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Making Your Church a Health Evangelism Center, Part 1

Mark Finley Ernestine Finley



  • October 28, 2011
    2:00 PM
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this afternoon to talk about how your church can become a dynamic health evangelistic Center is really in three parts the first part I'm going to present the foundations biblical foundations of the Adventist health message Morgan will get that from the perspective of Genesis from the perspective of Exodus and on through the New Testament and looking through the book Revelation here's my feces in one sentence that summarizes the first presentation I am convinced that set of established churches often do health programming but they do not have health as part of their DNA and there is a major difference in that you can do a scattered health program and have a nutrition class or have a stress management class but if you really understand the biblical foundation of health and see it is physical mental and spiritual wholeness it influences everything your church does and so on the first presentation will look at the biblical foundations of health and will not use the word health I'm not simply using a defined physical health but were looking at physical health emotional health were looking at spiritual health and mental health looking at health as the holistic philosophy of life and health and then in the second presentation my wife is to take what I've said in this foundation and say how you apply that to a local congregation how can the church become a dynamic outreach Center for health and healing and then in the third presentation will look at the interrelationship between the physical mental and spiritual dimensions of self with the first presentation is rather technical we look at the biblical foundations the second one we apply them in the third when as we look at physical mental and spiritual linkages let's praise we can start father in heaven were so thankful today for the great opportunity to explore again the message of helping you have for your people were thankful that your dog is concerned about every aspect of our life not simply what we believe but you're concerned about our entire lifestyle so bless us as we study that Christ's name amen our topic is your church a health evangelistic Center have you ever sat in church either on a Sabbath morning or a Wednesday night in church asking yourself the question shouldn't church be much more than this have you ever sat in church and thought to yourself why isn't our church making the impact on the community that the New Testament church made why does the church sings so anemic so powerless to touch people in touch their real lives if you look at the book of acts and the New Testament you see God moving powerfully and lives are being transformed but yet at times we wonder why is it that the church today is not making that kind of impact deep within the fabric of our society men and women are asking questions these who can bear burdens our life seems to be falling apart physically mentally spiritually and in who can bear those burdened set who can help me with the mental stress and anxiety bitches wracking my brain and mind work and I find security and direction for the future men and women throughout society are asking these probing questions that like this man but possibly just came back from his physician 's office and the positions that I'm sorry to tell you but you got cancer and that cancer is metastasized in my best estimates are that you have about oh three months maybe four months to live the cancer has progressed so rapidly that the chemotherapy will not touch it in so using perplexities asking why me and why did this happen to me and what kind of answers can I find the meaning of life then think about the relationship of guilt to disease often in your office as a medical practitioner people commit as you begin to talk to them they begin to share with you the guilt is eating out their heart their life and it's almost as if you are a psychological counselor and you see the relationship of that guilt to their coronary heart disease of the relationship of that guilt of a headache search of the sleeplessness and so people are asking questions will bear my burdensome work and I find security and who handle our guilt and like this girl is raising the question what's the purpose of the future and what do why do I live in what's the meaning of my life God has given us great health insights in his word and when we use the word help for using physical mental spiritual emotional coldness people that are looking for answers in their life but we use the word help were talking about this abundant life that God has designed for every human being this living life to the fullest and living life to go through all of its in all of its meaning and purpose in all of its abundance and so when God created us he created us to live betrayed us to live life to the abundance the fullness of God did not create us originally to be devastated by sickness and disease that wasn't part of his plan at all of these principles of health are throughout the Bible God is given to us they are there throughout the old and New Testament physical mental emotional and spiritual health are linked in Scripture we never see the separation between physical health and mental health or physical health and emotional health or physical health and spiritual health there are some churches that have that idea they save that we are spiritual beings and what we do physically does not impact us spiritually and that really is Greek dualism the whole concept of the soul and the body are two separate things and whatever you do to the body is not the torture affect the soul that's a total different concept and great dualism then you break the law he breaks what was that human beings were in integrated unit that we are physical mental and spiritual beings of what happened what we do physically impacts us mentally what happens when we do mentally and are thought processes in practice physically and spiritually interconnected with all of them so health this is part of God 's plan for abundant living in the Bible 's first book Genesis as let's go back to Genesis organogenesis will look at Exodus look at the Old Testament will see this basic foundation of health and how health the message of help to be part of the DNA in the fabric of the life of the local congregation when you creation God did it right the first time God did it right the first time and some thirty three Versace says let all the earth fear the Lord that all the inhabitants of the world stand in all of him I love that expression all the inhabitants of the year we consider creation because the next text says for he spoke it was done he commanded that steadfast God spoke it was done not in the process of being done for a hundred billion years God spoke it was done he commanded and it stood fast so the Scripture says let all appearance standard or are you when you consider creation God created the world with that concept of preparing it as a whole for those whom he would create in me the back to Genesis and you look at creation God creates the firmament and therefore us to grieve God creates that the environment with marvelous pure water for us to drink in God creates an environment that's pleasant for the EI is when you look at all of creation and you consider creation speaks of health with fresh air pure water sun shined give us adequate vitamin D when you look at creation all of nature it speaks about God 's plan just analyze for a moment with me the basic laws of health and life what are they there fresh air and sunshine and adequate rest and proper diet and exercise and positive human relationships in rent and in a relationship with God all of those elements we find it the book of Genesis when God put Adam and Eve in the garden the Bible talks about the fact that God put them in the garden to dress it indeed gave some useful work hence exercise the garden what about diet in the garden you know it well Genesis one verse twenty nine God said see I've given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth and every trains fruit yields seed to you it shall be for food so in the garden God gave them a plant based diet Adam was not to chase some cow in the garden and jump on it nice fit and bring it home and say that he fears lunch today get out now is a vegetarian diet have you been in the garden of Eden when you look at modern science today more science is moving back toward the Eden diet in the even way of life more modern medicine is saying if you want to be well and reduce the risk of disease found a preventive medicine approaches exercise and fresh air sunshine there's a lot of discussion today about vitamin D in the lack of vitamin D in the need for vitamin D supplementation got it right the first time Disney gave us adequate sun sign there's some interesting new studies that have to do with the rest of the immune system that if you're pushing yourself too hard matter what else you do that it breaks down the immune system got it right the first time it was adequate rest there's some great studies in exercise and you know some of us are getting little older and you know having these knees replaced like I have to do in a week or two they tell me that the physical therapist is to exercise this knee the day after the operation why because this old body needs exercise so God did it right in the garden of the when the sun set on Friday in a in .net without them even that first Sabbath he gave to them one of the greatest principles of health and that is the sense of identity Sabbath is a day that we can back and look to the creator God made us we recognize that the creator God made us cares for us that he's interested in us so Sabbath was a day of relationships it was a day for a man to relate to God Adam and Eve to relate to one another one of the things that we know today about helplessness if you have fractured relationships in your marriage if you have fractured relationships between you and your boss at work if you have fractured relationships in any area of your life it breaks down your reassess the previous through to a hypertension contributes the stomach ulcers when you go back to the Garden of Eden and you look at the seven basic a basic writer elements of life and help everything from fresh air to a proper diet the sunshine to rest the proper relationships with God and one another we find them in their roots in the book of Genesis so the Adventist health message finds its roots in creation can you think of another reason why the devil has promoted the false ideology of evolution not merely as a scientific theory but the further we get from Genesis the further we get from the way that God did it right the first time the further we will get from God 's original plan of him and his original plan of life health is part of God 's plan for abundant living in Genesis and also in Exodus Moses exhibits understanding the disease not understood until thirty five hundred years in the future on the show you some amazing things this afternoon from the Old Testament some things that I've been studying about health was in the Old Testament that that I have recently come across that was that I was not aware of in years of study no luck Moses was educated at the University of Egypt Egypt was the medical center the ancient world here's a fascinating fact what was this did not include the medical errors of Egypt in the Old Testament although we at PhD from University of Egypt see Moses Penn advance flawless medical practices with the conspicuous absence of a harmful practices that plague the writings the Egyptians to let me put little caveat here the Bible is not predominantly a medical textbook it's a book that reveals the plan of salvation but where the Bible speaks in the area of science and medicine is accurate and as I'll show you this afternoon not one to look a little bit at Egyptian culture Georgia emperors it was a German Egyptologist in eighteen seventy two he discovered the Ebbers what we now call the Everest papyrus said taking his name in at eight hundred and eleven prescriptions that this is the kind of medical training that Moses received this kind of medical training that he receive his background splinters in the Everest papyrus it's as use warm-blooded full and donkey dung to put on the splinter to pull it out what we know about that today and how many of you using that in practice it is okay we know the donkey domicile of bacterium Anatolian sex think of the thousands of people to die skin diseases use a hot student capstone dog on exit oil extract berries in your power to make it into pollsters and you put on the skin where's John is shown here today dermatologist this one via John various treatments of the seating included farmers urine Todd Dunn Drive suite and Java this is the one I was really interested in if you have sore eyes any ophthalmologist here today with my ophthalmologist against the right to take the order that they politely she's not papal delegate to your faithful wife in a flyer to Sauron that this is hot this is a serious this was part of Moses training this was part of Moses during that he learned in the University of age and you don't find a in the book of X 's feet this is amazing stuff he says a man I'm glad you're finding the right okay now let's look at let's look a little deeper there is a fastening stuff coming out of Egypt the arid deserts and preserve mummified bodies the Royals for thousands of years celiac shallow burial graves afforded natural mummification in ancient Egypt and we discovered out thousands and thousands thousands of Marines and a lot of those mummies were able even to ask array or were able to do a topsy son and because mummification was really fascinating way to get the internal organs except the hardware removed and placed in what we call in optic jars and studies done on Egyptian mummies confirm the truthfulness of God 's word to physicians worthy of noting Doctor Rosalie David Manchester University Manchester England did a lot of autopsies on mummies and Doctor Claude Brooks say is a French physician he's actually fourteen thousand mummies that's a pretty good database fourteen thousand this is what they discovered I give you some examples Ramses the second we discovered his money and they done x-rays on he died of a massive heart attack Ramses the second ancient Egyptians suffered hardening of the artery CT scans show this is an interesting study that came out they looked at the sixteen mommies who wed identify of the arteries of the heart nine of them had calcification clearly seen in the arteries past nine of the sixteen of the mummies that they did the CT scans on hardening of the arteries when you look at the Egyptian diet was dramatically different later dynasties than the Hebrew guide the Hebrew diet avoided pork intended to be more natural diet the Egyptian diet had a lot of pink in it you have was a very high-fat diet like delicacies in their disease this would have been the Egyptian mother of Moses the scores we can tell at ship ship was the Egyptian mother Moses is within Pharoah 's daughter that raised most of found her mummy discovered and death to the CG CAT scans and DNA testing on as of Monday evening revealed she was obese she had diabetes liver cancer died in her fifties not much evidence of this at all in the ancient Israelite records now we did this in a toxic of a young Egyptian man named it revealed the presence of trichinosis parasite again evidence that the Egyptians were eating pork Egyptologists now believe this was the result of the beating poor so when you contrast accidents and what's going on in Egyptian culture and you contrast that with what is taking place actually in Israeli culture to grant culture there vastly vastly different the diseases of Egypt heart disease cancer arthritis obesity high blood pressure rheumatism parasites said that sexually transmitted diseases sound anything like modern flavors a free society quite a bit like that though let's look at some of the prescriptions of the Pentateuch let's contrast these prescriptions with the Egyptian emperors and see what they are first we know today the blood is a liquid of life the life of the flesh is in the blood all of their in Leviticus seventeen eleven blood transports of course oxygen and the protein but yet for saying charades bloodletting was a common practice in person at a fever you slit that veins and blood who let blot out on there was a lot of bleach applications down through the centuries in fact as late as the nineteenth century leeches were still used to let blood out George Washington died at the hands of the bloodletting physicians I was reading an article about George Washington 's death and the Washington newspapers the day after Washington died came out with these headlines president of the United States dies subhead increasing the medical treatment the day before he had a high fever the blood letters came in the morning about nine o'clock slip into Microsoft blood then they came in the afternoon slid again to get another point when they brought them in the third time George Washington said please dine piece on our wanted the diabetes to let you see the Bible says like the flesh is in the blood totally contrary to that germs and sanitation you remember the store you learned basic basic medical school you know it well the doctor it is a Semmelweis in Vienna Austria is in his clinic his death rate for pregnant women was eighteen percent one in six pregnant women were dying in that clinic the midwives who didn't even take them to the hospitals only a three percent death rate why well Semmelweis 's medical students would examine cadavers of each dead women and they would then wash their hands in bloody water and then it would go with directly and make physical exams on pregnant women and losing one of six pregnant women so what if Semmelweis do he said lucky start washing your hands he dropped the death rate of one percent now I want to show you something that's actually incredible Moses declaration he touches the dead body of anyone shall be unclean for seven days he shall purify himself with water on the third day and on the seventh day when he shall be clean but if you shall not purify himself on the third on seventh day he will not be going in other words if you touch a dead body you know write yourself now I went and looked at the Bible what does the Bible say about the purification water is what you do for the purification war first you have to burn a red heifer you take the ashes and you pour the water through it then you take his set and you put it in their then you take seed oil I said to myself let's go look at those three things and see what's going on this is amazing you burn the way Red Hat for you take the water through the ashes you don't you remember in your great-great-grandmother she made life so that's exactly what happens when you pour the water to the ashes the red heifer it purported reduces chemically an antibacterial lye soap what is his you can looking even Google gives it its really interesting when you Google that nonbiblical sources are saying the kiss of this antioxidant anti- skeptic is antiviral oil seal royalists antiviral antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties Moses know exactly what was going on here is admit the water of these three things and use that as your purification water it's one of the best antivirus and the acceptance suffix anti- of fumbles and anti-inflammatories when you go back to the Old Testament you find that is so vastly in contrast to what was going on in ancient Egypt look here is leprosy they shall be unclean all the days he has as the sword this is quarantine they had no concept of germs quarantine but it's rooted in the Old Testament theology he shall be unclean he's unclean and he shall dwell alone his habitation shall be outside the camp you remember when the great black plague two nine is not old enough some even look a little like that but the world can't get herself message we all look young about human relations is a black and reading about the black plague what did the churchmen do thousands of people were dying in the churchmen based on the fourteen principles of the book of Leviticus in the book of Exodus separated people when you go back to the Bible here's the encyclopedia medical history I was interested in this one at pages seventy seven to seventy eight nineteen eighty five the idea of contagion was far into the classic medical tradition found no place in the voluminous Hippocratic writings the Old Testament however is range for contagious sentiment especially in regard electricity and venereal disease so when you look at classic medical tradition in the Hippocratic writings you do not find much about contagion it's a foreign thought but yet it's rooted in Scripture certainly had any question that help is deeply rooted both in Genesis and throughout the Old Testament that we have any question that when the Bible talks about the principles of health is thirty five hundred years ahead of its time and that not only does archaeology prove the Bible to be true not only does prophecy prove the Bible be true that science proves the Bible through this book we hold in our hands is truly inspired book let's move from here though I will get those leeches of clean and unclean was this just some legalistic requirement new scientific evidence indicates that was far more than that remember Deuteronomy fourteen six through eight Leviticus eleven says you can eat every animal with cloven hoofs having been of split into two parts but she was the cut among the animals she is cut split the clean animals take of course unclean I was looking at some new studies that was a new studies there are studies that are twenty twenty century studies are they coming out at Johns Hopkins University David mock published in the bulletin of history of medicine John Hopkins on it article called Levitical laws of food consumption this is what he did he took seedlings and he planted them in the juices of meets fascias and file any of the average of toxicity level and so the level of non- toxicity in clean average ninety one percent so in other words with unanimous ninety one percent non-toxic unclean animals the toxicity of the seedlings planted was a book of meat fish and fowl you take all the averages are some variations ideas but the averages forty eight percent in other words you have non- toxicity at ninety one percent against non- toxicity at forty eight percent EF toxicity and nine percent toxicity at fifty two percent of the unclean animals quite a remarkable study leading back to think that he said you know the studies and the clean and unclean agenesis is real scientific basis you remember the story some of you know what the Doctor Bruce Holston a marine biologist of what that was employed after World War II by the American government and Dell Halsted was given a boat the government said to him if American flyers are shot down again we want to know for sure what animals are taught what sea creatures are toxic and what ones are not and he developed a manual for American flyers of what they could eat with sea creatures what they couldn't and he said look if the the pictures of those sea creatures and he said here's one simple rule shellfish of the dust of fins and scales a highly toxic things that have fins and scales are not highly toxic so that the book of the book gets wet and you need to just remember one rule tell the Flyers don't need it if it doesn't have fins and scales of initiatives and scales it's okay to eat they paid him I think was a hundred thousand dollars study I could record of the text is a donation for our ministry but anyway that's another story warnings against that they shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings don't eat me that that our blood what you know about pork is the highest work is extremely high in fat content in fact higher than all other means when you look at the pork products and so does look delicious for breakfast this morning our connectivity during the adverse influence of the consumption of pork in the consumption of healthcare is Professor Hans Heinrich league and his biology therapy of volume one number two nineteen eighty three new statements you know 's consumption of fleshly killed pork products causes acute responses such as inclement inflammations of the appendix and gallbladder binary colons and acute intestinal cataract gastroenteritis with typhoid and parasitoid symptoms as well as acute eczema carbuncles you know and you go on and on and on these symptoms can be observed after consuming sausage meats including salami which contains piece of bacon in the form of fact shortly after World War II the products and especially pork were difficult to purchase in Europe in the diet most Europeans consisted of fruits vegetables and whole grain bread grain breads during this time it was a marked decrease in cancer and heart disease the Bible is accurate the Bible is accurate see this presents a real foundation for health ministry because one seven fantasy are people begin to understand this that health is not something tacked on health is not something that we did occasionally do a health program the health is part of God 's overall plan to keep his people well wouldn't be exciting if the your the Adventist health study show that administer a living some eight to twelve years longer but wouldn't it be amazing if the length of life was even more dramatic interviews I believe that very soon doors are open for Adventist to share physical mental spiritual and emotional principles of help like we haven't seen before God is opening some amazing doors because these principles are silently rooted both in Scripture science wellness plan why did God give us these principles were they so legalistic requirements from a God it is quite authoritative not at all you shall therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you today that it may go well with you don't you love that God wants it to go well with you you want your life to go well he wants to live an abundant life filled with joy and happiness that it may go well with you would with your children after you that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord your God is giving you for all time God wants us in this world to have it go well with us he wants to prolong our days which the Lord God is giving us healthy is part of God 's plan not only in the Old Testament but health is part of God 's plan in the New Testament as well the ministry Jesus gives us a powerful example of his interest in the whole person Matthew four verse twenty three and Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of diseases in all kinds of sickness and all cause of disease among the people the notice Jesus preached he Jesus taught encouraged me healed it was a complete ministry I like to look at the story of the woman with the issue of blood because it really can eat it really gives us how Jesus is interested in the whole person first forget a look at little background of the story the woman had go on to position after position for twelve years she was hemorrhaging and bleeding what did that mean first it meant that cinch she was unclean like a leper she had to cry out unclean unclean unclean every place you went secondly it meant that her husband could not touch her so he could not hunger here is a woman that had no hogs no one braces for twelve years here is a woman whose children could not climb up on her lap she was totally unclean so there's a terrible state it's coming out of her body hurt close are filthy and dirty she's going to twelve for twelve years in different positions in addition to that she has no more money to spend what is she interested in this story shows you three things first if you look at Mark chapter five verse twenty two to twenty four else summarize them in the light of time the woman first goes in the Bible says publish what she wants is a key work for her disease because when you look at verse twenty eight she says I spent all my money on physicians and I was not Q awards were made well not there are three expressions in the Greek text in Mark five for Madewell or QR but every one of them is a different Greek word I want to explain the significance to you so in English we remain well if you are we read in verse twenty eight she goes all these physician spends all her money and she's not made well in the Greek the word 's therapy alone what English word again therapy so the woman goes all of these physicians and she's not cure she has no therapy so while she is interested in the therapy of using people like that in your gut in your pajamas get what it is to me until I get what it is all I want is therapy whatever cost that's what I want therapy I just wanted you are so the first scene focuses on the shore for the disease now this has to do with the treatment of disease just treat this disease give me a pill in any treatment any chemical treatment I'll care about it I did I just want my disease-free so the woman experienced what she believed healing from the disease when she touched the hem of Jesus garment and she said I am healed first twenty nine that's a different great work that you are at the there means that score I may want to look up the greeted meantime free from disease so first you have the patient focusing on the QR then you have the patient focusing on being free from disease and Jesus focuses on something else this has to do with physical healing of the disease true medical missionaries are interested in a lot more than the QR of disease and a lot more than what is the QR and there are a lot interested in a lot more than merely mean moving the disease we are interested more than cure disease Richardson people see many physicians might be interested in curing disease and they might be interested in the treatment of disease we're interested in that workers and much more outgoing were not only interested in the cure of the disease or disease of the patient has workers in the patient that has disease similar than the disease that has the patient the patient that has the disease is what real interest in it so this has to do with the physical healing of sickness in the second phase I am male but when Jesus talks to her he gives the woman much more than she originally sought after because that when Jesus uses the word made well he uses me that there are a few are I am male uses words oh so which is the root word for salvation indicating a physical memento and spiritual healing so Jesus uses the word that indicates wholeness every Seventh-day Adventist church or to be a place of healing and health and wholeness every other circular device with a community is not the obligors say this is a place where you get help for my physical problems this a place where my emotional stress and anxiety can be a leave this is a place of any spiritual direction where I can know God Jesus our Creator Redeemer sustainer he is the want to resource wholeness hope and peace he is a lot the past of the crowd and minister to men and women physically and mentally and spiritually he is the one that said we would meet please John chapter ten and verse ten would you like to read it together I have come that they might have life and they might have it more abundantly you know the great worker abundantly there is super abundance so Jesus came to give us life in super abundance became so that we can enjoy life physically mentally spiritually following the Savior 's example the New Testament church met the needs of people in Jesus name these early disciples demonstrated concern for the entire person physically mentally socially spiritually happen in the book of acts when the we often react sweet read about the prayer of the disciples sharing the word of the disciples miracles but remember what happened when the windows didn't have enough to eat the disciples were concerned about that they were concerned about meeting needs everywhere I love the Wayland White puts administrative viewing page one forty three let's read it together Christ's method alone will grant that true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with man as one who desired that they are good he showed his sympathy for the minister to the needs won their confidence then he bade them follow me let me paraphrase this statement Christ method alone for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the twenty first century will give true success in reaching secular postmodern people as church members mingle with men and women desiring only their good as church members show their sympathy for them in our hearts go out in compassion for the broken and the bruised and battered as a minister to the needs of that woman whose going to the trauma of divorce and that father who's lost his wife by Arthur a heart attack in those children who come from broken homes and broken families as they minister to men and women looking for purpose and meaning and direction life they will win their confidence and then they will have the credibility to say follow me and tens of thousands of follow Jesus and they will come and flock to administer churches that have that caring loving outreach and ministry growing churches have a variety of programs that meet the needs of their people groups just as Jesus met the physical mental emotional and spiritual needs his people filled with his love do the same medical ministry page twenty says we are to do the same work with the great medical missionary undertook in our behalf health is part of God 's last day message as well in the book of Revelation may remember when you look at Revelation eleven verse nineteen it says the temple of God was opened in heaven in the art of his covenant was seen in his Temple now in the last of the Bible Revelation it says the ark of the covenant is seen in the temple in heaven do you remember where that ark of the covenant was placed in the sanctuary in the Old Testament where was it placed there in the most holy place what were the three things that were in the ark of the covenant the law of God what else errands Rod divided what else the manner the law of God was there because God 's laws the is the transcript of his character in the foundation of his throne Harris Rod was in that but it was there as a warning to all offshoots you can never believe the sanctuary message and be an offshoot because Erin 's rod that but it is a symbol of divine authority people that say I want Jesus but I don't want the church when you look up into the sanctuary most holy place and the argument it is open Harris Robin but it speaks of the divine authority of God 's church in the last days of birth history what about the manner the manna was the health reform diet and it was in contrast to the diet of flash that Egypt wanted so the manna in the golden pot in the sanctuary calls all human beings everywhere to live in harmony with the principles of help as for his last big people so the sanctuary message is a call to health the love God Aaron 's rod abutted in the man of its there and then it calls us back to God 's way of life is simple natural diet that Evan has for us then you remember revelation fourteen the Bible has the message of the three Angels that go fourth the ends of your revelation fourteen verse seven says fear God and give glory to him fear that is respect God-given glory for the RV judgments come and worship him who made heaven earth the sea in the springs of waters here's the messages go to the ends of the earth now who is the one that made the heaven and earth sea and the springs of waters here's the he's the creator so here's a message in an age of evolution where human beings are considered to be knowable no more than skin covering bone there is no more than a biological genetic accident where God is calling us back to worship the creator now if we're going to worship the creator will we work with him in harmony to preserve and build up what he's made only lived contrite his lesson tear down what he's made in the heart of the essence of God 's lasting message for the world there's a call to worship the creator of all of that which he has made the most sublime of all his creation most magnificent is the human body so the call in Revelation fourteen to all humanity everywhere is a call to preserve these the I blame was until the coming of Jesus physically mentally and spiritually there's something else in this message it says fear God and do what give glory to him what does it mean to give glory to God first Corinthians chapter ten verse thirty one therefore whether you eat or drink all whatever you do do all to live the glory of God so deeply embedded in the fabric of God 's last stay message for humanity is a call to worship our Creator to get back to creation living in harmony with his laws and to give him glory in every aspect of our life this is while in white says invite one of the testimonies page forty six the health reform that is the trance formation of life that takes place when we live in harmony with the physical mental spiritual emotional principles that God is given the health reform I was shown is a part of the third Angels message so this is not something tacked on this is not simply a church as I haven't a little stress program over year ago by they plan part of the DNA it's part of the very life fabric of God state people is just as closely connected with the three angels message as the arm and hand with the human body the Bible teaches that were whole persons from from Genesis of creation through Exodus in the Old Testament down through the ministry of Jesus down to the book of Revelation the Bible teaches that were whole person and God wants to save us completely physically mentally emotionally and spiritually when the church becomes a center of health and healing understanding that God has placed back church in the community to make a significant difference in the quality of lives of people what is the church the church is the body of Christ members who go out everywhere ministering in Jesus name yes love you his grace the principles of his goodness when that happens in your community your church and the will be the light upon the hill that God intends in our next session after a three half minute breakaway leads you an exercise in nine of these unfinished you let them go when they go on forever in our next session where to get back and say how you take these principles applied to the local congregation astray for a moment father thank you so much for the principles of the Bible are scientifically sound thank you so much that from Genesis to Revelation there is a message of physical mental spiritual and emotional holders for your people now as we were not as governmentwide and broken obligations are in this media was using my audio verse four amen Adventist medical management to learn more about me and then please visit www. evenhandedness I will like there was more free online service in WW online universe


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