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Kellogg vs. The Ministry: A Century of Collateral Damage

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • September 16, 2011
    10:45 AM
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follow yes now that we begin looking at the life and work of those who've gone before us asking guide understanding thoughts give us clarity of understanding to give us charity because we make mistakes to bring you eldest of the less useful and enable us to be a blessing in Jesus day the phone is called Kellogg versus the ministry and subtitle there is a century of collateral damage this is not a pretty story why is this even important well the night I think I read this statement until the last year I was a classroom teacher I wasn't ready long before that after nineteen years of teaching the question of a veteran reading assignments is this as religious teachers we are under obligation to God teach the students how to engage in medical missionary obligation to obligation something that if you don't do your trouble okay language comes and goes nowhere who are less River but human languages change and Dan were going to be looking at the term medical missionary the very first time Illinois news interview and hair Herald article wasn't until eighteen ninety three might've expected earlier that wasn't awake and ninety three first time it shows up in the testimonies of the line six August nineteen oh one that is really nifty idea wasn't around it's just that she had caught medical mission before that time the word was that me and they speak Spanish being a is related to what we know and I know what Oliver else they have done this on my Latin word really means well or good and we get words like benefits and beneficence and will be looking at the Netherlands contains the keyword will be looking at before a medical missionary work it was called the benevolent work the journey is missing they administer the late eighteen sixties on to describe efforts to help people especially the poor disadvantaged sick and to do so in practical tangible ways a synonym another turn of the use this was Christian help work but in illustrating at least and even more commonly referred the idea was it to make a reference to Isaiah fifty eight share your bread with a hungry bring the porterhouse coordinated those verses well the seven Venice benevolent Association was formed in eighteen sixty eight to foster the sort of work this is largely in reaction to the failure of the church to provide for a woman by the name of Hannah more you never redline to the testimonies you've read her story anymore was a Baptist missionary to Africa came back the United States ran into Stephen Haskell he gave her some literature she read it when she got back Africa except the Sabbath saw her Baptist missionaries would just be overjoyed when his great intros they weren't in fact they fired her and did not pay for her return the United States so she couldn't hitchhike your way back home which is overconfident when you have an ocean between and eventually made her way to Battle Creek unfortunately for her she got to Battle Creek when James L White were not in town that made a big difference moreover was near fifty seven by that time he wasn't young she had some health problems from overwork diseases it should contract in Liberia shifts and challenges that you want to be with God 's people she wanted to help but she needed a job she needed will stay in the problem was that she hadn't really spent much of her money on clothes since the couple times back when she been yanked the door closed about fifteen years out of date and some other prejudice a lot of people against this never found a work and found a job your phone house will eventually answer money without being used up she wrote to former coworkers were now living in northern Michigan still Baptists said can I come and work for you they said yes but only situated in northern Michigan and died there that winter tuberculosis and we lost the opportunity to have our first forms this vision sixty eight minutes ago Jan empathetic and seventy four had somebody who actually had a necktie like twenty years of formation or experience coming joining our work we did it was a sad situation outlet would write about it is that in this testimony I speak for me the case sister Hannah more possible willingness to grieve the battle creatures from the sense of duty I love that church notwithstanding their fault I know of no church that in acts of benevolence in general duty do so well I was in the frightful facts in this case a rather people everywhere to a sensitive duty not one in twenty of those other good standing within the address is living out the self-sacrificing principles of the word of God she would later write that in the case of sister Hannah more I was shown that the neglect of her was let Jesus in her person had the son of God and the humble entertaining manner which he journeyed from place to place when he was upon earth he would have met with no better reception and so as a response to that the benevolent work was begun by eighteen eighty seven there were thirty seven administered emissions in operation in eighteen eighty eight only twenty two reported what is it that means it fifteen significant operations one out of existence now it means is that this is a rather small informal work and that the reporting was sketchy and the idea that now that fifteen big operations folder that United have been interested and insulin-dependent stumbling their way into this whole idea of benevolent humanitarian work it was it wasn't something that we embraced wholeheartedly with and then along came Doctor Kim for both good and bad Seventh-day Adventist benevolent work would never be the same Doctor John Harvey was clearly the most colorful character and his history I wish I'd has to be fascinating he was intelligent frankly he could run circles around most any other advanced on matters of general intelligence obviously medical and he was a little bit insecure all his life he was short with only five four and is like he always wanted to be six one six and how is acting in his office he had up a wall in the office and there's little cubbyhole the wall was a wooden bench built writing this credible and noted currently flash of the back wall was was a yardstick and when you walk into his office and very good eyes he could save you up to twenty feet away relation to this embodiment when it's a coincidence and you when you sit down on his bench a mark how tall you are from the waist up and enhance it down again be telling you for the waste he said shortly after that he always left Tasmania for fixation on this statue thing a little insecure and was very independent when he was fourteen his father gave him for a birthday present you gave him a watch pocket watch those is a status symbol for young man right now iPod or something I measure when compared to very nice of otherwise all wrapped up in a box given to John took it over the box pulled watch out over not admired and looked all over close to the back of the box box and exercises its beautiful father put all my money is an unusual level of independence John did not like to be tied to be holding he was proud probably his pride may have contributed to his greatest single mistake John at one point was attracted to a young lady who wanted to review Harold she was pretty intelligence a good musician in becoming something of an author but as it turned out shared up marrying another young international William Clarence White's willingly relationship between John and Willy was never quite as thing John waited a couple of years it's like John Harvey Kellogg could not come in second and waited until he found a young lady who was once the back this is her when she was young lady that Dan nonetheless her in was in LA he she was good cook she was attractive she was an accomplished musician she was an established author Jan something was very rare in those days she had a bachelor 's degree very rare for a woman seeking seventies she later went on water masters to vision and how she got her masters degree from a place called Helfand University which is in fact a seventh Day Baptist College and she was in fact something that all her life she never did become something it was her major professor and then Abram Lewis who introduced Doctor Kellogg and dog was generous his wife raised forty two adopted or foster children people at least fifty students through medical school we know of he was decisive whenever a sanitary and burn down first thing John hurt and I was coming back home is on the train he got to Chicago walking through the Chicago train station whatever he heard that these boys are actually active me that emphatically sanitarium burns to the ground he bought a paper look at a little bit we got on the train fifteen minutes later he called the stewardesses I'll be needing a large lab works with pencils a ruler and that several large sheets of paper John Harvey Kellogg was like the triple platinum frequent flyer guy in there to live in a the railroad so when he asked one guy and so they delayed the train until they can get all that and a director Doctor Kellogg by the time he got back in Battle Creek and hours of human slavery and plans for the sanitary by Duke Ellington in any logo and controlling skids of the Lucy Desi but Doctor John Harvey Kellogg was also converted and we have that on very good authority after the meeting in Minneapolis Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life now what was writing that fifteen years later nineteen oh three the General conference examining skip over those because they don't think the meeting in Minneapolis Cesar Franco parses the eighteen eighty eight General conference session Jones Wagner no righteous by faith all that if you're familiar that part of the history and this was where Kellogg became actually converted man it's not even a bad guy having a better church member in good regular standing it was the medical director the secretary lessons that I wasn't the town drunk by any stretch but he was converted in eighteen eighty eight and everybody could see the question is what could they see what was different in Doctor Kellogg's life after eighteen eighty eight themes converted well here's an idea to help you love it though I write this about the whole righteousness by faith issue while the believer is justified because America Christ is not free to work on right faith works by love and purifies the soul face buttons and blossoms and bears a harvest of precious fruit where fate is good works appear the second visited the poor care for the fatherless and widows I neglected the maiden the destitute I said that the list that I think deserves some serious consideration that's what faced us and sometimes I'm not sure that I have as much faith that's what faith ethyl conversion and method Doctor John did after eighteen eighty eight something sparked within him an interest in this filament by eighteen nineteen August nineteen ninety Doctor Kellogg had sought out Ellen White's counsel and she wrote this your brethren Petoskey had some conversation with your physician in chief in regard to establishing a home for orphaned children in Battle Creek I said that this was just what was needed among us as a people leading enterprises on this time we were far behind other denominations so Doctor Kellogg was converted and he said we got a lot of orphans and nobody's taken care fact is there were these two hundred address orphans that point and it was not a thing being done for them possibly other than some local churches were okay for them they were ever as orphans of that point or being cared for by the state who are in poor homes would been adopted out to Catholic families all the things that happened in recent years and thought that this is a shame this should not be so he asked what about that when establishing an orphanage nonwhite say what a great idea of so he got started didn't have a lot of money actually made a denomination wide appeal in at the General conference of eighteen ninety one and a year later they didn't have enough money to even begin construction North and his church in not responded enthusiastically to this idea of an orphan home in eighteen ninety two Mrs. Carolyn Haskell came as a guest the senator and impressed at what you've seen just tell out if there were any special needs towards which you might donate her interest eventually led to a thirty thousand dollars gift given as a memorial for late husband Frederick Haskell out to be noted that the Haskell 's were Presbyterians they were not at this is no relation to Stephen Haskell the well-known of his finer minister so approximate one hundred children were being cared for by the orphanage courtesy of the house and if you ever have any confusion as to what's inflation goes to your money I suggest that you take thirty thousand dollars and build one of these and good luck this is a hassle home for orphaned children and instead of a unique thing is in using is actually not one big operation was not as an institution was carved up into separate areas inside and they actually operate as about six to seven to eight good families they began these the matron and ideally a mother father figure that out now twelve to fifteen kids in each family functioning as a family is a pretty advanced concept for its time while indicating nine Doctor Kellogg got a firsthand look at the work of city mission he later said I never had much faith in God until I went down to the Jerry McAuley mission in New York City and saw the Lord could say drunk that is impressive the spring of eighteen ninety three the Chicago branch century and in the Chicago medical mission were opened in eighteen ninety six a large church is purchased and fitted up to become the working mental what do you think the working man's homeless Bowden college they will shall and is the one who suffers we used to the services sector monumental including basic medical care English language classes free mass self-service laundry holiday employment opportunities any dinners and since and lodging for the fifteen years emissions operation Doctor John Titus that every other Sunday in Chicago he actually enjoy himself it was fun he liked it going to follow a train of Alan wake comments now than chronologically arranges important to catch the chronology of this to understand what's going on in eighteen ninety five she wrote I also agree with what is being done in Chicago I believe in helping along every line which is possibly help following the steps of Christ those who take hold of this Christian health work will concentrate themselves and I will find it will be present at present help them in every hour of need eighteen ninety seven zero very work Doctor Kellogg has been managing is the kind of work the whole of our churches are bound to do under covenant relation to God and love of supreme in a neighbor as himself what does that mean under common relation to God they are now under public relations who sent me it means that if you don't do it you played the company you are no longer related to God needs the very elect Doctor Kellogg is demanding as the managing is the kind of work the whole of our churches this is very sweeping stuff this work is the work that churches have left undone and they can not prosper until they had taken hold of this work in the cities and highways and hedges and here's something for you some people thrive on the idea of a challenge that wanted challenge in life and I like challenges but I'm selecting about the challenges that I like I like the challenges that I think I can succeed at if you are so fussy here's a challenge for find something guises cannot be done and spend your whole life trying to do it not a challenge and you will never succeed notice the churches cannot prosper until they take all this work then after the table is worth Angel God will cooperate with units mentality than a religious system will be inaugurated to relieve the necessities of suffering human beings or physical mental and moral need that is a sweeping statement when the churches take hold of this work was very kind work on wisdom such as many as a vital corporate and religious system something organized being will be inaugurated to believe UNICEF my brethren in America in the place of questioning and criticizing Doctor Kellogg because he is doing the class of working is when you do your God-given service you will be hard so all engaged in doing the same kind of work was only a far more account the sight of God than for soulmate a flock in the Battle Creek when they become religious wars because they do not do the work God is appointed Hauch at the appointed and noticed this publication there I was there was a public publication that wasn't not sometime and testily someplace on personal letter from that issue never hope to see the light of day that was in them we handed out in the streets in eighteen ninety eight when creeping along our time timeline here so the question is the nasty he and Doctor Kellogg encouragement after it entered into this work I answer I get frightened and instructed the work of this character should be done by all our churches that indeed this should be taken in this very line of work that according the light was similar to me please give me this line unfortunately hold of what resolution are ministers not to create a large center in one place but to establish the work in many places and here's were returned to court by eighteen ninety seven I'd say she's writing ninety eight and nineteen ninety seven Doctor Kellogg had been criticized attacked and made war upon its own light expression by the ministers for so long he's got fed up with an putting words in his mouth year but it's like there was a change in his thinking he said why should I work with these idiots I will do more Christian work in my lines than they will ever hope to do all together they set about making the Chicago mission a great monument to himself that's what is not this great Babylon which I have been tried at the best Doctor Kellogg starting at about that point was always writing here says all of this is good for Doctor Kellogg but not to create a large center one place establish the work in many places remember large monolithic institutions not God 's plan bluntly after those in Battle Creek was for them to leave Battle Creek working places where there was nothing to represent the truth the plants would have been made in many places and she sang told only if all the resources club can now create him now he'll get out of Dodge brush her hair I don't find someplace that is not an end after fifty miles or something there because people there they needed to God has not forsaken his people but his people for seeking those in Battle Creek should have worked for the ones he needed their help Doctor Kellogg took up the work they did not the spirit of criticism shown to his work from the first is very unjust and is made is work hard the lack of sympathy his brother has shown in this prepared the way for the work he has been doing and criticizing them the Lord has no justification for any such my older brother used to lecture me on the time he would say multiple transgressions do not generate righteousness which is to say two wrongs don't make a right analyte was not going to support Kellogg in his attacks on the ministry and its she was not going to defend ministers other in their attacks on him both sides were wrong but along with two wrongs make a right is another old saying says history is written by the victor always remember that you will not find very many books phrasing the political genius of Adolf Hitler that's because his side lost trust me if the Germans in one we could find the box history is always written by the fact and in this battle between Taliban ministry ministry one adventures done in different localities the work given them by God had they followed the example left them by Christ there were no dissenters also America plans and established in many places there were not a great showing in Chicago alone the work would be multiply me places with the full cooperation of the institutions established about the past should be subject for the regrets the Lord would now have the medical mission work recognized for helping in that sense the Lord wants you to finally get around recognizing medical mission work is a helping hand it had not been recognized as a beta post and thought made war upon by some not all primarily within the ministry but this work has been carried too heavily in one place when plans should've been made in many places Ocala was wrong this is a wrong and what is wrong policies that happy day would all be wrong to the Lord is given Doctor Kellogg 's work it is a fact that there is a very slow to begin with reforms now sending all the white which and what is given up on the subject this has caused Doctor Kellogg to lose confidence in their tardy working out the bottom is creating in a spirited criticism and is born down on them in an unsparing manner which the Lord does not sanction and eleven the gospel ministry and in his regarding ideas is both the medical mission work above the ministry I have seen it in the century of ministers remarks and an made was not bend to the honor and glory of God well it's not hard to believe against the people I evil know so don't be surprised when you actually reads in history people are acting like people in selecting like always geniuses and Saints I'm really tired of those rosy tinted history books please give me a break it's not aware what's going on the following are trained of the of statements so eighteen eighty ninety eight those who refused warnings in God followed a course of action was brought it's your result these influences of sometimes made whether Doctor Kellogg W as hard as it should have been then led him to stand apart to some degree for ministry I desire to present matters as they are presented to me such a spirit of criticism and faultfinding is not a website designed should be done Doctor Donovan led to take the course he deemed it his duty to test he is not connected with those who were not in sympathy with the war of Gmail Geneva and that's very very tough spot to be when you're doing something that you know is God 's work but your brother and sisters continue tacky for hard to maintain that elderly love that we might wish Kellogg failed I can excuse and he failed on our people have not all appreciated as they should the man to whom God 's work and with whom he has cooperated on the subject of health reform there not reason from cause-and-effect to understand how great was the blessing of the Senate China Battle Creek and the management Doctor Kellogg and his faithful associates through this work the Jews of the third Angels message has entered where it would otherwise been very difficult for the financial but the perceptions of our people have been blinded what had gone on unfortunate situation nineteen hundred she is writing to the General conference present think the thing that the caliph himself is not heating the Council is looking is not satisfied because the Lord to signify that the missionary work is not consistent alone in the slum work in Chicago that work thought to be the great and important thing to be done is a very defective inexpensively I get a balance here Kellogg focus on his thing and his thing alone I forgot the whole rest of all the function of God 's work that's wrong that was it wasn't you that was his his basic error if you wish feel my pride he said my work is important nothing else matters and it was on those in a imbalanced and biography is go on and went right God forbid the purposes Doctor Kellogg has in mind should be carried out our work is not to be a divided work for years after this and they can force you would write another statement that will spend time looking at a little later on today or tomorrow which maybe helps understand what she was concerned about their she said when the gospel ministers and a medical mission workers are not united there is placed on our churches the worst evil they can be placed in a grammarian zero a part of how would we describe the word worst kind of the work the superlative and what's worse than the worst the worst dressed I guess you can't get worse than worst serious statement on what is not given was not given to exaggeration very much so I think that's probably serious issue there are going on nineteen hundred writing it Doctor Kellogg the Lord has sent you warnings the United Kingdom of the world you take up in Chicago the Lord inquires John was required this at your yet establishments in America of your own ambitious creating as you belong the seventh address people God has given you another work to do you have not been called to do this will the deceptive power of the enemy has led you to lead God 's banner trailing the dust will Doctor Kellogg is committed himself is working on denominational in a work which has taken the money from the people are decidedly denominational Isaiah fifty eight great medical missionary chapter Isaiah fifty eight does not sustain you in the kind of work you are doing and in expending does revenue on a class of people found in the slums there we obtain from there we obtain the least results for labor put forth LOI does not in any of this processor that work for the very lowest classes of society she does prohibit making that the all-encompassing factor that's what dogs there are councils of this nature the one between us before that's a guess that we look at that are written to Doctor Kellogg is an individual thing this is not your work we have sometimes had attendance is a denomination to take those statements and apply them to the denomination as a whole I think that is fought Doctor Kellogg was a highly educated individual was very important contacts with replace people he had a special want to do probably one that I will never be called upon because I don't happen to know people like Thomas Edison and what's his name Firestone and the Funk and Wigle dictionary guys and have found heads of Europe coming to my institution okay Kelly had all that they had a special responsibility to use his influence to maximize what he could do I know I was saying your bearing down here in the slums John don't do that is under show business shall claim the word has been hindered because of the seven different showing far different and who is to blame the resentments you don't have to go out and give change a man not of our faith you like to show what you have done and by for use of money it was not your spaniel in a way that God is not appointed I never sent you to engage in getting means and in doing the work the Salvation Army are doing let them work in that line and you attend to your appointed work is one of classic statements we forget often in this list are addressed to Doctor Kellogg and I don't think the visit of a call for the administration to exactly the work of salvation are either we use that to to rule out a lot of categories were others sickness melon would give us encouragement to enter into those of the lines work at least on a limited basis because certain people are called the different areas and a soul saved from this side of the road is is just as important outside of the soul saved from them now the corridors of power someplace so the Lord calls for different people to do things God does not endorse the efforts put forth by different ones to make the work of Doctor Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up in the leave the light on health reform of those who rejected it rejected God one another who knew better said that it all to Doctor God may need war upon him this had a bad influence and the doctor who put on the code of irritation in retaliation God does not want him to stand in a position warfare he does not want you to stand there noticed the source on that is pretty direct personal stuff she said this in a public servant at the General conference and it was reprinted in the general conference bullet and we had some pretty refined ideas about how you're making ICF to be about addressing issues and conflicts are often coming so I said on instead of us having a day at your brother gets a notch at implement Nam event so here's the deal this doesn't work well for audio verse that those who can watch visually we had the ministers and Doctor Kellogg and a both went off track butts the victors write the history and so the vast majority what you read other than a spare processing spare processing brittle slice and dice is right down the cord straight at Eric but if you're not reading this very processing unit I see that picture University that picture because the victors always right it used to be used okay well the Haskell home burned down in the early morning February nine nineteen oh nine three children died unfortunately this sad event led to a new round of accusations couldn't stop until of any local Battle Creek newspaper the Haskell home never was owned or controlled as a van Astoria church organization the money with which the home was built was given to me personally by the scale later in the same manner 's nomination were never much in sympathy with Athlon enterprise nor for that matter with any other line of philanthropic work now if anything about this statement from Doctor Kellogg is that it's very easy to demonstrate that the first half of that is a lie is not what happened it was given to the seventh in this church was owned and operated by some Dennis Church is lying it's not nice to lie to me the more important question is about the bottom half I sure wish I could say was lying there to but I don't think he was well the general Congress president felt that something needed to be said about this misrepresentation of beyond is not borne out by the original records and accounting which are kept by the founders and matters the Haskell home in view of the wide difference between Opticon statements in the original records signed by itself is German I consider it only fair to all parties and to the fact this case as we reflect find a record of the documents anyone and in demonstrating the yes effect on was lying to in the early nineteen hundreds there were more than fifty well-established benevolent institutions operate the United States in her operative savannas in the United States Doctor Kellogg was disfellowshipped in nineteen oh seven in the Haskell home burned down in nineteen oh nine and as soon as that happened our involvement in the benevolent work again and that by the nineteen fifteen a thinker on the night five stolen the lies and really denomination washed its hands of the benevolent work there were journalists string of miscellaneous spare prophecy quotations now dealing with this topic you may say you have been taken here have bestowed your means upon those unworthy of their journey and therefore you become discouraged in trying to help the needy I present Jesus before he came to save on to bring salvation to his own nation but they would not accept the your efforts for good have been unsuccessful nineteen ninety nine soon you received only insult reproach and hate unit the one hundredth time proves a success in one solo saved a lot of victories achieved I think they like to point out from this man every investors hoping for a good return on this investment I know what you find that fate has in him and he got a free offer had people who has a significant but now that you have a chance they'll take your thousand dollars and put in this bank at zero four percent interest of the net bank at one four percent interest when I open the one that's giving more interest with one return on investment the same thing we were doing good deeds for the Lord will return on investment but the state saving her tells me is I have been holding to way too high a minimum return fun thing to think begin a one percent return on investment one of victory Jesus himself hey I'm electricity you tell me came back this is written to a conference president there is enough wealth in your conference to carry forward this work successfully as shall the prince of darkness be left in August dear possession of our great cities because of cost something to sustain missions let those who follow Christ fully to the work even if it be over the heads of ministers and president those in such a work is therefore sad previa have me excused should beware lest they receive their discharge for time and for eternity Ellen White is tying together at least we extremely important things first of all those citizens in government city mission work okay this is money a comfortable whining expense of air money the Satan have for the undisputed possession of our great cities because you want to hang on your money spent it and then she says think she's thinking ahead maybe this guy won't I'll pass on a little advice to the church members that let those who would fully follow Christ would come up to the world even if it be over the heads of ministries and present there are only two times two issues I should say the only two issues I can point to it all in all its writing what she encourages outdoor synthetic wishing justifies a what I will call a sanctified insubordination okay this is one of the their multiple places were talking about city mission work and medical mission work in particular she says now do it over their heads as a Stanley Goldberg and she's writing to another one sent in this presentation which is Rankin and other letters writing to four leaders in Battle Creek he says but a blank mother blankety-blank is a blank help if you refuse it will be done without your permission anyhow this is not working unless before I'm in a permission with anything that I can find an example of that kind of insubordination that was in eighteen eighty eight the last sermon she made conference eighteen eighty eight she said if the ministers will not receive the light I'll take it to the people that stabilize shoes that's a serious issue I got a very appreciative that you understand how much time and effort you put into building our organization she was not going to turn out like light light for energy this thing turned on items you say I will serve the bypass domestic committees make an assertion here let's welcome back to another company the reason for that is because righteousness by faith which leaves the loud cry is a man the same issue of the school in the fifteenth chapter of Isaiah the work of the people or to do in Christ lines is clearly set forth they are to break every of Yunnan the closer they could bring the flat affect thousands draw their souls always as I usually consult yes they can add the principles alongside an act of mercy love they will represent the carriage about the world and receive the richest blessings of heaven and those you who are here for the last presentation remember God desires to use his people and sustains accusations to make manifest to the principalities and powers in heavenly places the manifold wisdom of God this is how we represent the character of God acts of mercy and love doing in Christ lines what did Jesus do for a simple he wandered around helped people they talked about the class a high-tech sorting it going on again and again the Lord has pointed out the work which the battle church about great in those also America can do better with a much higher standard dispersion maybe I was there no way to swindle another camp working for souls and reversed the medical missionary workers are doing the long neglected work with one game to the judge about great and they are giving the last call to the supper which he has prepared the defendant too good but that last cause of remember they are made the sufferings and I now invited will make these excuses I merit all my tomato I did as a pickup in vessels using two before that they be discharged for time and for eternity okay that's reference Metro venison out again for another call the supper and workers that their Celeron basin onto the highways and hedges and eight by Lisa was upper hall that is that's the loud cry and that that terminology that symbolism is how she talked to the library in order to be carried forward are right the medical mission work needs talent it requires strong line and wisest of a negative but can this be while those in responsible places presence of conferences and ministers by the way the Lord says to the president of conferences and other influential brother removes a stumbling blocks in place before the people please read the invitation of supper in the last call to remain study what is being done to meet the community 's first elephant in differences manifest why should stand afar off and criticize in Galway the gospel net is McKesson is the end draws both good and bad but because it's a social may eliminate or the efforts made to save those who will believe in who will unite in reaching that classroom Christ spoke in a phone price smoking is rebuked the Pharisees sinners and hearts he said breaking of God before you please hope century brethren be careful very careful there is a work being done in the event by crossed out and to through the work being done to the medical missionaries which answers the description given in Matthew twenty four twenty fifty one the Lord is working to reach the most depraved many will know what it means to be done by Christ will not have moral courage toward his appetite back but the workers must not be discouraged this is it only those rescued the lowest depths the that will change either as a correction I made with all due respect to my brother they had a wrong this is going from volume eight just as you go home plug your volume eight antidepressants are dishonest about all of what your volume eight and you look at that your finances by and is not the right word word is true okay I know that because it was published twice in other other manuscripts and things before your millennium volume eight was talking about here is Matthew twenty four forty kids one of them takes a look at but that's Linda that's when the Lincoln sermon begins to beat his fellow servants and I was being done to the medical missionaries are not being done by the medical missions it was being done to the language I don't think it's a big conspiracy I think the title okay there are those in the ministry no such agencies visit only those who are lower in the society there are those in the ministry would highlight knowledge of truth will not be over comers they do not restrict their appetites and passions of the items of the classic Mini pour out passing Republican senators will grasp the hopes of it for the gospel of the kingdom of heaven before the ones that have great opportunities and great light that will walk in darkness and the last great day many will say Lord Lord open unto us but the door will be shot in the knock will be in vain we should feel deeply over these things for they are true we should have a high estimate of truth is a nice old time is short and there is a great work to be done if you feel no interest in the world is going for if you will not encourage medical mission work venture as you will be done without your consent for it is the work of God and it must be done my brother and sister safety position the Lord site and vigorous active greatest focus of Christ living with them to seek and save the lost through strong sauces writing of his presence as he stared away from thinking to stop it is God 's work and you must the Lord signify his displeasure by permitting the principal buildings all of these institutions at the sanitarium and the review and Herald of Battle Creek Goldberg Dominic into permitting the principal reasons to be destroyed by fire notwithstanding the plain evidence of the Lord 's providence in these destructive fires so let's have not hesitated to make life in the statement these buildings were burned because management slain things and directions in support could not approve people said certainty optional components upon electrical short has nothing to do with the judgment from the Lord now I was saying it has everything to do a judgment toward him again the Fire Chief Battle Creek John weeks was his name made a comment like I said there's something strange about your advanced fires released when we pour the water on them and actually guess another of its institutions the sin of the top review at the bottom this is continuing the same statement knows what she says men have been departing from my principles for the promulgation which these institutions were established they has failed in doing the very worth it water gain should be done to prepare people to build guiltless places to stay in the great as represented in the fifteenth sacrifice as a medical missionary check that's what the worker that's what the institution Battle Creek were established to and when they fail under I am instructed to refer our people the fifteenth chapter is read this chapter carefully and understand the kind of ministry will bring life into the churches when you need suffering souls any help given when you find those hungry feed them in doing this you will be working in lines of crisis pastors will work with a benevolent let our people everywhere be encouraged to have a part and then after telling the story of the good Samaritan she wrote this here the conditions of inheriting eternal life are clearly stated by our Savior in most simple matter the matter was learned a lot represents those who are subjects of our interest at adventure if we neglect the cases of the needy and the unfortunate that are brought under our notice no matter who they may be we have no assurance of eternal life for we do not answer the claims that God has upon I fear I have some ongoing work at certain stuff and then there's this one those linked a brightness coming I think the people behold your God the last rays of merciful like the last message of mercy to give the world is a revelation of his character of love the children of God are to manifest his glory in their own life and character they are to reveal the grace of God is done it is our task to represent Christ something is telling me more and more these days and probably the best way to represent him in his work is to do the same work maybe even to do it for you much the same the sufferings of every man by the sufferings of God 's child also we doubt no helping hand in their perishing fellow beings provoke his right hand this is the wrath of the item not interested in being a recipient of irascible I believe that our history teaches us that there is a solemn calling for Adventists to be far far more humanitarian we didn't like Kellogg because frankly the timely is distortion can become a real pain in the neck is doing a lot of bad things really causing him a lot of grief but when we got Linda Kellogg who threw the baby out with the bath in the very worst evil comes up on the churches with ministerial work is not combined with medical mission may have to deal with but for now let's close on that and let me know we will laugh finds cause for some greater increasing later on in a series but for a serious right now but father we thank you thank you that both in the Bible and in spare prophecy you have left for us a record of your instruction weekend learned from that you help us to see as you see and you as you value the fatalism and we pray for love help us to know what it means help us to be willing to risk a little bit more of our time and maybe your means and help us to be as overjoyed with you are to get a one percent return Matthew wisdom we wanted to foolish things we don't want to misrepresent you that learning is praying he would teach us help us to move always a step at a time in the right direction and we might one day a representative room you are sharing new selling my role as a rule of this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio person or


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