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Two Men Went Up

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • October 27, 2011
    7:30 PM
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the theme of our conference tonight is centers of influence and we want to look at two men who were centers of influence both men change their world but only one is worthy of emulation let's pray your father would like to bring your additional word of Berkeley were going to be opening your word and were unworthy to hear your word and to have the lovely Jesus presented before our eyes but we needed we must have and so tonight we pray that Jesus can be seen hearts can be touched and we can be changed in his name I pray and I love the introductions to Jesus stories will gain Jane Jana Doctor Luke Wright sent two men went up into the temple to pray but one a Pharisee and the other a public this evening I'm only going to look at the first four introductory words to men went up with those four words two men went up Jesus would take our minds back to one of the great stories of all times recently I received an e-mail from a friend of mine who is living in Kansas and apparently in southeast Kansas and actually down south in the Texas they're having a drought that's the worst since the dust bowl days if it goes on for another year it will actually surpass the drought of the dust bowl and it is even worse in Texas with dust storms now occurring from what I've seen but Kansas and Texas are not the only areas in the world have droughts the Bible shows the land of Canaan not only as a land flowing with milk and honey but as a land of frequent droughts with resultant famine in the days of the patriarchs every generation of patriarch faced a drought to drought at the time of Abraham was so severe that it threatened the lives of his household it took them into Egypt his son Isaac lived through a drought that was so severe and took him to the land of the Philistines and Jacob faced a drought that was so severe for seven years Joseph had predicted that it said there was no bread even available in he also went into Egypt the droughts did not end with the patriarchs in the days of Ruth there was a drought with the family took her family in the land of Moab in the days of David there was a drought with a family sometimes Christians are surprised when their life faces drought and loss famine they faced difficulty they face perhaps even began to bear careers but the Bible record is clear at some point in our life every Christian faces a time of drought understanding drought and famine is essential for us to be medical evangelist and that's why want to talk about it although Israel had many droughts and famines the very worst drought on record occurred during the evil reign of King Ahab I remember little child's book that we would frequently read to our children when they were small the time of no rain everyone knows the story well here land of Israel was stop suffering from spiritual heart failure during Arena Arena they have the condition and taken an ominous turn for the worse first game sixteen thirty eight have the son of online did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him to train Israel's life-threatening spiritual illness God raised up Elijah a physician of the soul who would carefully administer a very potent treatment notice Isle of Wight describes the man profits and gains one nineteen while he came to the people as a red progress in the readme the next part of his message offered the ball of Gilead Visalia six souls of all who desired the video he was a physician so Doctor Elijah 's prescription for Israel and their spiritual heart failure was short I suppose you could call fluid restriction a form of hydrotherapy now Elijah the dish by sending Ahab as the Lord the God of Israel lives before whom I stand there shall be neither dew nor rain these years except by my work the doctor 's orders had been written it was immediately and faithfully followed for three and a half years there was not one cloud that appeared in the sky there was even the smallest drop of rain are the finest vegan do in any part of northern Israel the description of the land after only one year of this for his striking remember this is the first year profits and gains one twenty four the Earth is parched as if the fire the scorching heat of the sun destroys what little vegetation has survived streams dry up and lowing herds and bleating flocks wanted other and further in distress once flourishing field to become like burning desert sands a desolate waste groves dedicate vital worship are leafless forest praise God skeletons of nature afford no shade the air is dry and suffocating dust storms AVI and nearly stop the breath once prosperous cities and villages have become places of morning hunger and thirst are telling upon man and beast with fearful mortality and other some interesting consequences of Route number one during a drought the work is much more difficult without rain to soften the soil even early in a drought plowing is very very difficult secondly during a severe drought and famine even though the work is harder the solution is not simply work harder it doesn't matter how hard you work your efforts are for not it doesn't matter how much you plan and I think the harvest it doesn't matter how much of fertilize it will help the plants grow you have to worry about waiting does not even leads to growth I suppose there is some comfort all the usual methods and secrets for a successful farm veil and grow as a third consequence of drought that is important in medical evangelism in a time of famine without food or water there is no effective medical treatment but God brought a climate change North America and it became like Australia with Senator Paul desert the only useful Brown located in a strip around the coast imagine the disruption it would cost imagine the poverty and starvation and that's what happened in northern Israel during this time without rain when you think the people in Israel tried to do is the dry April one when MM would try to leave the land of Israel just like Abraham Isaac Jacob Ruth they go to a place that was still water some may have gone down the southern Israel some may have gone north Assyria or Phoenicia but most would have no place to go in there would be the others who could simply stay and hope the drought was been in frequent but the fluid restriction treatment continued in the second year brought no water notice the description the effects of your true for those who have no place to go and had to remain in the land of Israel page one twenty seven of profits against drought and famine continued their notice that next word devastation throughout the King fathers and mothers powerless to relieve the sufferings of their children were forced to see the most in the sensitive indicator of drought is child mortality in the well studied great family of China in nineteen fifty nine to nineteen sixty one children under the age of ten years old were particularly vulnerable this is the very hardest part emotionally to see how I remember my second surgery to observe was an orthopedic surgery when I was just first year actually three months and then medical school and I saw a little seven -year-old being operated on the with the hand and begin to feel squeamish and I begin to feel faint I had to leave the exam the operating room is that knife cut into the hands in anyone know this was not an easy treatment for God to minister but it was necessary for God 's fluid restrictions begin to bring change in Israel with destitution power date and starvation people 's priorities begin to change instead of trying to decide between which entertainment they would have this weekend instead of the private as I will now which movie within a watch what physical ozone alert us to charge they had to decide where they were going to find water just to carry it back to their families to drink and forget about washing on the figure perfume it would have to do the last one threatened the palace and King Ahab began to fear for the survival of his own family Prophets and Kings one thirty seven the king deeply concerned over the outlook for his household decided to unite personally with his servant in a search for some favorite spots where pastor might be a happy Saint couldn't frost his servants to reveal where water might be because if they give you sent someone out to find water when you think they would do hide it and take it for themselves you know the rest of the story of Elijah appears first believer Obadiah and Obadiah is the messenger that is used to tell King Ahab to mean Elijah King Ahab has come to hate Elijah Buddy's beer is a lie Jenny fears alleges God is shaking with barely disguised fears surrounded by his soldiers they have braves the presence of Elijah unarmed in single layer but as if alive John was the monarch and a was the servant Elijah tells the during the summer all Israel to a showdown at Mount caramel it seems all Israel obeys the King command except for the Queen who shows her utter indifference and contempt for Elijah and his God by refusing the comfort Ahab was no head of house for his family amount date hundred and fifty prophets of Bale seem to be as impotent and powerless before Elijah and before Jehovah God as they had been for the last three and a half years in the postings of the power of their Sun God bail or silenced in answer to Elijah simple prayer God reveals himself in a pillar of fire and instantly vaporizes the water that of import over the altar it consumes the sacrifice and melts and consumes even the rocks making up the altar on which the sacrifices laid following this exhibition of God 's power the prophet Elijah gives the command and the false prophet the Baylor seized and executed but that is not the in of the story while the rest of the story the drought would have continued and today northern Israel would be as dry as the Sahara desert it is the next action of Elijah that brings the clone my Dick in the drop first Kings eighteen forty four forty two so I have one up to you than to drink and Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees we started with a parable of Jesus Jesus said that new nano when the one a Pharisee and the other Republican but notice the first Kings eighteen forty two again so Ahab went out and Elijah went up exactly the same as in Christ story two men went up in price story two men went up one to make a pretense of prayer and the other to really pray in this Old Testament story of two men went up one to eat and drink the other to pray in both stories two men went up but only one man went up to truly pray in both stories one man went up to giving self-satisfaction the other went up to give God satisfaction the verse before is interesting and Elijah said and Ahab get the even drink for there is a sound of abundance of rain they have was told by Elijah if you're going to eat you better do it now because there's going to be a rainstorm that suing the make it impossible for you to eat of course King Ahab should visit a lunch appointment you have you eaten all day were you going to eat please come meet with me when data been gracious when never been possible when data been the right thing to do but selfish Rahab was a thoughtful he wasn't gracious and it was a thankful he gave a lighter note such invitation and Elijah and they have invited the prophet Elijah up to eat the life you would've turned down because of Elijah knew that he needed to pray that God had promised Elijah he was going to send rain Elijah knew that rain could not come without first earnest humble prayer God says if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and Van God will heal their land when Elijah said to King Ahab go up even drank he was giving a have a test question what he's seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness or would he seek first his own creature comforts I have should've said this is not a time for me to eat and drink this is a time for me to join you can I come with you and fasting and prayer that the Lord will in the drought on my kingdom selfish ungrateful unmindful of the God of heaven the Bible records Ahab went out to eat drink and Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon the year and put his face between his knees two men went up one man went out to eat drink the other went up like the public in an price told story to humble himself Ray and nonstop parade until his prayer is heard as a result of Elijah 's earnest prayer the drought ended the rain fell this morning when you got up we like to get up and make sure it would eat and drink like a pretty good first humble yourself cast itself on the birth of your face between your legs you pray until your drought ended this morning with floods of water David sang my voice shall bow here in the morning Boulevard in the morning will I direct my prayer under the what a difference rain makes with Arena and Mount caramel the drought ended within a few months Elijah returned to the land of Israel after fleeing the Sinai notice what they use instructor I recounts how it changed the scene before him now from that which the country had presented a little while before then the farming district run worked the grounds part for neither dew nor rain had fallen for three years now everything save a springing up as if to redeem the time of family and their at the redeeming the time means sadly though the physical drought may have ended the spiritual drought had not I just looked this up in the Doctor Swarts thought that perhaps a dermatologist should not be talking about heart failure and no longer is fluid restriction apparently the recommended treatment because it didn't seem according to what I just read it didn't seem to the very effective and the sad fact is that fluid restriction wasn't very effective on the congestive failure of his reliever notice this continuation the plenteous rains had done more for the earth and for the hearts of humanity the fields are better prepared for labor than where the hearts of apostate Israel as terrible as this route and family proved to be it wasn't the most terrible scourge in Israel the apostasy in court responding spiritual drought made it difficult to work for souls the children of Israel remain hardhearted and unresponsive there's an important lesson in this story for medical evangelist in the sign language of the Bible rain is a symbol for the Holy Spirit we speak of the former and latter rain through Isaiah God promised I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground I will pour my spirit upon by seed Jesus told Nicodemus except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God just as we cannot live a physical life without water we cannot have a spiritual life without the water of life fellow physicians dentists and other healthcare providers we cannot do medical evangelism without rain in a drought are most diligent efforts are unavailing for a harvest we must have rain drought and famine illustrate the effects of the absence of the Holy Spirit the Bible gives us three reasons rain is withheld reason number one disobedience God told Moses to tell the children of Israel if you walk in my statutes and observe my commandments and do that then I will give you your rains in their station and the land shall yield its increase and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit in the New Testament Peter told the leaders of Israel that the Holy Spirit was given to those who obey God after telling the Israelites of the early and latter rain was promised to be obedient to God through Moses warned of by increasingly severe punishments for disobedience the second punishment of the series would be rain it would be withheld with a severe drought the biggest twenty six nineteen I will make your heavens like iron in your earth like bronze this punishment how perseverance seem to be was not God 's greatest judgment it was early only number two in the sequence of increasing chastisement Israel's failure to repent would be followed by judgment number three judgment number for judgment number five finally leaving Israel without institutions Israel destroyed and Israel scattered among the nations Israel's failure would see those judgments come over the next several hundred years in the kingdom of Assyria destroyed the second reason rain is withheld is because apostasy in backsliding lack of perseverance in the way thinking in the day of a part of adversity Jeremiah three to you polluted the land with their vile order therefore the showers of been withheld in the spring rains .com Jeremiah three is not simply an ancient and irrelevant document notice letter thirty four eighteen ninety nine please read the third chapter of Jeremiah this chapter is a lesson for modern Israel let all who claim to be children of God understand that he will not serve with their sins in a more than you would with the sins of ancient Israel God hates hereditary and cultivated tendencies the wrong the third and final cause of drought is lukewarm apathy were all familiar with Christ visceral reaction to the lukewarm Laodiceans in his spitting them out of his mouth but what exactly is latest in lukewarmness XE apostles page fifty were ever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter little thought of there is seen spiritual drought spiritual darkness and spiritual declension and death like the drought in the time of Ahab and the time of no rain there had oh death particularly among children whenever minor matters occupied attention the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church in which we bring all other blessings and strain is lacking though offered an infinite plenty a spiritual drought had left Israel a desert drier than it did not account the desert in Chile long before Elijah announced the fluid restrictions that Ahab is going to moisture the Holy Spirit is absent from the life from the home from the church from the community there is spiritual family and death are preaching brings no real convictions are evangelistic efforts bear little fruit in the most sensitive indicator of all is spiritual child mortality of all people physicians and dentists medical evangelist should recognized video pediatric morbidity and mortality we should be sensitive to the youth dying around us some years ago Chuck Colson was standing next to Prince Philip walloped at Buckingham palace for the Templeton prize ceremonies they were surrounded by dignitaries Mister Colson what can we do about crime here in England Prince Philip ask Colson told and send more young British children to Sunday school he smiled thinking Colson was joking not at all it Professor Kristin Davis at the University of Reading conducted a study that showed when Sunday school attendance is highest in England crime was lowest conversely when Sunday school attendance decline the crime rate increased send young boys to Sunday school Colson can take concluded so they can be taught the basics of Christian morality Chuck Colson solution the Prince Charles on how to decrease crime by sending children to Sunday school perhaps was proved generations ago however it is not true for modern Sunday schools Colson may have been well-meaning he may have even thought he was witnessing but Colson couldn't have been more wrong he does not recognize that the apostasy in the Christian world has resulted in a drought in the Christian world of the family 's killing children I want to share a sobering research finding by creationist Ken ham from answers in Genesis a thousand young adults in their twenties were part of the survey let me quote him him to a stunning and disconcerting wrought results and I'm quoting him out of the survey we discovered that we were losing our kids in church in elementary school middle school and high school not just in college which is the conventional thinking the large majority are already gone in their hearts and minds before college Sunday school he said is one of the reasons why indeed is our survey revealed there is a Sunday school syndrome again these are not my words I'm reading Ken ham 's words there is a Sunday school syndrome contributing to the epidemic of young people leaving the church our survey numbers are statistically significant and are absolutely contrary to what we would've expected this is a brutal wake-up call for the church showing how our programs of Christian education are failing dismally when compared to those who never went to Sunday school more Sunday school attendees who no longer go to church believe the church is less relevant and more having become increasingly anti- church over the years they're more inclined to accept abortion gay marriage and other un- biblical activities aboard the startling conclusion is that on the whole the Sunday school programs of today still quoting our statistical failures and are even detrimental out of the one thousand interviews six hundred and six were former Sunday school students the church failed these people miserably as children and teenagers these six oh six were there almost every Sunday they were present they heard the lessons and it had a nominal and even negative effect on their beliefs about Christianity is that childhood mortality this drought in the world the severe and like the droughts in Canaan even impacts our envelope that Mister you're probably aware that the average age of Seventh-day Adventist in North America is increasing it is now reach sixty two years of age according to the best statistics I was able to get while the average of the US population is just under thirty seven years a generation of children spiritually die and are no longer active in church the statistics show a fall nationwide interest and attention sound schools at one time saddle school attendance was higher than church attendance now lower than church I believe there are three take-home lesson support for healthcare providers number one we should be alert for signs of spiritual pediatric mortality number two spiritual disorders are far more deadly than physical illness and spiritual disease is far more difficult to treat notice prophets and kings as it continues page one twenty seven the apostasy of Israel was an evil more dreadful than all the multiplied horse but there is a third point we should not miss physical drought famine and death easy to recognize the spiritual drought famine and death is easy to miss notice they and Gleaner home unless transformed in character from grace to grace there are many who will be unable to discern the needs of the dying world may God help those were now in different to be reconverted and realize their responsibilities and is times of well-nigh universal apostasy when so many no not at the time of their visitation is now flying is spiritual drought famine and death so easy to miss in August of eighteen sixty Robert O'Hara Burke led a famous Asian expedition of man including William John wills as a surveyor out of Melbourne for the first official survey of all strife they were hoping to find a a good land route and an inland lake unfortunately photos harder for them to obtain than expected and within three months they began running out of food local aborigines introduced them to larger edible spores from a firm can argue taste good and it satisfied the explorers appetite and soon after they began to prepare themselves by Brian did not than mixing of water to make a thin base since it was readily available they begin eating four to five pounds every single day they thought they were now safe but though they seem to be eating sufficient food they begin to lose weight and strength the Nardin please do taste it satisfied they are but it didn't sustain their life Bernardo contains a great deal of Miami-based which breaks down vitamin B1 and causes of the wind efficiency the birthday did you cycle is disrupted as your body can't use the food you eat to provide energy to its cells you starve to death even though you have sufficient calories in fact the more calories of Nardo you eat the worse it is the aborigines Bernardo in a way that took out that I am in a spot that explores Mister detail when they finally figured out that they were starving on my narrative it was too late for a rescue will throw four days before he died starvation on our new is by no means very unpleasant but for the weakness one feels me other inability to move oneself for as far as the appetite is concerned it gives me the greatest satisfaction what was killing could we say that in the days of Elijah Israel was eating and drinking spiritual market and it could not sustain the other Starbucks were filled their taste buds satisfied they were starving the prophet Isaiah ask when you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for that which does not satisfy listening diligently to me and eat what is good and delight yourselves in rich food our society is now pagan with rapidly and increasing Christian influence this is spiritual Margaret this spiritual larder makes a starving individual temporarily feel fully satisfy our children can be starving without feeling hungry computers and Internet provide every kind of distraction from Bible study and constant entertainment there is an increasing realization of computer addiction virtually every young person today no but you know the book said has never been so in available and inviting international quality is a sensibility affordability and apparent anonymity make it more difficult to resist the temptation of online soon make no mistake about it pediatric mortality is the sensitive indicator of drought and famine if there is a wholesale spiritual death of young people there is drought and famine behold the days come and I said since the Lord God then I will send the family land not a family of bread nor a thirst for water but if hearing the word of the Lord that time has come like the children of Israel what we are walking in the parched land the wilderness in the wilderness the Israelites didn't have many gardens in times of drought we cannot depend on our efforts for our daily bread in time of drought the only way we can feed our families is to get our supplies daily from heaven there is no drought or famine in heaven where and there is nothing on earth to sustain a spiritually we can look to heaven to supply our needs like Jacob who sent to Egypt for helping ascent to heaven for supplies of grace evangelism three forty one through much prayer you must labor for souls for this is the only method by which you can reach our is not your work with the work of Christ is by your side that impresses hearts like the widow Sarah Firth who was miraculously sustained in the private family we must be miraculously sustained like the widow welcomed Elijah into her home we must welcome the property nor home by walking me know writings of the profit into our home then as we portray we will be miraculously sustained as the widow was sustained it is because of the famine in the land that Jesus told us to pray give us today our daily bread like Israel in the wilderness we must have daily manna or we and our families will start like Israel in the wilderness we cannot get water in the dry creek beds and cisterns the world around us we must be miraculously provided with water springing from the rock without God 's daily sustenance we cannot survive spiritually that is why we daily grind of God before we eat and drink for the bread and water of life to feed ourselves to feed our families to feed our employees to feed our patients must we die in general family in this time of famine are you getting the abundant supply of food and water you must have to survive you have a rope it is long to reach the well is deep and never rose dry everyone who thirsts come to the waters and he has no money come buy and eat come buy wine and milk without money and without price the spirit and the bride say and let the one who hears say come let the one who is thirsty come let the one who desires take the water of life without price at time of drought is a time of unprecedented opportunities friends we have a storehouse from which to draw and give to others when no one has water or money to buy water when no one has food or money to buy food we can point them to a source of pure water and nutritious food Joseph was a type of Christ he built storehouses that were never used until a time of drought and famine I love what Spurgeon said quoting Joseph had filled the storehouses on purpose to open it or not put a bushel of wheat in there for his own keeping and lock it up what was the use of having a stale and must be for the mice and rats he put the weed in an often purposed on purpose to dig it out again when the Lord Jesus gathered all America's life and death together you did not do it to keep it useless he gathered it on purpose to save sinners with it on purpose to give it away whenever you think of Jesus Christ say all this is meant for needy sinners there is not anything in price for himself it is all for you and for me and such as we are if we are guilty that found witchy films to wash us if we are naked the robe of righteousness is meant to clothe us I will put it very plainly Spurgeon says there's not a bushel of wheat in Christ greatly but what is meant for hungry souls to eat you have but the conference and take it for me has put it there on purpose for sections of us while we may be thankful for heaven storehouse God is actually made us part of his storehouse one of most famous and highly regarded of the British officers was a who even has influenced today in novels and play plays was general Charles Gordon and he was a committed Christian when the English government sought to reward him for his magnificent life of service he declined all monies and titles but he accepted a gold medal on ten on condition that you know he he he it did accept a gold medal which they had put his name in the record of his thirty three engagements in the war after his death they could not find that metal finally it was learned that the incentive for Manchester during a family with a request that it be melted down and used to buy bread for vanishing for in his diary that day he had written his words the last and only thing that I had in this world that I value I have given over to the Lord Jesus Christ medical missionary Journal eighteen ninety once as I call your attention to the share results of heating the Lords admonition to care for the afflicted and the Lord shall satisfy thy soul in drought and make fat thy bones and thou shalt be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not the widow who gave her all away got more to give away we are living in a time review and Herald when a great work is to be done there is a family a land for the pure Gospel and the bread of life is to be given to hungry souls there is no better work and getting our literature thousands of books containing the precious light of present truth should be placed in the home to the people in our large cities I'm reminded of one of my mentors a hero of faith that I'm grateful was able to present at one of our conferences although he died this year Russell Youngberg and getting literature out patients with others we can use our resources for the family starve multitudes for each of the Jeremiah said is a tree planted by the waters that's read about her roots by the river and shall not see when heat but her leaf shall be green and shall not be careful in the year of drought neither shall cease from yielding fruit I was very convicted of my need to have more prayer in how is convicted when I read in the I was listening to Leviticus and it said that when you came into the presence of the Lord the veep race or have them here and then my wife told me that her grandfather before he would pray wood commissary well that's very interesting and the next morning I haven't done it very often but the next morning my wife was still asleep usually around five thirty four thirty sometimes it for how we we pray and in that thin study the Bible and just hammer worship but Sherry had gone to bed a little later and she was clearly sound asleep and I didn't want to wake her up so I slipped out and I have to tell you before I knelt down to pray I went into the bathroom is commonly here and in and I knelt down to pray it was on a Monday morning and said Lord at the time of drought year and in I don't know how to give the water of life to my patients this don't know what the news is going to have to help is prayed earnestly and that one of the reasons I wanted to well for hiding your father for this talk was hit head just gone through a very similar to experience the same time and is so so I prayed for a time until until I was satisfied the Lord was going to answer this prayer and then I was surprised when the very first patient that came into my office that day because I had a busy schedule and there were three or four that sort of pact in and were actually already waiting wanted to talk to me about spiritual things and I realized I didn't have time but I realize this is an opportunity may be to invite this person to our home get better acquainted his wife passing like a very honest person and she was an oncologist they are in right next to my office as I said to to this patient I said and this isn't the hip of violations because I do have permission to tell the story of I said I can't wait what about getting together and I just like to get better acquainted with and Marcus said well why don't we do that on Thursday night and I just have my wife give you a call confirming well our schedules didn't quite match but was able to call them on Thursday night and invite them to come with us for a hike on on Saturday after his issues and oncologist I told her that we'd have a good cancer preventing diet and and there only athletes and so hard hike sounded that might be fun for us we enjoy than hard heart that hike in the Fellowship and that prayer brought my closest two friends in Blue Ridge and they even joined us tonight Marco and nine Jennifer and prayer enriches your life which is done everything together with five hour looking in the Gary gifts of prophecy videos together were right we've eaten together with hi-fi salads together we go to and tell us conferences together the Lord has so enrich my life and I wonder what would happen if I went up right then Jennifer the oncologist on the first three years she had been praying for ways to know better how to outrage and Marco had been praying for roadways now the Lord has brought three praying people for a stronger outreach for our patients in in Blue Ridge and him I've been just the names of it is type two stories this week of what's happening with prayer and and the patients most of the time that we see patients and I find and they would actually be offended if we talk to them spiritually but two days ago one of my patients came in and he has some some skin problems because of this there is also a done surgery and had difficulty healing down on his life because of his smoking and I talked to him about his smoking decision on Doctor Mills I have tried to stop smoking now I've been trying to stop for years Christ I'm trying to stop in the South and I I asked him if he was a Christian said he was and I asked him if he would mind if I would pray with him again in the office over and over because he gives us some much needed to be free from and we prayed at I'll be praying for a long pray for them every day my wife and I in our inner prayer time together worth mentioning him identical unless it don't have a lot of people on my list but you are on my list of the prayer I am so grateful that we can bring draft and mentioned to help our patients our trip yesterday I had the most the most amazing experience that I have ever had in practice of faith two weeks ago yesterday in his surgeries on Wednesday and so this patient came back because he needed to have his sutures out was too weak suture removal and so my nurse told me that the patient wanted to say and so went into the realm and I thought he probably wanted me to check the surgery site it was great he'll well guys pray before we do surgeries and and but that wasn't why he wanted to see me he said that Doctor Mills he said the what is the chapter in the Bible about prophecy now I don't know what I said with him and and that nurse and I have no idea what our conversation was as we are doing surgery I can tell you it probably was something I had to do with present events and some spiritual illustration are some prophetic lesson that came out in the so he said is I'm not very religious but he said my wife is I went home to her and I ask her what's the chapter in the Bible about prophecy and she didn't know either so can you tell me what that chapter is in the Bible that gives prophecy as I want to read it I have never in all my practice had a patient come into the office and ask him asked me to tell them about prophecy and so we set up a time to study the processes together he and his wife I'm just so grateful you know once again the time of the of drought is a time of great opportunity prayer not only opens heaven storehouse us that opens our storehouse to others in this time of drought prayer is not an optional privilege it is a necessity if we would keep from starvation in our families our staff patients and churches I I just started near a half ago my second practice I'm so brave over control to make it possible for me to do their original college and I love dermatology and I determined in this practice I was in the set up differently in my practice before I am learning that all of us have with our centers of influence in who we and how we pray he determines whether we are a center of influence for God or a center of influence for Satan like Ahab was I played there pray that God who brought would bring me to the right place and he clearly indicated Blue Ridge at a time when I went to start our day off with worship in our practice of ice had one that refused to come for whatever reason now our worship is prayer we pray and maybe I'll say this to a word or two just the way it all worked out but if we are going to have a center of influence we must have center for review and Herald says important lessons are presented to us in the experience of Elijah this is my close when upon Mount caramel he offered the prayer for rain his faith was tested but he persevered in making known his request and the God six times he prayed earnestly and yet there was no sign of his petition was granted but with strong faith he urged his plea to the throne of grace any given up in discouragement at the sixth time his prayer would not of been answered but he persevered thoroughly entertaining we have a God whose ears are closed our petitions and if we prove his word he will honor our faith he wants us to have all our interest interwoven with his interest and then you can safely bless us for we shall not then take glory to sell when the blessing is ours which will render all the praise to God God is not always answer our prayers the first time we call upon him for should he do this we might take it for granted that we had a right to all the blessings and favors he bestowed upon us instead of searching our hearts to see if any evil was entertained by seventy seven dollars we would become careless and failed to realize our dependence upon him and are needed his help Doctor Luke tells the disciples asking price Lord teaches to pray as we begin this conference on centers of influence I want to join the disciples and asking price page me hungry perhaps there are others would like to join me in a renewed commitment to prayer prayer and private prayer and the family prayer was staff inappropriately praying with patients when it's as if say appropriate if that is your desire would you kneel with me in as we ask God to take charge of this conference teaches how to pray so that we can be centers of influence father in heaven we don't know how to pray we don't know how to labor for souls in it even if we did the Brown in this world Lord of all of our labor won't produce one green it must send the rain you must work with us it was helpless in our cable and frequently bearing ways of doing Lord I pray that your spirit will come upon this conference it may be no ordinary conference with it we we become like event and changed thank you for bringing us together thank you for your promises and we now presser promises to the throne of grace in Christ name believing as I will give us bringing you price a disobedient was produced by audio verso amen Adventist medical manuals that were now you would like to learn more about Nina please visit www. amen and I will like there was more free online learning www. download universe .org


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