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Untouched Body

Daniel McGrath


Daniel McGrath

Chaplain, Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (CAMPUS)




  • August 12, 2011
    9:30 AM
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father thank you for Jesus today Lord you have brought us all here to this Canadian youth conference Eastern Counties conference to experience the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as we look at our society and we see that the devil is doing everything he can to crowd out the work of your spirit lives we asked that he would teach us how to deal with these things there are elements of the world of the creeping into the church and we always see them but we don't always not answer in our own hearts oftentimes there are are moments when we are weak and we fall forgive us for those times are now we ask that you would make a secure if there is anything in us today that would keep us from experiencing holsters are we just ask you a bus to see Jesus in his entirety make us into your image Ukraine Jesus thing and what you think of when you think of purity firstly I comes from I was clean clean it's okay what else innocence purity okay innocence is that the minutes of holiness I select actually look at the thing David will undefiled him to the outside of the title of our our seminar so good good answer and I do our name tags like this call you up first thing that comes to mind what else holiness in this instance undefiled because you read natural select the world natural for the way God created everything okay so pure like the pure world that God created nothing man-made island so so so there's pure there can be no dirt on some new wash soap is a UK so this message is a pure idiotic vials turned to look up first John Randall of the Bible the five are definition first John chapter which I did I say that into it first John chapter three this is probably a person you could offer hope for memory it was the first one first John chapter three verse one behold what manner of love the father has bestowed on us that we should be called children of God therefore the world does not know us because it did not know him and then resume numbers two and three beloved now we are children of God it has not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know that when he is revealed we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself just as he is pure so in this sense we look at the people who are living before the coming of Jesus right the people organize see Jesus when he comes Argo being living a life him I will say that we will see Jesus as he is and then exercise as used you are right so if we want to see the purity of Jesus through I see the pure form of our Lord and Savior when he comes to be able to stand to meet him then our lives have to be purified right does this just mean sexual like if I abstain one single and and don't sleep with other women while I'm married that I'll be pure so the Texas and was is a the purifying himself is an active it means that it's not just a one-time thing where you are fewer if you don't do these things it's a continual process of being pure when the savings are in order this is the definition of the dictionary gives impurity the condition or quality of being pure freedom from anything that debases contaminates or pollutes so in other words the purity or the impurities in the world the impurities that we get from sin or from society that is degraded by sin all of those things have to be done away with in our lives if we are to feel the status of Jesus the the Greek word had noticed for for purity it doesn't just mean sexual purity it does mean sexual and moral purity but it doesn't just mean that have knowledge means freedom from anything that is debasing I wrote down here pure from all cardinality all that sinful flash the sinful propensities that we have modest clean pure from every in short it just refers to cynicism what when where any Jesus when he comes a second time are we a have anything our characters that is sinful no right is everything sinfully comes as a member by the brightness of his coming so everything in my life that is not in harmony with the Scriptures and with the character of God is going to be as it have to be purified that is the biblical definition it is not just know what we read from books like every man's Battle of every woman's desire for efforts of his other books that they deal with purity it is freedom from the sexual sins but also freedom from everything that is the biblical definition that we are to work on so if in your life today you look at our topic representation you think I don't have any problem sleeping around probably most of you don't I don't have any of those issues the Bible paints a picture that if were to be pure it's not just those things selfishness just needs to be cleansed as much as as adultery and sentencing it's only take the concept of biblical purity we have to apply the whole concept for life were not to be just weeding out the sexual sense many of us most of us here because of the group that were entirely argument like that anyway but we all have imperfections and pollution in our lives that needs to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus so that is were talking up if we gazed on a missile mourns on chapter twenty four him some capture twenty four verse site verse three we look at in first John chapter three verse zero three that when Jesus comes the people accordingly standing to see him will be pure in their lives and David he got asked the same question or poses the same question in this prophecy about Jesus as the Messiah sent into heaven but in verse three yes the same corner who will ascend into the know the Lord or who may stand in his holy place the questioner who is annual to stand and see Jesus who is working to be the people in a answer the question asked verse CU has what clean hands and a pure heart who has not lifted up his soul to an idol or to vanity nor sworn deceitfully he shall receive a blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation this is Jacob the generation of those who seek him to seek your face so this is something that we can add to our working definition of purity is that those organ of the scene Jesus when he comes to have clean hands up your heart and are to receive the righteousness of Jesus is in a sense it doesn't mean those who know just try to live right but don't have righteousness it doesn't mean those that try to be right but don't do right it means those people who see Jesus are to be the ones I have both clean hands and a pure heart and have Christ righteousness all three of those work together to form the purity of an individual you cannot live right without being right you cannot be right without the righteousness of Christ to make sense the last anyway so far seminar were in a focus on these three elements in the next three consecutive sessions what is it mean to have clean hands what is it mean to have a pure heart and what does it mean was it looked like to have Christ's righteousness governance and Bosworth so that those are brief introduction really get right into it and if you have your Bibles you can keep them handy and inverse current instructor six first let me just tell you a brief story was for this chapter six as I is I sure this writer 's a man who is a Christian he went to church every I was in we went to church every Sunday and I don't know exactly how it happened but he kind of was in a low point in his spiritual life get a hard time no reading the Bible and praying and down but he still wanted Sergio with his wife and his kids and his family but I'm at work she had met this woman and I made you began to the talking in-house stories go from here so he just got those butterflies that you get need somebody really like the synagogues is very and that he begged her for for her number and so like you I can first like no not giving you my number but if someone sags and Hassan pleads with you finally just like okay you might even rejection hotline number five but she came she gave him her number and then he kept calling a client client calling until she agreed to meet with and they made up this little routine where you know they were drives a certain neighborhood I think you all of these foods to see there being followed or really elaborate Stefan and down and then they would me and they would sleep together and they were go home and and one day he was sitting at church and the sermon just really got a hold of Ingrid 's heart and he realized that everything he had done up exactly is in this illicit relationship was wrong and sinful he realize how much you hurt God you realize how much you hurt his family and so he called this woman up and they met in this parking lot she got in she didn't know exactly what was going on but basically all he wanted to do was apologize and say you know we can't see each other anymore I'm sorry for meeting this way but she began to cry and she is like you why did you do this if you think it's around what what happened and he began to explain that why you believe it was wrong and what had taken place in his life that got him to the point where he was willing to commit adultery with another woman and he said that little by little in this low spiritual state the world had began to creep into his life from TV to movies the things that he would watch to the things that he would read about in the news those things began to crowd out his time and spend studying God 's word and as this goes little by little you know the devil doesn't discuss it actually entices you and once you get to that point when the setup is perfect for the time you know that the devil has placed everything so that every doubt in your minor injection will just go away smoothly and you know embrace it wholeheartedly on all of that happened because he's a losses will run on God but he wanted to get back in so when you told this woman why obviously she couldn't understand because she was a Christian it doesn't make any sense but little by little today in our society we see people we see people who are been once spiritual giants sliding descent in recent happen we see people who look up to or who at least know better doing things the vicinity in our society is very easy we have the TV we have movies in Internet newspapers and tabloids everywhere you go billboards driving we are bombarded with suggestive material and sometimes even when you cannot go anywhere I actually didn't see any here in Toronto when I was not nonresident billboards but haven't been any stores that allow Chrysler for Toronto but am but pretty much if you drive anywhere in the world besides Canada and go to any supermarket in the world there ministry at least something that has suggested to it's hard to escape in the in Europe it's even more difficult some places how do we deal with these things when the world is creeping into the church when the world is feeling creeping into our own lives and you can probably honestly save you look at your life and ask yourself analyze strong of a Christian as I was before whatever the happen before you know television before I want when you're life you might be able to say that I was a stronger Christian than I am now a few trace the line of progression or regression there will be evidence steps along the way I don't know what they are there different everybody's circumstance but you'll be able to see clearly if you analyze her own life you'll know the Bible has hundreds of verses on where Celica this one chapter in first Corinthians chapter six and Corinth was a time I believe Paul is dealing with the church who had many of the same problems that our society destiny all the saving suggested material sex saturated culture that we live in was the same culture that Paul is dealing with in court okay I'm not will quotation here this is about the city of course just look through this she had a reputation for commercial prosperity I've highlighted all the things that deal with the city itself commercial prosperity but she was also a byword for evil living the very word Karen feels that by to live like a Caribbean have become part of the Greek vocabulary is part of the language they could say this word at ruling out that's what it's like to live to be a Corinthians to live like a drink and had become part of the Greek language and it naturally with drunken immoral debauchery alien the late great writer tells us that if the printing was ever shown a great play he was depicted as job Mrs. society bearing acorns was a synonym with the mockery network was one source of evil in the city which was known all over the civilized world everybody had heard about this above the is not a coward a hill of Acropolis and honest to the great temple of Aphrodite the goddess of love the Temple were attached one thousand priestesses who were sacred prostitutes and in the evening they descended from Acropolis and ply their trade on the streets of Corinth until it became a great proverb is not every man who can afford the trip and journey the court in addition to these crus in their first formal far more recondite vices which had come in with the traders and sailors in ends of the earth until Corinth became not only a synonym for well and luxury drunkenness and mockery it also felt this is the group of people that pause doing people who have become or have come out of this society and into the early Christian church now let's be honest with ourselves and just answer couple basic questions is the church a place for perfect people is everybody in the church perfect no not today right in our society people have struggles with everything with drugs and alcohol with with with sex selfishness and pride smaller rings that often go unnoticed with our motives all of these things are things that we do it today but if we look at a society very similar to ours you think that everybody in the church was perfect Apollo drank their mind and people who are struggling with some these very things coming to church everyday right and chapter six there is a little situation going on in the and the beginning of the chapter where the Corinthians they're having these arguments with each other and are taking each other to court over and Paul is saying you why would you take them to court DOB 's on non-Christians are judging you when you could just handle yourselves an inverse Associates chapter and verse design process to not do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God do not be deceived the unrighteous are not in a heritage all of that doesn't matter what society tells you it doesn't matter if the culture says these things are okay as a matter of the prostitutes come down from the hill at night and everyone does it cause it's been going on for hundreds of thousand years is inevitably that was hundreds of years it doesn't mean that it's okay do not be deceived since verse nine do not be deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulteresses nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revise her extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God all of these people this list of practices that he just mentioned the kingdom of heaven will be pure from all is God in again having over to people who are drunk to get a given over to people who whose business practices are not pious Aeneas as a rake that extortionists drunkards covetous people who covet we often don't talk about coming the message is clear these people are not to be the ones have and then he goes on to say in verse twelve and such were some of you in other words some of these people had these very same sins and struggles in the church that the world was doing free Reno there are there are three things that I want to just touch on today in the seminar that the administrators is dealing with him the first one overlooked in the first list in verse verse nine be not deceived neither fornicators idolaters adulterers is not homosexual sodomites inherit the kingdom of God the word fornicators is the word porno 's been great which is where we get our English word what pornography there are people and in the Corinthian society who would basically use pornography as awaits find fulfillment in their lives and essentially this is become one of the greatest plays in our society actually have a few systems statistics a conservative social like statistics I I couldn't believe this one twelve percent of all websites on the Internet are dedicated to pornography of all the websites in the world twelve percent are dedicated to just four that's mind blowing to me to think that our world is so wicked that that twelve percent could be dedicated just that there are twenty five percent of all search requests on the Internet everyone in the world and types a search twelve twenty five percent of all those requests of our porn searches it's crazy thirty five percent of all monthly downloads of everything on the Internet thirty five percent is related the world has a problem with pornography it is a multibillion dollar industry today and sadly enough in the Adventist church people are struggling the same things I can tell you on stories I work as a chaplain University campus and students come country sometimes with things that I would rather not hear and sometimes you have to deal with very ugly things and sometimes they're very simple things that are number one time I was going with somebody who had to struggle with pornography and and and assess the person knew the biblical sense where was an and how his life was not harming the Bible but he just couldn't overcome and you know how do you how do you help somebody who's addicted who knows but just can't overcome where sooner talk about that in the next seminar but as we pray together I realized for the first time that even Adventist young people dedicated godly people have struggles here in this area that often don't even come up with to afraid to admit it were too afraid to share with somebody else that we need help because we don't like to feel vulnerable and weaken our minute to feel vulnerable to place yourself in a position where somebody can can judge your heart and make judgments upon you as a person is not accountable thing we don't like I'm a very private person I don't like to share what's going on with the people and for me to do that you know it takes a lot but for somebody who's struggling with something very seriously and even though it's so widespread in our society it's still very looked down upon nobody goes out there and admits right the third pornography while the statistics don't stop there thirty seven percent of pastors in one study said portals for that's crazy pastors people who leave the church these are not just Adventist pastors of was this the fifty one percent of pastors admitted that it was a temptation and if you think that men are the only ones who struggle in this six out of ten women admit to being addicted to pornography this is something that cuts across cultural barriers it comes across religious barriers and cuts across gender barriers this is something that we need to do it in our society our church culture allows us or lets us feel comfortable just hiding it and not doing no we do it recently pray Lord forgive me and we put on the back where we really believe that Jesus will forgive us but then the next day or thereafter your back doing the same things break and edits the cycle of of sin and repentance and repentance repentance and predicted so often we meet with the people that mention so far have found themselves powerless to change and down Paul is talking to people who experience this for themselves this don't be deceived these people on there will be no adulterers adulteresses know acts of sexual immorality in heaven and we need to be preparing curators to live in so how do we deal with these problems another problem that's been coming up or let me just read you this this quote is from Reverend Richard land from the Christian science Monitor for twenty five years I would've said that the pro-life issue is the most pressing threat to American morality but for this was a more people 's lives are being destroyed on a daily basis by addiction to pornography than through abortion is the issue that changes the race for president in America you can win or lose election based on what you believe abortion I don't like Kenneth but more people at ease or more people 's lives their marriages their home life their spiritual lives are being destroyed by these practices that this is the big issue in our church an issue that nobody wants to deal with were afraid of what the consequences might be by fire it's better to have personal integrity and come out openly than to suffer all of your life with an addiction that you feel like there's no help to you doesn't matter if it's not pornography if it's alcohol if it's drugs doesn't matter if you're addicted to TV and yet people are addicted to TV or something else you know for some people good compelling dramatic novels are addicted second time another thing that Paul says in verse nine Mrs. either fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor with the next one nor homosexuals and homosexuality I don't know if you notice but has been on the rise within the unrestricted you know any Adventist event any who are homosexual I have some evidence friends to coulomb twice not been very good friends with Leslie at all the repentant not kept in touch as well as we should and him and I know two of them who have become homosexual and the problem is that oftentimes because the Bible is so clear there is not just in the Bible that says you know that leaves a question on whether homosexuality is a sinner is not one and because of that oftentimes as a church as pastors and ministers in teachers and counselors when people struggle with these things we kind of can come down on like no no actually not never in addition with his fingers and that's unfortunately because it's true sometimes we can come down and said to ours and so I'm talking to one of my friends and that he was saying that you know a lot the church since established that he said I left the church because there is no there's really no place for for us where John's were looked down upon they condemn us that they don't sit next lesson everyone is suspicious like all the thoughts that we have all the time or just know malicious and an sexual dispatcher were human beings and there's no place for us in the church even though and even though this person said I know that the Bible is supported this is who I am when I entered what are we to do when we talk to our friends were doing these things you probably know somebody it is not advances in the world what we do even when were trying to convert and when our homosexual friends were not on what we do as a church the Bible clearly says it's wrong where does that leave them it is Christian he appropriate for Christians which rooms themselves having a homosexual orientation to continue to participate in the same-sex size across her visit Christian appropriate for Christians to experience themselves as having a homosexual orientation to continue to participate in same-sex erotic the question is there is no threat here the only one who is entitled to cast a stone instead stars the recipient of his mercy to go and sin no more yellow vinyl reference that this is from his page four one it is no more appropriate for homosexual Christian to persist in homosexual activity then it would be for heterosexual Christians to persist in fornication or adultery yet the parallel he's making if I am a homosexual that is is no more appropriate for me to have homosexual activity there would be for for Chris here to have adultery and have essentially Eurocentric both of those Iraq so that puts us a little bit on the same page this is the same author despite the smooth illustration illusions perpetuated by mass culture in the United States sexual gratification is not a sacred right and celibacy is not a fate worse than death it's okay to not have sex if you are not going surely it is a matter of some interest for Christian ethics that both Jesus and Paul lived without sexual relationships heterosexually oriented persons are also called to abstinence from sex unless they marry the only difference admittedly admittedly assailing one in the case of homosexuality homosexually oriented persons is that they do not have the auction option of homosexual marriage so where does that leave them it leaves them in precisely the same situation as a heterosexual who would like to marry but cannot find an appropriate partner there may be blogger who are themselves messengers there are many people who want to get married but can't find the first some and difficult life costly obedience while running for the redemption of our bodies the church is a place for homosexual people and set of casting are judgments are condonation that people we need to teach them that if they have these tendencies that they can marry it puts them on the same place as if I am single and I have not found the right person I do not have permission to block their and have sex with anyone I want with the same they have no permission from the Bible and there'll in the same situation as a heterosexual would like to find a part of account list these things in the church we have to we have to deal with them the baton well we can sweep things under the rug and just say that you know it's wrong and change your habits or attitude otherwise you have those days are over you never when anybody in the church it's important unassailable Bibles but it's also important to know how to relate to people and to teach them these things the church doesn't exist as at-large we believe it but in practice it doesn't there is interesting this practical what time is a session and ten thirty ten thirty document their playtime Paula Zahn look at LSU Jennifer 's vengeance 's chapter six verse twelve ABMs Sadie 's swings that are intercultural contacts all things are lawful for me but all things are not helpful all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought under the power of any food for the stomach in an stomach for the food but God will destroy both it and them not about his for sexual immorality before the Lord and the Lord for the body in other words what Paul Begala saying in first Corinthians six first thirteen over the summer sorry for the food is is talking about in a culture that's sex saturated this is a comments common phrase that is not hungry for sex and then he says in verse eighteen flee sexual immorality every sin that a man dies is outside the body but you commit sexual immorality sins against his own body do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you who you have from God and you are not your own for your bottle at a price therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit which are not the third day that is pervading Adventism today I know that is bad relationships no summary about relationship even about relationship look at the connection verse papers in verse nineteen your body is the temple of who the Holy Spirit therefore glorify God in your body and your spiritual roster net segment instructor six talking the same group of people Paul writes first for this really what he sensitive into this position be not unequally yelled together with unbelievers in this reservoir okay being a unequally or together with unbelievers for what fellowship hath righteousness with lawlessness and what communion hath light with darkness you you always heard this verse in reference suggests relationships probably without it has not having a shindig the numbers doesn't just apply in that setting if it applies in business it applies in Clackamas everywhere but in this context were appliance relationships and also you why verse sixteen what agreement has the temple of God with idols for you are the one the temple of the living God so in first with his chapter six verse nineteen we saw that we were the temple of the Holy Spirit and here it says you are the temple of God and if we are the temple of God what agreement does God have with it I guess the question is what fellowship has light and darkness how can they exist at the same time light and darkness no solely look at our relationships with other people that don't be unequally yoke together with unbelievers because if the Holy Spirit is in our lives one or the other will have to go either the light or the dark both cannot exist at the same time but today and believe me when I say everywhere I go for the last twelve years I've been there have been at least one if not check out mentors not ever does couples that have no in the area that I was has brought Indiana search in two thousand and everybody at chat meeting all the young kids they all like to date of the there may not carry within the but those relationships on last week because Cummings only donates so they only available got in Albany Friday night Sunday to Sunday there are another singer goodbyes in the new hereto easily unable to buy that perpetuated them because they they had at a young age a longing for relationships they just kept the cycle and so yummy to break up any fun another boyfriend abrasive many of them found boyfriend or girlfriend out of the church and little by little they left the church now let me ask a question what is wrong with dating in Iraq we've heard all our lives but was working on a search but in reality what is the big deal I mean there are too all practical purposes nicer more good-looking people outside the church is okay I just said that he I don't think that there are more attractive people outside the church oftentimes right and the ones in the church of entire learning interest right I got him started on the London court he is that Thursday we are moving these loans are okay or not saying that we don't but but many people have a hard time or the ones in the church there just know there are too conservative to liberal were so picky anyway I just this is an Mrs. along the same subject justice of the six verse one it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that there was there there were beautiful I took a watch and cells of interest in other words here you have a group of entrepreneurs and people the sons and daughters were Christians and the daughters of men who were not non-Christians the unbelievers and they the Christians are the unbelievers they were seeing each other and their segment they look good let me get a life so they would marry them and then look at the verses the first three and the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with men forever for he is indeed flash his days shall be one hundred and twenty years there were giants in the earth in those days afterwards when the sons of God came to the daughters of men they bore children to them those are mighty men of old never known in the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great near what happened between the spirit of God not always striving with men and widgets on your you look at the progression okay they start hooking up with each other and then God says I do limit their years and I start having kids and then it's worth this is what okay in other words Mary is the marriage relationship was so important to God that he realized if unbelievers and believers to live nine hundred years for a thousand years the Earth would become so wicked that God would have to destroy everything so what fellowship does light have with darkness not because God 's God knows that there is an relationships are the one source of blessing and evil in the world and if they're done right the earth could it could be like have been done Rob how there is no place for an LOI has an interesting statement and I know how to urinate but she says that the problem is not with the believer it gives the unbeliever the assurance and confidence that only belongs to those who love you guys have any that means that we don't worry about the in moral standards of that person running off on us to our moral standard that rubs off on it tells them that they are okay and that perpetuates more evilness and wickedness so when you are tempted or when you know somebody that is dating a non- admittance in relationship with them they think it's not that work may be he's never taken policies the issue is not with your salvation the issues with that person salvation your morality your false sense of spirituality runs often that person a gives him or her a confidence of building velocity God is never told that person that what he's doing or where he is spiritually is okay but you have folding that he's okay because you have hooked up with Thursday if not him rubbing off on you and your skipping prayer meeting and going for it you rubbing off on him God instituted marriage before he created sat it can be the greatest source of vitamins but when done rights the worst in recent you have parents or not one of the other when I my family was Catholic my mommy can haven't displayed on account facility and even really go to church so there was less friction for a while and before I begin there is friction because my mom wanted to do gather steam I got was that spiritual his evidence is now pursuing but but you others that friction and so for him for just a few years and I caught a glimpse of what that was like and and it's not a pleasant thing that many people experience this in their lives that it's not just you you have to think about your children because when the sons of God saw the daughters of men they had children and their children were the wicked ones and I have just destroy the earth the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually but if you're still there in sacred instructor six watches us notice what connection policy is making do not be unequally or together with unbelievers first fifteen what accordance Chrysler burial will part of the believer with an unbeliever what agreement hath the temple of God with idols for you are the temple of the living God as God has said I will dwell in them and walk among them I will be their God they shall be my people therefore come out from among them and be separate says the Lord do not touch was unclear I will receive you I will be a father to you and you shall be my sons and daughters as well Mike if we are faithful to God Yahoo 's promises that we will be his children he will call us his own he will be a father to us and then in verse seven therefore as a conclusion of all of this having these promises the one that is S rep beloved let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit what filthiness is he talking about the filthiness of light and darkness the Mexican being unequally on together on this in the filthiness of the just mentioned perfecting holiness in the fear of God the cleansing based talking about and the holiness the stock enough comes from having a relationship with Jesus that is separate all other earthly distractions and Paul he says that you are the temple of God you are the place where the Holy Spirit dwells if we want the Holy Spirit 's power in our lives we've got a be one hundred percent for the that doesn't mean that we can't get married doesn't mean that we can have fun it just means that whatever we do we have to have God 's glory God 's character in my breasts were going to Spectra for Sprint instructor six almost done time is also says do not be deceived don't you know that the unrighteous don't inherit the kingdom of God in verse letters as such were some of you but you were washed but you were sanctified but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of God and you were this people in Psalm fifty one or seven when David said you said you wash me Lord I shall be clean watched nationally whiter than snow we need the washing of the spirit to be clean the watching comes from the blood of Jesus that I have few verses but for the second time if you wanted to strike them down Psalm fifty one or seven him a humor fourteen for someone seven nine confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us to wash us clean from all unrighteousness Titus three four and five we are washed by the blood of Jesus in acts chapter twenty two receives to go wash my baptism Paul's talking to Congress to have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus you were sexually immoral you were politically dishonest but you were washed about tax this is not the way Christians being Mrs. but you were sanctified you are made holy in Reading language instructor some verse one purifier soften uncleanness perfecting holiness when you decide to clean your life out the Lord doesn't work and he actually sanctifies you to make you this is but you were justified legally in God standing you are perfect or justified a good way to raise just as if I'd never send you were made perfect got one more text to look at we got playing time first Kings chapter fourteen no Damon we are to mention him this guy had some problems he was always seeming to get himself in situations where God that agreement one when you sleeps all he went to the Philistines which known by lesser Prosser preclear that was a good idea he committed adultery Bathsheba he committed murder with with her husband by killing him try to cover it up and then first Kings chapter fourteen message over fourteen you find that there is a reference to David Chapter fourteen and let's just start over seven don't tell durable buses the Lord God of Israel because I exalted you from among the people in major ruler over my people and for the king away from the house of David and gave it to you and yet you have not been as my servant David who kept my commandments and who followed me with all his heart to do with the next word only what was right did David do only what was right in God 's eyes no right to commit adultery murder to cover it up but the Bible records is life as doing only is at present only what God wanted you only what was right in God 's eyes what's what's happening here is a social crisis execute you give yourself to Christ and accept him as your Savior then sinful as your life may have been for his sake you are accounted righteous Christ characters stands in place of your character and you are accepted before God just as if you have numbers if in your life you have found that there are things that cause you to send the cause you to stumble whether sexually whether selfishness or whether in school will this righteousness of Christ Jesus is the cleansing agent but you were washed but you were justified but you were sanctified what is it mean to have just like figuratively when Jesus is being crucified on pilot wash his hands of the blood of Jesus symbolically freeing himself of the actions of his death we wash our hands free from the pollution and the contaminants the actions of the world you have no place in the church we stop doing the things that are sinful such were some of you Paul said but you were changed in the church today there are people who struggle with these things in the rear area through painful to do but Jesus changes if you need that changing is not too late to have those struggles it's not too late what is in the now clean and needs to live like a Christian your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit what we do directly affects who we are in my distant researchers eight ounces you shown your man what is good what the Lord requires to do justly to love mercy law without we have to do what is right even in a culture in a society that says all these things are okay we got to make a decision to do what the Bible says nothing else their desire to do what's right to live right with God talk about her axis had the right to not just what we do but has to be who we are in our heart has to be changed that's our next session only just now as for where fairness there any questions we can answer father having or Jesus we want to be right with you as David who committed terrible sins this time received forgiveness from you and you look at his life just as if you never send Lord we want that same experience we need the righteousness of Jesus to cover us to make us holy sanctify us and washed us we have sin in our lives may not be the same sins that the Corinthians were dealing with individually we know what they are sometimes are hard to overcome the Lord we ask that Jesus would give us victory we want to be sure in the eyes of heaven we want to stand when Jesus comes so we asked them by your grace today you would purify our lives in our hearts so that we can see she's in the Jesus this media was brought by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is much more 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