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The Omega of Apostasy, Part 2

Rick Howard


Rick Howard





  • September 3, 2011
    4:00 PM
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begin with prayer and the mullah stops to know some interesting exploit radio presence this institute be here then your spirit would give us understanding hot lead and guide us as we search for truth in our lives and as we search for the work that you've given us to do in Jesus name amen I really appreciate the message last night and all that we have to know where we are in history in order to know what to do I did was Luther who said he knew the end was infinity for at least three hundred years so he knew he didn't have to go out and warn everybody Jesus is coming soon you didn't have to do that because he knew where he was in history and that's what prophecy is for us not to predict the future it's in no way you are today because that defines your ministry it really does and today we know that Jesus is in the most holy place and the atonement by the way continues people look back two thousand years and they say the atonement was complete now it was not what's happening in the end in the most holy place today we're told in the spirit of prophecy is just as important and is just as a part of the atonement as was his death on the cross so the atonement is going on okay or no other Christian church has that you and most Adventists don't have that you as a habits study in the spirit of prophecy and learned that his wife even know the for theology comes along and is accepted in the church down to the extent it was accepted twenty five years ago that the atonement was complete did nothing nothing is really happening in the most holy place we misinterpreted those effects in Hebrews set I tell you Satan wants to take the message that we have I was telling some folks here and destroy it because he knows when we give the message that God has for us to give his life 's so he is frantic to prevent us from accomplishing our goals his whole life is focused on stopping the seven-day Adventist church from giving the message to the world that we need to get it is windy weather that you hear our name out there are not everything he does is focused on us as he knows we are the ones in the message we have to get which is the message of righteousness by faith it is right it is a cooperation in that Angel was pointing to the notes of the sanctuary in heaven and answer when he said in Verity you know it was an angel was pointing to the temple in heaven with Jesus was standing when that answer was given it is the message of righteousness by faith righteousness by faith is cooperating with the Lord in the most holy place in his ministry right now the temple of God is open in heaven Revelation eleven nineteen ago that the tax that's the central text of the book of Revelation the temple of God was opened in heaven and the arc of his covenant is seen this is everything Christ ministry in the most holy what's all about so anyway okay I will share I think more stories as well we don't need overhead the first one I mentioned about Ken Holland business kind of the story of this book because it's so miraculous and so many ways and I want I want you folks to see that we could understand this is not about me this book it really is not like I said on the writer but the Lord had to do this and so many things took place I share the first story with the with John on movies and how the Lord used Danny streamer I know Danny was he was doing all of this without me ever speaking to him never never met the man of night but he got involved in the way that he got involved and was the one responsible for having the book actually come out and go back to Hilton head is in those ten years and can telling me make you a book about this and it was specifically about spiritual formation was about spiritualism just because the experiences that I have and the ten died out seven years ago maybe it was about a year later and I was in my office on my knees praying is praying and all of a sudden out of nowhere comes Rick the government book about this video unless a lot to what was I was a voice or whatever but it didn't it didn't originate my mind you know I think I knew that God was telling me I have to do this I why don't I started doing my best that morning I went and I got my notes and books and files and everything my desk is piled up like this and start and go through things you know in wondering with what is it exactly owns God one to write about this whole no spiritualism in our church you know and the Alpha and Omega and so many walks into the foyer of the church I hear them and then I see flashes and taking pictures I sent to myself that I could get up and go out and drink these people I do want to keep studying I finally got I finally got involved studying the subject but I went out there and I met these folks and visit our beautiful church of you mind if we walked around and took some pictures in it also I show them are a little bit and told them that I would be in the office of the one to come by needed anything and they went around Toronto ten fifteen minutes taking pictures I'm in there sitting at my desk studying and I look up and here is one of the ladies there were two couples that came in one of the ladies is standing in the doorway with her hand up on the door jam like this just got a look at me and I look up and I knew which was thinking conspicuous in my desk you will thought the same thing that I need to be committed somewhere but it out she said would it and I said well actually started to study to write a book that's long overdue she says what's it about and I said well not thinking she would know what was about license about the Alpha and the Omega and she says all we need a book about that and she walks over puts a now this is my name is so-and-so and I'm the vice president of Pacific press well I okay to ten years and on the very morning that I finally start writing this book this lady then spent the next hour and a half with me just telling me what I needed to know about writing a book in the Adventist Church no and she knew can island was great friends with Canada is the first time he ever set foot Mister and she was passing through from London to California and she just stopped and held my and walked into this church on the very morning to see how I knew Lord really wants me to write this program this was like edification that I needed so time went on and maybe it was a year later and I'm writing and I'm getting concerned because I'm all alone doing and saying to myself you know your am writing this book I've never written a book before nobody knows who recovered his and to bring a message like this to the church that this is great deception being taught at the seminary in a like quizzes than twenty years ago at LA I realize that no God that has to be others when you bring a message like this to your church is not to be through one person on a profit you know you misread that truth around and I know from the spirit of prophecy this is the way the Lord doesn't know I'm it wasn't just William Miller there were people all over the world it will coming to the same inclusions I'm not how God works so I pray and I said I have to know that there are others out there that it's not just me doing this you know you must be speaking to other people 's hearts in our church about this deception and I said you've got to have them contact me and Lord you'll have to have been contacting me I'm not making one phone call I have to know that this is you so I'm not better reach out and try to find anybody that was the deal with her neighbor God and I knew in my heart it was not presumption I needed it it had to be that way because if I started making phone calls I can find people that believe anything I wanted them to believe that's what usually happens to know people who have some false teaching they try to find someone else to get on a side note I'm going to I should like if you're speaking to other people in this church have them contact me the next day the first phone call it was amazing facts it was a woman who worked for amazing facts who was calling me to tell me about a Bible study interest in my church that's what they do and out of nowhere she starts talking about what's going on in her church and what's going on this is not the Baptist Church by the way what's going on in our church was that her pastor was into spiritual formation Jim brings a subject that and I say when you know I'm actually writing a book about that in WordPress Meetup really hope that while the next thing I knew is that she wound up calling some other people who went up calling me who also are studying this already letters conference officials and within two weeks fifteen people I would guess all across the United States wound up calling me Herb Douglas Jack Blank told Tompkins you X president of the Mid-America Union okay the people who were writers and authors wound up seeing copies of my manuscript that I had sent to a couple people and wound up getting to them and they were calling me to support me saying where it is also and when we all got together through e-mails and phone calls those people who were authors said now I realize why I just didn't feel oppressed to write a book about this the Lord had me writing the book it was like evidence to all of us that God 's hand was in this whole thing he had me write the book he had John with him doing which is how many of you heard John Wikipedia I John has written he is so knowledgeable about this and he has been in touch he's the one who wrote letters to the people at the seminary back and forth back and forth they knew all about how we felt about this they have been spoken to about they have been given the spirit of prophecy verification that what they doing is a deception but they know it and I've been told about it and they've been written to live and talk to some amount what you hear that's the truth it is the truth is these people that I'm mentioning here they have all been in contact you know Joel Thompkins is been in contact with the seminary with people he knows there and he has talked about the danger of this that they should not have it on a program at Andrews for three years now three years after the people to come up in an interview and say nobody ever talked to us about this it's just not right it's not like what's happening today and I can speak about this because now is the time God has chosen this time for this deception to be exposed so no speak but I think it out and my dear wife came up and said Italy talk about our students and your right was the direct yelp stand up and classes that are not to do that you say I have a question do it the glass and you go to the professor and the same look we're not supposed to be doing you know when he keeps doing it then you stand up and bless the anyway but you know what I mean I tend to die I can very easily fall into that and now stopped and I have to catch myself visit this way Jesus would do it and Jesus would not do it that way he would talk to the teacher at the appropriate time and then have been talked with ministration has to know that is no reason why any of our students B should be subjected to have to read something that the spirit of prophecy warns us not to read okay I should not so in one of our classes that that's offered all schools are where was I really will affect him yes they were being told when the issue was raised in a why we you will will lose thirteen screwed up so that we know how the enemy works at salt and also that we know that the errors that are out there are young ministers should know there is that are out there there's a lot behind that that I have problems with the first of all should I then go to a spirit medium to know how they work when you draw the line will malign has already been drawn in the spirit of prophecy we been told not to read that kind of material or investigate that stuff we don't have to and you know we have testimonies of pastors who did that very thing you know and wound up believing it and left the church over it so it is a very dangerous thing to do and my feeling is yelled at the leadership in our schools need to be careful and they need to investigate things first before you start taking the subject is a subject invented by Roman Catholicism it's their baby they made it okay and the purpose they made it does on page one hundred and ninety and here are rated to religious Institute this is Pope John Paul II in his most informative and of his last apostolic letter so this is law this is proof in Roman Catholicism religious institutes of the contemplative end of the active life has so far played and still do play the main role in the evangelism vision of the world you have one I read that I had read it again I said what was he saying contemplative spirituality spiritual formation plays the main role in the evangelization of the world that what we knows that happen at the end of time the whole world wonders after the -based whose deadly wound was we know that that's our message when getting a warning message is a part of the three angels message to the world they roam is about to take over the world again and where helping by teaching the main pool the money used in our school is little strange which is if you don't say that's why I said Lord you've got to bring this book the timing and everything when you are ready for our church to hear it because let's face it no was at say that says our seminary is teaching a Roman Catholic course that the Roman Catholic Church plans to use to win the whole world back to Roman Catholicism that contains mysticism our seminary students asked what it says and that's the truth so that's what's happening it's got to stop with face it it's got to stop and God has chosen now is the time to expose it so people who are fighting this now who would been teaching at and are advocates of spiritual formation as they go to have to come to the place where they realize that their efforts are futile in their fighting against the Holy Spirit they really are I mean either this is the Holy Spirit that where all involved with right now port Saint in the world the save if you're in agreement with what were talking about here if you said no if you believe what Pope John just said that that spiritual formation is the main tool that the Catholic Church invented and will use the win the whole world if you believe that you said it was leading us giving us this information is of God or were being misled by site we have to not only alternative how I know this book is filled with the spirit of prophecy to back everything whenever I talk to the advocates of spiritual formation they won from the spare parts they never use it but they criticize the messenger that speaks loud and clear to me I don't Elle a wife and said the same thing hesitate to let you what I do is of the devil and Satan orbits of God is no in between and she's right because she was being accused in the same way you know that you read about the spirit of the know some Stepanek demon or something like that she said look if it's even what either the testimonies are of God 's goodness of God was a single one of you and know we each one of us have to discover that for ourselves we have to become convinced of it ourselves all right so God let any little these people thought we had the master group of people many leaders in the church they're all involved in exposing this deception was exactly what I needed at the very time that I needed then life goes on and down I I had this experience one night where though probably a year and a half later to be and I got up in the middle of the night which I do every night I pray in my heart was broken how could so many leaders in our church fall into this I'm really talking about educated men and women who have study cohead access to the spirit of prophecy you know who is going through the seminary and yet they fall into this deception that is so easily identified if you just take the time to look into the spirit of prophecy why Lord why you at and I said to myself in my own minor I pray and I said this is this is rebellion why are so many of our leaders involved in rebellion that was the last word came out of my mouth rebellion and I got up and I sat down I open the Bible is and I don't recommend this but it just happened this time in OpenGL sometimes the Lord leads is that way it opens to Isaiah chapter thirty and I start reading I imagine it's not just great the last words across my lips as rebellion I get up I sit down question is why woe to the rebel yes children saith the Lord symbol you know okay this is when talking about that they take counsel but not of me that they called it that they convert with the covering but not of my spirit that they may and sin is sin then walked to go down into Egypt and not as admire mouth to strengthen themselves in the strength but strengthen themselves in the strength of viral antitrust and shadowed Biju Notre Dame it's a battle to these leaders and God 's church didn't trust in God they went back to Egypt for counsel that's exactly what has happened in the seventh administer and I asked the question why God why because they gone back to Babylon the Council and it accepted what they've heard and on our teaching it in our schools but don't forget the Lord permitted it I'd seen is the one who's in control of all of this he allowed it to take place will be upset with him don't be upset with the church okay the church is not yet without spot or wrinkle we headed that way and what's taking place is meant to get us there that's the whole idea he permitted this to take place because it's driving us to study new data check out what you're hearing right him right now this is the truth because you are stuck between the teachers in our schools and record what he's saying right now who's right whenever new medical practice study what is permitted it's this kind of thing that will bring revival and Reformation in the church videos of the residence they were all ashamed of the people that could not profit them think about that is exactly what's happening people in our church are ashamed of our church they don't want to be peculiar they don't have to answer how could God be leaving of people who made such a mistake in eighteen forty four of folk about that car I would then it says this for the Egyptians the Egyptians shall help in vain and to no purpose therefore have I cried concerning this their strength is to sit still and listen to this now go he thought is the Lord telling Isaiah now go write it before then in a table and noted in a book you via readings in the middle of the night you know I is answered my question this total job you have to obviously this is Isaiah but in a easily gone we want to know how God speaks to us I use voice I read the Scripture art and the words of Scripture are speed this is speaking to me it may not mean anything to you present I'm writing about I put it meant something to me this is how God speaks to communicate suis and it's not because I sat down and said okay God Heinemann into my centering prayer now and then you have the commune of coming to my presence speak to me with a controlled idle control and he's got a same today as yesterday and as he will be tomorrow is changeless since he's told us how to speak with him and communicate with them that we would study the word of God only we learn from the lessons of nature by Anne and we meditate think on spiritual subjects we think about God about truth and believe from one thought to the next to the next to the next and God will see us thought that will always thought it is good thank you Lord for answering my prayer it's not being thoughtless in the silence that is opening your mind to the same place the mystics and spiritualists have been going for five thousand years telling the truth I know it know it and it's not just in the false religions of the world Henry David four oh one Whitman these are public 's word mistakes of their own right with God and Jesus but they enter the silence all the time matter fact I read Walt Whitman's description of the silence after it happened to me I can't believe what I'm reading it was the exact description of the experience I had when I went into the soil no and when I went into the silencer wasn't it was it was different then the experience that people have in spiritual formation I went to Silas were I saw everybody else's thoughts of course it wasn't really their thoughts it worked it was demonic agencies we thought all forms the meal looked at thinking that this is what these people were thinking and that's the way noting psychics working on a new unit was psychic or something and they say hey I can read your mind and the children which were thinking about and you will guess that is what I was thinking about and it looks like they have the power to read your mind but was really happening is they have a familiar spirit who has the power to put slots into your mind Satan can't read your mind but he can interject slots into your mind so wanted Damon puts the same thought into your mind and the one who supposedly has psychic abilities and then he says you were just thinking about this and you know you're right I was it looks like he has the power to do that he doesn't utility notes he has a familiar spirit agreement school gave him the thought and gain you the same thought to make it appear as if he could read your mind to follow that's how all of this stuff works astral projection when people go out of their body and legal antibody and they see something that was actually taking place and then they wake up and they say I was just over here and this is what happened and when they check it out sure enough that's exactly what happened but the person didn't leave his body Satan created a little dream in this film appear in your imagination we have dreams he made him see what was taking place making him think he actually went there and observed it didn't go anywhere a demon was re-creating what was happening there in his mind and when he said I saw you doing this and this and this is nice is exactly what I was doing but he didn't yet young sailor and say it's a truck it's him the demons deceive people into thinking that they have supernatural power we have no supernatural power none all these people who basically needs and read minds it's all a familiar spirit it creates the pictures in your own mind making you think you're seeing something because you went there you can go there he just re-created whenever it is just saying in that imaginary part of your mind when you create pictures he can control that and you know that's the way it all works and if the same thing with with Hindu moves and great mystics of all time this the experiences that they had supposedly where they experience the divine you know I had these mystical occurrences it's all a deception that was created in their own little head right up there making them think that that's what happened to them by a demon I know supernatural power we don't have any so anyway it was a hard one for me to learn as I thought that I had that power and then I had to choose between Christianity and that I would be getting all of that up if I became a Christian but the Lord led and I wanted holiness more than I wanted supernatural power in this way God led me out of it so folks know the truth and purity and holiness that should be your goal I and I always I was think of one thing I know I've said it always sticks with me it'll be those who lose themselves in working for the salvation of others that will gain ultimate victory is the only way to get there if you think that you can be a monk or not involve yourself in soul winning and being victory over sin fully dissolved you have to lose yourself but as you grow to know Jesus you will be able to do anything else that's if you wanted to share all the time now expects the spirit of Christ it's a ministerial 's evangelical spirit that does not share this with people it also you be doing something that you love and if you don't love it that speaks to you about your own spiritual condition you have to come to know Jesus better because his spirit in your heart will drive you to witness but that's other to get up this morning which I never got to talking about we overcome by the word of our testimony that's what it's all about we overcome because getting our testimony and sharing it with others is the only way for us to gain victory in our own lines we lose ourselves in helping them be saved otherwise with focus on ourselves all the time trying to overcome sin it doesn't work that way involved in solely all right okay so God let us all together then I had this experience where the Lord just showed me to show me you know their rebellion rebellion and that I knew it was rebellion because of this experience Lord help me to understand the same when it's all about and I was driving an hour to go to prayer meeting I pleaded with God Lord help me to understand you know why these people are involved this way what it is and not as ongoing thinking what is this no here we have people who should know better who have it right there in the spirit of prophecy telling them warning them not to get involved in these kind of things yell but if they do it anyway as soon as this is not like it's not like you and I get up in the middle of the night just where lusting after gallon ice cream or something you know and we just were overcome you know that we go and we get the ice cream we eat the whole thing where are lower carnal nature to control of our will is not like that it's not a propensity over ruling the mind is a decision to do something that they know is not right what is this God rebellion comes into my mind another one of those things wasn't from my mind I rebellion again I thought of I said that that is what is because it's not a propensity is not a passion that overwhelms or will it's a decision to do something that you know the Spirit of prophecy says the two they wanted to it and that's why the same of spiritualism in the Bible is the same as those which is rebellion is the same as witchcraft I because witchcraft is one of those things where you know you're doing something wrong now you know what you're using a power LII know this good beaches and all that but the face of when you do witchcraft you know that your hooked up with some kind of supernatural power and is it Jesus no so you know you doing something and that's what this is all about and that's why in the name of the book the Omega rebellion I thought of the other names that were in existence effects added it explains why so many people they just can't they will not seek they will not consider it with a doing is not right I know that for a fact because of the experience I've had as I've share this with people who were involved with this and don't want to hear what the Spirit of prophecy says in a new is a text to hypertext a statement that only a that I knew was significant that it meant something to this whole subject of my share this with you to and again in arm praying Lord help me to see where this is coming from and the statement is this no one has the right is very interesting no one has the right to speculate about the personality of God or where his presence is located in a very interesting statement in the Nolan has the right to speculate about the personality of God that's really because the way we use the word personality today is well character when we get me really isn't the same as character knowing what that person is like is it wrong to wonder what God is like I never thought it was so I had trouble with that I do what I did was I went back to the dig in eighteen twenty and the women Elimite with the music Noah Webster's dictionary and I look the personality and the explanation of particularly see all the notes that you passed back and forth I would like to see when this is over I'll write a book about it but anyway and I do the same thing the word on the effect is that it is just funny when you're out there you Watson you want to know notes go back and forth you know anyone know what the right about that anyway it's okay so I can embarrass people and sorry and you are using I was myself by doing those so I looked up the word personality in this eighteen twenty eight dictionary and it says the destination was more or less the personhood what makes God of being that's not the way we use the work they had to do it like the essence of his life what makes him an individual and that's what LOI was talking about when she said no one has the right to speculate about the life of God know what it's like where he gets it from you know his personhood in other words you understand what I'm saying is not the easiest concept but then I thought I said I'll alright and then the other part of that statement or where his presence is located because the two are connected when we believe about God his life force whatever it's like and how he can be here or there by its own what I know what to say none of us have the right get involved in that area legally this certain things about God that we should just not touch and if you do he led astray absolutely led astray if you insist on looking into those areas many led astray will know this explains so much to me and helped me to understand danger of the silence and spiritual formation and contemplative prayer to pray a prayer that you know results in God 's presence coming to you is in violation of that statement nobody has the right to speculate about the presence of God we relocated this goes even beyond that I'm going beyond that I'm controlling his presence in the location of his presence by what I'm doing you understand the danger in this it's making God into your God the way you wanted to be and that is exactly what Ignatius Loyola did four hundred years ago Loyola and Martin Luther were contemporaries they lived at the same time they both were being called by God they will both convicted of sin in their life Martin Luther went to Scriptures to find the answer Loyola didn't want a prescription Loyola couldn't stand thinking about sin will end on this consequently he couldn't stand thinking about sent guilt here wanting about guilt be ashamed I don't think about that I don't have those thoughts I want to see God everywhere all the time in everything Satan was right there to answer his desire and he had the supernatural experience sitting by the river and he said in three minutes I learned more than I learned in my whole life and God revealed himself to me and he was in everything he was in the trees he was in every person everybody looked at he sought God and you know Ellen White says God is not in everybody God is only in those who are born again and regenerated Satan dwells in the unregenerate heart so here was Ignatius Loyola Saint God and everybody just like Hinduism were all gone you know now is not true and loyal away his way he wrote down these thirteen exercises and incentives spiritual formation is where it all comes from the mysticism of the Roman Catholic Church we'll talk about that next time every sacrament by the way every sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church was put together in order to have a mystical experience it is the most mystical religion on earth Roman Catholicism it really is most Catholics don't know if I but it's true it's mysticism by we got to stop there but I wanted you to see how God led them to this book and brought it out at this present time without stopping and first and then we'll take some questions that I want to let them end the whole thing here so on the spies and have worked for thank you Lord we know that again need these things on a uneasy to be understood but when we should expect them to be easily understood of Satan is using them to be the final deception in our church he knows what to do the Lord give us the wisdom and give us the discernment that we might be able to stay right online we might know the truth we might sing in your arms and loving thank you bless us and is in a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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