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Daniel 11, Part 1—The Time of the End

Norman McNulty


Part 9 of 11 in Daniel Prophecy Series given at the Maraval, Trinidad SDA church. This is very similar to the sermon "Daniel 11—Where Are We Today?" given on December 31, 2011 at GYC in Baltimore, MD but is included here as part of this complete series on Daniel given in Trinidad.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Crockett Hospital, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 24, 2011
    7:00 PM
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him all the while siege want to hear and I I ever been currently in my life other than my parents and citizens in the experience for me my than twenty one years since Microsoft therefore so I will try and I will say we sufficiently and loud as you this evening under the circumstances the environment or father in heaven we thank you for your blessings and bringing the Sears is somewhat misleading as are of the Chapter 11 manioc is the history lesson that mainly see just how seemed as I pray this in Jesus name is before we get into an annual person is some mind based on the service and that are happening in this country and around his Romans chapter thirteen the result was an Romans chapter thirteen hundred eleven very well as we are going to talk about in the annual eleven emergency sessions and Romans thirteen eleven we read and this time that now it is time too high to overweight house we turn now to our salvation nearer than when we believe you are in you are here is heard to describe the peoples is shall hold the versions recently so I can pay you when I made my why I we have all him only then will I together to win to realize that Jesus is coming soon so in that file with Baja is moving into Daniel Chapter 11 and what we are really weird it was the first human and we're going to see just how accurate is this downloader is time we are and it's meeting in Houston and eighty and now a well you get further information each time which gives you a better understanding of where we are so visible as it will or will he saw that his captors while the representation was on a freighter 's reason for me to leave I mean real harm in saying no I is hers after three full we Jesus warmly came so soon as well as in the book of Daniel in the review so whenever you and is drawn between Christ and the world is to be revealed so there must be very important and is the reason we talk about why some phases this is now of where we are is Daniel 's unit seven I have the exact same sequence of kingdoms that you need now and we saw on the chapter in twenty three hundred rustling in the new version is in Chapter 11 Babylon nothing in the sequence obtained all in all areas need approval for release in the table wrong at this time using the genius was King literals are sorry for finishing can use the this history is as we're going make it as simple as we can we have so is one of the reasons me as I is just as low as three in the chapter will do whatever is for example the word is that she understands you to go back to the end and is working through those Daniel and versus twenty twenty one that he is going to consent with friends of hers are the king of Persia and Chapter 11 verse one key reverse is chosen to write the meeting the first thing in the University and his allies is in for the right of the meeting and is now based on the premise is more work which was earlier Cyrus king of Persia is there a standard three kings emperors and shall be richer and numbers as reflected on why anything is the first shoe versus talk about the king as he went after Cyrus Xerxes was the fourth was the richest of all is to get the verse three we see on my canvas is referring to our family and first floor we see it as a reason to for our resources and when he shall stand out as initially broken shall be divided for are the following and see us use a VCR so don't let him alone scared as much as you require is through the same as two seven eight is providing additional information now that we can see when dreams for the line in four sessions you have General Electric is is is is and all will work here on this salute is in our life is in his answer to prayer for the territory of reason only without you he had assigned territory is the north and follow immediately became everything is so that we understand you are missing is how is the narrative followers we can send you and this is familiar showing the same thing so there were ninety nine versus five is seen and read Oliver as we don't have time I'll simply say that the reader as I is seen that there is there is one thing or another one story out and she to show you just how shrewd this prophecy is that after all these battles are over many years there were hundreds of years as ever as the entity relational join us altogether the king 's daughter is also looking to make an agreement so as in the following their ancestors as well will him will will will will pay at my job there is she will marry you nor I is for from either Anheuser 's latest and she was and she marries missing in the more was already married to a revolutionary SR child will be the successor to run and then now is married of his new one is with her and so it seems that while Americans were together and that is in the North American Amazon United is a continual person is this is that she shall not retain the power of your neither shall stand as is usually given when they are inherently gather your strength these time is about two years or since I don't think my first one that suits your way there is original while blame is the Larry is as well if you are is so later as well he's probably in and make sure that my son Ryan Howard so she and she conspired together with others and will continue to do is come right here is the answers and all mechanisms usually come with Jennifer a worldwide hundreds of years worth the reason I will story of his life with precise and accurate analysis story sure him while this is what I is sure that I is so not me when I see that story seven hundred and five through fifteen you have many nouns and when we see the thing they were even insulated his rent I is and so they were always named following now maybe not that person is heating home and around to see and I is Thursday and becomes the kingdom in our and sixty five received so and around as we previously been her number is working at our because they over the division of the religious and continue on for sixteen is within the northward through the glorious plan is referred to the land of Judea will have to Daniels forefathers and glorious land rivers were not people with continuing on then you are inversely as I talk about Julius Caesar to talk about how he was taking over the whole verse nineteen is twenty terms shorter as homeland Cecil will all refer to the Romans that I only murder Julius Caesar and he was out of seat of his career as a world and she wasn't murdered by a set then it is familiar because we know Jesus was born he has here or through the disease earlier this half of the world you are in one versus one in handling this is an initial standard and is stated in the north are you sure for each other to see your the one who is prophesied that Jesus is talking to this world there will be a razor that refers to glory anything but within a few days he shall be destroyed either inherent fallacies are not as one of the few kings and here died peacefully after that death Tiberius Caesar came after you guess this is about the present account in verse twenty two different citizens during the time of Tiberius Caesar Carolina really here but this is really as Americans do not want your reason for you in visiting two seven eight this is a new dimension in giving you further details showed just how accurate this prophecy is delivered twenty three is actually that the Romans made meninges and one sixty one BC and finally enters his life three twenty eight describes the final battle between her and I think is that there is an design that is was when Caesar is fine and similar in the following three users are useful here because of Mark Antony used to be as easy with Emily Caesar is actually married to Caesar is sitting with their in-laws what was happening when I is from row is not in pain and I would rather marry her and I became major version is and take over the world from Egypt rather than as a Ron I want to battle in thirty one BC between user addresses mark the event matter Caesar is one we see the King of the South until the annual letters for his time in the talk about that more especially at the end and in our next presentation so those three summary of the first three verses and so are seeing new version release and hate in Rome in the first three verses as we see nothing is in the previous chapters will show you what someone says about annual loan because it is thirty one on this very relevant for our as well on Linux is as huge as anyone from seeing the light and have received was given especially as these last days the agency sought out the rest of you life is the great river the signer are now wrong as all units for small and never heard Daniel this is an annual of hemoglobin is a way to link to view what she said as forcefully as are seen as continuing on testimony by his working the world is that this will be the chapter of the annual has nearly reached his engineer in the early relationships we will which means one of the genes is that Sears is also in the fraud is okay when you're around as Haitian him not sure whom you have heard where the meeting Sunday everything was normal they remain in order healing Olivia and things change very quickly they are right now as well continuing this is probably the most interesting thing Nathan Daniel eleven is met his releases volume thirteen page three hundred four is the trouble is time for us here in the English are spoken prophecies will always love you will have your erasures complete fulfillment and here is the same this is that has taken place in fulfillment of this prophecy will be refuted in Ruth ours is being greeted in return and have indignation enabling social media he shall even return until the present following and then she will Daniel eleven hundred and thirty one there is an speaking of Daniel eleven thirty one and thirty six Jesus seems similar to those described in these more will take place as much as an prophecy believers in Jesus seems similar to what she is talking about is over there is thirty one to thirty says question is the actual versus the other is your business because you were there and we wheezing and we seemed really is as recently as one hundred and ten and she is the kingdom of God then we see him over at Eleanor and I is now inserted along the sea and now only two versus three thirty one all we see a shroud and is so I'm going to readers is thirty three thirty six one one three these delicious children shall come against him that is you therefore self-healing dreams and richer indignation instantly social media usually in return and has no motorcycle is not out of the first thirty one and are so staff are usually in the sanctuary is something we really are and they shall be an abomination that is and such as they went in a soldier by flattery but the people that you know there are so these dramas dealing with an data and tables along through the additional following the sewer by playing my captivity and my will and many days now initial thought is people will diminish as we did in the latter is in silent understanding so all Israel and one even as he is the original is usually recording as well initially it was all so I is all about Terry God shall be more is so wrong as Indonesia Vietnam for that is something we get over there is an receiver shall speak marvelous things against the God and find himself above every and I they reside in the city is rounding to the or will we see in verse twenty five he shall speak great words against the mountainside somewhere around as I think they want and they should be given here is what I than I can do is twenty five we see the little is speaking as an role will sure as the years and Daniel chapter see in our introduced number is three one that her six years people for many days hence please go ahead from your about to run again after thirty thirty one this writer transition from pain and Ron and Eleanor says he is just using the terminology that is using the transition from zero say you cannot compare a set of let's continue to heal the game eleven verses thirty to thirty six as you know that history will not very as long as you and of the history of these verses is the individual is always seen that people want intelligent believers are going to that he will win in the leader in verse thirty one arms so stand on our music and military power for this now or will represent sure when you wouldn't ordinarily have received is not him him him and finally there is a king in France Spain flow of his commanding agreement living room the military is for an five thirty three Justinian declared a Roman visit of the medical insurance is in the wrong general there are also areas throughout the altered oxymoron I let people run to take it over someone on the first key element in the history of the refuted his table row theory is stand up on our case with daily and I didn't mention much about the subject I do believe that it's okay is there anyway to talk about the abomination of desolation in the annual in verse thirty one this is the show placed the abomination that is what this refers to the union of church and state or nation is an abomination and I will unite you should not be united and assurances they unite where are people of God cannot sell in the world will not will that is another way to describe your organization is an abomination when you have such an abomination of a union of church and state in vitro fertilization or do they not exactly what churches that United 's military power they are an union of churches a abomination of desolation is receiving to be repeated when you have a persecution of the same we see in verse thirty three that the people they were stronger thirties you will soar by playing virus activity in the soil for many days in the will will run in the same way we do kill people with a sore work they would burn the snake a replacement for his advice in any people works okay if you go the those who work for us through those who are in the Catholic Church not only will you receive error I offer you a thousand Marines will be shown to get a proper say we see that this prophecy is right on as many days as the controller sixty days in Daniel seven twenty five is facing a little more power when where they do that for many days continuing on persecution continues to the time and we see that person by seeing that people around you know from personal indignation is accomplished and again here's a statement along why much of the history that has taken place in some of the property will be repeated so military power is a program uniting assures us in persecution of the same monster that is it going to be relieved to see his similar to those described in a place so palaces reversing military statement supporting in order for people along with church trade union we know the abomination of desolation and in the near future I believe that it really persecution of the same as churches eighty nine the kingdom of our will she was finally just as for rare and in verses thirty six and forty nine so now will Daniel eleven in the time of the annual world and in this line of meeting him in his letters Daniel chapter eleven is received people wrongly persecute the saints soon as I began over thirty five C R from personal 's indignation was accomplished through the seven hundred and just talk about our plans over and members of the audience is and how is he showed came out this offers the following website enhances our that it is in Chapter 11 is only really begin the first fusion is stall and we saw that her dad is seventy five verification for twelve hundred and sixty years there were tiny again when the twelve hundred and sixty years we saw in seventeen ninety five thirty seventeen ninety we talked about that in Daniel seven Daniel eight Sims herein alone we get a little more information about exactly what happened at the individual as the years that will enable Ron does not occur in for before that is the repeated images and authorities as severe receipt and time again so we can sell this now in Daniel over twenty one says shall at the workflow can also be translated which means you two were sung when we him who were we to know so is my wife and I is and can work your way to know what the original in the scan to provide you the sum of the kingdom of God when we were a recruiter is with them always the southern division agrees with the territory is usually okay I that I think he is thirty one BC so in that major combat sentencing in and to try to whether you want to shoot in raw if you look carefully at history and seventy nine he was interesting when we see what happened in seventy nine he received that for EA is one of pulling external supply chain and Sharon answer I is and why pay over a longer in power and to counter the military is zero we yet is also about as long as sure as the long hours over the state and union of churches in Rome in seventeen ninety eight now France is not as necessary the founder or validity Revelation Chapter 11 relay in an emphasis on speed through the Revelation Chapter 11 relief in this drawing power that is ten minutes longer you're probably really talk about and describes it as he passed on and he is him alive and well how should I be one or more relational we find that in our agency is our main focus you people rock by making a decoration for me he is an interesting hundreds of his two sixty nine Illinois that atheism is that he was really more free celebrities refers that he is spirited by saying there is no last name is also slightly and he is five hundred and the nation ran back is remarkable since I paid around and it was perhaps this is that the captain in seventeen ninety giving anyone too limiting the number cannot continue without our friend thinking of a saga continues as long as thirty Eastern Europe and is interesting to me what it is revealing that the Communist manifesto as written by Noel Rivera 's written aging forty four so can you bring on the lady is in the Communist manifesto was carried as for Russian Revolution and the right as he was written in France and in eighteen forty four and R is throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union MEC pictured here installed as well carried out revolution in the nineteen sixties and some him I remember this suddenly overnight just to show you how things can change suddenly the Communists arrived in separated Eastern Germany from Hercules Germany from one are many the symbolism between the West and the Eastern between democracy and communism and at this point his reading and you will and power is not as easy as the Soviet Union he was a well in a lot of our shared his own back yard in Eastern Europe you will because of who you are sure to set up so that is the all-powerful the Soviet Union and communism was during that is as you know things change the first annual is the way in the one versus forty one part of Scripture that were going to read in the book of Daniel Chapter 11 this is what we see in the king of the north shall come again and everything is one eight with Sherry at work and when you should and he shall answer and is treason and sold over low over sonar is painful Ron is is is is is is is not an spyware and are now sometimes is not in and around England is going to come back again he is our hero is in the way it is with Sherry Horseman and many should him so him and the question is what does that mean chariot and horse and why insider things are as diverse as the servant of God was risen early visiting the licensor and gone for a city where the horses and Sherry is and has served as the last time helps alleviate his horse and chariot represents the Syrian army surrounding Samaritan here we see that Sherry were in the military lower your downline and Muslim history Islam versus thirty to thirty six will be repeated as long as our little or normally receive military power to assist in suing over and over what is working to see that history repeating itself the military power over our same heart or on behalf is not are not there is that there is an underlying arms or military power stand on the other in the North Carolina receipt comes with many shows what does the Bible say our services in second Chronicles second Chronicles nine twenty one from thirty one fourteen we find that it refers arrearages and merchandise so not only is making is that those who remain really like that one in the initiatives in the scene soon should represent you on how work strength to the way over on one man and he is in the power is military and economic power to fight back against the eighty 's hours of your silliness I is him where are we today we will visit from the time I is that perhaps in our lifetime that is a fulfillment of the other sitting in the north and that is wrong and is carrying on so here is where your career seventeen are you using and what he sees that the anesthetist Daniel eleven concerning economic power to enforce the inventing is how we seen any nation formally and is seventeen ninety eight delete it in my power with an error in the end of February of nineteen ninety eight time magazine road are only it will describe how Ronald Reagan and they will conspire together to bring down on your change in the United and the world of their military and economic power assisted in Iraq will need to gain his victory the first meeting took place and June nineteen eighty she is at home one of the greatest secret alliances ranges from my so than even realize that I will and Karen were conspiring together to try to run down communism is why you won't necessarily in this represent Reagan finally I with that he is is is a very him around all is as is you remember that you were raining a little more info to the meter is everything you will need is more are known for the any of you remember the several meeting that was significant and further that it is three and sometimes is not there so you really working well that the way that Sharon just a little over two years later when all is down and buying nineteen ninety one to one because he will have received is through the military and economic power the United States is reading down communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union this is now one week marketing of Chapter 11 verse four he is seventeen and I were actually working in the theory reason he nineteen eighty nine and how he will attend the north made in a is for you can draw your Pamela because the last person morning Genevieve of the in the nineteen eighties him all that we arrive on Verizon as is and we are so Jesus is about where are you sure so the law to form around one has heard as she really is no to the team of John Paul and annual forms that are in that whenever it is merely to President Kennedy was assassinated he was a Catholic and he has even arm 's length distance from the want of any of the churches they move through the separation is probably right now for were running around in the own or that is where we need to testimonies volume nine page one the agencies of the life and mind their forces and consolidating theorists strengthening for the last great prices great changes are seen as normal and the client will will will will is you never heard her I is working the world is through the spirit world for the available chapter he has nearly reached is completed seriously you will take place and what he is playing in fulfillment of raw since she wrote at eight hundred years ago we were getting closer and closer and his interesting how when she says rate changes as you will and I will be right at the very same chapter as she says the prophecy of the above and has nearly reached its complete fulfillment and what I believe is the next step takes place in the summer when it is not our answer is in the minority is representing where people are you a spirit in Colorado he cares as long as that will I know you will take place very rather as the version should be preparing a receiver will overwhelming surprise his preparation as you diligently study the word of God and striving to inform her life as an earlier meeting like this we are here as well as I recessed in the Scriptures literally when he ready for what will I first the money they need rather behind our adaptation over as the therefore let us not sleep as the mothers don't let us watch and be sober now I is Jesus is limited and there is a you know you can change and we will receive will hear the annual we realized that we as a people should be a way that we need a wakeup are very welcome and no small that it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed in night as far as to whether or not the worst of Zahra and was put on the armor I was working as the Lord Jesus Christ made provision for the last little while there are another received is as well as long as you will him at his right and I is you will not mean it is one of the Le Mans or you will say on your question is whether I is actually beyond I was received as we want is you is or is my thing and we will transform my age when we read similar presentation is forty or forty five rapid sequence of the same as historic as there is a strong national something along the information in the same community as you want here are any thriving starting in your essay I remember when you to close the meeting and that he is needing leaders are aesthetically these message may have lost away to be ready to be a way so that Jesus is the only rating in the health shares with as many as we are all resetting holders of friends and neighbors raises this is my prayer is


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