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United Work or the Worst Evil

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 18, 2011
    9:30 AM
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the only thing that comes in this paragraph the gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united there is placed on our church is the worst evil that can be placed I know a fair number of ministers I know a fair number of doctors and it wouldn't want to say that anyone that I know are completely separate in their work but I think it's fair to say that we have yet to find God 's ideal of a motherly so much easier meeting ended that it is okay I don't think we found the ideal was a blending of the gospel ministry and the medical missionary work Cisco will spend some time will looking for an ideal that is never yet been attained and I think it's important to bear that in mind that not only have God 's people in the past never successfully met this ideal but we haven't either we have a great deal of reasons to be charitable and patience with those who gone before us we can see their mistakes because they can look at us they would probably see our mistakes relatively little of the ideal familiar during this time embraces the whole Gospel rightly presented it will work in man the very changes that will make evident the power of God 's grace upon the heart it will do and a complete work and develop complete math then let no line be drawn between the genuine medical missionary work in the gospel ministry let these two land giving the invitation come for all things are now ready let them be joined in an inseparable union even as they are is joined to the body was learning and greatest maybe cut out some of the stance suspense and say I think that's will find in the course of the things we look at today that what he means by that is essentially what Jesus did now we talk about Jesus being our pattern and sometimes it's admittedly a little tricky what all that includes no Jesus probably wore sandals that mean I have to worsen I don't think that's probably been the part of the pattern is important but what is what is to and it's how does that play on the line so candidates say that I think of you find that this ideal is inseparable union of gospel spiritual work and physical medical missionary work is best identified with Christ okay I was gone this is an interesting statement says I'm in the city mission work I am in so many are labor for the in the large cities the word has not been as well organize or the methods of labor as efficient in other searches that have not been great lightly regarded so essential why is this because so many of our laborers have been those who love to preach and many who were not thoroughly qualified to preach more sex work at a large share of the labor has been put forth in preaching is preaching a bad thing and that if it's part of the whole package of preaching teaching and healing but by itself may not submit at all to spend more time healing people they need to preaching but still for statement the worst evil of grammar checker from the old English teacher what kind of word is worst if the superlative what is a superlative mean a lot for things than English class layout a superlative means it goes as far as it would go in any direction okay smallest is a superlative the largest is a superlative fastnesses this is the worst what is worse than the worst nothing unless you and some crazy thing like I'm occasionally doing with words like the worst dressed okay but normally there's nothing worse than the worst I know what was not given to a lot of exaggeration in your rate we read what she wrote she rarely Bonaire is precious is which is as worse and thinking that it is an attempt well okay so for each gene and I made our work less efficient than other churches and God 's people were not even come up to the level of embryos to be careful not how quickly we throw stones of the people search with their job and we are at on the world will be convinced not so much by what the public teachers and by what the church lives the preacher announces the theory of the gospel but the practical piety of the church demonstrates its power and there are times in my brief existence that I have felt that the theory somewhat overshot the demonstration Jenny Craig lasting one doors that had been closed to handle nearly preaches the gospel will be open to the intelligent medical missionary reaches hearts to the relief of physical suffering so now there's an unique place for medical missionary work in one of my earlier breakout sessions we took a quick look through to see what was supposed to be in Boston medical was Chandler and I think that means the doctors and nurses are probably thinking of you that seems like included canvassers gospel workers by the workers and that students and church members so if you don't fit in any other categories you probably excuse the mess you are supposed to be a medical mission to this particular town I like this the union of Christ like to work for the body and Christlike work for the sole is the true interpretation of the Gospel has a little more grammar stuff here what is that word it is an article which article it's really definite article when the other two articles okay or a hurry us in a and and and love are the articles okay this is a car this is an Apple but that is the eloquent and the elements that I have no objection to the desert article talking one so coming to education the gospel leather and what is that there message of education I don't think we really want to be going around passing out false interpretations of the think about okay is gone subordinates in the gospel ministry of the renowned Pentecostal ministry is needed to give permanence and stability to the medical missionary work in the ministry needs a medical missionary work to demonstrate the practical working of the gospel neither part of the work is complete without the other in a better opinion is not the medical missionary work is not to be carried forward as something apart from the word of the gospel ministry the Lord 's table anyone there is any no separation in his work the education of students and medical missionary lines is not complete unless they are trained to work in connection with the church and ministry I'm going to hazard a guess that this is an area on which we could potentially improve some of our medical training just a hunch ideally original advice of an administration was no such thing as a private practice physician physicians were medical insurance employed by the church a ministerial salary the flare was originally balancing it necessarily answer the question of why it's the worst evil when the gospel gospel Mister gospel ministry in the medical mission workers are not united it places on the church 's size is an interesting success in places on the church is the worst evil doesn't place the evil on a medical mission work was other churches using not sure I fully understand that a month ago I found a document that never seen before and for those you who are here Thursday night it came out of those boxes in a still working my way through those months ago I found a document had never seen before a lot of other people have seen this Doctor Kellogg in the year eighteen ninety three as of the stage for a little bit here seek to understand the significance of this in eighteen ninety three Doctor Kellogg was on track of what he was doing was a few years later when he started deviating off he was at that time being opposed by some at least of the ministers and his own wife said there were some who made war upon him as Herbert nonetheless in February nineteen ninety three he spoke at the ministerial Institute which came immediately before the General conference session that you that was in February in order to understand the tenor of the times have to remember that the end of December November twenty second of the year before citizens to have once before coming I'd like it once I went statement had appeared in the interview Harold that said the loud cry of the third Angel has already begun and the revelation of the righteous and the love is a big deal and to find out the loud cry had been John was so obviously something exciting event there was a buzz in the year ago but in February Doctor Kellogg spoke he had reservations in residence at a time when Doctor Kellogg was occasionally accused of believing the testimonies and whether you believe the Bible very strongly that remember my comment yesterday about how he saved five years ahead of the medical profession so he was not trying to pick a fight with online only to send a loud cry has already begun the revelation of the righteous but it was to pick a fight with someone I know that he had reservations and in his talks he pointed out dozens of Bible verses spirit off the quotations the defendant dawns people needed to be examples of divine love that they needed to let their light shine in good works of mercy and benevolence all around them he talked about Isaiah chapter fifty eight the great medical missionary chapter we pointed out that the chapter and is with a whole bunch of promises God 's people would ride on a high place in the earth beneath and with the heritage of Jacob their father their light would rise in obscurity they would call the Lord was day here I also pointed out that all of that was conditional on the first part of chapter that everybody agreed that especially in a chapter goes on and talks about those who turn their foot for the Sabbath after the repairers of the breach and we knew that was talking about at Felicitas and Kellogg saying no rising insecurity in writing a high place if that's the loud cry therefore I commission the yes then major that promises was unmistakable if you receive the fast that I have chosen then there's a fast to keep the fact that chosen isn't not sure you're very hungry to bring to your house the poor will cast out when you see the naked and covered not hide yourself from your own flesh is when you do that then your light shall break forth one your healing shall spring forth speedily in your righteousness shall go before you deploy the Lord shall be aware of our decision-making and then you shall call our Lancia should drive you will say here I am the conditions were too clear I if you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul in your life sometime in the darkness darkness is the noonday well until I change it according to their prophecy they just hours when the advocates of the law of God plans her feet firmly on its principles limiting out in their daily lives the spirit of the Commandments and exercise truly wants to management then while they had out in the world it is impossible for those escalators allowed God to correctly represent the principles of that sacred Decalogue while slighting its holy injunctions to love their neighbor as themselves now the problem with all this was as Doctor Helen pointed out and it's really haven't done anything to fulfill the conditions in eighteen nineteen one of the General conference session January ninety one Doctor Kellogg came to the General conference with a recommendation and endorsements don't like that they start an orphanage they already knew at least two hundred and its orphans who had no place to call home some of them were in state care some of them were in Catholic homes some of them were on the street Kellogg said it's time for us to have an orphanage helping you cling a Christian not take care of the orphan and widow lady ninety one they voted to do that January ten when they issued a general call for donations to the entire church to the pages the reader Harold by January eighteen ninety two and has about seventeen thousand dollars which was not enough through the concern appropriate committees that had no idea what they did in seventeen thousand dollars that was a lot more money sounds like today but still wasn't enough to read the lingering visitor that much they could do it was during aging I need to forget was Monday and I'm thinking about April or May was about that time give or take that lady named Mrs. Carolyn Haskell Presbyterian came and visited the center and saw what Kellogg was doing what is own personal book for a group of orphans and said my husband died recently I would like to give me some money as a memorial to give you thirty thousand dollars if you build an orphanage for your address orphans simply naming his honor well that picture that coming up here for you and Mister misled some soap Helen pointed out then in eighteen ninety three February twenty three he said we really haven't done anything yet anyone taking care of our own or let alone the poor and needy of the world Godhead the Senate has been shockingly to do that for us was the implications were too obvious of what he was saying and it were not well received by the audience this is the middle one of his servants allow I got to go on we ought to be in the show that we are doing what the Lord says should be done first in the think is incredibly gracious and then we shall see this work the Lord tells us must be done CD and right away and later that we were directing don't you think the loud cries commenced Helen said I don't know I was in something of medical missionary work from my standpoint there is everything to me today that the Lord is anxious that allow driving in the South but he says these things referred to in Isaiah fifty eight my first big honor are the things of the men done in this direction have been done by other people not by us as the Haskell thirty thousand dollars will not build that today was actually a pretty commendable thing it was that it was not run like a regular finish they had six different sections the house that were semi- separated off and it was more like six families so each family had a group of kids you know they function as a family they disgusting altogether with babies unattended teenagers and went on I was it was pretty progressive orphan care institutions without thinking well why is all the support some of you are and some of you are no doubt familiar with the whole discussion of the loud cry and what happened to it LOI says that he had begun in eighteen ninety two I can't tell this whole story right now but in nineteen fifty that issue came to the front and the last one sixty one years now there's been a rather major discussion which is cut around the pages of Adventism as to the fate of the loud for quite a while mean standard position of the safest way but now the standard position of church leadership was that the loud cry was continuing on our thank you it started in eighteen ninety two was moving on forward to its glorious inflation that was a fairly hard position to defend from the spare processing of because loud cry has certain features in its description it will be continued identifies happening currently millionaire option was to say that the loud cry had in some way or the other C store been turned off for something and eventually the position of the loud cry was continuing on prelim nightly the Lincoln maintained continuously until his left us with a rather dreary prospect of saying we came really close to the second coming once upon a time ten years ago but we don't really know why we didn't make we don't know what it would take to restart the lab brought his and being discussion about that the last sixty years those who have been looking at that question have done everything they could basically to find a theological answer to that in the process the doctrine of righteousness by faith has been tweaked and twisted and we've raised and maybe even reinventing that nothing is reignited loud crying any obvious manner so what's wrong I'm going to speak strictly for myself here because this is not something that I would've thought of for a month ago when Sony services with help of energy ninety three and I say I think how I was right I think the only way that the loud cry will be reignited is when God 's people take up the work of helping other people even and even if it be to the total neglect of themselves that sounds a little crazy but let me toss a couple of questions that you how big was Jesus retirement fund and what did you do for a house now I am not saying I do not believe not call me I may not misquote me okay the lines of the collision I'm saying we ought to run out here sell your house is a donate on support is not Wednesday I should find one of those antibodies is is much much much smarter than I am and I do not doubt for a moment that there are people who in his plan have extra houses and interest when they should you will never see the people all reduced to any of you will have the poor with you always exist and you can have before I feel has something to have a little bit more as a wall before because of the poor with you always there will always be differences and it will be intentional and in God 's good meaning that there should be so so I'm in any sense pretending I can half out a prescription for everybody but I can say this much I think every Seventh-day Adventist needs to be striving to exemplify the true interpretation of the Gospel which is ministry to the body ministry missile helping people is funny it's really easy to overlook they can get so caught up in for me things like history of an urban time assesses that from God 's point of view where I'd made my little involvement in some of those things and I don't have missed the chance is to help people that came past night face one way or another I think I need to change your some reasons why those who wait for the bridegroom 's coming artists say to the people behold your God the last rays of merciful life the last message of mercy to be given in the world is a revelation of his character of love children of God are manifest his glory in their own life and character they are to reveal the grace of God has done for them now I learned this from my own interpretation on this I know that the wording is a little different but I think this is the thought nonetheless when it says behold where are they supposed to look are we telling them to stare up at the sky I believe what they're supposed to be telling them is look at God 's church it represents we are to manifest his glory in their own life the last messages is not a proclamation the revelation we need to be showing and it's interesting to go back to him with comment eighteen ninety two she said the loud cry of the third angel has begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ she did not say proclamation the righteousness of Christ you can almost argue that she was talking about the Haskell home the timing was there room we did uses an earlier meeting that I really like God has given us a commission which angels might in any why would an angel in the my job tossup way I look at it in June is one thing Gabriel said Gabriel would you trade places with any of us here English response I believe would be in our heart the because we hear in this time through all of eternity and in this one location through all of space this is the only time and place that souls be saved and don't do much soles think one of evangelism was on their health have revival meetings must hear it ha ha evangelism is here in Florida no six thousand years which is like a blink in the eye for eternity Angels might in the garden of the commission was a minor animated church has been charged to convey to the world without delay God saving mercy this is atrocity of the NSA is beautifully executed medical missionary work is living on this part and parcel thousands upon thousands of human beings are perishing in Siena compassion of God is moved all heaven is looking on with intense interest to see what character medical missionary work will assume under supervision of human beings they saw how what about Jesus but he left it with us to carry on will man make merchandise of God ordained plan for reaching the dark arts the earth with the manifestation of his benevolence will they cover mercy with selfishness and then call it medical missionary work I'm not in any position to make accusations but if I were going to guess I think I'm skeptical at the blues would probably have been and that clearly will never finish .org again and use these the form sorry for those much repetition here I love the pairing of these two statements Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself and his church when the character question to prevent every business people that he will find them as his own and it is the completeness of Christian character to the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impulse to help them bless others springs constantly from within it's not really a matter of how many vigilante now going on how is medical missionary works work its way out there there is no change the message is that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time when the Caesar worked as God would have been the result will be the setting operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet when now think is important about that question around by the environment page two is a medical missionary work which is the key think the truth and when we know that working them as I would have them the money moment is allowed by the favorite statement mind we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening every point of its problems because of the slowing of hundreds and thousands of streams until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea that's based off of Isaiah and I think it's was a the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea she's equating medical missionary work with the glory of the Lord employ the Lord is his character may commission were to be the manifestation of the character of God and also starts to come together well why is it the worst evil schemas when the medical missionary workers in the gospel are not united there is placed upon the churches the worst evil and replaced is my guess the worst evil of any place on the churches I think it's doing lots of stuff that looks like were actually doing something to bring on the second coming when he doesn't have a prayer to do a vendor this way and we said Titus said but it looks so good hello five window is better then onwards and I'm a female under the method I'm just saying it a little for the job at his Neverland job done I think in this prequel is working as his ninetieth and maybe worse things figure God probably has more worse in mind that cheerful so are my conclusions taken with this is not an essay the Lord failure entirely entitled to say they were thinking this bonus I believe that proclamation is the explanation of the demonstration yet to part and I would say that proclamation without demonstration is actually misinformation because we are not accurately representing the character of God I would guess that may be the worst table replaced cartridge so what's the take home lesson the take-home lesson I think is that the gospel is with recent completeness of Christian characters obtaining the desired help and less other springs constantly let's practice being nice to people not foolishly nice hotel was nice nice the way Jesus was nice now I know that a steep learning curve I am preaching myself evokes I'm not a huge learning curve because there is kind and loving and there's foolishly enabling right now I am still not a big believer in having a twenty dollar bill to some diet and streetwear probably has plans for a help maybe take among the list of the L Magazine and let the bastard I don't have to listen I knew this game but I think these are the rules of the game and what is exciting to me as I see a lot of people who are from their own angles threatening to me I chemical is from from from history is that that's what's best with no funny pleasantries in place in my mind but I know people come out entirely to Franklin from the same conclusion I find that encouraging I find it exciting I also find it troubling because you know the Lord leads his people around and around in circles until they were less we spent a hundred years going around the circle that means that for much whole generation has lived and died within the address church to the best of my knowledge the we will always be anything from the statements and living here there are some statements of Orinda Doctor Kellogg reproving him for spending his time in certain lines of work in a statement said Doctor John you have a special work God has given you aware this is not your work and interestingly enough probably the most quoted the statement says that the Salvation Army do their work it's not your organization can't get enough they had cancer years ago they were doing a lot of the city mission rescuers that's what they were famous for back in those days and someone was telling God was telling Doctor Kellogg subject this is not your job not Doctor Kellogg was a famous guy Firestone Thomas Edison talking like no hands and loyalty from your all came to Battle Creek will understand it is the Lord is telling him Doctor Kellogg you have a special work to reach the influential you are not to spend your time down here in Chicago but we've taken that will be applied across the board to the denomination this is why we don't do anything like that he we are not suit him not because of the device that you way too much money that all out of proportion to try to make LSH I think the right arm of the body ensuring the body itself everything is not in order appropriately I don't know what that means you that extend learning curve but I'm guessing that either years I think living in tracking will and I will and and I will be happy to come back to Oregon it seems I have those in him and I is I am fighting to keep one alive from day-to-day we know you are exactly right if the practicality in a although that that's an excellent point and hospitality and an outreach begins in the home when you get we need to take those are cast out into our homes was 's beginners wisdom called how that works exactly what to do and when to do it is hard to say that Karen exactly right that's that's where were at and I sympathize with everyone of you struggling again I know you if you heard my story Thursday night I don't have a single answer I made one little step forward in this whole thing fell in my lap I said thank you Lord I know is awesome he writes this is what you get when he started as a memory from her I don't know do I know anything MS like that's like asking Moses how do you split the Red Sea while I held up my rod doesn't always work church I don't have that answer but we have to have a nice the answer that God 's people need me and I suspect it's been in the hundred thousand different answers that I think the case limits around the same as mine and sure that everybody else is just not a cookie-cutter plan the same time I do I will say this much is clear from the Council that when one of them planning is going and has a little bit of prosperity do not reinvested in the business started many many needed at all let's put all the profits of the business at the University 's big mammoth institutions that don't do that that much I think I have quit and regard that point but as Laura and I think in its start practicality is the most exciting thing in the sister of seeing and I think were sitting here looking at the opportunity staring us in the face probably going the augmented soon by means of natural and social disasters and if a ready we will shine with the glory of God and if were not ready a hundred years from now the story will be talking no one at the here and because London something that history makes a single site I think Ezra and so here's my challenge when you drive office campus and find something new to do fine something different for us the boundaries you will make a mistake or two don't stop an earlier session had us haven't the slightest doubt that it says that you may say that you been generous to somebody and they did not receive a properly all right for your weighted with contempt as of every hour you turn your generosity was abuse an outsider is a loving Jesus he came to his owner 's own received him not and she says if you are efforts are rejected ninety nine times but the one hundredth time he succeeded a soulless say all victories I think somehow have to start even if it got a bit of a bad batting average and I've got a lot to learn this the most exciting stuff and received trying because it has more prospect to it anything else I've seen so I invite you to join me in trying to learn practical hands-on gospel medical missionary event whatever manner whatever setting with whatever resources you can possibly throw away that all there is a right versus the church there is the source ulcers doesn't have to go charging off in a something weird enough yet that hasn't been going please do not think the moment that I think is sinful or magazine or something to have a job there always been church members the majority of God 's people will be church members plugging along pushing it forward now I minister announces of the theory of the gospel visit with the higher the church which demonstrates the power the gospel was the church just get him a job as me she can't be nice so wherever you are him I thought that after a slave with the gospel is a slight feeling of freedom freedom wherever we I know that God has one step for the manual has a next step for all of us whenever they do not in any sense feeling yes they do things that somebody else is just wrong but yesterday 's behalf whatever it is whatever it is whatever God opens the door for you lay the burden of your heart however it happens and it begins at home while I thank you for your attention and for what I generally interpret as sympathy with my position here you may have reservation summary on us perfectly legitimate to believe God is ready to move things from and with people like you are going to the bulk of the work and I'm happy to see me stamping for father we would be like Jesus but were not smart enough sometimes we don't know what that means I don't doubt that there will be something as a group who will be called from the plow as it were to do something special were also told there is great on for those who faithfully and do as you would happen to as we are all different and Lord whatever it may be every individual circumstance situation I just asked your blessing upon each one with your spirit to teach us practical things day by day thing pray you would hold up before us constantly the pattern of Christ what about doing good help us to maintain our balance that we would always combine the two we wouldn't simply preach the theory of truth nor that we would simply take six centers in health auditing task is great we have never lived in a way that fully reflects the character of Christ but that's rest father I know that in taking any step forward we will encounter opposition from the devil of least and probably family friends coworkers total strangers to learn a greater protection your blessing on everyone who is determined to do your will that you would open our eyes to see and understand the dangers that surround us give us wisdom to know the influences to pay attention to the ones to politely ignore I pray that you would prosper every effort I thank you for myself that was one small step forward you gave me enough evidence that I could not turn my mind away from your plan sorry it took so much evidence for me to understand and pray for those who may not be granted that they like Thomas without seeing any believe still press for I learned me long for the day the medical missionary work will be swelled by hundreds and thousands of streams will cover the surface of the earth of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea creative learning press use one of those you stand for the media was brought by Nautilus website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about Alzheimer's is like the more certain is www. audio person or


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