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Biblical Support for United Prayer

Melody Mason



Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference



  • August 12, 2011
    12:15 PM
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this talk with you on certain testimony actually about the power of United prayer within the clinically oriented focus on today and then going to talk about how we could make United prayer more practical part of our life so hopefully a picture excited about the pioneer market that where you are here and that in the conference so I just started again for WordPress heavenly father thank you so much for this time that we can be together and meet together and I thank you for your word and how you encourage us to take time apart to pray and to pray unitedly think of the promise in Matthew eighteen nineteen so the two of you shall agree as touching anything that you can sell the country of my father which is in heaven and father we want to claim that promise and we want to preview for how you have answered in response to that promise in our online father sit is be with me as I share and thank you for this opportunity your purchasing first off let me talk about United prayer I want to make a disclaimer is a lot of different things are happening in the church amplified the secular world and even in our own church that are not typical methods of prior to have their roots in mysticism and the Colts he had different terms going around like spiritual formation contemplative prayer prayer centering many different things and some of us probably never even heard of these things I don't encourage you to study very foreign to them but I think it is good that we know and realize what is going on and what we need to avoid that how do we do that most appropriately by knowing what the truth is right I given a counterfeit of people that are trained to study the dollar bill or to know counterfeit money they don't spend all their life studying the counterfeit they spend their life studying the true and genuine than when the conifer Company Limited site is my shed at the beginning that we do not support any of the him will be sharing more about practically why or what we believe the United prayer should be malingering very simple and basic the first share just a few testimonies like to say the rain is falling you know children through prophecy that in the last days the rain is going to begin to fall but just they are going to be many around you cannot even experience it do not even know that falling and how can we avoid being among those that don't know well being in tune with God we talked about that during the last couple sessions in regards to prayer this morning actually this afternoon I do every testimony of Army had any guts are not Republican okay often with our first Army Bible camp started back in two thousand nine God impressed one of our our leaders are prayer leaders actually they were actually just praying the speakers before they got on the stage and I have operating from that standpoint but God has laid it on their hearts to do a morning prayer time before our first meetings and staff of command what if existing part-time and i.e. I'm ashamed to say that as leaders work relating to ask people to come to pray not sure how many people are in a you know what a common part of that will offer it as an optional part time okay so we're little worried that we can get people there for the fun of controversial forget the fifteenth time that you know about twenty people came the first morning and God work in such a dramatic way as the next morning we had forty and the next morning eighty and the crowd began to grow and as we pray together unitedly out talk about how that was done you could even just how the Holy Spirit was there I mean grown men were we weeping families that had not been praying together began to pray together Kovalev actually on the brink of divorce actually were reunited and their marriage restored because of that United prayer that you are alone and so we can find on working and so in our results or as a result of that we just began to realize I need God we need to be praying more you know he is the one out of power he can do everything without us they don't mistake mistaken in saying that we are the people need to be praying more if we pray more what more blessings might he give us so after that we began to make the United prayer routine part of every Army model camp that we had and we we did see the Holy Spirit being poured out not very easy front of Christians Alisa David for me to fall into the market mentality you know I know that God wants me to do this I know that he wants a stunning a piece called the originality that the Mark three fourteen before we are to go and be disciples we are first to be with him he called the first to be with him and so often we work but were working on strength and were not working to the power of prayer and the statement in Christian service page two sixty three really caught my attention in our attention will walk while that is so conveniently all the activity of human instrumentality and it appears before God we would see that only the work accomplished by much prayer which is sanctified by the merit of Christ will stand the test of the judgment and how much prayer I mean how much work are we dealing without prior and scary if we really realized that we really you know if we really searched our hearts at the people of God how much are beginning to sound strength so much prayer is necessary so as the camps have gone on we have seen God continue to work in dramatic ways the second you are not currently does why don't we start and all-day program in other words the whole context argument were to have a room where will you be playing all day long for the speakers and they need a Holy Spirit 's power to speak the message that they need to begin to train people the whole purpose of army much or for those of you that are familiar is revival army stands for address revival movement for the entire definition of Army to how we accomplish a Bible for that revival is not harming people with the word and prayer and so eventuated together arm me okay so that's what Army ministries is about is arming people with the word in power prior to that they can be more effective in evangelism and in their witness and testimony itself as we went into our second camp in our current leaders were really inspired me need to set aside a rumor we can desperately be primed as is our attendees are diving into the word in learning how to study the worth of the Holy Spirit would be private and give power to the study and so that that's what inspired the concept of human rights you know we and leave the only ones here in this program printing we need to invite ICANN needs to be part of this and to be playing with us until we asked people if you could come for just one hour during the conference and and dedicate your time in the prayer room to pray for this conference what might I do and as we pray that more amazing things began to happen and when I say that I'm talking about a we had a fourteen -year-old girl mature testimony name is Allison she came to the prayer room and she impinged to pray for more than five minutes a day she was basically used a prank by midday and near this very superficial whatever you know God help me with that God help me with that homeopathic test whenever you just a very basic superficial prayer at Disney but she came the parent she didn't think she could pray for more than five minutes a day and she stayed whole hour and she felt Percy came back the next day to favoring our and she went home fourteen -year-old girl to her church and started to prayer group and that church has been totally revitalized her family is all on board in their participating United prayer her sister actually went with me and we went to the General conference to be to have her parenting United prayer will tell you more about that later but I began to work in the church so we are seeing is people are coming together in unity Christopher that certainly put out at meetings or whatever they like themselves are being revitalized their experiencing revival and how can we as a people call other survival or to this experience if we don't experience ourselves so that you have a part of coming together in unity and prayers of the Lula we will have had an online so here you see pictures of the program how God has continued to grow and Meyer second and third camp we had people basically flocking to the permanently and by that very much a camp you need to come and be part of uniting together prayer in Mark eleven seventeen and said it's written my house shall be called abominations the house of prayer that the face of the house of fermentative the face of the house of singing we all know that the part of the worship service but God 's house is to be a house of prayer and yet how often is prayer like just a little a bit we have three minutes of prayer and all the rest of the time in our church and our activities is spent speaking preaching singing performing evangelizing when we need to be in prayer there needs to be prayer coverage over everything that's going on and we need to be secretly in prayer because you would publicly be successful prayerfully are not secret in prayer as well Pam talking a lot about United prayer during this seminar and workshop that were we're going over now both need to be privately people of hiring people of the word God 's covenant with us from second Chronicles even if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and lay and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their thing and will heal their land he says if my people is referring to a collective group there is not just saying if John Orris vendee or if Christie we all are individually called Becky Frank and my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray we collectively as a people need to calm before God 's throne humbling ourselves and trying here we have more on pictures of of of United prayer and I'm sure actually what this program is like and how we would teach that to others and how we would leave them as but I want to share with you this is so simple and so basic that children can be part of it and enjoy it and you know we'll talk more about that had a picture of of a group of children about probably eight to twelve -year-olds here in this picture and if you had been part of the prayer room many children came into the room and they were just pouring out their hearts to God in such security on the you can't imagine God looking down from heaven and just smiling just saying if my people if we would only be as little children if we would only come before him in the honesty and the severity of children Little children love United prayer and they love praying together as we teach people today that United per because of some semblance so basic acidic anything scarier scientific and upright conversely page five twenty five that the revival to godliness the money for the greatest and most urgent of our need to think this should be our first work this revival however will only come in answer to prayer I love this quote it is part of God 's plan to grant something in you are a bath which he would not be still did we not bus off the half down we have to be thinking that those kind of gone with the Army Bible camp had become a bigger and bigger part I needed to finally start an online program and when I got it out of the event towards the end we're just encourage people to come together and pray and specifically with the option with the goal of pray for the Holy Spirit will have our personal needs and we have the different things that we desire but we really need to press together praying for the Holy Spirit okay and you don't like what happened at Pentecost was very talked about that this morning and I talked a lot about that in the first session is then coming into one accord with at one place and pray for the Holy Spirit and when they did it came to the this is powerful time of testimony and praise here you see how many people during one of our most recent camps during all-night programming I probably over two hundred people that were part of the basically all night long can you imagine all of the people here that are here and I share another three or four five hundred people here imagine if they were all all night long willing to plead not just one time but needed consistently what if there were curricula consistently willing to try now on the revival we've heard about that happens in Gotland and Wales that was just a few people that bound together in a trade for months and they determine we are not going go until the period of conflict Paul and God did answer the prayers in her revival happened in our back in the early nineteen hundreds and earlier years it just swept across the country like that happen again now we know adventure the birth of mourning greater thing that can happen on the rest of the end of time then again happen or that happened when Christ was on earth oh one Enron waiting for we believe that I found in the second Chronicle fourteen if my people which are many will humble themselves and pray and think my faith so as God-given blessing of the Bible camp and with the kinds of United privilege of praying for the holy spirit to come praying for the speaker than just licking each other on praying for spiritual victory in our lives where you began to come out about the revival with an happening and we began to get invitation to go to other places to work with camp meetings and conferences and his university work the revival are evangelistic event there we worked with amazing facts and the leaders of the amazing facts worked in different youth camp meetings the rest of energy like the image of her room there maybe some of you were part of July see and we were actually have to continue to go to the IGC annual Council on October eight year ago and pray with the leaders of the church and this was such an amazing privilege and honor to see behind leaders the highest leaders in his church coming together and praying and pleading for the Holy Spirit and this was just justice amazing testimony provides the meeting of the north of exit and inviting to go back again in the fall for the next annual Council on the annual Council on actually got acquainted with pastor Paul Rudd far and he's an amazing man of prayer and faith and if you know him he's one the president of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean division and his division is one of the fastest growing divisions and advancements church against two six million members now and it's just continuing to grow not as you as we got to know him realize he is a man of prayer and his leaders of people prayer but just because other people apart doesn't mean they're satisfied with where they are they want more pressing a lot more bluntly they want more laughing so enough of the GC and he said he found knowledge and you and your army prayer came home to the SID to work with our leaders and with our with our executive committee only and God does bless an amazingly every morning to get heated to forty five minutes out of his scheduled meeting agenda time and can you imagine you know these are important executive committee meetings to have thirty minutes for the devotional and then they gave forty five minutes a lot of time now and I think some of his leaders even though they believe in the top credit were little questioning of me really getting into everything we need to do I was really good forgiving forty five minutes every morning to see United prayer but you know what I blessed in such an amazing night and I keep saying amazing because I know how to describe it it is amazing what God is doing that he blasts and those meetings ended almost half in a earlier something that even though we had taken probably five hours of the meeting time for prayer I gave it back in meetings inhabiting early it was awe-inspiring working with him in his division his leaders were coming into the program sometimes three or four in the morning I'm just on their knees praising God for the business asking for deliverance and forgiveness from seven and just waiting for the Holy Spirit and God bless just went back to work on the distant vision for a month this spring with several of our current leaders and we traveled about one thousand six hundred miles through the SID working with the different women's ministry and current leaders and leading them in United prayer and talking to them about the basic concept of United prayer and they are people of prayer you know we think getting up at six o'clock in the morning if you get any night privileging a list of the people the years of passion picking up at four o'clock in the morning to happen for me and I'm thinking man what if we hear in the modern America what if we had this passion and perseverance you know maybe we would be the fastest-growing division in the world you know that were not enough in southern Africa Indian Ocean division and not doing that before and delivery I think most of the power part anyway after a hurricane to the program after we been literally there for hours and finally I get me to think it is a continual part of hard work knowing your praying and it's interceding anything is it hard work but unfortunately due to price strength that he made the statement to me is not powerfully sitting MLA prayer is our most important work but you know why more people don't pray because troopers is hard work it easier to work and pray until we continue to work and arm strength rejoicing when one or two people come to Christ when and we would be our faces before God in prayer he would do the work and it would be in history and we would see thousands converted today where there are only a few just imagine if we would be people prayer would really take Canada's word so the testimony to continue to go on and not have time to surely think about someone in the practical how-to how to leave United prayer that we can continue to share but it's easy here in the end last few months for meeting the next worked with four different divisions and was being God deflecting an amazing way through pictures of working with southern Asia Pacific division in November on the hearing Council meeting southern Asia division you're a meeting in India the SlickEdit Nancy Wilson their opinion as well and just God is breaking the hearts of his people trying to knock himself here we are essential to looking at this college in December these are pictures from our time with with my protein needs the spring when we ran in Africa Lally actually in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa and I could tell you story after story of what God is doing in response United prayer but I want to move on I mention this is first briefly the fourth ninety eighteen nineteen this is insidiously I think anything that is done for them of my father which is in heaven and this is a statement that Helen White makes in reference to that verse this is a powerful statement on comes from the ninth manuscript related seven forty eight and think of it it says this which is referring to Matthew eighteen nineteen is made on the condition that the United prayers of the church are offered in an answer to these prayers there may be expected a powered Ranger than that which company to private prayer the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another so were not negating personal private prayer personal private prayer is so important an end for any successful leading people in prayer we have to have that personal connection with God okay but this statement because someone is so powerful is saying if the United prayers of the church were given the power given in response to that would be even greater than that which comes in private but if we agree if we are in agreement what my gosh you that this time I'll give you guys these little handbooks that we thought praying for rain if there call the legit half about everyone has one were actually just going to walk through this handbook and how you can use this to help more effectively leading United prayer in the very beginning and talk to the inspiration behind United Pranav Arty shared some of these quotes with you this morning and in the last hour when we were talking about secret to continuous revival speakers answered prayer over not having other first off on page three you know we always share with people these are just guidelines needed to think that we have found helpful but you know what God and the Holy Spirit has to be our teacher right thing you can't say you need to do this the thing you need to do that when I cannot pray in such a formatting operating system model no I will know when I think about it all okay got have to leave each of us is probably very so we look to him first as our teacher okay but as we unite together pretty the things that we have found very effective first off as we unite in prayer we take people through four different theme in prayer and will actually talk about that on page nine of this handbook if you leading a gripping United purposes level share first off we start with adoration and praise you God tells us to enter his courts with praise and drinking for Thanksgiving and heart and fill before we come getting our request before you can getting our supplications we pray in the spirit of prophecy says that Sesame Street seventeen then we praise him more we would be given more to prison for that amazing if we ask that they found more we have so much more to prison for we people are so selfish we are so self-centered we come to God we think would you do this for me would you do that for me God would you help me and gone wants us to bring our needs and our sorrows and every little details important and there's nothing that you have on your heart that's too small for God to notice we just saw needed for talking about the God of the universe and God breathes stars into existence Jeremiah thirty two said he stretched out the heavens by great power and there's nothing that's too hard for him nothing is too hard for him there's nothing is too small or the that's hard for him and yet we focus so much on themselves we forget to praise you forget the things we forget to worship him young people in the Bible times they knew what worship with a new web references about the leaders of people and we as people have forgotten what worshipful reverence for truth respected by Thanksgiving and praise that we just encourage people this is the first aspect of the focus on women come into the time then we go Russian priority shared earlier the birth of my seventy nine known says the Lord 's hand is not shortened from you that you cannot favor of your heavy that he can hear that is our iniquities that it separated him from from the Larson visited his face they cannot hear so we encourage people this is the time to make a confession now you know in your heart private event of your heart there are certain things I talked about earlier that her Internet just between you and God only God knows those evil thoughts in your harder different things in your life and you should confess those only to God it's not good for the body of Christ or for you to spread the things before the people okay we tell people what will those things in your heart and you confess privately in your heart to God or maybe you have wronged brother and sister and that doesn't necessarily need to be shared with everyone sometimes it does but maybe it doesn't you should go and see you know as soon as possible to make outright with your brother sister but then there are things that we do that we do need to confess publicly just looking at page twenty four of this handbook why public confession let me read a few the Scripture doesn't confess your faults one to another and pray one for another that you may be healed James five sixteen to the one asking for prayer laptop like these be presented we cannot read the heart or know the secrets of your life these are not only to yourself and to God if you repent of your sins that if you do need to make confession of them have a private character is to be confessed Christ the only mediator between God and man for any man sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous first onto one every fan is an offense against God and is to be confessed to him through Christ every open fan should be as openly confessed wrong and that fella should be made right with reminded that offended if any you are thinking health of the guilty evil speaking at the circuit court in the home the neighborhood of the church and of start up how alien nation and dissension if I run practice they let other than the him before God and before those is an independent enough from counsel for the church page therefore let me revisit for more culture that is actually an and I just want fundamentally fun of because it is actually one of the biggest questions that we get when we talk about per-pupil people what about public confession and we need today you know we need to be very clear what remaining when we mean public confession okay all are following all make mistakes and fall into sin but if the wrongdoers willing to see his errors as they are made plain by the convicting Spirit of God and in humility of heart will confess unto God and to the brother and then he may be restored within the business if this course were pursued there would be in the church much more childlike simplicity and brotherly love heart beating innocent heart fall on the rock can be broken and Christ will give you the true and heavenly dignity let not try self-esteem or self-righteousness keep anyone from confessing his sons in a claim the problem in a covert defense and not prosper but his second and shall have mercy keep nothing back from God and neglect mouth confession is involved to the program on some of you maybe were not here when I get lost seminar and I talked about the fact that we have walls around us and a conversion in the wall over us between us and God we have walls on her sides between us and our fellow man and when were converted almost while fall off you know in the testimony of the new believer the roof comes off just making their life right with God confessing their sins and praising him and worshiping in a while their brothers and purchasing we have failed in an and God is giving us a new life in a new heart if any man be in Christ is a new creature will only think but you know what is a progressive Christian life and become more mature stable Christensen who often happens the roof may fail between us and God if you continue to grow with him but the walls of respectability form around and we are not willing you are right now maybe what were struggling with her one hundred victory because of pride and because of self in no country that is in a weekend we can share of God 's faithfulness in helping us of the Bible study are helping us with a certain number of books that we were able to to do a call quarter or for different things but we don't want people to know that were struggling with selfishness over the appetite or different things even not very obvious to people that we are because they're around with our brothers and sisters in the every day and we are in testimony to the God that is alive in our life where testimony either to his greatness in his power to deliver solar testimony to the fact that we don't believe in partnering to deliver side to share with people missionary people must not try to appear righteous before brother was seek to be righteous before God in his strength and power and as we are just getting it with the victory but the whole point of being and being humble and broken people and keeping that allies than Esquire second area of in this United prayer is actually the confession maybe one of you could close the door so we don't have quite as much noise going on some authoritarian and going to is obviously application and this is where we just really encourage people to take God at his word in Matthew seven seven and ask being knock and the door shall be opened on June four two says we do not have because we do not ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full of the wind going to the time of supplication were really asking on were seeking Morgan blessed us guessing brought us this far but we even working there when even more of your power no I was the quote that I had shared earlier well this whole concept you know we may bring God all the things that upon our hearts the greatest thing that we should pray for the Holy Spirit I have put on page eight mom from the testamentary church page one fifty eight Jesus the Holy Spirit we should praise around with the different of the Holy Spirit of the disciples prayed on the day of Pentecost okay if they needed it at that time I think a lot younger they needed at that time we need it more today moral darkness like a funeral tall covers the earth all manner of false doctrines heresies and think tank deceptions are misleading the minds of men without the spirit and the power of God it will be vain that we labor okay so what were really thinking as we go through this time of United permit People's party that's what we need more than anything then we go into a time of thanksgiving we end with Thanksgiving praising him for what he's done and looking for safe for what he will do you know how often do we just praise him for letting die already but we need to praise him and space for what he's going to do in the future and I often like to claim the promise for reducing the twentieth announcement of able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worked than he is able in on during the last session we talked more about praying in Faith persevering in faith so these are the four themes that we will share with people this is what you pray for this time all of these are some other tips that will share with people we can print multiple times weekly to keep each per short there is actually see if I can find this quote that talks about keeping each prayer area here it is on page twenty learn to pray short and right to the point asking for just what you need do not offer make-believe prayer furnace feeling petitions expressing the hunger of the fault for the bread of life if we prayed more and feel great we should be able to pray more intelligently in public no longer drink at earlier that the soul is not from prayer closet dwelling is in the business of life it will be manifested in her meeting make sure prayer the meetings and lengthy prayers when you talk and community pride in your closet contents manuscript religion page one thirty the listing on the time of United prayer is that you keep your brochure briefly say one or two sentences keep it brief and for those of you that were part of our United presents MorningStar we just go around the rest of the Holy Spirit leave the and repeatedly we encourage people to speak up and we are playing this for the benefit of each other we are praying for the God of the universe but God is a God of order not payoff that's why we progressively for themes and per to to be in order you know we can determine the programming because they clearly want to pray you just write whatever you don't just pray we can talk on top of each other and pray whatever theme you want whenever I is a God of order and this is why we believe it is important that we have in order to what we do is where is working coming together in private and finally progressed to the point even funny how the predator that will lead the transition between the prior and everyone pray for the Holy Spirit leave them but but at the same time we had someone that is keeping order and so we asked people to speak out so we don't prey on top of each other don't think it should be chaos everybody has been occurring at the same time you know just how I was able and then on the fourth point here please follow the earlier you were up early to make the decision of the transition beginning and end as well and then stick with only one thing during the part-time delivering the time of praising God for the time that we gone trust applications we actually spend that time in their system that time in praising God and truly worshiping him and then going for applications document they are confessions of me the things like we encourage people to point number six the free claimant biodiversity prior start singing a song on the Holy Spirit leave and if you start singing a hammer on well we try to try to do something that people would know my memory don't start singing along with not the time herself to be manifested this is not a happy original on a pedestal incidentally are leaving you with amazing of the hard times of United prayer is so beautiful because many people will be fired by the same thing and when environmental think tank is because the Holy Spirit is present and he is bringing all of us into unity in bringing all of us together in prayer the leader Frank County thinking in my mind home now praise God for this promises word traffic areas argument feeling great and precious promises I'll be thinking this in my mind and I'm rather the next anyone we find ourselves all around this is about shared outbursts while the thinking of a song you like maybe found loafing in prayer during the kind of compassion is creating a new clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me and I'll be making less than my sister will start sending on why are we on the same page is because the Holy Spirit is bringing us into unity and we say as the Holy Spirit length you feel free to think feel free to bring a promise because we want to be claiming me things than relying upon the visit of this part and that brings us to the seven point out that you have their finding out how to show you what is likely to play that comes from Christ object lesson page one forty seven we must not only print pricing of my inspiration of the Holy Spirit now and typically we can do this for just an hour we can do this for a church service we can do this for Permian we can do this in a permanent going fifteen hours a day okay you can use this format and change it is the Holy Spirit review this is a Flickr set of guidelines with something we have to do any kind give little instructions that are do that but something very important really want to emphasize to them I know that our time is running out so we need to draw us to close this a hard preparation community especially the prayer leader and he was apparently half-century him coming out in advance of the theory that you're not tenured of recovering a little program on down below in the basement of the church you want Russian event program and prepare on here to do my job and to fulfill my duty no thought of cognitive sacred half the price of these meetings to pray for the people that will be converted to me you need to prepare your heart before and that's what we talk about on page twelve of the handbook on China's leaders need to realize any of heart preparation and talk about the end of the leader don't leave they don't dominate our time e-mail it's okay if there's tons of silence during the time of United prayer don't feel like you have to fill the airspace train lot allow the Holy Spirit to lead people and sometimes will not enjoy them quite work in the heart we don't know maybe were confessing and violently to God which we encourage people to do next the silent confessions and also we don't know so I allow it's okay for there to be known the silent facilities they don't dominate incursion model a reverent attitude again were approaching the front of the King of the universe and yet how irreverent hourly time and time again and you'll notice you will have our times of prayer and instantly after silver will just erupt into everyday conversation or just the film will likely scare the spirit away and I feel in my heart and I'm often grieve because I is used for sheer together united them permanently here in our lasting about you know some joke that just happened outside or in any system I is brushed away almost so as people has currently to encourage irreverent attitude and encourage people to keep that spirit and you know we've this is a sacred place is not sacred because of anything here is sacred because God has been here so was not Russia's very late now if you have your conversations with taken outside this room where we are praying is a sacred place so this keeps up and then lastly we encourage people to gather close to her different community for profit rather remember to pray we went on her just sitting here in several together for them are close together and that encourages unity as well if you look at page thirteen through sixteen we actually have versus and and support for each of the different things in prayer adoration praise confession supplications and Thanksgiving and then we also have a couple pages that talk about faith versus the claimant per has been prosecuted never before mine that I have their Ephesians six twelve we realize that we're wrestling not against flesh and blood but this is a spiritual battle over again and everywhere we go we are up against the enemy 's attack to keep us from listening to the word to distract someone we care about there's always something and I have really come to see so much more into minutes when something goes wrong or something it's in the way of something happening looking why enemies trying to stop the work that would happen here he's trying to distract and something really just interesting this happened at ASI meetings we were leading a program there just last weekend in Sacramento and religious than I was up on stage with two men that were shining testimony review their leader your Moroccan the weirdest on stage we had a few times and dates of sharing his testimony and powerful testimonies in Manhattan I asked one final question I think could you share with the audience of the meeting is not coming to the program are drinking out of her why they should come visit us in the program by bishopric and I gave him the microphone if the fire alarms in the building the fire alarm for building they were probably three thousand people in that building and yes there were huge congregation and warrior invasion I just asked them to share with people lining up to come to the program people develop an accident I mean it was so K I told her about how happened it was a fine only less I believe the violence of the Mafia and have perfect hospital that night I thought the mic system example of the conflict what is happening with Mike they realize quicker than either the fire alarms and on and the young man grabbed my from me and he said something to the effect that you know you guys need to come it's one of the most powerful rooms here at this place and an unique experience that were not elected him on his fire alarms distracted from that he does something to that effect and everyone stayed in their seats until he finished talking and then they began to evacuate the building is amazing and we had people actually came to the program as a result of activating a woman of violence will not present we are now I think that God was more honored in blast in North America Joseph twentieth as being about evil against me Joseph and his brother but God meant it for good okay though not enough fire alarm to bless them to send more people to the permanently we had a lot of people come which is really amazing so as you look onto the parrot but for many handouts reunited for the health we have more biblical support why United prayers and lessee here this week but quickly in every church there should be stated even for United prayer for the advancement of this work let all be united having a specific object for a intriguing writer and move high heaven with your prayers for God to work with efforts of his servant and then down at the bottom bread on brother and should stand shoulder to shoulder uniting their prayers at the fine abrasive they may move the arm omnipotent and then the top the next page twelve eighty nine Perth were thinning in faith to heaven the answer came the place where they were assembled shaken and they were in and out in new with the Holy Spirit on this amazing what her mother on page twenty one we talk about white persevering prayer page twenty I picked over my short prayer that had Artie talked about some of the things I think page we have why focus on crazy fashion publication in Thanksgiving if you look in the Bible is the examples in the Bible of how God 's people pray believe different things Nehemiah Nehemiah one Nehemiah nine Daniel 's prayer from Daniel nine even the Lord 's prayer includes the includes these different aspects and as the disciples at Pentecost of the Sheridan act of a possible page thirty six to thirty seven it also talks about the and then we get into the whole public confession and him are you talking about the next two pages talking about public confession is so important and will end on this on page twenty seven with a true or false revival you know it's time goes on this can be even more counterfeit revivals as there is a true and what is a counterfeit you know it looks just like the genuine okay so how can we know what is counterfeiting true we cannot and must we really are in our knees and in the word in prayer mixing testing a page in this in this booklet when you see here I haven't been this one page twenty seven okay there we go interesting for some reason there's a page for page missing out of chocolate the page twenty eight if you know how the Filipino 's said before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the earth that will be among the people of the Lord such a revival primitive godliness is not been witness of the apostolic times the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children at that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted the love for God and his word many both of ministers and lay people will gladly accept those great truth which I called to proclaim the best time to prepare people for the Lord 's second coming the enemy of full desires to hinder this working before the time for such a movers .com he is saying will endeavor to prevent it find you by introducing counterfeit in those churches which he can bring under his effective power he will make it appear the God special blessing of being poured out that will be manifest what is not to be great on religious interest multitudes will it felt that God is working marvelously for them when the work is out of another spirit under religious skies they will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world yet nine need be deceived in the light of God 's word it is not difficult to do to determine the nature of these movements wherever men neglect the testimony of the Bible turning away from those playing for testing truth which requires self-denial and renounce renunciation of the world there may be sure that God 's blessing is not bestowed and by the rule which Christ himself has given you shall know them by their fruits this is such a powerful test for Mount Pleasant page one forty six obedience is a test of discipleship it is keeping the commandments that prove the sincerity of our profession of love when the document except child-centered heart purified before from defilement and Beresford and holiness we may note that it is the truth of God in a markedly writes in his book Lord revive us again things concerning the last days is not the unsaved world Garrity has been scrapped his concern is questioned by bringing deceptions into the church he will mislead millions that we are in such danger especially for that close and close in time everything be by the word of God whatever sharing earlier a Isaiah twenty two the launch of testament to speak not according to afford it because it's delighted we need to be continually evaluate what is the fruit what is the result of these people coming together and united prayer what are they doing and he is us all fanaticism this is emotionalism and excitement him through work is not based on emotionalism finances okay God wants to give us a deeper and richer experience in the things of warrant and were told throughout Scripture and the spirit of prophecy but our experience is not the basis of this movement our experience is not the basis of revival it is a word revival in the word revival in time in our knees in prayer and then the experience will follow it will be the fruit of life will change in a week we talk about at RB Wagner volatile Gephardt reform at the heart reform the other reforms will follow but were not talking about this reform and reform for you were not encouraging people to come into the permanent decry or to be all emotional but you know what is God breaks our hearts what happens this often tears there is often a motion because God is breaking of his moving across the crusty layers in the Senate has come up around the hearth and done even in anything you can continue to take each of the fever but we just need to be on guard we need to be watchful and you know even within those that are meaning to be good even with those that are in the church second there are people that say you know what this is not of God this is fanaticism or where you need to be careful about the coming together and united prayer yet even now we have people the question in wondering in what we have to say is we are following what was the hardest thing is worried and we will be humble if somebody brings judgment objection to originally deny purple wolverine lines okay one of their objection what is their basis is a grounded into the ground and we need to change know if it's not if they do not understand the spirit that were coming in prayer over dealing then we continue to press forward and programming you always be evaluating always belonged to the word as we've seen to be taking on the humble approach and as we do on her face more more trials and more more persecution both from inside the church and without hope we continue to press forward with continued or so hopefully that very brief overview of how to leave United prayer these booklets are designed to give you the basic parties and you can talk this market will probably be talking more during the official conference about that hopefully that that's in your hands is little practical and how to how to run leading out of her and making her more and more vital part of your life and the testimony that I've share their family more than I can share so many more but we just don't have time to learn it for personal and heavenly father thank you so much that you are the God that you are that has created the universe and the stars and beyond when you need help let us reason together they are sent via scarlet they should be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they should be able invite us and your present presently cleanse us and forgive us of our sins and you tell us to ask telegraph great things of you and tells you on to claim the promises of the kingdom on behalf of those that we want to see saved and brought into your kingdom and on behalf of interests and hobbies you will answer if I just ask you to help us to persevere and unite together as a people and view people truly out of your word not copied emotionalism or sensationalism or fanaticism or anything like that because we know that there is great danger that whenever there is a work of God doing something being taken are distorted and twisted her extremes being brought into the church father we must be true to you and you must retrieve your words we just have to help you with a hedge around the city would protect definitely help us to know if your people how to unite how to be united in person or anything is going very well thank you for what you have done thank you he is disobedient was not as hot you are spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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