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Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

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  • August 12, 2011
    2:15 PM
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gracious father in heaven and by your presence in our midst this time to sharpen our minds to give us clear understanding of little bit more of your character of what you desire for our lives we desire to do in us and through us we want to be seekers seek is after you seekers after lost souls as you manifested that kind of experience when you're down here teaches how to seek to me fulfill your promise for us to find in Jesus name you cannot start my name is Jonathan Zita and this workshop the famous seekers and the specific one is the kingdom of God so I'll just a rehash little bit of what we covered last time we covered principles on how to seek the Bible tells us seekers seek first two things Matthew six thirty three what are those two things kingdom of God and his righteousness very good so Christ is saying that above everything Paramount should be the seeking of God through his righteousness and the seeking of the enlargement of his kingdom that should be our priorities everything else that we do in life the person we married maybe where we work on what we do in our spare time should come the fall under those two categories as those two things are what should be up our focus last time last workshop we focus just on what are the attributes of the seeker because if I'm able to truly seek well if I can really see fully according to God 's plan these two things that I can truly fulfill God 's purpose and I believe that that is the keyword buys empowerment fulfilling God 's purpose for his purpose for me in this generation we talked about preparation if I am to see there should be some kind of preparation that is done in Ezra talked about how as you're prepared his heart to seek to do and to teach preparation has a lot to do with we found out with Danielle you remember but a lot to do with a plan meaning he had a plan it was not just as the spirit goals so if you go as a chapter seven percent lead find out that there is a plan he had a plan number two and it was willing submission has a lot to do with our preparation we talked about humility which is another attribute of seeking how name and sought to be healed and from you know being told from this for swallow woman to a girl being a slave being a nation that their gods weren't able to conquer and then to being sent a servant instead of having the prophet go out to him and then some step after step being told to watch assuming that he was dirty and going to the Jordan which was polluted to step up is that we found that a seeker is one that is humble and the last point that we covered is a seeker is persistent and we thought we look at the story of the man I was looking for Loza bread and persistence does anyone remember definition dictionary are coupled dictionaries are living up importunate he sorry the definition is persistence to the point of annoyance you know so that's the bottom line of the story was kidding get what he wanted because he was buddy buddy with the guy inside the house it was because he persisted so seeking now what we want to do is to take some of these attributes of being a seeker and we want to put all our heart into how that can we seek for the enlargement of his kingdom so this session will be a little bit more practical things on how I can use my influence the words that I have accounts that I have in a practical way to be able to reach my friends for Jesus Christ cases can be a little bit more of a practical basis but before we share different to start things of how we can be able to be at a practical witness for Christ I think it's important to base ourselves on the Bible and spirit prophecy meant so real quick this is something that some of you may have seen but I just want to put emphasis on it once again magazine for volunteers to read Bible text from his wants you to do Matthew fourteen fourteen you can into Matthew fifteen thirty two Juergen into Mark six thirty four and Juergen and do seven thirteen cell would disconnect get our foundation of before we start talking about practical ways to share our faith with others the foundation will give us a little bit of what should be our motivation and our focus so the first one Matthew fourteen fourteen fifty Linda Russell so Jesus was moved with compassion which led into fifteen thirty two so Jesus had compassion on these hundred people so he gave them a Bible study because that's what you do when you have compassion is everybody needs Jesus and in salinity do not in this circumstance these hundred people would need to defendant so these people were sick and when you do get compassion and he healed these people were hungry he had compassion heating given a Bible study eating seal them go they didn't need to be healed they were hungry so he was fed Mark chapter six thirty four so once again we see that term passion and I want you guys to know that because that should be our foundation of witnessing so here we see this man had compassion Jesus had compassion on the multitude he sees them as sheep without a shepherd and so they are lost we don't fully understand that you see and so what does he do he teaches them to be able to instruct them in the path of righteousness keep our confused and so he teaches Luke seven thirteen listen though woman named believe it is the widow and daughter she just lost her only son don't know what happened to her husband but that we had out of the picture she's a widow and so Jesus has compassion here's that word again and because Jesus has compassion on her and she needs Jesus she he has to explain to her the twenty three hundred days so she can have hope in an because that's how you hope if you have a twenty three hundred days then you can really see that there's no more time prophecy after eighteen forty four and therefore you can hope the second coming of Jesus and a brunette with yet compassionate she was crying so he fed her I mean but he knows that a good soup is perfect for when you're grieving that we needed but he do as we comfort this is a principal that is so important and it is one that I have read before I studied but I struggle to be able to implement even in my life something that Christ had was compassion something that I don't I pray for it I pray every day as a Lord give me compassion for people but I believe that it's important to distinguish between the seal and compassion you know there is sometimes received new Christians in only just whether they grew up in the church ends and just finally gave their heart to God or whether they come out of drug scene whatever the name and they come off or are just somebody that was just in a different faith and didn't understand and they come and meet the learned truth and do something about when you learn something new that just changes your life and that takes away spheres in an and you are wondering where your mother was an issues in heaven or hell it and all of a sudden your free from all these errors there's something about that of being a new Christian and all this truth that you want to go out and you want to share with others you are sealed filled with zeal right so I'm a new Christian I just discover Christ and what he has done for me I discover he's forgiven my sins I discover all these amazing things and I'm just on fire and ICU and is bubbling over to tell you that this is a seven-day and that the dividends that if you just believe in what you notice that your your your trapped in in in in in your education try to get a diploma what all these things don't matter all you needed was believing Jews on optics and this is bubbling over and look at these new Christians wish I could be believe that we should and we should not the Bible talks to us about forsaking our first love right but I like to bring up a comparison with falling in love with Jesus and falling in love with that human being I'm a married man and I love my wife and I believe she's the most wonderful some of you may be married but unfortunately you did not get the most wonderful I did so I apologize for but am when we meet before we got married you know we were poor and we're still at four but it's amazing how oh my wife saved she threw them out now but she saved for some time all the calling cards with CC and whatever calling credited by a convenience stores because back in those days again Skype and that we had cell phones but we just had evenings and weekends and as we had to buy these cards right to call each other and down it's amazing how we could talk for four hours straight you know and if you'd asked me after four hours enough course of the hate and even bathroom okay this can't get if you ask me what we talk about during those four hours in be very difficult for me to tell you that it didn't matter I was in love you know I just don't believe it was love but I believe that love is deeper than love has that abiding friendship you know where it has a greater depth so not now I don't talk to my wife for five hours sometimes she talks to me shook the fact that the butt and sometimes you know I believe in a marriage need to keep working to keep the Romans keep working to make things happen you know it gets it takes work but I also believe or I know in my heart that I love my wife more every day now try to understand that you know I I I don't talk to five hours but every day that goes by month and month and year by year that goes by the love that I have for her defense and deepens and it is that abiding friendship we can just sit there and not say much but we just love each you know and because you go through so much together and so forth so what did I say that there was a reason yes so I am filled with zeal Wright for the kingdom of God and I want to share I want to spread and largest kingdom and vitally all if you need Jesus all of you need repentance all of you need to understand what is sanctification all you need to understand the century because if you don't understand the century and what Christ is doing right now you never than a fully understand anything about Adventism or whatever and and and and I could tell you all these good things and it's not that I am pushing myself to do it is just flowing out of me but one and I'm just overwhelmed that shoot that I want how much it can benefit you seal just comes and just both holes right through you write now there is a field that is sanctified a man but unless I fully understand on the net plow right over you and many of us new Christians including myself when I start on the Peking on the pastor 's kid but when I start to discover some of the things in the Bible and anyone is per process was amazed I started to go back and tell my father the pastor what we need are we not we don't need to do at other people write in my family and zeal the compaction is is like I'm so overwhelmed with all of this information the compassion posits just belong in the care to care about you as an individual I mean I have all these amazing things I need to tell you think teachers and change you but that compassion checks the zeal I mean I'm still but I just I just close my mouth for once and I just listen and I just tried to see what makes your heart picked what do you care about and that's why Jesus had a world to save he called NES three and a half years to make an immense transformation in his disciples and in the world and he should be plowing through everybody in Israel and tell them listen you know you need to haven't we see Jesus going by the pool doesn't you have more important things to do than having children sit on his lap this election is planning if anyone should have had that kind of zeal was Christ he understood the time he had limited and him now that he needed to do and I think it's very important that are the foundation we must pray for God 's forgiveness and compassion and yes to give us more zeal to present times in a week we could use more seal but I believe that compassion must be the greatest driving force in our witnessing cc here Christ he sees people that are sick he doesn't give a Bible study he heals the deceased people that are hungry he doesn't heal them if enough right he sees people that are confused he doesn't feed them or meeting Christ met felt needs first I is an important price to help birth meeting what actually is imported to you is what he met first that's from the word now from the spirit process of foundation and the one the most powerful quotes for soul winning is from ministry of healing and I just want read it and then we just break about in different steps ministry of healing page one forty three I'm sure you've read it before but I think it's time that we sometimes stop what we're doing and compare our witnessing experience to to this quote and to the compassionate we just read in the Bible it says price method alone will give true success in reaching the people this intermingled with men as one who desired their good he showed sympathy for them minister to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort in less time are given to sermonizing and more time were spent and personal ministry greater results would be seen we are to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer the problem of God this work will not tend not be without fruit so the first step here Christ method alone will give true success I think that's an important point is not this is one of the methods that will be a success or it's an option that you can take or you don't anyways you understand the point so there's only one method now the method can be can take different shapes and form are you with me but there's only one basic fundamental principle methods that we follow the first step is this can get someone just tell me when the first at this point I don't have the quote are right outside he mingled with Matt verse that mingled with I need to get to the practical steps I need to little faster mingled with them was a little commercial here I don't even take me wrong but this is why I have a problem sometimes with media ministries now I believe that media ministries are from the amount but I believe that and I believe that that people are saved through media ministry but I have a great concern and I'll tell you what first and foremost I believe that media ministries should be a step to be able to get to the people meaning it should not be a means to an end the Senate means to enhance right meaning it should and and and and if we understand this concept it makes a very big difference on how we'll do the media ministry meetings if I have a website if my goal is just a website that people comment on website advertising how many hits we get it and it's good it's very good because people discover true and that's awful but it should technically be a means to ending my website should be structured so that I can end up getting into the people 's homes because that's when things actually start happening he says he was the first paragraph which mingle with men the second paragraph started with there is need of coming close to the people my personal efforts is less time were given to sermonizing meaning I can listen to three again I'm encouraged by creating a wonderful sermons or hope channels any unanchored like these things but it was spent and more time was spent by coming close to the people my personal effort mingle with men another reason I'm a little bit a little bit of awareness but in the last two years I have seen that that the thing about media just explodes and anybody that is young and that is on fire for God that's where the gravity to immediate ministry which I think is good but it should not be a means to an end and so everybody's happy was staying behind a computer behind a camera or you don't do all these things but nobody wants to go out into the community and actually meet the people not tell I'm not saying that you need to be of extreme measures a man should say a big event that is what I'm saying is that you need to go where the people are safe you need to look at a bus station equal to the library you need to go to the gym and the goal where the people are not all you can go knocking on door that's fine but I am telling you that there is no way that we will expand the kingdom of God if we don't mingle with people because the mingling of the people when people mingle with you are you mingle with them this something that starts happening they start realizing that your and the start of fully realizing that number two the Savior mingled with them as one who desired their good she showed sympathy it is impossible to show sympathy for someone behind the television screen I was and that's why it is so important that our young people understand that if we want success in reaching our world for Christ it is not by shutting ourselves up and just maybe doing one little outreach he's why Seahawks you not do anything until you see why C&C one single pure rebels in mainly expressed my life was changed for ever guys okay you knock a ten thousand dollars wonderful but imagine if every one of you would go out where the people were on a consistent daily basis in one year we behold but were waiting for that one experience and maybe once with the church on the nipple out once a quarter and I just feel that I I just been amazing things in my life Mister Jeffries got my life was changed the key first the kingdom of God enlargement of this kingdom this must be done on a consistent basis and it must be done away in Christ ask us with why if we want success other methods I think that God in his mercy will still bring people somehow a little bit here and there I remember I had a friend that was converted to God through spray paint on a tray I mean the guy was in drugs and everything and he just a train went by and I forget what it said but it just hit him and that was it I mean that was turn his life around the Holy Spirit and God can use briefing an act of vandalism to turn somebody around right but is that he is so little spray paint hotels and I made more scraping the merrier right is not this is not his prescribed method inspired of God stilted but how much more if we actually follow step-by-step and are witnessing experience that she start on tailoring our lives to follow as closely as possible what price the outline we will see goodbye she says this work will not cannot be without there's different ways to show sympathy I think the most basic is through facial through words and the tone of your voice is the basic you know someone tells me and I just this my mom has cancer I have a hard meet you don't argue serious fonts look in ultimate the facial pain is the most basic in order this we are related in such a society that we have a tsunami every other day and we know this to survive the kind of become the word is a sense of an I believe that we need to pray that God to give us once again a heart that is sensitive to the needs of the cries of others around us so someone tells Mrs. Johnson I lost my dog this and I'm basically you know sometimes people come to you with with silly things you know but it's important to them and if it's important to them pray that God gives your heart that is filled with compassion and it will become important to you so any move on mingle with man next that's a mutual optical out where the people are not to be able to preach to them but the first and foremost are is just to meet with them now be careful to Milan to the testimony amen have some kind of discrete some minimal to the bars have a drink with that in a bit I think there's a limit on the synagogue may not call you to go in a bar but may the Holy Spirit guide you through through the word of God right okay number two is mingled with men number three partial sympathy all my link through the tone suit the the words and that basic and then of course through through actions also I remember I met a young woman at the door and I don't know if she was a lesbian or not Bush was talking lesbianism and how it's good and we should have more then and I believe in it I didn't ask him personally if you must want to know but because I was so modified but I was Christian and therefore you don't start spewing off and say all these things now I could have you know and shock given burden in order for not even do not act as a Simon Nora this costing what facial likeness in nothing but just in my demeanor but you know I asked God please help me in went and Clement many homosexuals and some of them they just want to get a reaction out of you so you don't satisfy you just look at them and smile that's what I did that my smile came to me kept talking and start to find out what his interest in her notching is Jesus and I should have told her about Jesus but I waited upon enough to care for and you know that relationship was developed appointment today so seventy minutes when you know it's amazing how that is not because the Holy Spirit but I'm just saying that these are some steps I believe that helps us to be able to achieve success rights so show sympathy step number three will quick is on minister to their needs ministered to their needs it's one thing to show sympathy all I'm so sorry a well life goes on I do know you love we do that all the time and egg meeting I feel that way for example sometimes when I pass the hitchhiker I don't think all of you should especially for ladies I don't think you should but I felt many his hiker yours in the past and then anyways you pray for wisdom but I like your thinking all kinds of excuses why I cannot pick him up on a busy you know and it's probably not going my way anyways are all kinds of reasons just a small example of how we can minister to people 's needs on many times they don't do it because it's just not convenient for us not to do it but I believe that the more that we minister to individuals needs the more that were to see souls want to the kingdom of God I remember just a quick example I had a mature evangelist and I don't remember this but it seems that she came from verbal country and when he came he was cold so I just given my sweater Angie Nina Bible and I given my Bible I don't remember this but he shall mean the Bible and definitely my name was in its life so and that always struck to him I mean and Fort for that for him that was a step in you know helping him to give his life to mission work in whatever so these are simple things that when you minister to people 's needs you don't know how far-reaching that can go now Christ ministered to individuals felt needs everybody needs Christ that is in need but that's not a felt need is something that they do feel right so I think there's a balance there an end is a difference between a need and want the some individuals that that really need a BMW and no I really need because all my friends have noticed that when I mean so that is a big difference right number for he won their confidence V interview since he won their confidence now some of you may say well that's just a result of the first three at idle I think yes definitely that helps too but I think it's a conscious thing that Christ had also meeting if I mingle with other people if I show sympathy if I minister to your needs but if I'd only do it once and I realize I haven't won your confidence than I believe there's a concept of time so I believe it should there should be a conscious and that this and I haven't won your confidence and as extreme as this we know that very well because confidence needed to get a book and don't know confidence we do not right so I'm I'm falling these things but I'm still gauging to find out that this is person trust me does this person trust organization visits you know how my one or have I endeared myself to this individuals and when I sense I'm endeared then we closed right and again book praise the proceeds excite you guys need to do that string that is what I'm talking about okay because that book means sermons in that house that eventually will lead them to Jesus Christ amen number five he made them what you know I know many Christians that in the first four that named in the last and it's interesting you know that inhabited his advances I don't believe in it the people have this concept of liberal versus conservative I think should be conservative with sooner liberal with love event of a therapist but you know the kind of CeBIT two what you think is to pull the lever and what I realize is people that this would classify others as grows that people would classify as liberal whatever that flinging meaning they're not too concerned maybe about certain things usually are individuals that do a lot of this sometimes the churches don't grow because there's never that decision decision decision to stand up I know and there's other groups are really into vandalism everything is followed Jesus follow Jesus follow Jesus additional stopping long enough to care right we need to move really quick this is something I covered in another workshops I won't take too long some of you may have heard of this before but I just want to review it just briefly for us to just to go on to the difference that stored in a deal with you know it this is not biblical but I believe it can be as though some inspiration to it because when I go out knocking on doors I realize there's some truth to this some buddy kind of put spiritual interest on a graph and saying this is how it would look like right so he would say this guy forget his name but he said okay people that put spiritual interest on a graph so negative eight would be people that are like I have no spiritual interest whatsoever right and negative to lead an independent roles as people he to have some kind of interest and so forth negative two would be people that there are seekers right date they kind of are searching you know there's still the world is still doing whatever their kind is searching for that they're searching for something better zero would be like a point of conversion where you surrender your heart to God to would be a new Christian born-again Christians is excited about God in everything and it would be I would call it like a mature disciple somebody that has weather too many storms that Jesus had has trusted in him somebody like Paula can be a young person like Timothy Dimona has no they are young to have experienced God for for a long time and so somebody put a tribe and I think it's very important for us to understand this concept because when you want to be a practical witness when you go out there to be able to share your faith with others remember it we want to be filled with compassion and compassion means that I stopped long enough to care unit is a saying assist people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care so I feel New Zealand I want to share Christ I want it up I want to bring individuals unwanted baptizer and dammit I want but I stop just enough or long enough and hopefully that's long enough to convince them that you really care to be able to find out about you to discover about your likes or dislikes and things like that right but when I stopped I need to be able to pray for the sermon pray for the Holy Spirit to give me an understanding of where you're at in your spiritual interest this is very important as literature events this week we have to be very quick with that because if I find if I says that someone isn't atheist or whatever and I just say praise the Lord 's and got a wonderful feeling one have a prayer with it then what happens is that I shut that individual off that if I had to send a little bit better and I could be come up with a different method this essay to reach this person I have prayed with atheist people before I pray those people that had no spiritual interest but I believe that one of the difference made was that there was a gradual building up to it because there was a discernment first of where they stood at the spiritual interests that were not booze or not you know but we do have the Holy Spirit amen and holy provides the Holy Spirit leads in the Holy Spirit gives us discern right so for example if someone acting as this course is not just about the druggie that's a druggie down there and this is you know Symbian and its pastor and elders pastors are down there meaning it's not that they don't want preach and but to have a genuine interest for spiritual things to be a seeker there are some pesticidal and that's shocking for young people because sometimes if if you expect that and always Sunny see a pastor false you know or you're all excited about to continue going to try to share something that is just so plain obvious all well you know don't be too fanatical don't be too zealous audio busy as in the past is in Europe what I mean this is true and this is where not to judge right but what I'm saying is that we need to be careful their elders and you name the church positions that don't have that taking heart that wants to discover more truth there is the story of my family that tells about his father some of you may remember how you know his father became seven Adventist and then the minister across the road to Ms. Weiss when he comes home tonight in order to send them to my place administrative law is present here so the father went in only came home and she sent across streets they went to Presbytery Minister and President Aristarchus tell him you know how the sun is really the day and so forth as so Mister C Finley Senior struggling through the Bible explaining all this is an enormous and of course the main potential of the Bible 's iDNA said look I'm sorry pastor but you know if you can show me from the Bible in all all following passing on upset and finally said you know as he couldn't be said in God himself would come down and help me Sabbath of the seven-day I would tell Google you know where and you know the father discloses Bible and says okay conversations over so what I'm saying is that the reason I mention this friends is because if God has given you a special understanding of truth it's also a responsibility right truth carries responsibility if my pastor my elder my whatever spiritual youth leader is not a seeker how do you know that maybe you are the one that convinced them but if I need to reach them I can't write them off I need to go and treat them just like the guy that found drugs and Afghanistan what I'm saying meeting when I go to them I don't go to them and says as you know or you should know and it and that's many times where we lack and we mess up sometimes and I talk with my wife as a sweetie don't listen this guy just doesn't understand as a matter on the degrees or whatever he has since declined this is not enough to care interstellar enemy list just treat this person like here is listened to network and maybe just maybe will be able to win their confidence and maybe we can have heart-to-heart talks of this in the vision and maybe we can share with them something that burns within our hearts understanding what I'm saying so as young people sometimes we meet we cast these people off especially if Christians are found into six this section especially Seventh-day Adventist or leadership servant right if somebody is a seeker on a tree that person different than if somebody is a mature and so forth practical ways when the start and is okay beautiful doesn't drip okay this disc cover just a few simple concepts before you step out every day these are some practical steps right before you step out every day I think it's important that you need to pray for divine appointments you know if you don't pray for them they don't happen but when you pray for them pray for them and expect them and it's amazing how God brings them and sing every day when you go to work when you go to school or maybe you're doing nothing that a useful citizen work on your homework that's it or just chill around the house and do things every day pray for divine appointment ointments you know we do it a lot in canvassing because we're going out there and saving souls for Christ then we come home and all were home and we just hope but our lives should be a continuous witnessing experience for divine appointments practical steps here number two when you start talking the individuals this has happened to me many times you have to pray that God direct 's the conversation and you know when I prayed it's amazing how the spirit just how works on that person and is direct and when I don't it's amazing how nothing happens right with me so praying for divine appointments pray for conversation guidance is not proper English but guidance in the conversation and of course I use in all I can review this but in an and in all that I do I always use this acronym for I mean I first have to think about it but nidus is just subconscious I does it just and that's how when I when I do it these things when I pray for the minor blunders and pray that God will guide a conversation I tried to follow a format that will be more conducive to this formula right because even in our conversations and everything that we do we want to be sole witness for Christ Christ's self the first summer you know for what it's the essence for family right now was as comfortable for why we call it for what is a fortnightly very good see one of breaking everybody has like a protection in all then you want to break through the fort and get to their argument so for Spencer family what is it what else friends also culture language or central what else occupation some people like their work hobbies right what is our sense are you sure thank you just checking with the testimony very good so this is that if you don't know how to talk with Pete yes burial burial values some people don't believe in God but they have values they want to save the world recycle the world you name right so I'm in a start talking and you don't is just a normal way of caring for people slimy Carine and the first time I need her work here in the conference I sit down and available high are you going good good to what you need on this last night is a nice name Karen that's wonderful one of my friends need care with could question him which is a wonderful person as I'm sure you are right now wait before we continue our conversation this can be utilized hopefully remember this step to does three things how we incorporate the four heroes remember first one is asked questions the second one is share info and the third one is competent so I sit with her here and so what were working through this way to start with family not to start with when you work because I been renamed I don't know who she is I don't know her you know is she married this yet you know I don't know it just polite typical to start with something sweet start talking about okay your file Neil your name and where you crawl okay I'm from Montréal that's wonderful on seemingly speak French always because one feisty first two starts we start talking in front and have a wonderful ask questions to develop friendship it is very important to have knowledge are you with me friendship without knowledge is not friendship I need to have information so that I can actually care about something you know then just a figure this society is such a superficial society that a man just wants to women because she's a woman and unfortunately that has messed up the world big but I need to look past the woman and I need to see this is information this is a person is a person that likes certain things and dislike certain things and I need to find out and when I find out that's when I can make a friend so I asked for certain questions I asked her what her name was now I share with her what mining is to mental compliments of the policeman if it's not a nice thing to be honest and just don't say anything is a thumbnail signal as you may or how do you say you know how to spell it some strange names that right so you can eat until you can always find something to compliment someone I'd I don't believe in factory I do believe in complement something you know and in there is a difference interestingly so ask questions share a full complement so I find out where she's from I find out and I don't just find out because if I does fine fine fine fine without sharing info becomes a one-way street we can't be friends of friends is a two-way street if I does find find find find out shall cut off at one time why because it sounds against inquisition of this company while you what you want so I ask I share some recent things you have two sisters okay I have actually a brother and two sisters so you guys would drive your mom crazy your not talking that's good we did but that's not what I'm saying this I'm sharing with her how many people we are siblings to be honest she may not really care how many siblings we pray with me she couldn't care less but this was so essential that knowledge is shared back and forth for friendship to be established sharing info means that you must sometimes be the term I use called in France's renowned understanding now nothing is sit with somebody and tell them you're abusing whatever from the first the understand but what I'm saying is that you need to be willing to share what ever information you can or need to run your past from you when you are if that will be able to help to bring vessel to Christ for he was meeting is nothing any more so private of course temper this with wisdom but when I'm out there in the field and I'm knocking on doors or you might meet people at a gas station whatever my utmost these are social compassion utmost desires to say that sold and if to build a friendship I'm willing to do everything I need to do to build a friendship so that I can say that individuals or I can be an instrument in God 's has the same right to talk about family we talk about Whidbey build their hobbies we talk about religion Muslims they love to talk to you about what their religion on some questions be like a learner at their feet it's amazing how that breaks down the fort and endears you to the right testimony is an amazing thing something that nobody can argue against Muslim people are shared with him my testimony of how price change in the quiet very quiet and just listen listen I know the extent available even Jesus did this and not be believed usually do but not in the way I do any lesson why because the testimony such a power to you know nobody can countersue your testimony and it's amazing how that also will help to break down the fort people don't care how much you know until they know how much care now practical ways to share our faith I believe that we must understand the fundamental principles and that is compassion compassion needs individuals to meet health needs first the second principles is to try to follow as closely as possible in our conversation in our outreach in whatever way that we do that flexible thank God has outlined line as the only method that will successful help us successfully win souls for him the first one is to mingle with people designer good I can't stay behind and just chatting to do Internet that may be something but he needs to be a means to an end to go out and mingle with people friends I was extremely shocked when I was going that's why the true evangelism was the hardest thing for me I cried for many days the first program I did the friends I began to realize that I was pointing to myself as being shy but the truth is I was just selfish shyness a lot of it has roots in selfishness because you're afraid of what people think what about you what will they say what will they do it's all about me seeing all of you need to stand up and preach but friends I could never have stood up and pretend that anything in front of anybody but once I start to realize that listen I may be shot but unless I mingle with men there not been a know it so I'm been a goal and shyness whatever and people may think what they want just and yes sometimes it annoys me because I'm trying to know I don't want people to say something I need to go to share right to give a promise shyness soon after signing up for literature evangelism in a him and show sympathy buyer actions but most of my facial expressions Bartolo voice Brown words minister to individual needs do everything in our power even though it causes us sometimes inconvenienced to be able to show people to meet that were trying to meet their felt needs not there wants right when the people 's confidence if I do these first three and I says I haven't met I haven't won their confidence what I should do is is given time and keep doing these things until I says but a spirit of God that yes I have enough confidence that I can need them to a decision I also it's important to try to pray for discernment as we go out there where people are at spiritually Lord help me to know is this person a seeker or this person really their hearts are hard how do I talk with his individuals as of that has a lot to do with praying for divine appointments as we go out there asking God Lord please put somebody in my path when you pray that prayer God always send someone in your path try it one day you'll see on amazing and sometimes it's only a candidate you try to think the concept holds that was what was start praying it will happen start praying that God will guide conversation so made hitchhikers and people like to come I do start doing this but this alone will not work is not formulas the Holy Spirit side to his thing and start praying in my mind when talking Lord guided conversation friends all hundred percent of the time and I'm not even joking when I pray that prayer it always ends up it's amazing I believe their principles and editions it just proves that Christ method is method alone will get success in it and it works it really works right so ask questions share information either way we show compassion build friendship complement have a few other things here is different I even more practical ways that you can share your faith carry tracks with you put in bathrooms of your sharp talk with people put in warm or anything CDs and DVDs I personally know their individuals I know an individual that I have passed beneath with our baptizer simply because our thriving Christians so I couldn't preach a sermon maybe because whatever reason but I just blend in DVDs kept letting them out the bashers you name it and to keep watching and then I'm keep mingling with them desiring a good helping them to come to decision and eighty site for Christ and yet visit your neighbors especially now summertime perfect to visit neighbors most of you don't know your neighbors I'm saying is I don't know you but I can guarantee that most of you don't really know your neighbors and you may know the guy here in the guy here but he deftly don't know that got him back and I got tonight I'm deftly not the guys in front because he's annoying with his dog whatever it so fruits blueberries strawberries raspberries Barbados from peaches just go out to Walmart does get through and is bringing you know if you don't want a give them a healthy whole wheat bread yield of the year not just given like given something a lot by the way were all picking blueberries in this it's amazing how that breaks barriers shovel people 's driveways that's an amazing telephone call people guys I seen you on your phone all the time that you not use that data to use it for good sages call you somebody in this area is wondering how you immediate just call me define a Honda unit is called it is a serious some really serious you'll be parcel shocked when you do that because people just don't do that these days right just do it you'd be amazed right and you could time have to work afterward forgot this customer Bible study five text on a basic fundamentals five text are basic fundament memorized on Sabbath stated that memorized and then start praying for appointment God will send you people on the bus even Adventist you'd be amazed how many registrars have questions about things right so and then you can just start talking to them about well you know the reason I'm a seventy administer this is what I believe you don't need up a lot of Bible intimidate them it's all in here five text on the fundamentals God will send people to spew it out of your mouth nursing homes friends any nursing home you can walk-in sing a song to say hi to love you today right pray for someone that you never prayed before I do so many other things I could share but the think I'm way over time you should father in heaven there so many ways that you have revealed to us how we can practically share you with others forgive us for sometimes having mistaken zeal for compassion yes give is the Lord zeal for you true zeal but above all we plead for that compassion that love that tries tries it to be so patient with us tries it took to forgive our sins that they give us a second chance all the time to sanctify us compassion alloy that actually cares about but what we care about our little problems are little anxieties to use such a big God 's peaceful small Lord has told us that whatever painful sore heart vibrates to yours we know that you care just this kind of compassion and help us to have a plan to cut we think of ways that we can reach others implement them in our conversation help us to follow in our conversations in our actions and are we creation follow as closely your pattern that will give true success if promise that it has to work so that's not working is not because the pattern are is because of us we ask for forgiveness when we failed to ask forgiveness for inconsistency and being witnesses for you from this they form the helpless every day to pray for divine appointments office every day to plead with you to guide conversations with our whole life our whole being be a fragrance fashion to loss or is a a this media was gone audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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