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Reaching the Cities with Centers of Influence

Jeff McAuliffe



  • October 28, 2011
    2:00 PM
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father God we thank you for the opportunity to share ideas about your word about the work that we have in this world how we pray that you bless us now that you give us years to hear and that the Holy Spirit can be upon us will be motivated to finish the work so we can see you soon in Jesus name amen so I became frightened a dental lecturer today that's probably not what you got here because a lot of my life right now is still in dentistry when dentistry has become more like a attempt making opportunity for me I use it to do other things that this year I am experimenting to see how little dentistry I can do so I can do other things and I'm getting some feedback from my patience the bad blood I will see by the end of the year and down to about twenty five or twenty six hours a week and I currently am working with my Pennsylvania conference and some initiatives that were trying to do particularly with regards to Metropolitan ministries something that I really become him interested in and done some research on anonymous share with you today about centers of influence when I saw that the seminar here was about seminar centers of influence and I got real interested because in the research that I've done with Metro initiatives centers of influence are the key elements of Metro initiatives and of course associated with dad is medical ministry in all the other things that we know about so some of these things were to be familiar to you you heard them before I went to share with you lots of counsel because we've done lots of research and are in our conference and were about to set off on an initiative to put these things in place in Pennsylvania conference we gone through due process sends gone through executive committee is in ad comes in meetings meetings about you know as a business person I'm not used all at stuff but to share with you how this is part of God 's plan is that we do it through the organization and its low buddy when he finally get to where we need to be this can be an exciting adventure ahead of us so I have four children for my classmates I only had one when I was in in the in the dental school of the one under the right here is Rihanna she was the one I was born and double school and my son Justin and my daughter Emily this is just three of them that these two are at Andrews and that one on the MDL on the left will be of interest next year all three there at the same time so I can't completely quit my day job yet but their blessing to me and this is the other guy who I took on a fishing expedition lately his name is Jaden is more interested in the world and the stress that the J came along about nine years ago night I need to share because Jaden has had such an impact on my life Jane has down syndrome he also is autistic he is ADHD and so if you put all three of my other kids together at the same time they were not as much work as Jabez but they are not as much joy I mean I should say that there can hear this argument there are all enjoy but Jaden brings up a little bit of specialness to the table than in others weeks where you it's the only thing you can accomplish is is working through his life so here's my wife's dilemma and in our family is Justin and Justin and I are vegan Emily and Breanna are vegetarian and jaded and it is the again with lactose intolerance which would be vegan anyway but he can't have casein and also he can't have any good so she just let you figure that out every night when she's trying to cook for everybody at home to the marvelous job but Jaden has taught me more about life than just about anything else ominous share some stories were to come back to him about what were to be about as people because he's a simple enough to keep it simple for me there's no one thing itself what were doing ahead and Metropolitan ministries as we begin this quotation a few years ago hit me so hard that I had to pursue this mission in that instance is that she says there is no change in a message that is sent in the past work in the cities is the essential work for this time I look at this part when the cities or work as God would have them the results would be setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed I looked at this and it had come off of a series of things that can happen to me first of June was born and that year changed everything for me in terms of I decided I really needed to not concentrate so much on the things of the world but more about the things that the Lord and so the same year that he was born in decidedly new church plant right of some people would call that crazy and in looking back it probably was in and then we did that for a while and we rinsed we still have a church plant and and then I decided I wanted to do something else that I needed more time and so my kids were in the Academy and him and I was little dissatisfied with the science program so I went and I said welcome Paul Kaminski science if you want me soon so I changed my schedule at work and I when I started teaching science of the Academy for a few years and always with me three years to learn that I wasn't a teacher by the way of you it's really a special skill in the amount I started working closely with the church planning group and for a year I got to cut fill in and in and help the church planters in the conference and I didn't do terribly well as a conference person in terms of church planting is a look back of but what I did learn was I started seeing patterns and that is to say that church plants that were in the cities were doing well in church plants in the country were doing so well my church planted as country as a guest of you know there's cornfields all around and there's not a wrote population base and so we've struggled to grow but our church plants in our cities have done quite well and I threw me into studying and I talked to the conference presently said hey look there's something here there's actually a there's actually a blueprint to do this correctly and he asked if I would research it and begin to presented in our executive committee and other places and when I came across this quote right I noticed that the word when suggest to us is that the existence of prophetic quote okay she said Elway wrote this in nineteen ten so she was eighty years old and that she started talking about the city work in eighteen eighty nine and became a burden their life up to the point where her son wrote to the general Carstensen look and Ella White has such a burn from us that sometimes she feels like she's given to hide because it's not moving forward I saw much of a burden it was an end and there was some interesting back and forth between the General conference in all white to the point where one time that Jarvis president went out to visit all formulas your home in he had been heating the counselor to be given with regards to the city and so she refused to allow him into her house he said until she said until your converted with regards to the counsel of God is given and later on he said he needed to be converted he admitted to that and so we look at this prophetically in nineteen ten it still didn't happen and and and and a hundred years later we've been wandering in the wilderness as I thought the church and it still hasn't happened in fact it's gotten worse and so the second part of this is when the city for work as God would have been if it occurred to me that God has a plan it's as he would have been to be work and so I wanted to know well if he has a plan that must be evident in the Scripture must be evident in counsel and that's what we set out to do but this next part is really fascinating the result would be the setting in operation a mighty movement such as we are not yet witnessed and I started thinking I thought man I really would like to be part of the movement instead of a church in her observing and and this is quite a statement coming from a woman who had started out with the Millerite movement has been through the great Advent movement had been through eighteen eighty eight and it yet in nineteen ten said there's a bigger one coming and of course she states she spoke about that later on in her life for she said you know this is an great controversy were were ultimately she sees people going door to door their faces lit up miracle following miracle now sometimes when these things need to happen like the miraculous is that happen the didactic needs to happen first in other words you have to put your foot in the Jordan before it parts right and so as I present this to administrators the biggest concern is fun as always it was the biggest hassle is hard for me we were not to talk to administrators and say look sometimes we have to move in faith sometimes we do we can we can do all the planning we possibly can do but sometimes we have to move forward if it's busted if the Lord we need to move forward in faith okay so that's bachelorette we fortunately are getting hopefully getting some funding and we work out some details and so we started moving forward with research in fact there's folks in this room that help me with the research and that's great we did a nice compilation of quotations of ideas what Mister Rossi is has said with regards to this work we did it in sections and I can make that available to you at any point though just let me know afterwards can your e-mail address and we started looking at all the details and we notice that something about that the Lord was asking us to go back to the cities of the south and east and west and the north that we should send messengers into the field and then she makes a statement is what are our conferences for if not from trying for this very work so we began to understand that this does have to be an organizational issue so when talking to you about today is a construct or it's the idea that this really is about the church moving forward as a whole phase were trying to find something to put everybody active in terms of the ministry of Jesus Christ not if I'd told my folks that the last movements would be about the whole church the concerned about the people in the cities they would say what your crazy because we were told to move to the country is very true but the problem is with the Council is not that we want to move to the country but that was just the first part will move the country and then minister to the cities just like you not did okay and we did really good with the first part not so good with the second part okay so it in Pennsylvania in our situation an ominous start really moving in a consolation in Spain in our situation we figured out that in our state that about eighty three percent of population was now is now living in the metropolitan areas of but about fifty to sixty percent of her assets as the people were in the country in other words upon your asses and talking about pastors and that sort of thing and it is our look at the breakdown in other words most of what we have is not where the people are okay and so we have to change that right because that's exactly what Jesus did he would go from place to place usually with the city to city because not because he like cities but but because that's where the people work and Paul did the same thing right on his missionary journeys you can carefully document that okay so when we look at all the research we let things I like my maps at all about you but I have put online map into a visual and with all others lots of stuff that needs to happen in order for the end product your product is is that a memorial art or a church plant will happen in a city where it wasn't before okay that's all of these entities began to develop in that there is outpost centers there is urban churches in Baldur 's rural churches vision wellness centers are sanitarium spares other wellness centers and industry leaders missions in all of these things are connected uniquely in order to produce a result and that is what God really wants us to win people 's hearts and he wants people from all parts of the church to work towards that goal okay now I I assume this is where we really got away from it in terms of historical Adventism at the heart of this she says that missions are the essential foundation of the missionary effort in our cities reviewing all of Adventist missions in cities known as theirs there's a few our environment are all on their lots now we really in any shoes says it's the foundation of the mission the missionary effort in our cities to sell their some work to get back to Vegas is reporting out to you today is that the work that we need to get back to us is to figure out how we get missions in cities so that our missionary effort can be more efficacious like a white said so that's one element that we looked at another helmet is is that Jesus has for the medical masterwork of the cardboard with an earnestness which is never been carried this work is the door through which which the truth is to find entrance into the large cities okay so first recon missions and that Nikita the missions working is why if the medical missionary work now were in a lot of kind of ideas of what medical missionary work is in in this conference but when you want to take you to some place that we can get a better feel for it and that's the fifteenth chapter of Isaiah right is given described the medical missionary aluminum different than what were accustomed to because were thinking terms of doctors and dentists and all I can do stuff and we really need to broaden our our idea about that I love you have your Bible but a modicum of the creature on your probe if you could if that's okay okay okay so Isaiah fifty eight starts out like this he says cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet trumpet in the Old Testament paradigm is significant to Israel is significant in this way analysis when a virtual but would blow the whole what would move they prepare for battle they realize that the enemy was approaching they understood the day of atonement was coming all of those things are seven things that happen when trumpets blow right in the Old Testament and all those things are appropriate in this passage by the way you see here that Mister presents roofer who for one for today writers of the quarters I talk about this is what we need to know this is true that we need to know why how do we know that because at the end of the chapter at the end of the chapter chapter fifty is spoken to Sabbath keepers okay it's spoken to the beginning chapters is spoken to God 's people okay so in the last day we consider ourselves God 's people for Sabbath keepers is directly who Isaiah fifty eight is speaking to us speaking to some BMS church okay in the last days I wanted God want us to know in Isaiah fifty eight what happened with Mister being a medical mission well first off he wants us to know that there were only two things that they were doing as his people anymore and this is because this is a captivity letter there were still in captivity I have a whole sacrificial service going on anymore and so also he could do was fast and keep the Sabbath that's what they're allowed to do and what God was telling them in this chapter is what you do not get either one of those right okay so now if I want to transpose that down for these last days and I want us to know if there's if we were to pick two things that we thought we were doing correctly one of them would be the Sabbath and yet the Scriptures is about telling her that the Sabbath is wrong but what he's describing is this the way we keep the Sabbath is wrong in this chapter you got your mind and bought all over with that I know that in and you need to study that for yourself but we need to take the Council from the profit Isaiah and Sable may get lucky him when Lord would have needed to keep the second one is fasting and he goes into a description of fasting and this is what all my calls medical missionary work is this not the fast men chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring your house to your house the poor who are cast out and when you see the naked that you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh now that sounds a little bit different then the medical mission that would be talking about so far this weekend includes that the words in my office every opportunity I get to meet someone's needs I need to do that whether it's their dental needs or whatever it is I need to try to meet their needs that way but this goes little bit further because it doesn't just say that I should share somebody give somebody who they needed it says I need to share my bread is my bread that I need to share I give my bread and says in that you bring to your house the poor forecast out on not taking them I'm not giving him twenty five dollars to stay at a local motel I'm raising the standard here okay because this is what God 's asking us to do as a people he singled out this is about you personally medical missionaries about you and you loving other people were in talk about this a little bit more later because I have a statement for you that if you walk away unchanged from the statement that you haven't read it carefully enough so according to Isaiah fifty eight this medical missionary network alters a little bit different than what what we've looked at so far him one of things that she says they were to get people into the cities were trained in the numerical menace ministers and one of the galling companies okay this is not really hard to understand when Jesus and put umbilical terms Jesus didn't like this he recruited right I'm in a recruit twelve recruitment twelve he trained them what any trainmen a trait trained them to teach the word order to share the gospel and see what else to heal okay so he combined medical ministry with the gospel this is the connection that was never supposed to be separated okay this is a connection that was supposed to be characterizing the Adventist church from the very beginning okay but somehow there's a rift that we've managed to come up with but now it got going to listen in these last days as if you can put it back together it will start a mighty movement and then you won't be part of the movement is it okay okay sort of put people and companies after they've been trained groups and put this one up there because she points out that a lot of these people are maybe young people know that doesn't surprise me does it surprise you because I been working in church work for a long time and I understand that it's really hard to get the old wine to be you know you can't teach an old dog new tricks I'll let all those things right as other people in the churches are really tired out the card programs are targeted in the pastor coming up with some new idea and one sent you this is an old idea that working to bring back but were not put to put a little different take on it in other words she's looking for an army of youth rightly trained as part of the package to that young adults will be the ones who are come along so the veterans so to speak for no watch over them any companies there to reach the cities for Jesus Christ estimated plan on going okay so we have to come up with some strategies one as this is how we put centers of influence and in cities by way if you want to do this and you want to use your CV ROMs centers of influence plans and missions are synonymous there is synonyms in the Council and so there's never centers of influence lingers eighty hit send but if you really want to get the big picture you want to go beyond that is when you learn how to strategically understand how to have a place medical missionary eyes medical missionary workers in centers of influence we need to somehow form companies and young adults under the guidance of experienced workers and we need to establish permanent memorials for Christ those of the strategic objectives that we have something a big task isn't it is not something little and no backup site quotations it's the hardest I lecture to give an much rather preach but it's just the way it is L strategically we needed to go through some steps here the first thing she says is just as soon as possible in order to do this strategically schools need to be established to work work is educated to medical missionary work on it you know what medical missionary school there's a few of them right if you go through the counselors must be all over the place in our church is in our outpost centers in our schools in other words were to be everybody in the master just to be trained to be a medical missionary even children can be medical missionaries that's okay so how can we possibly train what we could do a centralized school and I'm thinking of the conference personnel we could make a central school very expensive hard to do in oriented have a building of picture quality expenses that way you can train outside of the conference we can send them somewhere else to get Norwegian progressive training apparatus within our city churches and that's what we're attempting to do in Pennsylvania was that look like it looks like this sorry I didn't visit highlighted like my maps is is actually were great people were to have charges that screens students and medical missionary work in particular areas or modules and educational modules come directly out of counsel so we know exactly what we want them trained in when they're all done and to go through the cycle of training report in the companies and we put them alongside a church that's in the city going know what we've done with our churches in the city 's what was that the pastors how would you like to do church differently how would you like to stop hovering over your church and be connected to a group of missionaries who are ready to raise up a new church and and we had quite an adventurous network rebuke to people who were ready to sign up as less where were at right now were getting ready to hopefully place a few of these companies this year and cities in Pennsylvania and then then and I'm hoping that we can say three years from now that we have put hundreds of our cities have up on my and my bosses back there in the conference also he's very supportive but he's not the treasurer though him and okay these are the modules of training that we looked at medical missionary one medical missionary one deals with what you and I as healthcare professionals and off we can teach health plans we can teach people on the right we can do all those things we can do some of the old standards note non-smoking notation about the alcohol free medical missionaries who in this comes out of it is a different concept it has more to do with guys if it as a analysis we need we need to base some of the things that we do in these missions based upon the needs that are existing in the community otherwise were irrelevant fact as I want about our community we don't say it you know if you wear eyeglasses here's my glasses they should work for you to contact because Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have different needs okay and different ethnic needs to have all kinds of different stuff going on and so there needs to be medical missions based upon a local needs when it is by work and leisure dazzles in cross-cultural ministry very important city proclamation necessities my relatives and in practice because were hoping that some of these young adults who go through undertrained and stay with us for a year to decide I'm staying here and I would like to start a new mission that's what were hoping for open some marriages happen out of this into a Wednesday at the same time you know what to do some apologetics and and and of course alas they were given to it as a sort of a get together to spend time on the Gospel and the three angels message now why is that well because all everything I'm talking about so far is just the method it's not the message did you want to send it's just the method and not the message were using the method of opening doors in the city so that we can give them the gospel of Jesus Christ and right because her a real concern is about their eternal welfare if so in Los Angeles is not too long ago talked about the idea that there were at least five different gospel increasing the Adventist church and I think there's seven probably you know that was envisioned in this quarterly and so it's important that as were training young adults that were training consistently evolving so that went on out there not confused as to how that can move forward and work for Jesus Christ of the gospel is to be a big initiative in fact the conference believes in so much that they are making an effort to get all the pastors to come together to review what the basic gospel principles are has pretty forward thinking I think that's all women know what Gospels that vocabulary quickly click through years of reform companies recreate cities means -based plans lacking in any of these DVDs are any of these thousand slideshows for your winter established missions committed to strong educational missionary work why educational because even a medical missionary what were all about his education the only use that phrase educate educate educate comparing and so what were you trying to do in cities is create a strong educational missionary work now why will because believe it or not not only was she inspired she was pretty intelligent and this is an intelligent design the way this is set up that is to say a lot of times when we talk about Metro initiatives the first thing he wanted it was a restaurant right and if you really counsel your life minus that's the wrong approach the things because the restaurant leader not comes down the line so that it's significant and significant to do some educational stuff you teach people about whether he needs it eats you show them what they need to eat in cooking schools you create an environment where people are interested in this and then maybe down the line it's time for the best restaurants wherever strong educational mission ministry work is in progress a hygienic restaurant of some sort should be established which shall give a practical illustration of the proper selection and helpful preparation of foods in other words the restaurant should be illustrating what they been at the cell phone business man's perspective that make sense yet you create the clients and then you give them the opportunity okay that's the whole idea so I appreciate in as a businessman I have a couple corporations or LLCs arrived in different businesses I appreciate when I can make business sense do it make sense of it here's another thing that makes sense and that is the other thing that we all want to get involved as we immediately from the sanitarium and sanitarium co-op when they go down right there some that survive but there's a lot I don't know reason is because there have any theaters right now there is no fears for them the only theaters there are people like me you administer a little overweight right in and in fortunately I can afford to go button most people can know this was not the original intent you're so intent was his for the cemetery to be places where poor people from the cities can go ahead and received treatment for their condition both for their body and their soul is okay and so we need to think about how we get into that point in a managed that differently than we have in the past that we can get back to the original plan to get back to the original plan because it creates a movement instead of a church 's alternately that's where we like to get a look right in the middle there were she says and in and it tells you reread to for many years light has been given to me that sanitary as we call wellness centers well what everyone should be established near every large city so how we doing how anyone we at NASA work cut out for a stalling one thing I know though is the last movements will be what is rapid once okay so this is the last movement to hear him saying it cannot happen quickly if they get on board you don't this is how it is many of you heard the sermon two weeks ago from the conference president I made his major initiatives of moving into the cities for Jesus Christ and there some big things can happen in New York City it's been a pretty incredible you should keep an eye on that but after we get all this research I came to realize that our new general crops present the same research in his his his his doctoral dissertation and so it was neat I got to sit down with them for half an hour and talk to him about it what we discovered what you discovered and he got real excited music is just like Jeff this is happening all over the world the same time so that's a God thing okay is a God thing okay ultimately all this is so that we can have no memorials for crude for Christ created in the cities there is all this stuff and create emissions and him and stuff in the cities is so that at the end of the day people have found Jesus Christ and his new churches there's new places of worship there's new activities happening for Jesus Christ by the way the best thing that we could do with those people as to what is trained them and say okay starting a mission of going okay here here's where the rubber meets road insulin or when the physician is well-versed and Bible truth shall unite with ministers laboring in the cities and aiding giving us a whole harmonious message of warning that should be given to the world some of the very best qualified men in our institution should be chosen for this work now that business I am in thrall of that letter to get to this point okay today in problem I'll have a physicians are in a room but there's a few dents and so I knew not what you hear what she's saying here okay what we've been talking about so far this weekend then and I love the testimonials we been taught you know how we can work with your practices to have an impact on our patients was in our practices and that's a beautiful thing right but guess what that's just step one is part a of the whole process in other words that's just teaching us as if we're you know of beginners ball with hands were babies in the faith is teaching us to take baby steps towards being effective medical evangelists okay and even that part is hard isn't it is really difficult I'm not to deny that but look at what it says here is the Lord claim that physicians well-versed about social unite with ministers and laboring in the city 's house I can happen health I can happen if you're working forty to eighty hours a week pitcher medical office or your dental office Hagan is just pick up and say along going to the city work for Jesus Christ with the pastors house I can happen there's got to be a paradigm shift investments of their something in within us has to change in order for this to happen that is we have to say when you know what they don't need to make three hundred thousand dollars this year I don't hit home now right make maybe I can do this on maybe I can just get by and then I can put the rest of my time and work toward because I'm a tell you something not only does the Lord Nugent money but he needs your time and what the church really needs is leaders in these leadership that says look I'm in a step in and I can help accomplish this on on behalf of Lord Jesus Christ as with us really what this is about here's a quote for you I fourteen films so I have a couple minutes here is a long one look at this this is this is a had more impact on me recently been most things that I have to have to recognize when things look at the life of many who claim to be Christians and I don't want anybody else's lives okay I'm just a look at my life because I claim to be a Christian the Lord has endowed them with capabilities and power and influence he has entrusted them with money and that they may be coworkers with him in the great redemption all his gifts are to be used in blessing humanity and relieving the suffering and the needy here that you are the same we are to feed the hungry so close a naked to care for the widow and fatherless to minister to the distressed and the downtrodden listen to this this is the best part God never meant that the widespread misery in the world should exist he never meant that one man should have the abundance of the luxuries of life while the children of others should cry for bread Arial here's the tough when you're ready the means over and above the actual necessities of life are entrusted to man to do good to bless humanity no one right whenever I read that to a group the first thing is happening in people 's minds as I need to value what evaluate what the actual necessities of life are right of for me it's saying it's time to downsize you know for the first forty years of my life I thought it was all about upsizing right this is what the world teaches us in and really what it is about doing everything I can because the good news is just that good in other words the only way you get here so that's understanding that everything in my life needs to be poured into the work of the Lord is my understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ is good enough to make me feel that way and consider their sins then you're never going to get here okay if only because you got caught up in trading in the world to get caught up in it and by the way trading is good that that's the Devils idea of love member in Isaiah he said training was found in his heart was at me what that means is the devil said will Harrison alternatives to agape as an alternative to the love of God God 's love is unconditional but this is a better way to manage the universe is by trading that is as if you give me something I'll give you going you can look at the public church or home how of the world is characterized in the last days in Revelation chapter seventeen making the agency also called on merchandising and trading in think about it in your own personal life when I go to work every day and it's all built on the premise of trading him in a trade something first for something else now the only way to get out of that is to understand that I can actually give something to somebody that has more value than they have something to trade for yourself and saying there is I can share with them the good news of Jesus Christ and its so good that I'm not really trading a can only give it to you because you can't afford I can only have been understanding though if it's meant that much to me in my life this is a pretty powerful statement is these things these things don't come naturally to us I saw big lessons give you the naked and get back to the picture here in the beginning okay busy so come naturally to us you know I mean which is not a big it's just it's just everything goes against the grain this whole idea of committing wholeheartedly but actually got in on the Ephesians chapter three ten God is looking for people whose wholly committed to reveal the character of God to the world right actually looking for and those people have this understanding about what Christ accomplished while he was here most people understand how great the gospel is and that's what drives the movement instead of a church son I know I'm not good with people were poor because it seems like when somebody poor comes into my office they have certain expectations I know you I know you would know what I'm thinking I know you've experienced it that I can give a chase away and I have many times in the patient will be more demanding than any patient in phase rights and my first reaction is to never do that again is because in my heart and trading right even with that patient on trading him say on on the good Dennis the good Christian Dennis and ability of the subway and because it's the right thing to do in Shimla converted to feel good about the situation what I don't feel good about it it's all blown up in my face the whole idea because I didn't approach it and just think okay this could be really lousy but it's the right thing to do for Christ I might get a chance to talk to this person at some point right to choose wisely with that my son Jaden and he object lessons only funny stories his name means God is heard because when he was still in utero he was diagnosed not only with all those other problem but his heart was malformed in and had holes in and serious enough that you know there were five doctors in a room when he was born because you have to have a heart transplant and all the patients my office started praying even participate would you pray for my son you know he's not born yet but he needs prayer and one day Sherry called me she said I found the name as we wanted a name that was significant in its name is James she didn't know what it meant I looked it up between patients she picked the name I looked it up I called back and see what that means it needs call his/her was your woman praying is okay God we can handle such a sign with down syndrome the police give them a good heart and he got a good heart is hard his heart was perfect it was the visit before and after the first whole heart with many holes in a perfect part in a vessel responded I have a friend who works at Jefferson each of those two pictures up before the medical students and the staff and he said what is not everything you doctors can do the only thing happen from here to here is prayer at Sebring I trust us in this into a house and you know I'll have to go out necessarily and look for the board meeting or for those someone who needs ministries in my house all the time but he teaches me what sort was going to a health food store and it was with measles and entered the store with Jade have to check my pockets and everything before leave because I might have extra stuff and and as we were coming out I was to I more security than any other reason I needed the hold 'em and as we came out the door there was a indigent man standing at the entrance to talk about homelessness and and my first reaction was the home make eye contact I night I know you've experience that is if you make eye contact what happens it's scary what might happen right and so I tried not to make eye contact I give my heart is a Gothic building I conduct is not really an issue I can get by and will be fine and we got by James over my shoulder like this a neat little head open back he says I love you Mister learn more from him than he is for me that's what God 's calling us to I love you okay with it the questions I can if I can collect myself any questions at all I looked at her and we made a distinction of with you then and that one of the plans that were working on personally is is to do a different program for youth than for young adults only makes it clear that young adults for work in the cities is not such a great place for used to be and sell what were doing were our Academy answers were trying to do the same model in a small town and begin to train our Academy kids hopefully so that when they go off to college they might want to come back and work in our cities I was on this way is nice for this is how I did I began to just give them counsel the conference 's counsel most of the conferences don't have time to go through all the counsel in argument counsel like this unless more work more is done that has been done for the city 's America ministers and people will have a heavy account to settle with one and was appointed to every man his work am I that I have a whole section of research just for us to give the conferences that's direct counsel to move into this work is by counterfeiting in my community that it would be that we also have set up a very strategic approach with apparatuses to need to did you know how a conference can move into this in terms of strategic planning and I also know is is is is is is a always a question I is and is is or is providing and one of the say is that the lessons I think he's as and the scene presented in medical lifesaving no need to start a seriously and so they decide they are all in decency and those you thought about having a small model person and just allowing the word to build itself were always in starting off now we are probably none were starting to maybe two maybe three the firm won't won't won't be in the same strategic model but were looking at trying to get one or two companies place this year and start with that to see if how it goes and that will learn a lot in that process and is a lot to do in other news recruiting twenty to twenty four young adults and paying for them in housing and feeding the listings on Marquis pitches so okay one of the things that were attempting to do is is that were not just a place companies for the local church has to have a something called the local church apparatus it's what the local church has to do in order to qualify to get a company and there's clear counsel that there should be a mission group coming from the local church and that is working with the company and their specific people that need to be in that group but for for instance one thing is a business person from the church in control all the finances of the whole mission not a pastor and so that's how were creating buy-in from the local church is by creating a mission group in the church that works directly in that mission Representative Paul and Silas there are you going to work with this group and their to stay with the new church we have one five as I have looked personally at some of those in fact I just got some letters that were unreleased letters of Kellogg's that are very informative that way we look at because there have been curriculums that were developed like you are in the early years we need to look back so that we can look forward there were some real nice curriculum developed in Southern California in the nineteen thirties is the issue though there hasn't been a movement at okay and so we have not arrived at the strategy that God is seeking from Marxist people will know when we have arrived with the ideas to move forward be strategic and try to follow the counsel is in this year with my audio birds are a man at the Pentagon to learn more about Nina please visit www. nine hundred and I will like to work in online learning www. on universe were


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