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Our High Calling, Part 1

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • October 28, 2011
    7:30 AM
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however we thank you for the privilege of being here there's no better place to be this moment that in this worship and praise your name and to hear your voice speaking to us the ministry of the word but we ask that as we opened that word this morning that your Holy Spirit will be with us guide our thoughts open our hearts I asked Lord that you will make us more and more like Jesus each day we thank you father for the privilege of prayer we know that you have heard this prayer because we ask it in the precious name of Jesus amen as we begin this morning I would like to read a statement we find in the book education page eighteen the theme that has been given to me for the three devotionals I would share with you is our high calling now that's an interesting name that's an interesting theme because actually there's a devotional book written by a white grandson that has that name this is a short statement but it will set the tone for what were going to talk about in the next few mornings higher than the highest human thought higher than the highest human thought can reach is not ideal for his children what is the ideal I think you've probably read this statement before godliness and then she puts God likeness is the goal to be reached so basically she saying that God will be next is God like this question is what is going like this the fact is that we can never know what God likeness is unless we know God is only have to know the to know what God is like but the Bible tells us that there's a problem in that problem is expressed in the text that states that God dwells in unapproachable light whom no man has seen nor can see so we haven't learned and that is what is God wants us to be like him but we have to know what he's like buddies unapproachable so how can we know what his life so that we could copy the banner I think you all know the answer is one member of the Godhead Jesus Christ whom the Bible calls God who has undertaken the task of revealing what God is like in John one verses one through three we find clearly stated that Jesus is God you're well acquainted with this passage that says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God so irrespective of what many are saying even inside the church that Jesus was a created being he's kind of a lesser God the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus is not in the fullest sense of the word is eternal everlasting God and of course we know that the way in which God reveals himself because he dwells in my unapproachable in fact Ellen White wants have a vision where she asked Jesus if his father and with more like himself and Jesus said yes he does have a form like my but if you should once behold the glory of his person it would cease to exist so we can approach both that's the reason why Jesus God the son was not in every sense of the word decided to take upon himself human flesh to fail his divine glory so that he could reveal what God is like without destroying this and that's the reason why in John chapter one and verse fourteen we find this statement and the word was God became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory glory in Scripture is the character of God we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth is that God reveals himself without destroying its by Jesus Christ taking human flesh and family his divine glory and revealing the character of God a little bit later in John chapter one actually inverse eighteen find a very interesting statement with salsa is not one who could ever reveal the nature of God by Jesus Christ it says there and not one has seen God at any time now comes a portion of want to underline the only begotten son who is a liberalism of the father he hath declared him do not look up the word was in Scripture it's the it it's an expression of the closeness that you can beat to a person were told here that Jesus is in the bosom of his spot in the peak he is the closest of any being in the universe to his father therefore he can remove fully and completely and totally what God is really like and I believe that this is the reason why when Philip asked Jesus to show them the father we find the following words in John chapter fourteen in verses seven through nine if you have known me you wet would have known my father and from now on you know him and have seen him Philip sent to him Lord show us the father that is sufficient for us Jesus said to him have I been with you so long and yet you have not known me you look he has seen me has seen the father how can you say show us before and so the way in which God reveals himself with a destroying us is in the face of Jesus Christ who see the glory of the father in the face of Jesus Christ but there's more to the story than this Saban as we believe that the final controversy in this world will have to do with God 's holy law in fact Revelation twelve verse seventeen one of the best-known verses in the Seventh-day Adventist church states that the dragon was wrong with the woman and he went to make war against the Redmond receipt those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ what is character the fact is folks that Jesus revealed the father but in revealing the father Jesus revealed in his person the law because the law is a reflection of the character of the loss of sound chapter forty and verse eight is a very significant verse and Jesus is speaking messianic we have thousand years before his birth and what you notice what Jesus prophetically says I to do your will all my God gain your law is within my heart is saying what Jesus revealed the human beings was the law in living color the law in human flesh ballooning the law if you please not found this statement from Ellen White in the volume five of the Bible commentary page one thousand one hundred and thirty one is an amazing statement you Jesus is called the Word of God listen to how Ellen White explains the what speech is to thought we think and then we went hopefully we think and then we speak I hopefully were not like Peter we speak and everything but what speed just a thought we think and then we speak what we think she continues saying so is Christ to the invisible father Jesus is the speech of God the father and Jesus speaks what the father thinks so we can all Jesus speaks we know how the father speaks normal is what you continuously what speech is the thought saw is Christ of the invisible father he is the manifestation of the father and is called the Word of God God sent his son into the world is divinity clothed with humanity that man might bear the image of the invisible God why was Jesus sent so that we could bear the image of the invisible God so that we could have gone like this to getting essay he made known in his words his character his power and majesty the nature and attributes of God Divinity flashed through humanity is softening some doing liked and now disabilities he was the embodiment of the law of God what does that mean the embodiment it means that he was the law in bodily form he was belonging what size he says he was the embodiment of the law of God which is the transcript of his parent so what is the final controversy over it is all over the law but there's something deeper than that in Islamic character of God because the love of God is a reflection on his character is not in written form and Jesus is no longer in something really want to understand the spiritual nature of the law you have to see Jesus because he's the love in living color so the final controversy is not simply over ten rules written in tables of stone it's about Ted rules written in the tables of the heart that is translated into the life now the big question is yes we see God likeness in Christ we see the character of God revealed in Christ we see the log revealed in Christ but the question is how does that translate to us well the fact is folks the only way that we can reflect the character of Christ that we can truly have a lot of written in our hearts is by spending time with Christ time in prayer time in Scripture because that's what we can catch a glimpse of Christ and also time in witnessing to other people which I call the triangle of sanctification and I had the privilege of teaching theology for all six years in seven Venice University in the city and many in Columbia on the missionary skin my parents went to South America one was for it I still keep my Spanish because I preach a lot in different Latin American countries but I want when I taught there I had a student that went for my classes he actually was my student for three years because I left before he's finished his theological degree on this individual was just phenomenal soon he would come into class anyone sit on the front row first name and it would be opened his Bible take out his notebook and from the time of the class started to look lifetime to the class ended the only time he took his eyes off of me was to write in his notebook when I was speaking class it was just total concentration actually is the best student I ever had he now teaches at Southwestern Adventist University and King 's name is George regal animal guy not only as a teacher but as a person you know one day I was preaching in a certain place in the sister came up to me and she says the reservoir you know George regal I looked at her sides yes I know George regal she says William Prince just like he does him no LII I lowered my head a little that I will stand around laughing you know and I said sister you know that's the reason why is because he spent three years in the classroom it took every class that I have to offer there at the University and she was embarrassed to solve strong start she thought I want his videos that I have actually come to reflect his dance style but my point is this why you really look at him we might need into one church retreat a few years ago and some of my church members connect as I was unable to attend inception that preaches just you do the same inflection of voice the same way of moving the arms the same way of emphasizing words I mean practically identical why because when you spend time with someone you start reflecting it's a principle you're well acquainted with second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen where we had this principle outlined says it's as much a principle as what we eat is what we are physically she says spiritually we are what we eat spiritually through our eyes into our ears the law of our being according to her what does it say there in second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen by beholding we are one we are changed you know what that were changed is in Greek is the word met Tom Moore for all what were doing in English from the unlawful metamorphosis dealer metamorphosis is a play when it is when I was a kid I collected butterflies not only is a Pathfinder is my hobby I became quite proficient in fact almost the professional if you want to see some of my collection it's still a Wisconsin again or went to becoming many many many years ago in all you learn how to classify them I learned how to mount them you know to make sure that their antennae none of their legs fell off denies the absolutely perfect in all I had the privilege of seeing the development of a butterfly from the time that the eggs were laid by the mother mother butterfly on a leaf I put those eggs of that leaf with eggs inside a jar I would see the eggs hatch he had his little tiny caterpillars and then I would continue putting leaves it would eat the leaves and to become a big caterpillar and then the caterpillar would attach itself to the bottom of the list and no berry itself in a chrysalis article and I know that that Caterpillar went into that cocooned caterpillar but then a short while later particularly when shake violently it was breaking open at mommy will look at comes a butterfly unbelievable in all I looked up the word metamorphosis on Google site that have all kinds of explanations as to how the transformation takes place that don't really know how the David of a vacant perhaps explain it morphologically but they can't really explain the reason why this happened or why it had full eventually becomes a frog that's also metamorphosis that's what the word that is used in second with this chapter three verse eighteen by beholding women not just changed partially a metamorphosis takes place on wrangled Paul ultimately chased to the point that what we spent time with Jesus in prayer with Jesus and Bible study in seeing Jesus in other people we are transformed and we are changed and we fulfill the high calling that God has for us because that's the reason why God has placed us in this world price object lessons page four hundred and eighteen in the last chapter where she talks about the parable of the ten virgins coming of the bridegroom Ellen White says this loss will wait for the bridegroom 's coming out to say to the people behold your God where we supposed to say no listen behold your God the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of his character of love but I cannot reveal when I don't have and I cannot happen unless I spend time is correct she continues a the last rays of merciful like the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of his character about in other words although law limiting and flesh she continues saying that children of God are to manifest his glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them in a powerful one I like to invite you to go on your Bibles if you brought them with me to Isaiah chapter fourteen we said that we need to be like God let's noticed this interesting passage that we've read many times before Isaiah chapter fourteen in verse twelve at speaking about Lucifer it says there how you are fallen from heaven old Lucifer son of the morning I walked down to the ground you have week you weakened the nations will listen carefully for U.S. Senate in your heart I was into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also set on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high God like me what distinguishes Lucifer from the godlike nested element is talking about is I will be like the most high Illinois says God like this should be our ideal I think you know the answer Lucifer wanted God 's power but he did not want God 's character as I've read Isaiah fourteen this passage that speaks about the fall of Lucifer and Ezekiel chapter twenty eight words and speaks also about Lucifer I discovered that for things led to his small number one his visa I will power you will be like the most high I will have his power not as character-based power the second thing that led to his downfall was riches if you go to his chapter twenty eight is as you have increased your riches believe it or not saying what he presented himself software wise and intelligent as you corrupted your wisdom and the last thing that ruined him was his beauty is a means by Nancy are these very things that they and the world that are ruining people power money corrupting wisdom and education and viewing absolutely unlike to share with you a sad story I debated on whether share this share this story with you not because of all of my family members my will because I know that you will put this family member I have an uncle is my father 's brother who got his middle medical degree from Loma Linda University actually was in college and medical evangelist back there I realized that he is going to like I like Southern missionary University of England again him and Junior missionaries volunteers and how did I get up on that but you may be doing but anyway he studied at the school medically ventless and then later he taught physiology at the oh four evangelists by well-known and everything going for him I mean silver in color brilliant really nice looking now all the qualities and I hate to say this to all the qualities of enormous nice if working in using it when he shortly after he stopped teaching there at the desk always medically evangelists he decided that he would pursue a degree in psychiatry several of his colleagues warned him that this would be a dangerous endeavor not that you can't be a good psychiatrist but you have to be well-founded because of dangerously as a psychology I'm sure you know the dangers but anyway he said I'm strong enough I can go there and I will not lose my worldview so I got his degree in psychiatry sad to say this led to let him to divorce his wife would work very very hard to get into school soon as he finished school divorce her and he married another lady who was not a strong spiritual influence on him and he left the church not only did he leave the church but he left the he now claims to be a Macy's if you want to read some interesting things you might want to go to his blog as the octogenarian is eighty seven years old I'm a rest like a philosopher you can repair several pages where he gets his life story just when I was at my dads house yesterday before I came here and read his biography you can't help but see that everything that he says is I did this in mind that in nine days and I have that cannot come to terms with my Southeast it on he uses for example if possible says when I was a child I did childish things success when I was a child I was a man than this but now I'm going amazing in this house I don't really like to go there very much because he makes fun upon a religion is yes big Buddha in the corner of his house with without glass of wine in one hand with a plate of food in the other big potbelly and he says he thought of his house I even got a lot of this house and I said what you mean he says he dreams and be merry for tomorrow we die so that you know as I look back I'm pretty sure no one to spend more and more time in books more and more time in accumulating money more more time and building up his image less and less time with the Lord and less and less time with the Bible until now he wants nothing to do with religion he wants nothing to do with the Bible he wants nothing to do with God he was in his blog that he's willing to die in peace knowing that death is simply going back into nonexistence how different from the hope that we as something different from our worldview but the only way that we can concern that worldview is if we spend quality time with Jesus we become so busy and important things that we forget the life and death matter things in life professor I know that I myself popping this to you not directing the ministry and also pastoring a church that has twelve hundred members you know I have a tendency to get caught up in matters that are considered to be important and they are important but sometimes I forget that there are things that are more important and that is my relationship with Jesus Christ as I prayed to God that as we reflect upon what we've studied this morning that we will make a firm determination in our minds and our hearts that if we had not been dedicating this time to Jesus that we will dedicate this country that that this medical convention will not only be informative but will be transformed and that will change everything that we've been involved because I believe folks and Jesus is coming very very soon and we not only want to be ready but we want to make other people millions well that's that's the reason why we have instances in this church that's the reason why we have colors that's reason why we have all educational institutions the only reason we haven't any of this is to prepare people for the company eleven you vibrated will be our focus the Walt Disney from the convention and to our lives let us pray father we thank you for being willing to send Jesus to let our mess what an awesome thought God in human flesh in our flesh amazing thank you for being willing to allow Jesus to go through the tortures of Yosemite across father we know that as we behold his goodness that we behold our aptness and as we behold our badness we see his goodness Lord I just ask that you will help us to focus on what's really important our relationship with Jesus Lord enhance our program enhance our Bible study experience and as Lord are witnessing to others help us to have this one focused because it will totally and completely transform our lives and the lives of it thank you father for having been with us this morning that you will bless interesting in hearing where you this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst networking I like to learn more about the men please visit www. again and I like the more free online learning WW online universe .org


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