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Costly Words and the Value of Understanding

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 16, 2011
    3:00 PM
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we left off last session with the question of the two hundred bed hospital kind of hanging a little bit in our minds I did say that the end result was the decision to go ahead and build and it was concluded that perhaps the Council which had said in a sanitary and should never be built in Los Angeles is the wrong place the thought was that a senator who is different from the hospital so perhaps it would not be in the Lord would not object to the hospital being built in the in the city as he would have the center while there's there's definite terms at a Senate hearing is not a hospital there gave two different tools in some ways but down there's more to the story as there often is so we will pick up with costly words in the value of understanding that can come from them women are so sometimes you open your mouth and say something is accosting them that maybe we say things that cost a lot of time explaining to someone why what we said didn't really mean what it sounded like what we say that's happened rank it you may end up losing a friend of the words you said can we look actual occasions when someone were two individuals acting in the capacity of profit may comments Sorbo comments that ended up costing a lot the first one will be Jesus time money and even friends pale in comparison to what Jesus words cost and oh yes and John chapter two the Jews answered and said to Jesus what's unusual essence you do these things Jesus answered and said and then destroy this temple in three days I will raise up the views of the Center for six years to build this temple and you will you raise after three days but John says he was speaking of the Temple of his body away offers some insights into Jesus reasons for making this cryptic comment Christ did not design it his words to be understood by the unbelieving Jews nor even by his disciples at this time in they would be misconstrued by his enemies and will be turned against him at his trial they would be brought as an accusation on Calvary they would be flung at him as at lots but to explain then now would get his disciples and knowledge of the sufferings and bring upon them sorrow which is yet they were not able to bear an excellent nation would prematurely disclosed the Jews a result of their prejudice currently already been entered upon a path which they would steadily pursue until he should be led as a lamb to the slaughter is a Jesus offered no estimation of a the comment count destroy this temple and all residencies and that wasn't clear nobody understood the Jesus made no effort to explain the Lord Serna hung in the air for about three years but three years later now the chief priests the elders and all the council sought false testimony against Jesus to put him to death but found none even only false witnesses came forward they found none but it lasts two false witnesses came forward and said this fellow said I'm able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days of Walmart is a similar account no G3 solid counsel sought testimony again she was putting to death but found none for many more false witness against him at their testimonies did not agree then some rose up and bore false witness against him saying where in say I will destroy this temple made with hands and within three days I will build another made without hands but not even then there testimony me know it's a bad day when you can't get bribed witnesses thereafter to get here and I this is not going well not surprisingly Ellen White has some comments on the circumstances well she said early in his ministry Christ instead destroy this temple in three days hours up in the figurative language of prophecy he had thus foretold his own death resurrection these words that use it understood in a literal sense as referring to the Temple in Jerusalem on all that Christ said the priest could find nothing these against insane this by Mrs. speaking these words they hoped to gain an advantage the Romans had engaged in rebuilding and embellishing the temperament of a pride in any contention that would be sure that their negation here Romans and Jews Pharisees and Sadducees could meet for all of the Temple and veneration on this point two witnesses were found his testimony was not so contradictory as that of the others in one of them would been bribed it gives you is the greatest Allah said I am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days the Christ's words were misstated if they been reported exactly as he spoke that they would not have secured his condemnation by the Sanhedrin had used than a mere man is abuse claim is declaration would only have indicated an unreasonable spirit but could not have been construed in a blasphemy even has misrepresented the false witnesses were thinking nothing with their environment the Romans as a crime worthy of death patiently gave his lessons the conflicting testimonies nowhere many utter in self-defense and last is confusing or entangled his visit his accusers were entangled confused and mad the trial is making no headway it seemed to their plotting to fail caches was desperate one last resort remained Christ must be forced to condemn himself well in the end it was Jesus own testimony that secured his condemnation in acid high priest interrogation unit is pretty admitted that he was the son of God and that's with a Internet convicting him on but Jesus misconstrued statements about the Temple of his body would come up at least once more on the cross those who pass by blasting and way ahead thing you destroy the temple in building three days save yourself a few of the son of God come down from the cross free settlers with many others taunted him with this false statement rightly while he hung upon the cross it was repeated in mockery that describes a person at a minimum they that passed by reviled him wagging their heads and saying thou that destroys the Temple and those in three days save thyself but so misstated Christ's words were being fulfilled publicity was given to them they were made more impressive by the proclamations of his enemies and so I ask what is the purpose of all this was the value when Dean from those few words Jesus was a very very make mistakes and what he said what was the game plan John tells us therefore when he risen from the dead his disciples remembered that he said this to them and they believe the Scripture and words which Jesus had said it was for the sake of those who should believe on him in these words of Christ are spoken he knew that they would be repeated being spoken at the Passover there was an abuse of thousands we can help us the world after you risen from the dead their meaning would be made plain too many they would be conclusive evidence of his divinity looks to me that the only real game to come from that misunderstood and misconstrued statement of Jesus was the eventual confirmation of the disciples faith eminently in heaven 's perspective it was worth doing even with the expense the ridicule the accusation of the whole thing it was worth doing there was a reason for Jesus actions and comments now to get our second example is somewhat more competent back in eighteen ninety nine another prophet of the Lord made a statement that was to be misconstrued and misrepresented like the words of Christ and this comment was taken up as a weapon against the Lord 's messenger unlike the words of Christ the real meaning and intended benefit of this as rarely if ever been considered to be honest I don't know that anyone has considered this prior to about eight months ago when I ran into it means that and just made my jaw drop when I saw what I saw them no more than this is worth a read breath there is no benefit to be gained in understanding object lesson they embodied to do so will require little understanding of the surrounding history which I don't mind I hope you don't even was eighteen ninety three at the time how I was living in Australia struggling to establish the work of the church there while at the same time carrying a heavy burden for the leadership of the denomination back in America for the address church the heart of the work was still in Battle Creek Michigan as rated by the General conference the review and Herald inadequate college that we center him but things were not going well in Battle Creek nor with me the men in authority the denomination one of the many who are inspected the client at the time was John Harvey out of his annoyance we talked that this before but out of his annoyance with those who opposed his work in medical missionary lines Kellogg and taken upon himself the task of proving that he was correct that he could do more work and better work than all the minister the church combined he had began to neglect the very word of God had given him and instead had taken up a work of his own devising a life cannot just sit by and watch this all happen she wrote this the work in Chicago was presented in the vision given to me at midday and late upon the inversion was none could understand I could not understand I was overwhelmed with the things presented I came to myself I was like one stunned night after night the pictures of Nassau the investments you are making the money were consuming sister why you bemoan somebody has set things before you are wrong lights no no things that no one knows have been presented to me I then made understanding ambitious projects and bound up in one within city means which should help the work in this new world and put us on a standing but all the necessity of this fearless sugar before you seems you of less importance than the great things you were creating should you carry out your own way means and be drawn from the treasury to support the enterprises of your creation until the missions to enchiladas appointed a special work would be destitute of every facility for carrying on network telekinetic measurement insert out well that when he became determined to make a great shelling out an all down there in Chicago his efforts became seriously imbalanced and fatally flawed very expensive as a result of the growth the church the rest of North America Australia and South America been seriously hampered as a result of John spending the money this was the situation when in the spring of eighteen ninety nine L what was shown in vision and expensive building in Chicago used to various lines of medical missionary work alarm at the loss of this expensive building I'm sorry I should read this first window at the time that I saw this at visitation scenes it would soon take place in Chicago and other large cities also best for me as wickedness increased and the protecting power blood was withdrawn that were destructive winds and tempests buildings were destroyed by fire and shaken down by earthquakes I saw the expensive building above referred to fall with many others alarmed the loss of the expense of building a lead role Doctor Callan immediately in regard to the matter it was this letter that would be used against profit interestingly enough it appears that all copies that letter and lost of never seeing the letter itself quoting there we reason there was such a letter there were three copies and at least admit at least at one point in figure which you mentioned three or something like that I think the nineteen oh seven so what the actual original letter sent we don't have the exact wording but it did say her concerns about this expensive building in Chicago that was the point unknown to her this building that should seem while no such building ever built it was raining like Doctor Kellogg found this a convenient excuse to reject her counsel undermine others faces for prophecy alike excuse me after telling speaking and allegedly a building expensive building is all but whenever buildable summary told that we didn't she wrote out of the test that became one of his favorite accusations that effect that was one of the accusations that he used the last interview with him before his death in nineteen forty four centers of every lawyer was was hard to write when interviewed in he said your grandmother sent me this just wanted of his building in Chicago we never build it hurt a lot of people and destroyed a lot of faith in online for three years from ninety nine to nineteen oh two had no concept what was going on both the nineteen oh two a gentleman named Judge Jesse Arthur and his wife spent a part of the day at my home writing with much what profitable conversation among other things discusses the matter the representation of a given me an expensive building in the city of Chicago used various lines medical mission work I related how that when I was in show Australia I was shown a large building in Chicago which in its erection and equipment costs a large amount of money that was in the air of investing means in any such buildings in our cities as I related to these matters despite the building that had been shown me Judge Arthur said I can say something in regard to building a plan was drawn up for the erection of just such a building in Chicago it seemed necessary to or do it across considerable money brother William left Berlin at the brother of Jan a Battle Creek that the planned several men occupying responsible positions in medical work negative to consider the matter first locations were considered one of plans discusses very similar to what you have described on this information helps clear up much of the dyslexia let's mind about the instructions you received in time Lord gave further clarification to write sometime after this I was shown that the vision of buildings in Chicago in the draft upon the means of our people to erect them and their destruction was an object lesson of that object lesson for our people warning them not to invest large of their means in property in Chicago or any other city and left the province of God should positively open the way and plenty point out duty to build or buy is necessary and giving the note of warning a similar caution was given in regard to building in Los Angeles that repeatedly been instructed that we must not invest means in the erection of expensive buildings in cities well Doctor Kellogg was not in a good mood for object lessons warnings and cautions faded changes course any know what would write repeatedly has been shown me that in many Jesus no more than one minds undermine confidence in the customer after receiving a testimony reproof Amelio said somebody assaulted these things but they are not so repeated musician Frank and real owner over again you told others how I sent you one singular testimony reproving you for erecting a large building in Chicago before such building indirectness in the vision of the night and feel the large building was presented to me by a minaret will be immediately regarding the matter I learned afterward that the building which I saw had not been put up when you receive my letter you are perplexed and you said someone was misinformed sister White regarding how the no mortal man everywhere engineer told me that this building and then put it was presented to me envision if this view I'd not been given me and if I had not written to you about the matter an effort would have been made to erect such a building in Chicago the place in which the Lord has said we are not to put up large buildings at the time of the vision was given influences were working for the erection of such a building the message was received in time to prevent the development of plans the carrying out of the project you should have had discernment to see that the Lord worked in this matter the very feature the message and perplexed you should receive as evidence of my information came from a higher source of human lips to be very easy victory and built the building for somebody say authors are generally built the building the fact it had even been built yet she's writing to amortization recognize that as soon as now indication right there brother but instead you have over and over again related your version the matter saying that someone must have told me a false well Helen was concerned sister what a lie that wasn't the point what was somebody told her a lot and she believe that I wrote it as a testimony the point was of the same all people allowing this wife was a safe system white is making up the specimens this time she got burned because you believe in other words how was inspiration was amiss she was wrong John Dylan was right also be bubbly dogs and people we don't like what no one seems to notice was that the whole episodic episode was to be an object lesson for our people back to the statements you read here said sometime after this I was shown the division buildings in Chicago the graph on the means by people who recommend the reception was an object lesson for people while what's an object lesson is learned something from hunting less it was warning them not to invest largely remains the property in Chicago or any other city in the Sopranos and Dodge positively open away clinically on duty to build a biosensor in giving the note of warning okay so the object lesson was to teach this lesson here that's pretty good this idea of not building in cities is appointed to spare proxemics over and over and over dozens of places I'm in no stick my neck out and say that we probably have not followed that Council of not building in cities as they please we should have and I do think it's very important counsel but there's nothing unique about that and if that's the point if this statement is this this whole thing about that the building in Chicago is the only point of that whole episode was to tell us we should be building in Chicago he does make sense to me that the Lord would allow them brief to come from that misunderstood comment over at Mrs. represented on it that makes in general the idea was you be building in cities the college these accounts of Ellen White's not unique doesn't strike me as significant enough to merit 's three years of perplexity and the Prophets part nor will it seem like a fair trade on God 's pardon exchange relevant troubled after telling caused about whole issue so let's keep looking low but further here with the quotation makes it says a similar caution was given in regard to building in Los Angeles well this is interesting Chicago is a long way from LA is there any connection between these two cities that makes this whole significant missile think significant well just kill all the suspend sending you say yes there is there is a significant link but nobody seems a pity tension should certainly not a hundred years ago so let's go there now so were looking for this connection between Chicago and LA again we need instead a little history for this next decoration accents you may recall this was life that we realize about how she first learned there had been a plan for the building should seem vision happen in June of nineteen oh two this judge Jesse Arthur is a lawyer and been elected as a judge for while it was a lawyer practice in Battle Creek and then some legal work for them the review is done by the General conference of the center in an evolving judgment is the one who told about the plans and down he had done and see how it's go here okay holiday is what happened is that there was a short series of meetings in St. Helena well I was living Judge Arthur happened to be there and took in the meetings I was particularly blessed me that something was was a blessing to him again and have quite a favorable attitude toward Ellen White when he spoke with that was the time that he and his wife visited with Ellen and Willie White game after hearing the story the plans will be asked the judge if you can write out the details of the episode and I just agree to do so his letter giving the details was written in August of nineteen oh two campaign finance the background and newsletter and your brother white I find it possible at this time to make for you the long promised statement in reference reaction the Board of Trustees of the American medical missionary college number that's Kellogg school okay is going to be something it will can be confusing so let's get this straight the a.m. and see his Kellogg school and in the spring and summer age ninety nine looking to the erection of a large medical college building in the city of Chicago the facts are as follows during the last of May eighteen ninety nine Doctor EB Olson and administrative work to the college who was then secretary the Board of Trustees in America medical missionary college trumpeted by Doctor Bayard Holmes of Chicago and I could always illustrate a Nielsen 's anatomist Doctor he works for Kellogg at the school but Olson was being prompted by Doctor Holmes homes is a non- Adventist news famous surgeon down in Chicago hot at the school on occasion thought surgery for them to it was since I did a pretty decent guy he was very helpful and very sacrificial and giving of his time and services to help the school the doctor holders urged Doctor Olson who urged upon the board the necessity of the medical college becoming a member of the Association of American medical colleges in order to give the Kellogg school and assured standing and position among the medical institutions of this other countries okay so that a.m. AMC American medical measure college at the Kellogg school being told that they need to join VA AMC the Association of American medical colleges which is the educational branch of the American Medical Association the beer further as of this object Doctor Olsen was appointed a delegate to attend a meeting of such association which was shortly afterwards to take place in the city of Columbus Ohio and make application in behalf of our medical college for membership this he did and such application was laid over to be acted upon at the next regular meeting to take place a year from that time upon Doctor Olson 's return he reported that the principal objection urged again stood admitting our medical college and membership was the launch of the lack of a suitable building in the city of Chicago it was then determined by the board he thinks that that was looking for the erection of such building the building committee was appointed and consisted of eighty also been a Kellogg and myself but also was chosen second in such committee and I was elected chairman so Judge Arthur was the chairman of the committee did you know that so I should know something about the committee met immediately for many plans for the purchase of a site and the erection of such buildings I was instructed as chairman of the committee to open negotiations looking either to the sale or mortgaging of number twenty eight thirty third Place which the call John and I like taking steps to raise the necessary funds to purchase the site erect the building probably not also was instructed to procure suitable plasma college buildings would she be in the Casa site improvements is to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand dollars or possibly more the committee when Chicago looked over several sites and finally settled upon one hundred thirteenth Street and negotiations were purchase all of this took place while Doctor John Harvey Kellogg was absent from the United States in Europe by my dear every few years to study the latest European medical and surgical techniques all this is going on Doctor God is not there after our plans were quite well completed for the goings-on of the worthless on advisable to await Doctor Todd's return to this country before proceeding further with the master I learned through others that after the doctor did return and was advised of what had been done that he discouraged going on with the project just let reasons assigned for doing so I don't think I ever knew but I want to make the judgment foolish ranting but I can tell you I can't discourage the building has he got a letter from Ellen Wightman is over Europe talking by the success of building in Chicago that is another document that shed some light on this is whelming comes back so eventually glad builders building and raising money for his nonconforming encounters and significant opposition from the lady in Australia that are Nazis that can't visit other documents should some light on this whole thing is what it is the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the American medical missionary college it was held in June on June nineteenth eighteen ninety nine and this is again talent medical school and they had some minutes in which they the recording their discussion of what this whole thing was all about meeting was opened by prayer by Doctor H F Randa Olson then made a brief statement of his visit to the meeting of the Association of American medical College stated that the application from the American medical mission college was not voted upon at the meeting but action was deferred until another year he then emphasized the importance of securing a single building for the college located in Chicago he stated he believed this would aid greatly in putting the college on a favorable basis for the world and secure desirable recognition Doctor Olson said that it should be remembered that the chief reason why the Board of Health of Illinois did not recognize our school fully was because it had not a suitable building for clinical work and instruction so it turns out that the building was never built on the Kellogg uses his favorite attack on Ellen White for many years afterward for a specific item it was supposed to provide for clinical work and instruction what sort of building with this it seems and then something familiar to both the Illinois Board of Health event Association American medical college what exactly would the building has been in what connection does this have to Los Angeles the only answer to these questions seems to be found in the experience of denominational leaders about thirteen years later the best of this best economist comes from the Robinson 's book the story of our health message he wrote this by this time nineteen twelve all become evident to all concerned that a clinical hospital at the was needed to provide the advanced classes of medical students at the practical experience necessary to meet all the requirements for graduation now it should be noted that where it says requirements was not legal requirements those are the requirements of the American Medical Association and the Association of American mission medical colleges that's the education grants they may at the same folks who than talking to the administrators of Kellogg's medical college thirteen years before saying the same thing you need a clinical hospital in Chicago thirteen years later they were saying you need a clinical hospital in Los Angeles but under the quote the Lenihan 's environs did not have population enough to supply such a clinical hospital is required of her patients so they looking around for an area to consider the need the eyes of some of the bread and turned toward the city of Los Angeles however it was remembered at nineteen oh one the selected receive instruction that it would be a mistake to establish a senator and within the city limits Los Angeles when the establishments of a clinical hospital in that city view move contrary to that counsel it was felt by some of the brethren that the testimony of making one had reference to a sanitary and not to a clinical hospital such as the needs of the medical college now required well as a result of their deliberations on this issue the leaders the denominational leaders the college to make me dance was decided to follow the advice of the eight a.m. see and build a two hundred bed hospital in downtown Los Angeles in time it was named the Ellen G White Memorial Hospital this is a major turning point in our work this one decision more than any other link to us forever after thus far to the practices procedures mindsets and even the goals of the American Medical Association I've found no evidence of those involved in this decision sought any application of the object lesson of the building in Chicago that it costs quite so dearly the accusation LOI was mistaken about the building in Chicago is still growing today can be found on any decent anti- Adventist anti- alkali website butterfat that's where I got my information the question now is what's the panel that had more than a hundred years accusations against the prophet against what she wrote was the payoff in the case of Jesus comment by the Temple of his body when understanding finally came to his disciples it was for many of them conclusive evidence of his divinity the payoff made the pain worthwhile so is there a similar payoff in the case the Chicago building vision or is it all simply a historical curiosity doesn't mean anything to us and if it does what can we what should we do about probably to stop there you think about they like to suggest to my mind at least that the understanding is that yes we took something of a detour with their medical work in nineteen twelve p.m. I'm not here to find fault with those who make that decision environment and I am the police we can learn from our history can so that since we set the tone from about nineteen twelve on Loma Linda course continued and developed into interesting to read how they developed for quite a while appetizing from about ninety of December two thousand five to about two thousand ten indicate low it is been celebrating the centennial of sensei of the purchase of the properties entailed opening is Cialis availability this is the together a five year-long centennial celebration of the fidelity watcher but still there believes to have a timeline for up of of significant events and developments it was really interesting all the way up to basic Wii nineteen sixty every major event on that timeline was we rose up to the standard established by these guys annihilating for good and maintain this level of detail required by so-and-so and now they think are good and it was it was playing catch-up with the world all that's making six in nineteen sixty premises and limiting the sixties and begin to change any change in QA doesn't have anything in one way that wasn't going back to them Loma Linda roots with the the California addressed relations study it with the car listening any where and this whole scenario thinking again of the number one thing again that started up in the sixties a segregation resulting illness on low it was on the map for all things we currently on the map a hundred years before her sixty years before of lifestyle diet exercise no preventive medicine although thinks all of them and Kelly are documenting out her years before her sixty years bring tidings and that was one way that moment again a comments the second when a woman came to prominence was we finally caught up to the world in the high tech high expense and no in technical matters and would pass the now led by Janice at him I know that in a Mexican souvenirs that they can do and we pass them up in Loma Linda became cutting edge and Wally got the know that this new technique and where he owned was a Leonard Bailey doing a hard thing on the kids that was cutting-edge stuff it are eventually culminating by accommodating the whole baby feeding the rumor that that was that was such cutting-edge technology such cutting-edge streaming on over to repeat history have made it within an hour but nonetheless enough we got the proton collider thingies and elegant wing with dynamic job at high-tech high expense medicine and illegal demonstrated below tap simple lifestyle superiority of the evidence of I'm hazard to guess that the one that was available to us all along going to go to be the more evangelistic of the two elements in the worthiness I don't need to fault the other guys and I'm sure that you had a child with was a hype will something lasting left ventricular whatever syndrome I'd be more than thrilled to have some guidance on how to treat them I don't wrong with that I'm so open-minded to listen my friends on either sitting on the November losing as little weird but in our efforts is a person lifetime I'm pretty open-minded Leon's they also bring a line of a citizenry life but I don't think it's a toolbar gave us freelancers in its category my interest lies so use our haste to differentiate ourselves from Doctor Kellogg think we were the last but all is not gloom in her next session actually gives lectures that will be tomorrow's arrange of it thinking okay and many lessons they learned it's wonderful it's fun I like history I like to try to keep that a levelheaded and not into thinking I'm so smart just because I figure out something after the fact that only was unable to get before the fat hindsight they say is twenty two I made sure of that that you anyhow okay that's interesting and helpful with forehead through word of her father we do thank you we just pray that you would be with us now take everything that we've said instead he looked at learned and how the impressions learning something worthwhile to give him is a is a rule of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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