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Eating, the Brain, and Nutrition

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • July 28, 2011
    3:00 PM
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I will once again this is day three for us obviously if they want main general the way we do this with the public these theses days reads when we doing nonstop five or six day program whenever that in our area whatever works on a particular area both were awesome BC I think were enameled on our today and tomorrow but this is Dave number three while our general the tenor the main theme of the message is never forget that thoughts workout actions repeated actions form habits and habits for more character I very simple and the reality is that the main reason people cannot change things in their life is that they try to change the behavior rather than the cause and the cause is the one I thought you got to the thoughts are the cause of everything that basically transpires from strife Jesus talked about this he talked about the fact that things don't it's not a silly one losing nobody is what comes out of the body because it springs from the heart so what is the cause simply because it's your thoughts we discovered that the frontal lobes to see spirituality morality and the wheel and we look at some scientific case studies that testify that they prove these things I will never look at now is a baby a baby name baby G K who had found to load damage as a newborn and the resultant relief that I think about and at least one person who came to the north seminars and he had frontal lobe damage is was from a car accident this baby was I don't know if the child was dropped what happened to be the GK had frontal lobe damage maybe JK suffered bilateral frontal lobe damage in the first seven days of his life from childhood to age thirty one he had the typical characteristics of someone who experienced from Hamish you know one of the typical characteristics we read about them here while that child did not respond well to parental discipline maybe you think I only saw gratification of his immediate needs he never developed adequate friendships he blames his difficulties onto others he was irresponsible intended to wander was influenced by other deviant children and was sexually promiscuous now I don't know about you but when I look at the typical young person in America today now this may be a different route than a typical American young person will look at a typical American young person this list would say about perfectly your average young American I not just get off on child in the seventy first seven days of life that has bilateral frontal lobe damage the reality is as young people are walking around with impaired frontal lobes much of it from their upbringing and from the things around them in life and wide letters and things are taking into their bodies through whether eating like I did as eating junk food continually whether what they're watching on television several different things music whatever it may be but this is the typical picture of a young person there which means that having clear frontal lobes we see here that the effects of a compromise from the lobe IV impairment of moral principle social impairment or loss of love for family lack of foresight abstract reasoning is impaired mathematical understanding is limit diminish you have a loss of empathy and a lack of restraint now these are some of the effects of having a compromise frontal lobe and the reality is the purpose as Christians we will have as strong as possible frontal lobes we can actually not talking about anyone under these of twenty five your frontal lobe is still developing up until about a maybe he's twenty five and thirty York envelope is still developing there is good news once again I had a very good it is no news for those of us who are older than that who are fun pillows may not be going to talk more about that on house brain plasticity that the brain can actually change at any area in life for the better if you are willing to make the effort of strengthening your brain you don't have to get on this measure over twenty five needed with the best in all below that age but nevertheless these are some effects of a crime my solo we talked about several different things when we asked the question no wonder we do attract sweet Argos and quick simple things we talked about walking this is my way of review we talked about the breathing how important it is to get adequate amounts of oxygen to the organs of the body especially to the brain very very important we talked about the importance of drinking water adequate amounts of water is and how much water is also drink a day half your body weight in ounces once again like I said would it make sense for a four -year-old child you don't lose this day at a rounding error that day to did drink the same amount as a three hundred pound man each of the leave their eight glasses of water right that doesn't make any sense is any sense at all consult obviously should be more in line with how big your body is and you know after your body weight in ounces of UA into a three hundred three hundred fifty the way a hundred pounds of a little lady a drink what fifty ounces for example I said and also the most important thing out of these things is the claim Bible promises but not just clean them like a magic trick but actually to not like abracadabra but rather to clean them and speak to Vauxhall with God in prayer engaging the envelope in that process when you are praying with God as to a friend you are actually engaging your frontal lobe and strengthening your frontal amazing scientific things are being discovered through these very things in your share more with you I has to go on with these meetings now we can't live in the goal list ten things at least ten things you want to do some short term some long-term make sure that's very important thing I would really encourage you just when times get at least you're getting a Minos immediate gratification and you're looking to delayed gratification now this is just part of our character that God was in a sense wreck okay but signs are normally it's cloudy thirties income for now I just got killed only about these what to do chance to use when asked how many agreed in trying some of them young cool I know we went for a walk after lunch so that was nice they tell you nice to hear is somebody's been trying to implement something right away even though it's the first day so anyway yeah will go on on my Chad said the goal list when you're feeling the craving coming on you should have at least available seeking but it you know like let's say you're wanting to get tempted by something had that list out goal in eulogy said clean the kitchen sink clean your closet start writing that chapter in the book that you've been wanting to write whatever it is you have to do get up and start doing the thing on the list continue occupy your time better on right back to the frontal lobe killers we talked about net drugs lack of use of certain kinds of music head injuries all of that cause and lack of nutrition but I'm going to a little bit of the drugs that cause damage so legal drugs that cause damage alcohol pay familiar with that caffeine and nicotine in your life these are all illegal drug that caused this thing 's frontal lobe are we realize that you know when it is here but in Illinois were used to live in South Dakota now but in Illinois that blood-alcohol level that you can have and still drive is zero eight the year as well okay so okay so zero eight is is the amount if you get cotton anything above that you know you're in trouble but the thing is you realize that even that amount is enough to alter your ability to make decisions pay people realize that we just go by some state standard and think that that's good enough but it's not it's not for people who are preparing to meet their Lord right it's not for people who are trying to have a mind that is the mind of Christ and so let's say you're trying to maneuver through this intersection and you think I can handle it I can do it I can make that light in you don't know when you cause trouble for somebody and I don't hear later about how that's affected my life personally and then am also you look at things like Babylon right the big kingdom of Babylon it took this big major world empire you know and God had said that a kingdom inferior to you is going to take over how is the kingdom inferior to the takeover it took one night of drunkenness to take down a whole major world on fire one night is all it takes in in using how on earth that's what happened one night of drunkenness one night of of foolishness can take away your whole future you know one night of law it is what hurt and especially those who sit were sitting up in the wisdom of God 's given us in him then you know how did you judge according to knowledge you know you know in a literally side I am friend after friend coming like a one night nice that their whole life you know that just as there is something I think the Bible were also talking about protecting the citadel of the mind that caffeine also I grew up drinking caffeine and do in the Middle Eastern culture you it's just something you do it's like the English United have afternoon tea time we would do the same thing these have afternoon tea time and date is look for reasons to send absentee so group to remember that when I learned about visit as a child actually learned about caffeine and all this at school and so my brothers and I decided were not taking it anymore my parents continue to do so until later they may give it up as well so this is like years now and can I work at someone's house visiting and they happen to be Middle Eastern home and I went to the restroom and downloads in the restroom mass Chatterjee likes and tea and he just thought all like herbal tea or something like that right and so I came back next thing I see in front of me as his legal couple of the then recently it's kind like that the English tea that's like really you hurry like to don their coffee is really black and that drinking that the Turkish coffee things with it while the Middle Eastern tea is very heavy and they also like would say that even big cup and like that much of it will be sugar did you not just like sugar sugar Scheier said hastily guide it tastes really good that man is it's awful for your heart so I decided to drink some just to be nice you know not to be rude him we sit on my heart started pounding like crazy in a senior in my skin started a crawl and I felt like impending doom completely I just withdraw money and and I could hardly have a decent conversation as you sitting there like nervous out wow I think I been away from the stuff for years and had no clue what it does to you and see wonder why a lot of us have such anxiety and an army can't sit still can't have a clear mind caffeine might be the reason you know I've heard person after person who says like now I don't one of our close relatives said she had currently have anxiety attacks and so she decided to get that Kathy out of her life and now she's okay you know some react and he knows and he was able it's not me I don't react like that old prison like you don't but some do worse in others and each of us has our thing that you know reactive but again these are these adjourned the damage of frontal lobe than nicotine in your life over these because they seem so simple I guess now we know these things destroy the body but it's always better to know a little deeper oh how they're doing these things you know on nicotine you realize that in cigarettes has far more in cigarettes and just nicotine on the tonic D keep you addicted to put ammonia and actually to open up your lungs Marcy can take up that the nicotine even more and get more addicted it's it's harder and harder for people to let go of it now because of these things it's not just the old tobacco even there anymore you know that nicotine also had it it am it works with the caffeine in such a strange way you this new if you tried to let go of nicotine without letting go of the caffeine it's hard to the two drugs work together it's like you get a high from one and the other can bring you all and in the work back and forth together like that a strange relationship but you always noticed people will do that and two together Chad for example before he became an Adventist the largest put on his heart to let go of the caffeine and he had been he'd been non- tobacco smoker and in and that you are because he go back and forth like if he is he started get his lungs started to hurt he would quit the smoking and then circulate and then when that shearing started to hurt his gums because you don't really get from what he tells me you don't get the nicotine high from from chewing tobacco unless you have fiberglass inside the chewing tobacco to cut your lip and then you really take it up to be tried this stuff without five lessons you really get anything out of it but then you put the fiberglass cuts appear lit so that you can take up the nicotine and so that it is doing but then your teeth start to hurt and your gum stuck to her in the so that he go back to the smoking again and this is a video yell back and forth there he also tried to drink on and with the Nicorette gum he said if he had enough money you would continue doing that because it seems to have the least amount of effects on youth and terms of the adverse effects and him but then he never really gave up the nicotine habit until on he was on the trip in in Colorado camping in didn't have any coffee on him the whole week and he had a headache headache headache headache and he did all itself into sickness or something like that him he did she drink a lot of coffee in sodas and something then again I think he give my Folgers singles in you can drink this he put in drank it gone headache gone just like that hidden eighteen hit no cool any decent drink a lot of coffee again never hidden that he was addicted to caffeine and so then he Jian said I can't be addicted to this stuff and so he quit will then after that he came to an evangelistic meeting he sitting in the meeting and listening for prophecy means and seven then they got the point were talked about the body being the temple the Holy Spirit and then you realize it's not just gone wanting me coming it's not just me wanting quick God wants me to quit incident it it was much easier for him to quit than many quick but it was getting ready that caffeine because most people that do these types of seminars will tell you if you don't get that give up that caffeine that nicotine will come right back in it's just you can go to an AA meeting in always work together to get jamming you go to a bar what where they serve these three things go together if you go to AA meeting you want in alcohol but gets it you see a lot of caffeine and nicotine they've just taken that same addiction and put it somewhere else you may let go of all three of those things but if you still eat hundreds of the sugar you still putting your addiction somewhere else write them events and praise the Lord to give the giving of the things that we need to learn that the real essence of what overcoming ends right and an implement that into our lives mentor here to do but lightest of these things are all affecting the frontal lobe the devil understands this he understand that the clouds our minds we don't we can't think straight we can't communicate with him keep going on I got on the hinge and there are untenable over this in this is not to tell people get off these drugs in our you know you're done far enough I don't want anyone leaving here telling people five years said taking office that the other this is just an FYI to realize that there's there's other drugs that are legal that could be damaging to the frontal lobe and this isn't even talk your doctor about if you start to implement healthy habits and doctors in Haiti I really like it office can you help me taper off how can I do this so and so forth so here are some of course illicit drugs damage the furloughed but here are some other ones that can affect your mind asthma blood pressure tranquilizers in their own drugs for your antidepressants Intel server anti-inflammatory narcotics antihistamines and decongestants you realize that they all have the facts on the frontal lobe in particular and like I said these studies can be taken care of through lifestyle you know but if you're on him please don't go cut and cold turkey and and damaging yourself talk your doctors get some help and go from there and on yes we'll just leave it there but this is really interesting look with the Bible says in terms of having a mind that is clear first one thirteen wherefore gird up the loins of your mind be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ God wants us to be sober minded does he not he wants reminds be clear that we may receive his Holy Spirit if we let go even a little bit of what to control her mind who hasn't been right Satan has it because we decided why not real being in control my mind right now sleep comes in and takes over and were giving him that little incident helped take a foot and even more so gird up the loins like get a grip try get a grip be sober minded and am called to the end for the Ray says to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ this next slide is really interesting is called a pet scan and what CAT scans do is they they tell you that amount of energy that you're using in any particular type of activity like here we see that seeing words in this is that the abuse of the frontal lobe year in the occipital here that's how all of these are that the frontal lobe that's occipital seceding words you do in the back your brain in the occipital lobe and that's amount of energy it takes to see words for your brain that non- energy of range using look how much energy it takes to hear words so it's harder for you to be listening for than for me to be talking right now and then look at speaking words all man no wonder it like when you let things at him and I didn't really think about it because it really when you really mean twenty seven think about it it doesn't take a lot of work to think about the words coming out your mouth right but look which takes a lot of energy thinking about words and word a happening the frontal lobe where you think about words United talking listening and thinking about words that's were it happens in the problem but while I shave his child going to slow further in another's another time but right now what I want you think about is the amount of energy it takes to do things for her mind right it takes a lot of energy remember we're talking about him until he is lack of nutrition in you can understand why because the brain takes a lot of energy just do the functions of speaking and all the sudden site it takes energy it takes power so what do you think the frontal lobe desires in terms of energy yes you guessed it complex carbohydrates right complex carbohydrates on the save okay I change this sorry that he has heard this the wider the bread that could dare dead that's right I live in places there is nobody knows it may just look around and there like you never get a cricket again to the wider the bread that could hear dead white bread is what what that Wonder Bread in a thing called case I yet Wonder Bread you wonder within it right on there's not much to be taken the all you're getting is the can think of it right now is total there's the endosperm the germ and ended with that squash that I'll have to look out for you until you afterwards I'm so sorry can't believe they just totally lost last the father anyway you're not getting much okay Anna mine is not getting much you getting all the calories that you not getting the nutrition and so your body feel your brain tells you that you're satisfied when you get enough nutrition when you don't get enough nutrition your brain hasn't you know that ensued the craving continues to be there and so that's I we overeat because we haven't been satisfied nutritionally and so we are just like hungry I want something else I want something else I haven't been satisfied yet certain that that's what causes us to overeat because were not getting member and lack of nutrition actually killed the brain and so it's so important that we eat things as God has put them together I will guys put together let no man put asunder right and that's a something on the right and I'm telling taking out of context which understand you know got the bag grain together in a perfect way in when the EE date hole we get the benefits out of the enemy under the side effects of of him you know not having the brain food we need right so it doesn't run follow desire carbohydrates are used almost exclusively by the brain for optimal function was exclusively on that carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates see you can see that the brain works off fast on the brain itself only holds about two minutes of glucose for itself only two minutes can't hold which means their lives upon the rest your body and the decisions you make to sustain it right so it's so important that we get that so then the next day for a day number three year supposed to add whole grains to your diet or the first day was what fruits and percent fruit juices and water the second daily added vegetables in their daily add whole-grain breads cakes and rice isn't anything that's whole-grain brown rice segmenting on I guess I'll just leave it at that and I'll share with you later about the different types of it's really interesting the different types of having that the three the greens may not will we actually yield rate Hebrews twelve eleven this is a really good promise to have when you're trying to overcome when you try to change your lifestyle in China do something that's different and the you body doesn't like in your mind and like to write Hebrews twelve eleven for the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant but later years the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who what had been trained by it in a powerful and beautiful promise guys given us a lot of times when China you know how the new new way of life or something which is on his January while you do this one night young go on and on and on but on it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness that we have to be trained by it so we we become very lazy and the mind have any know I don't feel like doing that takes too much work to think so on and so forth chattering asks if were in a group of young people in the large group health a on your daughter no young person and you ask him what he think about this wood is usually the answer they give you I don't excuse it I don't convey really not thinking on if you are bombarded so much with so much stimulation your mind isn't really think a lot it takes work to it takes energy to think and you just become lazy in our minds on this Israeli a continue on with the nutrition facts this is so neat you know time magazine sometimes puts out specials that on on any particular subject and we saw this one on your brain a user 's guide take blueberries according to Jim Joseph a neuroscientist at the U S department of agriculture in Boston blueberries that free radicals those are highly reactive atom that can damage tissue reverse aging enhance cognition in this is the kicker new neurons to grow if your case of blueberries neurons about we continue in one animal study Joseph developed a series of motor skills test that he and his associates called the rat Olympics rat had to walk balance beams if they are bright during the logrolling task those that had been raised on blueberry right how did better than those that had been leading just to conclude Sunday meeting just to conclude that blueberries were actually able to reverse motor deficits in these aging animals in a neat moreover remarkably than mice all were markedly when mice that had been genetically altered to express Alzheimer's were put on the blueberry diet they did not experience memory loss Joseph's work has shown some similar benefits from walnuts which contain helpful linolenic acid in essential omega-3 fatty acid in a cool blueberries how many disciples varies how do you less like a more now it's so good to learn about your food because when you're eating it it actually makes you feel better about which are eating and excite CTE Dick and so it's even more beneficial to you based on the placebo effect I guess time that it just excites you like you know it's good for you instead make you feel better and it is better for you but not me it they were given all that many of the ones that weren't eating the blueberry rag child were getting memory loss in these that had the blueberry right how did not get the memory loss and then also about the helpful helpful in the Linux acid and omega three fatty acid is really good for the brain also you know you hear that you know if you're depressed and stuff you should take omega three fatty acids this is why you think about his assistant wire right here is cable within sight other cables right and this is will defend the lead states electrical just like the lights and inside it is running electricity and as the current is going through on this black cable is actually insulating its helping that good to impulse goes through without running all over the place right in plus is going through while that's like the omega-3 fatty acids it around your neurons your brain cells they help insulate that the myelin sheath actually goes around those and so the synapses as you're going the impulses going to have to go from area to area better it's a better off impulse that goes through because it's encased it's with its insulated thank you that insulated better does that make sense so the best way to think of omega-3 fatty acids the insulate my brain neurons might yell my brain nerve cells so that I can have better impulses which I wasn't the right so does that make sense to encourage us to eat better when we understand our food so walnuts and flaxseeds different kinds of things have omega-3 fatty acids in the harder to talk about this stuff after lunch I understand it some people are looking kindly sleepy by this book seven weeks of sobriety was written by a mother who is a doctor but lost her son to him alcohol all callers emergency and God she continued to study it out even after he died said so sad but it's interesting the things that she figured out in here here is the she said a number of studies have shown that rats can be transformed from T toddlers that's one lip stains from all call into all politics by taking the B vitamins out of their diets their preference for all gradually disappears as the vitamins are restored when vitamin levels return to normal the rats refuse alcohol and drink only water not interesting then a fence so remove the B vitamins in what you think you can start craving alcohol but the B vitamins back in your crave alcohol you just want the water and so it makes sense on people crazy things are deficient member lack of nutrition you start craving things your brain tells you she will kiss you want that to be heard of hike up by guys that disorder that you cured losing certain if you're missing certain types of nutrients you start craving the strangest things and usually happens when a pregnant though actually do the laundry and want to eat them onto detergent is his crate is so bad because of something they smell in there that their body is needing or they'll see some bird poop and one each print will not like this strange things but Wheatley laugh it up but it's the reality and a lot of our lives why do we crave stuff you know just as overwhelming as because when lacking nutrition and in you can see this in the B vitamins these rats eat all became alcoholics and they were alcoholics based on that so in her program this lady she really increase the B vitamins we do the same thing we asked people using creature B vitamins during the time that year trying overcome it goes on no matter what you eat if you want to maintain a sharp memory you should strive for a diet that keeps your belly fat down a study of more than sixty five hundred people published in the journal neurology showed that people who are overweight and had a large we were two three times as likely to develop the men she has those with normal weight and belly size while those who were obese and had a large belly were three six times as likely to have dementia so good thing tête-à-tête on encourage us to keep the belly fat down okay this is also the realities of your interesting guilt you see why we eat too much and how to get control missing out on your season not only puts you in a mental fog it also triggers a constellation of actual metabolic changes that may be too a lack of shut eye harms your waistline because it affects two important hormones that control appetite and satiety on leptin and Brolin says Christine could send PhD a research associate specializing in sleep and health at the University of Chicago Department of medicine at health .com this is what it said was that they came out with according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine people who slept four hours a night for two nights had an eighteen percent decrease in what left in a hormone that signals that the brain wave signals the brain that the body has had enough to eat a piece of what was in it decrease then that the hormone that has you you've had enough to eat right and a twenty eight percent increase in growing a hormone that triggers hunger compared with those who got more rest the DC what was going on here that because you had a lack of sleep your hormone leptin decreases it shows you your satisfied which is keeping because it's decreased and the hormone that triggers hunger alum hungry increases when you lose sleep they wonder why do we wider you get so on you know craving things the soloist is giggling the result sleep deprived study volunteers reported a twenty four percent boost in appetite short sweeping can also impair glucose metabolism in overtime set the stage for type two diabetes Knutson notes when were exhausted we hunger for just about everything in sight especially if it's sugary or high-end cards in your interesting when you stay up late D ever feel like having a salad now right it is a pizza and ice cream and said something like that right when you stay up late enough Saturday night now because they are blatant they always want sugary high carb foods in your interesting suit you realize a lot of cravings come from lack of nutrition and lack of good health habits right so if you're not getting enough sleep start thinking about you I feel like eating that way because you haven't had enough sleep right why did I just yell whatever it is you newly start thinking about what you do things it could be caused because you not getting enough whatever it is exercise sleep water so on and so forth to see the way it starts to work we start analyzing and realizing I know that's how come nobody does it sets out did I create these crazy things such as interesting things right here it says sleep more lose weight says study are you trying your best to eat right and exercise but still not losing weight one study suggests a lack of sleep could throw off a diet so that this research study from University of Chicago showed that dieters who slept eight five hours while sixty five percent more body fat than dieters is that five five hours interesting is that so just wanted to share these things if you and chattel and shares some more about cravings in such I now this is true sorry little boy was eating a lot of sol insane amount of songs from his parents content i.e. we just easily called Soldotna crackers he was eating insane amounts off button finally when any connectivity was literally vigorous all haters and don't bring a knife in his mount is dumping dumping site five on the hospital after one of his going on with him they borrow the hospital hospital took him off all his salt any what was that the doctors did not realize is that these adrenal glands and shut down as a result of the shutting down of the adrenal glands they somehow regulates salt in the body and so when the adrenal glands are shut down you need insane amounts of solvent is not being regulated adequately begin scientific studies on rats and little creatures may shut down the adrenal glands on them and what you think that's great so nicely thirty rats are being sent and lightning on his intense amount of salt but they were needed as they happen into the you could have salt or you can have some refined sugar and so once the rats started eating the refined sugar the brain 's capacity to tell what it was should be craving shutdown and the raft leaving the salt once it started eating refined sugar and it would not I find it very interesting that nothing lets invite Hannah brought up a little bit but if you if you rinse it if you need something very shivering me something very sugary you then think I could just go for some missing a nullity after reading like a brownie or later cooking things that just goes away this writer at least your average person does not what happens is that when you're eating sugary things you don't generally crave that which is good for you that's like myself I don't put all my life any dollars ninety years old is junkfood junk junk food and as a result got ever crave healthy food now I could just stop junk food in my mouth all the time and what happens you said claiming that if we were actually eating the healthy things that we should be eating their brains and start to crave that which is good for them what they actually should be desire and self I would listen cursory memorial statement of what you're actually getting it you're going to desire to have more blood thanks so very mental illness is surprisingly noted British psychic psychiatric researcher Malcolm Pete has conducted a provocative cross-cultural analysis of the relationship between diamond wellness is primary findings may surprise you a strong link between high sugar consumption and the risk of both depression and schizophrenia many times and people struggle with depression one goes along the US only suppressed a lot of times were they one eight is sugary food right on the press how I need some sugar right but the two together actually can compound the ROM released here to press maybe partly because of the sugar bowl depression and schizophrenia some large amounts of sugar in August it is a distinction between refined sugar and the natural sugars that you get in fruits and vegetables in all these kinds of things that's different with our theme of this refined sugar no it wasn't very quick tips for depression one exercise his early effects of exercising their moderate physical activity like a brisk walking three times a week has been shown this awesome has been shown into a landmark studies to fight depression as effectively as a law meaning that going for a walk three times a week is as beneficial as taking the drugs that they prescribed he is a fascinating link for a walk three times a week and self simply put exercise changes the brain it enhances the function of dopamine -based circuits that mediate our experience of pleasure along with our ability to initiate activity is so amazingly important here to press even though irreversible throw off anyway notice of exercise anyway in legal stealing right what you feel is what what would you need to make an effort to determine get out and get some exercise of fighting just as much as a logbook omega-3 fatty acid neurological function is also critically affected by diet for example do they for example a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids key building blocks of our brain tissue fighting talk about that has been strongly linked to depressive illnesses in part because omega-3 fats facilitate the brains use of feel-good neurochemicals such as serotonin dopamine omega threes also serve as raw material for the body 's construction of anti- inflammatory hormones which help calm the cerebral cerebral inflammation that often characterizes the presence of the future omega-3 teacher walnuts onto whole-grain bread your flaxseed and write it up and put on your cereal or whatever but doing these things regularly so good for the brain especially with oppression either way before light therapy is an ornate I'd be mentioned with you having we knew that we lived in Iceland and in Iceland on you don't get son for young maintenance of the winter at least sold very little that it's almost ineffective and is difficult but bright light therapy is important bright light exposure represents yet another proven strategies for altering brain chemistry specialized like receptors in the retina connect to circuits deep in the brain of a delay circadian rhythm and sunlight which is over a hundred times brighter than typical indoor lighting is the prime stimulator of the eyes photoreceptors it triggers a cascade of neural neurochemical reactions that help keep the body clock in seeing goes on to say on the other hand prolonged sunlight deprivation leads to depressive disruptions in biologic biological rhythms that govern sleep appetite energy and mood fortunately regularly regular bright light exposure either via sunlight or specially designed light boxes can restore healthy circadian function to the brain over a dozen published studies support efficacy in the treatment of depression so some very simple things it's just going back to working with our bodies the way God intended our bodies work getting enough exercise getting the right nutrition getting on the sunlight God made us to be in the situation but because of our modern world we gotten away from it just because of our jobs and various other reasons why we don't spend adequate time with the right nutrition and outdoors and so forth but it's very important to give these things I try to talk to you about the brain scans this is so very important I want to talk more about as we go on with the one with you notice is that the frontal lobe one of the key things and if several things in light of the frontal lobe the one keeping is thinking about words knowledge or think about it not citizen or writing his law in our minds in it in our hearts he said that he's got to give us the name of the father in our foreheads write and one of the things that that works on a frontal lobe is the thinking about words to do God has given something to us he is given something to us that will literally physically change your frontal law and that is what evening 's work is warning specifically designed to transform your brain literally not just condiments and spiritual mythological wicks but literally if physically changes who you are and what your dwelling casino but no one on the book on purpose like the Bible okay bracelets and biology she can read you read your biology one oh one textbook help out best for me access the advanced if possible you might feel that the knowledge of the people or the man who wrote that book and you can acquire his knowledge and then you have the higher level classes you have your your top classes in the ridiculous books on the subject and our best you get the information from the author that will help book would think about we have a book by the infinite God the all knowing omnipotent omniscient God knows everything and as a result of knowing a meeting you will so when you're reading his book while booking change your mind more than any other book on the plan the word of God and is your dwelling on how blogging is changing your brain literally is totally transforming now check this out this is powerful on when you're writing it's kind of hard to see him on screen there's actually more warnings than black but this these areas these darker areas which were on call and black for now those are the areas of rain and lightening up when you are writing so you see some of the frontal wall was being let out some of the society or brain items for the occipital there in the back probably from the writing and see what you're doing but then when you're silently reading out loud on the brain is also lit up during silent reading when you read out loud heartfelt but this time it into the lookout for the brain to read a lot it is literally a good workout for the brain including the frontal lobe to be reading out loud when you're solving difficult math problems for some reason not very much of the brain is working I don't know why that is if you got us all difficult math problems you got to do it but for some reason innocent doesn't cause a big work out to the brain at an ally but they when you are solving simple math problems quickly the brain is literally on fire literally may unite it all executives waiting for some reason a Bible to have simple mathematical problems are our six minus two four times three twelve minus three and will give you doing those things fast for some reason it is a workout for the human brain from the front below the occipital and everything in between is inspiring we are solving math problems quickly are not suited to show you a picture of what happens in the brain when you are watching television and I can assure you an hour in and fade out on another one of the messages but now this is what we told the Bible just as it reads is to be our guy and nothing is so calculated to enlarge the mind and strength in the intellect as the study of the Bible believe that so how can I believe always giant might as clearly right always both but nothing is ultimately in the larger one is resilient like as a study them out because nothing is bringing you into contact with the infinite and no man has an infinite mind that God has given us a book from him from his Holy Spirit who is the source of all knowledge he is given us this voltage transform our lives and our brains promissory dreamers and is is was he thinks in his heart so you see the issue is the heart what are you thinking what is going on in your mind that is going to affect every other aspect of your life as a man thinks in his heart so easy you have to make a decision while you allowed to pass through your brain what even allowed to take place in your mind either let anything all the natural thoughts of the man the Bible calls the caramel hearts we let the thoughts of the carnal heart rule your mind by nature or will you choose to allow God to transform your nature to give you a new heart and a new mind that you will be totally transform from the inside by the loving character of God or additionally to talk later about scientific studies not literally labs in the brain when someone beholds and rings of a loving God power I safely six three before I recorded out even imperfect pieces mind is stayed on ABC trust any trust in the Lord for ever for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength of God keeps us in peace when our mind is stayed on him not choosing are allowing our minds golden natural light the children turn our minds away from the things this world to turn them to God in his live we are totally transformed by that process and as we Artie said was the promise we claimed I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me when you finish with this quote this is anybody ever heard of a joke Mayor O'Hearn Jo Cruz old preacher from way back he items that now but I'm Jo Cruz he was he tells the story of how he was on a plane while he was on this particular plane was back in the days when you can see what you could smoke on the plane can you imagine you can imagine it behooves the luggable smoke on Plato I get it looking camp and a stable smoking driving the stability they can't do it anymore has had little sign-up announcement all never turned off but he doesn't turn off and settle the claims of Joseph Exodus got the nicest staring up there at that no smoking sign in the moment the no smoking signs are not the other guy pulls out his cigarettes and lights up a cigarette and finally Joe turns the guy next to me says hey ever think about when and I said on loss to quit along with smoking and so Joseph the days until I put on seminars about stopping smoking is a really good throughout me and said I couldn't so then Joseph Eugene wanted to help and guidance of the year I do anything to quit I do anything to quit as an Angel grabs his Bible he stole his Bible on the guises are no that is tried that didn't work and civility I said okay okay what he said if I share something with you from the Bible 's adult terms of the violators were for this fifteen fifty seven fifty eight powerful verses for claiming yelling times of trial but the person simply say that's a safe but thanks Beasley reasons versus but thanks be to God which gives us the victory the Pentagon which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work awards for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the law itself the text says God has given you the victory and so then you've missed the spelling to who Joe was talking to the Baptist and he said to the fellow he said you know I has gone to new victory tax says the community has not been newly dreaming I said no and zero cents well I guess I need within any engine this guy being a good Baptist could he believe that God lives become the leaders in the line got a lot and enjoy some simple question which is profound he said did you believe the Jubilee last time you tried to quit smoking that God indeed you the victory did you believe that in the man said nine and I will mock you but have you ever have what I wanted to overcome something in while Andrea Michael father I stumbled again please help me forgive me help me to stop doing this in the back of my mind I feel like anything will do it again like twenty minutes and never felt that way maybe just me maybe I'm no one in the world feels that way I give writers like you shall so be if you sell what you feeling away like this can mess up again in no time right now is that faith yes or no I'm not it I don't be honest with you and that is not safe right it says it demonstrated God which is what do you estimate that you can see the victories we are reported UNICEF performance to earlier that talks about the fact that the gospel was preached unto them to be Jews as well until as well as on the Oscars but the word preached on the vendor not profit them why is it was not mixed with same solution even in the Bible you can have the text memorized you can even get to know these things but if we're not believing if we get the word of God is not mixed for you with a more personal faith in that work it has no power and is no powerful and so the next time we go as a father please help me with know I've been struggling with his population is a father I don't feel like you're giving the victory but I know for a fact that you're giving the victory setting I trust your word more than when I feel God is calling us to believe that he knew the final power to you office the victory God wants to give you the victory wants to give me the victory he wants the changes from the inside where talking about just changing are you off I do these bad things I don't want to do bad things we want to be changed on the inside we want to be totally transformed thoroughly through and through that we have a new heart and a new mind in Christ Jesus God wants to give us the victory and the question is he says you believe it you believe that I have given you the victory and if you believe it in faith you can walk forward in the victory we know yes we know we know that the Bible says in a any man sin we have an advocate with the father but at the same time it says you know these things that I recommend you that you sooner try I've written anything since we know even if we do stumble we do have to advocate the realities we can trust in the father we can trust to his work is true to his promises true for me and will we press for a start father we thank you that you are the God of victory we recognize the Hebrews were brought into this dire straits into situations with as a mountain on one side of a mountain on the other side and a great smile regarding the greater Grace see before them and behind them was an enemy seeking their death and to all human flaw was hopeless for them but you would call them for you when you call us for you bring about the victory if we trust in you and me take a step forward to open up to see before us you will break down the barriers that you will cast mountains and the depth of the sea if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed Fox even to say father I believe the help out my ongoing we thank you that you were the one who has given us the big Robert Jesus Christ within the same steadfast stand firm in movable always abounding in your work for as much as we know that our labor is not in vain in the Lord with the press for me thank you for the calling you have upon us me we'd be victorious in the name of Jesus in


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