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It's OK to Die

Dave Fiedler


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  • September 15, 2011
    7:00 PM
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following DNS and have men's here asking your presence asking your blessing Lord we acknowledge that your wisdom is far above hours we freely admit that you have power which we can never approach and learn we thank you that with those two attributes you combine the love that we can never understand the father we ask that tonight 's tomorrow the next day this whole time that we might learn more of you that we might learn how to represent you to those who know even less we ask a blessing father that we might be a blessing to someone else Jesus name I pray and to do just as I felt the results of was teaching in ahead death young teachers coming along well they don't often tell them I'd say if you see here changing and you're not telling a story you probably aren't it's a story thinking human this is more or less as a personal testimony I think it has ramifications in Raleigh in the audience so it's not hopefully irrelevant but it is much more start the things I've experienced the last about four years anything is a story I always have a question I worry I should get started in a business and what perfectly good opening line for a story but you know Moses use that one a long time ago the problem is as always please lead up and down the alley I just tell them it more bacteria but raggedy that you look scary enough as it is to start in August nineteen eighty Sunday don't remember nineteen eighty were going to drop most of the details but suffice it to say that in the summer of nineteen eighty happened to be living in Colorado at the time and through a variety of circumstances I came to the conclusion of the Lord would rather have me be in Washington state and being younger and probably foolish or than I am now I decided to take an inhibiting money and you have a car and everything that I had authority to fourteen boxes all I kept under forty forty pounds is that the folks that I left the box was mounted in a later well and that worked out there were some people that would question what I was doing in a Heather and many other notes about this whole proposition but I assured them that the Lord was pretty smart and they had no spaces hiking whereas I had been credited and I was perfectly capable of realizing that if I stood in one location for a day or two about that a while back when I was vitally on the one guy went away once the newsletter problem as it turned out they needed some help they asked me to stay with them one initiative to leave on Sunday morning Zbigniew stick around one day and help us get these cares if so I said sure papers and as we were standing there chatting eighties chairs outside in the pleasant weather the gentleman drove a a long way from Corpus Christi Texas the Seattle Washington was just going to have to be more or less what I was headed to my problem the animating stops along the way it is not be in Moab Utah Mintz on California Santa Barbara California business to transact in each of these locations and he was talking to vehicles I was hoping with repairs is a problem that be in Seattle by Thursday and I labeled this as well what's wrong with you under the CF Brand I go here and here and here along the way I have enough time I mean I need something to help me drive the van I have working boxes and I was not along the way will stop demands on California and he knew somebody down there whom I did not and we spent the night in which I was allergic to the unmolested and was in adding a home of a little old lady name of the estimate you would recognize anybody know of a certain finance mission is a singular leader and his many films on about six miles long when a something like that and she had a pretty dress lower the things I than life is run that was kind of interesting to me that was back in the days when he didn't have personal computers in such things and celebrating the press still belong to those who had oppressed and she had her breasts then now is the clinical and I was it isn't so we talked and spent time with another relevant for moving she printed out and she had a tendency to prove anything spinning with advanced history which was another big winner for me as I made this in noted this when I'm in Seattle and never saw her again hold that thought little background here since I decided to Christianity was worth thought and effort I've had to him just to have drowned in my mind one is that I've always primarily been interested in the church in North America I've always felt that if we can get right here at bringing things down everyone brings on the right direction here with you for good or for bad husband both layout for going back North America so a center of Venice universe and we have the influence we have the money we have the ability to change Muslims live in what can we do in North America but at the same time I've always been drawn to them I call the intensity of overseas work to grade five and has found your mission Simi Valley may with them and it needs is buried away he not very good as I say working away shows a gig in China with an insurgent missions you won't see her name and publication of and nine other people who've gone through the places some evening with DVD ministries international and no number of people associated with that operation anyway recognize Jeff Rich Laymon Ministry news in his work especially in the Eastern for each block of run of the Soviet Union and other visionaries in Europe and China and other places and I wasn't attracted well okay one of the items I've always like history and assisting particular it's been useful to me I found answers there cannot like it I mean I can't help I don't like is different to say I was struck dumb principle is that the history for tomorrow that makes sense I congratulate them and thought always like that and some other things that have attracted me I've always appreciated his sacrifice and dedication of our pioneers I've always been intrigued by well all year battle of competing influences within the church not for that reason I think let's be honest I'm talking about politics is now I mean it would be sweet if there were no never politics is measured in the charges and will not whatever it is they feel deeply about and what I feel in England as well and I feel deeply that way and the chasm between him and so emasculated is always going to be a competing competing matter of influence in order to find a starting blood as I understand what you think is right and something that snatches him I have a house inside a dream that funding is always been very poignant to me is the simple fact that we need something that we'd never get anything that you will always know what you are living on less than so pure holy back to Eminem and was an existing think that but not everything you need to realize is that you were still here every year hundred eighty one October twenty two hundred eight every year we celebrate as they are dinosaurs were celebrating another year of failure we haven't yet done what needs to be done something is all that good things are done but we haven't succeeded down and has always bugged me I was always all messages and listen guys if you can't get better than my generation is that it now when this would describe somebody has taken up a nice something that isn't in yet somebody better to more history might skip the page that is mobilized some other church history has been fascinating to me the Anabaptists have never read some of their stuff we credible size especially I stumbled onto a website that offer free books about the reading I can not knowing much about the Moravians I stumbled on this website incredible this one book in particular leg in a reputable or I don't think it ever been with a published and is available on the Internet behold the Lamb this is the story of a single church we would think of it as one large congregation meeting at its peak about five thousand thirty five thousand people at different times they were in search of refugees they fled their homeland on foot and night under pain of death if they were caught traveled over the mountains and landed in Germany on the estate of his doors to recognize the name behind Indiana seventeen thirty two less than ten years after leaving their homeland in Moravia this group of refugees and young people came to the elders said were not doing English it's wrong the commission is going therefore in all the world and the people came in and why are we doing and the owners are probably had a majority responsibility to try to hold things together and get food everyday and on elders carry certain responsibilities and people don't but they said the dispatch can the patient with promise we will they waited three years find it again people were him in the first one was a young man Marina Leonard over twenty two years old caution down to the Caribbean this one church in the next thirty one years said out missionary after missionary after missionary seventeen now eyeing of them died of fever murder in thirty one years seventy nine from one church in northern sending them out but in thirty one years that one church haircolor from Germany the Moravians started churches on St. Thomas St. Croix St. John's Jamaica Antigua Barbados and St. Kitts they baptized more than four thousand eight hundred individuals down the next sixty converts for every casualty in on elements of a very important book so can run a risk submitted by nothing sacred about my life the work of God was on before I was born long after I was okay with jumping a story but catching up a little bit of January two thousand six my name is George begun it is an Oklahoma deal on Academy where I used to teach and he decided in January he wanted to become a massage so he went out than in California the Desert Hot Springs school member of us I remember Doctor Charles Hollis sorry the school down there and banning low it was the very last term at school offer and were closing down not because I wanted to get going by his widow and so on I think it was and then school is closing down well so they rolled around graduation Georgia passes boards or whatever nothing is involved what I will do is pick up great Oklahoma Mrs. Thomas cannot denizens are they wonder how things will have a big problem with just several years ago before my husband I was approached by a little lady from down my long-winded she brought him boxes boxes boxes note it was her life she was certain she was die today with my husband and safely seated and use their words were indeterminate with good intentions but then he and him sitting in the garage and we sold the house and it has to be emptied by Tuesday in Georgia since the little lady 's life work I can put it in a dumpster when you take it and try to find some way to make it useful well let's look at journalists twenty eight Apple boxes full of notebooks George told the stuff back to Oklahoma much about it open one box for about one notebook leaves room for patient and understand and recognize the guys standing on either end of assigned signs in mound city meant nothing and George closed the book but back in the box closed the box around the entire powerful and plastic and left visit for nine months well I is one of the boxes accident considerably green and organize with the writing community in March of two thousand seven I was down at the academy I was there is an advantage for them and I was telling a story of Elder John Bergman and the purchase of Loma Linda and I have to imagine along the way that the real estate development is eventually purchased by the savannas and turned into Loma Linda had originally been known as mound city Helen Whitelaw at one time George is remembered as such now I know what it is anything a practical method of more than that I cannot even explain Fox jumped him to do I don't know what is so he comes up to me after my meeting it doesn't really live up to start a news is I got almost all started there might be some will like a cousin downloadable and addressing United migrant Numidians and wrongdoers I thought Mrs. policy she said it was a little German nurse in a single bound started to ring someplace back to my school German nurse will somehow after twenty seven years him that I thought of her that I said was that Lee is in place the fellow I held all other gases as well as when they add I suddenly October of twenty oh seven I was I've been asked to make a presentation on it and hold the homeland of his I was working on some MSU stuff I always wanted presentation things happen to use this statement service says entire surrender to the Lord is something that is where the old in the daily life and exerts an influence on how your thinking goes sometimes I was that school year just starting in on my twentieth year of classroom teaching and somehow that one statement made me think that maybe it was time for me twenty years most of the white and Eric knew that they haven't unmitigated jerk right now most of them like an instant carbonate you know most of them are still in which one can be educated in the great influences of inventory verse eleven that you know I was as idealistic as in executing those teaching out on you on how you want to change the world you want to shake things up I love the kids and I taught over the years three different school work with them as whatever side executive editor regularly probably there are some of them that are shaking things up involved with various and sundry mission projects scattered around the globe doing this thing that doing anything some of them shaking things up there never was thankful for those send me thinking about sending a make ahead of time is one of the world by trying to exert an influence on those case that I couldn't I certainly hope that it is time for me to do something a little more risky welcome a long story short in December of twenty oh seven I told the school board that they ought to be looking for a new principal because I was not planning on staying by the next year that method curiosity has an accident waiting to fill out following overseas I know anyone in March I called that Jeff Rich later ministry news and that he was just heading out the door the next day in six weeks trip touring various and sundry other projects that are scattered around the world ascertain just close I think this over the simulation uses anything how many jobs you can find your willingness to volunteer as I saw him that I think will like and what you learned about in a and so I think that it was negative the difference is that the Yahoo exec Academy of the loveliest people actually know something about school is a you provide that is the successful God wants you to know that he doesn't have the next six weeks well what I was done with nine million annually people get so excited over the New Mexican a total hay show what they're doing now have you ever experienced that is little and I figured I read iota to that school of annuities exotic tying up loose ends that you get all the kids were all gone when report cards filled out the chalkboards in the nest and with Alaska and had no idea what you and I had contracted went through the individualized so I was going to editable page echoes I see little breathing room if anything is in my life without I'm finalizing the past camera bag and I driven efforts probably the my life is the organized type down she likes to know what's going to happen on November second five years of the things I said Atlanta now I was like okay whatever me I'm still working on them I usually bring out the season is all this uncertainty and neither of us had a real burden said this is what you're doing next this is where to go this is the hardest women comfortable with enchantment of the data plan is to know when it was on the fifth of July I seeking the Sabbath evening best visitor local church not all are possible plans which included everything from the Philippines to be honest that health certainty whatsoever on the public next Tuesday I was standing the kitchen sink washing dishes that's that's that's what some points so I was in Washington him thinking about and that was his simple question and he kept coming to me in question was what we're doing this the question is not why am I going overseas someplace also the reasons for doing that I want network the question was why you are always in my mouth my mind went back to the quotation and in nonlimiting this very forcibly that the reason I had no particular burden from getting on the Philippines a Ukraine or China or India all original options within the whole purpose was I wanted shakeup I was then dragged my family halfway around the world I just time I take a partner it was worth it I was happy with and then I had my little because God just let my mind much less time than I can possibly tell a story first lesson came to me was when I succeed what if I inspired fifty-year heart of my former students and post them and how we can do something that you will know that someone was an old Goa Philippines Guiana someplace in North America with seventy you can argue that logic that's looking to him fumbling new facility not as powerful in North America using the thumbnail to show the extremely past evening at raising the Indians use of it I admire your strength it isn't only for brave souls in the Third World someplace seventy percent of a knife and something needs to be done here is the result of honorable about things his way and for advantageous things out of context and say all right then something is going on all the details although my way and he will get paid so the next thing that I realize I'm so grateful to work with us on my network and I realize why it's so hard here not enough people in this field leaving an enormous bonhomie number we sung again plane went down to half years ago now I've been seeing this is plane went down but then you have lived when he was seen flying program available to you it's tragic when people but it's no pets are the blood of missionaries and see if you can find three people that stepped forward because of the hearing that story is an ongoing admission on the something 's wrong with us you think I missed you by chance him him him to talk about feelings their enormous grandson six years old her name is overnight in malaria is a strategy but it's no fear that happen in North America when you foul things up in North America United Kingdom by a snake landing on his hand and he punished hard is already financial unit of living in corporate and doesn't have the inherent ability and everybody knows that's what happens when you file for the North American genius to figure it out you know what to what the result will be an award does not fit in and of daily or they can handle cross and corporate mantra is a single female likely people are scarcely less and I understand that I thought somebody needs to do it and once litigated over the temperature in a writing in my mind coming out of thirty years of personal experience as an advanced history I knew what was somebody put away five years ago called Gospel medical missionary evangelism using companies of workers working the cities from I know that I shall let out that that was the project is a project for shaking up North American showing the blog will still honor his specifically plans when we get revolving will there is actually nineteen seventies Homer who worked with the guy who pioneered the whole thing I've heard the stories I know some of this is that I is that somebody really really needs to do that and then obviously enough you can understand what happened next is going to eliminate weather is really glaring problems for why I was not that I do that and realizing nobody what I do or don't do women have the kind of impact the project that would need to have and be addressed to having money is available if you want the front foot the bill is not going very far both of those points are very valid but I knew intuitively instinctively in immediately those are the kinds of things that extreme face at least mocks that walks around requires overheats moving on as I got to thinking us and what marketing about you I find a job in a job library some money I could start a small company Bible and ask our mission college or her Black Hills are herbal who relevant women this e-mail is all a sow 's interview by the worker training programs in the you cannot not give anyone the volunteer in Wichita if I can get your money of what was in the normal Johnson place on earth the money I do anything involuntarily annual for my six volunteers will board a gas money whatever you and and I have a little team of Bible because that's a key part of this article medical missionary evangelism plan the doorway laid out a hundred years ago a my wife being practical and great I believe there is a problem with the house is too small so I thought you have to exactly right if God blesses me with a house that I can do this so that's kind of lease real big fan of asking making up my own pleases the Lord Leslie I'm readily available formatting is a great deal so I said I need a house in the boiler specification vastly outspent you several regarding has to be within driving distance the city has to have known for five or six bedrooms and bathrooms that have parking spaces all the cars of that have to be a little limit because and not having money anyhow I'm writing assignments is alleviating our house is okay or not everything is a lowering our problem is that house does not exist around with just one storyline that house does not exist to meet you years to find the closest thing that happens when I was living in such a popular the judgment the only guy that I know that meeting on real estate 's real estate contract today is a developer he had been a series Christians much of his life handling Eminem is not so easy for them the guy I knew anything the Dominican real estate I saw him letting on an example is the twelfth of July the other was a good opportunity and plus I was feeling a little bit way about this whole thing ran in telling people for like eight or nine wasn't an overseas and on the necessity while on they will move your site is to say enough self and that the fascinating and it hasn't documented only by my wife and I talking over bit more the nineteenth of July I was only long property and Doctor Larry was little dancers little measured in a study looking at it he was always busy I was always getting around not getting investors and even with all of our online I looked up I saw him in an authoritarian table he went on after they were going to philosophize I cannot sanctuary he left up a stunning interface regulars of the same libraries and possibly good in question beauty of task so funny at together that they were going to the stairs in the Fellowship Hall in a civilian of the second launched is the existence of an issue like seven years now I hear people talk about in the veteran will forget rate is shoveling more than a season-high out but restaurant and were also in what I lay dying only reason I'm dying I don't relate a lot of letters is not ever in the fourth alternatively the one that is funding and make a plan is something that is I can't do anything you and I know anything about and I only can you brothers and sisters were listening they are wonderful books we've always a dynamic and is in my destruction as I know everything I did feminism is a lie once you delighted to not only his money on putting away him him him one last thing his wife whom I know Melissa I think you are right and he undermined his United is in will invite away his San Jose is void as my mother is in understanding and thinking to myself if there were something is involved in an institutional life all my life as well as one was thirteen a few things over the years firstly I'm thinking if this format is actually no idea what time it is the setting of thinking as if you take his ideas and put them together with my wonderful idea of a group of Bible workers getting really close with the Lord is called to work in everything and everything will okay so my contract is the most violent July thirty one percent working with Larry Cook on August one Doug is about a year and a half today this house that is in this picture somehow many of the house is a very tyrannical Septuagint before before picture which the history without an entry to this house I found the farm and as soon as and elements of the times I have a couple pictures are missing but we just worked on a farm passage that is to say that will ask you to notify multi- life lay is a real estate developer him finish this building has sitting empty and I was just ready to start renting out the mix of letting windows down and down on both knees and begging bank for a massive loans in the building in a halting place out there for a minute and bank loan and have it live on this is enough maybe I'll just close my own buildings without even make a good rest so we started from scratch and turned it into a restaurant called the so-so like a so-so is a Greek word which is used in an investment for both physical healing and spiritual salvation that is what I give the word as I understand I am a weeks cause only honest with any sense of authority but as I understand the basic idea is taking something that's been damaged in bringing about the original specs legal concept for health food store and legal concept for well there's a lot of has been one of the investment witnessing tools they had no would never had never had a negative reaction whatsoever restlessly about sixty has a nice big open kitchen customers can see how everything goes on with her food with her for the Aramaic mother is writing Jenkins is by what right now our head waitress I will newly look at this is currently what are you telling there watching the camera set up everything for anything watching the waterfall at night knowing the wildebeests come down to get a drink alliance leave out behind as the Bible of ambushes was miscellaneous so I am handwriting was a diagnosis she is there is not a bagel voyageurs and pray with us that the openings are incredible expenses bizarre this is your father he is our candidate and by looking at the management into his label about the most as a chef is a really singular shape I can look people straight in the eyes openly in the best he is the only French trained chef if you have any immediate establishment I like to point out to them that he received after his first three years of studying his native Martinique he finished up with two years of study in Nice France on aerodynamics on modified turns out to be the only vegan chef at outdoor which is the highest award for long story short McDonald's fancy-schmancy and has a bipolar box when you are satisfied it's a good thing the Lord brought a lot of pieces to get not telling half the story to guide his house on the market for almost a year half single-family to the restaurant built on ready anything like that get going on the Long Island lands in my owner the start of the fifteenth of January and on and on simply twenty four some guy walked out the door looked the house him though everyone am the Lord brought also as and maybe team and gave us an opportunity to try and demonstrate the best of our understanding what he was advocating flowing white fighters do have a perfect knowledge I can give you more weaknesses in our programs and their allies if you want to list and let but the Lord has blessed this incredible we got wind that is adapted politicians coming through the restaurants were taller a special tool for reaching the dog requests and they come in alone and loveless and will have the highest ratings of any restaurant and I just looking over I went out to me that one of all the online recommendations are defined and all the different happy Calvin V vegan this that yelp is wanting Google does like always the designated directly to it is not a single negative recommendation is less than forty seven percent of them included comments about the friendly and helpful staff something to embrace with making an impact person-to-person that's that's what was so great about this when the guys we met in a restaurant with unanimity of the way Jesus regularly for three months has not lastly while his wife is getting in some grief about that now but based on what community you know he was sentenced during times by no later than Rolling Stone magazine nations asserted for the greatest jazz guitarist alone how we as him and will thought he was getting another was one more piece about a month after we got going funny I just look in the box article with all the history Doctor Joe medical missionary how it came together what it was during wine fell apart why when Doctor Kellogg was eventually disfellowshipped for various reasons in nineteen oh seven the church is very largely not maliciously not intentionally been very largely turned away from everything it was associated with hormones that you read how hard you try to hang on this guy i.e. Aaron irregular living Temple people pantheism she called him God 's position she tried everything she could hang on because not most of what he had was what we needed to a degree was a classic baby and bathwater sent and returned away a maliciously done intentionally but because were you anywhere the entire time and causes which earned away from what he'd started and we lost because I was is a combination of work for the physical body and one for the sole is the singular league to interpretation us with the impact the last for the work will be medical mission work in the form of mission work for Medicare and were told medical missionary work especially as it applies the large cities if it is the United Nations on that unit that is nice for a while Jesus when we do in his life the center for a moment and when we listen to what he says the money is what it is like well the Gentiles before the allowed you rose to her visa and when I was working to enact what happens when I am one flesh I agree with you is you you don't know exactly what was going to hear what okay so far my family and I remember them with a hammer financially but when you fatherly love you for you losing your mice and your love for us in the right I hope that though it's not their story system myself I hope that someone may catch including encouragement inspiration from the socially father I pray blessing on everyone said their life before you help us to realize that it's okay to give up on far more than help us to place our lives in your and maintenance convocation here this wellness Reformation and withdrew its name and its influence be to increase both wellness rooms were to go this you would want my audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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