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Issues from 1888, Part 2

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 3, 2011
    12:15 PM
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Moynihan was smooth sliding head some you may be new repairer hours although I have read brief snippets about again he is the second one by the way if you are interested in that sort of thing I'd ask you to come to their chaparral room at the at the breakout session and then to give a generous donation on your Mercer by either the privilege of hearing the other speakers at your leisure later on you or vice versa okay we hoped the question is what another coming out be needed the general conversation eighteen eighty eight is not a simple event understand a lot of people and spend time doing that anything to say that no one has it all figured out perhaps we should not feel too bad about that even Ellen Y two was there herself and obviously had more insight into the thinking of the actions and whatnot of individuals than anyone else she described it like this is a incomprehensible club war so it's no surprise that we have a hard time understanding what all happened back then many things happen and so this is going to be as Isaiah snippet lets you know that Illinois did have many sort of unflattering things to say about the turn of events there we have the spirit of persecution on Christ likeness both ideas first they prejudice and criticism people were out of line they were cultivating hatred of the Satanic work was the latest in church and a good guess that the Spirit of grace this is a problem added nothing else it tells us that there is plenty of attention and literary conflict in the story right now want to focus on one commented on light rail actually I'm about seven months six and my something like that after the Minneapolis office zero this I was confirmed in all I had stated in Minneapolis that Reformation must come through the churches must go through the church 's reforms must be made for spiritual weakness and blindness whereupon the people who had been blasted great life and precious opportunities and privileges as reformers they had come out of a denominational churches but they now have a part similar to that which the church is active we hold that there would not be the necessity for another coming out to talk about her experience in Minneapolis and then also in nature to Battle Creek following in the polling date the conference obviously if the last sentence that catches your attention I what does she mean by another coming out was she really implying that the Seventh-day Adventist church was in danger of losing its standing of God 's unique church was he saying that purer group of believers might have to separate from it well in context and is labored hard to understand that on a convenient way she talks about that they how they had come out from the denominational Judaism of Jesus music that same terminology late onset without there would not be another coming out in fact that's the way the white estate understands the comment when that particular manuscript was used in the book last date you dance they inserted explanatory note which says this is the only non- statement from the Pentagon white indicating that she might have lost confidence in the Symbian missed church organization the doubt which expressed here was never repeated during the remaining twenty six years of her life on dialogue with them I think that's pretty accurate I don't have any forms to make without but there the more the story which we can toss in your you eighteen eighty eight directly through a series of meetings I attend a ministerial incident was preceded the General conference session proper Doctor Wagner Elder Elder Doctor Wagner had his his his presentations on Galatians began during the ten day ministerial Institute and the problems erupted rather quickly coming out of that the on the last day of that ministerial Institute Illinois spoke and she made a very strongly worded statement that indicate something at least a little bit like her coming out statement is made so much later is what she said now speaking to the to the assembled ministers as now this is the last ministers meeting will have unless you wish to meet together yourselves if the ministers will not receive the light I want to give the people a chance perhaps they may receive well that's not exactly the same as the another coming-out comments but it's unusual enough in its own regard it seems to me that she is very like the words you know what she's threatening if you wish to bypass the organizational structure the church to go around the unreceptive ministry and make an effort to reach the rank and file church members directly well in fact expert much but she did for a year and a half after the Minneapolis meeting Alan light travel from place places Jones Wagner holding meetings wherever they seem to be welcomed and there was not obvious resistance and all the time she was doing that dealing with whom much it was a kind of opposition from Battle Creek now in order to appreciate the magnitude of LOI doing what she did in bypassing ministry yet the remember all the effort that she and her husband James had put into trying to get the church organized in the first place organization is one of those things that ideally you don't notice until it goes back and then it's bad guy but if you don't have it all is that okay Sunday passing the time in eighteen forty four until the church was organized in eighteen sixty three was nineteen years that's a long time older than some of the people out here okay nineteen years I went went to every disorganized episode during that time then she knew the value of organization looking back on those earlier days she summed up like this as our numbers and traces of nuclear favors increased it was evident that without some form of organization there would be great confusion in the work would not be carried forward successfully to provide for the support of the ministry Pechanga work in new fields for protecting both the churches and ministries minority members for holding church property for the publication the truth is addressed from many other objects organization was indispensable that Emily Dai organizations no question on that is why it's pretty pretty amazing when she talked about and actually get to some degree bypass angle around an element of that even after thirty years of time from the organizing organizing in the church shows that she had this to say with a hard struggle and establish an organization that so to be seen pulling away from the ministry or by passing the ministry as a class had to be what we would call a big there is not something to be enlightening but evidently because he is one single person didn't do things foolishly on a whim the issues she saw coming out of Minneapolis were significant enough that she unhesitatingly took the route that unit when he said that your half that's important to note it provides a sense of scale and perspective to this some good conversation the whole exploration of a community sometimes gets lost in theology and so quick review that was mistake that got every do a quick review here L White Rose we hoped that they would not be a necessity for another coming out and that's the only time he said something like that but she also spoke of bypassing the ministers and taking a populist approach and affect as many are happening at now here's where it gets interesting it turns out that those he never again spoke of another coming out that was one more situation in which she spoke of bypassing not only ministers but even conference presidents more interestingly it was not something simply that she was going to do something which she said women should she say there is enough wealth in your conference writing them up is that there is enough wealth in your conference to carry forward this work successfully and shelled the Prince of darkness be left in undisputed possession of our great cities because it cost something to sustain missions with those it would follow Christ fully come up to the work even if NBC over the heads of ministers and presidents was talking about here is a failure of some leaders to take up and encourage what she called gospel medical missionary events was in the large cities within our conferences is the same and it's only the first addresses the leaders and rank-and-file church members on the same subject your gospel medical missionary evangelism he says if you feel no interest in the work that is going forward if you will not encourage medical missionary work in the churches it will be done without your consent for it in the work of God and it must mean on my brothers and sisters take your position on the Lord 's side and the earnest acting courageous coworkers of Christ laboring with him to seek and save the lost now there's a subtle indication of the gravity of this issue in the comment there to take a position on the Lord 's argument that phrasing comes from Exodus and Moses talking to the camp of Israel standing also placed in the proximity of a golden calf is and who is on the one side the tribe of Levi came forward and they were commanded to take their swords and go through the gap and slay those who were still attached to the café I'm not suggesting a website about homicide but she clearly placed medical mission work on a very high priority as a matter of interest I noticed that this comment in volume eight and the testimonies and adaptation of a letter to a specific to specific individuals here's how the original looked Jesus time is short and there is a great work to be done if you feel knowledge of the work is going for it you will not encourage medical missionaries work in the churches that he will do it without your consent for this work must and will begin brother blind mother blank mother blank and brother blank in the name of the Lord I call upon you to heal her position on the Lord 's life June be found fighting against the Lord so what he's saying here in a very direct result that the money do brethren blank should say possible medical missionary work if the large side resisting it is fighting against God so now we found two issues that Ms. to measure what my faith as for the medical missionary work let's justified this gold and sanctified insubordination now why why those two peers one for anti- notice go to the bottom of this actually learned is that screen just the second time and regard the bottom of this one the Lord will give you success in this work for the gospel is the power button salvation when it is in woman with a practical life when it is lived and practiced noises last things the union of Christ like work for the body and Christlike work for the soul is the true interpretation of the Gospel righteousness by faith in the gospel the combination of Christlike work for the body and the soul and the singular definite article interpretation of the this media was brought by modern humans a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hot humors will review like this is more certain than please visit www. on universe .org


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