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Issues from 1888, Part 1

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 3, 2011
    9:15 AM
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morning and I am really not trying to at least interest you in the events and the circumstances in the history of eighteen eighty eight and three brief sessions throughout this day so that you start at the beginning intermediate is a very large topic you could write a whole book on it and sometimes it seems like everyone who's anyone in ad and is and is already known that but wait we won't be able to encompass everything today and I were going to start with the beginning house that if a person is sick spare prophecy tells us that the first thing to do is to ascertain the true character of the sickness and then go to work intelligently to remove the clause of trying to treat something other than the real cause of the thicknesses of the bad idea to get also to problems at the sensible approach when it comes to physical health I think the sensible approach becomes spiritual health and so were going to try diagnosis first of all unfortunately only makes a fairly simple for us because she's done it for us this is the classic statement she says now it has been Satan 's purpose determined purpose to eclipse the view of Jesus and the Manson look to man and trust a man to be educated to expect help rum man is a serious problem simply put people are going to let you down in one of them I find the best point right if you are noticeably wording there is as educated if you are educated to expect help from man you going to be disappointed when you find out how completely incapable people are when it comes to helping you when you renew the most hopefully as a result that you be disappointed your education you will looking for a better approach like but a statement was on so we will continue for years he says the church is looking for men and expecting much from man but not looking to Jesus and put our hopes of eternal life are centered loving a man is not only a bad idea because man cannot help you in the end but because it takes your attention off of Jesus at what level are no other or another this is probably an obvious idea on this observation to all of us but some you are thinking that nice but what is this got to do with eighteen eighty eight and righteousness by faith and Johnson Wagner all that related stuff well that's what the next is all about how I continued segregation years and therefore God gave to his servants elders don't the Wagner a testimony the present of the truth as it is in Jesus this is huge this is so basic to the history of the last with the band hungered and twenty three years now since eighteen eighty eight that if you run out on this relationship you're going to just be utterly hopelessly confused that's my opinion based not detail here the word therefore the microgram of Damian on okay as a diaphragm support this one's good auto verses of the song is down later against audio verses on correct yes okay okay very good technology so undergoing works every okay no as the Lord therefore what the Lord therefore mean because of what just went before rain game like this the patient was dying of malnutrition therefore the doctor recommended a change in diet present event let me suggest that any explanation of a DVD message that doesn't recognize the basic illness being treated is probably not going to be very helpful oh back to the problem is that church members looking to man instead of looking to Jesus that was a problem vessel she says this was a pre-existing problems therefore God sent me a delete message this was the treatment they got Shelley sent to ministers with a testimony about Jesus and make sense to me if you want people to focus on Jesus you tell them something about usable get their attention right but there's one more point to catch notice of this message of Jones and Wagner 's allies beginning a sentence there the third Angels message includes the blinds at quite an endorsement to say that they are teaching on righteousness by faith was a thirtieth message is a very strong endorsement specimen and administer both and let's read another one of LA 's name is a little more emphatic on this since all of our brotherhood expressed fears that we shall dwell too much on the subject of justification by faith but I hope and pray that none will be needlessly alarm for there is no danger in presenting this document is set forth in the Scriptures if there had not been a re- nest nests in the past to properly inspect the people of God they would not now be a necessity of calling a special attention to it in this evangelical guilt awareness teaching justification by faith just know that much more we read a little bit more now Singer has cast his own dark shadow between us and our God that we may you are not the Lord proclaimed himself to be merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth remember the last quotation from Desmond 's ministers it said Meredith is missing is a German purpose that eclipsed the view of using the amendment made okay so what the request in writing astronomy was an eclipse is when something gets annoying something else right the moon didn't win a son or some such thing LA is using that as an illustration in both of these locations and want to use the eclipse Netherland she says that Satan is cast his own dark shadow that what that means is that GG quaking in one's bank statements including man with Satan 's dark shadow and the other thing that that so we go on getting this quotation again here now she says several have written to me inquiring if the message of justification by faith it is the third Angels message and I have answered no notice the idea that the committee message was the same as asserting this message wasn't just a one-off idea what to do something that has been popping up in a white line when it this was enough of an issue that people were rising to her saying the same thing just the commission justification by faith thirty does not have anything so she has she wrote back and she said it is the thirties as message in their self my question is a sense can you explain how justification by faith is the earnings message on this justification by faith is a pleasant topic you little money from one night and realizes he should not have taken those grapes from the grocery store without paying for them and so he takes his old handful of quarters was at the grocery store patronize grocery man apologizes both on the night and praise for Jesus to forgive him for stealing grapes and Jesus does anybody go to sleep at night with a clear conscience anticipation I think is it not sure that there is nothing I heard last night that there is a development different than what we commonly think of as justification by faith here is to refresh your memory memories little bit if anyone were such a beast in his image right was the end that things get over that not because it's a person ashamed of that because of time here maybe I'm focusing too much on minor details in a big negative but the threat of eternal torment I know it's not economically the threat of forever and ever torments does not sound is pleasant to me as the ID investigation I think the way I usually think of the little disconnect there and for which I help you what is the connection how are they the same thing in the energy how are they thinking that imagine for a moment that you are a raw recruit in the Army you are a private the lowest guy on the total one day your friendly drill sergeant asks to have a word with you and it goes something like this I don't do a very good drill Sergeant compression so racks volume up with you hundred decibels and make it sound much meaner than I can do a video the drill sergeants is on the like this so I take this subtle than you they want more they need to be logged right now to what you're doing now you're dating you are digging their you are leaving and vegetables why are you digging a ditch and then we got been suddenly became clear here the world will be a better place if there was if you personally took on the job of relocating four hundred cubic feet of dirt and rock is that what you're being accused is self-motivated here and now why are you digging a ditch you are digging the ditch because that Sergeant has the ability to make your life absolutely miserable is probably reason enough for most of us truth is you are afraid of that Sergeant wanted to know you with good reason under the circumstances and my dad so he heard these words and should be now I happen think I just lost something as okay the words that were supposed to be there our fear God and give glory to him because of the way that the first Angels message I got I know that fear can also mean respect but you're going to ignore a great deal of Scripture if you want to dismiss completely the idea of being afraid of life is my mistake it's in the interest expense I think I'm left the screen out of frustration if you're going to dismiss the idea of being luckily afraid I'm going to get on his wrong side to dismiss an awful lot of Scripture I think that smart good buzz one of their story the are now enthusiastically digging this ditch you don't really know what's going on with visits for all you know can intervene your grade but your dating drill Sergeant and make your life miserable but that's why you're digging a major walks up to the side of your older and in a little piece of paper doesn't look like much but it must be important because the major is already talking to you and he says will take this logic Smith headquarters forty fifth Regiment envelope on the double will be going you are now running why are you running because the major is even scarier than the Sergeant Kim now about the time that your legs are going to give out on you there is a sudden screech of brakes and the sound of skidding tires what's more gentlemen in the Jeep has for shiny stars on his chest and he says soldier you now about feeling pretty good idea these running out again with the other minor downside is whole situation because all of a sudden he is a buck private who come to the attention of a guy with more rank than you know what to do with it I'm is not a good idea to argue with you why not because he has the power to make your life seem a lot like purgatory and administering believer during the subject so that your energy helps you remember the ditch and a message for Colonel Smith of all you know things to know you can go for a joyride with some general you're going to get old when the Sergeant and the major find out you didn't obey or will you know why not truth is nobody fine sixty because the authority who can hurt you the most is also the one who can protect you from all lesser authorities and that's why the chance over the market abuses for catastrophe the world says what is I always kill you and God said to do that or I will throw you and brimstone that actually qualify as between a rock and a hard place brought is one of those rocks is molten game everyone on earth will show who they trust most who they believe can protect them from the other authority and right there smack in the middle of the time Jacobs trouble saved his most devastating weapon will be the claim that you are too guilty to be said only the faith has been strengthened through life and death conflict over the sealed on the market recently strong enough at that time to believe that Jesus has forgiven his people that's why a message encouraging us to trust Jesus fully in every detail life including justification is the needed antidote for looking to man and trusting man expecting help from man and that one way justification by faith and matchup learning is this media was brought by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is that the www. on universe .org


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