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Service or Stardom: To Which Have We Been Called?

Dwayne Turner


Dwayne Turner

Pastor in the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • April 15, 2011
    4:30 PM
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him whether we look at now is entitled service was started on him and have we been called I would then call the service have we been called the stars I is happy to be in a point any consolation in Christ and confident love he was able to spirit befitting bowels of mercy fulfill ye my joy this is when the Lord Mallory wants that means being like-minded having the same love of one accord in one mind that nothing be done through strife or what does everyone him glory which means glory coming to yourself right in lowliness of mind that needs the same colors other than themselves every man on his own and every man also on the things of others that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus in other words we want to take on the mind of Christ and Christ himself when he was on the Earth will matter the limit is now being in the form of God had it not robbery to be equal with God himself of no reputation of the words it will not be robbery Jesus the equal of God because Jesus is equal with God is that right now we're talking about Jesus when he came to this or are you following me and of course he is still fully God and fully man at this point right at the same time it is making primarily now all this is that he will not see was upon the face of visitor making himself now subject to God even though he is not the God is made himself of no one meditation is the second is reminding readers will want available in God and not be the robbery to be equal with God is that what is the same year she is gone and it doesn't deserve anyway May God also man this is something that is so hard to understand is okay he made himself of no reputation but about that from that time God the son of God the holies were gone the sun of a man who now makes himself of no reputation Utah Nevada majors that you have handled formal most of that was made in the one likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man he did what I sell and became one of meeting another that even that all the wrongs of God Jesus sat down how do I read Alice's evidence to hold perfectly came down to visit her skirt and said I'm going to take on the form of a man myself and make myself subject to himself as you say this him really have any business taking center stage is best this is our highest prices as the rags that we are is Wednesday at a meeting of the Savior will come all sin we still are in need of a Savior only will ball back and this is the right was a worthwhile God also hath highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and of being seven and things in earth and things under the earth another question is when him talking about Bible says every knee shall every time shall confess that is in the manager is the right postfix is basically highlighting the place that Jesus when he was on the earth and from that standpoint it is a man every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is at any point that you talk about Jesus he still more to follow this is essentially saying is that down the road I will have to admit that he is God and then you they don't follow him and him and let him you know know something I want to explain to anyone saying this for the Bible 's orthogonal beatitude that in Matthew five and eventually start blessed are ye when men shall revile you jump you say all manner of evil against you falsely for my name say him in the say rejoice and be glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you you might as therefore as well as a enhancement found the role will be exalted him to get to that place is high blood cells now just as Jesus did Jesus is both position and role of placed on the role of a son is in three versus delivery and says that he is so wrong for him as a tender plant and as a root out of dry ground he had no formal loneliness then we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him now by the way is not talking about that when the Lord comes as this is in Isaiah as well when Jesus comes to visit for the first time in his eyes and what rejected of men and analysts also point with great and we had a weekend as it were our faces from him he was despised and we esteemed him not that's when you can give your first lines that think about that for a second while I was you despise and reject the myth that Sigmund Marisol greenwood reason why all these things take place why does Jesus 's righteousness is life was standing with you Israel him was on the same as Israel was on a path that was dangerous leading up to the time of Christ as it was on greatness is one of the kingdom now is that we want to get out from under the Roman yield of oppression safely we want to be elevated with tired of being subjected to the Roman authorities and so that's what dominated their mind you'll happen because they whistle on worldly greatness time that Jesus came to visit Earth came and went and it was it was a little man I'm looking for it was uneventful as the only ones who really appreciate it would appear now that Dennis has been right so I'll be shepherds of the Wiseman came because they were studying the prophecies translated and has been studied by bad days because they could see the start and night they reside in the prophecies which is where all the way up to the time and lives Jesus came to visit her following that was the constellation of angels that look like a star I kept following it until finally I met Jesus was when he came he had no formal normal commenters we saw him but it was all beauty that we should desire him he is rejected by zone people it was despised and rejected of men by Marisol 's acquainted with greasy little all these things was on the placement why was it again is because he's doing for righteousness there is a place that all of us will find ourselves in if we stand right to understand standing for life will bring the same reaction in the general populace had with Jesus stand for the right to you as well not stated to write him see this patent reform shouldn't have one this way hopefully you have it you have a lot of friends and whatnot and so money makes a suggestion to do something that's not honest answer okay yes all right all right what is along the and here's the one voice maybe you have one voice is saying always should do that happen after that don't have the guns will swing around interior directions that right 's inability to use all you all you know you it is holier than thou you know why you believe it is all up on all of that is not always a knife can do that we should not do that because these in the God Shiva happens is that one of those voices did you cause you to gain consciousness modeling what they should be getting it written in the is either turn from their ways that want to get at the source that is causing them to be uncomfortable at the base of Mount Sinai Illinois is a vigorous problems when they were making the suggestion to have this calf him there were a few people who say we shouldn't do this is to send a letter to him and him and I said that these individual roughly three percent upon and roughly treated and plainly lost their lives so what happened at the base of Mount Sinai within the wrecking is going to have been eradicated the dissenting voices differently is not adopted as soon as the eradicating dissenting voices in your church has helped to stabilize the church imagine if an apostasy runs roughshod full-blown without any deterrence how far will go the baseball star the only two instances in the Bible that when so while that's what happened the base of Mount Sinai and the party that was on BellSouth on the last night of Babylon while this him dissenting voices et al. said you guys when they were involved in any of the following diseases experience came unto his wife all at his own received him what will resume on one hundred and eight receiver simply because she's good for something you did not stand for what you think about this one yet you don't have your Bibles so let me know and let me Mathers as recited in the day him and worldly greatness in their minds the right was not immune from that day later on but when Christ Christ had to tell them what was on a happen to him they want to hear that you know that one of the inner circle of Christ have been called out to do a special work they still had him system the things that Israel had on their mind now Sam Lindsay 's determination Jesus are telling them that they are typically thirty one and on Mark chapter nine nine seven nine verse thirty two of eight verse thirty two and on Jesus Sergeant Tillman was the salamanders will be delivered to village increases life the Elders film instead of on the market and eventually killing the third day the third day rise again he's not modern so happen and return to listen to two and Jesus turnaround rebuked Peter Sybil 's famous words what the behind me Satan and how savers not the things of the God the things of the admin and then he supposed now out of transfiguration his disciples in Mark nine verse nine says don't tell anybody what you seen rising over there which time back to what he does all that that I wanted either be resurrected up to three days now since says that he kept thinking that saying with themselves one of what him one with another the rising of the news should mean him him the road to Capernaum and they were giving that this is Jesus Jesus is that sending them just as Jesus you know that they were on the road and at later on Jesus and by the way what were you talking about commences on the role him to say that they had visited themselves in price and situated that I'm talking about yourself and the Bible says they held their peace either way meeting on the road for disputing amongst themselves who should treatise you have this conversation this conversation by a themselves with Jesus why because he's talking about something different this is about ideas sacrifice man can do and that is that God someone is right does the Bible says greater and greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends I write syllogism is allowed to do that not just for brother of one world right now the hand is a different conversation as he establishes his kingdom is in the head he was about the deliberate episode to this as you know there was a one of us needs to be the president the next one is the secretary is limited rather than implement innovative of the van of finances was that of the in charge of whatever him the same thing is that our position is that it is him and back and back and remembering exaltation Jesus is saying is this one will you win on the vision that I have because this mission it will hold replace the service as advocate something here into a more temperature is went up to Jerusalem on the estimating the disciples prayed as they were amazing they are afraid that this formal care seasons going to do rules he told in no execution is talking about is the place is filled with all that they know this is the headquarters they know that if he is gone to death instead the trial is got to be where they're going sorry for me seasons with little of the place he was going to receive treatment to the inevitable moment that when the star does you have any an agent determines where the best place for you to go if you're a new star find out whether greatest fan base is is that right now what you know so who like that if you heard a pupil him I like you enjoyed the concert is him and wanted to try to go to Chicago let's go over to do Indianapolis is something you is going directly to the blaze were not only the unpopular you get old to think about service things up long after the music is flawed and do things for the claim of men you don't do things to be seen as please God no matter what wet leaves you on the Protestant Reformation people across about whether women who is in that we had that there were those who love the Word of God more than life itself instead of the town square the church is it which means the leaders in this and we have read things in the chain copies of the Bible and the basis of the University and when he found out what you teaching math and math Sunday morning is not an description that you have been propagating things that are not little to put yourself in a position because you love God anything and he loves word is that right you see an idea this whole idea of being on Star doing what's best and if you don't connect with the people you're with him see them as a means to him as him and him to see this is him and I was lonely little anathema to him to share something with you him and tells us something very injures as I have been the last days and was the unit right before our very eyes is in second Peter two is anybody would like to did I was certainly appreciated second viewing one one read about it in the Bible there okay reimburses one two three second Peter chapter two verses one to three and a and I and I and the first three to hear that time the King James is in these words and sentences this shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you judgment now of a long time they were not entered damnation slumber is not okay this is simply saying that only people who will come will say that they are following Christ and not Stalingrad you will do is bring in all kinds of heresies and present this is the church cannot commendable to God many people were still will follow different vintages ways which means it will please a lot of people understand that package I talked about in the last seminar was appeals of the flesh so many people of the following of the normal word of God they're not subjecting themselves the word about like they should therefore they world all these studies themselves noiselessly to reason and my absolute shall be evil spoken of as a very carefully weigh up to the evil spoken of supplemental with a new and what's challenge what has been established as true Satanism we believe there's always a while but now we ought to look at something else that's not quite right and will need people down a destructive pathway now listen carefully as they really believe that simply because if you will cologne and they become the beneficiary to come on television this had scrambled now with all kinds of concepts and things again I won't in the seminar were going to the video part of it it is like you can see but when he healed his places like Toronto can come up with things like slinky gray hair and his patented down Toronto's Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship out of the norm talking about this is a place with a call they had what was called the Toronto Blessing and you know will set things within you that I am doing now of course you've got to get the products in the things associated with it so you become a means of in view of our merchandise for them to follow him and is serve God looking to glorify his name not themselves and looking to fill the kingdom not their pockets with money and say him looking to be praised and looking to raise God is in this with you that will make merchandise in other words make money out of you like money and he doesn't carefully as effective as long as I'm going back now and is in the amount proceeded to say that I will be said that the low rounding with a hole in the middle of what was learned that because we're got out of a long time ago but anyway it on the records right and specifically the jacket from the record see in years gone by sitting at the piano that may be holding the hands like this and have a Bible and a spiritual influence a the advertisement was spiritual some have a standby piano and dances like this hands folded as a way of saying I'm doing this for the Lord not whether they measure up well but the point was that they were so what you see now him say some of the cameras so now faith parents all risen up in the latest file in contrast says look at me is nothing sacred about what they're doing the doing poses like there is another doing of those who were modeling agency right now because packaging and highlighting themselves saying listen to get one I have not been done as a turning desire to draw people to the word of God will loan money to be made if you do it right told us to stop them is the service service is much different style of management Sandra says that she must increase now that I must reads of us nervous modality is a nine price is saying less of me for a few the service will download someone else in Ace cargo more dollars you saved on the ceiling or have some big event I want to be there is anything that you never know how much battling goals on behind-the-scenes you have events agency babblings and listen I'll deliver you know something 's artist I deliver someone so you will be first given a sing before social note will let me that he setting up a person on the meters are either glass or playing with it on my client 's last known what was coming soon nothing to see the place denying that it disciples and Leslie first Place and the need to say this to you this tells us nothing was ultimately the disciples did not stay with grace to imagine now Bob came in this essentially says company passive resistance was wrong we still remain for the rest of the disciples in the old way we can take them to do what we can get an all out assault and backstop to hear of now gives the service of care is right signaled his hesitantly revered back on a lot of little bit about the Bible served with Doctor of the spirit wasn't at all the people that I thought they perform surgery and sort this way yet that's right LP playback on the net is as long as that of the Scriptures the vessel fill the assortment is a listen something bigger than me I want to be subjected to this he went on around the world went somewhere else in him will experience the same reception as he sees as a friend is in true that statement the truly Christians signs form your popular is that all of attitudes associated with Jesus our own twenty one example is Navistar is the Lord as you aren't using this person as an example alone we talked about this morning right he took the stage today this is not a big everyday star you may draw some problems that there was an about Nolan is crazy unilateralism and the children they stormed a month and in the last day after day to sign autographs at the afternoon after you've reached in and I know that when they went home they were talking something awful about it but is back at the next phase region the same thing will systems in the old style conscious was the moment as I do this again him him on his cell I love the Guatemalan reasons another limitation is seen in this view has been change in the church is the word is saying a man static class sensuality startup came in as a man was a spiritual response is saying a man to the present we are saying and then means even so Lord I will do yes Lord even so I will do the response not the man is not a breach of nondesigner is a response to the site when you heard the song that we use words like message install don't deliver these words before we send special zone messes install and of course begin the spoken word was the message message is conveyed to the people from the Lord by the instrument that was using the service will happen to the civilians in the time you end up in the music some of all exhibits went down on the day the metamorphosis of this now I would change proposal could not wait until the investments was finished putting on it Jack and Hurley to go down to loose another church they really plays the Lord 's this is these people know how to praise the Lord I couldn't wait to get to somebody else's concert and down in a elder work at home there him him finish sanding and drinking and everything that was going on and then they came back from exactly know what happened they wanted to try out some of the different down there is one way and the next thing you know five percent he silently now I'll is abroad I wouldn't be surprised if ninety percent or more of laws he doesn't talk about this the general conversation with him about that nobody he asked that we don't apply as a listen everything is bigger than most people in this applause came in I would tell you now that there are certain planes that could creep into our vocabulary is set for an open so now some now call in the state that we now have tools will always know what I'm speaking to you as a pastor I'm talking to the congregation not here not in the city limits are the congregation to follow and guess what happened the congregation gave the audience and a hearing phraseology that you could hear out is anybody here in the house is hope here in the house and all of the phrases you can hear out the concert of the dance hall him the same way to run secular place I can almost secular menu value saying the Psalms to the Lord you saying you give ammunition news saying to the Lord will guess what happened that's when his son was surely the word was no longer saying the musical revision but now is form on this associated with Conway and all of the words associated with entertainment have now made their way into the church on this treatment all of that because one of the changes that atmosphere engines is a completely secular it is something else leaves the field the last time something the Lord of the service freezing water honor and they would tell us that is engaged in all New Delhi that we want to do such as a one to remember that you want to do this Boulevard and is honored to do it so you must not enter into this annual why not known willy-nilly say we would go circumspect and little bit circumspect and while all singing Boulevard now deny context of modern Satanism is something wrong proceeded to call my agent and individual told me I what do the same as the site is using known and she says to me yes but the talk to my agent in charge so much personal analysis all so well I decided not even a big of a man who has been visiting you when we do we do for the Lord it is not for the purpose of obtaining glory for ourselves on cashing in I'm not saying a person get me something to help them in their ministry when nothing wrong with that is what you require him to live by the if I learn from someone and they have a price as the unit even if the I have already started the process of having them become the process will give members brings stars of the church bringing servants one nine eight zero tells the experience is in the last is everything that this information is sobering to me by someone on the mount of olives the disciples were having a follow-up conversation in Andrew James and John they went and had a discussion little bit earlier he had pointed to the Temple is a beautiful double system not one stone will be left upon another I roughly around thirty one A.D. he said those words somewhere in there and that three and a half years of his ministry I think of more pleasantly aware of it and listen carefully says Suleman on one's own would be that of one another now he said that Mexico eighty and thirty nine him that his theme and overran Jerusalem and his disciples realize that is staging a fuzzy venison tell us to be decided by coming in on being in the world is launched off into what I've been one of the greatest messages for the greatest chapters in the Bible not a study manager twenty four as often as you can it is information about where we are and where we're going even started getting into the size is asked to sign and they start talking about them in earthquake and past lives in wars and rumors of wars is taking that no emergency use the right combat at different times or that capital one of multiple models and panels placed in perception in general and functional lives you say it will be famine earthquake teslas more rooms and floors all these things to the one on the say these are just a big solve these arithmetic designs that we can point to the Lisbon Earth quake as a part of the opening of the six seal we understand that the fact is we've had a lot of earthquakes is that right with that person the Lisbon earthquake as well more than a lot of what was the war with a lot of salmon earthquake and because it is a reoccurring side the Lord says these are just the beginning of sorrows and real trouble starts to see this organism at the twenty fourth ninety ten then shall they deliver you to be one him shall want to show you something what is everyone are not related this is a zombie I sought after by the masses as always as usual you won't mention anything you want to hated for my namesake identified them when he's trying to say is that I went new deal liberal through and for the same reason that I would not change this to my father even though it wasn't popular at the same reception I received a you will receive because you won't change you want to listen to me carefully outlined rules on the talk about that when God they are all of these calamities taking place and eventually the term on the commandment keepers is that the reason may because of the will seem to join our movement movement in the ecumenical movement of all religions come together and you will not join the keepers as festivals awards Alewife uses Commandment keepers hardly reason the software procedures abiding citizen law the second transfusion Bible says not only will would be unpopular but be hated of all nations by namesake and then shall many be one in and shall betray one another and somewhat that is because I have not come to Christians are not stars him him him us him him him really model Christ's is same as Anderson Springs happens when Christians become stars that we have about two dozen one hundred and twelve on what it takes to make it mentality is expected to rejoin their temporarily abandon principles later on him 's been a lot of examples of this people have started off in the desert there were integers and what happened is that they went out of the journal by the way that doesn't have as much now as the reason some examples might universe and let me send it was a singer back in the fifties sixties and very very very popular methods are and they asked them what you want in knowing what did you do that is says the site I do not take to make it but I am coming back Sam never came him and when you reread the Franklin right she started in the desert of bloggers is is is now law the online you don't a new grant and regret still seems to install what you know and read sings sings is also using is still remaining lyrics I'm not you don't mention Christ that it is they can go either way eating and selling to talk about price and talk about their boyfriend or girlfriend right and whatever the case is him him him him him eight is a young data and other some things that understand the reality if you never again in a position where you got to Jim about your faith in authority yet there is no resume gone down the wrong road and is conflicting views as rigid in others when you become starstruck convicting he was as rigid or limited in vision in other words when you start all the sudden principles become little points that bother you will and and we become as it were too narrow minded to think about the way blood that could be done if I make this small compromise stars from him and on the pages of holy writ the home words that either follow or no follow upon what it will mean for you and your future is a simple guide us in the diseases that we make is one starstruck these amazing goals is having some notable opinion as supporters and inquiries about the same token when you become starstruck you see I is having unsupportable opinion and non- supporters and dismiss them in other words this is like saying you know you here a principle of persons trying to say is a sanity hearing the principal is that we doesn't also working of the border is like saying is not a fan and I said Bob C one you see him reason for movie stars from individual is that person 's greatest song for him to reason outside of what happened about two minutes in the minutes of that is that all right and as a gentleman is a mouse there were those we can do this we cannot direct this gap is not right doesn't get into that day people lost their lives three thousand people lost their lives we possess the questions on the Lords I anyway and sided with Erin started what where and allow him realize now back to earlier in his new centers were saying we can't do things as a PSA while you may want to listen and I sure on the building also what were doing let's listen to dozens of them it would realize that they're going to support him out it is not supported let's get rid of them and what happened the right him starts down when Christians become starstruck at a point of green blue that will be done so by people being in justifies the mean look at what I can do it by John Chasse set aside that somebody's principal step aside for a moment to think about all that can be done in high just buy that lottery ticket I know I shouldn't gamble but if I buy that lottery ticket big of all that I can do is is the problem was give me a voice give me a good voice and I love there is no licensing the zones limited to five people out there doesn't and may give you know what I want to make sure that I am always missing everything I have video of a lot of situations I can say that I know one particular group and that that is it is as funds are not as I have one video living with his own country and would testify the beginning of the concert about what their faith is and I can tell because I have several videos of different places that apparently that's what they do that I would testify about their faith and then once it was all a little bit David Whitlock to get to the music that you want is what they're saying is we know we may have compromised being where we are we still want to share operate anyhow healthy is something like that man is the man Jonah that was their interests you about something out when the sake of doing the work of God what was he doing he was incognito at the bottom of the ship and somewhat at that ask him who he was questioned in that position we hide our faces one has to ask the best what happens when you become starstruck and him listed as the creature must be served than the creator now I told you about in the loss diet consistently show you this time the spirit of prophecy in teslas integers volume three page one eighty five said I is shown at great cost to be used even when it is necessary to the convertible present for men and women definitely the main means of their own wisdom and failed to make God him the same distinction plays love persons and things all the ability of a minister of Christ in the day of God very many will be weighed in the balance and found wanting because of exaltation listen this is all about was not only will we solid not only not look to be stars wish and I sing in a kind of approbation and you will adjust on-the-fly sales and do the work of God 's kind of banal stardom and popped off and approbation these things cause people analyzes Zulu was the amount of the island warmed my brother is out of diapers because of their ability they cannot bear it sounds as easily result in an inconsequence this is lose their balance I said into my brother is is is is you would have no souls fleeing from the blood of all men the latter never praise the efforts of one morning it made from their room that's why I don't want to win the sermon is finished the pastor around of applause don't want to give the singer round of applause you know why they were just the instrument is use one who is center stage himself as you want to hear this young lady is a true story the resolute girl at the time some little girl who sang in the church when he belittled sing very well and how the song there was a song that always laws him and anyone him on him and ran off the platform Suzanne zero zero zero thrombolysis in mommy mommy they didn't like me this symbols on his persons in the world children and you folks in which the satellite is listening is about me that understand that when they said a man encouraging her but it was really about God is that the flow I know you see can last days fully spirit beings temperament and his relationship with his national results that relationship is also the price duty essence of duty and then we seen what we must do swimming against the popular current humble lives entirely on a lot of plays a lot of seminars and sometimes the Lord have mercy because you know what you have to do yet they are engaging in the very thing that you got a point about in just a few minutes you sent in a letter that is the latest of the crowd is is really an one that does the sermon and does how RNA carrying on and makes themselves and it will I fit in my life made him that is not in the end in the end was all the time you use a man that I want to know that the Lord gives his approval at the end of the day because that is identical to sleep me that he doesn't know what I'm saying so far that I see is not done as well first by the grace of God you will humble ourselves into the arms of the Spirit in these last days and see service start is raised and we are so grateful that we have learned what we have heard him making a word in the Bible spirit property law we are blessed in any of our experience it we just slimline cells and submit information that you've given us wondrous tools will be before so that we may no knowledge without saying which we must walk the coverage of the Strathmore to see approval on traditional approval always happen in a special way Lord that you will service and what we are in modality sustained wind on the ounce of the spirit seal from the clouds of glory for mother and sisters that have come in seminar for now and Jesus and my brain


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