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God Turns Failure Into Success

Adrian Zahid



  • August 13, 2011
    10:00 AM
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the father we ask that you forgive us our sins and that you open our eyes that we may see and that you did yesterday this is what we ask in your son 's name and I like to talk today about something we've all experienced only rarely like to discuss it immaculate nothing is some number of all experienced but we rarely like to discuss it a failure I talk about failure today as interesting as I was typing up my sermon I experienced failure my Mac which number which never quits decided that day to affect finish my entire sermon to the crash and I couldn't find as I type it all over again failure is something that we learn that we are introduced to as kids my very first memory I should my second memory was of me on stage I was three years old my mother had taught me this poem she and we had rehearsed it over and over and over and so infamous six hundred people I walked out on stage and I began to recite this poem that I had memorized as it is with my mother but halfway through the poem I forgot the lines and my mother was standing in the wings had to come out and promptly on stage and so that I could finish the poem and everyone thought it was cute but as a three -year-old I was introduced to failure I knew at Street I had failed how would you like to be every surgeon has has their percentage the percentage of success and they try to have a hundred percent success but not always do you get a hundred percent success how would you like to be that one percent the other one percent of that of a surgeon 's serves a certain his work every one of us we experience failure and we feel that failure is a step or two backwards and today I would like us to look at failure and another there some of you maybe thinking wife's talk about failure and you're thinking about maybe perhaps and an LMI quote in the dimension right here are the possible failure and why we shouldn't talk about it so this this is the better for second people quote this a lot of times and be when you bring a failure she says not one should be even think of failure we are the crop walk rate with one who knows no failure we should not talk of our own weaknesses and inability this is a manifest distrust of God a denial of his work so people quote this but context as we know is everything so that they read the that the paragraph before then after that you'll see what she's talking about she says when we give ourselves fully to God in our work followed his directions he makes himself responsible for the Congressman he would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors and then she she mentions this this thing that I just read and then the next paragraph is when we murmur because of our burdensome reviews responsibilities he calls upon us to bear we are virtually saying that he is a hard master that he requires what he has not given us power to do price object lessons three sixty three one two she's talking about this in the context of the person who had the one talent and hid it in the ground that he was blaming the master for being a hardened heart master and giving him an impossible task to do so in that case she talks about when God gives you something to do she says don't talk about failure because God can enable you to encompass what he's wanting to do it if you follow exactly the way he asked you to do it he makes himself responsible for your success so failure is not is not a badly written a look at failure to Denver to see how God can turn failure into success look at three individuals into organizations oregano learn about how God can take failure and turn it into something greater than what anybody anybody could have envisioned that it is salmon is more about leadership practical seminar I do want to mention one thing I saw good friend of my walk-in Paul you and his wife Janie is summer here in the audience they're going to be going to the mission field this Monday I believe anybody serving there for six years praise God for people who give the opportunity to give God their lives to serving missions a lot of and hope leaders have have moved on from here and have gone some of them are in the mission field today and they're serving God as if you are a student here in your thinking about what you want to do with your life consider missions God will bless you as you do that so let's look at today at individual failures three individuals who were famous failures and how God turned their lives around and turn them into successes as that in Exodus chapter two verse eleven through fifteen Exodus chapter two verses eleven through fifteen Moses was a very special baby is very separate for him he was born but then he was unable to live because of that the rules that were enacted the law ever enacted in the land he had to be killed and so his mother made out as as remember she made this this basket of bulrushes and she put them into the river Nile and prayed that God would take care of him and got certainly did God organize it in such a way that the girl who picked up the the basket ended up being that the Pharaoh 's daughter and she raised him in the in the palace of the king after Moses spent twelve years with his birth mother she resumed in Houston Kenya menus forty sold he wanted to save the people he realized that God 's people in slavery and this is not where I wanted them to be anymore and so he wanted to do get them on a saver he was willing but he wasn't able and so we read and in verse eleven he says one day when Moses was grown up he went out to his people looking on their gardens and he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew one of his people and he decided to take action and he committed an extra judicial killing he killed that man who was beating one of his fellow Hebrew slaves Moses had to run away from Egypt and he spent forty years learning the lessons that Christ wanted to teach him in the school of Bailey forty years yet to unlearn some of the lessons that he had learned in Egypt said he learned the lessons that God wanted to teach and got turned his life around is such a way that he was able to pen books like Genesis Joel and the rest of the vibe of the first five books of the Bible laying the foundation for modern law as we know it today he not only was able to write those books but he was also able to to go back and take the children of Israel out of Egypt and bring them to the promised land the borders of the promised land during that time he also there was a time when women got wanted to wipe them out and start a new nation with with Moses that has had he interceded for the children of Israel he he told God that he would be willing to give up heaven so that the children of Israel would make it into heaven and in doing so he earned the right to he earned he showed how how much God had trained them how much got a change in and he ended up earning the right to be resurrected and taken to have guards took his life around he made me such a big mistakes I understand that very few people can bounce back from the gods of his life he took them into the school the failure you trained him he taught him and he was able to turn Moses life around so that another story before we go there and put them read a passage out of the suspicion characters as CC to twenty eight four it says in the future life the mysteries that here have annoyed and disappointed us will be made plain we shall see that are seemingly unanswered prayers and disappointed holes have been among our greatest blessings so my disappointments that Moses face in his life then it are being that his greatest blessings he is alive today he's not a money in Egypt but he's alive today looking down on us and and he is waiting to be rejoined that we will be rejoined with him in heaven as well another story in the Bible a famous failure was go to judges after sixteen so that a life of a upper young man who seemingly had everything but just couldn't control himself he he was is this honest man who ever lived Sampson one of the best warriors for God but unfortunately he couldn't control himself he really didn't realize this but all his life yet been spiritually blind and it took the losing of his physical lines to build to see spiritual things and be able to see his mission and realize what God had had in mind for him he wanted to express the wild side and there are no girls in Israel ever good enough for him he had to go and marry Delilah he learned his lesson the school of failure in the Bible says in verse to see in verse twenty Delilah said and she said the Philistines are upon you sent this is several episodes of this and you still didn't get it and he will premise the present I will go on as other times I will shake myself free but he did not know that the Lord had left him and the Philistines seasoning dollars of his eyes and imagine the pain dollars out his eyes and brought them to gays and bound him with bronze shackles and he grounded the militant in the present the first few days must've been tough for Sampson because he was just his strength was like a normal man and to be able to do the work of an ox to push that milled around the circle over and over again must have been a very trying experience for him but during that time and at school of Christ he learned the lessons that he had that he would not have learned otherwise the Bible says but the hero of his head began to grow again after it had been shaved there is no power per se in his hair the powers from the lower but as it has his hair began to grow back he began to realize his mission he began to realize how he had failed and he asked God for one more chance it so happened that that after some time out of nowhere this two months or three months but sufficient time it passed and they took him to their temple the temple of Dagon and eight days setting up he asked the boy that led him to set an bitmap beside the two pillars you remember as yet been there before he remembered that there were two pillars on pit on which the whole building rested and so he asked that the boys are taken very so you he rested himself against these two pillars and then he prayed a prayer and is found here in verse twenty eight he says then Samuel called to the Lord as an old dog please member me the strength and me only this once just one more time strengthen me just one more time with his prayer and then in faith he began to push against those pillars of that and the whole Temple fell down killing three thousand of his enemies and him as well God took just like I was a failure and turn it around that his last act was more valuable than all the acts if you done in his previous life Mrs. Weiss says something 's some God trains my bringing them to disappointment and apparent failure it is his purpose that they shall learn to master difficulties he inspires them with a determination to prove every apparent failure is success often men pray and we because of the perplexities and the obstacles they confront them but if they would hold the beginning of their confidence steadfast unto the end God will make their way clear success will come as a struggle against apparent insurmountable difficulties with success will come the greatest joy Samson died a happy man he died knowing that he was finally fulfilling God 's mission God did not intend for him to get into that situation where he would end up dying like that but for the circumstances in his life he did the best that he could and in doing so he earned himself he he earned himself recognition from the other person in the Bible that was into looking good he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he was something and he was the one he was very concerned about what other people thought about him and that person was Peter of us go to John chapter eighteen verses fifteen to eighteen John chapter eighteen verses fifteen to eighteen Jesus was beginning to focus on his final his final acts of ministry and as he did he want to prepare his disciples for what was coming next and he let them know that he would be done he would die by this time when he went to Jerusalem and Peter would would not hear any of it it is as long as I'm alive that will not happen and then geez when even more specific and he said that you will all be training and you said it I will yes I will not betray but Peter do not know himself Christ and Christ knows is much better than we do ourselves as so as Peter was standing there but by Jesus and Jesus trial he was embarrassed to be associated with Jesus at his trial and a mere girl and then some other people were able to make them curse Christ and Christopher thought on having any association with Jesus Christ Peter Jews had arranged for a prearranged signal that would let the reader know that he failed in that signal was when the cock crow three times before that he and he would have denied Jesus three times and sure enough when he heard that and he saw Jesus Aziz was walking from one area of the judgment hall to another he realized that he'd failed and he ran into the into Gethsemane and he began to learn of the school of Christ the school of failure began to learn about himself he prayed and he asked her forgiveness and he just couldn't believe that that he had done this but God was teaching him something by themselves his wife says that there are some lessons that will never be learned except to failure Peter was a better man after his fall as fire purifies gold so Christ purifies his people by temptation and traumatic scripts under fifteen nineteen oh two on what CTR means but to some six seven Jesus worked with Peter in such a way that Peter at the end of his life when he was faced with the cross he was so humble and he was so filled with Christ that he was able to say that he wasn't worthy to be put on the cross of Jesus Christ and he asked to be crucified upside down and that's the way that he gave his life as God brought Peter all the way he made some mistakes in his life but God turned Peter 's life in such a way that it became a resounding success Peter was able to offer to epistles and also guide Mark and in writing the data the gospel of Mark the story of Jesus is look at some organizational failures you would think that as a group people would be less prone to failure but instead in reality when we get into groups and estimate the biggest failures the first of these is Israel first Samuel chapter eight versus four two eight Samuel had gotten old and he was he was a wise judge and people had enjoyed his being under his leadership and his guidance but he had not trained his sons properly and so they said your sons are not liking and instead of trusting God to raise up yet another judge they wanted to be like everybody else and a lot of times we get into groups and begin into our organizations a lot of times we have this pressure to be like other organizations to be like other churches to be like other individuals and here Israel wanted to be like other nations and so they said we want a king salmon was upset and he felt that it was a personal affront to him and he cried to the Lord and the Lord said to him that it is not you that they have rejected they have rejected me from being king but God was able to turn that apparent failure around over the course of history during their seventy years in the school of failure God was able to visit the seventy years of captivity God was able to convert a man who tore down his temple Nebuchadnezzar only that but he thought of God led Ezekiel to write book on his book and he led Daniel to write his book as well which we use a lot today and it is writing us at the end of time God turned something that was an apparent failure into a resounding success was look at one other example of an organization act chapter fifteen and I Chapter twenty one is River going to be for this part in acceptor fifteen that the church had been going for a while in the date they were faced with a dilemma the dilemma was that the problem was that they were now attracting priceless bringing in people never Gentiles into the question was do they need to follow ceremonial law and the answer of the voiceover gave them was no they don't but they were Jewish Christians who really felt that they personally needed to keep ceremonial law and over the course of Paul's ministry they dogged him and they befallen in every place that but he went because they felt that he was not giving proper emphasis to the ceremonial law and so in eighty fifty seven eighty fifty six eighty fifty seven they had a famine just befriended in the years before that and Paul had gone through the Gentile churches and hit collected money so that he could bring that money to the brothers in Jerusalem and so that they would be able to take care of a people that were there he had done some fundraising and he came into and the Bible says and asked at the twenty one says Paul came bearing gifts and the brother and received him gladly they were glad to see him and they were they praise God when they saw the gifts they saw the generosity of their fellow junk that Gentile believers in verse twenty it says and they said to him see brother how many thousands there are among the Jews who had believed they are zealous for the law and then they began to tell them about their newest church policy which was to appear choose by doing the normal things of the law years ago when Jesus and his disciples of Jesus on a certain hit his disciples were there the Pharisees have found fault in how they wash their hands and how they did the rest of ritual cleansing and use of them that that's something matter what matter was the heart the cleansing of the heart and later on for the guidance of the Holy Spirit they interested in fifteen the church had had written to the Gentiles in a given specific direction but now they were going back on this and they decided that they would appease Jews and so this is a policy and Paul knew Paul knew that this was the wrong decision he knew it he knew in his heart but he decided that he would you would follow the counsel of his brethren and so we took some men that needed to perform their rights at the Temple and each of them to that the Jewish Temple and as he did that they reside on the last day of all when he was mistreated on the last day that he was doing it is getting to this thing that he just had to do I'd arrived formed they need they identified all his enemies found him and arrested him and from that time on from that time on Paul was in and out of jail in fact he was in jail for a probably for the rest of his his ministry is measured was cut short if you read in acts of the apostles Mrs. White talks about that which talks about how Paul healed because he followed his other wrong advice and did not stand for principle his ministry was cut short can you imagine how do more epistles Paul could've written in the time that he had if if he had been if he had been faithful to what God when you got to be saying a doctor then apparent failure of the church and turn it into a success pause assistant penned the book of Hebrews after he heard Paul speak about it an open Hebrews which we all know to have that focuses on the on the ministry of Christ and how price is superior to angels Holly superior to the Aaronic priesthood of his blood is the Bulls and goats and so on so forth he was able to set the stage of a very logical argument to turn the hearts and minds of the Jewish Christians from the early century to the heavenly century and came just in time because and eighty sixty six the Roman legions surrounded Jerusalem and they were able to connect our price warning and an know the timing from them to flee and also that the lessons that they learn from the book of Hebrews that was specifically aimed at them and not one of those Jewish Christians perished in the family follow us go to Hebrews chapter twelve for a closing text this morning both both Moses that we mentioned earlier both Moses and Sampson earned a mention in this and this book of faithful people in chapter twelve verse one it says therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us also lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily beset us let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking at Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is seated on the right hand of the throne of God a lot of times we stop right there today's history talking about the school the failure I like us to go on it says consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted in your struggle against sin you have not resisted to the point of shedding blood and you have forgotten the exhortation that addresses US sons my son do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord nor be weary winter proved by I have the Lord disciplines the one that he loves and chastises every son whom he receives is for discipline you have to endure God is treating you as sons for what son is there whom his father does not discipline if you are left without discipline in which all have participated then you are illegitimate sons children and not sons the sizes we have early fuzzy discipline doesn't be respected them should be not more be subject to the father spirits and live for the disciplined us for a short time as seemed best to them but he disciplines us for our good that we may share his holiness for the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant but later it yields the fruit of righteousness to those that have been trained by it therefore lift up your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees and a street paths for your feet so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be I don't know where you are in your questions for us today perhaps you have experienced failure failing relationships failure and academics failure in business failure in ministry I know that God is waiting for you and is willing to teach you and the school of failure is willing to take your failures if you letter and turned into something greater than you or I could have ever imagined resources that we have nothing to fear except how to forget how God has led us in the past in his past teachings particles pass teachings and parcels that does leave that path leading is also the present which is the time to request specific language struggles right now thought is leading you right now he's tried to teach you lessons if you will just learn often she goes on to say God never leads his children otherwise and they would choose to be led if they could see the from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose for which they are fulfilling as coworkers with an desire of ages two twenty four five is my favorite passage for times and I'm going to troubles now this sermon would not be complete without me mentioning one of my failures imagine other people 's areas and I should I think in interests of practical Christianity mention what mine there is a young man that came became job and hope for a use and attend it out and hope I I observed at the inevitable leadership for six years one six of my life and every year I had I've had to every year that I've served in different ministries and I still does today after every major event and at the end of the year I go through all the minutes of all the things that you know we discussed in meetings and attempting at right out of a report that won't forget the decisions that we made and how and why we made them and the lessons learned from them God teaches us in various ways and I learned many lessons from my friends and from my fellow leaders and and through different expenses but there's this young man became to have an abuse and attendee he wanted USC and he you sign up for the it is written it is written what is it I preach seminar thing and what the other whole ideas that give you some DVDs in a single breach and so you go out and you get that you put together an aggressive campaign and you preach so he can't have an open start passing out flyers because he wanted to start this event is a campaign in San Bernardino a few years before that when I was twenty five I was given hundred thousand dollars and asked to do and advances in medicine campaign and San Bernardino twenty five thousand dollars of that money and I did I put together a very successful in this campaign but unfortunately I had disagreements with the chairman of the campaign and I do it is led to me resigning from that ministry a week before the campaign started it was still a success but it was my failure because I wasn't able the result the differences with this chairman in a positive way so this young man hee hee came to have and hope when he wanted to this arises campaign and I was thinking of the experience that I have had the failure that I had had and I was projecting this failure on this young man as a game and he gave up these these flies which is against the policy of and hope the time and it still is to pacify his permission but anyway we we talk to him and we try to figure out what he assented to and at the end of it we made a team decision that at Ivanhoe would not support his campaign for various reasons but I believe I believe I I made a mistake personally and that because I do not extend to extend a hand I couldn't want his campaign to pass on some flyers I could've been there in my presence I supported him and that's everything I didn't get up during his campaign think goodness and unit of bringing in forty eight to seventy two people into the church that year more people than I did that year more people than I brought it to the sound of his church that year as I was writing up my my reported in the year this decision came up and start to type it and got up in the shoulder and he said see what I can do when you would other people when you get out of the way so there lessons to be learned never to be learning I've not been in desolate failure but I know from experience that if you if you let God teach you God can take your apparent failures and he can turn them into greater successes you never know those forty people that came together the church would not comment if I had had my way and I'm glad that I did have my way so as I close today I want to encourage you to follow Jesus I want to encourage you to work with the church to work with with the brother and to align yourself with people you can have greater success but more than anything else when when you are and that in that affliction and when you are in the school of feeling and learning of Christ think of him I think of God the father as being better than your earthly father as he disciplines even as he trains using molds you he's preparing you for something greater and remember that that thing that I said earlier which was that God never leaves his children otherwise and they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discerned the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with May God bless this ministry may he bless each one of you this church is the world church at large as we did to learn from him in failure and success and may God turn our failures and success of that at the end when Angels will be able to say here are here a day to keep the commitments of God and have a ministry their father we have looked at successful failures in the past and we look at our lives today and we wonder what you're doing for us fatherly we know now that that it isn't always fun to be in this school of failure but we know and trust your leading and we know that you can guide us in and turn our failures and success maybe learned those lessons that you have to teach us to failure maybe be like Peter betterment would be emerged from and using the great


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