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The Kyle family loves God, togetherness, music… and you. They live in Colstrip, Montana, where they count and recount God’s blessings and explore what it means to live fully consecrated to Him. Catch glimpses of their journey at thekylefamily.com



  • July 30, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him good morning when oasis open .org for my father thank you for the Sabbath day we invite your entire lives and into our hearts and we ask for consecrated lives to you Lord we wanted to dedicate all of us to you your cause in your glory and we ask that will come to understand a little bigger picture of all you've given us those with experience and send your presence to to glow with us and ennoble our minds to think higher thoughts of you and Jesus okay so we talked about ever right on Thursday morning and then yesterday we talked about only well now in talk but all ever only all and I think I mentioned that back on Thursday but really these three words sum up consecration it basically covers all the different aspects and of course at one hour for each is not really art forty five minutes for each is not really enough to cover everything but we just pray that that we would get a low bigger glimpse of student talk about all and I'm sure we all know what that means when when we say the word all in it probably means something like the greatest possible or once whole interest energy or property another definition is whole we really and completely so we all have a general understanding that well tonight a consecration do we really have a grasp on what what are all means and what God 's will needs and when we look at it like the greatest possible or wholly entirely and completely what is that sufficient we had we want to Iceland take a look on moment to to look at God 's all because like I said yesterday the greatest definition for things spiritual Scott and so I want to go back in time to the emerging days of the human race clear back to read after adamantly sent okay and only writes this this amazing amazing paragraph that I just wonder e.g. you and basically what were looking at here is God 's all what he's given us so this is red after Adam Rooney sent by eating the forbidden bin fruit and Alan White tells us this sorrow filled heaven as it was realized that man was lost and the world that God created was to be filled with mortals doomed to misery sickness and death and there was no awareness of escape for the offender Jesus countenance had an expression of sympathy and sorrow he approached the exceedingly bright light that enshrouded the father the anxiety of the Angels of with intense will Jesus with communing with his father three times the glorious light about the father sent him in and the third time he came from the father this person could be seen his countenance was now call free from all perplexity and trouble and shown with benevolence and loveliness such as words cannot express he then made known to the angelic host their way of escape had been made for lost man he told them that he'd been pleading with his father and had offered to give his life as a ransom and take the sentence of death upon himself and through him none might find Parton but to him that though them through the merits of his blood and obedience to the law of God they could have the favor of God and someday be brought into the beautiful garden and eat of the fruit the tree of life and then she goes on low but later to say that they enjoy inexpressible joy filled heaven and the heavenly host on song of praise battery adoration this is all just over office fallen human beings so they sang it a great song of praise and adoration they touch their harps and sung a note higher than they had done before for the great mercy and condescension of God and yielding of his dearly beloved to die for a race of rebels praise and adoration were poured forth for the self-denial and sacrifice of Jesus I like that they were praising because of Jesus what he had decided there was risk on the door of for the softest sacrifice of Jesus that he would consent to leave the bosom of his father and choose a life of suffering and anguish and die and ignore him and his staff to give his life for us was powerful so basically Jesus went into God something like this I want to give my all meaning is in order that we might have their meaning are all back get it Jesus is saying to God I want to give my all my life in order that we meaning God and Jesus might have our own us humans and then it was in God 's court to decide if he would give his meaning Jesus Christ in order to have a good and so this was not just like an automatic boom you know we stand and instantly dislike anything I give my son this was this was the hardest decision God has ever made you think very many decisions are hard for God I don't think so but this one was like and nothing else and like nothing we will ever experience yet because they would there was risk Jesus could ascend and ruined the entire plan and we would all be lost however they still risk even though Jesus made it and that risk is we can choose not to accept the gift of salvation so it was not easy for God I checked this quote out from own way she says further on this is from SOP it was even a struggle with the God of heaven whether to let guilty man perish or to get his son to die for them meaning to die for us it was the hardest choice got a permit answer but I imagine that we know that God sees the end from the beginning and so as he's standing up in heaven are starting one hour ahead as Jesus presented this to him he looks forward in time and he looks all the way to win his son came to this and he saw what we can even imagine he saw the angry mob pushing and shoving Jesus he saw the demon possessed out screaming crucified he saw the soldiers spent kick and curse the name of his son he saw the vinegar soaked whips snapped out of her juices back again and again he saw the end react enraged rabbis cheer he saw the spikes growth go through the healer 's hands he saw the creator of all life on the cross in the midst of murders that is what he saw and he almost said no but then he thought our boss he thought of me he thought of you and he said there's no way is no way that I can let my creation parish with no hope and so he decided to give his son just for us it was the thought of us that tip the thing over that made him decide yes I yes this is this is worth it this is where that despite the risk of this is worth nothing much he loves us that's how much he wants it want us to choose him but a subtypes and then Illinois goes on to say that the love of God manifested to on the gift of his beloved son amazed the holy angels so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life the sun was the brightness of the father 's glory and the express image of his person he possessed divine excellence and greatness he was equal with God it please the father that in him all foolish law that is an amazing paragraph because it shows to us the position of Jesus he was equal with God he was the brightness of his father 's glory imagine that and he died just for us DC has all gods all was to give his son Jesus all was to get himself and Jesus left everything absolutely everything and became one of us he gave his comfort his home his lifestyle his kingship he left the perfect atmosphere of heaven and he had to come to what sin polluted Earth is like the King 's kid that goes to the bottom and lives in the in the swamps I mean it's even worse than that actually in Iraq he went from perfect existence into totally sinful humanity and so death is all he gave everything just for us I could say a thousand more words but it doesn't even come close because his all is so indescribable that what costs only be learning more events out that the ages of eternity we will never grasp it fully which is just totally mind boggling but that's what God wants us to give up because he's given everything and he says give your I just want your all I want your consecrated heart and so the bottom line is this God 's all his love that is what has always bottom line one word Islam and he ventured his all in Jesus Christ to save us and now he wants us to venture are all with total abandon confidence in him and mentioned his times and that is just the beginning mention of the God who is so vague and so beautiful and so generous that it will take an eternity to even begin to grasp what he's really given in the gift of Jesus but do not will never totally find it all out every day he will give less he will show us more in class content it will seek after him if will appreciate what we do know he's given you a semi- smart and that the key to giving him our that the key because we really see how much he's given of himself to us than our natural response will be complete surrender an entire consecration to him so he forgetting out this morning is to look at his law and we will respond Veronique to envision any current hair if year-end this would assess she only has one handful flour will jump of oil and only one son and you know the story 's famine in the land and a just and up-to-date and she wakes up and she's going to prepare their very last meal and good thought she must have felt this is it really she was there with the Indus of what they had for sustenance I'm sure she had some really deep thoughts going to remind us the the gravity of the life and you know what is there living the last few days now so she's out there outside the city gathering sticks for a fire and jet comes up to her and asked her for something to eat so basically he's asking her to give him all that she had I wonder what we thought we would have responded would we be ready to just say should come to my house August I give it to you this we see that this am this lady had an amazing SI character because no reticence at all she just welcomes him to come and she gives it all to him until she had and she gives it to him and we see that he rework her for this she see you all away thinking this is she cut herself her online and the life of her son aside for Elijah and for all she knew it was the end she was so willing to do it but God rewarded her like it says in first Kings seven fourteen at seventeen fourteen the Jonathan what God is saying the jar of flour will not be used up in the jungle I will not run dry until the day of the Lord is laying on the land so until and for the rest of the Salmon God is supplying her because she gave it all up that I got to sing dance because you gave me your all I'm going to give you all that you need just as she gave it away God gave hurt even more so giving our all to Jesus means that we hold nothing back it means that we can't without hesitancy without reticence without reluctance with no reserve we did and we don't worry about becoming empty-handed because we give to God without restraint were really experiencing first-hand costs it's the act of asked pouring out every last drop that enables him to fill it up again he multiplies are all by filling us with his own I just want to add a little illustration here I once heard this illustration about giving our all and it can make sense of imagine going to the say the gas station here and you want a candy bar is probably not helping with the station anyway so you go visit the gas station you you are you walk to the counter and say that the candy bar is two dollars so you spend it on the counter and and you have a five dollar bill well see you hand the five dollar bill the cashier what if what if the cashier just and give you you your money back just just kept it if you like Haiti only three dollars write to me my three dollars and understand letting go right well what about with our lives are we given some to God and then saying yeah here's me the weight I want to keep I want to keep this one give me my cash back it does not all God saying I want all and when he when we give all his cut of the all else was nominal it's nothing we can't give them ourselves and then say here here's me but I want to keep this one part of my life in it I can't I can give up then sir I know I can give up cheese I just have to keep it under season as an example no God wants are all completely one hundred percent and so if we examine our lives and we see that there's something that we are trying to hold back when not giving out one surrender that I'm reminded and I think it giving all I'm reminded of another window in the Bible who gave all and she reminds us that even if are always small it still counts that guy the window with the two lines she remember her offering she gave on that she had and it was a very match it was two small coins that were told that when Jesus saw those coins you can read about this in the desire of ages it's really beautiful when he saw this widow give her coins his face lit up with joy when it was in the claims themselves that pleased him it wasn't a client it was the widow 's consecration and yes are all was very small but it brought a smile to choose a space he said that she gave more than all the people who are bringing big guests because when Jesus looks at us he he looks at the impressiveness of the guests that weekend that at the willingness of our hearts and he doesn't look at the amount weekend that the whole heartedness with which we give it if we give with our whole heart we've given all so even if that all is not it does light the face of Jesus so I got a question for you what makes a gift really against him I think I do that a lot more gigantic than just what's inside the package I hand you something I mean you have a gift it is part of it and within tight as part of it but part of every guest is the way it given never thought about that the way we give something is really part of the gift and so we've been talking about constipation I've been talking about what it means to get everything to Christ and it her father has a very important but I think that we can have this discussion without also talking about not just what we need to get how we need to get it because that is so important when we really think about giving our all to Christ we need to meaning to reflect on how we give that suing because enigmatic it's not just the fact that we do a man's house so impact of the next few minutes is how do we get around to Christ and because he and giving and getting something to get something our motive in the spirit with which we get is reflected and so we were we were thinking about concentration that so important that that the motive behind our guest is is what it should be in and reflects their pictures and that we should have in giving that so I'm in jail is because I want to make this really practical and very real and active mom and dad and it will give you some examples now there's lots of different ways to give a guest to someone and simmered it is an example of the many ways of course there's more than will then will touch on here but what we find there is this nugget in a sample and then we can talk about how that example applies to our spiritual lives and how we we take that example and they say okay you know what this means you mean when I'm talking by giving my all to Christ that is one applied is really practically and start airing now gimme an example of something you him the power is in him will not have an yeah you mean that the account is paid myself a little type I liked those parts and I have a at him he gave a gasp but he on the way to keep pride in it for himself and was still talking about it example let what happened when we decide in applying it silly when we decide that we want to keep part of our heart will look in you will give this imagine that your part but that's probably wanted to be sure at a number of reasons it could be now because there's there something we just want to hang on to communicate and we don't want to give something out they could be for any any number of reasons but the reason doesn't really matter if it's are we really giving off completely entirely everything or are we hanging on the front family holding back on something case another example but I have something for you here and you know I was talking to mom and she thought I should give it to you because it's Sabbath than you know it might it might make you feel good she thought and a you know you know mom she's always thinking of everybody and she just thought it would be appropriate so is this gift from you or from your mom know why victim but yeah mom thought you know I I didn't know what to do with them and she thought why you wanted to just give them to Kimberly okay so i.e. are they from me well I picked him a kind from your mom well yeah from me my immediate yes mom thought I should give you okay okay okay I think he gave a yes because someone else funny said basically a humanity that do we ever give our hearts because many things we said or or maybe even because everybody else is doing around about this for a minute if week they were articulated into a piece on it do this for an example because this is where we all act and so I gave myself an example here is if I'm here into my feed and you know I'm here with all these dedicated and committed young people and it very inspiring and so what if everyone around me is is really in our conservation practices you know and if it's a good thing in the enemy base is really committed to Christ do you really counts if I decide well I guess this is kind of the thing to do so yeah okay New Mexico S2 because everybody else is doing or because enough committees hear from you what really counts Mariani and actually it doesn't really mean giving her heart and that Damon yeah you and say no beginning it doesn't it's not effective it doesn't really count when we do either because I thought we said because everyone else is doing it out whatever he needs to come from so I let him an example and yet when never heard of that love this I mean you're really this is this is a sellout I have again a yeah and but first I have to this is kind of win-win all the and it's kind of it's kind of an gift gift and well it's win-win because I can win and you can wear them but there's a man in is really a nice gear will you know you can have it yet I have to ask you questions all if I give this to you will you help me clean the shop at it so it's a win-win gift and it was and if you are if I give these flour Stephen you can have them if you help me clean the job on him be all along him him and him house and no conditional again he gave been thinking there are he offered to give Vincent experiment on the condition that you did clean stop this case so that look-alike in our lives do we ever do that sincerely thoroughly all that matters is winning and another you not to mean how often do we many naïve and often but have we ever said to God okay well I'll give you my whole heart in the big word that it may be only two letters that it he'll do it willingly and now have some agenda that we want God to accomplish circle fill out whatever yes yet very good point so if we if we get something condition Alain it's many still exist anymore maybe some handy something but does it really come from a Haida first thing I'll give this to you if you'll do this for me art you know whatever the exchange maybe so it really well hike camp it does not really a meaning in these examples if we give with reluctance if we give with hesitance or if we get conditionally or any of these things that we talked about they really don't count and God said what he wants is not all notions attached I just mentioned earlier and it just because we want to get it so let's have one more example and I apologize for all the misgivings him and got one last dry I'm going to give you all I have it's all yours just because I love you are paying as little as him are that no edition dear Ainge then elected obviously that is Sunni we have to end with a good example of course but not really should be yet you can evening of the dance on the way that it should be in our spiritual lives as well we should be giving our all because we want to because our our heart is pure motive is pure not because we want something in return although God wants to give us things in return for that but and our reason are reasons to be because we love God because we want to certainly want him to have all of us and an immersive experience that we realized that we really do that that is the dad had a life to live anyway we wouldn't want it any other way if we had the choice in sentencing preferences God loves a cheerful giver that's how we need to give our all to guide us cheerfully and with with the right motive with the right spirit so it's not a sacrifice to give up the Chrysler and it's a privilege only think of it that we would realize that it we experience it should joy of giving and we find that that that is the happiest that is the most restful place that we can ever be is one more surrender completely entirely because we want to be because that's our greatest hearts desire so let's hold nothing back from a God who loves us so much let's live absolutely and wholeheartedly and passionately first let's live in such a way that others can see others can tell who we live for and who we belong to we talked the last few mornings about consecration and for only all and that's what God is to ask so the question is is that what we are to him is that what we are to him today and we should we can talk about it but do I live saith our lives saved we are all for God so that's that's our challenge that's our prayer to to really respond to who guided us when we were in the father thank you for your own for your loan you on imaginable lost heart and are finite human minds thank you for forgiving your all in Jesus Christ's to die to take our sins and to take our guilt and to cleanse us from our unrighteousness I thank you for your your amazing and your amazing gift we ask that that as we go about today that all that you have done for us will be will be set in our minds we will continually think glory and praise and worship you for everything you've done everything you given and help our response to be to get all of us back in return father here beyond words as we contemplate what you've given us in your gifts is not thousands of years old but it's new every single day you pour your lies out for us and your greatest desire is to make us the perfect reflection of yourself but we want to give like you gay like you get to open our hearts wide and pour yourself and help us to be flowing currents and channels and give it all away today and we don't get us in on what you've given for what you've done for each one of us help us to be more aware and to realize to a greater extension a what you can press and held by response to be one of complete send it to you purpose to give our all to you and to realize that there is no better place to be than completely surrendered and resting upon your hand that is the best place that we can be so helpless he needs to to be there today and throughout senior LA here when Conrad Buick SSN help us to keep it holy is nuanced into continue to learn things for you have in store for nine seasons we want to live wholeheartedly for you today and every day please take a hard system now as we come to pass us to you please help us to live lives in response to your grave we pay that's others will be able to tell who we went for it we belong to and we ask that you would keep fresh in our minds and your commitment to us and ours to you help us not to forget who you are and who you want us to become in you thank you for this Saturday please keep our hearts keep us faithful in Jesus name amen


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