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Sanitariums Thrive as Centers of Influence, Part 1

Nicolae Dan


Nicolae Dan

Physician at Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania and Nutrition and Diatetics Teacher at Targu Mures Medical School



  • October 28, 2011
    3:00 PM
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not involving this kind of work about eleven years ago and ever seems we had the roller coaster experience and actually when I got married to my wife I promise her that will be a regular kind of life she she was not getting getting to marry the regular physician and I guess I kept my promise as we were starting the work we been greatly car aged by statement like these the establishment of sunny party was for the care of the Sikh and the suffering is just as necessary and the rope as he make a and the establishment of sunny party losing their opium countries in the Indy 's word the most perplexing questions will arise but from the life he will need institutions will be established which though at first more will by God 's blessing becomes larger and larger and stronger and I mean a letter in the nineteen converts that there could be system wide rights twenty five years ago the Lord be good to me so this happened in eighteen seventy five that the best way in which stories the higher classes is through our sunny gardens this institution not to be located away from the CP sent out to be surrounded with the land enough to enable for this to be grown at least somebody things that only reached the boat come to such a program or this program reaches suggests that each people he might be wrong this is a picture which I shall bless the oh so we have here a early just happen to be not in the same session five meters one-on-one up in was a man from a major CPU mania and done looks like one of both okay and then look so it is in his picture you have you have the five of the five mayors about the we don't have believe each people coming to the program that is another statement what is one of the most successful means of reaching all glosses are people that the authorities find that the religious message is the profane we love voice as we approach the great final pass this test must come to the charges in question were two medical missionary work we work for the no money down messages and idea I just recently came across I was even some surmised by Kellogg Unilever that mean the eighty ninety three and they were very thirsty hello how many of you read that material anyway we we have a piece of paper or those who want to have them appeal you just see the e-mail and I'll understand that those smart videos to use although not be afraid he seems like an uptime school working of these pieces left to sterilize the wife said about the and in the introduction to back my Pedialyte I'll be so the statement read by those who together those of those obvious that my military analogy may be that we have made a mistake of trying to reinvigorate this war upon by using only the Air Force base of the population that are the duties safely out of the best one from the mob and the down below but perhaps in addition to the proclamations of those flying in the midst of heaven we will find that the stories in Boston voted open R Meehan 's underground NHS it was just such an army that was trying to mobilize at actually I thought that this is the situation just in the study are aware because the situation we had to calm ourselves for relieving the wants of our own church and cannot be found ourselves and that created a sort of artificial lift society globule each of these the joints of the don't need a plausible smoking alcohol and kind offer if you know removed from from the problems of the real world and the United States as you can find obese is not twenty basically in some of the force companies the society but it looks like this is something reason that charged BOC one here United States so I bought these because the existing VC site via the fact that was a year visionary back then more than one hundred years ago he saw these he proposed a plan it would be nice to agree that what the and the babies are says that it was just such an army that Phil was trying to mobilize so I hope I just throwing in the state money I just set the stage for what we want to present that we won first to review the he story of a video actually is the baby on God 's Providence that because the setting was not golden CIBA will actually almost everybody we talked to no matter where they came from outside the church reset the church and the a thought that he sees no going to work in Rumania I'd cinematically month-old just on and on dismissing the same ideas receipt rates United States about the scandal work we we found in Romania as always you would see God 's providence already led step-by-step and the second part that probably be sleeping us in the second hour will discuss about some long dynamics activity some practical questions and done we we will try to have some sometime were enough time for the questions and have these discussion of the present mafia and then thoroughly we would like to present some some of the impact some of these odds we have both on the scientific and analysts on the speech vote one level of because my messy stories Seo we need she was involving destructively even before I got the board she's older than me I asked her to talk to us about the history of this project and I would turn the mic to her right now and I be a basis in no on it it is an open mouth I have many millionaires and that define how easy it is anytime and seeing that this many in the Senate learn a life the only way to time and in time when I was there incarnate he went down and and make from my thinking on you and is and how he was and is I had had an in maniac and unlike that of an scale and he is not as I do my eye and everything that is he felt that he and I land is not intended for the you have a theme in my life you have any lighting one oh is defined as an and what he and I remember I was as unilaterally as a candle and about you and you lay out diet and for their meeting with me and her home and I are you and you were there to open the house and you remember that my father and I even design was to have a gun in Thailand he made that you are and that he was eating a late excellent opportunities in the long run you I got had been viewed by talking and I say in our own I know that I wanted to be as many in my family to leave you peace and amity feelings in iMac and a time and he is not my policy and is now happy that you might not get out of a sense of the movies amendment banning is likely he and they don't like UNEP and how the season is going to be the domain companies led in olive oil and when I like you guys that can't even think of as I know he said I was a man of faith and you and nothing is going on and he and he opened the door and violate evening and that he is he and he is in the inherent Ganesan God he is not as if you are thinking that you use a rounding that hath revealed he hastened had to be back on QuickTime he and he will no one may believe myself up with their and VI the unit of November AVI and then he yeah he go from many times and had them in my legs and made how I would know he is lying because he died on the URL we had a sense of inner pain and mark the guy from the anyway and we had any happy because I don't know what you know I was so happy when I came across an healthy I made my man and I think that you know that many of you and an Ivy League mouth on coming year and I I anywhere in their being hit in the Yahoo opening eighty ninety nine assassin or in a sense of humor they had an incline or want to go home I know when I is something that dynamic in the things and I may often mean yeah I meant and even now I'm came from the mania and he hastened to me that he had a younger one will know only one and that I think that might be a bad and can I be I know that I is invalid because they several Maine Yankee and I said it like vacuum there and he was so happy at the game and he is weak that that is the quality and their behavior yeah you can affect he is in the movies and communities and humans are happy that he had in common and he said that that is an important I believe I is that he is an act that he is a you sell that you are in the eye and he is angry now that we are surrounded by God what do they eat is not some things that I think you and I and you are not an easy socking away he said that I at least felt my thing you only he is sending me because I believe strongly in coins and that is not in the main Yahoo think of the savings if you were back in an urban delay driven activities are you I cannot be an league to have her commentaries Messier and have profession that he and he had no need for having me I will have the event I know every corner you know that he is he believed that he is in an and in my information in mind and I met her in the year and I will I you waiting for me I found no one in the last he you and I and I mean and then is strong I committee on you know when he is not than I do appreciate the night and they know what that thing they know that you are many mad he admitted he had to know what he is not that I primarily appreciate that what he and my mother felt my mother I was in and in and out and going from the NC appreciated and I are talking like he's being you in having beaten out in England Italy and Indonesia doing not a well I think I what I and you and how can I be a PDA got talking with what he believes in one and I know you I went back he is not leaving you need even the commission hereby is amended in the same writing currently taking five five and I my eye and I think Corey Hart and ninety five in the menu and they have some form they know you probably think I'm on my pad and a black and made you that activating them all I remember going out in faith and their lack of insight and you need and I and you I leave you alone and he is that the Robin and local they don't know and when they come in a VI shall need confirmation and what they mean to you that we are going forward the reason for the week see good in your life and not be in time of your envy you and I may have had we been in defeating confirmation that don't need them you will want to be in the motivation of will you have selected is very obviously at have something to help them and got eighty nine yeah I I I gain their hitting ninety eight and I thought I read in and see you that machine you said you are you really as much as I will yes help hi all I had raised Catholic and you are back to London with the passing and heating VPN and pay I think the very last in passing and demanding that he will run away from the base and ending pay for the face and all you send them out to have any kind of line I had to leave and he had an eye because I don't know the length of the assets I don't know what you are looking for a one hundred ten unit and I is not easy in my back I thought it was easy for me because I see you know what is going to Indonesia and was the reason he that because he is the reason and you what is wrong but we had no idea how Google about the ad we paid we even had before the police said that he had already is an inviting one who had been gone all in all a evening I I I I I you he I and he is in is not what I mean yeah he is calling and can be in one week when he or he who is an example and my back and will and in May when I say he is sending him I then e-mailed the air I know he will show you that you are I will go to you that I can I stop and be meeting them and when I talk to family my father might think that he will care United Kingdom SLI and add a easy enough in my meeting on me he is a you are in the middle of the ruling in these and I I he mouth and how is he from the moment I had no order I had no thing they got enough guy and he and I and my bad and an mining VPN only made we only know when you want to connect and we knew we go now and only economic that in fact and I believe an preliminary much greater but not always go for lack and got been amazing being in the event that is when I go back again and I and community will be done I am not a guy community health happy and when I went to Beijing I mean I don't leave my computer and you and the one hundred and the and and and and and and that he start at him and he needed their finalizing the mania is a vegan friendly young money I live in now they are as you know that stuff about you you can't imagine that he neither the is not as intuitive way and he is in no money on all of the old ninety nine and an annually engage in when she went to bed my thinking she had on this unit after beating the book education and he is not believing in God and believing in my body wow what a wonderful event invigorated him back to the United States and when he saw these you happen my eyes and he eventually I was trying to wooden handle I feel you with information and as he was a nationality men as he is he was ninety he and he was like taking a manner that could be said and when he came back I will e-mail you an argument in a dynamic team that life you lead the hygiene anybody ever think about that he is upholding the and you learn something that in all things normally don't reason other than that he wanted to be but then what exactly needs after that and he and he came to a lengthy and that he will and will and I is not that he will be in Hindi and Copenhagen but he is he is one of you I I and I and the uniform meaning that in nineteen eighty nine hundred and I boom her floodway and Linehan what I think they are in danger that he and I you can do I like how you are so in feedback you have been thinking that he had been billed as being in my weekend looking he naturally had to leave I was in time and being united in a life leaving a year the eighteenth of an inbound in their Philippine and real-life from you and you have a solo in a bag of these nasty pagan -based and had a nice I know about the motivation and I is in a very easily and only she had diabetes she is the only thing standing to what I and and have the passion and comprehend realities and an you know like I need an year and a eighth session one one one at the hands now you when he will face like a single that that is their thinking on performing on no less I found God is not she found God and he will add the person in as late as favorably as when I go back and one that wanted me I vaguely will be with you my favorite is very much that has been the scene and that he revealed that he got the idea is to spend money to try and get beat like that and then fell he is an increased hourly fee for meeting the increased activity of the applicant and seventy feet on the line will be that only is it more he is likely to create an in at night so we come home and be like the company is only one of the many times he liked the incoming and that you may be they elected many family and I have no money to his right eye color eight yeah I I I I I I may go home and face and I know that happened today was will be in an as is and only be my friends and you and about fifty five and he said she done and when he and he is going on we know not but I don't think they are going to say and and people are coming in as they are in the lead manganese adding cooling fan and I bought and we are driven to be in finding and no pending on their own when you are in an environment in common you know how many are in elementary days and they have been and be in many multimedia you be marketing to attend metadata know you that you are not a paid made their way in and from having that I say thank you for coming in and do you know what you think of you and you and the men befriend her and even yeah I know you anything is the salesman let companies I have a one twenty nine and leaving that I may need down now when I know when I went back that evening I met he musician he played in the twenty -year-old man money and he would call me he had an open night and Bill and Andrea you know now he is an enemy mine are more than the guy in my heart when I than I he I he that means you and I is and he is in my bag and now and then he says that he is a you are you she's a better speaker than the other without at least some of it out we didn't like the synchronize everything but I guess you saw from the pictures that we have more than needed we patients who have a medical missionary schooling we have a K-1 twelve school than we we are bad because self among the health journals to go single room in the week that gaping weaknesses of joint venture with the Baptist publishing house in between happy people sent them they have to do for sandwiches I think this thing Obama wearing the world the church bought the nurse like that and then we been involved with selling the in the scientific world of for me the men in top Association we prepare these before we knew that there will come the day when the Army will be trained with the place of bubbly top of the plate is somehow more visual and people don't confuse about these up as being more important old boss or his sysop and so they've been a top sugar and salt ferries and they have to have the head cookies and saw maybe we should set you yes and that's what I wanted to position on what it is I is history your father and himself and sure in you and you will counsel in the heat he stayed the unbelieving of we the family who were at the decent day or he had that he had called a queen who was evident these then discolor guppies Davies including just reading their book now and now he is in you while you know there was he a read more books about the testimonies and when this book allowed me I guess we weren't on the scene twenty one so he started his nineteen ninety and only years in the back of his mind and restart something is pleased with the idea alive I guess not talking about the for the forty or so years in or something this is what I was a fun with you and wanting to question the hand not been made to seem bothered to have the way it is the children one part is sometimes actually children in the other direction and a family dynamic in this situation were to the children are now hearing on you will actually actually my mother and I had the reason to become organizations about the by the time he was in the high school in my mother got the stroke and overnight when she was sixteen she felt her salary was about stroke she stated that he was an event and summer nights she she found herself as the mother of the home I was five about time as so that kind off with NPR to be able to learn and too young to have enough time to go to the medical University as so somehow worth I was the one who went to the I became a nurse first and then of his nation and all of the way we been working to actually mentally and I was the sort of second mother and we've been working very well together and of course we have another sister she's living in San Diego she helped so so so it's a pretty much the families involved in the side on only in the beginning it was the lady that got talking about five or six acres of land you South Beach a revote because of the Bilson the people who donated the land by premises we try to buy we try to buy more so that we would protect the area right now we have about the Phoenix the six theaters altogether building you have it looked like in the beginning this was just the old yes you were showing pictures like the buildings were added Ativan on building the probably paddleboard something like that third painting with donation money or the almost the most offbeat PSTN we done donation of the NOS for the for running the center we review much produce the rebellion for the patients so that helps us to run the center about four B E mess months than we shall we like other NGOs like most profits will yes and I will show you a graphic lead the reader it said fifteen fifteen years executive death so we we are now whole of around one thousand one hundred patients a year weight lately have been doing a lot of that especially right after we started the less than the medical missionary school they had the older DVDs the wrong day bingo and they work in those communities some of the students doctors some some of many theory and project singles really do so that's that's pretty much going on and nineties Saddam we are very much connected with the church her we would participate in most of the health exposed Enron and so there is a continuum work in that that action yes okay okay these West special was about a bald monthly demand release the court so the question is how how much stuff we have we have about forty five and people that the ratio is sober day of their issue was one long that the month-long and because we have about four patients for each share in our sort therapies four five and Bambino he takes supporting Grillo personality poop to maintenance and so on and so forth are you resting some samples and is wanted in life is a couple of the things that I heard about this presentation number one over and over again says one of the things I think we need to ask in America when people come to our same area you have the sense of conditional love and need someone to come back most of the ideas funds you know and so on that idea of sacrifice came across very very clearly and the idea of prayer I think one of the things that we have to ask ourselves on this side of the Atlantic is how are we doing along those three parameters it's five minutes to four o'clock when I like to do is take a five-minute break when we come back some of the things we want to look at is the nuts and bolts how do they run this how do they pay their workers one of the great problems we had in the United States when you try to do this people say you're not paying me enough to go somewhere else how have they been able to maintain forty five workers and on programs and get people and very interested in hearing about that also there can be sharing some of his scientific studies they are not just doing sanitarium work they're actually doing publishing and scientific stop they can be out for the broader community either results in Missouri and are in this media was refused by audio versus laymen is that it is never to learn more about the men please visit www. nine and I will like this is more free online service www. download universe are


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