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The Kyle family loves God, togetherness, music… and you. They live in Colstrip, Montana, where they count and recount God’s blessings and explore what it means to live fully consecrated to Him. Catch glimpses of their journey at thekylefamily.com



  • July 29, 2011
    7:00 AM
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you are wanting I use that to run this place in our hearts open hearts as we look at constipation again this morning we paid it will see our need to see that we need to renew that concentration every single day and today were to do that this morning please be with us and bless this time Jesus I want to start by showing a cut with you at a powerful quote from that I may know him page one fifty five it says their claims of Christ upon our service are new every day however complete mayhem in our consecration at conversion it will unveil us nothing unless it be renewed daily the consecration that embraces the actual president is fresh genuine and expectable to God we had not weeks and months to lay at his feet tomorrow is not ours for we have not yet received it but today we may work for Jesus today we may lay our plans and purposes before him and for his inspection and approval this is God 's day is the way my explore more of all concentrations and I know that most of us here with how the Pistons for many years of our lives and with public concentrate our lives over and over again already like this this quote says its new we need a fresh consecration and very single day it's it we can't consecrate analyzing and so can a Christian now and that's updated it's every single day we must consecrate again and again and again so that we had best fresh genuine experience of God so I did a review for those of you who were here yesterday morning what were doing is where we're looking at in the arm doesn't take my life it's a beautiful concentration were lines that popped out at the four of us really love that sign that the end of the song in the worst is take myself and I will be ever only all family and that isn't bad his disability and insignificant to us and we really see in those words ever only all that they really sum up constipation they describe constipation and so were focusing each morning on those words and explain the deeper yesterday we talked about the enduring aspects of the word after this morning Oregon and explore how warmly fits into the picture of a constipated life Christians that stand by the word only can really say in all honestly in all honesty no one off and nothing else can have my allegiance only Christ can think of the verse in Ephesians four five this is there's only one Lord one faith one baptism one God and father of all who is above all and through all and in you all one guy only one but sometimes sometimes and we somehow think that we can take the place of God we start to chat it may be taken the throne of our own lives and really on this devastating because I will can we be so foolish to think that we could take the place of an all-knowing all wise God our lives are his and so when we tried to take control of our lives were trying to take the place of God really are and he's a ideal anyone that is radio Manchester allegiance the question we want ask yourself this morning is our highest completely his and only has because only gone and asked means victory but only self gratification means defeat so we choosing perfect victory by complete defeat is their choice the total opposite they cannot be combined we cannot get a hold the hand of God and Klingons myself at the same time completely impossible so needlelike of ourselves and as we look at the word ever what do you think the only way you think of when you think of the word only letters the Simpsons for you can think of solely entire and the things that I think of is actually seen Eddie because if you think of what defines purity purity is something that is there's nothing that contaminates or pollutes it here what did you know when they say this is pure maple sat that means this is very enough documented just sheer maples that when we open our lives are only Christ that means it's only got hysteria thing and there's nothing else that contaminates or pollutes in James chapter one twenty seven is that fewer religion and currently filed before God and the father is best to keep himself on spotted from the world to keep himself unspotted from the log that's a pure religion and that's really receded it describes only only Tyson us on this is not only a example of purity that he is accurately in first Peter one nineteen he's described as a lamb without blemish and without spot and never say before that he says that we are redeemed with his precious blood is blood that covers us of your high stress the only means that were clearly has in Ireland it means that we are not saying because he is everything to us like that is filled with God with his spirit is pure because he's pure that's what he longs to see them as his own mass were looking at the word only and consecration and I like to think for a few minutes about God and the way he has committed himself to ask in that way because like we talked yesterday our commitment our concentration is a response to his commitment to ask so think of the word only and God even the best of this world is blemished the very best that we can see around us is a perfect that God is undiluted holiness and righteousness he's thoroughly and entirely good and only got theirs know in him there's no saying there's no sustained no darkness are dirtiness or ugliness that he's only got he's only light and beauty and virtue and love and that's what he wants to fill us with so that we are only those things that reflect him and he wants to suspect that because he wants only I got he wants only what will make us happy and eternally happy he wants only the best stress will bring spiritual growth and success and so as they practice every plan every promise of God is to that end to fill us with his attributes only with good so I wonder this morning one about our practices we know that God seeks only I got do we seek only his glory do we seek only his honor only his approval that's what Jesus did and Jesus as our example he lives only to please his father and see only his father as well the entire life of Christ only to please his father so let's think about the weight really of this word the weight of the word only is Jesus for one moment had chosen to please himself and to choose his own way for even one moment he would've failed to bring salvation to reach and if for one moment he had not been totally and solely and entirely only committed to his father we would have no hope of eternal life so Christ constant consecrating himself ever and only in all to his father it is the difference between life and death are all humanity that that's how big the word openness so when we think of the example of Christ and what we're called to this morning to consecrate ourselves to let him be the only guide in our lives and I think that we we can realize more fully from the example of Christ that if we will live only to please our father is wielded only as well eternal life is ours because consecration to God is light and aside from that though our loyalty is the least we can get in return for his commitments to ask a session talked a little bit about what gods only as just a textbased lanolin eyes is that I'm doing quite a lot more detail on what I only is what our friend is in giving allies only two gosh now it is not his six twenty four you can train and I think he liked Matthew six twenty four is the verse that talks about two masters selected that together okay Matthew six three four no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and man so that versus telling us that we can't serve two masters say that is pretty simple right we can't serve God and someone else we have to choose one of the other now I like to think of it like this if you take a pin and I don't have one appear but if you think the pin and what happens if you if two people try to write with the same came at the same time as it worked very well not yet ratified a him him him him I like to think of our lives we can have two people writing the story of my life at the same time we have to choose one we can either choose God or we can sue someone else but we can't have two people holding the opinion writing this story at the same time so iron our part is to choose who were going to allow to be harassed and iLife because that is that is the important part in all that we need it is we don't choose we really do choose because every every choice we make in life affect our lives in Amy's choice is so important even the smallest ones and every choice we make in determining who were allowing to be a master so it is so important but today we and we think about that and never choosing we want to make sure that every choice we make is is choosing God instead of ourselves so a failsafe at that point even a little further on down title story this story and well in the INF method I miss that man wanted to sell his house and it he will do so for two thousand dollars he found out about a fair price this is e-mail like another country so that the big ability from the nearby city sentence of house for two thousand dollars now this one man came along and he decided Elohim really liked this house he wanted to buy this house but there was one problem he couldn't afford it so he talked to the owner and he was like my really want this house that I can't afford it and all that they went back and bite them back to back and finally they bargained out a price that was satisfactory in the own the original owner said okay all also achieved for half of the price that asking says that it has a nice authority for one thousand nine now on the man that wanted to Princess Basson has a pretty good galaxy exactly bad the owner said the all didn't also see for this price by there's just one stipulation and that is that the owner of this house he said he wasn't going down from the price mismatch and I'm doing it in the receiver half of what I wanted I'm going to do it I'll just keep to retain ownership of of the one small nail purchasing from over the door and you can have their so they agreed that he and the men purchasing a house that anyone from now how big the biggest one from anarchy if you don't do now is not the end of the world unanimously OKs so cute I was a good deal so you have fascinated they are made the deal and the new man and his family offender this half now after several years I don't know exactly how long but an active number of years the original owner of this house decided that he wanted to buy the house back now why I don't know but anyway he wanted but that would be the guy that he is older to was unwilling to sell the house now this is where you get an interesting because the man the original owner wants to buy back the man who has it doesn't want to sell it so what if you do well those the first owner that wants to buy goes out and he found the carcass of a dead diagnosis and growth that give the claimant has contracted for the dead dog and he wanted on his one nail that belonged to him now it soon and very soon the house became unlovable and the family was forced to sell back to the owner of the nail so at the point of my story out today as well the plane is that we can't serve two masters we can't have two people in control I live in the reality is it's simple if we leave the devil with even one small pay in our life he will return every single time to meet with garbage all over the place and that makes our lives unfit to the current habitation so that is that is a really serious size you think about ending the first half running but the thought is is quite serious because you know we think about what is coming one small nail but difference is one male enemy but it can be a matter of life or death in our lives if we if we choose to allow Satan even one pay my life is it can be the difference in life or death threat and so adapt why it's so important that that we choose to be only God and that we that we don't leave any room for anyone else to come in because as soon as we do I mean every every little chance we get when Satan on your head and so we can't we can have that massive unity of the way that God works that he gives us actually we had the gift of choice we have everything and he gives us everything to choose what's right to choose him so we have to give Detroit but the reality is we can only choose one so we still choose that which is one we can't we can choose more than one at the same time and so that that's part of concentrating our last tinnitus is simply choosing to be only hit and it's a simple thing but sometimes they make it complicated but it doesn't have to be if we were one considers and God will take care of that so what it means to live for God is is to first thank all of me and all that is mine all the defines me and let Christ's come in and redefine my life like too likely was saying basically we can live in the middle line where it down once I together and so long on Cassandra I have just a little exercise here for you guys hope to hand out and for your face a foot twelve inches on sign in whatever now look at your hand steadier hand ODC lines wrinkles and basically okay but when you are looking at your hand did you see me why will we looking at okay so why couldn't you look at your hand and me the exact same time start again yeah with the intent okay so now I want you look at your hands but just shift your focus a look in hand okay and then shift your focus and look at me keep them there now it not easier hand nice evenhanded it's blurry right well that's kind of the way it is with our lives and God when we looking at Jesus self basically becomes nonexistent and eighty then you know that when you are looking at me hand you could start out with their one when looking at Jesus ourselves completely disappears it's it's completely gone but on the other hand before looking at ourselves I wish I was seeing Jesus he's completely gone NEDs is just a blurb that we may know he's there but he's not our focus with us what are only is about focusing on Jesus we we don't want anything to distract from him right we don't want anything too damn from our view of him because when we look to him in the full light of the glory of his skin his grace there's nothing that looks and see a lot of times in this life we get stuck on ourselves what worked or study in her hand when when in reality we could be studying the most useful thing will existing in the amazing thing about God is that the more you study and the more there is to study its mind blowing that even throughout eternity there will always be more to study just that the reality of our of our God so we want our lives to be focused on on him another little illustration here come I take pictures and then when I am when I take macros instead of the dragonfly or are some fast-moving will creature it's hard sometimes to follow around you know like Jesus on self-acceptance and as I write money and nowhere did you go over that Hannah the basically you have to chase them down and they land in the neat feed upon them in on get love closer look closer if you want to scam right so one time I was assisted in this dragonfly and I kept getting closer and closer and closer and just as I was getting ready to take the picture I focused and just as a fresh press the shutter guess what happened while he stood there so you would think it turned out great but actually the wind came and blew some grass in front of my license and direct the picture actually that time I was there autofocus and so my camera was like boom right under the graphs while that's why don't use autofocus most the time for macros but it's a lot of signs similar with us again we get distracted on the grass which is to look at the graphs instead of the actual beautiful creature just just beyond and the city I was just an illustration the meals of my life am I looking to Jesus are and my skin caught on distracting stuff in just a finish that story out I did actually get a decent picture after the aftertaste around all the more so we want to be totally completely focused on Jesus that's just basic essence of our life and when we are looking at Jesus then would rather see when they look at us because we were designed to reflect and if we looking at Jesus with the route we reflect Jesus but what if where consumed with the world when we reflect the world yet worldliness so we want to become distracted and that we can only focus on Jesus by what continued Bible study prayer consecration surrendering ourselves to him and then just putting in the practice so taught him not only what about kind Plaxo mention this who's in control of our lives while I got just a little bitterness them off I offer that what you guys think of when you hear the word out of control what what's with an example the case so what if it means to be out of control have you guys ever use the word you say you have what it what it wasted out here I don't know what the struggle is over here but what if we saw some guy just drive a ninety miles an hour down the road swerving all over the place what would you likely response be he's out of control right I mean you know if you just swear Menem but to his staff you can control so in the spiritual sense what does it mean to be out-of-control nondomestic this a little different direction than you probably thinking because he could think yet usually the world 's definition of control is like negative petitioner we don't want to be out-of-control people however the flipside of that spirituality is we actually want to be out of control we want to be out of control in other words we can we could rephrase out of control is being not in command right so Bank and my lives I win control well yet returned to be in control but what is we completely let go what if we stayed Lord I want you to be the commander of my life I want you to be in control just imagine what that looks like that just like that the car that has that the driver in it it's really the driver not the car the cars to subject the driver so when these like with the race cars the victory the driver is really what determines the race so we want our lives to be out of control out of control for God who were no longer erratic people but were Jesus should fill us just think her moment of all that Christ has given us one day you willing to give him this spot in gods and hired that only you can tell there's a work that only you can do and is a joy that only he can get consecration is really kind gift to our and are offering ten if you are excepting his readiness he's ready reading God 's word actually and I believe I can convince six racism today is the day of solvation now the time this morning we want to renew our consecration to guide in a in a deeper way than we ever have before because if were not climbing higher if were not gaining deeper deeper relationships of God every single day than more statement questions and marketing it to heaven so today we want to take that consecration to a deeper level they read another quote here on this is from test nine two page forty eight the position you must come into you is to value salvation gear and earthly gain to count everything but a lot they humanely priced the constipation on your part must be entire God will admit of no reserve and no divided sacrifice you can cherish and no I don't you must die to self into the wild renew your consecration to God daily everlasting life is worth a lifelong pastor hearing and tying efforts a second to this morning as we close we want you to join asks inlaying anything at Jesus feet that is keeping us from being cells with only him so what we wanted to 's we want all of us to say a client turn our hearts and ask God to show us what it is in our lives that he wants to touch for my lives with your clients from us so that we are not contaminated and polluted with anything that had those trainer hearts I will pass out some little papers well I used to enter catalase whenever he lately hides to manage on a piece of paper and let me just assure you this is not to be a public fashion this is between you and God this is that quiet surrender and commitment to the one who is created you to be beautiful in his own image he wants to give you a new heart a new life today Micah seven nineteen tell the Pentagon cast our confess is where to the depths of the sea as of this morning were in a tiny little pieces of paper sealer to give you a rock to that has a string on a even a tiny piece of paper so the rock and SS law of what God does with our sin we have a glass vase appear water and women together and sing those things those things that separate us from God into this classic emulator rejoicing new fresh beginning CID total cutie only Christ in us a new opportunity to look like Jesus and him valiantly hold him up as our only source of real strength and have any JJ thing I now can you imagine a giant attire getting all these things and then saying we won our pure lives I have lives that reflect you so clearly that others look at that even CS they look great beyond me he the beauty of Christ character is not always a desire and this is the stat tour that is giving up the things that separate us giving up the things that contaminate our lives and that having a secure the NFL this is really exciting God 's image amazing things today and through all of you I listen other prayer together Jordan yell at us to heavenly father we've given ourselves to you which is consecrated ourselves this morning again until we pray that this consecration would not be temporary and fleeting but that this would be our habit to daily renew our commitment to you I thank you for this moment that we can share in altogether giving up ourselves and inviting you to take full control of my life 's please come inside and thank you for everyone year who has participated in nice just for your blessing on again on Lulu Jesus thank you so much for being an example and showing ass what it looks like to live only to please our father we pray that today you'll take our hearts in our lives you'll guide every word and every thought so that we will your example we will lead me to do our father 's alarm we pity your phallus with yourself and help us to to reflect only used to the world today so that when they look at us they see you and they know that you are a God worthy of our loyalty or any of our commitment father registering choose you today right shoes to let you be the master of my life and to sit on the throne of each one of our heart we want to not only cheesy right now but will I choose you continuing to the day so that we don't allow anything or anyone else to come between us and you want to be only yours always yours and we just ask the UN working each one of our hearts today and transform us renew less into your entrance into euro and can father we ask that consecration would become the essence of our lives listen us fill us with your spirit hopeless to go from this weekend stronger and you and live in your strength be the people that he wants to be touched the lives that you want us to touch and above all place in us the right kind of picture of your greatness and help us to forget ourselves alone consume us in your work a plus to be the ones that bring the kingdom reaching out to those around us anoint me just ask you to be the driver of our lives we want you to be in control you with us today send your grace on its inches


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