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Making Your Church a Health Evangelism Center, Part 2

Mark Finley Ernestine Finley



  • October 28, 2011
    3:00 PM
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okay we want to make this investment is practical for you to share with you why why should you even take the time and the energy to set up a health ministry insurance money it is a lot of work and mean I don't see you and I know and many times since nineteen sixty nine in our ministry are in fact when we started our first church we were told that the church was dying and they said Pastor Finley we need you and your wife to go there and put some energy into this church is strictly dying the second search wow sort of Stanton and meeting anymore and I am in the graveyard and the third church while next adventures so we thought to thought wow I preached powerfully in this venture and not done well in outrage of the thing will get the other dying churches going out he went to the church that after practicing as are many needed down the basement went into his sermon and practice the sermon on me and then went to the church and the vegan would bear the deacon pacing the floor and kept walking back and forth and then he looked out the window and he finally said pastor I sure hope someone shows up today and that was the introduction to our first good church and so we thought we needed to go out the highways and byways and get some people I know how to do health program but the Lord kind of blessed in spite of all our our deficiencies and found we began doing this and we have seen that God has blessed in fact Sarah we were just in Australia just a little while ago and even the pastors will him more and more evangelism in our care Australia's secular look at it now and desirable city in the world to live in if you take everything from sports from culture from education from from from from everything it's the most desired place in the world to live and yet I'm here to tell you that we went there and we train our people and health ministry not just know health program how to have a higher charge at the center and I have to tell you that Mark reads the opening meeting nine times in one session was at nine o'clock at night we could not close it down because there were too many people coming and we had then used three different venues and people were just packing it out and I just got word from someone that you are at this moment right now that just told me they're carrying on the work and Johnny Long's church in Australia is just booming and they are doing this at the health center that were going to share with you so what are some key reasons for ticket or conducting an ongoing regular health ministry number one health ministry provides a great opportunity for Seventh-day Adventist impact a world is open to the methods the world is open we we have an opportunity when I started out as cooking school in that first district and mound and the Cuernavaca Connecticut when we did that it seemed like a vegan vegetarian I just went that way because I thought it was the way to go and people were open so that even the administrators was an open than that and so it but the world is open today and Larry Nelson wellness programs continue to rise MetLife recently released their ninth annual study of employee benefits friends is what they found the survey found that health and wellness programs have become uneasy strain on mainstream staple for many organizations and one that is producing results so these companies want a health program if it's on the rise what were some of the leading story one that they wanted weight management tobacco cessation and diabetes prevention to those directly are connected to what connected to diet to diet and yet even smoking today we used to be the head we had four of the legs of all actually in turning under Pastor O.J. no film now that Doctor Nelson father and we just started with all of these kinds of health programs in an stop smoking in those days we would have four and five hundred people coming out to our stop smoking plans but today we need to revive that again because were almost the tail instead of the half they had but what people want anyone to know how to stop smoking we just came back from China this week Sunday night we got back from China and we got a report on what's happening in China and although they can't openly promote is vandalism religion spiritual thing you know what they're doing health health program exactly and our churches are growing we met one woman pastor who had six thousand in our churches our largest Seventh-day Adventist church in the world in Shenyang China by the North Korean border another woman had Sir who had one day I was then met and married and her church she had four hundred charges in their promoting the concept and are getting their ideas from from heaven from the Bible and spirit of prophecy wellness programs have steadily increased over the past few years from thirty three percent of companies offering them into LA to forty five percent off for now and choose an antigrowth and larger companies over five hundred employees has also been increasing from fifty seven percent offering programs into a two oh eight to seventy one percent into ten oh two secular companies and you will have the answers who had the real answer we as Seventh-day Adventists you are well aware of the National Geographic featuring absent in the cover story on secrets of living longer with over twenty two million copies printed worldwide here we are in the national geographic as one of the longest living civilizations one of the longest living people in the world Seventh-day Adventist and that study from Loma Linda open to health New York Times bestseller author Dan Bittner reveals the secrets of longevity and happiness is backed by research working with National Geographic national institutes on aging and AARP and they found parts of the world where people were living the longer healthier and happier and they said I three-step process helps you to learn their secrets I'm printing the openly but the blue zone is a very prominent and they're saying our three-step process helps you learn the secret measure are our longevity gap themselves to help you change your lifestyle and environmental live the longest life so when openness we have the average American they they said in the blue zone live an extra twelve years and forty NR forty percent happier by optimizing their lifestyle environment so the world is open on Bill Clinton I want to play this little clip you've probably seen it but if you haven't amazing it is all over Bill Clinton and has just become a vegan vegetarian what an opportunity and we're seeing all the news CNN and people are asking if Bill Clinton former President Clinton who was eating I mean enormous amounts of meat they showed clips of him eating it out that the McDonald's hamburger is an and and all went back down while he's running out of there showing him eating all this fast food meat diet and now he's gone to a vegetarian diet played as the short answer is I was actually my first time live on the main slaves are schools for protein supplement her morning and all his friends and partying so I was working for the start of a antechamber hotel is lost twenty four pounds ago but I is for information on our way to do is because after I had this for a realize that even though it happens quite often in after your glasses you lose the veins is very rigorous as it is that a lot of which means that cholesterol is still calling below as far as I'm not as I want you started on this research and I saw the agents of the Society of Jesus whom the price of area know me any of you are being very little fish will start off and you Asians on the .net fuel cells their arterial blockage claims of the calcium are right so this is when I thought I follow is a quick clinic the University of California the doctors Tamil arrests on this site and a handful of others but we now have twenty five years and so I thought well as an influential 's way of an amorphous term policy is how so clear as losing as many as in case you shall love your laser as the video in our Hillary and I have were having the lower son-in-law are in my spirit is in his mortgagor for as long as I will think about it the listings that Bill Clinton is going to let the serial of is very here is a wonderful statement to confirm on that happening medical ministry Jesus thirty nine bad air medical missionary work in the gospel practice the compassion of Christ revealed in on this floor there is a great need in the world for so the world is open for it now is our opportunity what only way more now is the opportunity God ransacked the importance of medical missionary work shall be understood and that New Zealand may be immediately entered I now that you are physicians if you are medical personnel and your already I'm sure doing this in your church but I traveled to many many churches training and free evangelism I train in health work I trained in Bible study work in you I is that many of the churches doing any of them aren't doing it but you know what I'm also finding that the members want to be involved they want to do it develop I hope that we will inspire you to not only go into it yourself the key instincts for rain and wet the church members and that is what we want to do here is to help you to I have some tools to train and a quick some of these church members those Seventh-day Adventists should capitalize on the opportunity to organize health ministries in every church were told that every chart should be a training school for Christian workers and then she tells them exactly what we should do in one of those is that we should have we should have cooking schools we should have our health classes we should be having out there and every city is to be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work you are a key now we are servicemembers because they are ready they want to be trained they want to know how to do it how can you train what can we do what are some practical things we can do once is that where finding is that when we do have health programs and we appreciate we need the health program that people are conducting but what we're finding is that we don't have eight when we don't have a whole strategy we have a program and what it seems to me that we need is a strategy we need from that of evangelism not a program because if we have a health program care and health program there and when I'm bringing them over to give them each earnings they were missing a great opportunity and fax back to me when I was doing cookies both are now down on floor one thirty thirty seven years since nineteen sixty nine and someone said you mean you have an ulterior motive in doing this cooking school is not only do it if people didn't Jesus healed people even if they didn't accept him so I would do that Jesus also said to the woman at the well if you drink this water will thirst again right but if you drink the water that I get a birth and so we do have an ulterior motive we want to introduce them to Jesus so we have a whole sequence so we need to train that the peak of our people and how to do that would start with usually a health expo one of the reasons that that is a good place to start is that you have all of me differently different booth and people are coming into the health Expo you have a prime opportunity of now giving out your bro sure for your stop smoking plan and your temperance both at now you can leave people because they say I like smoking anyway now you can invite them to natural lifestyle cooking OR they can come to the nutrition info and you can then share with them the next attrition class that you're having it needs to be on going because the church needs to be open I share with my people and my Bible instructor training that only economical building in the world if the church is another in because it's only open once a week we went around while we were in China and we said to them we said now let pastors we want to know we want to know how often are your churches opened because in our country or open one maybe twice a week at the most they were telling us they were open five four eight five day think day seven days Fitzgerald and almost all the time that's why they're winning people so you have a sequence of evangelism then that can lead to a stress management that also can lead to a Bible dining we find that when we people come to our seminars we will have another MNR money concurrently on another night at the same time and without often say to them you know we have other seminars running we have one called uneasy feeling Daniels mysteries and if you would like to join us in that class is sure to get one of the brochures from our host or hostesses and people right here we throughout what we call throughout the day and we had sung off some sheets on how what people would for program and put on their Bible studies Lisa let's just see if people would be interested some people told us to leave and had Bible study on the Western we had when would you like another stop smoking plan would you like another cooking school would you like a stress management weight management whatever we put on their Bible studies we got the first time by twenty twenty one I think what we one day and so we have that running concurrently and then CDs and DVDs I can tell you they are making an impact and when we have to equate the vandalism we just as I said back from China I couldn't believe it until please pastor of these were done at Pastor Derek starts they have the discoveries all age and pastor from China introduced that just seven people who were just baptized and that all White House did I have to tell you they were baptized from discovering oh eight baby in they were so excited a network sharing these all overtime and they just baptized seven people so you have an opportunity to see when the vandalism to do that and even conduct evangelistic meetings so the world is open David Lavina illustrate this multifaceted programs Lavina came to my cooking school and Dave was not interested in big moves and he was not interested in God he lost his three artists on from from some tragic death and he said I am not interested in God are not interested in the Bible but when you changed my cooking school and then we introduce you know she happens and just say I want to learn more about the book of Daniel she started coming to the Daniel seminar and then she started bringing literature home he started picking it up occasionally and adding he noticed that we were going to have a strength seminar and we had eaten well I have a lot of stress so I guess I could at least go to that stress seminar so he came to the stress seminar and we gave out the little book in a life that it's been like that it beverages ministry of healing and he took it home and Levine said he thought you were interested in spiritual things why are you reading now while if anything can help me with my stress then I'll read it and he said I don't care if it has references to God if there reduces my stress and started reading now little but we then went to a revelation seminar revelation of how we invited day we invited Levine we invited people in our classes and will share with you how we do that but we invited them to the revelation of a both came were baptized and so you see how I see if you don't offer the Danielle if you don't offer the Bible studies if you don't offer the revelation of hope or even CDs actually on his back outlined a story a little bit she started getting and even the DVDs and he started than watching them and watch them all and then got on once at the beginning and then I want to attend those meetings and then started coming so the DVD and CDs have tremendous potential for you in working with your health program the quest evangelism my friends really works a weekly chart of late members of the narrow few principal the narrower you reach out the fewer conference and a half if you have a few programs Daniel have killed myself but if you have a drawing based on center of influence in your church and you'll have great results and so we find that we need to have a wide base when the church and not conduct systematic and ongoing multifaceted programs to make a positive difference in the community it becomes a center of influence and so if your church close down tomorrow with the community method I can relate with Witt Witt went to church 's insurance close down with the community but someone would say I I have to have that search that's earned again on Monday night I go for a chip program on Tuesday night I'm going for a stress management program unbeliever cookies go on another night Anna family program our family health on another night and so we need to have our churches opened the problem is that the doors are locked and their shot they're not there not open testimony five seven sixty two we have come to a time and every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work the world is a laser house filled with victims of both physical and spiritual disease everywhere people are perishing for lack of knowledge of the truth that had been committed to the seventh day had been with you have the answer regularly the members of the church are in need of an awakening that they may realize their responsibility to impart to we need to impart these truths to be moreover you are we have freelancers I see that I think people to our health programs that have made a complete change in their lives with the people the weather is not even our evangelist of meetings we conduct health programs and we cannot stop smoking all the time coming in evangelism we have people that are smoking we present a health message at the end of that will play out we would like to help those of you who would like to quit smoking so if you die after class tonight were going to have to stop smoking program we bring you amazing meet again and had AdSense join group because they have said I've been smoking I do not go and so we have so much that we can often offer the church is to be a center of health and healing the door of health is open now and now it's time to open the door of the church and now is the time to open the door of the church the churches are locked up third Titans enthrone you can't even get into the church and got editorially and was just opening up these charges have training seminars going on night after night after night so why have an active health ministry one because the door is open number two health ministry reveal the compassionate loving God in a broken world I have calmed that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly wants to give us a more abundant life testimonies volume seven twenty five inch twenty five days the workers are God 's witnesses revealing his compassion and love and describing all the glory to him whom they love and serve so we need to we need to introduce Jesus in a very nonthreatening why are programs shares burns or principles naturally contains program 's program three simple ways to integrate spiritual principles and health programs and effectiveness of prayer and a black thing I will never forget one of the first cooking schools I had Joanne came and she said to me now laughing you have a prayer before eating the samples we usually first samples we can't print what did you do that and I said well I know you know why I said well I I believe that where people are three-dimensional beings with physical mental and spiritual and as we you get our physical bodies and in good condition then we have our minds open to spiritual things and she said according to Bible studies on the weekend I will study was started starting with children we then started with their several months and she said my husband a high school teacher and how I wonder join these studies and we baptized days the baptized shall we from that one cooking school from a mere thing and then they introduced us to his parents we started with them they were both baptized and they introduce us to his sister and brother-in-law we started with them they were baptized simply because of that one little thing that we did program the power of spiritual illustrations and the importance of logical sequence programs you offer something in your hell that goes beyond the physical health into the spiritual health councils on health page five twenty eight says we should ever remember that the efficiency of the medical you were in the morning and then the men and women to the man of power Calvary who taketh away the sin of the world so we need to be pointing people to Jesus beholding him they will become changed into his likeness in the third reason is a tremendous reason for having health programs health ministry is a God ordained means of reducing relating in a broken suffering world my friends that go missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering it is that I hear work of the gospel this famous all monasteries situated on the side of a class on that overlay the emerald waters of the Mediterranean was there on that side of the class and Torres wanted to visit the monastery but there was one problem the only way out within this all week her basket wasted up by around and so the tourists got to the basket he asked the monk just one question and he said how often do you change the power to change the world are we set out don't worry we change it every time I use it every break and you know what people have broken out my friends and they want to change it but you know what they want to change it when it's often too late you just hear the news on the on the Apple person 's status as a job after job that I wish I could change my health I wish I could have changed it he was sure would have done something sooner I wish I could change that but it was too late and so people have broken out in a pair of zero we have the answer health ministry gives Seventh-day Adventists an opportunity to reduce disease in a broken world luck I know you know these statistics Utah they say it's your health professional I just a layperson but I know that other leg hurt people in your church are anxious to get this kind of training they want to know how to do it but in North America in many European countries seventy percent of all deaths are due to heart disease is the number one killer stroke and cancer and we can turn around Bill Clinton just gave a little introduction to what he was doing in his program on CNN heart disease is the number one killer in America and according to the World Health Organization a total of seventeen one million people worldwide die every year heart problems year many of them could be saved if better health prevention programs were in we have really the key in our hands we have the key cancer is the number two killer and according to the World Health Organization global cancer deaths are expected to reach seven million up to now but by choosing by twenty thirty there could be seventy five million people with cancer worldwide cancer is growing it is growing even on my seventh and on another program that I have far laypeople I show how that cancer is growing among Seventh-day Adventist and why because over fifty percent of them are mediators and will that increases Cancer White Helen Wang said that but then also in exchange you the ones alarmingly vegetarians are exchanging the need for all that Dairyland milk eggs cheese and sugar no cancer ride and are wondering why are so many he is because of our lifestyle habits and we have an opportunity will direct I go into whole foods to get neckties sometimes both of them I think you both and they tell me they're vegan their plant -based diet vegetarians or vegans vegetarians and though the world is open to it in nineteen sixty there was one in twenty women in North America developed breast cancer in nineteen eighty one and eleven and now one in seven women will develop breast cancer it's on the rise is on the increase and we have the answer conflict so amazing osteoporosis is a growing problem seventy five million people in Europe US and Japan are affected with our studio gross why because it affects white females small boned and if you have any hereditary problems and I can tell you I even one of those that is proud of that and was thinking like this and I have just followed the Lord 's program of you know my total plant -based diet and exercising now more vigorously and during my weight bearing and I just do as well and can be done by now that I hadn't just living proof and so I defend my desk again at celebration health and was wonderful but increase osteoporosis is estimated to affect two hundred million people worldwide and yet we can help them by axis helping them to get on a good exercise weight bearing program and help them to get onto a good diet obesity problem in many countries over fifty six are overweight or obese I thought in Australia it would be different because when I went there I had to teach them how to begin some of these health programs and ultimately if there's something there in Australia many people are obese national health and examine survey said about one third of US adults thirty three eight percent are obese thirty three eight percent they also said approximately seventeen percent of the children and adolescents to nineteen are obese and many are overweight this was just in the obese category and we well know that obesity increases the risk of diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol coronary heart disease stroke and so again have some answers in the Western world statistics indicate that the leading causes of death are preventable they are preventable and Seventh-day Adventists have the unique opportunity of making a difference in the lives of millions in health ministry we can cooperate with God in restoring people 's health another reason to have health programs so we had people have broken how we can restore their health world is open for a number for health ministry enables people to live longer happier life is no question about it God has given Seventh-day Adventist unusual health insight through the gift of prophecy through the gift of prophecy God is no test of lifestyle practices we have had medical enlightenment century and we had we had the answers some people have got pastor certainly be using to have success in evangelism around the world in both you and how maybe what someone classifiers easy countries but there's no easy place some people think is easy in India but it's not when they tear down our signs and and and and our pastors are beaten not because they're putting up some signs it's not easy but on but how do you do it all over the world and where you get all these ideas instantly from the Bible so you have access we don't have anything that you don't have and we had this enlightenment a century in advance and Ellen White says you know this one well let's read it together this is the key ministry of healing one twenty seven shorthair sunlight at Stanley is now West exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power seen either through rounding the remedies these are the true remedies can only follow all eight of them know what our health improves even the people who come to our health programs who have broken health can have their health restored when we truly use these eight remedies Loma Linda University medical school get a studying know at well they found that people can live at least eight to ten years longer but they're finding that the vegan vegetarian even with twelve or more years longer God has given him all of these beautiful messages in Scripture and in the gift of prophecy because we get back to the plant -based diet councils on health one fifteen says many die of diseases all the good news is that when I'm talking about holding to the meeting when the real cause is scarcely suspected by themselves or others they don't even know over fifty percent of our church leaders and I see it we see it even in the pastoral ranks as we know from place to place and country upon country when we tell NetWare vegan vegetarian I'm needed and very unusual it's very unusual and so we we have a great opportunity to teach people have the opportunity of helping people live a longer healthier life by making right lifestyle choices and by teaching classes on the benefits of a plant based diet and I know what works the unit and people are flocking to our classes we had in the first time we were in Orlando and ninety six we had six hundred people that came to our cooking school we had over seven hundred in Chattanooga and we regularly the lowest we ever get is usually around a hundred twenty or so if they're coming they're flocking to our classes because they want to learn anyone know how to do it and we just I just finished also my form colorfully illustrated cookbook if that Pacific press right now and I'm looking forward to it coming out after doing that more is nineteen sixty nine I said it about time that I came out with something and I have the eight natural remedies in the in the back of that as well and so I'm hoping that it will expand because I know that just as we were his all last year in a few health programs in our evangelistic meetings people were were were flocking to laugh as he looked using his best tonight I like how both my brother and my mother my father they want to give it away so anything that you can get into their hands they are going to respond and Brad spread the good news and number five health ministry breaks down friends and and build relationships and build relationships one for you Poland experience I need when we were in the trans- European division we wanted to hold evangelistic meetings in our three communist countries Poland Yugoslavia and hungry and they said it can't the government has been opened and I can't give you permission and so are people that have to family we want in a contemplative number we can't begin the government needs to give us permission but Hastert we know how to pray and work in afraid that you can have meetings in make it and prayer make the difference because prayer and faith will do what no other power source and when they began to pray and so we got an opportunity we were invited by the government to go and meet with them and we were meeting in a government office they said well Mister Mrs. Emily what can you do for the trouble said he did not what can you do for now and we said well you stress over here and start when I heart disease or cancer all you well enough smokers enough people that are contracting candidate getting cancer because of smoking yeah well what if we came in here and we had to stop smoking what if we had some cooking schools to help reduce their cholesterol and help them with some of you into Galilee wonderful while I do a cooking school and polling I know I didn't like about it is about the markets you find what you can foods grains and vegetables right and do it and so it seems that that's what the Lord wanted us to do so and that we felt we had a smoking stop smoking plan we had cooking schools in fact in one of our cookies goals and Poland we had five hundred people marched from the cookies going into the meeting we had our cooking will outline about four thirty five o'clock whatever was in them they went into the meeting at seven o'clock it was amazing and so after we had those programs in health they called us back in and I said since her family same thing thing thing thing to be happening here and now it is like a crime is going down it seems like our our health of people is busy getting better I will give you a blank piece of paper and you can do whatever you want and as I said I'd like to have a series of Bible lectures in Leningrad theater now the Leningrad theaters the twelve hundred people we had sixty six zero seven that and I'm how can we do this so we continued we continue this Daniel family are only continue where archaeology and we continue to win health programs and we continued with all of these in Bible studies and we started giving out final lessons and people started telling their friends and in time for the meeting we wondered what would happen how can we had to have you believe that God was going to blast the health work that was going on in the Bible were an about I don't know maybe forty five minutes before the meeting people had already lined up and it was amazing we put our signs everywhere it was called Novick Naji I know that Becky we plastered everywhere on every train every tree every trial a category where we put out and we were not have health and we were going to have the Bible combined with the series on Revelation folk you know what more than twelve hundred people came they may open the doors they ran through that turnstile they literally were fighting for Steve and my friend the health work opens the door because we had some people coming that they went and they said to the authorities line came to pass to family first and they said what do people still outside waiting to be said asked if it could have a second session when they asked if we could have a second session they said yes will then allow you about the people and have to wait there for an hour and a half to two hours they went out and told in one man is that as one of our deacons went out there he saw this man waving his allotting Polish money he said please please laugh individually called eventually changes to explain just a jealous man to these meetings and he said in an end they waited they came to a second session and I tell you that packed auditorium from that meeting led to the meeting baptisms it led to opening up are you opening up the work in Yugoslavia and Carmen who whenever they do have an opportunity to preach in the craft the three angels message that house we had over what was five hundred from gas under a health professionals with us we brought health we had a hell everywhere we had it in the Kremlin auditorium we had the eight natural remedies everywhere we had taught it was unbelievable we did blood pressure testing we did we can blood above we get all kinds of things and opened up the door to then have satellite meetings all over the eleven time zones it can be Ukraine building this is where Mark and Peter Kulikov reached all over the eleven times on the Ukraine because of the health being the right arm of the methods in the instruments no question about it you see we have such a great opportunity to to preach the health methods everywhere and then number six health Ministry provide to you a unique opportunity to integrate physical and mental emotional and spiritual dimensions of life at their prejudice is broken down we have an opportunity of imparting spirituality to them spiritual their spiritual lives are crying out they want something more than what they're getting either at the health program or even from what they're getting in the few minutes that a physician has to interact with them in the office they want more we can do that when we help people physically they become open spiritually nothing nothing absolutely nothing will open doors for the truth like a evangelistic medical missionary work we saw that clearly because we saw what happened we saw that that opens the door for Yugoslavia hungry for the Kremlin meeting for the on call meetings and for the Olympic Stadium when we went to Russia in nineteen ninety one we went from ninety one ninety two ninety three in fact were going back for our twentieth anniversary this year and when we went there we had one church in the center of Moscow today we have thirteen very large churches in Moscow and doing announcement is due but not when I'm talking on health misery I'm not talking about health program is doing well from that of introducing the spiritual as well and so and nothing can open up the door light health medical missionary work and that the key to opening the door and we've seen that around the world and Patty came to our cooking school others was an older one that we didn't want handling back to we had people not believing that could even happen in Los Angeles how can happen in Los Angeles that look like you have a cooking school well let's just see if people will come out we had one hundred and fifty people that came out to the cooking school in Los Angeles and it was amazing the pastor started believing that it could happen we had hundreds of baptisms from our meeting revelation of hope in Los Angeles because the first opening way when even our pastors started believing that evangelism still works today was when we had to go we haven't such as go there and I've also seen people that are working in a work today because the cookies gold many of you know about country life and Patty is the director of country life and Patty Hayden to want to confuse golf as a nonbeliever and after going to the cooking school and we invited down to the meetings she decided to know to come while I had something good to say on on on how to evaluate it I think that this animal I don't and she came and now a worker in fact the director of country life and so what an opportunity cooking schools give up and you and you have all these beautiful display of fruits and vegetables and as people come in they say wow I just never realized that there were so many options for plant -based and we give them on different things I just you know finished on developing my new flax seed health old Miele and takes hands-off lately have we have all kinds of things that people used to eating but can we make it healthy to all whole wheat whole grain and flaxseed and blue bearing all the things and they come in easy wound weekend we get hold on we get candidates that we get that French toast and infringed without eggs while we show you and all the things so people are thrilled as they come the same donate each work healing and occasion for implanting divine principles in the mind and soul but we need to do just in plan those little see in the mind this was the purpose of his work was the purpose of Jesus were in number seven the last one health ministry as part of the three angels message and prepares the mind to receive the gospel message coming on the lower part is Mark shows you this earlier at the right hand of the third Angels message God 's methods of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of present truth to open the door I explain all that will not only save his life and an Moscow Russia and Australia I hear in the United States of America we can see that these open doors it is the Lord 's design of the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message and I told you the story of David JoAnn earlier so here here and just seven simple reasons why not only you have an opportunity to do health programs in your church but to train and WAP the church slain insurance to do it as well because they want to win they had many guests that they can contribute I'm saying that I'm teaching them how to do on the revelation of how quickly do you now how to do their own evangelistic meeting with the latest CD-ROM they put it on the computer an increase in these young people are preaching I mean ten eleven twelve thirteen years old a preaching event from the living human for Jesus came and are using the DVD here out there preaching and so we have an opportunity to help them to see that it holistic probe process not an event it's not a cooking school it's not a program it's not enough that it's putting together training access and were going to share how do you set up this training school unless since we you must just read them together as we finish here the first one to have a health ministry 's health the health ministry provides a great opportunity for seventh at two and half a world open to the health message health ministry reveals a compassionate loving God in a broken world health ministry is that God ordained means of reducing suffering health ministry enables people to live longer happier lives health ministry breaks down prejudice and builds relationships health ministry provides unique opportunity to integrate the physical mental emotional and varicella dimensions of life and health ministry is a part of the third Angels message and prepares the mind to receive the gospel message and the coming of the Lord so these are some of the reasons my friend many in this country in America and United States of America I worried about the health insurance plan but I wanted to argue that God have health insurance plan and it works and it works and people will calm and because Jesus says in John three two on his third time to beloved I wish above all things that found it prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers God wants unity and health he wants me to be in-house he wants our church to be an health and he wants the world to be an health and we have the answer within our hands we we can share and so God bless you as you not only are the do-it-yourself but what we would like from this class as we Sarah how will this means the next session we would like you to go back and not only do it yourself because we know you can do that in many of the amenities or someone was never done and wants to do it for the first time I go back and forth is the church members how to do it because they will be involved and want to be a way to a morning session in this video was produced by audio verse four amen Adventist medical and dental to learn more about the men these visit www. amen and I will like more free online sermon a WW on universe


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