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The Omega of Apostasy, Part 1

Rick Howard


Rick Howard





  • September 3, 2011
    3:00 PM
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well welcome to see all of you here this is a long time coming from the need to have kept my mouth shut about things first six seven years now really waiting until the Lord opened the opportunity up for for me and many others who are involved in exposing some of the deceptions that have swept into our church over the years things that we've all been concerned about and I know that if you're sitting here you're probably of that group that has really yelled Lord why you know why is this happening and when you're when will you take care of this problem and there were a few things that that I want to share that are so important to those of us who are concerned about what has happened in our church the mingling with the other Protestant churches that God led us out of when we became Seventh-day Adventists those of us who joined the church I was a Presbyterian and how many of you join the Adventist church from another denomination quite a few I quite a few so you know you join this church because the Lord opened your mind up to the truth that this was the remnant church yeah and as you study you learned like I did that the Protestant churches are fallen know God has a remnant he gave the truth to us he really did and we are to be ashamed of that because you know it it's normal for us to feel self-conscious you know when we say things you know that we have the truths or hi I know that God has laid out the true plan of salvation and given that the Seventh-day Adventists know that economic will need hiding somewhere when you say something like that but you know what I've learned Jesus did it the Lord Jesus spoke to the woman at the well when I say salvation is of the Josie Atchley said that actually would a lot of people out there in his data was at all to Julio Jesus said you always do when that thing that separates us from everybody again you know and and that is the feeling the feeling is that when we talk like that or believe that waived and that it would be separatist so egotistical or self-centered it's not right it is right because when you look back in history six thousand years God always had a people always had a people that were the depositories of his truth and the way of salvation the science of salvation was always given to a group of people that God wanted to keep separate from the rest of the world such as the winners and actuators today for Joe Satan knows that we think like the very he knows our weaknesses and he's good at take advantage of every one of those weaknesses so anyway when I try to cover and is for seminars things and I I just think are so important for us as Adventists believe and will start here with the Alpha and the Omega how many of you have even heard and read about the Alpha and Omega most of you okay for ten years to ten years my head elder and many of you heard his name and maybe know him can Holland he was the editor of the signs before Martin Moore and Ken was I had Elder and whenever I would speak on spiritualism or even just got to get into the topic it would remind and to tell me on his way out of church as a shaking my hand he leaned over and go Rick in the ten years cancer got to write a book about this right now I'm not my writing is spin technical I was a chemist and on I just it wasn't something that I took to but can die and a year later something happened that I'm in a share with you the next hour of how it all happened as the next hour after this one will be the story of this book and how it happened and how God live in the fascinating and when I mentioned this morning that I learned more in the last couple of years and thirty five years in ministry it's because of this book and how I learned to wait on the Lord and how the Lord is interested in everything analyze everything and then if we will only learn to wait and watch and pray he will open doors and you'll know when it happens and then you walk through and you don't get the terrible results when we smash through our own doors make the way of our own choosing and it was a hard lesson to learn because here you are with something that you feel exposes a deception that people are falling into every day and I can't talk about I can't say anything I got all written in the book but the book is now gone why no one is doing this well I tell you when Ted Wilson was selected as president I was sitting there there home in Atlanta and I heard him say everything that was in the book I said praise God now I know why you have the way of day weight leadership to support what's happening here in believing the leadership of General conference supports everything that were talking about the new however don't think that leadership should move at the page that you think that they should move because you know if you were standing intense shoes right now you would understand that we are not in a place to question autoimmune point we always a question but to to be so concerned about why are things happening faster as he has so many different dynamics to take care of that and you just have to pray for him and just leave of the Lord to leave him as Reformation and revival takes place in the church and it will it really will have any of you read the Omega rebellion yet McCain I'd is a section in there on on what we need to do having to do with our involvement with mingling with the other churches and folks when never that have revival when never have true reformation and revival in our church until we follow the counsel in the spirit of prophecy concerning our relationship to the fallen churches were not now and have state-of-the-art one because octave for fifty years we have gotten more and more involved in our relationship with them for many different reasons just it just the desire not to be looked at as being strange in all of the parliament and the peculiar people that don't want Giuliani more than one of the other part of the sisterhood of the Protestant churches out there and you can understand that one of carnal level but we have the spirit of prophecy tells us and we should go at that level upon level we need to follow the counsel that we have it says don't have a relationship with them pray within get to know them all right that there is a level of mingling with the with L all of the churches of God let us out of not at the level that we're doing it today not to invite their teachers to come and tell us how they do things or to improve our evangelistic efforts or our spiritual lives those areas that God has given us everything we need and if we need more to give at the office not them you know and it's because of our involvement at that level them that were having the problem that would happen today but what would you do lead to something that I want to talk about about Jesus being omniscient he knows everything don't feel that anything got into our church that he didn't know about or permit understand that if it's in the church he permitted it there's nothing going on that he does know about anything in the universe all right he lost his omnipresence he gave that up when he took humanity but not the omniscience the nose and free thing on and he is in charge of his church and he loves his church he dived for so don't get mad at the church how we doing architects don't get mad at the church ever don't you want to have the same attitude that Jesus has towards his bride and he loves her with all his heart he gave his life for the remember so you know when you see problems in the charge remember you don't remember Jesus knows about it he allowed and even says that allow ever to come in to drive us to reliable to push us to study it's therefore slipped on every upset with the church I is the one object of his supreme regard the trip with old and old the earth Jesus loves the church we need to love the church now is talk about the outstanding woman and let me start this way so that it'll help in your mind to see how it works the Omega apostasy the old naked deception is not just one deception it is a train of deceptions along like to I it all began when the remnant church began in eighteen forty four from eighteen forty four to the end of time all the deceptions that Satan comes up with that's the Omega deception in the video within the Omega deception there are those deceptions used at the beginning of our work and when he was exposed in one way he would manufactured some new deception I actually was a train this one than this one then that one then this one from eighteen forty four leading up to nineteen hundred with John Harvey Kellogg Doctor Kellogg from the beginning until Kellogg Ellen White said those with the Alpha of the Omega shooting use that term all the time but you've been a number of times the output of oh no makeup that's how he can only conclude that the Omega is the final deception at the end of time okay but there were those deceptions in the beginning of a likable that the only the alpha day in which he was specifically talking of the Kellogg that the deception the Kellogg brought into the church she referred back to what she had seen in eighteen forty three eighteen forty four in all the other Pentecostal type deceptions there were things that happened that she said it reminded me of what happened back then and then she bore long with Doctor you know Doctor Kellogg was probably the most brilliant physician on earth at that time may be an all time I have no idea he was especially gifted by God hello I saw angels controlling his hands when he performed surgery there were things that he could do thoughts that he had things that he invented that no other human being could come near to his funds for a prophecy so you really was a gifted person and when the other people in the church got on his case because of some problems that he had Ellen White was right there to say believe him alone he has pressure that you can imagine he is also gifted in a way that you can imagine and God is using him and God is buried along with him for twenty years Ellen White wrote letters and begged Doctor Kellogg now to see what he was doing changed to take a stand on the side of a good job right and know it was it was Doctor Kellogg's dad one when he was dying was talking to Ellen whitening calmest you know that you will take care of my son analogy that she promised that I will think I can do and no need with the Holy Spirit to take care of business already know it was seen by those around him that he was drifting he was so brilliant he just would get off on these things you know that would take them astray but in any case he he went astray he even got to the point where he wrote and believed and told Prescott Jones arrest the leaders that were all centered in the Battle Creek as it were was there about great you know that gravity was the Holy Spirit acts that's where his apostasy led him he was convinced that the gravity that which is a very weak force in the universe of those physicists out there you know that one of the weakest forces I can look at the whole mass of this person you only way which way you know that the weak force but the new IDE he just drifted in his mind and once you get to the place where you have rejected God in who knows where that is W you reject you reject you say no no I don't want to listen you come to the place where black becomes white right becomes wrong and you believe in this long thing with as much passion and strength as you believe in what was right prior to announce a scary place to be that's exactly where we are told later the sealant is that they think we're rich and increased with goods and knowest not blind wretched naked no site at the said conditions of the because you believe would you believe Belinda Wright later okay like I said this morning I have not seen one person that I know has fooled around with the supernatural aspect of spiritual formation it ever did anything fight against whatever truth and light was given no they were generally that would not thought and pray for these folks know that I don't know we don't know exactly how it all works so people if you know people who are involved with this and you go and share with them and want to share with them like I have so many times with the spirit of prophecy in ago it just doesn't matter it does not matter what Ellen White has written as it next the problem here I and instead thereof other reasons and other excuses given why they will continue to practice that sale I think I have shared in the previous seminar that I spent probably an hour and a half on the phone with a teacher of spiritual formation from Andrews years ago and I shared with this person 's fair prophecy Bible my own experience how I've been there no I've been to the silence but I wasn't a Christian is a Hindu I was a psychic you know I was doing other things but I was in that place I and at the end of our hour to have conversation it was Rick you just have to go to the silence itself to know that is from God total subjective reaction it didn't matter what I said it didn't matter with Mister Bossi said didn't matter what the Bible said my testimony didn't matter nothing mattered but they and I know why I know why because the feeling and view motion made you have when you enter that supernatural state is so wonderful and joyful you feel one with the universe who really do and if you looking for an emotional experience we'll get and it will be overwhelming and that's why so many people that do this but they just accept that it's not from God it's so beautiful that they feel the love that they have in their heart is just so wonderful day so this is what spiritual formation is all about this is the change erotic feeling within it okay is this aspect of the supernatural and spiritual formation is simply a process where one takes some biblical principles and some are biblical principles in order to advance in their spiritual life to Christian maturity that's what it's all about it's a a seminar that you go to take to learn how to be a better Christian and advanced to Christian maturity the problem is what I just said some of the principles taught on biblical and some are and the ones that aren't are always glossed over I don't worry about that but with illness may happen six months from now you may have an experience with the silence Buffy with the truth that's what it's all about the silence is to spiritual formation as speaking in tongues is true Pentecostal I don't do it they'll feel like I have the Holy Spirit say that they don't want to say that dancing don't want a space in the administrators note they don't want to say that this supernatural experiences everything but it's everything I'm telling you I notice if there was no supernatural experience to be had in this seminar spiritual formation we would need me involved with it because Satan is the one who wants to bring this supernatural experience in the same reason he wants to bring it in to the politicians that run the nations of Europe why the Pope has written this spirituality this supernatural element has to be accepted by the leaders of the nations of Europe in order for the European Union to work imagine a Visio this is a worldwide thing this is not just in the churches folks this is the whole world and is the beast power that invented it Loyola object this word comes from his thirteen spiritual exercises that he received in a vision sitting next to a river and guess who came in that vision folks taking in those thirteen spiritual exercises are written down and that's what needs to be studied when you take a course in spiritual formation even in our church required reading assuming she would be reading absolutely not that I is the back health and the Omega Doctor Kellogg the Omega is not just the supernatural it had much to do with administrative authority that Ellen White called the kingly power it seemed that leadership back then was beginning to feel that they had the right to usurp the motives and convictions of the pastors to evangelize and assert will they felt like you know now you need to do this what will you need to do this program or that program I and he is what's happening in the danger of this Holy Spirit is more willing to reveal his will to you personally for your life then he is willing to reveal it to someone else day now if Jesus is in perfect control of this Anthony infinitely complex system called the remnant church all around the world I there were things happening that are far beyond our ability to comprehend and when a human being comes along and takes a whole segment of it and says this what would you do what is it to you with the Holy Spirit has been doing with the individual people making this machine work okay doing evangelism as he was leaving them as is the way God leads us the Holy Spirit leads us through our minds okay and I'm not just talking pastors here on talking all of us like when a program comes down from the top and you're told this is what we're wanted to do that's wrong if a program comes down from the top and all the pastors get together and what experiences this is a good idea we want to do this Wednesday and I'm not saying that you can't do it that way I went the people involved will have to be in agreement and say this is a good plan and when we prayed about it and we feel that the Lord is leading us and we're all convicted yet let's go forward with this work that's great I that spring but when administrative authority update says what are we doing this when pastors are objecting and say I wanted to let right now nine a number of our conferences and I have passes calling me say one which I know how much of a do you know which and they do sacrifice their paycheck and said on the ability to do that's what's happening people are losing their jobs over the fact that that they convicted that God wants them to do this but something else is coming down from top like a friend who called and said I've been told I have to go to Willow Creek is a three months ago six months or more after the church took a stand at the General conference level saying we made a mistake in sending out passes through the Willow Creek well here's a conference that's sending the fastest Willow Creek three months after that decision was made and the junior Ted Wilson say don't go outside the church and find speakers out there bring them in and out and yet it's just every day of our leadership is talking about inviting pastors to Tony Cohen who else they just keep coming in they just keep inviting them in spite of what the general conference president said in spite of that LOI has said and counselors not to do that see this is the Omega is a part of the Omega Ellen White's grandson it was Arthur is Arthur the son of the grandson grandson and I dig was in nineteen thirty five that he wrote and I have this letter he wrote one aspect of the Omega was there would be you said that her grandmother was had mentioned or was afraid that one aspect of it would be there would be a movement within the church to take the authority of the General conference away and take over I was the only other thing that Ottaway mentioned that he had about the Omega the people writing visit this is a bad liberty visit adhesive the only thing that he remembered aside from what Ellen White Rose that we will be having writing which were to talk about here was that there would be a movement to usurp the authority of the general so that you know when the General conference president has given us counsel and said don't do this back is that conference presidents going on this anyway that's coming serving the authority I guess I'm if not is not how this committee voting it but it is the person who we put in charge of their as we trusted him right we believe that I know this on the dog he saw the article respect to write the day yet even elected going backwards instead of forward so there is it an element in our church that does not want to hear what the Spirit of prophecy teaches and you are very fortunate sitting here at this meeting this weekend we really are young this is the group you are the group of young people that the owner oneness church and one with a church that would be like in ten years now and all we can have administrative offices are we not we definitely not when you can buy and sell right not only anything so I knelt on the only fellow I wrote we need not the mysticism that is in this book those who entertain mean these sophistries is false teachings will soon find themselves in a position where it is supposed to be achieved before he went to enemy can talk with them and leave them away from God a part of this omega will be the supernatural element where people apparently hear Jesus talking with them what you know that's exactly what happens very often when people go into the silence now that's where they meet with the presence of God that's what this is all about no slight I do something by I performed some method that I have learned and it calls gone into my presence while as a power for human being or have visited anytime I want I can call God into my presence and he'll talk with me to see you see the danger listening has not told us that we can do that not exactly I mean you know it's a little confusing I know that God knows every single thought I have all the time always busy never a time when I'm not in his presence it's as if I was the only human being in existence this is the infinite God we serve we can understand that the net effect I'll know how many times is that how can that be how can they be being like that will there is these incident and he is the way that he has told us he is accepted believe it I don't try to make him into something you want him to me because that's what the advocates of spiritual formation of the they created a system that has results that see their human desires of the way they want to relate to God and it's not the way God said he would relate to them that's the danger this method is always the danger of mysticism you know you can define mysticism as any method that brings you in contact with the divine direct contact with the divine that's mysticism so when anybody ever comes up with some method orders repeat this Bible text over and over and heard that until word pops up that you are being taught by Adventist leaders in different programs in health programs in lots of different programs if it's like it's just been accepted for this works you close your eyes and real quiet and you say a Bible text over and over and over and eventually one word will be emphasized in your mind that's the word God wants you to focus on he has a message for you about that not sustain select run that is as soon as you begin to perform a method to come in contact in a special way with God Satan will be right there to make sure takes place because you committing the sin of presumption by doing that since they were saying it's a little little little tricky to understand but are you with me okay this is really important because it goes back to the same thing that I said before that you know you were trying to make God be the way we want them to be in with the right to do that we are the fallen ones preachers and God has given us the Bible and he is told as a netbook how he communicates with us through the prophets through the word of God to nature is there properly to meditate absolutely medicate to meditate is to think to go into the silence of contemplation is the absence of thought I was very tricky they use a great word contemplative prayer and how you define contemplative prayer the absence of thought in the semi- contemplations and he doesn't know the absence of thought is what the mystics and astrologers and psychics and spirit mediums and witches have been using for five thousand years to communicate with demons that's how you do it the Lord kept me in the five years studying this stuff so that when it took place in our church I'd say wait a minute here silence I know about the science I just wasn't a Christian you see when a Hindu and does the silence they may have a vision of their guru levitating in whatever religion you are saying is going to give you an experience to help increase your belief in that false deceptive religion the way it works and that's why we are so fortunate to have the spirit of prophecy so forth okay I get ten more minutes before we have to stop Iraq is represented to me that the writer of this book is on a false track have you lost sight of the distinguishing truth for this time always an answer in the next verse five the next statement he knows not whether his steps or tending this is the problem this is where people wind up who keep fully around with something that they could have learned was dangerous if they would've taken the time to look into the spirit of prophecy but because they refused to do it knowing that they would find something that would tell them not to do it because I tell you folks all of the leaders that are into this vein no because we have been in touch with them for years about this no matter what is said in any article you read somewhere that we should talk with them first first of all when a heresy is being preached from our pulpits around the world I don't have to travel around the world to speak to every one of them whose preaching heresy right I don't nobody does you stand up and you getting your pulpit in you preach the truth by Matthew eighteen was meant for keeping unity in the church in local church group so that gossip didn't ruin people 's lives is not talking about heresy in the charts like this nobody brought this teaching to the church and said should we do this now I just thought of doing it and now with all that we should go to them individually this is what I've been told by the leaders of this group are you using the wrong methods you know God would have you come and speak to us first about this so that you can understand what we're teaching we written letters e-mails no phone calls over and over and over I have twenty letters sent to the leader of Spears of formation we will program enhances your and yet it said in this review article couple weeks ago nobody and became talked with missing yesterday and feel out my number and article in review like you don't want talking about that was handed out ASI came out last week it was an interview of three teachers and Andrews to talk spiritual formation by a person who is also a teacher of spiritual formation okay that's fine tell us which believe what you doing but when you ridicule those who have attempted to expose the era in which a doing woman you have to give us a chance to respond I next the weakness of that article it's just an article that's filled with things that people said but if you really want to know what those people believe Google women Google their names and look at what they've written in bigwigs of the silence and they practice this mysticism I asked if they say that how they fit in the article but after they say and think that they written and their involvement with the following churches is pretty incredible considering taking what they teach and bringing it into our church and sang this is this is how we should no work things out for no I'm sorry integrity is needed I buy leadership when they write an article in the review for all of us to read and I would just challenge since I'm sure that many of us at some point challenge them to allow those who are attempting to expose the problems with spiritual formation him them a voice in the review that the only fair thing to do since we were ridiculed in the article and pointed to as not having done the right thing but think that would be fair I so it's all yours I'm not there do it you need to do it okay and and you should should I think people know people are church should stand up and say look if this was done this way it should be done now this will this is the only fair way to do it fine with them is that the Republicans as we read I recognize LMI speaking I recognize the very sentiments against which I had didn't I had been bitten to speed in warning during the early days of my public labors when I first left the state of Maine was to go to Vermont Massachusetts Massachusetts to bear a testimony against these sentiments living Temple contains the Council of these theories I knew that the only who would follow in a little while and I trembled for our people she trembled what it must've been something pretty powerful Mike Trimble she sought all admittedly though she did use that would tremble off as meaning is really no upset startled whatever was read on the people of God ought to guard carefully against the seductive influence of the deceiver they are to hold firmly to the truth which called them out from the world this is what this meeting is all about movement going back and taking hold of the elements of our message that we have lost sight of in so many ways I called them out of out from the world and let them to stand as God 's been nominated able is no doubt that the spirit of prophecy points out that we are gods and nominated people it's the truth and Satan knows just how to destroy us get us to mingle with them always had thousands of years of practice and doing as we always is always our one the alpha these are elements of the author by the way this is all it's in here and I do have about seventy five of these with me we'll see how far they go tonight but if you would like one will be available it would lead astray the minds of those who are not thoroughly established in the foundational principles of present through his life so important John is why I know I love you my friend when I move next to John lupines over here the first time I met immediately great controversy anything a prophet wrote this on to tell a story in the next hour of how God used that because I wasn't ready to read another profit it was all not a prophet and a alternative that story but that's exactly what the Lord wanted to have it would undermine the fundamentals of our faith this is what the output did it is the teaching and doctrine of devils the Scripture when used to substantiate the doctrine set forth in Scripture this applied to what were doing here is where looking at what the offer was this is what Ellen White wrote about the outcome we know this is true then we can apply this to the Omega but then this morning we don't know about we have to imply I is spiritualistic theories regarding the personality of God followed to their logical conclusion sleep away the whole Christian economy that's a difficult one to understand and one that I carry around with me for a while until the Lord opened my mind to it again that's the next hour to talk about that what the the theories regarding the personality of God when eloquence talking about okay they make of no effect the truth of heavenly origin and while the people of God of their past experience giving them instead of false science I am the Alpha Rob what was I guess you how many minutes does it just don't write what was there and just get through let's go down the last one year day it will delude those not willing to heed the warning lights that it is those who would not heed the warnings God has given this fall into the Omega deception and that makes it so obvious as if you want to escape the Omega deception team the warnings that God has given us in the spirit of prophecy see the spirit of prophecy is right in the heart of this whole thing in the same way that the prophets in the Old Testament will write in the heart of Israel it was always a rejection of the prophets have led to apostasy whether same thing today I bought you talk in the next hour about some experiences from his overheads members share some experiences of how this book came to be and in doing that and so one of these questions I was just our heads when we thank you for your love and thank you for truth and we know that some of this is not the easiest for us to understand that we just prayed the Holy Spirit would open our minds and help us to see and discern truth from error right from wrong large more than anything may we have your heart is a new heart and really love to divine selflessness I share with you forever and ever Jesus this media was brought in by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I like to know more about our universe as Moore asserted in www. audio tours .org


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