerating between supporting ministries and the denominational and I want you to know that the general conference appreciates you as members of ASI and were delighted with your strong supportive activities reflecting the many supporting ministries that make up this dynamic organization your emphasis on soul winning through the power of the Holy Spirit is how God wants you to work sharing Christ in the marketplace your support is many evangelistic outreach projects through projects such as the one day church the one-day school and so many other marvelous projects recently it was a privilege to attend the ASI Europe invention and Constance Germany it is the hundreds of dedicated energized spirit filled church members who want to experience revival and Reformation any renewed mission emphasis for the evangelistic outreach on the European pump please pray for our brothers and sisters in Germany and in Europe pray for them plead with the Lord for a renewed sense of mission to proclaim the three Angels messages with power and that secular and materialistic society there are millions of people in Europe and yes all over the world who are waiting for seventh day Adventist to stand up speak out and share the precious biblical message of Revelation fourteen beginning of those three Angels messages is the reason God has raised up the seventh day Adventist movement we have a mandate from heaven to preach the everlasting gospel and Christ's righteousness to boldly proclaim the fall of Babylon 's apostate religion and to warn the world not to receive the mark of the beast but instead be sealed with the seal of God 's ever lasting mark of authority the seventh day Sabbath brothers and sisters here at ASI and those watching around the world we have the great privilege as is a church on to belong to a heaven born Adventist movement we belong to the Seventh-day Adventist church gods remnant church a church that is been called by God at the end of time for unique purpose the church that is gone through challenging times in the past and will go through very challenging times ahead according to Bible prophecy the writings of the spirit of prophecy a church that does not rely on traditions or human reasoning but relies completely on the word of God as a solid foundation and the living word Jesus Christ a church that does not derive its power from itself but accepts fully the admonition of the Lord in Zechariah four six which says not by might nor by power but by my spirit except the Lord of hosts I like your theme for the two thousand eleven ASI convention inspired to finish strong inspired by God the father inspired by God the son inspired by God the Holy Spirit the three persons of the Godhead in one who are from everlasting and are everlasting God wants his church to finish strong as has been prophesied that it will John records in Revelation chapter two chapter twenty one versus one to three now I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away also there was no more sea and I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem him out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people God himself will be with them and be their God and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes there shall be no more death no sorrow nor crying there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away then he who sat on the throne said behold I make all things new and he said to me right for these words are true and true and faithful God has promised his words are true and faithful that his church under his personal direction will finish strong this church will finish strong through his grace and free will through his power you will finish strong through his pal this is not just a hyperbole or triumphalism this is biblical truth on a great and wonderful day when we all look forward to seeing the culmination of the blessed hope we will see Jesus appear with power and glory the blessed hope that will finish strong Matthew records in Chapter twenty five verse thirty one that when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the holy angels with him then he will sit on the throne of his glory Christ will come in power to claim is as people this is God 's remnant church and through God 's power it will finish strong I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to that day when I will see my parents again and you will see those who have died in Christ because the great blessed hope is just before us now how is it that we can humbly claim to be God 's remnant church there are those even Seventh-day Adventists who would dispute that we are the remnant church some may say well we're a part of the remnant perhaps others might say well the remnants is yet to come my brothers and sisters in order to say that God 's church will finish strong we need to know who we are and why we are here as an Advent movement we need to understand our special calling from the Lord we don't say any of this in a self-centered egotistical manner but we say it humility indicating that we fulfill the qualifications of God 's remnant people who know that the church will finish strong about Scotus in testimonies for the church volume seven page one hundred thirty eight that Seventh-day Adventists have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world he has made them his representatives and call them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest wealth of truth ever entrusted to mortals the most solemn and fearful war at him by God to man committed to them do you and to me to be given to the world but do we believe that how can we understand this from Scripture a few years ago at a meeting large large meeting many people attending a had a very bright intelligent person come for my supper table as I was eating and ask challenging questions yes and what my greatest challenge was my thought for a moment and then I responded by indicating that probably one of the greatest challenges that we face that I was to keep the vision alive in the Seventh-day Adventist church that we are a unique movement for any kind of looked at me he said really are we are we really in a unique movement he said I'm a Christian first and then I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Bonifay Brothers and sisters of course we are Seventh-day Adventist Christians we are part of the Christian community but I want to tell you that we have a special tasks that others are not well this particular gentleman proved my point right then and there he didn't seem to think that we were unique who are we as a special movement are we better than other people of course were all in need of Christ's justifying and sanctifying power we are in need of revival and Reformation truth the whole we spirit it will be to the outpouring of the A were indebted to Christ for salvation and is all encompassing grace and righteousness but we are a unique movement people of the book of prophetic movement people who believe in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation people who understand those books from the historicists viewpoint we are not credit risks those who assign events predicted in the Bible to a singular event in the distant past note were not predators were not futurists who assign prophetic events is having some place in the distant future and have no relevance to history either current or past we are his sources who understand that the seven churches for examples of Revelation two and three represent not only historical places but periods of church history represented by the characteristics of those original churches we believe in the prophetic landmarks throughout history which were predicted before they happen and lead us to an understanding of who we are and where we are in earth 's history is the it helps to know that we are living in the very end of those toes in Daniel chapter two and that the next event will be the style that was cut when our paths representing Jesus Sue second emulate fourteen tells us exactly what happened in eighteen forty four and at the sanctuary message which is really in Scripture is a powerful and meaningful message for the world through our time and even more so during these end time days of this century message of God 's plan of salvation how Christ our high priest is interceding for us in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary at this very time it is one of the most precious biblical beliefs that needs to be shared fully with the world Christ is our Creator our Redeemer as the humble broken lamb on the cross our example our high priest and are coming to the century message shares it all frozen sisters were living in the most incredible time in Earth 's history we been called to proclaim God 's incredible message of salvation through Christ and his righteousness and we need to know who we are if we are to deliver that message with holy spirit out there are many biblical texts which give us a picture of who we are is a unique movement that will finish strong but I want to tell you there is one text that identifies us so clearly it cannot be misunderstood it is the great identifier it is the caller ID of the biblical prophecy just as your cell phone or your home phone can identify the calling number and name in some cases of those calling you giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not you want to take that call so the Bible in Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen at Denton finds God 's remnant church for people at the end of time that marvelous text tells us who we are it reads and the Dragon Satan was Roth or angry with the woman at church and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ tells us there the Dragon is Satan versus wanted to identify the woman as God 's church verse four tells us of the war against God 's church in Jesus Christ was then caught up to God and his throne and weatherman the remnant of her seed God 's last day 's church will consist of people with two characteristics those who keep the commandments of God and secondly they have the testimony of Jesus Christ at first characteristic of keeping the commandments of God means all the commandments of God including the fourth amendment to remember the Sabbath day to keep it elbows were part of the remnant church will keep through the power of God not as a legalistic self initiated pull yourself up by the bootstraps type of religion but through the power of God they will keep not just a few of the Commandments not even nine of the Commandments but all of the command the fourth commandment about God 's holy Sabbath is a sign of God 's creative and we didn't give our it is a sign that he alone is the creator who recently let me underscore the word recently created this earth in six literal days and the marvelous and miraculous process the seven day Sabbath as a day in which to specifically remember that he did create by the word of his the Sabbath is not only a sign of God 's power but it will be a sealed placed upon us as his people God 's mark in the universe and on us in the very last days during the most difficult times of persecution and yes brothers and sisters that time will come during that period of time stand fast for God 's Bible says finish strong through God 's power don't let anything deter you from faithfully adhering to God 's only true day of worship the seventh day seven when you worship on this very day on which we are worshiping in this auditorium in Sacramento you testified to the world that God is the only omnipotent creator who accomplish this work through this power and not through an evolutionary process we are to preach this to teach this and believe don't let anyone and I mean anyone intimidate you into believing that this is an outmoded uneducated or unsophisticated belief the belief in a literal six-day creation week with the Sabbath as the weekly a memorial of God 's creative power is very much in major part of the final characteristics of God 's remnant church let me also indicate that God the father God the son God the Holy Spirit all participated in the literal creation of this world they are the Godhead three in one and it existed since he turned and will exist throughout eternity they are omnipotence omniscience omnipresent and everlasting three distinct eternal persons one God our Almighty God where her seventh day Adventist don't ever forget that we are unique people with unique message and select the messages book to page three ninety seven we read I am instructed to say to Seventh-day Adventists the world over God has called us as a people to be a peculiar treasure unto himself he has appointed that his church on earth shall stand perfectly united in the spirit and counsel of the Lord of hosts to the end of time and a second characteristic listed in Revelation twelve seventeen is that God 's remnant church will have the testimony of Jesus Christ Revelation chapter one verses to an nine talk about the testimony of Jesus Revelation fourteen twelve talks about the patients of the saints who keep the commandments and the faith of Jesus and Revelation chapter nineteen verse ten plainly indicate Sandra tells us that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy here we have a clear indication from the life that the remnant church will have a special voice that God will provide which is the spirit of prophecy this is a mark of the remnant know I believe that God spoke through Ellen G White as a fulfillment of Revelation twelve seventeen to provide God 's instructions to his last day remnant church I want to thank you for the support that you are giving in your offering towards a special project for the white estate in the spirit of prophecy as I said before and I will say it many times into the future as long as God gives me breath I believe the spirit of prophecy the writings of Ellen White the spirit of prophecy is one of the greatest gifts given to the Seventh-day Adventist had there are many who attack the spirit of prophecy and we shouldn't be at all surprised the spirit of prophecy contains direct counsel and fruits which the devil does not want available to people within the selected messages book one page forty eight it indicates that Satan is constantly pressing in the spurious that which is not correct to lead away from the truth the very last the exception of Satan will be to make of none effect that testimony of the Spirit of God there will be a hatred kindled against the testimonies which is Satanic the workings of Satan will be to him from the face of the church is in them for this reason you are right here in this Satan cannot have so clear attractive bringing his deceptions and bind up souls in his delusions if the warnings our reproofs and councils of the Spirit of God are heated if they are seated and of course he has lost that is why currently there are so many attacks against the spirit of prophecy that's why people simply choose not to read the instructions but this is one of the two important characteristics of the remnant church according to Revelation twelve seventeen this is part of the caller ID of who we are now listened to Alan White's fleet for revival and Reformation and the latter rain explained in testimonies volume eight pages two ninety seven to two ninety the Lord calls for a renewal of the straight testimony born in years past he calls for a renewal of spiritual life the spiritual energies of his people have long been ported to use that word very often doing this enemies not bear much but there is to be a resurrection from a parent death by prayer and confession of sin we must clear the Kings highway as we do this the power of the spirit will come to us we need the Pentecostal energy this will come for the Lord has promised to send his Spirit as the all conquering power perilous times are before us everyone was a knowledge of the truth should awake and placed himself body and soul and spirit under the discipline of God we must follow the directions given through the Spirit of prophecy we must obey love and obey the him this will save us from accepting strong delusions may stop here for a moment brothers and sisters those delusions will not only come in the future they are present right now I'm continuing out quoting God has spoken to us through his Word the Bible is spoken to us through the testimonies to the church the spirit of prophecy and through the books that have helped to make plain our present duty and the position that we should now occupy out what is the position that we should now occupied is it that we are the remnants of her see we are a unique movement of this we are to proclaim Christ's great message of warning and salvation found in the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen we are not to allow anything to distract us from our mission that will finish strong God is called us to proclaim this last day message with power the three Angels messages must be on our lips and presented in love rather and sisters don't beat people over the head with the gospel love them into the church I'm thankful for the great support that ASI the massive evangelistic outreach activities of the church worldwide are providing to his remnant people I ask for your continued support for all of our plans the overall plan evangelistic plan of hell the world all these plans are based on our humble submission to the Lord and built on the foundation of revival and Reformation in our personal lives and the life of the church is about let us never forget that anything we accomplish is only done by my spirit says the Lord of hosts one of the aspects of the tell the world project is the great controversy project pastor Baker shared that with you during Sabbath school today and I request that you give your full support to this magnificent project this is a result of that second characteristic of God 's caller ID in Revelation twelve seventeen which indicates that his remnant church will have the testimony of Jesus Christ a great controversy plan which has been accepted by the world church asks church members to read or reread the great controversy during this year of two thousand eleven Nancy and I are reading it and it is so powerful than in two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen a massive distribution of that book is going to take place around the world in incredible evangelistic opportunity various positions are going to be use Bible study cards or imprinted websites will be included to take readers to resources where they can take Bible studies download biblical information and if needed download the entire book connect with Seventh-day Adventist television networks and find truth filled Bible information some of vast flow I distribute great hunters I mean it's really not that politically correct today why not distribute steps of Christ or the desire of ages I think it would be great to distribute those books I love those books their wonderful books but the fact is that Ellen White herself him said that she wished the great controversy circulated more than any other book she had written it tells the story of the Christian Church from the beginning to the end it tells how God 's remnant church will finish strong only through God 's power it has been exciting to see the world divisions in the church membership around the world become so excited about this project we set a goal of fifty million his pastor Baker said to be distributed most of these books worldwide will be personally given to friends and to relatives and neighbors and others I have personal prayer roll of one hundred and the latest estimated total of the classic and abridged versions reported from the divisions at this time and undoubtedly the total will go much higher is now approximately one hundred twenty seven million and counting and that doesn't include any of the projected Internet generated downloads God has inspired his people around the world to spread the three Angels messages with our now I received a lovely note the other day from a sister in the Anderson South Carolina I don't know her but she said I am reading rereading the great controversy and I know that you said you want to in two thousand eleven and two thousand thirteen flood the earth when it she indicated in her little notes that she and her husband plan to send it to over two hundred people she said as Mrs. White said of all her books this is the one she would want everyone to have and it is the very one Satan did not want printed may God continue to bless you and Mrs. Wilson and your as we all press forward to the kingdom I am a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventists and I praise God for that I don't know how I was so blessed my brothers and sisters we are all blessed to be Seventh-day Adventist and participate in the proclamation of the great advent message on Sabbath March twenty four two thousand twelve I plan to spend the day and somehow low in Brazil where they plan to pass out on that Sabbath alone three million copies in that city and a teen million copies that Sabbath throughout the South American division last Sabbath I was at the Hendersonville North Carolina church where I shared appreciation of that particular church and one of its members for helping to start this great project which is now encompass the below let us never forget that we are one great global family in Christ and one part can affect the whole church family brothers and sisters reread the great controversy this year and next year joined the world family in distributing the great controversies like the leaves of a questionnaire another enormous initiative but God has placed on our hearts this October at the annual Council were going to be unveiling by God 's grace the most comprehensive urban evangelism initiative in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist it is to be an ongoing sustained a program on till the Lord returns half of the world 's population now lives in the urban centers of the world at times the city evangelism has been spasmodic much has been done and we give God the glory to those who are participated but many times with large evangelistic campaigns sometimes those are followed by months and even years of sites spirit of prophecy model is very different and involves a sustained biblical and compassionate approach to doing urban evangelist this model is best described as comprehensive urban evangelist with the emphasis on comprehensiveness the model includes establishing working units centers of influence and activities in the cities that use the skills and gifts of local churches young people small groups medical missionary workers pastors social workers literature evangelist and all the available media platforms the church needs to develop comprehensive and sustainable programs for evangelizing the cities of the world we must not have one big evangelistic program once in a while and then forget cities we must work in a United sustained work to accomplish God 's plan for the cities as outlined in the spirit of prophecy God 's servant has indicated in medical ministry page three hundred for the following there is no change in the messages that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time when the city 's our work as God would have been the result will be the setting in operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet in that movement has yet I want to be part you him and for those of you who may hear my sermon on October eighth this year the annual counsel your buddy you're much more about comprehensive urban event another highly important component of comprehensive urban evangelism in our church work for the future is what is termed in the spirit of prophecy medical missionary work this is a marvelous work that encompasses everything from sharing sinful health principles and a loaf of whole wheat bread with friends and neighbors all the way through clinics and health centers however much a medical missionary work focuses on what local church members can do to help people find physical mental social and spiritual health it also involves Seventh-day Adventist health professionals working in a blended ministry with pastors and spiritual health it also involves health professionals working in a limited ministry with these workers we will have a committee to be chair by Mark Findlay to work on this flight initiative to unveil a comprehensive medical missionary work program and plan at the two thousand twelve annual Council we will look forward to working closely with ASIS fourteen medical missionary ministry God has promised that as we follow his counsel and his ways that his work will prosper prosper and we will finish strong however the devil does everything he can to deter God 's people from following the political Council he brings in every possible affirmation and confusing idea of the benefits of a throw God 's people off I felt convicted in the past weeks and I feel convicted for the future to speak out in a stronger way about certain subjects that in my opinion are removing us from God submission for this remnant church things that will take us out of the position to which God has called us only briefly share just a few of them number one guard against mystical beliefs and practices that are finding their way into the church through formats like spiritual formation and the emerging church head basis of much of this is an emphasis on the theory and social and emotional rather than a strong foundation on the word of God any helpful information on the subject in the current Adventist review which many of you have received an ASI special it was passed out here at the convention and note in particular a two page article by Mark Findlay and watch for more material in the very near future on this very important subject I ask you to read the Adventist review bill not than his professional staff produce a magazine that can benefit you spiritually in a very positive way number two stay away from the mystical forms of prayer such as contemplative prayer prayer labyrinths repetitive prayer using one word or certain phrases or centering prayer that seems to have become popular but leans to the occult since in many cases all thoughts are eliminated from your mind thus allowing the no one in the phase rather than have a simple and humble prayer of sharing your concerns with the Lord number three resistance worship styles and music that have more to do with self-centered entertainment than a humble worship of God we have to recognize that we have many different cultures in the church and styles of worship in our worldwide church I accept that and you should also bought everything that is done should bring glory to God and not for the participants whether it be the preachers musicians or everyone participate we need to focus on worshiping God and elevating and not elevating self we should list I should say worship and music should left us to the throne room of heaven I don't wish to offend anyone and this is my personal opinion but if music sounds like it belongs to a hard rock concerts or a nightclub it should stay there had him in this week 's Sabbath school lesson by the principal contributor Rosalie H Zink the has some very helpful points and there is a section of said what is important for worship music is that the point does to the noblest and the best which is the lower thank you Doctor sorts for teaching a lesson this morning and Cliff Losey my son here in the audience for editing our lessons number four and this is a little sensitive but I want you to understand completely avoid the practice and I speak to our church leaders locally and in our organize entities avoid the practice of inviting major spiritual speakers who are not Seventh-day Adventist and avoid having men's church meetings men's meetings women's meetings retreats pastoral meetings youth meetings in large convocation have had I want I want you to fully understand what I'm saying I am not talking about refusing or not inviting civic government or religious leaders to attend a meeting we need to make friends with these people we need to share our faith with them but what I am talking about is asking them to give a major spiritual presentation where they probably simply do not have the concept of the great controversy I would tell you that we certainly can learn from others who are not members and we should encourage them in their own law with the Lord to find truth however we need to be very proactive in requesting humble Bible Center Seventh-day Adventist speakers to instruct our church members in fully understanding God 's great biblical messages for this time rather than sisters of ASI if we want to finish strong we must focus upon Jesus Christ upon his righteousness and his Almighty word as in the Protestant Reformation the Bible must become our foundation the spirit of prophecy indicates that God never intended for the Protestant Reformation to end with Martin Luther but that we were to continue that great Reformation I'll never forget visiting recently before Burgh Castle in Germany where Martin Luther was sequestered for almost a year for his own personal protection and to protect him from personal pride read about the details in the great conifers while Martin Luther was there God led him to translate the New Testament from Greek and German in ten weeks using sixteen different German dialects effectively creating the official German language the printing press which had just been invented God 's plan became the vehicle to replace the Bible in the hands of the common people and allow them to more fully understand their relationship with God let's use these Bibles in our hands to fully understand God 's mission for the Seventh-day Adventist church and through his power finish strong brothers and sisters Jesus is coming soon at his church will finish strong the sign him return are all around us ever increasing natural disasters political challenges that viewed answers economic misery based on greed social and moral decay and ecumenical advances that will unite us religious as one ad to indicate that we should support all organizations and any effort to increase religious liberty and freedom but not all align ourselves with any organization that will neutralize our ability to proclaim the three Angels messages and finish strong let us focus upon Christ's soon return and beautiful book in heavenly places page one twenty seven we read the more we behold Christ talk of his merits and tell of his power the more fully we shall leave front reflects his image in our own characters and unless we shall submit our minds and affections to the paralyzing influences of the world the more our minds dwell upon Jesus the less they will be enveloped in the fog of doubt and the more easily shall we lay all our trials all our burdens upon the burden bearer for many of you today which delay your trials in your burdens upon Jesus how many of you wish to rededicate your lives and yourselves with Christ and his saving power how many of you want to reaffirm your belief this is God 's remnant church with a unique message based on God 's caller ID of Revelation twelve seventeen how many wish to proclaim this precious Adventist through the power of the Holy Spirit so that God 's church will finish strong if you do you quietly join me in standing commitment before the Lord and we won't prolong our service much longer but I want to invite each of you to seal this commitment and prayer likely to take one minute each turn to the person next to you while we stand and pray together it's a marvelous thing to pray together and to seal our commitment to the Lord to be part of this great adventure movement God 's remnant church that is going to proclaim his three Angels messages with power with the latter rain power humble ourselves before you invite you to pray together and then I will close as Rodney continues to play during our prayer remains standing at the end of our prayer session so that we can join in singing and marvelous Seventh-day Adventist I'd like you to turn the person next to you seal that commitment how father in heaven we will think they are hearing us at you for calling us thank you for empowering us we thank you for the promise of your soon return help us not to keep it to ourselves I was not to glory in what we think we know as opposed to others I was the humbly submit to you help us to be revised to be reformed help us to plead with the Lord for the Holy Spirit power at seven o'clock in the morning and seven of the night nor any time during the day Lord let your people be united in that one goal to see the world in light with truth Jesus return bless our commitment to you today less ASI like never before thank you for each one of them many of them serving in such self-sacrificing ways lord we commit them and all of us as a world-renowned your hands Lord we know that it very your church not through our might for our power to your power and Yorkshire and will finish strong thank you for the problems Lord be with us now and maybe never lose our connection with you as you take this last phase versus thank you for hearing us in Jesus wonderful name we has a a a e-mail with my audio only and not having in your life learn more and I live in a number of Anaheim to the poor the online newsroom in www. maneuver is not


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