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Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • August 12, 2011
    9:30 AM
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our father in heaven we thank you for your faithfulness towards us thank you for waking us up today and giving us so many blessings thank you for the privilege of reading and understanding your word for the help of the Holy Spirit size and open your word and this time instruct us a line make your word practical Torah lies made has a subduing sanctifying effect upon us and Lord made this one causes to be a powerful and flexible so it's as we leave this place in Jesus name 's the title of the workshop is actually little and know what it is seekers right but the actual theme is not the actual theme is is how to be a witness on effective witness for Christ and meaning how do how can I be a modern day missionary in a highly secular world and the way you guys came from the theodicy drove from somewhere and just describing from the four wanted to ask a lot of buildings every day passed by hundreds maybe thousands of people who take the Metro and most of the people that you pass by don't believe in God some people believe in God they don't believe in Jesus some people believe in and God and Jesus but their belief in God and Jesus doesn't really influence their life right so for example a Catholic as many people that are Catholics they go to church on Christmas and if they wanted for Christmas but has no impact no it doesn't change anything and so the question is how can I be an effective witness and I say the word defective because I know people that are witnesses that are not very effective and only turned people off from how could I be an effective witnesses to secular individuals within my school are work or jam or mall aware of Wrangell how can it be that kind of witness stats tells us that here in Canada it's about eighty five percent of the people don't go to church is pretty high you know I work with slipstream evangelism and we realize that when you go door-to-door realize the amount of people that don't go to church now we know that is not church that will save you but it just gives you an idea you know if if I have some kind of spiritual interest wouldn't I want to to gather around people that have spiritual interest also against our enemy so people it just shows a reflection of where were are in our society where God or things of God is really is not a priority so how can I be empowered to be an effective witness for Christ so it can go to conferences like this you know this is very inspiring conference some of you have gone to a conference call G Y C I think that's very inspiring and leasing of the young people on fire for God or you can go to church and be inspired also but I believe unless we understand the principles of how to be connected to the source on a consistent basis to be an effective witness then now is kind of why like a cool piece of core that is warm you know when you blow on it what happens a kind of stands glowing right is with oxygen but as long you have to keep going on and if you don't blow on it whenever that's the way stops whenever the rest stops then it comes back becomes black again it's a news conference as I like that sometimes we have a cool and it is like Chris nice thing of oxygen and you light up and you're so encouraged and you go back home and in that short of breath stops on Sabbath finishes are not a good speaker and go back home when you become black against the truth is that if you just put the cool by itself eventually with no ox to be done in becomes cool bathroom and unfortunately I was at the young I was at the first GUI see the behalf and now too old to think it was and it was inspiring it was encouraging but they are people that went to that UIC that are not advanced in all so what I'm saying is that we need to understand certain principles beyond just going to be conspired in a conference or or going to church to get our inspiration we must learn to be effective witnesses embarrassed when the title in a thing called our workshops can be based on two fundamental principles that someone will accept you could all see Matthew six thirty three said Whitney C Keith first what the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you so our workshop will be based on that is very basic but would start building from the house to be able to seek the kingdom of God 's righteousness because God tells us that this is what should be their most priorities in seeking secondly your access to the first person so this is the highest priority in our life and what we should seek for supporting a seat his righteousness and so the first principle is to see God and then to turn around and seek others also popped into that in a practical step-by-step way I think this is very important when I was a teenager I was in my before I get junior year and I decide to go do literature evangelism will knock on door and save souls for Jesus right silent to do that in the last and that some of my life is change you know I I experienced amazing testimonies answers to prayer you know just the fact that you get out of your shell to once speak with people about God trying to help them to know him better it's an amazing experience if you haven't tried it I encourage all of you to test that you may not be cut out for it but you can at least try right for summer into a life time due to but I came back and begin before I was voted to be to be president of the student we were called student body student student survey government said Association so the last year that you can make your camping I came back and and it was a busy year of course I had to go to school that was part what over there and then we had all kinds of things going on behind on we decide to start a store and that in the in the school to fund raise to get money and an we're doing good financially as a student body we had all these clubs that we started to do like photography club club all kinds of activities and of course one of the things I had to work with and organize was was on dances and I had to hire DJs and the other this left an amazing experience of God is not to come back and out there and I noticed nothing there's like a fight one on within me because NSB year I also got baptized that December I gave my life to God I decided to follow him all the way and you know as a teenager on business strong desire to be accepted and ultimately to be cool anyways it was back then in the nineties is filled up this was filled with okay so it was amazing how it when I look back and analyze like I would organize events is hard to DJs everything would sell stop and make a lot of money but I would not go to the coast it's Friday night and will back home and worship God it also said that I organize relevant people to go in and party I start to get more and more convicted on certain things my friends knew that I was a Christian I believe in God at least but you know it's amazing how I just didn't seem to have the power to be an effective witness for Christ meeting give you an example you know because I was Mister President I was Mister cool I had to make sure you know I had I had reasons why didn't do what won't want to come Fridays at a party i.e. guys drink what's the point of drinking on you guys look like fools when you're behind a logical reason for everything right and sometimes it was a welcome Saturday were going this is as we were waiting on Saturday and do you know that I have such a hard time to tell them that I'm going to church on its interesting how your new growing in Christ you want to be able to follow God but you just lack the power in order to come up it was Saturday I have to quit my dad were actually going to were going to that place where there and we're going to see some some people and what Lavinia do the last time you that we do at that and I'll kill Gabe that want to put this on your calendar while you come next three weeks from now this certainly have an amazing thought about it when it comes a local tomato and it's amazing how it just feels like I didn't have the power to be able just to tell him look I'm a seven administration this is what I believe I you know this is how we eat this is how we live in a meeting just to have that power to block and share Christ with others in a powerful and all others some of you can testify a little bit too long what I went through and what everybody else is Christian is much easier there was some people at school that were Christians was easier to talk with an image of a witness France I could chat with a monster thinking on doctrines or the Sabbath is writing other wrong power power to be an effective witness the first that you look at will between a look at a few text as we build occasional quick Jeremiah chapter on twenty nine the first principle this is somewhat something you should all know my heart Jeremiah twenty nine research in its designee shall seek me and find me when what you shall search for me with all your heart secure we find the principle of finding God and was the prerequisite here finding God is to do the seeking with what all your heart right and in Jeremiah chapter nine you can sit back a little bit verse one T Jeremias chapter nine verse twenty three this is a very nice person says this is the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom neither let the mighty man glory in his mind that not the rich man glory or bolts in his riches but if you're available if your glory the Bible says Valencia and that glorious glory in this that he understands and know what so the first principle of it were to seek his help to seek God right seek God seek his righteousness to find God to discover his will to experience his presence I think is the greatest discovery one could ever make on his wife because John seven seventeen tells us to know God is what the sterner eternal life to know God is eternal life I the second point is new chapter nineteen were building our true foundational are two foundations that were to build on the first is to see God seek his righteousness the second one is Luke nineteen and looking at verse ten Jesus tells us why he came to disperse group nineteen ten assists for the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost in the Bible there is a need to seek after God and then Jesus says I came to seek after those that are lost in John chapter twenty verse twenty one just the next page it tells us John chapter team that's wrong Wanda was quoted by Jesus says as the father has sent me send I you and now you can search on your computer later on so Jesus said I came to seek and save those that was lost and as the father has sent me so I'm sending you so you should go out and seek and save those that are lost after two principles the first one is to see God 's righteousness the second principle is that seeing the enlargement of his kingdom or in other words to seek others that are lost in the two are very closely related because if you don't see God in our community right so let's go through some of biblical examples of character traits of a seeker this workshop is just how to seek out the scene the other one went talk about how to practical steps on enlargement of this came to me how can I be a witness to the secular people on it on a practical step-by-step of how I can influence others for price and then the other one is righteousness help to seek his righteousness I can be righteous and the last one because of the promises all these things shall be added unto you if you notice but it follows Matthew six thirty in the first one isn't as your you can turn there with me first principle or character trait of the seeker as a chap dirt seven Ezra chapter seven Kings Chronicles and Ezra 's this is a very interesting story the book of Ezra I believe this is my personal opinion is the greatest immunoassay gratis but I I think in the book of Ezra there is the most powerful with Bible and Reformation in the whole Bible because in the book of Ezra not only under Ezra the Temple is is is completed after the seven-year deputies kept meaning to go back and he finished rebuilding the Temple but something powerful we have powerful happens with Ezra a revival meeting there were people just rehash and thirty seconds one of the main reasons that the people of Israel went activity was because the force of God and start worshiping idols one of the main reason for the start worshiping idols is they start intermarrying with the heathen nations so they start very with other people who have other gods and by the way it is a spiritual context for us even here today and I will retract too much but you can be on each illegal even if you marry a seven and that's putting it that you follow through the vessel of the main reasons so you may receive the people that have different gods and therefore you start worshiping different gods and as a result God brings into captivity because you won't listen to him anymore after seventy years of captivity the people repent they cried to God and God brings them back to their own country to be able to build the Temple once again and then answer comes in after they build the temple answer finds out that way what's happening there starting to marry sheep and people again so she sees this circle once again this can happen and people that very human people they don't fully understand but he will understand because he's ascribing to love God he has studied the history and he knows what is this your result of that but Larry eventually your hero may not bow down when your child definitely will eventually that the knowledge of God will be forgotten and guess what is now the captivity or maybe God will forsake his people and so he falls on his face and he cries and meets and he calls the people together and an amazing revival happens what happens is here I am I haven't undemanding to have two wives maybe one and I make a decision to unmarried my wife and as this happens in the book of Ezra it's it's an interesting book to study a little bit later on but that the wise that would not submit to the God of Israel they were unmarried meaning I walk awake and why I believe that such a powerful revival is because I don't know if there's anything more tender or more more of a tender love then a man or woman for his spouse and is planning the only other thing would be for your children but even as rent tells us that they were children that were painful also so that's why I believe it was an amazing revival because it's something that really caught straight to the heart and God 's people as one people stood up and made a decision no we will follow God if we have married wrongly we were unmarried whatever that means and we will follow God completely this happened under Ezra Ezra was an amazing powerful instrument in the hand of God but notice what he says and answers Chapter seven first tent before all of these things happen he says it it talks about how God is as run home he brought them into Jerusalem he says for Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord and to do it and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments and so there's three main points are that we see we see the Ezra Opera Curtis heart to seek the Lord so he kind of before he seeks his fifth analysis of the Ottoman siege the Lord he thinks that you seek the Lord seemed to love the Lord and and before he starts seeking she knows that if he seeks his odyssey to find something right so when she finds whenever he finds before he finds it he makes up his mind that he is going to do whatever defines are you with me so she soon assayed under siege and whenever I find I'm been to in the law of God and before I even do and before I even start seeking I make up my minor answer makes up his mind that I'm going to check in his soul all of this happens before it even starts doing it the Bible tells us that he cared his heart the first trade of the seeker 's heart operation I think this is especially important I believe that's one main reason why a lot of the power conversion you name it in our lives today to be an effective witness for Christ heart preparation for such a superficial society in a if I was as yet maybe someone with Elton John when you doing all doing good also when you doing these days only decided I'm enough since the law of the Lord always directly on the Siegel of the Lord 's wonderful salaam your scribe now describe what will you know the love of art while in all the love the Lord so great inexpensive Sony things I don't understand about it so what if you find something in the law the board got asked to do something that you don't like when you get into all the Masonic that flow across that bridge when I get there but that was not as strong as was not like that she sat down and he was not the fanatical Saints religious school at this there is another must believe this is what he needs to bear witness to be a very spiritual person but on the contrary one of the most powerful revivals in the history of God 's people happen to a man prepared his heart prepare your heart I believe focuses on two main points the first point focuses on a plan so he had a plan I'm than it before even does whenever you can and do he sits down and says and prepares his heart to seek to do and to teach okay now I can go forth and I believe that if you actually would sit as her down and you would talk to him I believe that his plan was even more detailed than just that the Bible gives us an outline but pregnancy can hide and seek the law will understudy such and such a book and undoubtedly consistently and systematically I'm in a try to discover God 's will for his people and and and five minutes of the know what I'm than annuities every morning maybe from from six eight focus on Army units though any meaning if you just did that's schematically that were sporadically when I'm gone very far and is that when I mean so he had a plan we had a plan the first that he had a plan I believe that if we are to seek the righteousness of God they must also be I believe that we feel greatly because of that if I want to see how the righteousness of God if I want to find what you seek out the got in there is not a systematic plan on how it will be achieved will never be achieved because Satan will make sure that other things come into your life the destructive and that is why we are here still I believe the Saints hold true with seeking after others practicing the same those are lost if we don't have a plan meeting what are your talents my talents is his hospitality my talent is is teaching my talent his music whatever it is if you know that God has given you some kind of gift then you must be able to institute some kind of plan on how you can use that talent it will just kind to happen and let here with me and somebody ask it again okay so you play piano but you know that music can be used in much more effective means of displaying for divine power I know one young lady that would go and visit people nursing home in the sink then you don't understand how much this would do for these people 's lives in all and how blessed they were in tears as this year 's technology was the best singer out there you know she just knew how to hold the key and for her was her time right plan led by the spirit seekers not a fanatic or someone who simply goals of the spirit needs a seeker is led by the spirit that spirit will lead you to prepare your heart to want to have a plan and number two I believe her preparation focuses also on Wheeling submission someone once said two nine phone self be true so if I seek only something to thy own self be true I'm an elder in my local church and I try to encourage others to know Christ but actually let's say him I decided that under nowhere and hearing not to this one not a big longer fancy you know with Julia whatever just something simple notice that small hearing and because I believe it's cool I've always wanted in your number two a lot of my friends that are not evidence in reviewing and I think that if I like them almost like they'll be able to reach them better I don't think that God judges me because nearing I believe that because is not an expensive one people that have even more expensive watches than Miami let that cost two hundred bucks is prospect five books of the and you know there's an excellent pilot takes about talks about that not your hair braided and but a uniqueness and quite good but I anyways that talks about for nothing is more for ladies because it talks about woman first off and it's definitely not for men and in God and we looks at the heart I mean causing the kidney out of heaven because the hearing I think these people that where it will be in heaven don't you agree to in okay so you have a problem that the legal getting it it would probably really do with your problem I know church elder right now that wears earrings have a problem okay I don't think that we would necessarily go in the integral 's face and try to judge them whatever but I as an elder I'm asking used is not like it on this mind my own business I come to you and I ask you you have a problem with me wearing an area and you tell me what yes I white okay forget it I read renounce my eldest is under the regular seven evidence member that line Stella is a reason why stopped because cultural Adventism doesn't extend jewelry because many people within Atlanta's network and so obviously is not something that is out of it's what I think I think every young person she renderings that will influence their friends to be nice and to let them know that were on the same level cannot follow what is the Bible teach so you pull out the Bible on the right and you start giving me a Bible study because our phase should be found in the church manually meant no our phase should be grounded where and when it got so if you have any that I can do all these reasons why this pastor where where's George Armani suit and dispel the drives a BMW five or six X to whatever that's worth it all hundred fifty thousand dollars and an I can give you all these examples and I can tell you why this pic is for women and I can tell you how I can influence but in the end we spent on the word and the word of God right so you pull out your Bible and unique in a quiet way you sit down with me I think that should be what we should do right things about with many silky chocolate another tell you what type of personally believe our preconceived ideas is anyone the Church manual says the system down and have a Bible study because the word of God is what really changes the hearts and teaches us is for instruction for reproof for whenever significant out and we have a nice milestone wonderful you know what kind of text you would shall my weight is a little commercial but another reason why we're not effective witnesses is because were not prepared it all goes back to our preparation meeting what is what is one day he would actually meet somebody on the bus that asks you why you don't wear jewelry well that never happens that vital prepare myself but if you look at herself maybe God would actually give you an opportunity you know my wife and I we had started me able back there started going to our fundamental doctrines to be able to memorize certain text so that if somebody asks us would you share it without China sticker paper off somewhere in all or our China mark my Bible and then what's I let my bilateral home in absorption and new ideas that you should be able to know these five or six Bible text on the Sabbath five or six on jewelry fiber so you can actually give a reason for a fake because you know what it's only when you're able to teach that you truly know something I written commercial and preparation so if you sit me down to me some examples of my potential quick which one can be valid so the focus should be on one object anywhere in the meekness acquired a very good one just another text was a focus on very good any last one the thing with jewelry friends is that to be able to bring a strong case you must know more than one or two text because the one it has a lot to do with the spirit in the tone of the word of God also you because if I talk about for example the breeding of hair whenever I can just argue that this emphasis and I should just emphasize what is new console I just should be emphasized in relation with but it that's what it is so important to be able to be prepared right for example I had another tax that was brought to me we believe that the ingress and the dirt mix of what the sole right and the soul when of the person when it dies the dirt goes back to the dirt and the breath goes back to God let me know one day I was reading in the Bible when it was confident it was if it was assuring mites son or if it was the woman who is director of who house John and hit her son died in both cases being in all it was that scientists and was resurrected but the Bible says you know that the soul came back into the selection threw me off it's always there when you need the soul came back into my thoughts he was the living soul and so that they need to go back and study the word of God so I think it's not only important to be able to know of what we believe but also know some of the discrepancy I went upon the discrepancy the something apparent discrepancies in the word of God that may cause others to go astray I so little back the first-rate of character that we focus is heart preparation for our preparation has a lot to do with two things keep coming with those two things are planning to have a plan and obviously preparation knowing what you believe knowing to be able to share with others what's another one willing submission right so we just finished my example so I I wear jewelry and enabling and putting airing on and you have a probably best to sit me down with a Bible study with and then you show me from a few text that according to your understanding mission not wear jewelry so I said okay fine fine I can hear that but I don't lease on back home and study the word of God and one minus things on the study of disproving you know because I want to wear jewelry and I think there's no problem with rental and so I go back to my study to be able to find reasons why your text and how do you know why they are testing the word of God or people in the word of God like the prodigal son whatever that actually worn jewelry and nothing was said about it and therefore understand on these but there's a problem there willing submission Ezra prepared to start to seek to do and teach meaning there was a preparation of heart must happen first before we even started to sink because the problem comes up when you seek without a preparation of heart number one megatons in a fine and John seven seventeen and says if any man will do his will he was on the doctrine and if you really want to know God 's will you need to be willing right and God reveals his will to those that are willing to follow if you're not even interested in following when you want to do then why should he reveal himself to you but sometimes God in his mercy still reveals himself to you but there is a problem because you have not prepare your heart I have not prepared my heart and therefore I see he reveals and I don't fault right so when I go back to the word of God I need to go to the word of God first with a heart that is prepared when the heart is prepared then I'm ready to seek then by God 's grace I will do and afterwards I'll be able to teach it's easy to see wood jewelry right but do you know that this can be the same with the Sabbath for example let's say you meet somebody that doesn't believe in this and he believes Sunday's arriving now you're not too knowledgeable about the word of God to enable back and you study to this pool this guy and show that person the Sabbath is a seven-day and available to go to hell because Martin Beeson the right spirit is that the right preparation of heart and you know that you may find proof text for the Sabbath but I personally believe that he still don't fully understand the Sabbath if that's what you're going to do in goals for everything if I'm seeking God 's will on person ninety two Mary on diet on usage on ministry Lord would want me to do all John I wanted to go and become belligerent evangelist all you know landlord anything that that is all I may go knock on doors the new go anywhere some of us don't really see for with our whole heart just afraid that jobs in the God 's good make you tell me do something that I don't want to do or to give up this Mexican army the object and will be honest with you I have no problem in and please this is recorded but at Syria before he threw tomatoes I have no problem with seventy percent with the Seventh-day Adventist were in June I have no problem with the Seventh-day Adventist eating meat my problem is with the seventh avenues that has heard has heard something about and for five years for ten years for twenty years but have never gone back and study with a heart that is prepared that is my main problem you know that we will never be lost for help because of how bad or evil we are enough in the loss for home value or if you want to look at bad people look at the King Manasseh the guy killed people in each of the children for fire and I will be safe when never been a be lost because of how bad we are will be lost for rejecting the truth that was revealed to us will also be lost for not organizing for rejecting that shows we could have known because we had the opportunity to know now that is being meeting you walk into your home and you have little books in there about God and books by online things like that in the Bible and so you have access to certain truth and you know that you and I will be judged not just because of all I didn't know what guess what you had access was that the netbooks you turn on and watch Seinfeld day after day after day so what happens is you will be judged and you can see why they don't suggest it in nobody had the opportunity to know you knew that you should at least seek and you didn't same thing so that's the reason why when I see a person wearing jewelry I don't just judge and might win some English sisters going to I am sad in my heart because the outward appearance sometimes is a litmus test of what is actually on the inside but my main issue is the search in a have used some have you gone out and studied with your heart to find out so the issue is not jewelry the issue is part preparation seeking God with our whole update this review first point seekers what are the two main things I got ask us to seek above everything else is righteousness is one and the enlargement of his kingdom this should be our first and foremost we focus were focusing on how to be seeker because if we can really learn how to seek his kingdom or the enlargement of his kingdom and how to really seek his righteousness were told that all these things shall be added unto us I think that that point we will truly fulfill God 's purpose for us in our generation the first character trait that we look that of being a seeker was what was what hard preparation our preparation involves two things at least two things what are those two things planning and willing submission the other one is found in Luke chapter four Luke chapter four basic principles but these are principles I believe that if we truly take them to heart and bring about an amazing change in our lives in chapter four verse twenty seven the Bible says is Jesus talking to the Pharisees and many lepers in Israel in the time of sexy in visas which is Elijah the prophet and none of them was cleansed saving who in the search now with the Jews happy to hear that verse twenty six and an all day in the synagogue when they heard these things were filled with what they were upset so it's kind of like like if I tell you you today there were many people last year and administers cancer was quite a lot of people had cancer in the church but you know there's only one of them was killed last year and it was seventy happiness was healed from cancer it was a Buddhist notice that medical cocounsel soundbites and food I started reading a lot about her health message decided to know what a minute to follow everything that I I read and I study about this help message and Buddhist was sealed it was if this is like and when we hear that you know it's a little bit of Adventism pride that says you know we made a Buddhist temple is with you all these people within the church had cancer and what happens about the guy so these Jews were upset when his native angry income in second Kings chapter five when available to all the story but you know the story of Naiman and how he was a great man in his army he says in verse one second Kings five one oh Nieman Captain of the whole city can serve as a great man with his master and auto because by him the Lord had given deliverance unto Syria he was also mighty men of valor but she was a leper right so she was pretty much one of the top nations in the world and he was second-in-command and inverse cube it speaks of hobby brought back a little need from reading the that of Israel verse three domain seven resistors with God my Lord or with the profit that is in some Air Force he would recover him of his leprosy and was told to Lehman to Damon and name and told the king looked I want to go and see this profit system like examples like this like Obama Obama was in the king was like Hillary Clinton said Hillary Clinton or Obama going to the son of God for healing and of his elect utmost humiliation you know it I mean our and their physicians galore in United States I mean aren't you there the top technology in the top hospitals why would you go out to refine and practice that is what we will there be a son and always a nobody and try to get ceiling from their and the second character trait I want to focus on for seekers is humility if it gets I believe it's one of the greatest thing that is lacking in our church today the first point in humility is that it wasn't a slave and by the way no offense but in those days a lady was not like was lucky with the guy and I was like above is still number one it's a woman number two it's a kid and number three exists today you know and this is a tells Obama that look you need to go and go to about that bin Laden 's son is not by the doctor but he's like he believes in Allah whatever new people healing number three oh three for whatever number whereat their nation had conquered Israel so it's not like it Israel was above us were above Israel we conquered them then God was not strong enough to keep them from our God so why would I humble myself people to a nation whose God we conquered when he gets to be prophets home the prophet doesn't come out he sends serve and that is another's humbling factor another humbling factor the servant tells you you need to go and watch in it would've sounded better if you said you need to go and get all you need to go and swim ways that you need to go unwashed what is the insinuate that I really thought about humility I mean hot moving experience and then after the Jordan not necessarily the cleanest river out there in all he never speaks about two other rivers are much nicer much cleaner much of him in one more beautiful but he says let us hope talk about so namely you know see humble themselves they get from a woman he humbled himself that it was a girl so it was a slave to come you want to nation that they are gods Concord LaSalle said don't take instruction from a certain wash my dirty and to the Jordan is filled anything about it and he was that he was going home but you know it's amazing how the soldiers that were with him came to him it's as if you are asking to kill people to something when he announces that he's just asking to do something simple you doing humility he said all we know humility be able to accept recruitment and I want to tell you one thing is that in every single one of those steps is mainland have stopped she would not have been the same thing with dipping in the river attempted five times six five one system the way this is going to get so installation is what you want to look at I'm going home he would've died and you know that only the humble seekers I know it's it's such a simple phrase but in my life I've been so often led to build things that I tried to reason try to just justify my my right just as a human being you know I'm not asking to be put on a pedestal and is asking the treat me like a human being that's like mystery friendliness is good for you because when you knock on doors or people that treat you like the and helps materialize you know my work is in Christ and in God asked me to do anything for yourself and Ellen White in his book Christian service it tells us that we should never ask God to humble ourselves the song that says how old meeting envelope Neil Lord and I stop singing that song because because Christian service that don't it says all heaven is interested in this work that God 's messengers are came forward in the world in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth this is a great work brethren and sisters and we should humble ourselves daily before God and not feel that our wisdom is perfect we should take hold of the work with earnestness we should not pray from God humbled us why for when God takes hold of us he will humble us in a way that we would not enjoy having a soul on this we should not pray for God to humble us for when God takes hold of us he will humble us in a week that we would not enjoy it our problem is pride and we ask God to humble us the only way that you can humble us it's a strike at our pride is something interested with pride is that when you pray try it it it it becomes tougher that's the way it is in a minute if I touch her pride to become even more resistance so what needs to happen you and I just need to humble ourselves before you ask off anything with this offer will not have strength to humble ourselves when the decision comes from us but we must day by day humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God we are where we are to work out our own salvation with fear and with trembling while it is God that works in us too willing to live his own good pleasure we are to cooperate with him while she works through us Christian service two forty six so humility name Naaman humbled himself to the point where at any point he could've broken seedbed breakout one but even then the soldiers when they say look please call the father is to soften that's another point that it had told him it only came all the way everything is listened to what he would've gone home but they understood that pride when his prick only because more resistance so they came to him and says the father was the missing master with his father please if you ask it to do something and because they knew that maybe this is his only chance that she has only humble seekers I know one of the stories that I just don't seem to understand that just amazes me is how Christ was able to come and nobody knew and when I tried to imagine I read that chapter desire rages over and over again I try to imagine if I was living in that day and I live in Bethlehem and Jerusalem would I know that Christ you know and it's only some shepherds and the only reason that they knew it because they were talking about the Messiah their hearts were open for that that point they were willing to a submissive they were and so the angel who just have also Hawaii so they went to the church headquarters and they went to the pastors and it is good until anybody has only found a little shepherd and we got account so you can just imagine the song breaks forth from the hearth we need to tell somebody that Jesus did the Jews I can guarantee you in those days looked for the Messiah Ernest you know they really wanted the Messiah to come to break the yoke of oppression but he came right under their nose and he left and here's still looking for him humility humility only the humble seekers find the last point is two minutes is found in the Chapter 11 real quick Luke eleven verse five says which of you shall have a friend in trouble to him at midnight incentives and ninety three dollars eleven verse five verse six for a friend of mine in his journeys continue to have nothing to set before him and he from within shall answer says totally knock the door is not shut much are with me that I cannot rise into the I sent to you though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend yet because of his unfortunate agency will rise and give him as many questions what does the word importunate persistence I like the definition a couple dictionary .com access persistence the point of annoyance persistence to the point of being annoying with their trait of character of the seeker is persistent you guys probably heard the story of a young man came to Socrates and ask people for wisdom and brought them to Liverpool when he dumped his head under the pool and he held his head under and the man was cannabis possible to stick with simple terms there is upset anyhow than ever a minute and then a half and any strongly inspiring setting it up and institutes holding his head down and after welding the young hamsters realizing disguised to and after maybe two minutes or two minutes and a half since she stopped struggling handout is that somebody's holding his head down and just when he cottages up and she's kind of phasing out that Socrates pulls them out sake in the young man's spitting out water blood whatever's causing is about to hit the on demand the wise man does Lynch on McKinney and then somebody tells them he says was when you will seek for wisdom as earnestly as he sought for a breath of air then you'll and the young men you know it just hits him and that's a good point Proverbs speaks of degrees systems talks about seeking for wisdom like her you know seeking for but were talking about seeking has a lot to do with with persistence so this young this man comes to Neo to the guys in the war it's new inbox and at first nobody is a sleeping he keeps knocking knocking knocking knocking finally the man cannot wakes up and he opens a window and says what he says he became real I need to give them this sleeping persistence is important it is persistence and apply what you what you were really sorry but I really need directly because King County for the really hungry please give me some love listen candidate just coinvented my children are sleeping and went well also I did wake up early tomorrow just to score when the good which traverses the right to have the guy is upset but you know that the guy gets his load of bread out of their throne at it since grandma faith or whether he gets his bread and lots where Jesus is listen she's not to get those of bread because the gotten house is his friend in the house of powerful spiritual implication we believe that Jesus God is our father before he was therefore decided to ask once and if God doesn't answer or whatever probably means it's not his meadowlark and he doesn't love me what we think but he persists and he persists and he persistently pursues is getting annoying but Jesus says she's not going to get his bread because of his relationship because the guy and there's his friend 's family member he's getting get it because because it is an opportunity and are subject lessons one forty five says God this lawsuit asked once and you shall receive he bids us ask unwaveringly persist in prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into more earnest attitude and gives him an increased desire to receive the things for which he has friends there is something that needs to happen in class that's why there is a necessity to persist is not a God cannot give it to us and identified as landlord I really need money for my school mean this money so maybe here's a check for you all pray the Lord regular life I really need I need I need a life community life I'm really lonely I need I need someone this Noonan 's beautiful woman walks in what's her name always been looking for someone to get married when we get married to him even though it is a legitimate lifetime you know and if God did not gone the compliment you on God is not looking to answer prayer above a relationship with Afghanistan so that's why I believe is most of the times God does not answer our prayers directly because of persistent asking needs to develop something in-house for this just rehash one of you modern-day missionary oriented with practical steps in the time or later so I need to be a seeker what are the two main things that God tells us I must seek his righteousness many seek God and his righteousness and what his kingdom the enlargement asking them how to save others these are two main things I should be the priority in my life everything else the person I should marry the school like able to what I should study everything else needs to fall under those two parties where the first trait of character that we discovered about the seeker was at all falls under what category preparation of Parker Griffith Park the subcategory as well as a well has more unsure what planet we must have a plan and willing submission but another trait of character recovered humility only the humble and a third point persistence and coaching persistence to the point of its friends if you see God 's kingdom and his righteousness with those traits of character I believe the world will be turned upside down at least your world I am then from then on we'll see what the spring father in heaven teaches to be seekers teachers to be seekers so many people within your church have stopped seeking those who stop seeking stop growing father we are in a later scene condition were not hot or not hold because we stop to seek after you I asked father that you may help us by the power of your Holy Spirit to develop these traits of character as we prepare our hearts to see thirteen as we prepare our hearts to seek your righteousness and power Russell teach us how to be seekers and father please fulfill your part of the promise is told as an shown me this will in turn this media was gone audio nurse in God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than you would like to know more about our universe will you like the more certain in the visit www. .com universe .org


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