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Picking Up the Pieces

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • September 18, 2011
    2:15 PM
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a more flattering than when my cell phone and then here is done through a largely the inception of medical missionary work and in the problems and challenges that afflicted Doctor Kellogg which then led him to afflict the church and pain in return and the purpose of our times that is to this video picking up the pieces in a little part of years ago what we do now and lets that kind of the background for those who let's begin with a lurker father we thank you for the privilege the opportunity of directing our attention to your lessons your ideals help us to be wise yet at least nothing we lost us to make sure steps forward in the future pray you will learn the lessons get it right and maybe a lot listed again in a acidic and art after having read as much yesterday and I don't hold that breath letting working right but nonetheless I think there's a chance so it's good stuff of the Law Review Doctor Kellogg was converted making agency began working in benevolent lines this is essential where the church is left undone some ministers rejected health reform criticized the kind of work Helen was doing and made war upon him in order to build themselves up going online Doctor Kellogg began to fight back belittling the ministry seeking to make is working on monument to himself the yes we between the medicine and admission workers placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there both about the manager and everything held polishing house were providentially destroyed as the Lord Friday the leaders of these two institutions to do the work represented in the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah and that's important to the vintage after nightmare the medical missionary chapter afterthought was eventually disfellowshipped nomination moved quickly away from the benevolent work meanwhile and one thing I like but the Lord is never really caught my supplies the good thing this for the whole Kellogg thing dissolves Lord was working after her return data estates in September nineteen hundred eleven and is strongly emphasized the need to take the gospel to the large cities city evangelism was to feature among other things perhaps organized companies and workers young men and women both medical missionary work and inserting this message promise wasn't this method would bring the breath of life back into the churches and it worked in one place was tried until it was all destroyed the senses earthquake of nineteen oh six that's not a complete list then we went to the list of what all they had in San Francisco yesterday suffice it to say that they had a lot going on and out like that it was a good start the primary tool was to make all this happen was a new school in California called medical evangelists ninety one to the trouble of rewriting California's medical licensure law I will see any of you will recognize the new and unique school of medical practice and we were promised that proper city where it would generate means to sustain all the enterprises for missionary work that we could carry forward I don't mean a mercenary that after he was brought up a method that's a big deal if it is blessed because I discussed the Kellogg in his messy benevolent work CME was initially developed as a regular medical school regulated by the AMA that this was not an intentional sabotaging of the Lords work this was just a natural reaction of human beings know a lot of the ministers had criticized Collinsville at work the very beginning and they just didn't like and so it's real normal as if somebody's giving you nothing but a pain and that he wanted distance yourself from him not invoking the when was normal with the human race in the middle so it saves me as I'm not a big mystery can as far as can be seen from the written records was actually the president of confidence who was most outspoken in opposing the idea of developing a uniquely Adventist medical education his comment was that without AMA recognition the cosmetically the evangelists would be worth a nickel this I think notices I believe was an unfortunate failing on the part of the dance he had been interestingly enough flowing through a similar sort of a given issue and only the same terminology and once before you remember the story of Avondale when Daniels and eleven both in Australia and one start the school and she was pointing towards his tract of land and now the Lord is signaling this is the tract of land but it's a good Daniels and Willie wife both suggested that they get an agricultural assessment from the state agricultural expert and consumer banking on Vincent subtests and gave them the results the story goes that he said if a bandicoot which has survived marsupial revenues as if a jackrabbit water to go across that property after packing a lunch visits this terrible property and instantly enough when the report came back in the mail Willie and Arthur Daniels rented and would like to tell your mom if he'll is it done IMHO it just became walking in together and why the other was that no sister wife or mother there was enough there's something here you might want to look at she took and she looked at it she read it and she looked up at them and sweetly said is there no God in Israel that we would inquire of God and that was the same terminology she used about those who are interested in seeking AMA and the God of Accra she never said AMA she never said that the heart is certainly in the half so any help I would say that Arthur Daniels made a mistake and if I had never made one I'd be quick to pick up a rock and soda but I think it probably behooves us to be charitable or assessment there is no way okay why is this important things like this quote as religious teachers we are under obligation to the two teaches students how to engage in medical so let's start in with some specifics they did here is what pieces can we pick up how do we make this happen what are the techniques with the specifics we can possibly use to get back closer to where we might have children so starting with Mister restaurants serving involved with myself so I like June twenty eight eighteen seventy seven was that seed planting on the chain restaurant idea actually happened is that Barnum & Bailey mainly just one time brought the surface the Battle Creek and VM the populace was worried because their mind you have no cheating you have no movies no no no iPods CD players any office so anything that comes the town that smells like entertainment is going to be rapidly now rapidly draw the populace that and they were worried this past expense would show that people would come in from all the surrounding countryside spend a day at the circus and afternoon evening until the bars and you have a bunch of drunken guys you this is a serious concern and well in the in that setting the Battle Creek Edmunds ladies set up a fifty foot table and sold hygienic food we call it the capability and they served had things to drink and things to eat and what not and they converted a crisis for the city of Battle Creek Nevada bars get things stable than the civic leaders love them for it and lots of people thought what a wonderful thing and a lipophilic offender the best that was at adventure camp well just think we can do it at a restaurant everyday basil planted the seed soon after coming back from them which sat to America community that there is when she came back okay Ellen began to voice concern about the rest that quite a few restaurants are but decision to back America started touching base with it she expressed some concern this culminated in quite a speech accident the twenty third of September nineteen oh five in this speech she spoke of a number of problem areas plaguing them in the restaurant work it had been taking young people away from more specifically evangelistic lines work for one as well this is a dearth of labor line for our young people choose to labor in some place where they can live without any particular exercise of their minds spiritually the restaurants offer a free field processing and the restaurants in Canada sidetracked into running a business the idea of having now and I said minutes kid that would work now seem to be enough for them it's not extremely dangerous thing to do but your young people into a group of Adventist young people that is not specifically religious spiritual and now just speaking from my perspective as a schoolteacher absolute last thing I'm interested in doing is taking any age group of kids putting them in your homogenized group of however many and allowing them more than thirty seconds of unsupervised time but I don't know what I was eating I know I have told people Michael begins until the school board I deliver blessed with these kids are out on my site under exactly one set of circumstances their female anger in the bathroom to find out my site and I just firmly believe that's an important thing I would stress that check in any programs with a little good some of them offering that some are canvassing program some of you wonderful good friend of mine and one of our board members as Eugene Pruitt that he almost single-handedly invented the summer canvassing program that I love his brother he was really good programs there are some others that submit them think across the nation restaurant had been looking after their workers as RSS are to work the salvation employees there to develop their best powers of instructing their employees and spiritual lines explain the Scriptures that are praying for them and for them there to guard the religious interest of the helpers as carefully as parents are to guard the religious interests of their children I think that applies all the other good things unless our restaurants are conducted in this way will be necessary to warn our people against sending their children limits workers the matters in our restaurants must do more to save young people and employ every one of them needs to be sheltered by home influence what they were doing us getting some came from Ohio say hey why were the restaurant San Francisco the San Francisco NASA okay your hours are from here to here if I want to find an apartment and happy to I don't think so am I getting so now they were letting me vent a given resume kept them busy for eight hours a day or however long they were at another customer is interested in San Francisco not a good recipe something restaurants begin to absorbing commercialism I have been making inquiries how may have been converted to the truth as a result of the work done by restaurants can anyone inform me there was no response from you and this was a group of restaurant workers addressing antisocial people out only what is to win souls and Visigoths over the restaurants are not doing this with they never have done it and they never can do it with the workers are thoroughly converted to God that's a challenge I think of commenting I do not say that all restaurants should be closed but as I've seen the situation I have sometimes wished that circumstances will arise would compel them to be close things almost impossibly pressed to place ourselves in such a position of existing evils can be corrected that's a carelessness can do do not allow that Ligurian thickness with a medical ministry in molasses is a look at the need to keep our medical ministry works simple that was largely in the context of financing it cancel or talk about the God seldom does anything for only one reason so here's another reason for keeping permits medical missionary work simple he says as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions for their all they may show and while I have opportunity become intelligence in regard to disease causes prevention and cure and those that do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering once plenty of them will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth okay this is now this is for their own sake but for arsenic she's telling us if you want to minimize or mitigate the persecution it's coming but religious aggression subverts our liberties that's how to win friends learn the simple remedies again proudly on overstated soon there will be no work in ministerial lines but medical missionary work written with none zero seems to be what you say and if one could not carefully aging and and that creatively reinterpret the statement that seems to be what you say I think it's legitimate again but how does it all worked than you might think that this means everyone but doctors and nurses will be out of the minister business on a medical missionary work is not a doctor or nurse tells that business but not so came out let's look at the question of who were talking about let our ministers will gain experience in preaching the word learn how to give simple treatments and then labor intelligently as medical missionary evangelists so with that talk about ministers okay is alert the simple truth and all gospel workers should know how to give the simple treatments it is so much to relieve pain and remove disease I would talk about Olympics in every place the sick may be found in those who go forth as workers for crashing into health reformers prepared to give those who are sick of simple treatments that will leave them and then pray with them nothing will open the door for the entrance of the truth this may deliver the broader than even gospel workers workers for Christ that's starting to sound more like Lehman maybe even as the canvasser goes from place to place you'll find many who were sick he should have a practical knowledge of the causes of disease and should understand how to get simple treatments that he may relieve the suffering ones help amethyst when was last time we thought that it is just in Isaiah the Lord tells us plainly what the work is if he requires of us in order that our young people may be fully prepared to do this work small Senate Sharon certainly be connected with our school the students are to be taught how to use natures simple remedies for the treatment of disease similarly talking about students okay God 's people are to be genuine medical missionaries there to learn minister to the needs of soul and body they should know how to give the simple treatments it is so much to relieve pain remove disease we talk a lot okay so there you have it medical missionary is not for a missed missing a medical missionary work is not for everyone unless they happen to be a doctor and nurse minister the gospel worker canvassers Reuters member that if they fit a number of categories they need to learn how to do simple things that has some pressure within pain and removed as a anchor well by so that was the who is gone on the go on to the watch here for a moment what was the common element in all the last statement in the one she recommends simple treatments I'd like to suggest that because they're simple and that they are effective and probably lays surgery is not a good content and etiquette although I have to say this she did say that every minister that goes overseas as a missionary should learn how to handle surgical instruments so he could do certainly necessary simple search engine may be said that the defendant is that okay well God 's remedies are the simple agencies in nature that will not taxi debilitate the assistance of a powerful property 's pure air and water cleanliness proper diet purity of life and a firm trust in God our remedies for the want of which thousands are dying here these remedies are going out of date because there's skillfully use and requires that Levi's work that the people do not appreciate so what's wrong with simple remedies to help they work with a timely paperwork that's what people don't like about them is so much easier to scribble indecipherable and description that this patient may have to learn troubled by a drug show it if I can have it delivered drugs it is no longer now let me say something at this point that is that this labor here I do not oppose modern medicine I love my the great thing I'm a big fan of all the science they come out with an aunt I especially love trauma care if I ever wrapped myself around a telephone pole at sixty miles an hour I don't want somebody getting a chamomile tea as I was a reason to go out there and vacuum up every red blood corpuscle and put these together I don't care what high tech fancy-schmancy digital gadget gizmo they have to use to do it now rebuilding I'm in favor that I think they do a great job lifestyle diseases what I don't estimate set confidence in that game but just to keep it in perspective here if you don't CD-ROM the height gauge your search for simple remedies shall find it it's mentioned us simple treatments applying forty one hits you typing simple remedies against seventy eight times at a lot of those are probably repetitious to be honest to discipline in the context of the typing Jesus you get thirty seven thousand okay the typing guy to get a hundred and thirty three thousand of its civil remedies do not have to be the entire focus of our life but nonetheless were foolish if we ignore them that some is okay let's go to America why why simple treatments though because is simple for one thing but I'm going to offer I guess here based off of this thing in the last scenes of this is history war will range there will be pestilence plaguing famine water the people of leather bound Prince property and life will be destroyed by fire and flood and this is prior supposedly than it's my expectation that everything that we now look at as our existing medical system is going from I don't know what I don't know when exactly how but I'm going to trouble giving these discussions is how it might anger the sauce methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus RS and her how to pronounce about it wrong and then having to get some good stuff XDR TB screening drug-resistant tuberculosis tuberculosis was at one point the leading killer United States prior to penicillin or what was Republican so X the ITV is as written article Leslie is getting incredibly out of hand in Eastern Europe at this point it will be here for yourself the stuff adenovirus serotype fourteen hasn't really made any big headlines lately but there were both about twelve pieces of it that they identified and what made it scary is that it attacked health otherwise healthy young adults and it was running a mortality rate something like about eighty percent if that ever replicated and became pandemic that was serious of the age five in one of your letter not a couple years ago at age one and one things or to think that maybe things I believe could swamp our existing medical structures I expected to happen along with a lot of other problems and things that will destroy the things would stand in the way of God 's people being able to minister to a needy world into my mind government healthcare is going to Christ government unemployment welfare food stamps although system that will all be overwhelmed in one way or another bringing us the chance to demonstrate that we are actually possessed of a spirit of God like generosity acne will require sacrifice but we will have one shining moment where those who rise the challenge will actually carry on medical missionary work much like Jesus that's my guess that is missing statements the true OS community scientist that is certainly other medical science receives much attention in the world but the true science of medical mission work carry forward as highest-rated is new and strange the denominational churches and the world but it will find its rightful place as a people of had great light Seventh-day Adventist awakened the responsibilities and improve their opportunities from the situation is still new and strange additives later to us to act well at all start here and shipping to the liver topic during the night of December twenty seven nineteen ten the unworthy cities were represented before me is a living reality house playing instructive there should be decided change from past methods of working for months the situation had been impressed on my mind and I urge that companies be organized diligently trying to labor in our important cities well after that vision alike went to Loma Linda she gathered a group of administrators and should make this responsibility on their phone and gospel medical missionary evangel is your responsibility God will hold you accountable well they were a committee committees never draining the delegate system nature the beast so they picked a relatively new address only two years have been baptized a former newspaperman law student gold prospector even converting thank you a seven by reading desire of ages you probably never heard of him his name is John each in single he pioneered gospel medical missionary evangelism in California Indiana Virginia Wisconsin Oklahoma and Texas Elder Kindle combined medical education with his gospel presentations even though he wasn't a doctor equity venturing to do all where was he trying to do that he might ask out of middle school in Southern California that when he ruled in nineteen oh eight was following this Council level and is to be not only a sanitary and educational center for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelists well elder single went out with a party of three he and his wife and one other helper we know that their first five evangelistic series they averaged twenty four baptism parsers was not too bad luck it will be happy with after a while though after the first five he went to the conference offices of not being faithful to the Council the Council called for the formation of companies and evangelists in the conference office answered them truthfully instead we don't have a budget that nonetheless he got himself a company and we know that in the next six and a given time people run this weekend my apologies for them than his actual figure the next the campaign for health average one hundred and twenty one cents per service and everything hundred and twenty six on guilty of exaggeration medalists are twenty one somebody was doing something right has so refreshing I was wondering what you have here now start off with eligible himself one medical helper I was his wife one Bible worker and what he did is he recruited a team of volunteers that one businessman one thing and six nurses and ten unspecified volunteers like you and those applicants eighteen so they had some repaid positions and eighteen volunteers one people living off the three salaries can that's what made that evangelistic team possible and will find that ratio is free for constant pain he continued network up in nineteen twenty three encountered some hostility on California there was a guy that all bent out of shape to start attacking Kendall and arguing and complaining and saying no this guy talk about dietetics but he's not a dietitian is not a doctor such as that may be go back to school and get dietetics degree just to silence his critics he did so with Loma Linda nineteen twenty three while only taking my training dietetics at a very prominent member nomination say to me John what are you doing here what you expected to studying dietetics do you think it right to read your great work as an evangelist from your specialist typesetting dietetics in reply to my defendants it was socialism unplanned mother did you ever we can estimate volume nine there are some who think the question that is not of sufficient importance of including their evangelistic work but such Creek mistake him and well written whether and he graduated in nineteen five two ago after graduating class accepting two of them are instructors and not by the dispensary and mail it was a graduate I'm guessing Graham what else was important that was in nineteen twenty three when you signed up for this class it was a seventeen -year-old scheduled managed to talk his way to one one this was hard to do because they did not accept seventeen -year-olds however he prevailed it was doubly hard to do because he had actually no academic track record point usage of new homes schools and they really had gone to the trouble of fussing over great things but nonetheless a seventeen -year-old kid got in the Loma Linda and sign up in maturity year gospel medical missionary evangelist course the same questions over and taken some years during their time together the Internet as lab partners in chemistry class we got to know each other that way not the new year friendship in nineteen twenty seven General was called the California conference was as a single constant and told he could select any conference worker they are to be his assistant in establishing a school in which to teach gospel medical missionary company evangelism Mrs. GA Roberts the present outbreak of the time and he said John pick the best guy that one budget note a budget for one salary pick the best guy and Sudafed and there was this kid I went to school with them the kid is now all of twenty one years old he is not ever had any denominational employment and that was a total unknown to Congress president who said absolutely not whether things succeed a qualified worker know don't be made as digging down opposite stuff it's really Robertson wine one dozen other young men I respect and besides he doesn't already think he knows everything is taken on each of well so young and was hired on to work with the election of you may know his name of the W3C delivers the word Latino directly and indirectly for about a decade from nineteen thirty seven when the school to train a field school of evangelism on the field school evangelism was discontinued due to complications arising from the splitting of California to conferences and lack of funds this was during the Depression from and sofas he was kind of cast on his own for the state for a tiny continue doing evangelistic work I'm not sure exactly what status but by about nineteen thirty nine he started thinking if possible medical missionary evangelism is retooled and signified towards the cities are never going to do it if there isn't a school someplace the teachers so was it a little bit leader nineteen forty two he started a little school itself called Wildwood well it took a long time as near as I can tell the first person who left the wild what to do gospel medical missionary evangelism was not until sometime in the mid- late sixties from forty to about sixty seven twenty five years before he actually sent out a possible medical missionaries and the whole entire first-generation family recognize the names John Jones John Jensen contrary builds all Wayne Caldwell Brentwood I'm not seeing any lights going on since the casket that was him you know I may not remain relevant in the provision with institutional and started other schools banks and the first evangelist I have record of an sure there's still as possible and wrong it wasn't the late sixties and villagers he said that there was a given session is a young minister would hurt of concern my frizzy and said I will work with was warned against it by his confidence in the professional suicide is practically auction the one having really do with him about he like I did anyhow I moved down that measures amount on a Georgia area will deliver super couple years hereinafter simply like I'm not sure exactly and the elders he said you know I have a friend working of this agreement network that years ago knows about us medical mission values and I want you guys to and I don't believe that because I maybe Mister Vezina situs of the holder to title the sum could still have the information I don't feel you should listen up to southern New England to work with the program Jane Mills to start on a gospel medical missionary company and while he was there they took in other volunteers one of whom was a young lady and as fairytales would haven't they fell in love and were married and you may recognize the marginally and Ernestine and it did not work out to be exactly professional suicide that was marks beginning and according to his wife it was the best years of ministry and get the best work when they were in company evangelist and you may not recognize this gang Fred Thorpe yes currently the yeah I director of the hometown of Gary Gibbs Brad was a young archaeology students who went on Wildwood delivers a set him up for work with Mark Finley and O.J. no you are there for a while when I finished college and seminary was not enough to British Columbia and said tonight convince the Congress to start off a medical missionary evangelism and so he formed this will appear this is the radiant living seminars team Brad is right up here this day here is my brother-in-law skaters my best buddy Herbie Naslund and linen that Lisa needs to get married that said Rita notching up again and they had been a nice big house they all lived in their off of three salaries was again three three three divisions a bunch of volunteers that's where those that it was about the same rationalizes they are insulating about one one pay position for music volunteers and so was work that was waiting to the thing on budget against regulating lasted long considers right was about to ask seventy eight two eight eighty two something like that and then Brad went to Chicago to work with my family again they started what was known as Lucy Lake Union soul winning Institute which was trying to take gospel medical missionary company evangelist in principle to make a part of the seminary training program it fell apart after about a year I don't know the Sereno but about twenty years later three young brothers graduated from Lee towards training program and how without in Vancouver they wanted it to evangelism while some another another member for years before and that's why these guys are really living today may or may not recognize him as you meal Jeffrey J Rosaria leave now transferred their operation down to seventy liters none of them had everything together is brought to the idea of companies with nurses evangelists ministers canvassers gospel students I felt at the blessing financial habits and another at the start of school she said she's calling for his one example there other statement to call for watching she turns off a United work with all the facilities all the all the avenues of city were brought together focused on a single place a single time you hear canvassers and called for urgent Bible workers your health food stores or restaurants your sanitarium outside the city way Kerry got had outpost aware that the workers them not to live in the city center River momentum was a major thing that was lacking on most occasions was a senior I was colonized by ministers also upon physicians nurses canvases by workers and other consecrated laymen of varied talents of analogy present it to consider the need for the unwary cities where things have usually been lacking is than what Alan would call a center of influence which in our case restart it without trying to work the other direction and that's why we have the restaurant so we got the center of influence we need to expand and do all the rest what's happened over the years is with trying to restaurants and it not been proven to be greatly successful fire out for centers and move done some interesting things never center we have our canvassers are called for our Bible workers but we just haven't ever brought it all together that's basically where I met I got a theory that says we bring all the pieces together you put the key ending attorney car starts now and I'd rather do that and start him trying to get the job done with nothing the carburetor no wonder I get a carburetor Roger Rivera got them for wheels for the whole machine to get as that's the theory at this point there are lots of ways we can help canvassers could be the advertisers for the restaurant the restaurant is the theater for the sanitary day the sanitary and gives the people instant network intelligence to have a breakdown and to think that the country of all these things should be working together without where will it all and I'm going to go through with this and now probably tap us of nothing vital that God has given us a commission which angels might envy I was like throughout the thought that if Jesus approached Gabriel Benson gave blanket trade places with young lady in front Gabriel 's response would be in heart because we have an opportunity that has only existed on this planet and all of the universe and only exist in a short period of time and all eternity that is to win souls we have we have more opportunity to win souls and angels in heaven is all about so when the commission was a news might envy the church has been charged to convey to the world without delay God 's saving mercies this is a trust is given to be faced with medical mission work is to be done thousands upon thousands of humans being means are perishing in the compassion of God is moved all heaven is looking on with intense interest to see what character medical missionary work will assume under supervision of human being but somehow work out under Jesus but he given us the watching what character medical mission work will assume under the supervision of human beings will then make merchandise of God 's ordained plan for reaching the dark parts of the earth with an manifestation of his benevolence will they cover mercy with selfishness and then call it medical mission I fear we're going to try your tension that would require a manifestation of his benevolence God is not simply call for a proclamation of the truth is calling for a manifestation in a demonstration of the truth that's a big issue with me right now Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character tries to be perfectly reproduced as people they will come to clean them as his own and the completeness of Christian character the change in him bless others springs forth constantly from him do this we were going to do any further there is no change in the message is that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time when the city to work as God would have been the result will be the setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet with an context that he doesn't need to try right there with a loud cry if a serious we have to focus have to have some focus that we cannot think the exclusion of all other parts of the world that before serious and something being done within there is to be working of our cities as they never have been worked that one should have been done hundred and twenty yes more than hundred and twenty years ago is now to be done speedily the work will be more difficult to do now that within years ago but it will be now I encounter the question is not uncommon I talked lettuce or thing people say that would've been such a great thing to do back then you rethink everything you know you rethink going to wait for us Vietnam and Lance is quickly simple actually my answer is yes consequently location sins and flaws the only way finishing the great controversy and how you are there is impossible then they survey through a controversy without a great final manifestation of the character of God 's course is going away he has no other option so that's my little rant on that subject okay my file quotation and when I we shall see medical mission work broadening and deepening in every point of its progress because of the Infoline of hundreds and thousands of streams until birth is covered as the waters cover the sea that's a paraphrase off of their adaptation off of an Isaiah and I think we are other minor province that has a pattern that is theirs and I've been witnessing up to glory the Lord will cover the Earth 's waters cover the sea as a medical missionary work is medical mission work is the glory of the Lord so it all ties together the in my formal presentation and I will take the opportunity to bring you up-to-date on some other exciting things because I we mentioned over feeling and he has a background in that this kind of work that I'll costed another individual was also the background and ideas of the tables of the Wilson wrote his master 's noise that is an asset of the master 's thesis on our lights counsel for city work he was in charge of the the New York metropolitan project which included the Appleseed restaurant back in eighty one I had occasion I was speaking a church in Florida which turned out to be pastored by elder Wilson's son-in-law was talking with his daughter has questions about the Appleseed Project is announcing a ring at the history is the right likely with an audacious thing for me to deal with no and I suspect he's a busy guy rating only had any time to answer little questions from people like me but then currently since I wrote a short e-mail and mail it off and myself later that perhaps response they told the story of the apple seedlings behind-the-scenes things in good points and bad points and what he would do differently on in it was a very nice note I thought you said us that we paraphrasing it think this is too much of a quotation with the long lines and I still believe that the Council don't like regard to work in the cities and all the methods that she outlined are necessary and we will have to did well that was encouraging to me I was was happy to hear that he held that opinion about a month and a half later he was elected general conference was about a month ago he announced at the last Sabbath sir five determine encourage you for now enough their website with intuitive enough to he announced that their starting what he refers to as a comprehensive urban evangelism emphasis or initiative and it will be formally announced on Council was falling to October eighth I think something like that and the first step as always analysis I'm not real and I'm going to find a significant event sources now whatever but I respect them those who move more deliberately than I do but the first step as always in the formation of a committee sure hope they don't investigate all the oil layer good news is German committee is working felt we got people that actually know something about this and have an interest in it and I'm very much encouraged and hope you like to and I hope you've enjoyed all this will conclude my presentations by Philip father we do thank you for second chances third fourth fifth house and he takes a guess we thank you for your patience with us and for the promises which though unclaimed perhaps an unfulfilled careers still shine brightly in the basket you would add your blessing your work give us the wisdom each in our own place everyone from humblest church member who can still learn hundreds of Lebanese all the way to those who are in fact in positions of responsibility will have taken steps to accomplish significant labor will rule as a rule of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive please visit www. .com universe .org


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