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Issues from 1888, Part 3

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 3, 2011
    7:30 PM
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for a new one last quick snippet in here probably the single greatest question that comes out of the four eighteen eighty eight issue is what happens aloud try allow me to recommend a recently published book by Ron Garfield the title is a return allowed Ryan's is an excellent time I would recommend that highly I'm not going to be covering all the same ground that if you have an interest those are things I would recommend taking a look at it the landmark statements that set us establishes all this is the time of the test is just upon us the loud cry of the third Angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ this is hardening redeemer this is the beginning of the lights of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth day I was eighteen ninety two was published in November of eighteen ninety two I don't know exactly what was written home I was in Australia so one was under there was by them minimum of six weeks prior to that in order to get the bigger the article even over the review this was not the first thing that gave indications that when they may work day and a time limit a lot of son Elijah Tatian that were administered interested in things like this as I wasn't it wasn't hard to believe and that's something might be coming along life 's this comment from Ellen White was different it wasn't just another one of the world is getting Cheryl on as this one was God 's people are doing something right that's in a different category the comment from the length stirred up the pure mindless things and it still does today in its simplest form the basic question is what happened in the lab dried in the basic answers are either the loud cry is continuing today for something stopped so which is it well made approaches to the breath the experience of one individual who was at the Minneapolis conference and better than that it was converted their pretty good thing expressing gasification and conversion in Minneapolis and he was born again after the meeting at Minneapolis Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life Helen is a miss now when she wrote this was like nineteen hundred and right energies and at the general conversation ninety oh three and then what fifteen years on such budget like a commemorative pretty well Doctor Kellogg was murdered man and we could see it raises an interesting question to me at least and that is higher than I was converted like that it was never Doctor John Walker had exactly been the town drunk or anything am in County was the medical director of the center and he was a church member in good regular standing so what was the run after Minneapolis the let them know that he was converted well here's a thought might help us all I wrote while the believer is justified because of the merit of Christ he is not free to work on righteousness faith works by love and purifies the soul fake buttons and blossoms and bears a harvest the precious fruit where free yes good works appear the same I visited the poor are cared for the fatherless and widows are not neglected the negative clothes the destitute are in a statement that's what happens when first discovered in any sense good works appear that's what people who seen Doctor Gallant 's life Doctor Kellogg was not a little idea kind of a guy and so even though by that time he already adopted what manager menu Bibby was raising something like about aging kids at that point he concluded that that Mister probably needed to start an orphanage with anti- win at least two hundred orphans scattered around North America but we have an orphanage so if a cell lines and leaving about an orphanage she said but since you wrote this letter back to Battle Creek since her brother while in Petoskey Michigan I had some conversational your physician in chief in regard to establishing a home for orphaned children in Battle Creek I said that this was just what was needed among us as a people and that in enterprises of its kind we were far behind other denominations that already stories are here and just simply say that the idea of the orphanage didn't get a lot of support it in my bizarre to smaller finance in the home half ways away from the sanitary and with a lot of money coming in Doctor Kellogg was on the committee that was managing editor the Board of Directors whatever it was as I think there was another idea and one along with a juvenile was a home for worthy for but neglected or eight minute neglected aged Adventists that ideology I support them in a remarkable manner something in a never before been seen by the administers the orphanage got a shot in the arm in eighteen ninety two Mrs. Carolyn Haskell came as a gift to the sanitary impressed by what it seems you got to delegate there were any special needs for which you might donate her interest eventually led to a thirty thousand dollars gift given as a memorial to her late husband Fred McCaskill so approximately one hundred children were being cared for in what was known as the Haskell home for orphaned children now Mrs. Haskell and her late husband were Seventh-day Adventists it is goodhearted Christian people Mister Asselin guides and well before it left a sizable sum of money with his wife she was looking for something to do in his honor when she saw the need to the orphanage she said that's the kind of thing my husband would support the game objective thirty thousand dollars nowadays you have no idea what inflation does build that for thirty thousand dollars today well lifting I going to jump to eighteen ninety three now this is a year after the after the donation from Mrs. Haskell VM or the home had been built it was slow starting to operate nicely in February nineteen ninety three was another one of these combined ministerial sessions in general conversation and at the ministerial session Doctor Kellogg gave you are on medical missionary work you have to understand the timing here November eighteen ninety two with the statement isn't allowed try again zero conference in Nashville through both sessions was the case on Aji Jones gave his twenty six part series on the third Angels message and reprinted several times for the most complete expositions of his thought along those lines that he ever had a chance present the idea of the love triangle John was a thrilling event but in the middle of the doll there was one lone cautionary voice Doctor Kellogg was at that point a very very firm believer in Illinois there were those accused of a blue neon light money believe the Bible and e-mails as well as a statement from LA about the loud cry having begun but he had some questions anyways them in his socks talking a medical missionary work he said the Lord has given us here a very precious work to do it is not the whole of thirty does message but it is a part of it you read in Isaiah fifty eight how we can make our light shine if you if thou draw out thy soul the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then shall that likewise in obscurity night darkness is a new day if we want to allow tried to begin brethren that is the place where it is going to begin the loud drive is going to begin with are doing the things the Lord in this chapter says columns before the loud cry the simple point is making any subordinate with what the Bible and lots of spare profs Isaiah fifty eight the great medical missionary chapter winds up to the repairer of the breach those who established the seventh of Turner for the seven thousand and writing on iPlayer they are similarities of Jacob their father but it is up with that and its licensors specifically you do this then this will happen and then there's that you are supposed to do was feed their hungry clothe the naked they can cast out in your home and Doctor Kellogg was saying when it will be done with this wonderful orphanage the weekend that was anonymous reviewers that money on the righteousness of them authority the good deeds of the Lord is telling us we must do deliberate downgrade center that the righteousness of them before that is the way our lightest design if we want the Lord to protect Disney's items apparel that are coming upon us we must be with the Lord says we must do we must comply with the conditions well thought out exactly where it was what it was talking you know what what he was saying annual to whom he was speaking us but that way immediately comment one is that this is interesting the way were distributed and place himself in juxtapositions Ellen White but even he knew what was going on his brother John's may be right in thinking that the time is come for the loud cry to begin but it allowed try has been begun by our people it must be because we have Joss video on to do a little in the way of letting our light shine though it does a little of that weight it seems to me that before the loud cry will make a great noise in the world will have to let our light shine a great deal brighter than we ever have yet done because what works come first the light must shine to these good works before we can be called the repairs the breach and restores as a dwelling for that promise comes after all these conditions well Doctor Kellogg was sounding somewhat on harmonious note that he was challenged twice in the fourth voice said the love tribe has already begun Doctor Dylan responded we ought to be able to show that we are doing with the Lord says should be done first the boy says and have begun until instead this is so gracious then we shall see in this word the Lord tells us must be done begin right away in the next landlord as someone called out don't you think aloud Christ commands not to go unsaid I don't know when presenting the subject of medical mission work from my standpoint there is everything indicated the Lord is anxious that the lab driving into somebody says the things referred to in identity it must first be done and so far the things that been done in this direction have been done by other people not by us Doctor Kellogg is raising an interesting point even frame it many theoretical sort of way but the point is what's the difference between good and necessary to ask us to do things that are good but not necessary Doctor John would say no what is necessary well this is actually now quoting Illinois we have long felt that was among the great Needham and Arkansas we've seen the widowed mother with her fatherless children working far beyond her strength and argue for little ones with or prevent them from suffering for food and clothing mania mother has left died from overexertion and how little has been done by us as a people for this class have we not come far short of our duty we are not doing as much as is done by other denominations when in view of our faith it is a right that more should be expected of us than all others as in anyone that wasn't a long time before this whole thing he raised an interesting question maybe this window when that no right there in a statement now I wrote did not say the right to do I'm trying to get on in a proclamation of the righteousness of Christ it had begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ and you know I think there may be something to that and maybe one of those this is a part of the answer situations rather than the whole answer situations I don't mean to put this in contrast and competitions of speak with every other explanation might be offered you the difficulties coming out of eighteen eighty eight the job is right and I personally will say that I believe is the good works come first maybe we just got something to this media was brought by audio viewers a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hot humors this is more certain than the visit www. on universe .org


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